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With the rapid expansion in Wi-Fi and Hotspots in the market today, the business opportunities are virtually endless. From home users, small to medium businesses, to enterprise customers. We have the solutions that fits in this wide scope of customers


Wi-Fi and Hotspot Largest commercial opportunity of our time By 2018 there will be one hotspot for every 20 people on earth

Wi-Fi Tech is evolving – has your router? The days of noisy dial-up connections and web browsers that came on CD-ROMs may be over, but if your home has an outdated router, you’re still living in the past. Homes today have an average of 8 devices connected to the Internet, and 84% of users stream videos and music, or play games online – all at the same time. However, a majority of homes still use old wireless router technology.



802.11ac breaks the gigabit per second barrier

802.11g lets consumers stream music at 54Mbps



1999 802.11b released, featuring wireless speeds of 11Mbps


2009 802.11n boosts range and throughput for video streaming


2015 Next-Gen AC introduced


At rush hour, the home Wi-Fi is clogged Currently more than 100 million households worldwide stream video from the internet to their televisions. However, most wireless routers use their bandwidth inefficiently, which leads to lag and buffering





Incredible Wi-Fi Tech Statistics Sourced from www.huffingtonpost.com, 50 Incredible Wi-Fi Tech Statistics that Businesses must know. Wi-Fi has become the medium of choice. 2 out of 3 consumers prefer Wi-Fi to cellular



71% of all mobile communications flows over Wi-Fi.


90% of people have a mobile device in reach 100% of the time


By 2017, 60% of carrier network traffic will be offloaded to Wi-Fi.

Currently, 46% of global mobile data traffic is offloaded onto Wi-Fi


Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot As with any industry, and especially so with Wi-Fi and Hotspot, there are jargon terms that can be confusing.

802.11 Wireless Standards IEEE STANDARD
















2.4 and 5GHz


Max Data Rate






Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot

Transmitter • MIMO – Multiple Input Multiple Output • Uses multiple antennas • By using reflected signals and previous interference paths • Provides spectral efficiency and increased link capacity


Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot

• MU-MIMO – Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output: • In a system that uses MU-MIMO, a router can direct separate streams of bandwidth to up to four different devices simultaneously, as long as the devices are also set up to use MU-MIMO. In effect, each device functions as though it had its own dedicated router. The router does not juggle devices as they need bandwidth; each one gets a steady stream according to its needs. (If there are more than four devices, however, at least two will have to share a stream.)

Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot



• Dual Band: • 2 frequency bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz • 5GHz limits range • 2.4GHz better range, but higher interference • 802.11ac allows for band steering – using the 5GHz whenever possible.

Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot • Channels: • In the 2.4GHz there are only 3 available channels that do not overlap • In the 5GHz, none of the channels overlap

Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot

Access Point DSL/Fibre

• Router: • Accepts multiple internal connections • Wired and wireless • Allows for use of same external IP Address • Access Points: • Connect to router • Extends Wi-Fi network • Can be connected hard wired or wireless

Router Access Point

Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot

• Hotspot: • Physical location that offers wireless internet access • Usually found in coffee shops and various other public establishments in dense urban areas

Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot

• WDS: • Wireless distribution system • Enables the wireless interconnection of access points in an IEEE 802.11 network • Allows for network expansion using multiple access points without traditional wired connections

Speaking WiFi and Hotspot

• MESH: • Access points, whether hard wired to the Internet or simply on power, will create an interlaced Wi-Fi network by self-forming, self healing mesh – no pre-configuration required

Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot

• Walled Garden: • Controls the information and website that the user is able to access • Limits access to certain websites only, i.e. no video streaming website access (bandwidth intense) • To access alternative sites a username/password is required

Speaking Wi-Fi and Hotspot

• Captive Portal • A special web page shown before using the Internet or a login page • Users are redirected to this splash page when connecting to a Wi-Fi network which may require authentication, payment or accepting the usage policy

Home User Solutions For reasons unknown, maybe physics, global warming or simple science, your current routers reach may be terrible in your house, there may even exist Wi-Fi dead zones. What could be the cause and how do you fix it?

Home construction and other obstructions. The way your home is built has likely the most direct impact on how far Wi-Fi can penetrate the house. The vast majority of homes were built before the concept of cell-phones, 3G service and Wi-Fi. Steel structures, concrete, etc. can all make an impact on your Wi-Fi coverage

Home User Solutions Interference from neighbours and other gadgets: most home users buy just a few varieties of routers made for the residential market. Most users also never tweak their settings, and most routers default to the same channel. If you see a good number of Wi-Fi names available from your laptop, or you suspect you might have bad luck in your neighbour’s placement, its time to switch channels.

Home User Solutions Poor Placement: Poor placement of your Wi-Fi router will also have an impact on the coverage area of your Wi-Fi Network. Luckily, there is a simple guide to follow when placing your Router, namely VOICE

• Ensure that your router has it’s antenna pointing in a vertical fashion • Is free from obstructions, so that it is not right next to a thick wall, close to other electronics etc. • Is away from, and working on a different channel from interference neighbours • Has a central position in your house, so its coverage is a even and wide ranging as possible • Is elevated, because Wi-Fi signal has an easier time travelling down and sideways than up.

Home User Solutions Incoming Internet Connection Fibre




• When deciding on a suitable router, ask the following questions: • How many users will connect to the wireless network? • What will it be used for? For example online gaming, streaming etc. • What type and number of devices will be used? • What is the size of the coverage area (home size) • What is the customer’s available budget?

Home User Solutions So let’s start off small. A small home, with a limited amount of users and devices that will connect to the network. Two to three users with a maximum number of 5 devices connecting. The Internet access will be used for browsing and video streaming.

• Edimax Home Router: • 802.11n speeds up to 300Mbps with MIMO • Great of online gaming, Internet and video streaming • Dual Internet connection • Includes a setup wizard and easy one click Wi-Fi protected Setup

Home User Solutions Expand the home to a double story, with multiple users and multiple Internet requirements. This home likes to entertain guests and also requires a guest network and access to be available throughout the entire property.

• Edimax 802.11ac Router • 802.11ac speeds up to 750Mbps with MIMO • Great of online gaming, Internet and video streaming • Separate guest network for secure guest Wi-Fi access • Dual Internet connection • Includes a setup wizard and easy one click Wi-Fi protected Setup

Home User Solutions

• Edimax Desktop Switch: • Less power consumption for inactive devices • Gigabit speeds • Improved network performance – jumbo frames • Auto negotiation – full/half duplex • Ease of use – plug and play

Home User Solutions

• Edimax 11AC Add-on station Access Point • Easily add one more 5GHz Wi-Fi network into your current Wi-Fi environment • Complies with wireless IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac standards with speed up to 433Mbps • Enhanced wireless coverage with 5dBi high gain antenna • Ease of use - Plug and Play

Home User Solutions

• Edimax Concurrent Dual-Band Universal Wi-Fi Extender: • Extend dual-band Wi-Fi coverage • Simultaneous dual-band speed up to 300Mbps (2.4GHz + 5GHz) • Energy saving with a compact slim wall plug design • Ease of use – plug and play

SOHO Solutions Small Office/Home office, refers to the category of business that involves from 1 to 10 workers, which has it’s own unique requirements for Wi-Fi in terms of day to day business operations.

• When deciding on a suitable Wi-Fi Solution, ask the following questions: • How many users will access the Wi-Fi network? • What type of traffic will they generate? • What is the coverage area required, or the size of the office (how many walls in the interior layout of the office? • Do you want to offer a Hotspot or guest access to your clients or visitors?

SOHO Solutions

• Edimax Pro PoE+ Switch: • IEEE 802.3af/at PoE complaint • PoE for easy installation and better cost efficiency • Power-budget user interface for PoE Device Management • Smart Tools for Improved Network Efficiency

SOHO Solutions • Managing your Wi-Fi • Up to this stage there has not been any management over your Wi-Fi. • The Edimax Pro access point can be set up as a Master Access Point or controller • Which allows you to monitor and configure all other Access Points connected to your Wi-Fi network.

SOHO Solutions

• Edimax Pro Dual-band wall mount PoE access point – Master Access Point • 802.11 ac dual-band high speed • Easy installation • Multiple SSIDs for security management • Fast roaming wide coverage • PoE • Built-in Radius server

SOHO Solutions

• Edimax Pro Ceiling Mount access point • Affordable, entry level wireless access point designed for small-to-medium sized businesses • Easy installation • Compact and durable • Multiple SSIDs • Fast roaming • Wide coverage area • Built-in RADIUS Server • Central Management

SOHO Solutions Internet

PoE Switch


Slave AP1

Slave AP2

What is Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi? Currently there is a major shift to move away from hardware and even software controller to cloud-based controller.

• Embeds both wireless controller and management software in the cloud • Typically, with Cloud-management solution no user traffic is passed through the cloud • If connection is lost to the cloud – the WLAN still remains active • Administrators can access the dashboard through a web-based GUI

What is Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi? • Some cloud-based WLAN are sold as subscription based service • This offloads the capital and potential operational expenses of the conventional WLAN such as: • Deploying • Securing • Updating • Back up • Power and cooling • Compatible APs and other network devices are purchased separately, and deployed and maintained on site. • Cloud Wi-Fi relieves the burden of maintenance

Cloud-based WLAN: What’s the draw? In a poll from 89 IT pros investing in a cloud-managed wireless LAN (WLAN). Sourced from TechTarget

62% 53% Ability to remotely manage WLAN

Improves scalability for more devices

46% 44% Activates new management features quickly

Helps with mobile device management

27% Eliminates WLAN controllers

27% Shifts from capital to operational expenses

Do cloud-managed networks perform better? In an October 2013 survey, researchers asked network administrators who use cloud-based network management tools – and those who don’t – to rate their network performance. Source: Network management takes to the cloud, Aberdeen group, January 2014





Using cloudbased management Optimal

73% 14% 3%

Not using cloudbased management Adequate


Don’t know

SOHO Solutions The same Small Office/Home Office solution, however, being on the move makes monitoring and troubleshooting your network difficult as you are still the IT, Finances, Operations all-inone person. Running your business should be your concern, not running your network.

• When deciding on the management of the Wi-Fi solution, ask the following questions: • Do you have a trained technician on site? • Are you going to manage it yourself? • Do you want to get reports on network usage? • Do you want to be able to monitor your network off-site?

SOHO Solutions

• Xclaim Xi2 Access Point: • Business class Wi-Fi • Enterprise Simplicity • Network management on the CloudManager for Xclaim • 4 SSIDs per Access Point • Bandwidth Throttling • Captive portal

SOHO Solutions

• CloudManager for Xclaim: • Remote management • Bulk registration/ configuration of access points • Can create multiple admin logins • Unlimited AP scalability • 802.1x authentication • Secure guest access • MAC Filtering • Network statistic history • Accessibility from anywhere over Wi-Fi or cellular • Adaptive UI to work with any client (tablet or desktop) • Managed service portal

SOHO Solutions • Harmony APP for iOS and Android: • Automatic AP Discovery • Simple wizard-driven setup • Real-time stats • AP health • iOS [iPhone and iPad] • Android [phone] • 100% FREE!

Large Scale Solution Business Grade Wi-Fi. Sourced from www.cio.com. Setting up a robust Wi-Fi network for your business doesn’t have to be a nervewrecking experience.

• The BYOD (bring-your-own-device) Trend • An increase in number of smartphones and tablets connecting to corporate networks • Puts a strain on existing Wi-Fi networks • Whether overhauling or creating a new Wi-Fi network, there are several important points to consider

Large Scale Solution

• Using Business Grade Access Points • Weighing the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands carefully • Paying attention to the density of your access points • Implement strong management and security mechanisms

Large Scale Solution Neutron Series Distributed Network Management System Wireless management Switch: • Powerful Network Controller • SmartSync Redundancy • Intelligent troubleshooting • Available in 8, 24 and 48 port models • Deliver up to 30 watts per port • SFP slots for longer fibre uplinks

Large Scale Solution Neutron Series Distributed Network Management System Managed Access Points Ideal for versatile indoor and outdoor applications • Designed for large-scale indoor or outdoor use • High data rates • Single band to high performance 3x3 dual and 11ac • Deployed as stand alone device, or managed centrally • Configure Neutron Access Points in clusters with identical settings • Get real-time or historical visibility of traffic • Neutron Series indoor access points offer flexibility of wall or ceiling mount • Outdoor access point features IP68 rated housing

Large Scale Solution Neutron Series Distributed Network Management System ezMaster – Simplified WLAN Management • Whether you want to manage a few or 1000+ Aps and switches on networks in different locations – the EnGenius ezMaster Network management platform makes it easy • Centralized bulk configuration, provisioning and monitoring • Deployed on a local or remote server, or in the cloud, ezMaster lowers total operating costs • Speeds up deployment, configuration and monitoring of an entire network

Billable Hotspot Solutions Brands of Wi-Fi providers allows for creating a billable hotspot solution, allowing you to capitalise on your Wi-Fi network

• Is it possible to capitalize on your hotspot? • Yes, and to do so, you require a captive portal • An example would be Chillispot Captive Portal • Chillispot is an open source captive portal or wireless LAN access point controller • It supports web-based login, which is today’s standard for public hotspots • A RADIUS servers handles AAA – Authentication Authorization and Accounting.

Billable Hotspot Solutions

• To • • • • •

build your own hotspot you require the following: An internet connection Wireless LAN Access Point Chillispot Software on your PC A RADIUS Server A Web Server

Billable Hotspot Solutions • 3rd party Hotspot billing solution: • Alternatively, you might find building your own hotspot too much of a daunting task and you need an existing 3rd party hotspot billing solution you can simply incorporate into your existing infrastructure. • An Example would be Purple Wi-Fi, a third party hotspot billing solution that takes care of the back-end billing solution, where you do not have to get the banks involved with credit card payments.

A True Mesh Network Solution Some providers claim to have a Mesh Solution, but spell it Mess.

• A Mesh network is when your access points, whether hard wired to the Internet or simply on power, will create an interlaced Wi-Fi network by self-forming and self-healing Mesh. • With a mesh network, one major requirement is seamless roaming, this means that when a mobile, Wi-Fi enabled device moves between connecting from one access point to another in a Mesh Wi-Fi network, that the end user will not be affected or does not experience any disruption in service.

System Integration Providing a managed Wi-Fi solution to your customers and providing management and support off-site. • As a system integration provider you want: • Affordable, Modular Wi-Fi Access points • Create powerful managed hotspots • Integrate into an existing 3rd party hotspot billing solution • Access points and enclosures that works seamlessly together • Setup an access point and simply courier to your customer • Powerful Cloud-Managed solution with unlimited number of APs and virtually unlimited number of networks.

Wireless Internet Service Provider • Open-Mesh Dual Band Access Point: • 450Mbps throughput • 3 internal antennas • PoE = 802.3af standard or passive • Can be used with either: • Ceiling mount enclosure • Ethernet wall mount • External enclosure • Up to 30m internal range • Up to 120m outdoor range • Multiple SSIDs

Wireless Internet Service Provider • No on-site controllers • Go mobile with free iOS and Android apps • Great scalability – unlimited Access points and unlimited networks • Know your networks – CloudTrax shows exactly what’s happening on your networks in near real time, so you can manage your users, access points and bandwidth • End network abuse – Open-Mesh allows you to set upload and download throttles on each user, block individual network abusers you notice behaving badly, or white list/black list specific devices to control access • Your network – Your Brand! With the built-in splash page editor, you control the user experience • Up to 4 SSID’s • Monetize your network. With the built-in CloudTrax captive portal, you can authenticate users, set pay-for-use options and collect secure credit card payments through PayPal

Wireless Internet Service Provider A solution that allows you to extend your network reach into the customer’s premises through the use of their Wi-Fi Solution • Cambium Networks – cnPilot – R201P • PoE out – power up the customer’s CPE • Up to 64 Wireless Devices • 802.11ac • 4 LAN ports • 2 ATA phone ports • On-board the cnPilot onto your cnMaestro Cloud-based management account for endto-end troubleshooting of your entire network

Wireless Internet Service Provider • Cambium Networks – cnPilot – E400 • Enterprise grade Wi-Fi Access Point • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2x2 MIMO • Rate limiting per client or per SSID • 16 SSIDs and up to 256 users per AP • Ceiling, wall or desktop mount • 802.3af PoE • Gigabit Port

Wireless Internet Service Provider

• Cambium Networks cnMaestro • A cloud-based, free software, that allows you to monitor, manage and troubleshoot your entire network, from outdoor wireless, all the way into the customer’s premises on the indoor Wi-Fi

Wireless Internet Service Provider




Large Business


Wireless Internet Service Provider RouterOS: • MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of MikroTik RouterBOARD hardware • Can also be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features such as routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, backhaul link, hotspot gateway VPN server and more. • RouterOS is a stand-alone operating system with features such as: • Flexibility in configuration • Firewall • Routing • MPLS or Multiprotocol Label Switching • VPN • Wireless • Hotspot • QoS • Web Proxy and • Tools

Wireless Internet Service Provider MikroTik Hotspot The MikroTik Hotspot Gateway provides authentication for clients before access to public networks: Hotspot Gateway features: • Different authentication methods of clients using local client database on the router, or remote RADIUS server • Users accounting in local database on the router, or on remote RADIUS server • Walled-garden system, access to some web pages without authorization • Login page modification, where you can put information abut the company • Automatic and transparent change any IP address of a client to a valid address

Wireless Internet Service Provider


MikroTik CAPsMAN Features: • Centralized management of RouterOS Access Points • Dual-band access point support • Provisioning of access points • MAC and IP Layer communication with AP • Certificate support for AP communication • Full and local data forwarding mode • RADIUS MAC Authentication • Customer Configuration Support

Wireless Internet Service Provider

• CAPsMAN is an inexpensive solution if you need a single wireless coverage over a wide area. • All points managed by CAPsMAN can be combined into a single network with seamless roaming • One of the main advantages of this controller is the ability to centrally configure and manage access points with a single device, which greatly reduces the workload of the network administrator • With the single configuration of CAPsMAN, seamless Wi-Fi coverage becomes much easier and more accessible.

Wireless Internet Service Provider MikroTik is a powerful routing, wireless and Wi-Fi solution and the operation might seem difficult, however, we have training solutions for MikroTik that turn you from a novice to a MASTER in NO TIME! Introduction to MikroTik RouterOS: • MikroTik RouterOS history and overview • Winbox explained • What is a MAC Address • What is an IP Address • IP Subnets and how MikroTik interprets them • Connecting to your Router and assigning an IP • Finding your way around the GUI • Connecting to the Internet with DHCP Client • NAT – Masquerade • DNS • How to upgrade your Router • User management • NTP time client setup • Router back up • Simple bandwidth management

Wireless Internet Service Provider MikroTik Hotspot Certification • Covers the complete setup of a Hotspot system from start to finish. • Detailed overview of what can be achieved with the Hotspot system • Getting your router ready for a hotspot system • Creation of a basic hotspot with detailed overview of setup process • Standard user login as well as trial login • Creation and manipulation or user profiles for bandwidth limiting • Making use of the hotspot advertisement system • Bypassing the hotspot for particular users • Walled garden overview and configuration • Customizing your captive portal landing page • Installing the MikroTik Userman package • Configuring the Userman system to communicate with your hotspot • Using the Userman billing system with PayPal

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions Understanding Enterprise Wi-Fi and the importance of limited downtime or network outages.

• Large and Multi-national scale businesses use enterprise grade equipment in their networks. • Compared with consumer-grade equipment, enterprise grade is more flexible, reliable, and customizable. • It is also usually more complex, you may need a certified networking or system administrator to install and monitor usage.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions Understanding Enterprise Wi-Fi and the importance of limited downtime or network outages. • Support: • Businesses cannot afford to have application downtime or network outages. • Support is usually very fast and very good • When repair or replacement is needed, these issues are handled immediately. • Custom Built: • Enterprise grade equipment can be customized for the particular solution or application • For unique security requirements or specific protocol needs. • Quality: • Businesses pay for quality and reliability in enterprise grade equipment. It’s made with fail safe features. • Scalability: • Enterprise grade equipment should be highly scalable so it can grow as your business does.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions Ubiquiti UniFi Controller allows for all the UniFi equipment to co-exist and be managed from a central location. • Designed for convenient management, the UniFi Controller software allows admins to configure and monitor UniFi devices using a graphical user interface. There is no separate software, licensing, hosting or support fee. Some of the key features of the UniFi controller include: • Multi-Site Management • Improved user experience • Network overview • Detailed analytics • LAN/WLAN groups • Wi-Fi Management • Router and Switch management

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions UniFi Switch: Managed PoE+ Gigabit Switch with SFP • The UniFi switch delivers the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process traffic on all ports at line rate without any packet loss. Total non-blocking throughput: up to 26Gbps for 24 port models and up to 70Gbps for 48-port models. • Advanced Port Management – each switch port offers custom settings: port name, PoE, network/VLAN configuration and operation mode (switching, mirroring or aggregate) • Optical Fibre Connectivity: two SFP ports support links of up to 1Gbps. For high-capacity uplinks, each 48-port model includes two SFP+ ports for uplinks of up to 10Gbps • Convenient PoE+ Support: the UniFi switch features autosensing IEEE 802.3af/at and 24V passive PoE to power multiple devices on the network. • Seamless Integration: the UniFi switch integrates seamlessly into the UniFi Software Defined Networking platform to create a highly scalable, end-to-end system of network devices across multiple locations – all controlled from a single interface

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions UniFi AC New UniFi AC Access Points: Available in four models, the new UniFi AC AP features up to 5 x faster speeds to support highdensity Wi-Fi networks • Up to 3x3 MIMO, 802.11ac, Dual-Concurrent Radio Technology • Advanced RF – spectral analysis, band steering and Airtime Fairness • New industrial design for versatile and seamless Wall/Ceiling mounting • Android and iOS easy setup mobile application support • Powerful features for Enterprise, Hospitality and Education markets

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions Off-Campus Sporting Ground Solution

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions UniFi Cloud Key Hybrid Cloud Device Management: • Featuring Hybrid Cloud technology, the UniFi Cloud Key securely runs a local instance of the UniFi Controller software and features cloud single sign on for remote access • The UniFi Cloud Key combines the best of local and cloud management – local network security combined with convenient remote access, connect to UniFi Switch, remotely log into the Cloud Controller all at Zero Licensing or maintenance fees. • Plug and play installation allows for instant setup, connect the UniFi Cloud Key to 802.3af PoE and run the UniFi Controller setup wizard

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions


On-Site management – CloudKey

Wi-Fi Brands are not set in stone and the applications of the various brands are virtually unlimited. The important thing to remember is matching the solution expectations to the reality of constraints.

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