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July 10, 2017 | Author: Prateek Shrivastava | Category: Brand, Banks, Board Of Directors, Investment Banking, Governance
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CONTENTS 1. About Yes Bank a. Brand, Vision & Commitment b. Brand Pillars 2. Organization Structure a. Introduction b. Board of Directors c. Key Management 3. Organization Culture 4. Functionality 5. Conclusion

About YES BANK YES BANK is pursuing a Brand strategy to build one of the finest financial brands in India. YES BANK believes that differentiation begins with its service and trust mark embedded in ‘YES’, which represents the Bank’s fundamental goal of being a highly service-oriented Financial Institution. The endeavor at YES BANK is to provide an unprecedented Delightful Banking Experience to all its customers. Rana Kapoor is the Founder/Managing Director & CEO of YES BANK. As a professional entrepreneur, since 2003, he is progressively establishing a high quality, state-of-the-art private Indian Bank with a vision of “Building the Best Quality Bank of the world in India” by 2015.

YES signifies •

The essence of the brand completely by conveying all the values and characteristics - Attractive, Smart, Simple, Serious, Reliable, Trustworthy, Optimistic, Positive, Efficient, Universal

Clutter breaking in the banking environment, and affirmative with target clients across business and market segments

Brand Vision and Commitment • •

To be recognized as the WORLD’s BEST QUALITY BANK IN INDIA

To be a long term partner with all stakeholders particularly customers by creating & sharing value

To be a solid and trusted financial trust mark backed by two professional promoters and an exceptional management team

To provide a Delightful Banking Experience to all its customers

Brand Pillars The YES BANK brand is being built around 5 Key Brand Pillars, which epitomize the growing strengths of the Bank. All communication and advertising has been created around these key Brand Pillars Growth - YES BANK's core promise is growth, for it's internal and external stakeholders symbolize in Say YES to Growth! Trust - YES BANK's Promoters, Investors and Top Management team, are all of the highest pedigree with a demonstrated track record, thus inspiring and establishing a Trust Mark - Say YES to Trust! Knowledge Driven Human Capital - YES BANK has adopted a knowledge driven entrepreneurial approach to Banking and offers Financial Solutions beyond the traditional realm of banking. YES BANK's top quality Human Capital represents the finest talents in Indian banking mobilized from India and abroad. Technology - YES BANK is establishing the highest standards in customer service by adopting cutting-edge Innovative Technology. The only thing constant about YES BANK's Technology is Evolution.

Transparency & Responsible Banking - YES BANK holds Transparency and Accountability above all else. The Bank has established the most stringent Corporate Governance norms, and is also committed to Responsible Banking by focusing on Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Organizational Structure YES BANK is having a wide span structure with a decentralized model. The organization is having a Board of Directors and a control committee. The organization is divided into different section as per the banking services. The list of services provided by YES bank is – Corporate & Institutional Banking Commercial Banking Small Business Banking Credit Risk, Business Banking Cash Management & Direct Banking International Banking Investment Banking Corporate Finance and Development Banking Retail Banking & Wealth Management - Operations Food & Agribusiness Strategic Advisory and Research (FASAR) Responsible Banking Sustainable Investment Banking Based upon the services various departmental units are formed, which are responsible for conducting all the operations of that type. These units are headed by the basic departments of the organization e.g. Marketing, Sales (Financial Market), HR, International Banking etc. Below is the list of Board of Directors and the Key Managerial staff of YES BANK.

Board of Directors Name


Mr. Rana Kapoor

Managing Director & CEO Chairman - Nominations & Governance Committee

Mr. Sipko Schat

Non Independent Director

Mr. Wouter Kolff

Independent Director

Mr. Bharat Patel

Independent Director Chairman - Investor Relations committee Chairman - Service Excellence Committee

Mr. S.L Kapur

Independent Director Chairman - Audit & Compliance Committee

Chairman - Board Remuneration Committee Mr. Arun K Mago

Independent Director

Ms Radha Singh

Independent Director

Mr. Ajay Vohra

Independent Director

Key Management Designation

Rana Kapoor

Founder / Managing Director & CEO

Sunil Gulati

Group President - Corporate & Institutional Banking

Deepak Gaddhyan

President- Government Relationship Management

Sumit Gupta

President- Commercial Banking

Rajnish Datta

President- Small Business Banking

Aalok Gupta

EVP & Country Head- Credit Risk, Small Business Banking & Operations Risk Management

Ravi Shankar

GEVP & Country Head- Cash Management & Direct Banking

Sandeep Sarkar

Managing Director- Financial Market, Sales

Arun Agrawal

President & Global Head-International Banking

Surendra Jalan

EVP & Country Head- Indian Financial Institutions

Aditya Sanghi

Senior Managing Director - Investment Banking

Vikas Dawra

Managing Director - Investment Banking

Sandeep Baid

Managing Director - Investment Banking

Somak Ghosh

Group President - Corporate Finance and Development Banking

Sanjay Palve

Managing Director - Infrastructure Banking Group

Samir Chawla

EVP & Country Head - Corporate Finance

Varun Tuli

Group President, Branch Banking

Suhail Kazmi

President, Wealth Management

Suresh Sethi

Group President - Transaction Banking

Lovekesh Dev

EVP & Country Head- Retail Banking & Wealth Management - Operations

Rajat Monga

Group President- Financial Markets & Chief Financial Officer

Nilanjan Sinha

GEVP & General Counsel

Devamalya Dey

President - Audit & Compliance

Shubhada Rao

Executive Vice President & Chief Economist

Deodutta Kurane

President - Human Capital Management

Umesh Jain

President & Chief Information Officer

Alok Rastogi

President & Chief Operating Officer

Kalyan Chakravarthy

EVP & Country Head- Food & Agribusiness Strategic Advisory and Research (FASAR)

Tushar Pandey

EVP & Country Head- Strategic Initiatives & AdvisoryGovernment (SIG)

Vivek Mehra

Managing Director - Sustainable Investment Banking

Rita Soni

SVP & Country Head- Responsible Banking

Ankush Sambhoo

EVP & Country Head- Infrastructure & Network Management

Om Ahuja

EVP & Country Head - Liabilities & Investment Management

Kavita Venugopal

Group President & Chief Risk Officer

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