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Wound Healer Reiki© Level 2 of 3

Wound Healer Reiki tends to wounds you experienced in other times and places, and during other incarnations. You are taught how to conduct healing sessions for in-person or distance healing work; for wounds that occurred in other times and places, including their various incarnations or dream states. Wound Healer Reiki© level 2 channeled and manual by: Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture, RGMT July 19th, 2010 ~All Rights reserved

Attention Resellers: From July 19th through August 19th, 2010 Mariah Windsong and Rosemary Noel have exclusive rights to sell, gift or exchange Wound Healer Reiki© level 2 manual and attunement. Wound Healer Reiki© attunement and manual may only be passed on after August 19th by someone who has received all 3 attunements. Wound Healer Reiki© has a fixed resale price of $21.99 USD each or the equivalent in your currency. Always provide this manual with any Wound Healer Reiki© attunement, fully intact, with no changes. If you are new to Reiki or already a Reiki level 1: Attunement to Wound Healer Reiki level 2 provides you with the ability to receive healing for wounds that occurred to any part of who you are in other times and places, including previous incarnations. You are taught how to conduct healing sessions for other people, when their wounds occurred in other times and places, including during their dream states. You also learn how to conduct Wound Healer Reiki sessions for people who are not in the same room with you. If you are already a Reiki level 2 or a Reiki Master: Attunement to the ‘through time and space’ quality of Wound Healer Reiki for self or to conduct sessions for other people. Your status as a Reiki level 2 or Reiki Master already gives you the ability to do long distance sessions for people who aren’t present in the same room with you. You can now conduct Wound Healer Reiki sessions for other people, whose wounds occurred in other times and places, including during their dream states. You will receive step-by step instructions as a refresher or for you to use as a teaching tool for your students after all 3 levels of Wound Healer Reiki is received. Wounds can be sustained, received, experienced in many times and places because we are vast beings, many of who have had consciousness and physical form before this particular incarnation. Some of those wounds were not healed before we arrived here on planet Earth, in this incarnation. Thus it is so important to have a healing modality that attends to wounds no-matter when or where they happened to any part of us.

The incredible beauty of Wound Healer Reiki is that it isn’t necessary to know when or where something wounded you. Wound Healer Reiki uses one form of the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen symbol in order to span time, space and distance. This provides a safe portal through which healing occurs. There are times when injuries received in sleep dream time are noticed by our bodies as ‘real’ and we may feel tenderness in the corresponding body area of our physicality here. Some people awaken and wonder how they ‘hurt themselves’ in the night or why there is a mysterious ache that persists despite using their regular healing modality. Clear, concise intentions are very important, together with a healing modality that is designed to be effective no matter where or when the wound occurred. Wound Healer Reiki’s innate function to mend that which was torn asunder is why I’m so excited and grateful this healing modality has arrived! In Wound Healer Reiki 2 people really step into their own, for they have the tool and know how to be extremely effective. Whether physically present with your client or not, Reiki symbols give authority to access healing irregardless of when the wound occurred. Often times a message will rise up as a layer of the wound is ready for healing. There are times when, until the message is heard, healing may be rejected, for the lesson may not have been fully learnt. Simply the hearing of the message, with the encouragement of Wound Healer Reiki, the energy holding the wound open, will quickly release, given permission by the Soul that it is now appropriate to accept healing. When you are doing a session for another person, impressions or flashes of emotions may move through you. You as witness is sufficient for the energy holding the wound open to release. It is not necessary to try and remember the details of what passed through, for telling your client/friend/lover/mate/family member what you experienced could be counterproductive for them. (I’ll use the word client in this manual) Many people are fixated on wanting to know every little detail of 'what trauma' or 'topic' or 'problem area' was released. They think that 'processing' these things is the way to move beyond the pain.

In truth, providing people with details can impede their freedom because the mental body will want to 'hold on to and process' those traumatic details all over again. This can re-imprint the wound onto a just healed person, giving symptoms that mimic this original wound. We call this wound ghosting. It is common because many clients want to know everything you may have felt, or perceived. People use this information in order to validate the healing experience. For example, "she saw______, and I never told her that about me so she must be a real healer!" Unfortunately, for the unaware client who is holding you, the practitioner to such a standard, you may work hard to relay all that you perceived to have occurred during the client session. This diminishes the effectiveness of the session in three ways. One, your attention is fractured by trying to remember stuff that should simply be allowed to 'pass on by', secondly, there is less concentration of you present to facilitate and hold space for the client's healing. Thirdly, as I wrote of earlier, the disservice to the client of relaying information that is truly obsolete history, serving no healthy relevance in the now reality of your client, if they were to dwell upon it. The main exception to the above guidance is when you are conducting an ‘in the body’ wound healing reiki session. This will be the topic of more advanced Wound Healer Reiki system as specific additional attunements will be required. However, for the point of our training today, an ‘in the body’ Wound Healer Reiki session is all about communication between the client’s body consciousness and the clients’ consciousness. After you facilitate a long distance ‘in the body’ session, you would indeed need to pass along the information gleaned as a result of your communications with their body. For in that instance, the basis of the healing which occurred during the session was accepted by their body on the ‘good faith’ that the client would hear the body’s opinions and make certain changes in their life.

Wound Healer Reiki 2 is about freedom. Freedom arrives with responsibility. Responsibility to yourself; first and foremost.

This is vital, for as you become more adept at bringing through Wound Healer Reiki, and witness the results; your ‘internal noticer’ will start noticing more and more locations and beings in the world who need help. This part of the training is to take you from accepting the fact that: It is your right to decline sending/doing healing To anyone, or any situation at any time….. To it being your responsibility to decline Sending healing to or facilitating healing for anyone, or any situation To it being your obligation to decline sending/doing healing At any time you choose, irregardless of the reason! No-matter how much you notice it seemingly being needed Or you are begged for it!!! There are simply times when it is not proper for you to give. This is to say that with the ability to send Wound Healer Reiki to anyone, Any place, simply through intention and use of the symbols, It also becomes vital to value yourself MORE and acknowledge that part of YOU that you give along with Wound Healer Reiki. The intention comes from you….holding and focusing that intention is labor! Although the reiki comes through you and does Replenish you and your body…. Only so much healing work can be done in a day without it taking a toll on your own body system. You will learn how many sessions you can do in health and vibrancy for you and your life…..balance….not sacrifice!!! We are here in bodies with daily life tasks to do. Whether you have a job other than the healing work or not, The same principle stands forth…balance…..because there will always be people, animals, and plants while we are all on this planet, who yearn for sustenance. The key is in learning to recognize the Spiritual signature of Eternal Sacred Source as it presents itself clothed in your energy. When that signature is ON, you know the current action you are thinking of is to be done or focused on in that moment….. When it is not present (off)….. A redirection is required, And most people learn of their redirection in stillness.

People, like me, living here in North America find this concept fairly difficult to put into action. We like to do, or think of what to do next…. Pause that is required to know what is next feels odd. The pause is not our minds choosing what to do next sifting and sorting and prioritizing, it is waiting for input…. this need not take much time at all for most people, simply being conscious of the spiritual signature and then noticing when it is missing, now a quick scan to see where it lands next, and what direction it is moving. Some people grow to do this in all areas of life, however, for the purposes of Wound Healer Reiki 2, it is to recognize it in answer to the question: “Is it for me to send/do Reiki for________?” Receive yes or no. Do you feel joy, or duty rife with begrudging density? Is there a Spiritual signature or lack thereof. If yes, “Is this for me to do now, or later?” Feel where the energy is alive and flowing. If no, is it for another to be the one to bring Wound Healer Reiki or another healing modality to the person. Or is it simply not the right time for you to? Again, where is the spiritual signature, the joy, the relaxed, “I am in the right place doing the right thing”, feeling that through and through your body and being.

Wound Healer Reiki 2 attunements bring clearer intuition. Whether a direct sense of our guides in the invisible realm, Or more subtle, such as where to move one’s hands during a treatment and certain words and messages that come to mind to speak of while you are working on someone in person. During in person session it is more appropriate to say some of what you notice while you are channeling energy for the person than to try and remember what occurred to write or speak of later to a person. This is a vital distinction. In an in person Wound Healer Reiki session, Spirit may take the opportunity to pass a message to your client. In a long distance session, when your client is not present in the same room with you, it is vital to simply let information flow through you, notice it and let it go. A long distance Wound Healing session is not a reading!

If a client has asked you questions, attend to it at a time that is separate from facilitating your Wound Healer Reiki session. During an in person Wound Healer Reiki session, often you will see a word, or have a word or phrase in your mind that you know did not come from your own mind and thoughts. As you speak of that to the person you are working on, it is amazing how it will be exactly what the person needs to hear in answer to a spoken or it will be the phrase that their body needs to hear, before density and tension is willing to release. Our bodies give us symptoms and rigorously hold on to tension until we hear a message. That is the way our body gets our attention. All the coaxing and Reiki in the universe is sometimes not enough to get the body to relax symptoms if the body believes it has a message and that the person has not yet heard that message. If in person, share the message. If long distance; usually your own witnessing of it is sufficient. Use your inner guidance as there can be exceptions, as in an ‘in the body’ session. Our guides are also opportunistic. Imagine being in the invisible realm with your assignment being to assist a person in a body…..and you know of others who need assistance. Suddenly the person who is your charge now has a deeper connection to Reiki. It is often irresistible for our guides not to point out the needs of others to you. I have learned that this is often because of a twofold reason: 1) The more people who can receive healing and learn to connect to their Souls and Spirit the better for the whole of humanity. 2) Our guides intend for us to hone our skill of discernment… So we start noticing more needs with a sense of urgency.. That is when “What is for me to do now?” is essential to ask. Our Soul and Spirit will never direct us to do too much. We often do too much because of one of two reasons: 1) What we are supposed to be focusing on feels too difficult. 2) We don’t know where to start. So, we tend to do that which is calling loudest to us, though it may not even be for us to respond to at all!

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, especially this version of the tradition long distance Reiki symbol creates an instant and impeccably perfect healing portal. You will draw this symbol or say its name, with the intention of receiving or facilitating healing for (name of person or yourself) and the topic that you desire healing. You might have specifics, you might not. Such as: “my knee, 3 months ago, injury”. or “My knee, unknown when or how it got hurt, please help.” Or “Jennifer’s back, a sharp pain, noticed last week, still hurts, please help.” or you might want to intend the time and place, and receive all healing associated with a particular event. You might not know what is bothering you, and simply want to help ‘clean up’ anything from a previous incarnation that is impeding growth and enlightenment now. This can all be done by directing Wound Healer Reiki to activate the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen. Wound Healer Reiki is the energy that will be traversing this gateway and transport technology from any aspect of you that requires healing, to wherever and wherever the wound initially occurred. Please accept your attunement in the manner your teacher directs and relax into the energies. As was spoken of in level 1, it matters not whether you feel the energies or not. You will be speaking to Wound Healer Reiki as you speak with a friend, for this energy is sentient, (aware and intelligent). Look at this visual representation of the Wound Healer Reiki’s movement.

The Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is either drawn in the air with your hand or finger, mentally drawn or seen whole to create the portal through which all healing is done. The image I use for Wound Healer Reiki level 2 gives you a good idea of the portal Wound Healer Reiki level 2 and the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen and other symbols create to provide you healing.

When the person or the cause of the ‘need to heal’ is not present….either separated by distance or time, it provides the safe portal to do the healing work within. None of the person’s ‘stuff’ will revert to you when working through the Wound Healer Reiki’s Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen portal. Yet you are able to sense what needs to be done. I do all of my long distance healing work through the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen.

By working within the Wound Healer Reiki flow and the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen portal, it also ensures that only what is proper for the person happens at this time. This means that your intention to heal a certain area, issue can only happen, and if the person is not ready to have that Shift/heal. Otherwise it will not, for Wound Healer Reiki knows what is appropriate with Divine Will and Cosmic Law and Principle. 1st: Set your intention to send for the person, that will direct Wound Healer Reiki to the person, no-matter whether you know where they are or not. 2nd : Send Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen by drawing it with intention.

Yes, it is important to memorize this symbol. It has 23 strokes of movement.

You can also say it’s name and action will occur. However, if you are a beginner to working with the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen symbol, please draw it. Drawing it gives your body the knowing of these important movements. There are other qualities of the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, and one of its most important ones has to do with the healing of the mind. In this training I am focusing on its long distance and through time and space access qualities. 3rd : Send Cho-Ku-Rei. Please draw this symbol from right to left across the top horizontal line, then downward and clockwise spirals that cross over the vertical line as shown here as a reminder. Boosting the Power!

4th: Send Sei-He-Ki by drawing it with full intention to send it through the portal the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen has created with Wound Healer Reiki, starting with the left side that looks like nose, then move to the top and draw the part that is curved down. Then draw the two little bumps on the back as you see it in this image. Emotional Healing!

5th: Draw Dai-Ko-Myo with full intention, it is the Soul Healing symbol and is often used when transferring various kinds of Reiki attunements.

Direct your intention as a request to the person’s guardians, asking their permission to allow you to send Wound Healer Reiki to the person, their soul, personality and body. Ask that it be received by the person at the soul, personality and body levels, and intend that if Wound Healer Reiki is not accepted at any of those levels, that it be redirected to the Earth, transmuted to exactly what is needed for Earth. You will usually have a sense of whether the person’s Guardians have let you pass.

For if not, a feeling of bumping up against a solid wall is usually felt. If no, is it ‘not right now’, to be sent for the person to ‘call in’ when they are ready to recline and receive healing, or not for you to send. If, they allow passage, yet a part of the person does not allow receipt of Wound Healer Reiki, usually you will simply feeling nothing at the level of unacceptance….be it body, soul, or personality. This is simply the area of the person that is not ready to receive healing right now. Many other areas will likely drink deeply of Wound Healer Reiki stream of Divine Energy. 6th: If you are sending with specific intentions for healing, with particular concerns in mind, send together with the intention of: “this or something better in the person’s effective, yet gentle highest healing good” SEND THE ABOVE INTENTION WITH STRONG EMOTION! It helps to amplify effectiveness and remove any of our own attachment to the outcome of this Wound Healer Reiki session! Remember: it is our own energy, will, intention and compassion that activates Wound Healer Reiki for the person. When you send Wound Healer Reiki long distance, many people find it helpful to imagine themselves Standing near the person, or simply in the same room, with Wound Healer Reiki flowing out of their hands as Light. I like to stand facing a certain direction in my office, with my right hand outstretched sending Reiki and my left hand holding a crystal to amplify intention. I imagine the person standing in front of me, and may reach as if to remove density and lift it out of their body. Often times, for specific body area work, such as working long distance on a person’s back or head, I will place a pillow in front of me and sit down. I pretending that pillow is the person’s head or back. My hands really seem to heat up when I use this method, And people speak of feeling even more of the Wound Healer Reiki during their session. (or during the time they are calling in their session if it is a ‘to receive at your convenience’ session) When you send long distance….some people feel the heat Others simply report a calm feeling, and sleep better at night. It really varies. Wound Healer Reiki works at so many levels, that although we may want the person to physically feel the melting warmth, which often attends Wound Healing, that may not be what is truly needed. And so, once again, to let go of specific expectation, please!

Sending Wound Healer Reiki Long Distance seems to be effective in less time than an in-person session. A simple session may only take 12 minutes. When combined with various intentions for the person you may be working up to 35 minutes. You will have a sense of completion when enough is enough, the flow of Wound Healer Reiki will cease. If you are facilitating a session for a client who is not in the same room with you, who shall ‘call in’ their session at a later time or date, follow these instructions for a ‘to receive at your convenience session’. Please understand that much of the work will occur ‘behind the scenes’ and will occur instantly. However, if the client is not reclining during the exact time that you provide the session, there are two main benefits for doing any long distance session as an ‘to receive at your convenience session’. 1) Some healing can only be done when the physical person is stationary, still, not moving about their day. Reclining is optimal because of the delicate nature of some of the treatment, even emotional wound healing work is as detailed as surgery. It is vital to recognize that our physical body holds emotions and the imprint of wounds, therefore the physical body must be as relaxed as possible, while the wound healing is happening. It is simply more effective. 2) Many clients do want to feel some influx of energy. This is especially true when we are asking them to trust us, and not be expecting a lot of informational report about the session thereafter. People usually want to be somewhat involved in their healing. So, simply tell them to ‘call in’ their session when it is convenient to them. Their Angels and guides (if you facilitated their session with the intention of it being a ‘call in at your convenience session’), their Angels and guides will deliver to the client exactly the energies that are appropriate for where the person is in their healing at this time. It, as we spoke of before, also provides the opportunity for their Angels and guides to do any work that could not be done while the person was going through their daily activities.

Think of the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen as the ‘direct to where we are going’ symbol for it goes through time as well as space and is the symbol for mental healing also. When you begin your long distance session, clarify if it is to be a ‘receive at your convenience session’ so that your and their Angels know this now.

Long Distance Wound Healer Reiki Session: Once you have established the Wound Healer Reiki Portal With Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen to the person and have finished asking permission, and have sent the remaining symbols, if you sense that the issue to be worked on originated from a previous time, whether this life or another (depending on your belief system or that of the person). It may also be from a night dream, and maybe not even a night dream that happened during this incarnation. Use the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, sending it again, this time to ‘when ever’ that hurt originated, asking God/Spirit to send Wound Healer Reiki to that time and location. Again, the beauty of Wound Healer Reiki level 2 is that we do not need to know when or where, simply noticing that there is a need and sending the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen to open the portal, with Spirit/God directing the way. Send Dai-Ko-Myo to be sure to gain assistance from the client’s soul. It is as if we are noticing and turning the wheel, but it is for Spirit/God to determine how much and where. Send Sei-He-Ki to that issue, and Cho-Ko-Rei if you feel the need to increase the flow. You may or may not feel a release as healing occurs at whatever amount or level is accepted at this time. Then, go back to your attention being to the person, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen again with each redirect, and see if there seems to be any dense areas in the body, ask that these be lifted away or transmuted to exactly what the body needs. If transmuted, great, if you feel the need to reach and pull stuff out, (as if the person is right in front of you and you have the ability to reach into their body and being, lifting out what does not belong) do that, claiming the Power of the Holy Spirit Shekhina and sending Cho-Ko-Rei to fill the area with Wound Healer Reiki. Be sure and ask for transmutation of the stuff you lifted out (extracted) to be turned into whatever energy the Earth needs. Doing the work through the portal created by the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen keeps you safe. It keeps people’s stuff from backing up to you as it is released…..with the exception of when you actually reach through and yank or lift out stuff. Extractions….that is when it is vital to ask that The energy you just yanked out, be transmuted to Exactly what is needed for the Earth.

Energy is just energy, it however needs to have it’s purpose reassigned. Call upon whoever you feel you need to in order to have this done, your Guardian Angels, God/Goddess/Spirit/Source/Creator/Ein Soph one of the Arch Angels…it matter not specifically who. Extraction work is advanced work and you may or may not feel called to do it….however Spirit often urges people to do it quite quickly and in the moment when it is needed, and thus I felt the need to share about it. When you feel that enough work has been done for that session, or Wound Healer Reiki has ceased, or you simply have the sense of completion, consciously close the portal. I generally use a waving motion as if I am using a pencil eraser and erasing the opening. Ask the portal be completely disintegrated and or dissolved…whatever visualization works for you. Thank God/Goddess/Spirit and Wound Healer Reiki for working with you. Please do not be intimidated by the seeming complexity of ANY of this work. We are the channel for Divinity to work. We are holding Sacred Space for the person and being noticers. Because you are in a physical body, here on planet Earth, you have the authority to call in assistance from beyond this time, space, color, tonal reality, and direct Divine assistance to where you notice, with your own birthright of intuition, that which is needed.

Wound Healer Reiki© is an original Reiki energy system channeled by Mariah Windsong Couture and is unlike any by any other person previously or any that may arrived in the future. July 19th, 2010 ~All Rights reserved


Legal Reasons, Mariah Couture states that this Wound Healer Reiki ©

attunement/empowerments is/are for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with any form of natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement, empowerment or initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future. This empowerment/attunement is not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. Mariah Couture is not engaged in rendering medical service or diagnosis of any kind. Mariah Couture has made every effort to provide accurate information and takes no responsibility for recommendations made and no guarantees are issued toward the validity of information. By receiving the empowerment/attunement in this manual you are agreeing to indemnify Mariah Couture from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or loss or damage allegedly caused. Mariah Couture is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising this empowerment. You further agree to indemnify Mariah Couture from all liabilities and expenses including lawyer’s fees arising from such claims based on this manual. July 19th , 2010 All photos and images I own a lifetime royalty free license to use commercially.

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