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MICHAEL ROST Simon le Maistre

Carina Lewis

Kevin Sharpe

Simon Greenall Ser¡es Editor. British English edition

lntroduction Welcome to Wo,"ldyt¿¡l, a fourlevel Ilnglish coursc for adults and ).oung adlrlts- Worldyi¿u builds fluency by exploring a wide range olco¡rpelling topics p'r.en cd from an irrerna'iñn¿lp¡rrpp, ri\p. A trademark two-page lesson design, with clear and attainable language goals, ensures that strldents feel a sense of accomplishmert and increas€d self-conñdence in every c1ass. Wo¡lú¿vt¿¿rt approach to langlage leaming fo ows a simple and proven MAP: . Motivate learning üror€h stimulating co¡rent and achievable learning goals. . Anchor lanCrlage prodr¡ction with strong, focused l¡nguage presentations. . Personalize lea rning through engaging and communicative speaking activities.

. The Cláss Audio

Prog€m is alailable in eirher CD orcassette fonnat and contairrs all the recorded matedal lor in- class use.

. The Tea€her's Resource Book (wirh Testtng Audio CD ard Testcen Software) has tl €e s€ctions of reproducible lr}ateri¿l: extra comr¡unication activities for in-class L¡se, model waiting passages l()r each Súdent Baokwriting assignmem, aüd a complete lesting program: seven qüzzes and two tests, along with scoringguides and ars{'er keys. Also included are a¡ Ar¿io CD for use with the quizzcs ard tests and an easy to-useTestcen software CD for customizingthe rests.

. lor each level of the

ful coúse. the lúorwvietu Video prcsents seven, fiv€-minute auth€ntic video segments cornected to S¿L¿¿r? ¡ Boo,t ropics. NoLes to the leachcr are available in rhe y¡d¿o package, and StüdentActivity Sheets can be dolvnloaded frotn the worldvíew ColJJpánlon Websire.

Course components

'the warldview Sturlent tsook wíth Student Audio CD and the Wo¡klio¿k áre available in both tullandspliL editions. . Student Book wi¡h Student Audio CD f.?lt¡ Edt¡7or, The Student Book coltains 14, four page units; penodic Reüew Unitsi llvo World ofMusic Units; hrformation for Pair and c.oup Work a Vocabulary listrand a Grammar Reference se.rion The StudentAudio CD includes lracks for all


rd listening exerciscs (or reading texts, in selected unitsl in the StudentBook.T]ne Studeñt CD ca]f'be used with the Stud¿rt aoo& for sclf study and coordinates wiü tre Wotrrook listening and pronunciation exercises.

. For eaclr activity in the Student Book, rhe interleaved Teacher's [dition provides step'by-step procedurcs and exercise answer keys as l\'el as a

Nealth of teacher support: unitWarm-üps, Optio¡al Activities, Eríensions, Cultu¡e Notes, Background Inlbrmation, r'eaching Tips, \\¡rap ups, and efensive Language Notcs. In addition, the ?¿acl¿er3 ¿1rio¿ includcs a course odentation güde, tidi audio scripts, and the tl/orkúook answer key. . Theworkbook fspllr n¿J¿¡lor?) has 14 thrce page units tlrar correspond to each on the Süulent Book units. Used in conjunction yúth the Stadent Audio CD, the l4/o¡r¡toofr p.oüdcs abundaut review a¡d

practice actiü¡ics forVocabularll crammar, Liste¡ing, and konunciation, along with periodic Self quizzes. A Leardng Strategies section at the beginning of the Wor.rrook h elps students to be


The lí¿¡LrY¿¿¡, Companion Website

l\\\ providcs a variety ofteaching support, including ViLteo Actiüty Sheets and srpplem ental rcading Dlaterial. Un¡t cont€nts Each ofthe units in Worldyie¡, has seven closcly

. Cell¡ng sláJred::r L,mrnJnicarive opering c\'r, i$ ' that introdüces iarget vocabulary . Listening/Reading: a tunctional conversaLlon or thenatic passage ihat introduces rarger grammar . Gralr}mar focus: an exercise sequence üat allows students to lbcrLs on the ncwgamlnar poini and to solidily their 1e¿ rniog . Pronunciarion: str€ss, rhythm, and intonation pmctice based on the target vocabulary and grammar . Speaking: an interactive speaking i¡sk focused on student productioD of targel vocabulary gramDrar, and tunctional language . Writing: a peGonalized Í'riting ac tivity that stimulates studenl production of target vocabulary and grammar . Conversarion to go: a concise rerninder of thc gr¡mmar tunctional languag€ introdüced in the unit Course length

With its flexible format and coürse comporelrts, Worldvi¿¡l responds to aváriely ofcourse needs, and is suitable for 35 to 45 hours ofclassroom instruction. Each unit ca¡ be easilyer?anded by using bonus activities tio n the Teachet's Edítio , reproducible activities available in thc ?¿act€¡\ R¿soarce Book, ltuked lesso¡s from the l4¡o¡ldl4¿¡, v¡l¿o progra , anrl supplemenlary readirg assignments in tlre Worl¿Jv¡eu) Companionwebsite.

Scope and Sequence Family meinbels

r,- Uifi





ln a café


episode of



Hur cane

r/l um



Listening: A

Ev€ryday activ¡lies

Iove at tirst sight


{Unib 17-20)

tf,/old of Music


common iregular vertrs

/t v¡{[,t zz ''//¿ a'é. 10,

It's on tüe Íght.

Reading:A D¿y ;r ¡he ¿,fe of a lheater Man¡ger. án arlicle abor¡t a spedal day in a

lieater manage/s life

List€ninq: A real'life love


y'l wnzz

B¡9 plans


A new year

ReadinqiÁ// About . . . ./u/ia Robe,ü, an artkle about the movie star

Parb of a buildinq




and s€ond Üshninqis: tuople arking for dir€ctions to difierent


Litu ch¿nges

Reading: s¡leref¡ee, an anide change


(Units 2l-24) Pa!€

unn zs

Be my


eryiew wid' d"€e p€ople vóo rcmetnber


Read¡ng: How Polrfe Are


Listeninq:A radio inteMlel¡/

the best food in town

the world

Reading: Revie$s



Gñmmalteletence rage rsr





fnd o{¡t how polite

p€ople who desqibe


ollh€e farinating ¡€starranb a¡ound

¡t quelte at iiome,

aboüt phone eliquefe



Readin$ P¡one

a quiz to

wiú üree

falodte places in New Zealand

lnfon¡alion for pair a¡d group



North a¡d south




0n the phone

nbrld o{



(Unis 25-28)

a couple who de
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