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December 29, 2017 | Author: Aaron Ricardo-Veloso | Category: Mass (Liturgy), Catholic Church, Religious Rituals, Eucharist, Worship
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A Compendium of Liturgical Books currently used in the Roman Rite...


November 4, 2014

From the USCCB website: http://www.usccb.org/about/divine-worship/newsletter/upload/newsletter-2014-05.pdf

Liturgical Books Currently in Use With the ongoing translation work of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy and the publication of new ritual books, it is helpful to our readers to provide the following list of current ritual books. These are all editions approved for liturgical use in the United States of America. The years in italics refer to the current Latin editiones typicæ (or reprint). Years in parenthesis refer to past English editions, and the years in bold refer to the current English edition. An underlined year indicates a Spanish edition approved for use in the U.S. For the Eucharist

         

Roman Missal Roman Calendar (included in the Missal) General Instruction of the Roman Missal 2003) 2011 Lectionary for Mass Rite of Concelebration Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest 2007 Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with Children Lectionary for Masses with Children Ceremonial of Bishops

2008 (1974; 1985) 2011 2008 (1970/74/85; 1981 (1970) 1998/2002 2009 (1974; 1985) 2011 1987 (1992) 2012 (1988; 2006) 2012; 1974/2002 (1985) 2011 1993 2008; 1989

For the other Sacraments Two ritual books (Marriage and Confirmation) are awaiting the recognitio from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and will hopefully be published next year. Two additional ritual books (Dedication of a Church and Altar and Exorcism) are tentatively scheduled to be presented for vote by the U.S. Bishops in November 2014 and hopefully sent to Rome shortly thereafter for the recognitio. The Dedication of a Church and Altar, even though it belongs to the Roman Pontifical, has never been published as part of the Pontifical, but always in a separate volume.

Roman Pontifical (1978) 2012 o Rites of Ordination of a Bishop, of Priests, and of Deacons o The Institution of Lectors and Acolytes o The Blessing of Abbots and Abbesses o The Consecration of Virgins o The Rite of Confirmation o The Rite for the Blessing of Oils and the Consecration of Chrism o Dedication of a Church and an Altar Roman Ritual o Rite of Baptism for Children o Rite of Marriage o Rite of Penance o Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass

2011 (1978; 2003) 2012 1972 (1978) 2012 2010 (1978) 2012 1970 (1978) 2012 2003 (1978) 2012 1971 (1985) 2012 1977; 1989 2003; 1970; 2009 2008; 1970; 2010 1974 (1975) 2010 1974; 1976

o o o o o o

Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Book of Blessings Order of Christian Funerals Rite of Religious Profession De Exorcismus et supplicationibus quibusdam

1975; 1983 1972; 1988; 1993 1994; 1989 1969; 1989; 2002 1970; 1989 2005

Other Liturgical Books

       

Liturgy of the Hours Ordo cantus officii (chants for the Liturgy of the Hours) Liber hymnarius (hymns with invitatories and responsories for the LoH) Antiphonale Romanum II (music for Vespers for Sundays, Solemnities, and Feasts) Martyrologium Romanum Manual of Indulgences: Norms and Grants Order of Crowning an Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2000; 1975/1976 1983 1983 2009 2004 1999; 2006 1981; 2005

Excerpts of Ritual Books published in fascicle format

      

Order for the Solemn Exposition of the Holy Eucharist 1993 Pastoral Care of the Dying 2002 Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers (1988) 2007 Bendición al Cumplir Quince Años (Quinceañera) 2008 Rite for the Blessing of a Child in the Womb 2012 Communion of the Sick 2012 Administration of Communion and Viaticum by an Extraordinary Minister 2013

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