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January 2, 2018 | Author: totalise | Category: Number Of The Beast, Salvation, Jesus, Religious Behaviour And Experience, Religious Texts
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Yahuwshua is not Jesus -- taken from the 'Book of Disclosure' at -- WWW.YAHUWSHUA.ORG...


Sure, Jesus is the Lord But Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh…

What does this mean?

Christianity has been misled to proclaim a wrong name for the One Who they worship, now for over 1900 years. They are the only religion on earth that stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the name of Whom they worship, convinced by the names they hear from their pastors and read in their establishment Bibles. Yet some wonder what the name of the impostor who is foretold to come will be, though the answer is under their very noses.

What is the name of the Anointed Falsifier?

the LorD XëzVs ChrIstos

D + C= 600 L + X = 60 V + I = __6


Transliterated to Classical Hebrew, this would be:

‫טס‬ ְ ‫דְ ֹלרדּ ֵחזֻס כרְס‬ 60

9 60 200 20 200 30

60 7 8 4


60 + 289 + 75 + 238 + 4 = 666 And it also adds up to 666 in Hebrew numerals!

It only makes sense that this should be thus, since if the Lie came by any other name, Christians would not be willing to switch, and Satan has not been idle for these 2000 years! Plus, since this is not the true name of Whom we do worship, there is no reason the Lie cannot come by this name. “Matthew”

(MattithYâ´huw) 24: 4-5 does not say “many shall come by My name”, it actually says: “Beware, lest anyone cause you to wander astray! For many shall come against My name, saying I am the Anointed One” Yet they will cause many to wander astray.”

So if this is not the true name of Who we worship, what does this false name really mean? “I have come by the name of My Father, yet ye do not accept Me; whenever another might come by his OWN name, that one then ye will receive!” (Yâhuwchânâ´n (“John”) 5: 43)

‫ֹלרדּ‬ the LorD is a direct translation of Ha-Bá`al, the idol which ’ËliyYâ´huw showed to be a Lie

in 1 Kings 18:16-40! Why else would it be foretold as an end-time event that He shall remove the names of the Baals from our lips? (“Hosea” 2: 13-17)

‫ֵחזֻס‬ XëzVs (chëzús) actually means Vision-ofZeus in Hebrew, though certainly it did not originate from the name of Zeus. It is derived from Strong’s #02372, ‫ חזה‬to gaze at, in its imperative male plural form, ‫ חֵזוּ‬combined with Zeus transliterated to Hebrew, ‫ז ֻס‬. The sinister aspect of this is that what we spiritually gaze at, we become like. [Phílippos 48]

‫טס‬ ְ ‫כרְס‬ ChrIstos is a Greek word meaning anointed. The Anointed we worship is not Greek, nor are we Greek to call Him something in Greek.

How on earth could something like this have been allowed to happen? Why? Have you ever lined people up and whispered in the ear of the first, and had them transmit the message along, and seen what comes out the other end? Well, that is what essentially has happened to His name through the centuries. Have you heard how a frog can be boiled alive without resistance? Put him in the kettle when the water is cold and gradually heat it, and he won't jump out. The same thing has happened to Christianity. If anyone would have tried to sell the apostles the names Christianity uses today, they would have jumped out, like the proverbial frog. They would have known everything those names really mean too. The scholars and our religious leaders should have gone to the original in their translations and searches for the Truth, but they settled

for tradition. Why did they do this, you might legitimately ask? To not "make waves", disturbing the slumber the false traditions cause. Why offend any denomination and threaten their income? Thus their motivations were either $$$ and/or fame and honor from humans. “So through permitting this thing, Yâ-hwéh will send to them an operation of fraudulence, for them to believe in the Lie, In order that all who did not believe the Truth, who instead delighted in the Wickedness may be judged!” 2 Thess. 2: 11-12 “Therefore this is what Yâ-hwéh says: Behold, I am permitting to be put before this people obstacles, and they will stumble over them – fathers and sons alike, a neighbor and his friend, they shall perish! ” YirmYâ´huw (“Jeremiah”) 6: 21

What is the name of the True Anointed?

ֶ‫שׁע‬ ֶֻ ‫יָהְוֶה י ָהוּ‬

Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`

The name “Yâ-hwéh” is documented well to be the best transliteration of the above correctly pointed Hebrew name (on your right) [Want proof? see

http://www.yahuwshua.org/en/name.htm]. The transliterated name “Yâhuwshúa`” is a transcription, letter by letter, of the above correctly pointed Hebrew name (the one on your left). Some ask why “uw” and not “w” or “u”? I do this to distinguish this “u” (‫וּ‬ shuwreq) from this “u” (ֶֻֻ qibbuts). Transliterations that reproduce their sounds accurately are acceptable, such as Yâhuéh,

Iâhuéh, and Yâhushua, Iâhushua, etc. In other languages, other letters should be used due to their different phonetical rules, e.g. “Iâjuéh Iâjuwshúa`” in Spanish. The scriptural source of this name, Yâhuwshúa`, is Zechariah (ZkharYâ´hu) 6:1112 in the Hebrew Old Testament (Tenákh), which is the prophecy about what the name of the Branch was going to be. There it says “Yâhuwshúa` Ben-Yâhuwtsâthâ´q” (Son of Yâ´huw’s Righteousness). There is no need to do a “Bible code” megacomputer search to find it out. lwdg:h Nhk:h qduwhy-Nb eswhy sar:b tmv:w twrje tyve:w bhz:w-Pok txql:w ZkharYâ´hu (“Zechariah”) 6:11

Understand that this name, Yâhuwshúa`, was the same name Moshéh renamed Howshë´`á

the son of Núwn when he sent him out to spy the Land. And why did he give him this name? 8.


…With this purpose that all the people might give ear only to him alone, because the Father would manifest all things concerning His Son Yâhuwshúa` in Yâhuwshúa` the son of Núwn! So therefore this was the name Moshéh gave him when he sent him to spy out the land of Qná`an…” Letter of Bar-Nâvíy 12: 8-9

Note how in the establishment renditions of the name of this son of Núwn in the “New Testament” went through the same distortion process and wound up as “Jesus” (Acts 7:45, Hebrews 4:8, and Epistle of Barnabas 12:8-11). It is ironic that many who distort and corrupt the name of our Savior do know the proper

name of “Joshua”, but cannot come to apply it to Him! Yet there are many different renditions and versions that are being preached by various “sacred name groups”. Why? These nearmisses are a Satanic safety net of sorts to ensnare those lost sheep who seek the Truth short of their intended goal. Any doubt? Just look at their fruits: Exclusivism, racial bigotry, hatred, hostility, division among themselves, and a myriad of incorrect doctrines, so false even most Christians recognize them to be false! Ye shall know them by their fruits. The most common of these false near-miss names is “Yahshua”. The name is NOT “Yahshua`”! 1) There is no such a name in Hebrew Scriptures and no question that the “w” (‫)ו‬ is in the Hebrew Scriptures’ (ZkharYâ´hu

6:11-12) prophecy of His name, as also in every other place there where it appears correctly spelled! 2) Whenever ‫ יהו‬appears in names, it is ‫י ָהוּ‬ (Yâ´huw), e.g. ’ËliyYâ´huw, Yshá`Yâhuw, YirmYâ´huw, etc., and pronounced with the H as in English “Yahoo”, so there is no valid excuse for changing its pronunciation to “Yah” or to “Yaw” when it occurs at the beginning of a name. 3) Jewish scribes changed it to “‫”י ְהוֹ‬ (Yehow) whenever it occurred at the beginning of a name, to prevent breaking their altered version of the 3rd commandment to not say the name of Yâhwéh since Yâ´huw is the same name in the preterit/jussive tense. 4) The excuse that “Yahshua” is an accepted Jewish nickname of Yâhuwshúa`, is renaming Him and preferring the Lie! A

mistake just like believing in the name “Jesus”! 5) The reasoning that latter-day Yisr’ëlíy or Yâhuwthíy Hebrew pronounced Yâhuwshúa` as “Yâhshua`” due to the degeneration of Hebrew weak letters is accepting a degenerated name! Just like “Jesus”! The name is NOT “Yahuwsha`”!

There is another near-miss name corruption going around more recently that needs to be debunked here also because its more sophisticated origin makes it more dangerous: “Yahuwsha` ‫”י ָהוּשָׁע‬. Proponents of this false name derive this from an errant rendition of the vowel points in eswhy. This is based on the deception caused by the mistaken Masoretic text vowel point rendition of ’Ëliyshúa` ֶ‫ ֵאלִישֻׁע‬as

being “’Ëliyshâ` ‫” ֵאלִישָׁע‬, which appears in establishment translations as “Elisha”, though lexicons admit it to be a contracted form of ’Ëliyshúwa`. This mistake stems from thinking it is derived from the verb yâshâ` (to save/rescue) rather than shúwa` (riches, deliverance, freedom). Some go as far as to argue that –shúa` cannot be part of our Savior’s name since Shúwa` was the name of a “Canaanitess”, without realizing that the Canaanites spoke Hebrew! But now let us prove scripturally that it is -shúa` and not -shâ` that is in our Savior’s name: 12. ¶ For about this [the testimony professed for deliverance], there is not a difference between a Yâhuwthíy or a Greek, for the same Yâ´hu, the Sovereign of all of them, is Shúa` (riches, freedom) for all of those who invoke Him, Romans 10:12

In the KJV it says there, “is rich”, a meaning which is not found in yâshâ`. See also this verse: 94. (87)...The sons of the bridal chamber have just one name among them, the Repose, for they shall both share It mutually, making them to not need anything. 95. (88) They do not need to take any other form [of the name] because they have contemplation, comprehending it by insight. They are wealthy [shúa`] because they did not lay up their treasure in the things below, which are despised, but in the honors that are above, though they had not yet known them. Glad Tidings of Phílippos 94-95

This deception of Christianity and its consequences is foretold in Scripture 13. The authorities wanted to deceive the sons of ’Âthâ´m, since they saw that these had kinship with those who are truly good: they

removed the name [Yâhuwshúa`] from those that are good and delivered it to become ones that are not good [“Jesus”, “Yeshua”, etc.], so that through the names they might deceive them [those that are good] and bind them to those that are not good. And afterwards, if He has favor on them, He shall cause them to separate from those that are not good so to integrate them among those that are good, these who have acknowledged Him themselves, for they [the authorities] wanted to take the free man and make him a slave to them forever. Glad Tidings of Phílippos 13

Christianity is spiritual Israel because they worship the Pure One of Israel in spirit and in Truth [see Who’s who]. It is written that Israel is in deep adultery chasing after foreign mighty ones. Because of this, Christians are happy to believe the Jewish fable that the Jews alone are Israel. But Christianity is who provokes Him to jealousy with their false

deities and spiritual adultery with Baal (Lord, Señor, Domine), Fortune (God, Deus, Mammon), and Zeus (Diós). It is a part of prophecy that we cannot worship Him because He is a pure mighty Ones (“Joshua” 24:19-20) and that the curses of disobedience will come and though we number as the sand of the sea, we will be reduced to just a few because we did not revere the awesome name of Yâ-hwéh. (Deut. 28: 58-62) This is part of the mystery of Yâ-hwéh, the blindness of the majority of Christianity until they are destroyed and the fullness of the heathens are come into the Kingdom (Romans 11: 25). Satan was sent to make them blind in “Isaiah” 6, and he does it with a spirit of the anointed falsifier (antichrist). Remember that Satan is the author of the Lie.

“Who is the liar, if not he who is denying that Yâhuwshúa` is the Anointed One? And this one is an anointed falsifier, he who is denying the Father and the Son.” 1 Yâhuwchânâ´n (1 “John”) 2:22

And this is how to distinguish the spirits of Yâ-hwéh from the Lie: 1. Beloved, do not believe every spirit; instead scrutinize the spirits whether they are from Yâhwéh, because many predicators of the Lie have gone out into the world. 2. By this, ye recognize the spirit of Yâ-hwéh: every spirit which professes that Yâhuwshúa` is the Anointed One Who has come in flesh, is from Yâ-hwéh; 3. But every spirit that does not profess Yâhuwshúa`, is not from Yâ-hwéh — and this is that spirit of the anointed falsifier, which ye have heard that it shall come, and now it is already within the world,

1 Yâhuwchânâ´n (1 “John”) 4:1-3

What implications does this have for the spiritual manifestations of Pentecostals who haven’t even heard the true name? They have been “baptized” into the wrong spirit! Then how do we obtain the true spirit of Truth, the Advocate (Comforter), the Pure spirit of the Pure One? Professing the correct name we are sent this true spirit from the Father: “But the Advocate, the spirit of the Pure One that the Father will send by My name, that One will teach you all things, and will bring to your remembrance all things which I said to you.” Yâhuwchânâ´n (“John”) 14:26

An awesome prediction Christians have fulfilled:

7 (10) Now, I know this secret: the sinners shall alter and adulterate into many forms the Word of Truth (Yâhuwshúa`) 8 and they shall proffer wicked words; they shall lie and create a great Creature and they shall write scrolls upon their own words! Chanówkh 104:7-8

How did this false name “Jesus” originate? It did not originate from “Zeus”.

The Satan-mediated de-evolution from the name of the Creator to the name of the creature “...who exchanged the Truth of Yâ-hwéh for the Lie, and reverenced and served the creature beyond the Creator, Who is blessed for the ages, ’Âmë´n.” Romans 1: 25

Yâhuwshúa` (ֶ‫שׁע‬ ֶֻ ‫)י ָהוּ‬

was exchanged for a corrupted version by Jewish scribes in order to not say Yâ´huw:

Yehowshúa` (ֶ‫שׁע‬ ֶֻ ‫)י ְהוֹ‬

Since that has no meaning, Jews routinely change it for the nickname “salvation”:

Y shuw`â´h (‫עה‬ ֶָ ‫)י ְשׁוּ‬ e

Moreover, there exists a Jewish Conspiracy where the true name was substituted by:

Yeshuw(a) (‫)ישׁו‬ Which is an acronym for “Yemach Shemow W-zikhrow”, meaning, “May His name and memory be erased”, and it was used in the “Toldoth Yeshu”, a very old rabbinical Judaist document that scorned the Anointed. Many still fall for this, calling Him “Yeshua”.

These Jewish pseudonyms were transliterated into Koiné Greek, which has no “sh” sound,

Iesoú (’Ιησου)

And which routinely alters proper names, conjugating them:

Iesoús (’Ιησους)

The Romans transliterated that, giving it the Latin “-vs” (-us) masculine suffix:

Iesús (IESVS)

In the 14th century, initial “I” letters were extended below the line in order to distinguish it from the “l”

Iesús (jesús)

In the 16th century, the “J” version of the “I” adopted a new sound, like an “X”. Which is why Yâhuwchânâ´n would have spelled it “XEZVS” in Roman letters:

Xesús (Jesús) Moreover, when this Lie shall come, whose spirit has already been in the world, it shall

assume one international name, which is palatable to Christians all over:

Repent! Renounce the Lie, and accept Yâhuwshúa` as being your savior, believe on His name, and that He was Who died and rose again, and testify that: “Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh” (Romans 10:910) There is neither release from sin (1 John 2: 12, Acts 10:43), nor salvation from the coming Judgment in any false name! “This is the Stone that has been rejected by you, the builders, Which is become for the Chief Cornerstone. And there is salvation in no other one, for neither is there another name that has been given

by the heavens among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4: 11-12


5 (6) Woe to you, witnesses of the Lie, and to you who add weight to the value of the Wickedness, for you shall suddenly perish. Chanówkh (“Enoch 1”) 94:5 24 (15) Woe to you who write down the word of the Lie, and irreverent words: because they record their Lies, in order that the people may heed them and that they do harm to their neighbor. [ZkharYâ´hu 5] 25 Therefore for them there shall be no shâlówm (peace, completeness, reconciliation); rather they shall suddenly perish. Chanówkh (“Enoch 1”) 96:24-25 So therefore, now you understand why we say,

Sure, Jesus is the Lord (Vision-of-Zeus is Ha-Bá`al) but Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh

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