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multi-level le photocopiab worksheets

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Sweet dreams 10.1 Can you talk about what you could do? 1 Unscramble these words.

Unit 10

3 Complete Bill and Ben’s conversation.

a He looks nygar. ________ angry


b He looks oerdwri. ________ b

c She looks dlraeex. ________

d She looks ypauhpn. ________



2 Look at the table and circle the correct option. Bill


musical instruments: drums (level 3) guitar (level 4) keyboards (level 4)

musical instruments: piano (level 1) guitar (level 2)

skills: dancing (good) gymnastics swimming (when six years old!) skateboarding (when nine years old!)

skills: dancing (very good) singing telling jokes (when five years old!) doing magic tricks (when seven years old!)

a Bill can play the keyboards very well / at all, but Ben can’t play very well / at all. b Ben can play the guitar, but Bill is better / good than Ben. c Bill could / can swim well when he was six, but Ben couldn’t / can’t swim. d Ben can / could tell funny jokes when he was five! e Ben can’t / couldn’t skateboard at all, but Bill can / could skateboard when he was nine!

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

at all can’t can’t could could difficult good well worried BILL: Hello, Ben! This Junior Superstars difficult Competition looks (a) ___________! BEN: Yes, but you don’t look very (b) ______________! BILL: No, I’m not, because the skateboarding is first, and I (c) ________ skateboard when I was nine. Can you skateboard? BEN: No, I (d) ________ and I (e) ___________ swim either, but I (f) __________ tell jokes when I was five! BILL: Amazing! Dancing is next. How well can you dance? BEN: I can dance very (g) __________. How about you? BILL: I’m a (h) _____________ dancer, but I can’t do magic tricks (i) _________! BEN: Oh, the competition is starting now. Good luck!

4 Read and match the sentences. a b c d

3 What’s wrong? She looks frightened. _____ They look very surprised. _____ They look tired! _____ She looks really happy in this photo. _____

1 2 3 4

They just climbed that mountain. Yes, it was a great vacation. She doesn’t like scary movies. They didn’t know about the party. It was a secret!


Sweet dreams

Unit Unit 10

10.2 Vocabulary 1 Match the states of emotion to their You look… a tired. b happy. c surprised. d worried. e relaxed. f frightened. g angry. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

4 Match the words with the pictures and definitions.

causes. 3 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

I think I saw a ghost. I just got back from vacation. I couldn’t sleep last night. I have a new girlfriend. I had an argument with my best friend. I lost all my money. My country has won the Latin American Song Contest.

word bandaid boat crowd donation kite relaxed

picture 1

definition c







2 Match the words with the clues. a b c d e f g

dream nightmare voyage ink future neighbors elephant

4 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

1 a long trip on a ship 2 a very large animal that lives in India and Africa 3 the people who live next door to you 4 scenes and feelings while you are asleep 5 a very bad dream 6 a colored liquid for writing 7 past, present and ...

3 Fill in the missing vowels. a b c d e f g


Be good! Don’t g_t e _nt_ i o tr_o _bl_ u e Good m_ _n_ng! I want to fly a k_t_. Can you give us a d_n_t_ _n? I’m tired. I’m going to t_k_ _ n_p. You should put a b_ _d_ _d on that cut. I feel very happy and r_l_x_d.

a Money you give to a charity. b You are this when you have no stress in your life. c You need one of these if you are bleeding. d With one of these you can go sailing. e A lot of people. f This is made out of material and you can fly it.

5 Find seven more words from the unit. W K L V Q Y Z A O C R O W D S















D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Sweet dreams


10.3 Can you talk about things that will happen? 1 Write questions about people’s intentions.

4 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of these verbs.

a You / stop eating fast food? Are you going to stop eating fast food? ______________________________________ b He / study French? ______________________ ______________________________________ c They / stop smoking? ___________________ ______________________________________ d She / blow out all the candles on her birthday cake? __________________________ ______________________________________ e Jim / go to bed at three? ______________________________________ ______________________________________

2 Now answer the questions in Activity 1 in a suitable way. a b c d e

Unit 10

Yes. If I stop eating it I'll be healthier. _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

3 Unscramble these expressions and match the sayings with the pictures.

eat feel have have itch open pass receive stand on your head study a If your left hand __________, you __________ itches will receive some money. b If you __________ an umbrella in the house, you __________________ bad luck. c If Maria __________ hard, she _____________ the exam. d If you __________, you ___________________ dizzy afterwards. e If John __________ cheese at night, he _______________ a nightmare.

5 Complete this conversation.





a ears / some / if / itch / you / , / news / your / hear / good / will / . If your ears itch, you will hear good news. ________________________________________ b a / crosses / unlucky / will / cat / if / be / black / your / you / path / . ________________________________________ ________________________________________ c a / if / you / in / your / wish / find / will / chicken / you / wishbone / get / your / . ________________________________________ ________________________________________

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

TIM: What are you doing on the weekend? ANNA: Well, it depends. If I pass (a) _____________ (pass) my exam, I (b) _________ (not have to) study, so I can go out! I want to go horseback riding. T: What (c) _________ (do) if it (d) _________ (rain)? A: If it (e) _________ (rain), I (f) ________ (go) swimming. I want to start swimming under water! T: If it (g) _________ (not be) sunny, I (h) _________ (take) a long nap! A: That’s boring! No, if it (i) _________ (be) rainy, we (j) _________ (make) an omelette and watch a DVD!


Sweet dreams

Unit Unit 10

10.4 Reading and writing 1 Read the text and put the paragraphs in order.

a _______ He was often the target of violence. White racists threw rocks at him in Chicago and bombed his home in Montgomery, Alabama. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for leading non-violent civil rights demonstrations. 1 b _______ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the main leader of the civil rights movement in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s. He was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a magnificent public speaker, and millions of people, both black and white, supported him. c _______ In 1967, Dr. King became more critical of American society. He began to plan the Poor People’s Campaign that would bring poor people of all races together to fight for better lives. d _______ During the early 1960s, Dr. King became unhappy because he thought President Kennedy was doing little to improve civil rights. Dr. King and other leaders then organized a march to Washington, DC in August, 1963. It was there that Dr. King made his most famous speech: “I have a dream.” e _______ While organizing the Poor People’s Campaign, Dr. King went to Memphis, Tennessee. It was there on April 4, 1968 that he was shot and killed. f _______ Dr. King’s civil rights activities began in 1955. That year, a black woman named Rosa Parks was arrested for breaking a law that said black people could only sit or stand at the back of the buses. Black leaders told people to protest and not to use the buses. This is called a boycott. Dr. King said, “We are American citizens. The only weapon that we have is the weapon of protest. The great glory of American democracy is the right to protest for what is correct.”

2 Match these sentences. They are not all in the text. Dr. Martin Luther King believed … a the only weapon that we have b the great glory of American democracy c poverty is d we are not the makers of history e the Poor People’s Campaign would f unarmed truth and unconditional love

1 2 3 4 5 6

we are made by history. improve the lives of poor people. is the right to protest for what is correct. will have the final word. is the weapon of protest. as great an evil as racism.

3 What are your wishes? What do you hope will happen in the future? I wish __________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ I hope _________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Sweet dreams


Unit 10

10.5 Culture

Superstitions 1 Read and mark () which pencil you prefer to use for a test. written a wrong 1 If you take a test, always use a new pencil because it has never answer. g for the test, 2 If you use the same pencil to take a test that you used for studyin the pencil will remember the answers. b _____ an old pencil a _____ a new pencil

2 Read the definitions of itch and scratch. itch /itʃ/ v When a part of your body itches, you have an irritating sensation in your skin that makes you want to scratch it.

My back itches. Can you scratch it for me? Oh, thanks.

scratch /skrtʃ/ v To rub your fingernails on your skin because it is itching.

Now answer the questions. a Which monkey’s back is itching? ______ b Which monkey is scratching? ______



3 Match each superstition to a picture. 1






a If your right ear itches, someone is saying good things 5 about you. ___ b If your left ear itches, someone is saying bad things about you. ___ c If your right foot itches, you are going to travel. ___ d If your right hand itches, you will receive some money soon. ___ e If your left hand itches, you will lose some money soon. ___ f If your nose itches, an idiot will kiss you soon. ___

4 Cover the pictures. Can you remember the superstitions? 5 Work in pairs. Student A scratches a part of his/her body. Student B says what it means.

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE




11.1 Can you make a decision? 1 Circle the correct option.

4 Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

a She’s making / doing her homework. b He does / makes his bed every morning. c They made / did a mess in the kitchen. They were making / doing lunch! d The President does / makes many important decisions. e She did / made a good job! Her room is really neat now.

agree agree boring don’t uniforms think think true pants

2 Match the pictures with these suggestions. AMALIA: SARA: 1




S: 4


a Let’s make a poster for the rock concert! 2 __________ b Why don’t we run the marathon? __________ c What about ordering a pizza? __________ d Why don’t we make dinner? __________ e How about going to see a movie? __________

3 Unscramble these responses to the suggestions in Activity 2. a don’t / I / this / sorry / like / music / , / I’m I’m sorry, I don’t like this music. _______________________________________ b let’s / now / start / ! / great / , _______________________________________ c good / haven’t got / a / it’s / any / idea / but / I / money / ! _______________________________________ _______________________________________ d really / , / yes / hungry / I’m / ! _______________________________________ e a / idea / what / good / ! _______________________________________





think I (a) __________ our school uniform is very old-fashioned. (b) _____________ you think boys and girls should wear the same uniform? I think (c) ___________ are better than skirts. I don’t (d) __________. I would prefer a school without any (e) _________! I don’t agree. I think it’s OK. I (f) ___________ uniforms are a good thing. I don’t agree, I think they are (g) __________. Everyone looks the same! (h) __________! And I think mixed schools are better than single-sex schools. I (i) __________, but I don’t think the boys would like wearing skirts!

5 Circle the correct words Hi Jo, I am (a) making / doing my homework at the moment. What are you (b) doing / making? I (c) don’t think / am not thinking it is a good idea to go shopping on Thursday after school. Why (d) don’t we / we don’t go on Friday night? You said your sister (e) likes / would like to come with us, and that’s OK. (f) Let’s / Why don’t we have something to eat after shopping? Mail me back as soon as you can! Bitsy xx

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE




11.2 Vocabulary 1 Find ten different types of music hidden here.

3 Order the sentences.










2 Use the clues to complete the crossword. Across   1 music for when you’re sad 5 loud music sometimes played by people with long hair 6 a type of lover — or Ricky Martin’s music 7 you can live here or listen to it  

Down 2 another name for people or traditional music 3 modern or traditional Black American music 4 a new version of a song made by a DJ 5 you can dip your nachos in this or dance to it 2

4 Fill in the missing vowels. a b c d e f g

i i i e pr_m_t_v_ p_p_l _r _nj _y_bl_ _dd_ ct _v_ _nt_r _st_ng t_ _d_t_ _ _al c_mm_rc_ _l

5 Now use words from Activity 4 to fill 3


a Ask for permission from the club leader. ____ b Publicity—phone the local radio. ____ c Decide to raise funds for Amnesty 1 International. ____ d Make a plan with your friends—concert or fun run? ____ e Distribute leaflets and sell all the tickets. ____ f Decide to organize a concert in the local youth club. ____ g Enjoy the concert! It’s a great success! ____ h Design the posters and print the tickets. ____


4 5 6 7

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

in the blanks. primitive types of One of the most (a) __________ music is jazz. It is very old but also extremely (b) ___________ with both young and old music lovers. It is (c) _________ that it appeals to so many people from different countries and cultures. House is very different than jazz, and is not so (d) _____________ with different groups. However, young people who find house (e) _____________ say it is because the music is so very (f) _____________. It certanly isn’t (g) _____________ but it makes you tap your foot, even if you don’t really like it.




11.3 Can you compare music? 1 Unscramble these kinds of music. a b c d e f g h i j

etocnh __________ techno uynctor dna newtser _______ ___ ________ saclsilca __________ geraeg __________ olus ________ osehu _______ azjz _______ oklf ______ eyahv eatml ______ _______ leusb ______

4 Complete the conversation with comparisons.


2 Write the name of the instrument that is defined. drums electric guitar keyboard recorder saxophone trumpet violin a They are very noisy. _______________ drums b You need to use all your fingers to play it. ______________ c It has black and white keys. ________________ d It is usually played by children. ________________ e It is very difficult to play. You must blow hard. ________________ f It is a wind instrument. ___________________ g It is the same shape as a guitar. ___________________

3 Complete these sentences with your opinions about music. classical music a I really like listening to _________________. b I don’t like ____________________________ at all. c I think ______________________ music is very primitive. d My least favorite instrument is ___________________________. e My favorite singer is ___________________________. f In my opinion, the best band is ___________________________. g I love ______________________; it’s fun to dance to.





I think The Lemondrops are much (a) better ____________ (good) than The Swerve. They are (b) ______________ (commercial), but their songs are (c) _______________ (popular). I don’t agree. I prefer The Swerve. Their lyrics are (d) ________________ (interesting) and their music is (e) ________________ (sophisticated). The new CD is amazing! I think Phil Smith, the lead guitarist of The Lemondrops, is a (f) ___________ _____________ (talented) player than Jo Grundy and the keyboard player is (g) ____________ (good) than anybody else in the world! That’s because you think you are in love with him!

5 Write comparisons about music. a heavy metal / classical (primitive) _______________________________________ Heavy metal music is more primitive than _______________________________________ classical music. b techno / classical (traditional) _______________________________________ _______________________________________ c the saxophone / the trumpet (difficult to play) _______________________________________ _______________________________________ d the piano / the electronic keyboard (enjoyable to listen to) _______________________________________ _______________________________________ e jazz / house (old-fashioned) _______________________________________ _______________________________________

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE



11.4 Reading and writing


1 Write the numbers of the questions in the right places.

Long before the famous boy-wizard at Hogwart’s, Ursula Le Guin wrote A Wizard of Earthsea in which she imagined a school for wizards. She won a prize for that novel in 1968 and has won many more prizes since then. She is the author of nineteen novels, many short stories and translations. Here are some questions we asked Ursula about her stories. 1 2 3 4 5 6

Are any of your novels based on dreams? Two of the islands in your stories are names of your children. Which islands, or is it a secret? Do you have a favorite TV show? Do you think dreams can change reality? Where did you get the idea of using names to make magic? How do you pronounce your name?

6 a Q: _____ A: Well, in the USA it’s pronounced a bit like Luh Gwinn. In France it’s pronounced differently because it’s really a French name. b Q: _____ A: It's a very old idea in magic all over the world. The idea that words are powerful like magic is quite natural and a lot of people believe it. c Q: _____ A: A dream can change the way a person thinks, but I don't think dreams change reality. d Q: _____ A: Some writers copy their dreams for their stories, but I write better stories when I am awake! I like to use my imagination. e Q: _____ A: It's a secret. f Q: _____ A: Star Trek—that’s quite famous, I think. I used to watch a show about a time traveler who travels everywhere in a very old-fashioned telephone box, like the ones in the street!

2 Now match these ideas to the answers in Activity 1 they describe best. 1 2 3 4 5

b ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Ursula Ursula Ursula Ursula Ursula

thinks words are important and have strong effects. doesn’t want to say something. likes some science fiction shows. doesn’t like to use her dreams as ideas for her stories. doesn’t think that dreams have an effect on the real world.

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE




11.5 Culture

Hip hop—the new jazz? 1 What do you know about jazz? Read and check. How do you say the gray words in your language? The Jazz Age started in the 1920s. Jazz was born from the social, political and economic suffering of the black population in the cities of the USA. It comes from and represents people who were economically disenfranchized, politically abandoned, socially repressed or poor and without power. The music has strong rhythm and often involves improvisation. It is a combination of music, dance, speech, fashion, graphic representation and aesthetics. The music was not about money but about the reality of everyday life. It started on street corners, but it is everywhere now and it is everybody’s music, too: young and old, black and white, rich and poor, men and women, all enjoy and play jazz. Originally a cultural product of the USA, it is popular, profitable and now international. It is not just music—it is a means of communication. The artists who create the music and the culture speak about their ideas, problems, and desires through the music, the clothes, the lifestyle, the philosophy, etc. It is a cultural phenomenon. The word jazz is a noun (I love jazz), an adjective (A jazzy jacket = colorful and modern) and a verb (Let’s jazz this party up = Let’s make it more interesting and fun). It is music, something you do and a lifestyle.

2 Circle all the words that are different from those in Activity 1. How many of these are the same (or look very similar) in your language? The Hip Hop Age started in the 1990s. Hip hop was born from young people’s demands for democracy, justice and equality in the USA. It comes from and represents people who were economically disenfranchized, politically abandoned, socially repressed or poor and without power. The music has strong rhythm and often involves improvisation. It is a combination of music, dance, speech, fashion, graphic representation and aesthetics. The music was not about money but about the reality of everyday life. It started on street corners, but it is everywhere now and it is everybody’s music, too: young and old, black and white, rich and poor, men and women all enjoy and play hip hop. Originally a cultural product of the USA, it is popular, profitable and now international. It is not just music—it is a means of communication. The artists who create the music and the culture speak about their ideas, problems, and desires through the music, the clothes, the lifestyle, the philosophy, etc. It is a cultural phenomenon. The words “hip hop” refer to a way of life—but the music is called rap. It is music, something you do and a lifestyle.

3 Cover the text and answer these questions. Write the answers in your notebook. a How are jazz and hip hop different? b How are they similar?


D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Dont litter!


12.1 Can you ask for permission? 1 Match these signs to the rules. Then circle the correct option.

4 Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with must/musn’t and these words. be chew hand in run use write





a You must / mustn’t 2 on a leash. ___ b You must / mustn’t c You must / mustn’t in a bin. ___ d You must / mustn’t

keep dogs feed the birds. ___ put your garbage skateboard. ___

2 Unscramble the questions. a I / window / can / a / open / ? Can I open a window? ______________________________________ b Monday / can / I / in / homework / hand / my / on / ? _____________________ ______________________________________ c my / listen / CD / can / I / to / ? ______________________________________ d we / movies / can / to / tonight / go / the / ? ________________________________ e have / cola / can / some / I / ? ______________________________________ f borrow / I / key / can / your / ? ______________________________________

3 Match the questions in Activity 2 with these answers. a b c d e f

a b c d e f

mustn’t use You _____________ You _____________ You _____________ You _____________ You _____________ You _____________ time.

a cell phone in class. up the stairs. chewing gum. on time for lessons. in pen, not pencil. your homework on

5 Write questions to ask your teacher for permission. a You want to go to the toilet. Can I go to the toilet? ______________________________________ b You aren’t sure if you can use a calculator. ______________________________________ c You want to use a dictionary. ______________________________________ d You want to borrow a pen. ______________________________________ e You need to leave the class early to go to the dentist’s. ______________________________________

No, you can’t. We’re going swimming. ____ d Yes, it is hot in here. ____ Yes, you can, but not too loud. ____ No, you can’t. Have some water! ____ You don’t need it. The locker is open. ____ No, you must give it to me tomorrow. ____

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


Dont litter!


12.2 Vocabulary 1 Match the words in the two columns. a b c d e f g h

skating hunting boating climbing tennis basketball track and field football

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

track court field rink ground court lake wall

2 Circle the different word and say why. a package wrapper orange juice box The others are all containers. _____________________________________ b chocolate soap potato chips cereals _____________________________________ c tomatoes cheese ham plastic _____________________________________ d bar onions bread honey _____________________________________ e can jar chewing gum bottle _____________________________________ f sandwich soft drink milk juice _____________________________________

4 Complete the word groups. bottle box bread can carton cheese chewing gum chocolate potato chips ham honey jar onions package sugar tomatoes wrapper a containers b junk food c food for sandwiches

5 Place the trash in the correct recycling containers.

3 Use the clues to complete the crossword. paper

Across 1 you must throw all your trash here 2 material that is not needed 3 another word for amenities 4 the person in charge of a park Down 5 the place where the band 5 plays in a park 1 6 the paper covering a candy bar 7 the opposite of noisy 8 to throw trash on the ground



plastic 3


organic 4

6 2 7 8 3

a b c d e f g h

4 an onion ____ an orange juice carton ____ a loaf of bread ____ a potato chips bag ____ a honey jar ____ a cereal box ____ a newspaper ____ a milk bottle ____



D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

Dont litter!



12.3 Can you talk about quantities? 1 Unscramble the names of these containers and match them to the pictures.

3 Put each thing in the correct box then write the plural for the countable items. a bar of chocolate a bottle of lemonade a carton of apple juice bread cheese chocolate potato chip ham honey onion orange juice sugar tomato






a b c d e f g h




a otbetl fo deelomna __________________ a bottle of lemonade __ 6 a qba fo topota hcpis __________________ __ a gab fo tooastp __________________ __ a traocn fo euicj __________________ __ a raj fo nnioso __________________ __ a obx fo ercale __________________ __ a iolk fo atmoesot __________________ __ a bra fo ctohocael __________________ __

2 Use the prompts to make questions.





__________________ tomatoes __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

__________________ sugar __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Write true answers. a juice / drink a week / ? ______________________________________ How much juice do you drink a week? ______________________________________ I drink about two liters. b vegetables / eat every day / ? ______________________________________ ______________________________________ c exercise / do / ? ______________________________________ ______________________________________ d cans of soft drinks / drink a day / ? ______________________________________ ______________________________________ e sugar / your father have in his coffee / ? ______________________________________ ______________________________________

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

4 Complete the blanks with much, many or a lot (of). a How ___________ cola do you drink? much Not ___________. b I don’t eat ___________ tomatoes. I don’t really like them. c How ___________ cartons of milk do you want me to buy? Buy five. d I buy ___________ chocolate every month. e You don’t need __________ honey on your bread. f We shouldn’t eat ___________ potato chips. They aren’t very healthy.


Dont litter!


12.4 Reading and writing 1 Write the number of each heading in the correct place. 1 2 3 4

Please take your trash home … The problems begin An innocent life Mad and funny but serious, too

5 Help me! I’m an EXPERT! 6 My hero 7 That’s a strange place to park!

4 a ________ The Gods Must Be Crazy is a movie from 1980. Not many people know this movie, but it is one of my favorites. It has three crazy stories all mixed up, but it is more than a comedy—it has a really strong message about the way we live and what we are doing to our planet. b ________ Xixo lives a peaceful life with his tribal family in the Kalahari Desert. They live together and they share everything. They hunt and collect their food and anything they need. c ________One day, a pilot drops a bottle out of his plane and everyone in the tribe thinks it comes from the gods. They all want it for different uses and become jealous of one other. For the first time ever, they are unhappy. d ________ Xixo wants to give the bottle back to the gods. He starts on a journey to the end of the world, where his gods live. He meets Andrew, a biologist, and Kate, a journalist who is trying to escape from the city. Xixo thinks they are gods, but their car is stuck in the top of a tree! e ________ When Xixo is arrested—he is hungry and kills a goat—he meets Andrew and Kate again. They agree to get him out of prison. They say he is an important environmental scientist. f ________ At the same time a revolution is happening! A group of anti-racist people are running away to the desert to escape from the government soldiers. They take Kate as a prisoner, but Andrew and Xixo eventually find and rescue her. She immediately falls in love with Andrew … g ________ And what happens to the bottle? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie and see! But the message is clear—when we mess up our world, eventually things go wrong for people, too. So we must all look after our world carefully … and never throw bottles out of airplane windows!

2 Find words in each paragraph that mean the same as these. strong a important/powerful ____________ b in the end ____________ c a voyage ____________

d running away ____________ e very quickly ____________ f do bad things to/cause problems ____________

3 Put this summary of the movie into the correct order. Xixo and Andrew rescue Kate. ____ Kate falls in love with Andrew. ____ Andrew gets Xixo out of prison. ____ Xixo’s tribe starts having problems. ____ 1 A bottle lands in the Kalihari desert. ____ Xixo is put in prison. ____ Xixo decides to solve the problem by taking the bottle away. ____ h Xixo meets a biologist and a journalist in a tree. ____ i Kate becomes a prisoner of the soldiers. ____ a b c d e f g


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Dont litter!



12.5 Culture

The rules of flying 1 Security at airports around the world is very tight now, and there are lots of rules you must follow when you fly. How many rules do you know?

2 Match the pictures to these rules. a b c d e f g h i




8 Children over two must have their own seat. ___ You must be scanned. ___ You must fasten your seat belt. ___ You can’t fly unaccompanied until you are sixteen. ___ You must obey the crew. ___ You must have a passport or ID card. ___ You must report unattended bags. ___ You mustn’t accept packages from strangers. ___ You mustn’t take forbidden objects on board. ___

4 5

6 7

8 9

3 Complete the rules with these verbs. Then match them to the pictures. stay a b c d e f

You You You You You You







10 must ________ anything suspicious. ___ must ________ with your bags at all times. ___ must ________ the safety instructions. ___ can’t ________ on board. ___ can only ________ one small bag on board. ___ mustn’t ________ jokes about bombs. ___

4 Cover the rules. Write what you remember. ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

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15 11





Last minute


13.1 Can you organize a party? 1 Look at Jane’s diary and complete this

3 Match the two columns.

telephone conversation. Use the correct forms of the verbs. (not) be cook go have meet study

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

morning/ afternoon gym swimming

evening Anna 7:00 p.m. hair appointment 6:00 p.m. dinner, the Blue Parrot 7:00 p.m. homework homework

dentist 11:00 a.m. French exam school trip to Science World homework Sally’s party — food! homework

2 Circle the correct option. a Look! I’ve got my ticket! I will go / I’m going on Friday at quarter to eleven! b I reserved the tennis court yesterday. I’ll play / I’m playing tennis with Paul. c I spoke to George last week. We’ll have / We’re having dinner with him and his partner tonight. d I called the doctor for you this morning. You’ll see him / You’re seeing her next week. e I paid your teacher yesterday. You’ll have / You’re having a lesson tomorrow.


1 2 3 4 5

No problem. I’ll clean it up for you. I’ll put the heater on. I’ll bring my CDs! Don’t worry. I’ll wash it for you! It’s OK. I’ll make an omelette! __

4 Read these notes and complete the conversation below. E-mail











From: [email protected] To: Subject: Graduation party! Hi everyone, we only have three weeks until the party, so we have to organize the following things: refreshments, publicity and music. Come to the gym on Friday at four o’clock for a meeting to discuss these things!


TOM: Hey Jane, can we meet on Monday night to work on our History project? Anna. JANE: Sorry, I can’t, I’m (a) meeting _________________ T: OK. Are you free on Tuesday morning then? J: (b) ________________________________ T: Is Wednesday night OK? J: (c) ________________________________ T: How about Thursday morning, then? J: (d) ________________________________ T: How about Saturday night, then? J: (e) ________________________________ T: Hmm! Well, when are you free? J: (f) ________________________________

3 We haven’t got any music for the party! __ They forgot their sandwiches. __ This room is really messy! __ It’s very cold in here! __ I can’t see. The car window is really dirty! __



a b c d e

GINA: OK, what are we going to do about the refreshments? JO: we / make / sandwiches / ? Why don’t we make sandwiches? a ___________________________________ GINA: Great! Who wants to do that? TIM: help / good at / make sandwiches / . b ___________________________________ GINA: What about the publicity? SUE: make / poster / . c ___________________________________ T: write / invitation / school web site / . d ___________________________________ G: And what are we going to do about music? S: my brother’s band / play / . e ___________________________________ T: bring / some CDs / . f ___________________________________

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Last minute



13.2 Vocabulary 1 Match the jobs with the pictures.

3 Time line: write the dates and then put them in order.

Tuesday 13th 1



a b c d e f g


is Tuesday the 13th. Today _______________________ Yesterday ______________ Tomorrow ______________ The day after tomorrow ______________ The day before yesterday ______________ Next Monday ______________ Last Friday ______________

g 2nd ____ 3rd ____ 4th ____ 1st ____ 5th ____ 6th ____ 7th ____

4 Find eight words related to concerts. 5




a b c d

8 electrician __ painter __ plumber __ carpenter __

e f g h

gardener __ teacher __ cook __ window cleaner __

2 Unscramble these words. They relate to the occupations in Activity 1. a b c d e f g h i

plumbing ulinmbpg ________________ inokcog ________________ darngegin ________________ apignnit ________________ chatineg ________________ hemarm ________________ ipep ________________ dod boj ________________ preaisr ________________

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE









5 Put the missing vowels in the following words. a The r_fr_shm_nts e are free all night. e e b All the _rr_ng_m_nts have been made. c The audience burst into sp_nt_n_ _ _s applause after her speech. d The movie l_c_t_ _ns were really beautiful. e The _g_nd_ for next week is very full. f Help me ch_ _s_ the right dress for the party! g What are the d_t_s of the Tom Jones concerts? h Without p_bl_c_ty, you will never become famous.


Last minute


13.3 Can you talk about things that are going to happen? 1 Match these jobs with their descriptions. a builder a carpenter a cook an electrician a painter a plumber a window cleaner

a b c d e f g

This person … washes parts of your house. a window cleaner ___________________ fixes problems with water pipes. ___________________ fixes electrical problems. ___________________ helps make buildings. ___________________ prepares meals. ___________________ makes things with wood. __________________ can change the color of your house. ___________________

2 What’s going to happen? Look at the pictures and use these verbs to complete the sentences. arrive




3 Circle the correct option. a I think Brazil’s going to / will win the next World Cup! b Look at the sky! It’s going to / will rain. c Next year you’re going to / will find a new love! d Watch out! You’re going to / will break the glass! e She looks very well! She’s going to / will have a baby in August.

4 Put this telephone conversation in the right order. JO: MRS S: JO: MRS S: JO: MRS S: JO: MRS S:

OK, do you have a hammer? What you need to do is … (a) ___ Well, there’s a funny noise coming from my water heater! (b) ___ What’s the problem? (c) ___ I can’t! The pipes are too hot! (d) ___ Don’t worry, I’ll come right away, and I’ll bring an electrician as well. (e) ___ Is that Last Minute Repairs? I need a 1 plumber! (f) ___ OK. You should turn the water heater off. (g) ___ Agh! Listen, the pipes are going to explode! (h) ___

5 Match these pictures with the lines from Activity 4.

a b c d

She ___________________ the window! ’s going to break He ____________________ down the stairs! She ____________________ at the class! He ____________________ his hammer.


3 2

6 4 5

6 b ___ d ___ e ___ g ___ h ___ a ___


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Last minute



13.4 Reading and writing 1 Match these descriptions to the zones on the map. Britain is made up of islands—two big ones and some very small ones. It is important for the fishermen who work in the waters around the British Isles to know what kind of weather there is in each area of the sea.

Viking “… and now the weather forecast for the inland seas of the British Isles, from today at 14:00 GMT until tomorrow Hebrides morning. The worst weather will be in the north in (a) _______, Viking where there will be heavy storms with lightning and thunder. In (b) _______ there will also be Thames strong winds and rain. There will be some storms with Shannon fog, too, but it will not be as bad as in Viking. Also in the north, in (c) _______, things are a little better. It isn’t English Channel going to rain, and there won’t be much wind. But there will be snow and even sunshine. In the East, in (d) ________, the weather won’t be as bad as in the north, Finisterre N but there will be rain and wind. At least there won’t be W E any storms! The weather will be a little better in the S south. In (e) ________ there will be some wind but it won’t be too cold, because there will be some sunshine. The best weather for the day will be in (f) _________ where there won’t be any rain, just sun and high temperatures, so that’s the best place to be in a boat today. The most typically British weather today will be in Shannon, where there will be a little bit of everything, including perhaps, a rainbow at the end of the day. So be one the look out for that, if you are in the area.

2 Now order the areas in Activity 1 from the best to the worst weather in your opinion. Finisterre b __________ c __________ Best weather a __________ Worst weather e __________ f __________

d __________

3 Write true (T) or false (F). a b c d e f

In the southeast there will be strong winds. _____ T In the west there will be rain and wind. _____ In two areas there will be sunshine. _____ Only one area will have storms. _____ There will be different kinds of weather in the sea. _____ It will be cold in the northwest. _____

4 Imagine you are planning a trip around the British Isles by boat with your friends. Write about your plans. I am going to ____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ We are going to __________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

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Last minute


13.5 Culture

Weather 1 Some people are obsessed with the weather and have even written poems about it. Read these five poems and match them to the pictures. Which poem do you like best?

3 a ______ It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man’s snoring He went to bed and bumped his head, And couldn’t get up in the morning.


b ______

Rain, rain go away Come again another day. c ______ 3

Rain on the green grass Rain on the tree Rain on the housetop But not on me. d ______ Some like it cold And some like it hot I like it in between Cause extremes I like not.


5 4

e ______ There are holes in the sky where the rain gets in But they’re ever so small that’s why rain is thin. (Spike Milligan)

2 Can you read this poem quickly without making a mistake? Whether the weather is fine, Or whether the weather is not, Whether the weather is cold, Or whether the weather is hot, We'll weather the weather, Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not.


D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

The concert


14.1 Can you talk about something that happened last weekend? 1 Write the past simple forms of these

4 Look at the pictures and complete the

verbs. a b c d e f g h

sentences with these verbs.

saw see ________ sleep ________ swim ________ take ________ tie ________ bark ________ fall ________ give ________







2 Complete Carly’s e-mail with the correct forms of the verbs. E-mail












To: [email protected] From: [email protected] Subject: yesterday’s concert!

a Shelley ______________ by the side of the was sitting road when she saw a little boy. b The little boy started ______________ in the road after his ball. c A man ______________ along the road when he saw Shelley run after the boy. d The man ______________ suddenly and he fell off his bike. e While they ______________ for the ambulance they talked to the man. ±

Hi, Chris — how’s it going? Yesterday went I ( a ) _______ (go) to the best concert in my life! The tickets (b) _______ (cost) 25 euros, but they ( c ) _______ (be) worth it! I ( d ) _______ (meet) Katie and Jo at one and we ( e ) _______ (get) good seats at the front! The concert ( f ) _______ (be) fantastic! The Edge ( g ) _______ (play) all their greatest hits. It ( h ) _______ (be) amazing! After the last song, the band ( i ) _______ (sing) three more songs. We ( j ) _______ (know) all the lyrics and everyone cheered and clapped for ten minutes! See you soon, Love Carly!

5 Now put these words in the right place and write the story in Activity 4.

3 Circle the correct word. a We sang when / while the band was playing! b I bought the tickets when / while I saw the ad in the newspaper. c I did my homework when / while my brother was watching TV. d I had breakfast when / while I got up. e They were speaking on their cell phones when / while the band was playing.

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

after that in the end next one day then One day, Shelley saw a little boy with a _____________________________________ ball. _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________


The concert


14.2 Vocabulary 1 Circle the correct options.

3 Put this story in the correct order. a Next, Leila and some friends edited the movie and produced the final version. _____ b In the end they won the Oscar for Best Movie. _____ c While they were filming, they had some problems with the special effects, but the end results were spectacular. _____ d First she looked for the right ingredients: good actors and a good story. _____ e Then she looked for the right location and started filming. _____ 1 f One day Leila decided to make a movie. _____ g When they won, the critics wrote rave reviews. _____ h After that, they entered a movie competition and won. _____

a The movie setting / sitting was spectacular. b The movie critic / criticism wrote a glowing review. c The special effects / affects were amazing. d Her rise / raise to stardom was rapid. e The ambience / atmosphere in the cinema was electric. f The audience reaction / action was very positive.

4 Unscramble the words to complete the text.

2 Circle the correct words. a Sophie was prettier / more pretty than Elsie. b “Kids” is a vulgarer / more vulgar expression than “children.” c Einstein was smarter / more smart than his teachers. d Einstein was more intelligent / intelligenter than his teachers. e New York is a more sophisticated / sophisticateder city than New Delhi. f Maria Callas had a better / gooder voice than Donald Duck.


sophisticated audience The (a) cadtithipesos _____________ had been hand-picked for the night. They were (b) lilumaindet ___________ by the spectacular light show in the disco and the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. Everyone was (c) pobginp ___________ to the music, which was surprising as the music playing was very (d) micaclorme ___________—pop. All these people had come tonight because of the promise of (e) tramods ___________ … the chance to be (f) sclufcesus _____________ in the music world. None of them were good singers or dancers, or even (g) thanucite ___________ musicians. They were only there because the paparazzi were there.

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The concert


14.3 Can you talk about music releases?


4 Circle the correct option.

1 Classify these adjectives authentic boring fantastic disappointing exciting intelligent interesting sophisticated spectacular vulgar a positive

b negative

authentic __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

boring __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

a If you look / will look at the special effects, you see / will see amazing things! b If they cancel / will cancel the concert, we get / will get our money back. c If you like / will like their new CD, you like / will like their last one, too. d If it rains / will rain, we sit / will sit inside. e If he doesn’t hurry / will not hurry he miss / will miss the concert!

5 Unscramble these sentences.

2 Complete these sentences with the comparatives. more exciting a Black Eyed Peas are __________________ (exciting) than Busted. b This concert was ________________ (spectacular) than their last concert. c Kylie is ______________ (smart) than Madonna. d This CD is __________________ (sophisticated) than that one. e His stage clothes were ______________ (vulgar) than usual.

3 Fill in the blanks. JON:


J: S: J:


buy (buy) the new Look! If we (a) ______ Busted DVD we (b) ____________ (receive) a discount for the concert tickets. Yes, but it’s a charity concert, so if we (c) ________ (get) a discount, the charity (d) _____________ (have) less money! True! Do you think they (e) _____________ (play) the songs from their last CD? I hope so, those songs are (f) ____________ (interesting) than their new ones. Right, if we (g) ______________ (go) to the concert, and buy the DVD we (h) _________________ (know) all the lyrics so we can sing along with the band! Cool!

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

a he / stage / singing / she / while / was / ran / onto / the / . ______________________________________ While he was singing she ran onto ______________________________________ the stage. b she / Alicia Keys / voice / sophisticated / a / more / than / has / . ______________________________________ ______________________________________ c with / tie / he / if / barks / him / leash / his /. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ d like / you / will / this / do / not / if / techno / CD / you / hate / . ______________________________________ ______________________________________ e they / T-shirt / if / buy / tickets / they / will / get / a / free / . ______________________________________ ______________________________________


The concert


14.4 Reading and writing 1 Read this text and put the events in the correct order. Frida Kahlo - A biography

1907 - On July 6, Frida Kahlo is born in Coyoacan, Mexico. Her father is from Germany; her mother is Spanish and Native American. 1913 - Kahlo gets polio, which leaves her with a limp all her life. 1922 - Kahlo enters Mexico's prestigious National Preparatory School and becomes interested in politics. 1925 - She is in a bus accident and, because of her injuries, she has to have more than thirty operations during her lifetime. 1926 - Kahlo begins to paint. Most of her paintings are self-portraits. 1929 - She marries Mexican painter Diego Rivera. 1930 - Kahlo and Rivera leave Mexico for San Francisco. 1932 - The couple move to Detroit, and Rivera paints for the Detroit Museum. The baby Kahlo is expecting dies; while recovering, she paints Miscarriage in Detroit and My Birth, her first graphic works. 1933 - Kahlo and Rivera return to Mexico. 1937 - She also becomes a friend of Pablo Picasso and Russian revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky. 1938 - She is called a “surrealist” painter and she has an exhibition in New York. 1939 - Kahlo and Rivera divorce. 1940 - Rivera leaves Mexico for San Francisco. Kahlo follows him, and the couple marry again. 1942 - Kahlo begins teaching but her ill health stops her, so she goes back to painting. 1950 - Her physical condition gets worse, and she goes into hospital in Mexico City for one year. 1953 - Kahlo has her first solo exhibition in Mexico; it's the only exhibition in her native country during her lifetime. Later that year, her right leg is amputated because of gangrene. 1954 - Days before her death, Kahlo makes her last public appearance at a political demonstration. On July 13, she dies in her sleep.

a b c d e f

Kahlo’s leg was removed because it was infected. _____ Kahlo and Diego Rivera went to live in the United States. _____ There was an exhibition of Kahlo’s paintings in the United States. _____ Kahlo was very sick but went to a demonstration. _____ Kahlo started to teach. _____ 1 Kahlo got married to Diego Rivera. _____

2 Write the answers in the correct past tense. She was born ... Where was Frida Kahlo born? _________________________________ Which school did she go to? _________________________________ How many operations did she have during her life? _________________________________ Where did she and Diego Rivera live before Detroit? _________________________________ How many times did she and Rivera marry? _________________________________ Why couldn’t she continue teaching? _________________________________ How many exhibitions of her work were there in Mexico while she was alive? _________________________________ h How old was she when she died? _________________________________ a b c d e f g


D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE

The concert



14.5 Culture

Country Music in Nashville

1 Read the text for three minutes. Cover it. What do you remember? Country is a mixture of popular musical forms developed in the United States, with roots in traditional folk music. In the 1930s country music started its climb to fame with the invention of the radio. Grand Ole Opry began in Nashville, Tennessee. It started out as a radio show but it became so important that singers, groups and record companies from all over the United States were drawn to Nashville. Nashville soon became known as "Music City USA," and during the 1960s, country music became an important industry. Even though they played basically the same instruments, some of the singers and groups in the 1980s had their own sounds. Reba McEntire and Randy Travis had the traditional country sound, and a group known as "Alabama" had a country/rock sound. Finally, in the 1990s, things changed when

Garth Brooks became popular. He successfully attracted young people back to country music with his ballads. Over the years, country music has changed and evolved into being the billion-dollar industry that it is today. But only recently has it become popular nationwide and worldwide. Today many singers like Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill have a large international following. Every year the Country Music Association (CMA) holds a very famous, week-long music festival in Nashville that used to be called the Fan Fair. Hundreds of artists and celebrities perform on several stages scattered throughout the downtown. Fans can meet their favorite artists for autographs and photos and enjoy live performances. Over 145,000 fans attended the CMA Music Festival last year.

2 Read the text again and answer. a b c d e f g h

Where did country music develop?________________________________________ Where did the Grand Ole Opry begin?_____________________________________ What did Nashville become known as? ____________________________________ What group that became popular in the 1980s had a country/rock sound? ____________________ What did Garth Brooks do in the 1990s? _____________________________________ What does the CMA hold every year in Nashville? ______________________________ What can fans do at the festival? __________________________________________ How many fans attended the festival last year? _______________________________

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


Answer Key Unit 1 Page 2 1.1 1 1 fashion 6 sports 2 pets 7 music 3 reading 8 walking 5 computers 2 b You’re f We’re c He’s g You’re d She’s h They’re e It’s 3 b ’s d ’re c ’re e ’s 4 b John isn’t French. He’s American. c Marcos and Brenda aren’t cold. They’re hot. d Jessica isn’t hungry. She’s thirsty. e We aren’t thirteen years old. We’re fifteen. 5 b Who is your best friend? c Are you thirteen or fourteen? d What is your address? e What is your phone number? 6 (sample answers) b My best friend is Mary. c I’m thirteen. d My address is 40 Mountain Rd. e My phone number is 704-2233. 7 b don’t d doesn’t c like e like

Page 3 1.2 1 b pets. The others are all types of music. c ice cream. The others are all hobbies. d wild. The others are all food. e rock. The others are all food. f yoga. The others are all school subjects. 2 jeans, (sneakers), boots, spider, mountain, black belt, yoga, potatoes, chalk 3 b travel f Math c drummer g fashion d phone h friends e neighbor 4 b photography f jeans c extreme g fashion d cheese h track and field e friends 5 b neighbor e shoes c Rice f Math d spiders g movie theater

Page 4 1.3 1 a b c d e f

m m m are re are


g h i j k l

re is m Am is are

2 (sample answer) Anna. I’m fifteen years old. I’m a student at Millburn school. I like going to school. My favorite subject is History. I also like sports. I’m good at swimming. I’m short and have brown hair and brown eyes. 3 c What’s your phone number? d What’s your address? e what’s your e-mail address? f Who’s your favorite band? 4 b F, She likes Duncan James. c T d F, She likes tennis, but not watching it on TV. eT f F, She doesn’t like doing housework. gT h F, She likes buying clothes/ shopping. 5 b She doesn’t like cleaning her desk. c They don’t like visiting zoos. d They don’t like studying Art. e He doesn’t like listening to jazz.

4 Student’s own answers. (sample answer) a Yes, I watch football. b Yes, I go running every day. c No, I don’t./Yes, I do. d No, I don’t./Yes, I do. e No, I don’t./Yes, I do. f No, I don’t./Yes, I do. g No, I don’t./Yes, I do.

Unit 2 Page 7 2.1

Page 5 1.4 1 b2 d3 c 1 e4 2 b F d F c F e F 3 (sample answer) Ana; Meeting new people and travel; Sports, animals; Playing games on my computer; Cybersurfer super summer; I like chatting and designing programs.




Page 6 1.5 1 a remote control, b health club, c soccer league. 2 b T. c F, 19 million children play. d F, 33% e F. 3 b 44% watch Super Bowl. c 70 million go to baseball games. d 28% participate in organized sports. e 40% of young people do strenuous exercise. f 19 million children play in soccer leagues. g 33% of Americans are overweight.

have; don’t have have; don’t have have; don’t have has e has doesn’t have f don’t have has Does Jason have a basketball? Yes, he does. c Do Jason and Kelly have a bowl? No, they don’t. d Does Bobby have a house. Yes, he does. e Does Bobby have roller-blades? No, he doesn’t. b goes f does c plays g finishes d gets up h makes e arrives b go e plays c finish f make, sets d has, does (sample answers) b Do, No, I don’t. I usually go by bus. c Does, No, it doesn’t. It finishes at four. d Does, No, she doesn’t. I usually set the table. e Does, No, he doesn’t. My mom always makes dinner. f Do, Yes, we do. We always watch TV together. b Do you take a shower every day? c Does your mom go shopping on weekends? d Do you go out with your friends a lot? e Sheila sometimes goes to the disco with her boyfriend.

1 b c d 2 b c d 3 b


Page 8 2.2 1 b twins g listens to c twins h bossy d to get up late i oil and water e clean my room j peas in a pod f watching TV 2 conclusion, questionnaire, choice, survey, score, winner, finalist, vote 3 b My father always cooks dinner on Sunday. c The class is doing a survey on chores.

d My sister and her friend never eat pizza. e I sometimes get up late on Saturdays. f My brother likes to go swimming after school. 4 b Hamburgers don’t come from India. (They were invented in Germany and perfected in the USA.) c A winner always comes first. d We have breakfast, lunch, then dinner. e Correct. f Curious means that you are eager to learn. g Correct. 5 b 2, curious e 6, sometimes c 4, choice f 1, usually d 5, questionnaire

Unit 3 Page 12 3.1



Page 9 2.3 1 b flute e ruler c notebook f pencil case d markers 2 (sample answers) c I have two notebooks, but Rosa only has one. d I don’t have a pencil sharpener, but Rosa has one. e We both have a Science book. f I have three markers and Rosa has two. 3 b usually d sometimes c often e never 4 (sample answers) b falls asleep in class. c tell me to make my bed. d gets angry. e go to bed early. 5 b play basketball?; he does. c take photographs?; he does. d read?; he does. e study; he doesn’t. 6 a on / in d never / ever b in the / at e in / on c in / on

Page 10 2.4 1 a2 b3 c 6 2 b breakfast c morning d fun 3 Ads will vary.

d4 e7 f (1) e Gordon f practice g tired


Page 11 2.5 1 a Because there is a new blended youth. b Mixed race is going to become the biggest ethnic minority group. c a white person who copies black style. d No, it’s not. e (Students give personal answers.)



b7 f 2 j 6 c 12 g 4 k5 d3 h 10 l 9 e1 i 8 bT c F, He’s wearing sneakers and shorts. dT e F, He isn’t wearing a coat. f F, He isn’t wearing a necklace. gT h F, She’s wearing boots. i T b dancing f swimming c shouting g snowing d studying h chatting e running b Is she singing opera? c We’re not running. d They’re reading. e Are you swimming? f Is it snowing? g I’m not chatting online. h Is he studying German? b Let’s go shopping this afternoon! c Let’s order a pizza! d What about having a barbecue in the yard? 5 Let’s do the English project together! 1 (b) 3c 5a 2e 4d

Page 13 3.2 1 b practicing f playing c cleaning g studying d running h skiing e texting i communicating 2 b1 d6 f7 c 2 e3 g5 3 1 chat 5 easy 2 gorgeous 6 (hot dog) 3 purple 7 envy 4 safe 8 baseball 4 a gorgeous; 3 d whispering; 5 b green, envy; 1 e belt; 2 c cleaning; 4

Page 14 3.3 1 b chatting f studying c swimming g taking d crying h snowing e riding 2 b The woman is talking on the phone. c The boy is riding a bike. d The girl is swimming. e The baby is crying. f The boy is studying. g The man is taking a shower. h It’s snowing. 3 (sample answers) b aren’t studying

c isn’t listening d isn’t taking a shower e isn’t riding her bike. 4 b Let’s eat; I’m sorry, I’m doing c Let’s go; Sorry, I can’t. I’m cleaning d Let’s listen; I’m sorry, I’m listening

Page 15 3.4 1 b c d e


f G gG hJ

i G j G kJ

2 b I am drinking a nice cool cola. c How are you doing all those things? d Are you paying to use the computer in a cybercafé? e You are lying—it’s impossible. f Why don’t you let me in? g I don’t know what you are doing. 3 b before e please c great f Oh, I see. d laugh out loud g tonight

Page 16 3.5 1 b Rolling on the floor laughing my head off. 2 b8 c 7 d4 3 b c d e

at me how face

e3 f 5 g1


f good g know h you i no

j are k you l wait

4 Hello, at the moment my parents are watching. Talk to you later, face to face. Got to go. See you tomorrow, I love you.

Unit 4 Page 17 4.1 1 b was c bought d made e took f sang Picture order:

g h i j

laughed visited had walked

k left l fell m was n was

5, 4, 7, 1, 6, 2, 3

T F, Claire’s mom made some sandwiches. T F, They left at six o’clock. I was at a wax museum. What kind of models were there? There were a lot of famous actors and singers. e Was Elvis in the museum? f Were you in the dungeon? g Yes, I was. The dungeon was scary, but I liked it.

2 b c d e 3 b c d

4 a b c d

danced, arrived, hated played, ordered, started worried, cried, married robbed, shopped, preferred


Page 18 4.2 1 b skipped f studied c ordered g danced d married h chatted e started 2 regular: talked, loved, liked, showed irregular: left, went, made, fell, lit 3 b2 d5 f6 c 1 e4 4 b bought h spoke c sang i saw d made j fell e lit k took f slept l had g went m left 5 b ordered e bought c walked f invited d showed

Page 19 4.3 1 (sample answers) b Yes, I was./No, I wasn’t. c Yes, I was./No, I wasn’t. d Yes, it was./No, It wasn’t. e Yes, he/she was./No, he/she wasn’t. 2 c Yes, she did. e Yes, she did. d No, she didn’t. f No, she didn’t. (sample answers) Yesterday I drank a can of cola. Yesterday I did my homework. Yesterday I did the ironing. Yesterday I had cabbage for dinner. Yesterday I played computer games. 3 b R – started o R – hated c I – got p I – sang d I – had q R – wanted e R – visited r I – swam f R – appeared s R – laughed g I – went t I – left h I – spoke u I – bought i R – talked v R – danced j I – saw wI – slept k R – needed x I – did l I – lit y R – ordered m I – fell z I – made n I – took 4 b 1945 e 1958 c 1879 f 1789 d 1913 5 b Anne Frank died in 1945. c Edison invented the electric lightbulb in 1879. d Paramount Studios opened in Hollywood in 1913. e Michael Jackson was born in 1958. f George Washington became president of the USA in 1789.

Page 20 4.4 1 a5 b 2/3


d6 e 3/2


2 a2 b4 c3 3 Warwickshire, England; Evans; She had two brothers and two sisters. She was the youngest; Writer; She used a man’s name. She was one of the best writers of all time.

Page 21 4.5 and e and i And and f and j and But g But k and and h and T F; Many celebrities live there. F; Notting Hill is an excellent but expensive place to live. e F; Slavery was already abolished so they weren’t slaves. f F; The first Carnival celebrations in Europe were in big halls. g Rhaune Laslett was a social worker. hT i T j T 3 (sample answer) Yes, I would like to go to the Notting Hill Carnival. Yes, in my town we celebrate Carnival, but it isn’t as spectacular as Notting Hill. Lots of people dress up in typical costumes and parade down the streets with music. People from all over come to watch.

1 a b c d 2 b c d

Page 22 5.1 1 a didn’t b Did 2 b No, she didn’t. d Yes, she did. c Yes, he did. e No, we didn’t. 3 b didn’t go d didn’t hate c didn’t speak e didn’t have 4 b What did you have for breakfast this morning? c Who did they meet last week? d What did she read about? e What did your sister do last night? f Where did the train go? 5 bb de fa c c ed What was it about? Who was in the movie? Where did you see it? Did you like it? Why did you like it?

1 b c 2 b c d e f 3 a b

5 d4 f6 3 e2 Did he feed; Yes, he did./No, he didn’t. Did he play the sax; Yes, he did./ No, he didn’t. Did he set the table?; Yes, he did./ No, he didn’t. Did he go to school?; Yes, he did./ No, he didn’t. Did he do his Math homework?; Yes, he did./No, he didn’t. 4 c 2 e5 3 d (1)

Page 25 5.4 1 b Cliffhanger c Hidden Dragon d Any Given Sunday 2 b Any Given Sunday c Hidden Dragon d Point Break 3 bF cT


1911; 1911 250; 800 150 million; 2 million 25 million; 800 thousand 1; 10 action, romance, comedy, science fiction, horror, drama, adventure, animation; masala h two hours; three to four hours i Yes; Yes j No; Yes k No; Yes l Yes; Yes m Yes; No n Yes; Yes o Yes; No 2 Students tell each other what they remember. 1 a c d e f g

Unit 6 Page 27 6.1

Page 23 5.2 1 1 science fiction 2 comedy 3 detective 4 horror 2 a release b episode c Oscar

Page 24 5.3

Page 26 5.5

Unit 5

6 b c d e f

3 dancer, (scientist), doctor, singer, director, actor, pianist, painter 4 b actor d dancer c singer e director 5 b separate f album c get engaged g boring d hit h exciting e poetry

5 romance 6 action 7 cartoon d villain e director f star

1 a was b were 2 b Janet wasn’t walking down the street. c Jude wasn’t watching TV. d They weren’t laughing at my story. e Michelle and I weren’t playing chess. 3 b was cooking at half past two. c were shopping at half past ten. d was drinking milk at four o’clock.

Was; reading; No, she wasn’t. Were; buying; Yes, they were. Was; sleeping; No, it wasn’t. was listening, 3 weren’t watching, 1 were drawing, 2 wasn’t raining, 4 Was your teacher wearing a skirt yesterday? c Were you watching TV last night at eleven o’clock? d Was it raining at eight o’clock? e Were you playing soccer yesterday at eight o’clock?

4 b c d 5 b c d e 6 b

Page 28 6.2 1 a jumping, playing, crying b sunbathing, dancing, making, chasing c sitting, swimming, running, clapping 2 b climbed c crying d fought e laughed f ran g swinging h washing i waving j wrote 3 b3 d1 c 5 e2 4 b violin g autograph c crying h sat d walking i wrote e chasing j laughing f waving k doorman 5 b autographs g play the violin c mask h wash your hair d scene i Wave your hands e driver j sunbathe f bank robbery

Page 29 6.3 1 b were climbing e was waiting c was swinging f was watching d was walking 2 (sample answers) b On Friday evening, Jake was sitting on a sofa. c On Friday evening, Jake was reading a book. d On Friday evening, Maria and Sophie were calling a friend. e On Friday evening, Maria and Sophie were shopping. 3 b Jake wasn’t shopping. c Carla wasn’t reading a book. d Maria and Sophie weren’t sitting on a sofa. e Maria and Sophie weren’t playing tennis. 4 b were working; started c was talking; started d were waiting; arrived

5 b What were you doing c Who was directing d Which movie studio were you working 6 1b 2d 3a 4c

Page 30 6.4 2 d6 f5 1 e3 T T F, Larry was nervous. F, He brought a gun to pop the ballons. f T gT h F, They were waiting for him and led him away.

1 b c 2 b c d e

Page 31 6.5 1 a b 2 a b c d

6 2 fought bit ate drowned

c (1) d4 e Mayor f scarf g pipe h cave

e5 f3

Unit 7 Page 32 7.1 1 (sample answers) b will d will c won’t 2 b Will robots work in offices? c Will robots replace humans? d Will robots cook our food? 3 (sample answers) b will e will c won’t f won’t d will 4 (sample answers) b Yes, I think I will./No, I don’t think I will. c Yes, I think I will./No, I don’t think I will. d Yes, I think I will./No, I don’t think I will. e Yes, I think I will./No, I don’t think I will. f Yes, I think they will./No, I don’t think they will.

3 b c d 4 b c d 5 b c d e f g

lakes floating cities 2 3 1 Scientists housework robots leisure books e-books

e entertainment f digital e2 f 1 h work i offices j Factories k pollution l healthier

Page 34 7.3 1 b c d e f

will won’t will won’t will

2 b Will my parents buy me a car?; won’t. c Will I marry a handsome man?; won’t. d Will I be rich and famous?; won’t. e Will I buy my own house?; will. f Will my sister live with me?; will 3 (sample answers) b I think my family will buy a new car. I don’t think my family will go on vacation this summer. c I think I will get a better job next year. I don’t think I will get a better salary. d I think I will travel to Africa soon. I don’t think I will travel by boat. 4 b traveling; travel d I; I’ll c to e won; win 5b T g B c H h H d T i T e H j T f H

Page 35 7.4 1 b c 2 b c d

5 d3 f2 1 e6 Yes, they will. e Yes, there will. Yes, it will. f No, there won’t. No, they won’t. g Yes, we will.

5 b ’ll go e won’t get c won’t become f ’ll marry d ’ll be g ’ll have

3 (sample answers) a won’t e will b will f will c will g will d will h won’t

Page 33 7.2

Page 36 7.5

1 b traveled c work d library

e inhabitants f homework

2 b epidemic e Scientists c predictions f fridge d planet g replace

1 (Student’s answers will vary) 2 (Without) plants there would be no oxygen for us to breathe and (so) no life on (Earth). 3 a It’s a giant interactive park. b It’s located in Cornwall, in the Southwest of England.


c No, it’s a park that combines science, technology and art. d You can find around five thousand species there. e It’s a greenhouse. f It’s a strong, recyclable material that is transparent to UV light and not degraded by sunlight. g Yes. Last year it had two million visitors. h They usually stay about four hours. i Yes, I would. / No, I wouldn’t.

Unit 8 Page 37 8.1 1 b c d e

earache stomachache. twisted ankle sore throat

2 b feeling c wrong d twisted, sore, fell

f bad back g cough h broken leg e pale f dizzy g lie down

3 b4 c 6

d2 e1

4 b feel c sore d bleeding

e twisted f lie

5 a b c d e

happened park hit fell off stopped


f called g arrived h took i broken j hurts

an earache stomachache a twisted ankle a cut on my knee a broken arm a sore throat e archery f injury g equipment

5 helmet 6 racket 7 boots

5 b racket c gloves

d sunscreen e goggles

play go play do do

3 b5 c 1


e shouldn’t f eight

6 7 7 8 9

panda down mouse across monkey stork polar bear

5 a stronger, shorter, weaker, faster b prettier, noisier, dirtier, funnier c thinner, sadder, fatter, hotter

Page 44 9.3 1 b c d e f

fast tall big, small short strong

2 b er c ier d er

e ier f ier g ier

h ger

A monkey is smaller than a gorilla. A whale is bigger than a shark. A snake is slower than a cheetah. A rat is bigger than a mouse. An elephant is heavier than a polar bear.

4 b c d e f

Bears played worse than Eagles. Bears played worse than Lions. Eagles played better than Bears. Lions played better than Bears. Lions played worse than Eagles.

Unit 9

5 b4 c 1

2 b c d 3 b



Can e Can Could f Could Can Could you help me with my homework? Can you feed the dog? Could you lend me your dictionary? Can you go out and water the yard? 5 d4 2 e3 Can you show me your answers? Could you explain the homework again? Could you take me to the movies? Could you tell me the time?

1 c colder d noisier e stronger

d3 e2

6 (sample answers) b A hamster is smaller than a whale. c An elephant is heavier than a cheetah. d A scorpion is smaller than a dog.

Page 45 9.4 1 a8 b4 c 6

d3 e7 f 5

g2 h1

2 d 3 (sample answers) I would like to be a dog because a dog is intelligent and strong. Some dogs are beautiful and most are friendly too.

Page 46 9.5 1 a 2, b 1, c 5, d 6, e 3, f 4

Page 43 9.2 f4

4 1 whale 2 giraffe 3 zebra 4 lion 5 cheetah

f elephant g gorilla h zebra

3 b c d e f

c d

g go h go i go j play

polar bear shark jaguar lizard

1 b5 e6 h 10 c 1 f 9 i 4 d7 g2 j 8 2 c small g strong d low h cheap e full i less f without 3 (sample answer) a I should drink water instead of cola. b My friend should have breakfast every day.

4 b c 5 a b

d2 e5

d3 e2

3 b c d e

1 b6 d5 f2 c 4 e3 2 2nd fencing 3 rd table tennis/ping pong 4th baseball 5 th mountain biking 6th taekwondo 3 bT c T d F; Baseball was first officially included in the 1992 Games in Barcelona. e F; It was first included as an Olympic sport in Seoul. f F; Today, there are more than forty different events.

c d e

Page 39 8.3 2 b c d e f

2 adjectives: tall, ugly, weak, quiet comparatives: noisier, prettier, wetter, dirtier, smaller

Page 40 8.4

1 bT

4 1 sunscreen 2 goggles 3 kneepads 4 gloves

1 b1 c 4

d 4; shouldn’t e 2; shouldn’t e twisted f move

Page 42 9.1

2 b 5, c 2, d 3, e 1 3 b football c bungee jumping d elbow pads

5; shouldn’t 3; should accident leg hurt a week plenty of fast

Page 41 8.5

Page 38 8.2 1 b c d e f g

4 b c 5 b c d 6 b c d

f quieter g faster h worse

2 Americans: dogs, cats, fish, turtles, birds Japanese: crickets, birds Africans: none Eskimos: bear cubs, baby seals, birds

Chinese: cats Aborigines: dingos 3 (sample answers) a Dogs are very friendly (most of the time). b Dogs love to play with you. c They are faithful and will defend you if necessary.

Page 47 10.1 worried relaxed at all better could, can’t worried could can’t can’t 4

d unhappy d could e can’t, could f could g well h good i at all c1

Page 50 10.4

Page 51 10.5 d2

Page 48 10.2 1 b4 c 7 2 b5 c 1 3 b morning c kite d donation e take a nap f bandaid g relaxed 4 2d 5e 4

doesn’t rain ’m going to go swimming isn’t sunny ’m going to take ’s are going to make

1 a4 c5 e6 b1 d3 f2 2 b3 d1 f4 c 6 e2 3 (sample answers) ... there would be no wars in the future. I wish there would be no more terrorism. ... women and men will be equal at work and at home. I hope domestic violence will stop.

Unit 10 1 b c 2 a b c 3 b c d e 4 b

e f g h i j

d5 e2 d6 e7

f 1 g6 f 3 g2

1 Students mark a or b. 2 a1 b2 3 a5 c1 e6 b2 d3 f4 4 Students say the superstitions they remember. 5 Students answer each other.

Unit 11 Page 52 11.1 a



5 crowds, angry, worried, voyage, future, dreams, meaning

Page 49 10.3 1 b Is he going to study French? c Are they going to stop smoking? d Is she going to blow out all the candles on her birthday cake? e Is Jim going to go to bed at three? 2 (sample answers) b No, he’s going to study German. c Yes, they’re going to stop because they’ll be healthier. d No, she’s not going to blow out all the candles. There are too many. e No, he’s going to get up early to exercise. 3 b If a black cat crosses your path you will be unlucky. c If you find a wishbone in your chicken you will get your wish. 4 b open; will have c studies; will pass d stand on your head; will feel e eats; will have 5 b won’t have to c are you going to do d rains

1 b makes d makes c made; making e did 2 b5 d1 c 3 e4 3 b Great, let’s start now! c It’s a good idea but I don’t have any money! d Yes, I’m really hungry! e What a good idea! 4 b Don’t f think c pants g boring d agree h True e uniforms i agree 5 b doing e would like c don’t think f Why don’t we d don’t we

2 1 blues 2 folk 3 soul 4 remix 3 a4 b5 d2 4 b popular c enjoyable d addictive 5 b popular c interesting d popular

5 heavy metal 5 salsa 6 Latin 7 house e7 h 6 f 3 g8 e interesting f traditional g commercial e enjoyable f addictive g traditional

Page 54 11.3 1 b country and western g jazz c classical h folk d reggae i heavy metal e soul j blues f house 2 b electric guitar e saxophone c keyboard f trumpet d recorder g violin 3 (sample answers) b opera e Juanes c jazz f Aerosmith d the violin g salsa 4 b more commercial c more popular d more interesting e more sophisticated f more talented g better 5 (Students’ answers may vary) b Classical is more traditional than techno. c The saxophone is more difficult to play than the trumpet. d The piano is more enjoyable to listen to than the electronic keyboard. e Jazz is more old-fashioned than house.

Page 55 11.4 1 b5 c 4 2 2e 3f

d1 e2 4d 5c


Page 53 11.2

Page 56 11.5

1 soul, country, salsa, classical, rock and roll, pop, western, jazz

1 Students say words in gray in their language. 2 Hip hop ... 1990s. Hip hop ... young people’s demands for democracy, justice and equality. ... words hip hop refers to a way of life - but the music is called rap. 3 a Jazz is older than hip hop. Jazz started in the 1920s. Hip hop started later. b Both have black roots in the USA. Neither music is about money but about everyday life. Both have


strong rhythm and involve improvisation. They are both popular, profitable and international, means of communication, cultural phenomena and lifestyles.

Unit 12 Page 57 12.1 1 b c d 2 b c d e f 3 b c 4 b c d 5 b c d e

mustn’t - 3 must - 4 mustn’t - 1 Can I hand in my homework / hand my homework in on Monday? Can I listen to my CD? Can we go to the movies tonight? Can I have some cola? Can I borrow your key? a de fb c ef mustn’t run e must write mustn’t chew f must hand in must be Can I use a calculator? Can I use a dictionary? Could I borrow a pen? Could I leave class early to go to the dentist’s?

Page 58 12.2 1 b5 c 7 d8

e 2/6 f 6/2 g1


soap. The others are all food. plastic. The others are all food. bar. The others are all food. chewing gum. The others are all containers. f sandwich. The others are all liquids.

2 b c d e

3 1 bin 2 waste 3 facilities 4 park keeper

5 6 7 8

bandstand wrapper quiet litter

e2 f 1 g1


Page 59 12.3 1 b c d e f g h

a a a a a a a

bag of potato chips 1 bag of potatoes 8 carton of juice 4 jar of onions 3 box of cereal 5 kilo of tomatoes 2 bar of chocolate 7

2 (Some sample answers) b How many vegetables do you eat


Page 60 12.4 1 b c 2 b c d 3 a b c

3 2 eventually journey escape 8 9 6

d7 f6 e5 g1 e immediately f mess up d2 f 5 g3

h4 i 7

Page 61 12.5 1 Students say rules they know. 2 b6 e5 h1 c 9 f 3 i 7 d4 g2 3 a report 10 d smoke 15 b stay 11 e take 12 c read 13 f make 14 4 Students write what they remember.

Unit 13 Page 62 13.1

4 a bottle, box, can, carton, jar, package, wrapper b chewing gum, chocolate, potato chips, honey, sugar c bread, cheese, ham, onions, tomatoes 5 b1 c 4 d3

every day? I usually eat two or three portions. c Do you exercise? Yes, I exercise five times a week. d How many cans of soft drinks do you drink a day? I usually have one or two cans. e Does your father have sugar in his coffee? No, he doesn’t. 3 a onions, bars of chocolate, cartons of apple juice, bottles of lemonade, potato chips b honey, ham, bread, orange juice, cheese, chocolate 4 a much d a lot of b many e much c many f a lot of

1 b No, I’m not. I’m going swimming. c No, it’s not. I’m having dinner at the Blue Parrot. d Sorry, I have a French exam. e Sorry, I can’t. I’m going to Sally’s party. f I’m free on Sunday evening. 2 b I‘m playing d You’re seeing c We’re having e You’re having 3 b5 d2 c 1 e4 4 b I’ll help. I’m good at making sandwiches. c I’ll make a poster. d I’ll write an invitation on the school web site. e Why don’t we get my brother’s band to play? f I’ll bring some CDs.

Page 63 13.2 1 b5 c 1 d7

e2 f 3

g4 h 6

2 b cooking c gardening d painting e teaching

f hammer g pipe h odd job i repairs

3 b was Monday the 12th c will bw Wednesday the 14th d will be Thursday the 15th e was Sunday the 11th f will be the 19th g was the 9th e, b, a, c, d, f 4 agenda, band, VIPs, songs, prices, publicity, advertise, dates 5 b arrangements c spontaneous d locations e agenda

f choose g dates h publicity

Page 64 13.3 1 b a plumber c an electrician d a builder

e a cook f a carpenter g a painter

2 b ’s going to fall c ’s going to arrive d ’s going to use 3 b ’s going to c ’re going to

d ’re going to e ’s going to

4 a8 b3 c 2

d7 e4 f 1

5 b2 d3

e5 g4

g6 h5 h 1

Page 65 13.4 1 b c d e f

Shannon the Hebrides the Thames the English Channel Finisterre

2 b c d e f

the English Channel the Thames the Hebrides Shannon Viking

3 bT c T

dF eT


4 (sample answers) ... go by boat around the British Isles. First, I’m going to the Irish Sea. Then I’m going to the Atlantic. Next I’m going to the Hebrides. In the end I’ll go in the English Channel. ... go around the British Isles by boat. We’ll start in the English Channel. Then we’ll go to Finisterre. Next we’ll go in the Atlantic and up to the Hebrides. In the end we’ll stop at the Thames.

Page 66 13.5 1 b2 c 1

d4 e5

Students say which one they like best.

and fell off his bike. In the end they talked while they were waiting for an ambulance.

Page 68 14.2 1 b c d 2 b c d 3 a b c 4 b c d

critic e atmosphere effects f reaction rise more vulgar e more sophisticated smarter f better more intelligent 5 d2 h6 8 e3 4 g7 illuminated e stardom bopping f successful commercial g authentic

Unit 14

Page 69 14.3

Page 67 14.1

1 a fantastic, exciting, intelligent, interesting, sophisticated, spectacular b disappointing, vulgar

1 b slept f barked c swam g fell d took h gave e tied 2 b cost g played c were h was d met i sang e got j knew f was 3 b when d when c while e while 4 b running d stopped c was bicycling e were waiting 5 Then the boy ran in the road after his ball. Next Shelly ran after the boy. After that a bicyclist stopped suddenly

2 b c d e 3 b c d e

more spectacular smarter more sophisticated more vulgar ’ll receive f more interesting get g go will have h will know ’ll play

4 a will see b cancel, will get c like, will like d rains, will sit e doesn’t hurry, will miss 5 b She has a more sophisticated voice

than Alicia Keys. c If he barks, tie him with his lead. d If you do not like techno, you will hate this CD. e If they buy tickets, they will get a free T-shirt.

Page 70 14.4 5 c3 e4 2 d6 in Coyoacan, Mexico She went to (Mexico’s prestigious) National Preparatory School. c She had more than thirty operations. d They lived in San Francisco. e They got married twice. f Her ill health stopped her from teaching. g She only had one exhibition in Mexico during her lifetime. h She was forty-seven.

1 a b 2 a b

Page 71 14.5 1 Answers will vary. 2 a It developed in the United States. b It began in Nashville, Tennessee. c It became known as Music City USA. d Alabama. e He successfully attracted young people back to country music with his ballads. f It holds a week-long music festival. g They can meet their favorite artists for autographs and photos and enjoy live performances. h Over 145,000.

Song worksheets Unit 3

Unit 8

Unit 12

Page 80

Page 83

Page 86

play, town, usually, sitting, I’m, smile, see, laugh, am, cool, telephone

Unit 5 Page 81 beach, sand, astronauts, Aliens, teeth, Dracula, cake, cat, fast, house

Unit 6 Page 82 6,1,5,2,4,3,8,7

computer, e-mail, Digital, Technology’s, tonight, webcam, song, Technology’s, tonight

Unit 9 Page 84


Unit 14 Page 87 guitar, music, played, famous, photos, singer, throw, paparazzi

2,1,3,4; 2,1,4,3; 4,2,1,3; 3,2,1,4; 2,1,4,3; 3,2,4,1; 1,3,4,2

Unit 11 Page 85 forest-drying, the planet-dying, people-lying, children-crying, a worldthat’s free


Waiting Unit 3 Waiting 1

Write the correct words in the blanks.

telephone cool




sitting smile

laugh town

play see

Saturday afternoon I ____________ football, Or go with my friends to the mall. We walk around, See the ____________. That’s what we ____________ do.

But I’m not playing football today. I’m not at the mall with my friends. I’m ____________ alone, Here at home. And ____________ waiting for your call.

I’m thinking about the way you ____________. Remembering your eyes so fine. I can ____________ your face, And hear you ____________. You’re always on my mind.

Why oh why ____________ I feeling this way? Why don’t I do something about it? It’s not so ____________. I’m such a fool. Why doesn’t the ____________ ring?


Listen and check.


Sing the song.

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


The Movies Unit 5 The Movies Charlie threw a big cream _____, 1

Fill in the missing words.

And hit Willy in the face. Willy jumped back.

beach teeth





Aliens fast


Stepped on a _____.


And fell in a very sore place.

Julia was sitting on the ______,

Oh the movies…

Looking at the birds. She touched the _____.

Rocky was driving very _____,

Rob took her hand.

Joey was as scared as a mouse.

“I love you” were his words.

A police car appeared, To the right Rocky steered,

Oh the movies, the wonderful movies,

And crashed right into a _____.

They take me far away. I dream and dream,

Oh the movies …

And to me it seems, That I’m me up there on the screen.


Four _____ got out of their ship,


Listen and check.

Sing the song.

The moon in the sky was green. _____ attacked, Laser guns cracked, An astronaut started to scream.

Oh the movies…

A man was standing at the castle door, I didn’t see him clear. But then he said, with his _____ so red, “They call me _____ here.”

Oh the movies…

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


A Tragic Story Unit 6 A Tragic Story 1

Put the lines in the verses in the correct order.


Listen and check.

Of something that happened to me. ____


Sing the song.

I want to tell you the tragic story, ____ So pay attention there you all, ____ A lesson let this be. ____

She likes an adventure or two. ____ My girlfriend is a sporty type, ____ “A parachute jump? With who?” ____ “Let’s take a parachute jump,” she said. ____

And the airport’s not too far.” ____ “Now get into the car. ____ “With you my dear,” she said to me. ____ You’ll love it when you try it, ____

The engines started, the plane took off, ____ I was trembling all the time. ____ We picked up our equipment, ____ And then it started to climb. ____

And then they opened the door. ____ “Hey, we’re awful high,” I said. ____ You’ll soon be back for more.” ____ “Jump out!” They said. “You’ll love it!” ____

I landed badly in a cactus plant, ____ I just fell out of the plane. ____ And I felt a terrible pain. ____ In the end I didn’t really jump. ____

They put me in an ambulance, ____ They put me in the hospital, ____ And that’s where I am today. ____ And the ambulance drove away. ____

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


Digital Love Unit 8 Digital Love 1

Complete the blanks with words from the box.

computer webcam

e-mail song

Digital tonight (x2)

Technology’s (x2)

Turn on your __________! Get onto the net! Write me an __________! Please don’t forget!

Send me a photo. __________ is best. Think of me often. I just can’t rest.

I’m missing you terribly. __________ all right, But to hold you in my arms, Is what I want __________.

Buy me a __________ And I’ll read you a poem And sing you a love __________, That’ll bring you back home.

I’m missing you terribly. __________ all right, But to hold you in my arms, Is what I want __________.


Listen and check.


Sing the song.

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


Welcome to my Party Unit 9 Welcome to My Party 1

He’s faster than a cheetah, __

Number the verses in the correct order.

More aggressive than a bear. And this is Doris, my tarantula, __

So don’t touch that.

She’s real cute, a very good pal.

That’s Tiger the cat.

She’s a bit poisonous, but apart from that, She’s quieter than a butterfly,

What’s wrong? You’re leaving you say? __

Not dangerous at all.

But why? It’s not late…

Hey, Doris, where are you going?

Didn’t you like the music?

Doris? Come back here…

Was the food not good? What’s the problem with my party?

Hey, welcome to my party. __

Well come again, some other time,

Come on in!

Bye for now, see you around.

Go straight ahead, Doris? Doris! __

And join right in.

Sorry about that. She didn’t bite you, did she? So go on, give him a mouse or two. __

No? Good, I’m glad…

But be careful now, careful of your hand,

Doris, that was very bad!

He’s a big bad python, My snake Sam.


Listen again and check.

But be careful now, you mustn’t touch that, __


Sing the song.

That’s big Tiger, Tiger the cat. He doesn’t like visitors. He’s real bad, Don’t go too close, He gets real mad.

What’s the problem now? __ Oh yeah, I forgot, To tell you about Sam. Yeah, Sam’s a snake, a python to be exact. No, he doesn’t eat people, well not usually, Only when he’s really, really hungry! He’s strong you know, stronger than you.

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


School Days Unit 11 School Days 1

Match the words.

But they’re wrong. We’re going to show them that they’re wrong.



We’re going to stand and fight.

the planet


We’re going to do what’s right,


that’s free

We’re going to make this world a better place.



a world


They think that we don’t dream, Of a world that’s green,


Listen and check.

A world that’s free, free of poverty. They think that we don’t dream.

They say the kids don’t care, That we only want to play and wear,

But they’re wrong,

Levis, Reebok, Adidas, Nike.

We’re going to show them that they’re wrong.

They say the kids don’t care.

We’re going to stand and fight, We’re going to do what’s right,

But they’re wrong,

We’re going to make this world a better place.

We’re going to show them that they’re wrong. We’re going to stand and fight,


Sing the song.

We’re going to do what’s right, We’re going to make this world a better place.

They think that we’re too young, To know what they’ve done. Forests drying, the planet dying, They think that we’re too young.

But they’re wrong. We’re going to show them that they’re wrong. We’re going to stand and fight, We’re going to do what’s right, We’re going to make this world a better place.

They think that we don’t see, All the cruelty. People lying, children crying, They think that we don’t see.

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At Camp Unit 12 At Camp 1

Number the verses in the correct order.

So Mom and Dad, would you please come here, And take me home with you. I want to see my room again, And my dog and my sister, Sue. _____

Hi Mom, hi Dad, I hope you’re well, Here I am at camp, Writing to you from a very cold bed, By the light of an old oil lamp. _____

We don’t have to wash our clothes, it’s true, Or anything like that. But we have to run ten miles a day— I’m certainly not getting fat. _____

The food is really awful, But we have to eat it all. And if we say that we don’t like it, We have to stand and face the wall. _____

We have to get up at five each day, A cold-water shower is next. But we mustn’t arrive late for breakfast, Or the counselor gets terribly vexed. _____

Please! Please! Get me out of here! Please!


Listen and check.


Sing the song.

D.R. © Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V., 2006 PHOTOCOPIABLE


The Howlers Unit 14

The Howlers 1

Fill in the blanks with words from the box.

throw guitar music famous





I play _______ in a rock band, The Howlers is our name. We like our _______ loud and fast. Having a good time is our game.

Now, we’ve never been to Nashville, We’ve never _______ on MTV. And when we give a concert, Not many people come to see.

We aren’t as _______ as Elvis, We’ve never ridden in a limousine. We’ve never had our _______, On the cover of a magazine.

Our guitars aren’t very fancy, Our _______ isn’t Beyoncé. When we played in San Francisco, They tried to _______ us in the Bay.

But we don’t want to be famous, It’s just not worth the pain–– Always chased by _______, Screaming out your name.


Listen and check.


Sing the song.




Each Unit of Can Do comes with five photocopiable worksheets designed to review the most important grammatical points, providing teachers and students in mixed-ability classrooms with valuable remedial work as well as material for fast finishers. Also included are eight song worksheets. Worksheet 1 Additional remedial work designed to review the most important language points covered in the first two pages of each unit in the Student’s Book. Worksheet 2 Extension worksheets to increase vocabulary requiring some creativity and mental manipulation of the language forms. Worksheet 3 Additional remedial work designed to review the most important language points covered in the first two pages of each unit in the Student’s Book. Worksheet 4 Extension worksheets to expand on reading and writing skills. Worksheet 5 Additional worksheets to discover the culture of Englishspeaking countries. Song worksheets Additional worksheets to be used with Can Do songs.

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