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Why Cleartax...


2013-14 Edition


The easiest way to e-File Tax Returns www.cleartax.in


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ClearTax reads your Form-16 Data & Automatically prepares your Tax Return

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ClearTax figures out which ITR you must File & Supports all Incomes and Deductions


ClearTax helps you prepare & file your Income Tax Return Online. ClearTax is authorized by the Government of India for e-Filing. ClearTax is simple to use. Fantastic Support when you need help. Lakhs of Returns have been filed by Individuals & CAs who use ClearTax.



The ClearTax Experience is why people choose us ClearTax is simple to use. We provide step-by-step guidance. We avoid confusing or complex language Users LOVE clearTax thanks to the simplicity of use & awesome experience. Screen-shot based tutorials allow for quick reference & easy understanding

Trust, Privacy & Security ClearTax is authorized by the Government of India for e-filing. With bank grade network security (256-bit SSL), security audits and industry-wide best practices in security, we keep your data safe. Over 1,00,000 Tax Returns from employees of over 5,000 Indian & Multi-National companies have e-filed with ClearTax.

File from anywhere, anytime. With ClearTax as your CA Experts, everythng is done online. You never need to visit an office again.

We take your privacy seriously, ClearTax does not use or share your data with anyone.

All your data is private and belongs to you. You can download it for free anytime you want.

No paperwork. Save the planet as you file. Prepare your Income Tax Return at your convenience (save your work and return later if you are busy) Fantastic Support when you need help. ClearTax is free for women.

We sign NDAs with employers to protect employee data. The ICAI provides ClearTax enterprise edition to all CAs in India for cloud based e-filing of income tax returns.

ClearTax is Recommended by

About ClearTax ClearTax.in is a product built by ClearSharp Technology Pvt Ltd. ClearTax is designed for Individuals to prepare & file their Income Tax Returns in the shortest time while maximising their tax deductions. We focus on creating an Apple-like experience for online Tax Return filing.

The ClearTax team consists of IIT, BITS Pilani, Kellogg and Harvard alumni and Chartered Accountants. We consult and partner with Chartered Accountants who have more than 30 years of experience in the area of taxation, finance and accounting.

ClearSharp are the makers of TaxCloud Enterprise Edition which is trusted by hundreds of Chartered Accountants for large scale tax return preparation and e-filing. ClearSharp is a highly trusted name in the enterprise tax preparation and filing market.


key feature in 2013 edition

ClearTax’s Awesome Features

clearTax Direct Import of Form 26-AS

1 click e-Filing We read your form-16 you upload and automatically and prepare your Income Tax Return.

We import your form-26AS directly from the Income Tax Department

Powerful Customization Tools • You can modify the details of your return (add income sources, deductions) • You can preview your Income Tax Return before filing. • You can download a detailed word report on how ClearTax computed the tax, which deductions were used. • File returns for multiple years. • You can prepare and e-file a revised income tax return in case a mistake is made while filing the original. • ClearTax supports multiple form-16s uploads

Your form-26AS contains information on: TDS deducted on payments & Income Tax payments you may have made to the Income Tax Department.

Automated Refund tracking ClearTax lets you track the status of your Income Tax Refund electronically.

We use cloud technology to scale up the number of web-servers based on load. ClearTax is a member of the Microsoft® BizSpark program that gives us premiere access to Microsoft’s cloud technology.

We do this to ensure accuracy of data so that you get an accurate Income Tax Refund.

Advanced Features ClearTax is complete. No other service provides the exhaustive feature set supported by the Income Tax Department. The ClearTax service covers a wide variety of less-popular, but powerful features that CA Experts use. Simple & Complex Returns • ClearTax handles all types of simple and complex tax returns that include — Income sources from salary, house property (self occupied or rental properties), long term and short term Capital Gains, and even income from Business and Profession. • ClearTax supports many types of deductions including sec. 80C, 80CCD, 80CCC(1 & 2), 80D, 80DD, 80E, 80G, 80RRB, 80TTA, 80U etc. • ClearTax even handles broughtforward losses from previous years, and current year losses.

clearTax CA Assisted Filing Dealing with Income Tax returns can be intimidating and a cause of unnecessary tension. For tax filing with total peace of mind, we offer Personal, Personal+ and Business packages. Our team of CAs review your tax return and guide you to maximum tax savings. Members of our CA team have over 30 years of experience with finance, taxation and accounting. Paid plans begin at Rs. 500.


e-filing on ClearTax is always free for women ClearTax sends regular articles on tax planning and financial advice for users who opt in for ClearTax’s financial advisory.

The money you save as a result on taxes is usually more than the money we charge for our services. To see our plans online go to: http://cleartax.in/Meta/CharteredAccountant



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ClearTax is a columnist with Yahoo! Finance, which is the one of the country’s premier financial portals.

At ClearTax, we strive to provide the most effective support to our users as quickly as possible. To help us do that, we use Zendesk. Zendesk is a state of the art support and ticketing system, and the de-facto industry standard.

Contact us on: [email protected] Visit us at: https://cleartax.in

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