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10 Steps for giving a Tantric Yoni Massage A Tantric Yoni Massage (pronounced Yo-nee) is a very sacred practice. Translated from Sanskrit it means the massage of the sacred temple. Why sacred? Because the tantrics looked upon the vagina as a holy symbol, the entrance to the Universe.

You can also look at it as a holistic “vaginal massage”. It helps to release sexual traumas, frigidity and increases sexual pleasure. Orgasmic potential gives a woman in control of it the opportunity to connect with her inner essence, her feminine being! It works on the physical, emotional and mental levels and can transform a women’s view of herself, as well as her sexual being. In order to help you give a successful and healing Yoni Massage, a few things need to be made clear in advance. It’s not just about giving a massage but also concerns the intentions of the giver and receiver and the attitude they bring to it. Because Yoni Massage works on deeper levels, affecting more than just the body, a clear idea of your intentions will bring great results. Both partners who are involved with the Yoni Massage need to cultivate love and openness to invite whatever manifests itself. Ideally you are both in a state of detachment so that you are grateful for whatever arises. Try to look upon each other as divine beings - this makes the practice even more sacred. Offer the fruits of this practice to the Universe and ask it for healing support.

1. Attitude of the Giver Presence is one of the most important attitudes the giver needs to cultivate. When you are present, the woman will most likely open up more easily. She will feel worshipped and will be able to express whatever needs to be expressed without any reservations. When you give a Yoni Massage it’s also important to be caring and empathic, and ask occasionally how she is feeling. Communication during a Yoni Massage is essential in order to understand what’s working for her and what’s not. Watch her body language and signs. Is she expressing tension in her eyes, face and neck or does she open up and enjoy what you are doing? Whatever you do, do it with a selfless attitude. You are worshipping the divine feminine and ideally you want nothing in return. Your presence will help you to know how far you can push her, what her limits are and how much she can take. Yoni Massages can be very healing but also very painful in the beginning, not just physically but especially emotionally. There might be old traumas surfacing – so hold her in your arms.

2. Attitude of the Receiver The most important attitudes when receiving a Yoni Massage are trust and surrender. When you trust your partner you will open up more easily and let go of fear and tension – when you can let go of your tension, magic happens. Surrender is a very feminine aspect, and often misunderstood. It doesn’t mean being passive and powerless, but rather the opposite, being active and powerful but with trust, love and softness. Have the courage to let go of old patterns and tension. It’s time to transform yourself, baby, and to get out what needs to get out. Be clear about your intention but try to stay detached from it at the same time. New feelings and sensations will appear, so let your partner know what’s going on, so that he knows what’s good for you. Self-awareness will help you to transform every trauma which arises. The light of awareness brings healing into the dark corners of your being.

3. Preparation Create a romantic and sensual environment. Work with colors, lots of cushions, aroma oils and music to stimulate the senses. Imagine you are in an ancient Indian temple where golden, red silk brocade covers the space, an intoxicating feeling of love and pleasure and the soft smell of lotus and sandalwood is in the air. Prepare oils for the body. No essential oils near the intimate areas. Always use pure, organic oils, preferably virgin coconut, almond, sesame or olive oil. Some people might suffer irritation from oils in the vaginal area. In such a case rely on natural lubrication. Remember to bring enough towels and sheets; in some orgasmic states women lose literally liters of liquid during a G-spot orgasm (also called squirting). To comfort the woman bring plenty of towels, to avoid embarrassment and shame. Ask the receiver to wear a sarong when starting the massage.

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4. Invitation Ritual Starting the Yoni Massage with a meditation is one of the tantric essentials. Inviting healing energies, and detaching yourself from the fruits of the action, helps you to be selfless and, at the same time, open for whatever comes. It decreases expectations and simply frees one’s mind from fear. Sit facing each other, legs crossed, and hold hands. You can use heart centering music and image your hearts melting into one another. Once you feel you are calming down you can consciously offer the fruit of the Yoni Massage to the Universe.

5. Breath Breath is life energy. Continue holding hands and look into each other eyes, thank the other one for their time, presence and openness, and start breathing together, in and out. This will connect both partners strongly at the level of the heart, and is a great preparation for the next steps. There are many tantric breathing techniques one can perform also during the Yoni Massage to release tension. You can look into it more once you are a bit more advanced. One of the basic principles is becoming aware of the breath and looking at it as food, which is nourishing, healing and sustaining us. Breath is an energy which helps to transform orgasm into higher state of consciousness and release tension.

6. Awakening of the Senses Once you feel attuned with your partner’s heart you can finally start. The receiver lies down on a soft mattress covered with the sarong she was wearing before, closes her eyes and surrenders to the situation. As the giver, know that your arms are the extension of your heart; stay connected with your heart and breath and try to check now and then to keep in touch with the receiver’s heart and breath. Start slowly, awakening the senses through the sarong. After some time you can slide the sarong over her body down to her feet. That gives a magical, heavenly sensation and is a smooth slide into nudity. The skin is our biggest

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sensory organ and wants to be touched, massaged, caressed etc… Use feathers, fur, silk, your fingertips, your handballs and your nails to produce different sensations. Play with intensity, sometimes softer but also sometimes stronger. You can also use aroma therapy to stimulate the olfactory organs. Whatever you think fits into the situation. Even some raw chocolate bliss balls might be a nice stimulator for the beginning.

7. Abundance of Oil and Massage Once the senses are awakened you can start with some more tension releasing massage. In this case you can incorporate Shiatsu, Thai massage, etc. whatever you know works best for relaxation. If you don’t know any massage styles simply be intuitive and work around the neck, legs and feet, arms and back. Oil is essential here and you don’t want to skimp on it. A breast massage after you have worked through most of the body areas will open up more pleasure and relaxation. You can work with your thumb around the breast moving towards the nipples, massaging any knots out. You can make a never-ending movement around both breasts with one hand. Or you can squeeze the breast towards the nipple with both hands. Just be creative and watch out for the receiver’s feedback.

8. Yoni Massage Heart-Yoni Connection

The breast massage is a great knock-knock on the temple gate, because the vagina is strongly connected with the breasts. Once you feel the receiver is ready, work your way down the belly around the hips and inner thighs. Many women are very stiff around the pubic bone. So try to soften her up until it’s literally a ‘jelly belly’. Before you touch her vagina, ask if you are allowed to. Then make a cap-form with your left hand and let it close the entrance of the vagina. You can push slightly to increase the pressure. Place your right hand on the receiver’s heart. Imagine you are bringing the Heart and the Yoni together. Always remember that your arms and hands are the extension of your heart; let them act in the name of your heart.

Massaging the outer doors

Apply tons of oil or lubricant. Begin massaging the outer lips of the vulva (Labia majora). Pressing them with thumb and fingers together, this technique is called vaginal shiatsu. You can play piano on each side of the outer lips moving them towards the outside. Make circular movements, taping movements, or rain with the tips of your fingers. Then you can move towards the inside of the vagina. Massaging the inner lips (Labia minora) with two fingers. The clitoris always wants lots of attention - it’s the spot through which most women orgasm. With thousands of nerves it is a highly sensitive center. You can play with it like a little penis jelking it up and down and tingling the tip of the clitoris


Different type of orgasms

Attention: The clitoral orgasm is one of the most superficial and short orgasms a women can experience. There is way more potential in a woman’s orgasmic power then we think. Most women totally ignore other pleasure zones, like for example the G-spot. A magical spongy area at the inner vaginal entrance on top. It can produce deeper and longer-lasting orgasms with more depth and multiple potential. Another very powerful pleasure zone is the cervix. It’s truly a divine bliss spot. At the entrance of the uterus, very deep inside the vagina.


Slide into the temple

Once you feel that the receiver is pleasured and wet ask if you are allowed to enter her holy temple. Use the middle finger and enter very slowly, asking her to firstly squeeze her vaginal muscles and then relax them. During the relaxation phase the finger slides in naturally. Repeat the process a few times until the finger is fully inside. Stay there without moving for a few minutes. Simplicity is sometimes truly magical. Feel into her from your heart.

Exploring the walls

Then you can slide your finger clockwise from the entrance towards the inside, exploring the walls of her vagina temple. Be intuitive and try to find certain spots which seem tense or even reveal physical knots. Massage them all out. There are many numb spots in a women’s vagina where she simply cannot feel the area. It’s a sign of emotional tension too. Help her to create awareness and discover together what’s behind this numbness. This vaginal releasing massage can take at least 20 – 30 minutes and might be a very emotional journey for the receiver. Every time there is pain, use the breath to release. Breathe together and make sure the jelly belly around her pubic pone is there.


Once all emotional tensions are massaged out and worked through, let’s start with some juicy stuff. Take the index finger and the middle finger, insert them into the vagina with your palm upwards and perform an alluring movement with your fingers. Try to feel the spongy area at the entrance upper wall of the vagina. You can persuade it to become bigger and eventually you can make an up and downward movement with your hand, using your whole arm. Press with your free hand on the pubic bone to induce the jelly belly around the pubic bone. The G-spot gets strongly pressed upon. This up and down sensation might eventually produce the ejaculation of liquids. Some women also need a certain arousal deeper inside around the cervix to squirt. And don’t worry, it’s not urine. Squirting is an amazing blessing, - the tantrics believed it is the physical manifestation of sexual energy. Even today the question of where the liquid comes from is still under discussion; some researchers claim there is a female prostrate known as the Skene’s gland. However squirting brings an amazing pleasure to the massaged person. Some women experience orgasms, others feel an amazing energy rush.

9. Pleasure Climax Sometimes the squirting will be the end of the Yoni Massage because it’s quite a peak and it is common for some women to experience a slight burning sensation inside their vagina after squirting. But if the receiver is still aroused and wants more, you can take it even further, by stimulating the cervix - the entrance of the uterus. When the cervix gets massaged strongly you can awaken the most powerful mind-blowing multiple orgasms. Massage with your index or ring finger around the A-spot (the spot just before the entrance of the uterus/ anterior fornix and posterior fornix). You can massage around it, press on it and slightly tingle it. Sometime it’s not easy to reach the cervix with the fingers, because some women have very deep yonis. In such a case simply use a non-vibrating dildo for stimulation. You can play with the cervix and jump in between G-spot and cervix. When massaging the deeper spots you might want to come back to the clitoris as well to transform the easily-aroused energy into deeper energies. The cervix can be very painful, so when arousing the clitoris at the same time the receiver’s brain might transform the pain into pleasure. There is lots to discover and no limits to how far both of you can go.



Once you have finished the massage, do the capping method again. Left hand capping the vagina, right hand sits on the heart. Bring all energies mentally upwards, to make sure there is no stagnation. Let the receiver rest for some time, while you sit next to her and meditate on your heart center. Stillness is what you need after such an emotional orgasmic storm. Enjoy the peace and tranquility.

About the Author My name is Mariah Freya. I am a 26 year old woman on the path to discovery of the deeper meaning and essence of my true femininity. On this path I seek to find healing answers to all those questions concerning femininity, relationships and juicy sex.

Source of Pictures FIG 1: Phú Thinh Co, Flickr. FIG 2: Julien Haler, Flickr. FIG 3 Gray, Wikimedia Commons. FIG 4 Gray, Wikimedia Commons.

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