Ya Devi Sarvabhutesu

January 12, 2019 | Author: Rajat Pani | Category: Devi, Shiva, Hindu Literature, Indian Religions, Hindu Mythology
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Ya Devi Sarvabhutesu - in sanskrit with meaning - Stotra from Devi Mahatmyam (Chandi) - from Devi Mahatmyam

Devi Durga  Namo Devyai Mahaa-Devya Mahaa-Devyaii Shivaayai Shivaayai Satatam Namah Namah |  Namah Prakrtyai Prakrtyai hadraayai hadraayai Niyataah Niyataah Prannataah Prannataah Sma !aa !aam m ||"||

1.1: Salutations to the Devi, to the Mahadevi; Salutations Always to Her Who is One with Shiva the Aus!i"ious One#. 1.$: Salutations to Her Who is the Aus!i"ious %ein& One with Shiva# 'rimordial Sour"e of (reation and (ontroller of )verythin&; We *ow Always Always to Her. He r.  #audraayai  #audraayai Namo Nityaayai Nityaayai $auryai Dhaatryai Namo Namo Namah |  %yotsnaayai  %yotsnaayai Ce&a-'ndu-#uuinn Ce&a-'ndu-#uuinnyai yai Sukhaayai Sukhaayai Satatam Satatam Namah ||*|| ||*||

$.1: Salutations to the +erri%le, Salutations to the )ternal, the Shinin& One and the Su!!orter of the niverse. $.$: Salutations Always to Her, Who has a (ool *ri&htness lie the Moonlit i&ht, And the /adiant 0orm of the Moon, and Who is oy Herself.  +a,yaannyai  +a,yaannyai Prannataa Prannataa rddhayai rddhayai Siddhayai Siddhayai +urmo +urmo Namo Namah |  Nairrtyai huubhrtaa huubhrtaam m .akssmyai Sharvaan Sharvaannyai nyai !e !e Namo Namah ||/|| ||/||

2.1: We *ow to Her Who is the Sour"e of Welfare, Who is 3reat, 0ulfilled and A%ides as the niverse, 2.$: Salutations to Her Who is the Destroyer as well as the 'ros!erity whi"h Su!!orts the )arth and Who is the (onsort of Shiva in the Divine 'lay of (reation, Sustenan"e and Destru"tion#.  Durgaayai Durga-Paara Durga-Paaraayai ayai Saaraayai Saaraayai Sarva-+aarin Sarva-+aarinnyai nyai |  +hyaatyai !at !athaiva haiva +rssnnaayai +rssnnaayai Dhuumraayai Dhuumraayai Satatam Satatam Namah ||0||

4.1: Salutations to# Dur&a, Who hel!s us in (rossin& over the Diffi"ulties and Dan&ers of 5ife and Who is the )ssen"e of o f All (auses. 4.$: Salutations Always to Her, Who is /enowned and Widely Widely 6nown Outside in (reation# ust As She is Dar and Smoy and Diffi"ult to 6now 7nside in Meditation#.

 1ti-Saumya-1ti-#audraayai Nataas-!asyai Namo Namah |  Namo %agat-Pratisstthaayai Devyai +rtyai Namo Namah ||2||

8.1: Salutations to Her Who is )9tremely 3entle lie the Moon and also )9tremely +erri%le lie /udra, 8.$: Salutations to the Devi Who is the Su!!orter of the niverse and Salutations to Her Who is the (reator of the niverse. Yaa Devii Sarva-hutessu issnnumaayeti Shabditaa |  Namas-!asyai Namas-!asyai Namas-!asyai Namo Namah ||3||

.1: +o that Devi Who in All *ein&s is (alled ishnumaya, .$: Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations a&ain and a&ain. Yaa Devii Sarva-hutessu Cetanety-1bhidhiiyate |  Namas-!asyai Namas-!asyai Namas-!asyai Namo Namah ||4||

.$: ... Will attain all Su""ess and 'ros!erity, always.

 9ka-+aa,e Patthen-Nityam Mahaa-Paaa-inaasanam |  Dvi-+aa,am Yah Patthen-Nityam Dhana-Dhaanya-Samanvitah ||"7||

1?.1: /e"itin& this On"e )very Day will Destroy 3reat Sins, 1?.$: /e"itin& this +wi"e )very Day will %estow one with Wealth and 0ood&rains. !ri-+aa,am Yah Patthen-Nityam Mahaa-Shatru-inaashanam |  Mahaa,akssmir-haven-Nityam Prasannaa aradaa Shubhaa ||""||

11.1: /e"itin& this +hri"e )veryday will Destroy 3reat )nemies, ... 11.$: ... And Devi Mahalashmi will %e 'leased with him and e9tend Her *oon-3ivin& 3ra"e and Aus!i"ious !resen"e.

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