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July 9, 2017 | Author: Felice Chew | Category: Hand, Asthma, Finger, Breathing, Mucus
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Practicing hand mudra positions can help improve your wellbeing, fitness and strength immensely. Mudras are powerful centres of energy. The regular practice of these hand mudra positions can result in wonderous health benefits and a strong body. Spritual



Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge):


Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air):



Back Mudra

back ache


Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness):



Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth):


Surya Mudra (Mudra of Sun):

body fat


Varuna Mudra (Mudra of Water):



Bhudi Mudra


Apana Mudra (Mudra of Digestion):



Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life):



Apana Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Heart):


Kubera Mudra


Bronchial & Asthma Mudra


Mahathana Muthra

Bronchial respiratory,


Linga Mudra (Mudra of Heat):

mucous, Fat


Hakini Mudra



Thiani Muthra



Padma or Vajra Muthra



Shankh Mudra



Surabhi Mudra



Kundalini Mudra



ü excretory


heart, gastric

excretory wealth

menstrual pain


1. Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge): Method: Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the other three fingers stretched out. Specialty: As it is a mudra of knowledge, it enhances the knowledge. The tip of thumb has centers of pituitary and endocrine glands. When we press these centers by index finger the two glands work actively. Time duration: There is no particular time duration for this mudra. You can practice by sitting, standing or lying on bed whenever and wherever you have time. Benefits: o Increases memory power and sharpens the brain o Enhances concentration and prevents Insomnia o If we practice it regularly, it will cure all psychological disorders like Mental, Hysteria, Anger and Depression

2. Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air): Method: Keep the index finger on the base of the thumb and press with thumb keeping the other three fingers extended and relaxed. Specialty: It prevents all the diseases that occur due to the imbalance of the air. Time Duration: The practice of this mudra for 45 minutes reduces the severity of the disease in 12 to 24 hours. For better results practice it for two months. Benefits: o It cures Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout, Parkinson's disease and paralysis without any medicine o It is useful for Cervical Spondilytis, paralysis to face and catching of nerve in neck o It corrects the disorder of gas in the stomach

3. Back Mudra Method The thumb, middle finger and little finger of the right hand should touch and the index finger and ring finger are relaxed and extended. In the left place the thumb joint on the nail of the index finger. Speciality This is an excellent Mudra for backache. There are many reasons for backache. Stress is one of the prime causes. This Mudra is done with both hands. Time Duration: • This can be done four times a day for four minutes.

4. Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness): Method: The middle finger should be bent until it touches the ball of the thumb. Then with the thumb lightly press down on the middle finger. The other fingers remain relaxed and extended. This should be done with both hands. Specialty: It reduces the dullness in our body. Time Duration: One can practice it for 40 to 60 minutes daily until to be cured from the disease. Benefits: o It relieves an earache within 4 or 5 minutes o It is useful for the deaf and mentally challenged, but not for inborn ones.

5. Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth): Method: The tip of the thumb should be placed on top of the ring finger with a little pressure. The other three fingers should be relaxed and extended. This can be done with both hands three times for about fifteen minutes a day. Specialty: This Mudra activates the root chakra, which houses our vital energy or elemental force. A good vital energy optimizes the physical potential in a person who is then in a position to actualize both his physical and metaphysical goals. It is essential for a life of fulfillment to ward off, energy deficits and the Prithvi Mudra is an ideal tool. Time Duration: It has no particular time duration. You can practice it any time you want. Benefits: o It helps to increase the weight for weak people o It improves the complexion of skin and makes the skin to glow o It makes the body active by keeping it healthy

6. Surya Mudra (Mudra of Sun): Method: Bend the ring finger and press it with thumb. Specialty: It sharpens the center in thyroid gland. Time Duration: Practice it daily twice for 5 to 15 minutes.

Benefits: o It reduces cholesterol in body and helps in reducing weight o It reduces anxiety o It corrects indigestion problems

7. Varuna Mudra (Mudra of Water): Method: Bend the little finger of your right hand until the tip touches the ball of the right thumb. Then place the thumb of the right hand on it. With the left thumb press the little finger and thumb lightly while the left hand gently encircles the right hand from below, covering the back of the right palm. Specialty: This Mudra is very good to get rid of the excess mucous that collects in the stomach or lungs. A mucous overload is normally associated with over-stimulated nerves and by people who are too conscious of their responsibility. In their perception, they believe that they are saddled with every responsibility and it works on their bodies in the form of mucous accumulation. Time Duration: It has no specific time duration and one can practice it according to their time. Benefits: o It retains clarity in blood by balancing water content in the body o Prevents the pains of Gastroenteritis and Muscle Shrinkage

8. Bhudi Mudra Method: The tip of the thumb should be placed on the little finger while the other fingers remain relaxed and extended. Specialty: The Bhudi Mudra helps maintain the fluid balance in the body. Do this with each hand. Time Duration: This can be done three times a day for fifteen minutes.

9. Apana Mudra (Mudra of Digestion): Method: The tips of middle finger and ring finger touch the tip of thumb while the other two fingers are stretched out. Specialty: This is called the energy Mudra. This Mudra helps remove the toxins from the body. This Mudra also has a balancing effect on the mind and helps develop inner balance and confidence. Time Duration: Practice it daily for 45 minutes, but practice for longer time yields more benefits. Benefits: o It regulates diabetes o It cures constipation and piles o It helps excreting the normal waste regularly

10. Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life): Method: Bend ring finger and little finger and touch the tip of thumb with their tips keeping the remaining two fingers stretched. This Mudra can be done with both hands. Specialty: As it is the mudra of life, it improves the power of life. Weak people become strong. It reduces the clamps in blood vessels . If we practice it regularly, we will become active. Time Duration: half an hour a day or three times a day for fifteen minutes. Benefits: o It improves immunity o Improves the power of eyes and reduces eye related diseases o It removes the vitamin deficiency and fatigue

11. Apana Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Heart): Method: Bring the index finger is brought down on the mound of the thumb, and the tips of the third and fourth finger join the thumb. The little finger should be relaxed and extended. This can be done with each hand. This Mudra can be done three times a day for fifteen minutes or until the effect is felt. Specialty: This is called the Lifesaver and is the first aid for heart attacks. Every conceivable problem has a Mudra, which enables a cure. A person who has developed heart trouble can check it by reducing the vayu tatva and apan vayu of his body. He can do this with the Vayu and Apan Mudras. This Mudra is supposed to have immediate effect in an emergency. It can also be used over a period of time to strengthen the heart. However, the Mudras are NOT a substitute for medication. It reduces the gas content in body. Time Duration: Practice it as many times as you can. Heart patients and BP patients can practice it for 15 minutes daily twice for better results. Benefits: o It strengthens the heart and regularizes palpitation o It regulates excretory system o It redeems gastric trouble

12. Kubera Mudra Method: You should press the fingers together when you do this. Here, the tips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger are placed together. The other two fingers are bent and rest in the middle of the hand. You can continue with both the hands. Specialty: This Mudra is quite remarkable as it is dedicated to the god of wealth. In this you use three fingers, which represent Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Mars stands for forcefulness, Jupiter for resplendence and Saturn for its fixation on the essential. They are the thumb, middle finger and index finger respectively. This Mudra is not just for money, but can be used even for several specific goals. When these three fingers close and is accompanied by intensity of thought, there is added strength. The Kubera Mudra decongests the frontal sinuses. It increases the memory powder, our wishes are fulfilled, and ultimately it removes all the obstacles in our carrier path.

13. Bronchial & Asthma Mudra Method: Place the little finger at the base of the thumb, the ring finger on the upper thumb joint and the middle finger or the top soft portion of the thumb. The index finger should be extended. This can be done for a few minutes everyday. It can be done along with the Asthma Mudra, which is also done with both hands. Press together the fingernails of the middle fingers while keeping the other fingers extended. This is effective for asthma attacks. Specialty: These Mudras are very good for respiratory problems and can be done with both hands. The Bronchial and the Asthma Mudras can be done for a few minutes one after the other until the breathing calms down. Time Duration: For prolonged treatment these two Mudras can be done five times every day for five minutes.

14. Mahathana Muthra Method: Press the tip of index and middle fingers with the index and middle fingers of the other hand as shown in the picture. Specialty: It has great connection with respiratory system. It cleans the abdominal area. It is the remedy for piles and menstrual pain

15. Linga Mudra (Mudra of Heat): Method: Interlock the fingers of both the hands and keep the thumb of the left hand vertically straight and encircle it with the thumb and the index finger of the right hand. Specialty: This Mudra boosts the body's immune system and loosens the mucous that has been collected in the lungs and it is believed to make the body more resistant to colds and chest infections. Those who habitually suffer from bad colds and incurable chest infections are advised to practise the Linga Mudra. This Mudra is helpful in weight reduction also. However, because of the heat it generates, the Mudra can be taxing and can result in a feeling of lethargy. Weight-watchers who practise it must ensure that they consume 'cooling' foods like fruits or drink as much water as they can - at least eight glasses a day. Time Duration: Practice it any time you want. But don't practice it a lot as it produces heat in the body.. It can cause sweating even in winter if you practice it longer. Benefits: o It stops production of phlegm and gives power to lungs o It cures severe cold and bronchial infection o It invigorates the body

16. Hakini Mudra Method: People should sit down in contemplation with both hands in the front and fingers touching at he tips deep as though in deep thought The fingertips of both hands should be placed together. The eyes should be directed upward with the tip of the tongue placed on the gums while inhaling. Make the tongue fall again while exhaling and then take a deep breath. This helps memory. Specialty: This is a very interesting and significant muthra. Unwittingly, this is quiet popular, since it is good for the brain. Time Duration: This that practiced anywhere, at any time

17. Thiani Muthra Method: Sit comfortably and place your hands on your lap. Connect both tips of thumbs and positioned as if you are holding a soup bowl as shown in the picture. Specialty: You will unexplainable peace of mind. It removes the dirt of our mind and takes near God

18. Padma or Vajra Muthra Method: Interlock the fingers of both the hands and press the tips of the thumbs. Specialty: It increases strong belief and will power, if you practice this muthra, when obstacles occur, obstacles gradually diminish and victory will be achieved Time Duration: 3 times 15mins a day.

19. Shankh Mudra Method: Encircle the thumb with the four fingers of the right hand. Touch the right thumb to the extended middle finger to the extended middle ringer of the left hand. Now, together, the two hands resemble a conch shell. Hold the hands in front of your sternum and chant Om with it.

Specialty: This Mudra is common Hindu temples. This Mudra is very good for problems of the throat. Mudras are practised all over the world these days and have been incorporated in various schools of self-development and growth. The conch shell is blown during all rituals. In this Mudra, the positioning and clasping of the fingers simulate a conch shell. Time Duration: This can be done three times every day for fifteen minutes.

20. Surabhi Mudra Method: The little finger of the left hand should touch the ring finger of the right hand and the little finger of the right hand should touch the ring finger of the left hand. The middle fingers of both hands should touch the index fingers of the other keeping the thumbs extended.

Specialty: This Mudra seems a bit complicated and almost looks like a puppet player's fingers in action. It is supposed to be an effective tool against rheumatism. Time Duration: This Mudra can be done three times a day for fifteen minutes.

21. Kundalini Mudra Method: Here, both the hands should form a loose fist. Then, extend the left index finger into the right fist from below and place it on the pad of the right thumb. The other fingers of the right hand cover the finger from above. It is like a loose and comfortable fleshy glove for the left index finger. Hold this Mudra as low as possible in front of the abdomen. Specialty: Good sex is essential for personal well-being and a sexual orgasm with a compatible partner is the closest an earthly act can take us to the inner sanctum of unadulterated joy. The Kundalini Mudra is associated with the sexual force that needs to be awakened. It is about the unification of the masculine and the feminine. Several schools of yoga and even the martial arts have recognized the immense power of the fountain of human sexual energy. It is the receptacle of regeneration and creativity. Time Duration: Do this Mudra three times a day for fifteen minutes.

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