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Suscribete GRATIS a la revista: SOLDADURA LATINOAMERICA, aquí: http://www.egrupos.net/grupo/soldaduralatinoamerica/alta ASME IX Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

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Supporting PQR(s) PQR-100 - Rev 0 Reference docs. General Welding Standard GWS1 Scope Joint

groove - With impacts - Without PWHT - Fillet-weld test Joint details for this welding procedure specification are specified in: JOINTS section of this WPS - Production drawings - Engineering specifications - Reference documents BASE METALS (QW-403) THICKNESS RANGE QUALIFIED (in.) P Grp Type Carbon steel (P1) 1 1 No. No. As Welded With PWHT P Grp Min. Max. Min. Max. Welded to Carbon steel (P1) 1 2 No. No. Complete 0.188 8 0.188 8 P Grp pen. Backing When required 1 Any No. No. Impact 0.625 8 0.625 8 Retainers None tested Any group number for non impact tested Partial Notes 0.188 8 0.188 8 applications. Pen. Document Generated by C-spec Fillet no no no no WeldOffice Welding Procedure welds min. max. min. max. Specification Software DIAMETER RANGE QUALIFIED (in.) As Welded With PWHT Min. Max. Min. Max. Nominal no no no no pipe size min. max. min. max. FILLER METALS (QW-404) SFA Classification F-no. GTAW




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ER70S-2 (see 6 notes) E7018 (see 4 notes)

Ano. 1 1

THICKNESS RANGE QUALIFIED (in.) With As Welded Chemical analysis or PHWT Trade name Min. Max. Min. Max. no no 1 1 min. min. no no 8 8 min. min. None

WELDING PROCEDURE Welding process Type Preheat (°F) temperature Maximum interpass (°F) temperature Tungsten size (in.) Tungsten type Filler metal size (in.) Layer number Position of groove Weld progression Current/polarity Amperes Volts Travel speed (in./min) Maximum heat (kJ/in.) input DC Pulsing current ShieldingGas type Flow Rate (cfh) TrailingGas type Flow Rate (cfh) BackingGas type Flow Rate (cfh) String or weave Orifice/gas cup size Multi/single pass Maximum pass thickness Weld deposit chemistry

GTAW Manual

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5.18 ER70S-2 (see notes) 1/8 All All Uphill DCSP 90 - 100 12 2 - 3.5

5.1 E7018 (see notes) 1/8 All All Uphill DCRP 110 - 125 20 - 24 5-6



None Argon 20 None None Stringer or Weave

Stringer or Weave

#5 - #8


Multiple passes

Multiple passes





C-spec Welding Procedure Specification Software PO Box 27604 Concord, California 94527 ASME IX Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) C-spec WeldOffice Software WPS record number Date

P1-AT-LhCVN 9/14/00

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C-spec Welding

Procedure Specification Software JOINTS (QW-402): Typical joint(s). See actual production drawings and engineering specifications for details.

PREHEAT TABLE (QW-406) Applicable standard ASME Section VIII 175 (°F) for thickness over 1 (in.) and specified maximum carbon content over Div. 1 0.30%. 50 (°F) for all other materials. ASME Section III Div. 1-NG

ASME B31.1 ASME B31.3

250 (°F) for thickness over 1 (in.) and specified maximum carbon content over 0.30%. 200 (°F) for thickness over 1.5 (in.) and maximum carbon content of 0.30% or less. 50 (°F) for fillet welds 1/2 (in.) and less used to attach parts not carrying loadings due to internal pressure. 50 (°F) for all other materials. 175 (°F) for thickness over 1 (in.) and specified maximum carbon content over 0.30%. 50 (°F) for all other materials.

50 (°F) for thickness less than 1 (in.) and specified minimum tensile strength not over 71000 (psi). 175 (°F) for 1 (in.) and greater thickness, or if specified minimum tensile strength is over 71000 (psi). POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT (QW-407) Temperature (°F) 1100-1200 Time (hrs) 1hr/(in.) Type Below lower transf. temp. Heating rate (°F/hr) 300 Method Furnace Cooling rate (°F/hr) 300 Method Still air Notes Preheat maintenance after completion of welding Temperature(°F) prior to PWHT (QW-406.2):

TECHNIQUE (QW-410) Peening Not permitted Surface preparation None Initial/Interpass cleaning Brushing and Grinding Thermal or Mechanical. When required, back-gouge to sound metal and backBack gouging method weld. NOTES NOTES: For NON-impact tested applications only, the following AWS/SFA classifications can be used with this procedure: GTAW: ER70S-2, ER70S-3, ER70S-4, ER70S-5 SMAW: E7015, E7016, E7018, E7018M, E7048 Welding Engineer Name Z.N.G. Neer Date 9/26/00


QA Manager Name John Smith Date 9/26/00


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