White Blood Cell Amigurumi Crochet Pattern: by Jana Whitley

July 10, 2019 | Author: Lorena Monterrosas Pérez | Category: Crochê, Bordado, Amigurumi, Sutura Cirúrgica, Fio
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White Blood Cell Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Jana Whitley

Finished size: about 4 inches in diameter (10 cm) Gauge and tension: 10 single crochet stitches  10 ro!s " about #$% inches (& cm) s'uare !ith  (3$% mm) hoo* and !orsted+!eight arn$ -o!e.er, gauge is not important for this pattern$ /epending on our tension and arn choice, finished sie ma .ar$ deall, ou !ill !ant snug, dense stitches that !ill not sho! the stuffing$ f our stitches are too loose, tr a smaller hoo*$ Materials:  (3$% mm) crochet hoo* •

White !orsted+!eight 1002 acrlic arn ( used Caron ne Pound) (#) 10 mm blac* plastic ees !ith safet bac*ing, or an sie ou prefer (/arice shan* bac* ees a.ailable at  oann$com or amaon$com amaon$com)$ )$ SAFETY NOTE: f WBC is for a child under 3 ears, do not use plastic ees as the are a cho*ing haard$ nstead, use blac* embroider floss for ees$

Polester fiberfill

5bout 1# inches (30 cm) blac* embroider floss and embroider needle for mouth

6cissors and arn needle for finishing

White Blood Cell Crochet Pattern, page # of 3

Stitches Used/Abbreviations 7ound or 7o! number (71, 7#, etc$) •

6titch (st) or stitches (sts)

6ingle Crochet (sc)

6ingle Crochet ncrease (inc) 8a*e # single crochet stitches in the net stitch$

6ingle Crochet /ecrease (dec)  I recommend using the "Invisible Decrease for  Amigurumi" method. Free video tutorials available on !!!$outube$com$

-alf+/ouble Crochet (hdc)

7epeat the steps !ithin the asteris*s (9$$$9, rep)

asten ff ()

 Figure ,* Ma'ing the BB stitch% !art ,. Ma'e three hdc into the ne+t sc without !ulling final loo! through !revious loo!. -ou will have four loo!s on the hoo'% then see Fig. $. ed (arn shown for contrast onl(.#

obble !"): he bobble stitch is used for ma*ing the WBC bumps$ t is basicall made b !or*ing 3 hdc in one stitch !hile lea.ing a loop on the hoo* after each hdc, then  oining the four loops on the hoo* into one loop$ o ma*e BB;:
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