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November 15, 2017 | Author: Metin KILIÇ | Category: Compassion, Prayer, Happiness & Self-Help, Forgiveness, Mosque
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The most important thing is love for sensitive people to be happy. As long as There is no love, humanity is doomed to be...




Vol. 2011

Written by Metin KILIÇ [email protected]

Content 1 The Meaning of Love 2 Every Human Who Come to The Wolrd, Is Better? 3 Good Human Being Born 4 What Allah Wants? 5 12th Passage 6 The Source of Life, Allah 7 Ways of Being Khanif 8

People Suffering, When They are in The Limelight

9 Featured Outgoing People 10 Our Feeling 11 Sirius 12

Life that Require Attention

13 Rotating Space 14 Features of The Euphrates River 15 The Monastery of Parma

16 Beyond 15 Years 17 Alak Mosque 18 Faithful Soldiers 19 12 Apostle 20 Mama Chiqita 21 Photon 22 Prayers

23 How can Allah be Pleasent with Servant 24 Arrival to Allah 25 Sentences Related to Love 26 Bards Home 27 The War of Marhama 28 The Happiness of Mankind 29 Awareness 30 The Music of Beginning 31 Love Interstitials 32 What's Happening in the World is Always Better 33 While Praying What You have to Do 34 Minas Tirith (Tower of The Guard) 35 Mental 36 Natural Life 37 The Road of Success 38 GrandFather News 39 The Right Way 40 Swore and Eternal 41 Turnayar (Turnover Ayar) 42 The Secret of Success 43 What to Do for Allah? 44 People Coming on The World 45 La-Din 46 Servant Seeking Allah's Mercy 47 Let's Talk on Allah's Mercy 48 Allah and Servant

49 Ten 50 Time Seventeen Thirty 51 Protection Elements 52 Number Nineteen 53 Entrance to Cities 54 12 Order EXTRA To Be Loved

1 THE MEANING OF LOVE The most important thing is love for sensitive people to be happy. As long as There is no love, humanity is doomed to be unhappy. For we do not help people, we can not understand their feelings. We can not grasp their thoughts. We can not grasp poor people. We can not understand emotional people. We can not understand painful ones. Blessings to come, We also tend to Allah surely. If we wanted, could have written more beautiful things. But writing in this way is more accurate. We should know better the meaning of love. We must help emotional people. We should see painful ones. We should see what they have become when they are comfortable. We should instill peace of mind. And we should make people happy. We should effort for them to be happy. Allah loves the people spreading happiness, loves us being a source of love, loves us to be human. We should show our commitment to love. We must be the most important source of peace in the world. We should not make mankind upset. We should share their feelings and pains. We must be happy as human. We should not look like unhappy. If we make so many things in the world like this, Allah be pleased with us. If we are happy, Allah will love us. What if we live, we can still live for Allah. Forget the days we are unhappy. Devote to Allah for love. Should love for Allah. We may catch peace of mind in this way. This is the way to be happy. When we love and this is the path to happiness. To love for Allah…

2 EVERY HUMAN WHO COME TO THE WORLD, IS BETTER? Every person in the world certainly better. But People who accept the wrongs of life is bad. People who give up is bad. People who accept the thing as in the receiving is bad. People who accept the bad as in receiving is bad. People who close the evil eye is bad. No one is bad otherwise. If mankind finds the truth, does the right working, lives the right life, learns to live with enthusiasm as a human, then starts to become good. Mankind becomes determined, committed and hard working. Anyone who tries to clean the world from evil is good. This is the right way This is the way of being the human. If you want to add new things to life, The only thing you need to do is the days of dedicated to Allah. Enjoy them. Taste the right life. Don't forget that you live for Allah. Taste the life until you are satisfied. After being satisfied, let Allah takes you next. Adress the prayers to Allah. Not withhold prayers. Correct yourself. Dont turn to the wrong things. Do everything that the right one and the right decision. You will not come one more to the world. You will not spend your life in this way. Your both life will change. The life will change because of your stable. You will reborn to the world as if. Your life will be very nice InsaAllah. You won't say even for one day that I lived with being unhappy in the world.

3 GOOD HUMAN BEING BORN The good people that being born to the world, suffer a lot of days. Their attracting the pain from layers of Allah. Cause without suffering, they can not see what has become of the world. People can not perceive the world without suffering. The main goal is to find Allah actually. Suffering Human finds Allah, turns to Allah. Human wants to be happy, but if fails and sorry again, lives in the same feelings and turns to Allah again. There may be moments for human that begin to perceive the world bad. Human can slam why there is so much evil, my Allah. The people living these, recognize finally that the power other than Allah, can not destroy this evil. Therefore, They should strive to perceive. They try to find the way to go to Allah. If they succeed, The world will be a special place for them. Both in this world and the other world, they acquire a beauty. If they have failed, their

troubles may be doubled. It will be enough for them to say "but at least, I tried for Allah." Struggling is even beautiful when it's for Allah. The people that has chosen Allah, not the world, is the right people. Human's effort is Allah. Human always wants Allah, from the day born to the world. Already moving towards Allah. Should strive to be close to Allah. Should feel that close. Allah is close to servants, closer them to the most remote place. Allah created everything in the world. The source of life. The eternally besought of all. Gives life to everything, Allah is again. Allah organizes living things. Allah gives the forms. Do not try to disrupt the order of Allah. O nun tasdik etmediği deneyler yapılmasın. Should not qualify the experiments that Allah does not approve.

4 WHAT ALLAH WANTS Allah wants us to live in love. Also likes you to write on love. Wants you not to be left without love. Surely Allah wants you to protect yourself. Protect from evil. Seek refuge in Allah. This is the help of Allah to you. Anyone who wants, may change the process of coming to the world. If we choose the path of living as Allah wants, we will have chosen tha path of Allah wants from us. Allah wants love. Wants happiness. Wants peace. The source already is Allah. For Allah is the source, already helps. The help of Allah is exalted. If you come back to the world, Allah will give you the chance again. When Allah revive you again, you will come as a martyr. Always you will be as Allah wants. Coming period to the world is very important. The very thing Allah wants, is you to live here with martyrs. If not possible, to live as martyrs, then you need to beg from Allah. Allah will accept your request. Human that comes to the world, wants to be with martyrs. On earth, this is the process that many people need to live. Allah helps all people who waht to spend tehir lives in this way. Allah helps who wants to live with martyrs. And Allah recovers from a great distress. If you fail to live on earth, then Allah will be divided by your side. It Life is based on Allah. You need to factor in maintenance, your life with Allah. Just want Allah. If you want Allah, everything will be. Require as Allah wants. Allah will help you out.

5 12th PASSAGE

20th day arrived. A lot of things has changed in the world. The day of Allah has come, including the source of humanity. World was founded upon Allah. The hands were opened to Allah. Prayers were to Allah. And twenty days have passed. Allah was with you for twenty days. Even if you can not make the difference. Every Human that born to the world might experience this change. There was twenty times. Ten times more to live. Twenty times the world lived and died. Ten times more, it will live and die. The life will float away like this. The life will end this way. Joy will be spread this way. The love will be spread in this way. Twenty times more the world has experienced. Ten times more, it will live. We will do this job together. We will make it together. We will establish the life. And Mankind will see the mistakes. They will know the mistakes. When the wrold is the place of joy and happiness, humanity will change. Compassion will end. On day of mercy is over, there will be the end of world. And being khannas will begin. Allah will know that that was the end. And Cities will be discharged. Rivers will not flow. The mountains will walk. Compassion will be over. Grief will come. There will be people who is martyred. The only way to get rid of being Khannas, will be the sura of nas (minkand). And the only way to deliverance, will be the turning to Allah. When there is a lot of things that come to the world, when fertility is low, when all over the world is languished, doomsday will be lived. When compassion is low, the help of Allah will be very little. People will show a little love each other anymore. Compassionate people will not be anymore. The world has experienced this many times. When They made the mercy be low, the trouble came early. When works that Allah does not love were performed, Allah did not take pity on servants even. And handled many of them, has been punishing. You make the most diffucult work in this world. You strive to become a martyr. Your dieing gets the hand of the wicked, but they do not have pity. You may be killed very painfully. Allah wants that too. Because it is specific to the martyrs. Allah wants you to die happy. The world is full of people living in the wrong in many places. As well as not to accept what is happening, is the most beautiful. Not to accept what is happening, is the most beautiful.

6 THE SOURCE OF LIFE, ALLAH Allah is the source of life to humanity. Allah protects many people. Holds a special. When you are this kind of people, Allah is by your side. Most of the time, in many subjects that upset you, has shot painful, preserves the difficult moments, and make you cry, Allah is by your side. The help of Allah comes instantly. Allah will protect you right away. And make you rush to help immediately. Allah loves who act fast. Because life requires speed. Allah does not love who do not act fast. Please consult among you, consent of all things,

how to do it. And take action. To be single as individual is exhausting. To do something as alone is exhausting. Best of all is to move together. So unite is said. Need to unite is said. To be the union is always best. In this way, the mosque is established. But not look like masjid of sena. Don't make the factionalism that made there. Way of being the union is not it. In groups you can not beilieve in Allah. Allah can be lied a single-handed. It is Khanifage. The people who khanif is on the right way. Khanives sought refuge in Allah with one hand. They will manage the world in the best way. They will do many things in the world also. They will run to make goodness. They will compete to make goodness. This is their success. This is what Allah expects from us. Each Khanif that can do it, has the status of martyr. Has found the right way to do this. They will deserve to be happy too, like everyone that comes to the world. Shall be eligible to be a martyr. If Allah wants, may find the way to make you happy. World is full of people who make you do a lot of things wrong. You did have to do sometimes, even you do not want to do. Do not worry about having them. Allah forgave you. One thing that you should do is to find the path to freedom now. That way passes going to Allah. There may be someone that want to impress you one by one. May be someone that wish to harm you. In such cases, seek refuge in Allah. If they wish to harm you, they are already certain. This is the most difficult part of coming to the world. If you try to destroy the layout of the board, the reaction is natural to take. There is not the order of Allah that is the original layout unfortunately, in age that you live. Therefore, you have to do many things combined. The only thing you can do is to produce and to make happy. To make them happy. If the people that you love wants to harm, seek refuge in Allah to correct them. And do what you do.

7 WAYS OF BEING KHANIF A khanif must touch another human read his/her writings to make a khanif. Must ask to read his/her writings. When he/she reads the written, human will be convinced. A Khanif person must sit down and speak with another human to convince. Should explain through persuasion, it is true really. Should read ownself also to have definitive answers to their questions. Should be aware that you are not the source of information. Because the source of information is only Dabbat. His knowledge is different from the others. And He is able to reply more quickly than other people. Therefore, you also, be khanif like him. And try the most, produce the most, read the most. Look for ways o being useful to people. You, explain the truth even. In this way, your life will be easier. You will be better and more accurate. And will be more tolerant towards others. Will be insightful. Will learn to forgive and to love. And will change the world. You saw the damage being unhappy. Your life has changed. A multi-subject was misunderstood. Your family and relatives detected you

wrong., Try to live the truth also as each khanif living in them. Get it right. And your parents or relatives coming over you, you might say I am quit of you. You may have to do this. But the most beautiful is to choose the right attitude against those who wrong. Your prayers and your help is not gratuitous. Allah is with you at all times. Will be struck by love and understanding.

8 PEOPLE SUFFERING WHEN THEY ARE IN THE LIMELIGHT The children that feel love and understanding the most, is those who takes the love of mama chiqita. Their training has been different. Transformed into different people with different training. This was a necessary thing for humanity. Mankind has changed in this way. The only way to save the world was children's education. They are trained as the many children in the world will be jealous of them. For this reason, They were given bad nickname, because they are motherless and fatherless. Users of this cruel word, unfortunately, were despicable. Allah took their revenge on them int his way. There are a lot of people who will suffer. Ve from the moment came into the world, there are those who suffer. And there are those who try to maintain this life that way. Need for improvement of humanity. Need to be worthy of the layout. Is no other way. Not in pain, should be moving with the rights. To live the life in this way. Love is the work of the world away. The name is Walhalla. The name is Allahlaw. Both of them are far from over the world. There is love there. If you are successful, the landing on the city is very easy. Earth is very special. Earth is very beautiful. If they can find the worlds, could enter the worlds such as Shira, they receive special training. Children's education is in this way. Shira also have a different education. There are human beings managed differently. There are gigantic humanoids. Coarse and adults. They provide training. Person in excess of Shira, is the maker of time travel. Who go and come there. In other words, the old world. If there is who has gone to the world that was occurred, the inverses are replaced. And the new universe was not a pleasant universe at all. It was those who want to go back home. But it was not returned. There is a very beautiful pink mansion. It was those who want to ender the mansion. It was those who want to live the mansion. That mansion was in the garden of heaven. It was those wo want to live the mansion. Allah was with them in the most difficult momenst of humanity. They spent a very difficult time. But Allah was with them always. If everyone who comes to the world, was look like they said. No one would be successful on life. But now everything is very different. Everything has changed. Many places in the world, has changed. Was located in a very different world. If human continue to try, will get a lot of things. If mankind edits the life, will organize a lot of things. Doing

the same thing every day is wrong. Walking the same road evrey day is wrong. Every moment must evaluate different. Stay as you are. No change. The changing opens to you. But if you really want, you may change. You can find the way of change. You may change the life. You can do everything more correctly. You can do everything more carefully. And you can do without the misery to others. Your savings are speacial. You are going to do specific jobs. Will hold on to life. Will find the way to being happy. Will fend the best way to change the life. If the world is difficult for you, the better, trying to find the most beautiful. If you also want to live the life, your goal must get well-being. Get to do what is best. Get to give happiness. You have the power to achieve this. You have to set the target. Don't be aimless. Don't be powerless. Always hold on a branch to live the life. Then scroll to the branch. Search love absolutely. Find ways to be great union. Not live without love. Do not do things you will be unhappy. And remember the reason of your coming into the world. Remember Allah widely. And then give thanks to. Be Melami. Humility is always nice. Mankind is cleared in this way. Breaks your arrogance. And he/she may say I came to the world as Melami. The title of Melami should not be proud of us. Must say, I do not exist, Allah exists. Must set a good experience. Should learn to do what and how. And should refer to the changing ways of the world. Human who spend hes life in the most difficult, has died in 23 years old. We forgot that girl. Killed herself. She suffered throughout her life, always. Was loveless. Forgot her mother. Deprived of his father. We forgot that girl. But Allah still loved that girl. Loved the girl who died. Her reason of coming into the world was very different. She came down to Allah. She lived for Allah. And was happy in doing so. Shut her eyes to life in 23 years old. What she has done, made for Allah. She took the title of martyr. Allah gave the life what she need to not be unhappy with. Was not unlovable. When it is necessary, She was one of what it takes. Was very hard worker. Was very good. Died peacefully. Her life had been very difficult. Should have done everything as it should be. Worked diligently. To change the world. But when driving a short life, she died without making a lot of things that she wanted. She asked everything out of curiosity. She learned. The information gained was enough to her. Allah gave her, as an adjective, learning and scholarship. Allah also loved her very much. Her name is Charlizberg. During the process of education, never felt sorry. Was always rejoice, always happy.

9 FEATURED OUTGOING PEOPLE People who perceive life wrong, who sentimentality, who forget themselves. They all went out. None of them came back. We had to win them. But it did not happen. They have to die as Khanif. Goers need to come back. Neet to win them again. If we can, it will be very good. If we really are able, it will be very good. Get close to them with love. Never make

people upset. Do not criticize. Because they are very sensitive. Their hearts may be broken. The only way to recover this people is love. Understanding. We must ensure they become sensitive. Khanives are losing. Losing human. They lose expencted ones. It has become no one ever thinks about anyone. There were ones that was waiting in wonder. There will be those why did this. There will be those who regret. So, see this people. How much regret they are, the better. Lost for those who want to produce. Lost for those who want to work. And the world was like they wanted. Ruined the world. Khanifage is not this. Martyrdom is not this. Mankind is very angry. And many tend to inflict pain. We lost the love. They came to us because we lost love. The world we live in this manner, is prohibited for us. Productive people have to meet. Need for the merger. Need to take steps together. Because of the things we can not, need no inflammation each other. We must explain our feelings in a good way. They do not know how we feel.

10 OUR FEELING Loneliness. Which is a never-ending loneliness. Concern. The fear of a wonder that "can I be with them again?". The fear of defeat. The fear of being kept away from. Pain. Heart disappointment. Apathy. The largest of the sufferings is not to be loved. We live the pain of the disliked people. This is a major pain for us. The hand that we try to hold onto in lifelong, was the hand of Allah. We clung to Allah. Wished to help by Allah. Allah held our hands tightly. Get us anywhere, take us towards ownself. Does everything. Says die to all things. The death people loves. Allah loves people that died. And prepares our re-visit to the world. Prepares us transmute as martyrs. Reads our thoughts. Also adjusts our way of death. Allah sets our process of coming into the world. If the world do not taste our pain, we also can not taste their sufferings. If we do not be loved, we will not love who does not love. We make unhappy who make unhappy. We may be forced to sustain life in this way. We need to be a parent. We need to be the father. Our family roots are specific. All will be Khanif. And they will realize suh this life. Whatever their thougths, the attitudes of life will not change. Life for them will be difficult. They will live also our difficulties. Therefore, Allah is with us. Everything will be fine. Our dreams come true. Houris that their skin is bright, will be struck all around us. And the world will change for us. During your training process, will also change. Our lives will be very different. Life will enable us to be innocent as a baby. World will be open to change. The maidens will do the dance of life. Be sliding on ice. Very special person has died. Patrick Swayze. Everything changed with his death. He was the man lock. His spirit was very good. Allah likes good people. He will go as angel from this world. But he was under the influence of Zionism. Therefore, Allah can not take him paradise. But he played a very nice person also. Played one of the emotional and romantic. For this reason, Allah loved him. These people have good ones.

There was those who change the way not knowing. There were those who deviate from the wrong way, was lodged. There were those burnt such as nails. There were those was dead such as dry wood. The fire of Hell is very harsh. Do not live that terrible fire. Allah gave you khanifage.

11 SHIRA Shira also have a major breakthrough. Exvretion of fertility. Khidr there. Waiting for us to do a fertile breakthrough. Our efforts are speacial. We make production by ourselves. This production is special. We do training with humanoids. Large huge humaniods have Partrick Swayze's view. And specially trained. Many things come from them. Education, love, tolerance and support. The world will be changed by their hands. There is love in their faces because of driven by love. They are very beautiful. Are beautiful up to a lot of people on Earth. And the world's most beloved characters are with their faces. Everyone in wonder comes to see them. They are too long. And every person out there working to change to world. Shira is like heaven. Variant was the most beautiful design. And was the source of life. Closed in upon itself. And the world has become to happin this way. Will not writen like poetry. And will decribe the properties of life. Shira is private. There are exactly 17 people there. These 17's parliamentary is special. To give mercy. And everything coming from the world, is being asked of them. Thiy become a martyr. When Antichirst comes. And they are not unhappy. Not to be unhappy, they do what to need. All is emotional and good people. When antichrist enters, they start to fight. But they are dying. City falls. And closses on them. The antichirst and the magic with it, is starting to spread the world. There are people that detects the bad energy emitted around. Because of this energy, they throw theirselves into fire. But will not burn. Become a martyr. Live in happiness that many people not live so much in the world. If Allah is with us, Everything is okay. Earth is very large area. And the world is a huge pain. Everything must be like Allah wants. Everyone must do like Allah wants. Once again, we say.. You are special.


Backlog is required. Humanity has to live in Special. And the world has to change. And the refine of life on earth, is required. Animals should not live hungry and thirsty. The Forests should not be cut. The trees should not be burnt. And The world should not be changed. The life should flow and pass in this way. Should not to be like others. And love must be in place at all times. Should be lived in joy. Should not be unhappy. And Love should be won. Should be gained the environment. Should be social. Should continue to be implemented. Should be a combination of joy and tears. Should not cry unhappiness. Should continue to be delighted. Words of love should be discarded. Should hold on to life once again. Should change the life.

13 ROTATING SPACE There was a major pain in the sky, coupled with Tariq. They lived in fear of trashing the past. The place that they want it to become a location of heaven, was gone. Everything the produce was all gone. But They still came back to the world with determination. Sky was gray, threatening. Inserts in pain, though, they had to go. They glittered to theirselves. Ray was coming to them. In a very special way, they hit the roed. They travelled back in time. They were born again. Were martyred. Some of them were killed. But a part of them turned the back. Cried his friends who were killed. Were sad. But They still did not deviate from way. Every road was true of them. Each of them had the road what they want. Allah opened the roads to them. Sought together. Lived in places where they want to live on Earth. All of them was special people. Their lives have passed in happiness. They did not feel sorry always. Were always happy. Even the worst moments, they knew to laugh. Life was not difficult for them. Because Allah made it easy work to them. Compassion was a big step. In many places around the world who want to take that step, we have brought them to life. Marched through the realm. Their life was not difficult. Was easy for them. Each one was the scholar. Made special efforts. And they changed their lives. Became the source of life. Also gave additional information as needed. Was necessary to know everything. Everything should be as they wish. The world was in their hands. The life was in their hands. All was in their hands. They were not prisoners of the bad side that makes life complicated. Was necessary to share information. For them, this is seemed to assume. They should transfer the knowledge given by Allah. And they did this also. And their lives have changed. They were happy when they were widely used the roads days. They came knowing that they will achieve. They came to change the world. Now that is supposed to be different. There was not unhappiness. There was no pain. There was peace. Difficulties has been destroyed. Everything was as they wanted. They poured tears of joy. Because they are succeed anymore. The future was wowen. Everyone held their own rope. And they knitted the future. They were in joy and liked the work that

they do. Their dreams came true. And everything was as they wanted. Life has changed. The world was in the process of great change. Had to live together. Had to share their lives together. Had to live the life together. But it did not. Did not do it. Lived happily in joy. Death to them was trivial. They were happy, because of being needed again for the Resurrection. Received training. Had to learn again. For forward-flowing time, information was limited. At which time they were born in the future, they had to take the information of that time. Was eligible to live there. And their lives passed happily. There is happiness inside of human. Everybody is happy in his own. Love does not suffer. Brings peace of mind. When mankind pass through the emotional aspects, that is when they commit an error under the name of realism, the eyes of heart will close. The only way to be able to defeat him again is to convert it into love and romance. Mercy falls at that time. Allah made Abraham romantic. Romantic people is precious at the sight of Allah. Realism can be painful. Saying the fact of life, can be painful. Life is not real. It is the surreal. Therefore we need to look at life with romantic eyes. If the world breaks down, the reason for this, certainly is realism. Allah is one who loves romance. Wants you to live like loving. Wants you to fall in love. And wants you to experience that love. The world become more beautiful in this way. Allah does not want you to take pain. Therefore, you must find the one who loves you. And live this love. Do not keep this pain inside you. If the world will be beautiful, it will be in this way. This is the way of being an angel. This is the source of mercy. Love is from Allah. Mercy spreads in this way. And Allah loves in this way. Wants us to be beautiful. Knows all feelings that pass of us. Knows every step. Knows every request. To do this, run to the help of Allah. Change your life once more. Defeat unhappiness. This is the way of changing the life. Insha Allah, you will. Euphrates River goes to the source of life. Once again we tell you to stand out from the pain that upset. Note that the Euphrates. It is the only river that goes to the source of life. Understand there, definitely.

14 FEATURES OF THE EUPHRATES RIVER Outside of the Euphrates, a full coast, there is an article. When she pull the item, the treasure will be revealed. A woman who lived in the 19th century. She already knows. She was also a good person. Her love and presence was obviously extreme. Was a rich woman. She had many benefit. Therefore, she visited freely. Traveled around the world. And had many beneficial Works. That woman’s name is Blavatsky. The woman that met with St.Germain. Her prayers were accepted. And next to that woman in the same way as the other two people helped her. And together they did a great job. Together they came to success. Willingness to work will not breathe. It should be prepared in order to ensure an environment that you can work together. Well be a long productive life together. Living

with love and understanding. There is a kind of the treasury left in. Find that treasure. In Euphrates River. And out of it, not compare yourself with others. Everything that is given to you, is special. In particular, every servant of Allah is in grace. The important thing is to know to develop it. Aim the accumulation in the right direction. Give yourself the right way of life. Never forget to ask the help of Allah. Be kind to one another. Put on a consistent attitude. Do not do the wrong things. Tha angels is around you when you are good. The help of Allah is not deprived. And in this way, you will have reached the top of mountain. And you will move together. There is a special tower on the mountain. The man that cut the tower, is you. There is a statue of peace for a special woman. The one that destroyed that statue, is you. Destroyed the Eiffel tower, is you also. This is required. Because they have ideolized those who rebelled Allah. And have caused a great loss. The world have turned back on the bad wheel. They did show off with atomic bombs. Mankind were massacred. Added that those who do so. Added that who turn a blind eye also. Added that the losers of love. And added that those who do not have life. Allah has brought the end of the rapists. And rapists could not find a wife to marry anymore. One wrongdoing necessarily attract penalties. Who do not want to live this way, turn to the good life. Do not change the truth mistake. Continue to do the right thing. Allah’s blessings, remember that a lot. And know your recovering the world. Do not silence. Never escape. Do not entrust the life to others. Be conscious. Do not stay stuck in the Wheel of the period. Enhance your spirit. Make way for abundance. You will change the world. Set your savings right. Remember the days allocated for your family. Marry for not being alone in those days. The best is having a home. Way of being together. Anyone wants to establish a home. Wants even flinch to say. The help of Allah is with us. Domingo overcomes the paradise. Roads are extended to him. Roads are extended to him and he must enlarge the life. Need to change the world. If he do them, he will exceed the paradise also. His place will be Sabikun higher. Will make accumulation. To take his savings, will make glorifying. Will be united with prayers. Will turn toward Allah. And Allah will help him. He will not love the world so much. He will say there is so much pain. But definitely, he will return to Allah.

15 THE MONASTERY OF PARMA Will see a whole lot of things went wrong. Will recall memories. Will increase his savings. And will know that belonging to the world. And will understand the need to spend life in that way. No once will suffer pain. Will be Melaki. 7 man that he brings together, went with him. There are 7 units cross. This is required to use the crosses. In commemoration of the blessings from Allah is required. Will set up a small home on the ground. And will be the most protected person in the world. And will die while trying to change his life. Joy

and pain will come together. Will meet with a like-new. After 17 years, The suffering will end. Families will be broken one by one. And everyone will be Khanif. Will begin the process of change. Will be suffered not pain, also not once. The best part of life is when Khanives are single punch. The sweetest moments to live is at that time. Seen an increase of fertility. Because Allah is prepared to suffer them. One night, always love will increase. Joy will come, and consecutive numbers. Joy and consecutive numbers will increase. Accumulation will hold in the place mostly. Happiness of our favorite will be belongs to us. Gifts will increase, people will die of happiness. Children will live very happy. Each wish will come before them. In addition, The life will continue in normal flow and course. Other religions is wrong. People who bury themselves alive in the monasteries. There is a monastery entered for training. There are people out there who want to remember Allah. There are those who want to live for Allah. But they tricked themselves in different ways. They turned wrong way. They were interested in the cross. But they need to do turning to Allah. Needed good experience adjustments. Had to change their prespectives to the world. They wanted to become a martyr. They wanted to become Melami. But theye were not. Lived with flowers. Lived with candles. But the result is bad. Headed for wrong.

16 BEYOND 15 YEARS The most difficult and most fluent year is this year. After 15 years, everything will be cool. The world will be different. The beauty of the house will increase. Joy and tears will be together. Destroying yourself will be blocked. Will enter a missing air into joy and tears. People that should live the life in such a way, will be helped. Ferman letter will be told where it's needed. Shall be the source of life. Written on the Edict. Women's rights will be explained. And equality will be ensured. The tears in the spring will be improved by training. Nobody will cry one more time. Will not be upset. Will be experienced knowing that sadness is forbidden. Will not cry after deaths. Already turned to Allah, is referred to as. We will send off our martryrs, with a smile. We will add happiness into their happiness. And the world will be happy seeing not being cried for them. People entering the status of martyr, will be Germain. They will live in different places doing different things like that.


ALAQ MOSQUE The most difficult thing is to tell the truth. Tell the truth, even if you get responses. There was a woman who wants to become a martyr. Her name was Gonca. This lady was full of really good. Became the first martyrs. Allah protects her. Was next. The only curious about how she suffered. But in fact What she did is important. What she did as a woman is very important. Spoke with love boldly. Made that no woman has done. Now there are a lot of people who want to be like her. Achieved great success. Showed that telling the trurth had been killed. We have remembered her so much in Alak mosque. Allah is with her. Are happening at the mosque: Mosque is equipped with flowers. People dressed as flowers enters into. Allah help these people. They see the real omniscient that they see in their dreams. They speak with him. Dabbat take notice. Training continues. They come with abundance. After prayer, Tableware is set up. Is eaten in that tableware. The fun begins. Dances are made. Is the most beautiful performances. Day of entertainment such as theater. Used especially on holidays. In is deferent in the Night of Power. Worship is done. Everyone in joy is prostrate to Allah. Remembering the reasons of coming to the world, complete worship. Need to work. Must produce. And they know, should have contributed to life. Must establish a fertile home. Need to learn the life better. Allah wants them to establish their home in the best way. They go into the mosque with their puppies. They praise Allah for the increase in fertility. They defend Allah with prayers. They prostrate to Allah with the knowledge. They remember Allah. The most beatiful thing in the mosque is the dances together. After their dancing, love buds occur. Loves and marriages occur. And in the day of meeting in mosque, abundance will increase. If there is people who come upon the world, Everyone tries to be a source of morale fort hem. And Allah helps anyone who wants to change things. And the life of the world does not mean difficult for them any more. Children are shy. Is said not to be shy to them. Asked to be brave. Be granted to them psychologically. And all the suffering in the world they live, make o forget. Source is Allah. Scattering from the heart as water is from Allah. Everything is restored with the help of Allah. To fix the life is in the hands of human. The only thing to do is relying to Allah. They are also told in the mosque. Alak Mosque is Birth mosque. The new marriage is born. New-born childen is taken to there. They are closed down with their fry. There are colored lights at the top of the mosque. Constantly changing colors. Flowers have been planted in the grass on the inside of each corner. Hexagonal structure. And there is also a section for children to play inside. While parents praying, children waits in the special section with their mama chiqita. When worship is finished, conversations is ended, and viewed videos with images of Hans von Aiberg, the only thing to do is fun now. Young people find each other. Women will choose. Men’s stops. Because women’s premenition is more. Women makes the selection. Allah comes to help. The angels wander in the mosque. In the beautiful and majestic mosque, everything done is worship. Those who dance, married, all had worship. And shared the most beautiful moments of life in the world’s most beautiful mosque.

18 FAITHFUL SOLDIERS Khanif Elite Amazoness run to worship, after the battles. And while performing worship, they are with Allah. Building home is their business. They are imposing. They are tall and striking. They are noteworthy in the same way during worship. Allah helps servant being soldier. Allah loved the worship of these soldiers that most of them is wounded or killed to be a martyr. They are prayerful. Are happy going up in the authority of Allah. They stand up really seriously, whereever they stand up. They make their worship in the best way. Their faith is too much. And they are very important for the people of Allah. They approach Allah fertilitiy. With the help of Allah, they can achieve everything. The boards of faith are so much strong. They feel the existence of Allah in everywhere. They see Allah in everything they touch. They see the love, the being in love and the blessing. They are emotional. Emotional to Allah. They are a great admirer of Allah. And for they are aware of the shortness of the life expectancy that they will spend over the world, they have become a company that remembers Allah much. They live, knowing thet would be martyred. Their faith is loved so much by Allah. And they have been Melami. And their life is full of Allah. They may feel the existence of Allah in everywhere. Objectives are unique. That is the turning to Allah. While worship, they pray always turning towards Allah. Their prayers are towards Allah too. Then they expect everything to be happy from Allah. They expect everything to have serenity from Allah. They expect everything to love from Allah. And they expect everything to peace.

19 12 APOSTLE 12 people is full o love. Full of life. They live blessing in the grace of Allah. They perceive different life. There is one female among them. Who goes the person that she loves the most over the world. She never forgot this person. Always remembered until her death. Lived with him a great love. And loved him throughout her life. Did not look at any of the other. Lived in the most beautiful moments with him. And ended the most beautiful dyas of life with him. Wandered from city to city. Told everyone. And want to live the life with them. Was full of compassion. Was full of love. And the meaning of love made her

expanded. And as a human, she was very happy. She never lived in sadness. And knew that being worried or upset was forbidden. Knew banned fight, hate, hostility. Dead living the most beautiful days of herself. Berke will hold onto life. He will understand the love. The love is important to him. The recovery of the world will be important for him. Fertility will be opened to him. He will understand that should live the life differently. And They will live what they need to live together. He will use the time well. Will not spend his life waste his life unnecessarily. Will always read and learn. Will understand compassion. Will fight against his family sharply. And will change his own life. Will stay away from unlovable things. Will not live in fear. Will continue the life boldly. Will live the most beautiful days of himself with Allah. And the blessing will come to him. Will overcome the difficult days. Will refuge in Allah to be happy. Will take the title of Melami. Will be ready for change. 17 years will pass. What you do in these 17 years is important. And you will be Merami. Everyone will ask for help. They will come to salvation. They will know you working to save the world. You seem to be the most popular two person in the world. There is the help of Allah for you specially. Merka paran.

20 MAMA CHIQITA They take the life from them. Allah has bestowed on them the life. They have different images. And they are very special. Allah gives life to them. In terms of homes to establish is a valuable moment. They embraces the children of joy. Children must know everything until the age of two. Well-trained. the God of Fertility, Allah helps them. There are all kinds of equipment in them. Children are educated in best way by Mama Chiqita. Withhold from the prayers. Children praise Allah every moment. Such every servant as finding the right way, they are good too. And as obvious, they exhibit a very different character. Theye are with Allah even in the most difficult moments. Mama Chiqita gives them the best education. Says the most beautiful songs. And teach us the most natural movements. Life should be like the life as their dreams. Children is helped. How we will go to them, how to connect to life, are taught. Will continue to pursue their lives together. Mama Chiqita is very special. And every baby born to them, sees the great love and compassion. And different perceptions of life ar provided. Life is shown to them with a very special presentation. It is happy as anyone in the world. Perform their duties in the best manner.

21 PHOTON Photon is a light wave. The most luminous when it comes to the world. The light of Allah. Breathing. Opens to people who choose the correct religion. Opens more to people who is Khanif. And saves a lot of people arount the world. Reduced by Allah. And makes extension to the world. And makes beautiful results for the life and the world. The light shines with love. And incomes from different places. Incomes from the land of Allah. And next to people starved the love. Lived best of all, When reaches to Allah. And helps servants starved the love. Helps servants starved to be loved. It is the most important part of love. Anything can happen with a piece of a photon. Everything on Earth depends upon it. And the most important part of life, people spend with it. Best of all is that people happy with it. Used as a publication tool. Used for teleportation. Useful to people. Its damage to the eyes. Need to protect the eyes. The right religion is the religion of Allah. The religion of Allah is Khanifage in the world. There is no worship of the Hereafter. There is only a postrate to Allah. Then there is no worship, but life itself. And the life of this world are temporary. You must not connect to the passing life. The real return to Allah. We should pray according to Allah. And to stop over the life of the world and to pay attention to life, is harmful. Too much commitment to this world is bad. The best thing to be, based on Allah. And Mankind should not try to take pain. Pain is their disease. The habitable without suffering. May lived without suffering also. Try to see everything normal, beautiful and good. Try to find enough. Do not be caught up more ideas. Allah wants you to be grateful for blessings. Remember to give thanks. The most beautiful religion is Khanifage. The people who is Khanif, also must know to do with less. Talk less and the self. Avoid bad things. Get rid of fears and thoughts that breathe. Continue to understand life. Only in this way, you may be purified. And turn to Allah. Everything you detect why the world is different, will harm you. Everything in the world, is with you. Try to do everything right. Try to say things that are correct. Do not be desperate. And trust in Allah.

22 PRAYERS Fertility will come in this way. Everything in the world is solved with only the prayer. Prayers are very important. Everyone should live. Never live with prayerless. Mankind in need of Allah. For humankind, the information receiving from Allah, is required. We must live the world as the most beautiful way. We need to teel the life in the best manner. In

order to do so, we must ever wish to help from Allah. Human never must suffer. If good servants suffer, this removes their unhappiness. Prayers lead to happiness. Merciful Allah helps. Allah draws the most beautiful ways. Mankind living this ways, runs to happiness. Detects fertility. And lives with fertility. Detects mercy. And lives with it. Prayers come in dark green. And makes the man green. Makes people martyr. Allah gives matrydom those who with to become a martyr. Allah helps people who want to find the right way. For those who like to become a martyr, Allah always makes a martyr. Fertility belongs to Allah. On everything that you call down, Allah is with you. Allah supports you with fertility. Allah comes with fertility. Allah comes with prayers. Just comes. If Allah wants, can move from city to city. Can observes everyone. Can reviews. Allah has power over all things. Gives fertility. Gives information. Gives love. And an move on the world, if wants. Can go down like people, if wants. And can transfer the turth to people. Allah's power is enough to everything. Can go down to the world as human by using the adjective of Melami. The help of Allah is so great. Allah's help for servants is much greater. Allah's support is very big. The help of Allah is most high. If Allah wants, things can be very beautiful. Fertility increases. İncerases the benefit of humanity. And mankind can run a success. If Allah wants, can go down to the world in human guise. But Allah does not want to do. The help of Allah is very great. The world is very different for human. Experienced very different things. Know the value of something in your hand. You can spend a different life in different processes. The most popular thing in the world is being the most useful person for humanity. Allah will help us in all matters that we have wonder.

23 HOW ALLAH CAN BE PLEASENT WITH SERVANT If people continue to live as Allah wants, Allah will be pleased the servant. The love is longing to Allah. Loving is longing to Allah. Even evil-doers who do not know, are longing to Allah. They strive for a turn to Allah. The most accurate religion is Khanifage. Must live that religion. Living the love is forbidden. Living loving is forbidden. Allah, however, approached with fear. Allah expects us to fear from. People who do this, will receive the consent of Allah. And will live in a fertile peaceful. Someone else can live same life. Allah's deliverance is different. Human can experience different things. And many people around the world to live, there are tedious and laborious works. May be forced to live these. And may take great pains. Having to struggle with them is the will of Allah. And we need to thank about our situtation. If we can, Allah will pleased us. And the world will not come to us heavily. And everything in the world will not tire us. If we are patient, Allah is with us. And changing life, is in the hands of all of us. And not suffering, is in the hands of all of


24 ARRIVAL TO ALLAH The people living for success, first must think what is getting to success. If living for Allah, Alah will ask him/her to get next absolutely. Will take fertilitiy and bestows goodness. When Sabıkun people wants to go up, Allah will embrace them. Allah makes them to forget their suffering. Has been home to them. Allah gives own love by thouching. Touching Allah will make us happy. Allah that touchs our hearts and our back, will really touch us and cuddle there. And there Allah will embrace us, really. In our visiting to the world, our escape from Allah, our transmute to Allah, our oriantation to Allah, our desires from Allah, Allah will tel us one by one. What to expect from Allah in our, Allah will tell us. Allah knows everything. Allah has power over to say them. And the help of Allah is over us. Allah is waiting for us there, on the Arsh. When Sabikun people wants to go up, will appear direct. Will not be any difficutly. Because Everythin they want, will be given them. They will experience many different things. But all of them will be things giving happiness. Houris will dance. Angels will give greetings. Allah will greet the servant by saying salaam salaam. After you have entered heaven together, who want to turn to Allah, will go directly to Allah. And happiness will be constantly. Everything requested will come from Allah. Fertility will increase, and Allah will be with you.

25 SENTENCES RELATED TO LOVE Allah grants the people peace and love. Everyone should live in peace on Earth. If mankind does not do a good job, the fertility will escape. Allah takes their fertility. Mankind surely must be with good people. In this way, we can increase fertility. what mankind burn the most. Hellfire frightens mankind. This is the worst thing that missed blessing. Fear prevents people. Mankind must stay away from the fire of hell. Fort his purpose, love should not leaved by hand any time. If the fears, must fear only from Allah.

We need to talk about information. This stands for people. If a lot of people around the world, do not have the love, The life will be destroyed. For this, people shall love always. To increase the fertilitiy, must beg the help of Allah. To be happy, Mankind must take shelter in Allah. If not happy, Allah will give happiness. Prayers are the weapon of people. Using it in the best way, remains human. There are people who never say Allah even for one time. Who fear to say Allah. Who fear the moving away of fertility. Who forget that Allah’s saying beilive in. Who are away from faith. Who forget the love. People must not live them. Must know mecry. Must pray and run to love. Must live in the most beautiful feelings. Must run to Allah’s love. Allah has created the love such a creation, so the love may take suffering of people. If the understanding and the Dabba did not exist, so we will not be able to love. He brought the sience together by love. He changed your sense of comprehension. You learned to love. You learned how important to love. And you saw what the love made people. Love is important to you anymore. And in every day you live in the world, you will experience these feelings.

26 BARDS HOME You are with people who love you since time immemorial. Allah knows, even the worst fear inside of you. You are a human who want to live without oppression. Something that gives human the love and happiness. When you go those who footsteps, you will live Zevinch. Pray and appeal to the mother. Remember what was done to you. Remember what was done to you since time immemorial. Remember the hours you are unhappy. Remember the times you think of fertility fled. Remember the people to you as family. Remember to destroy your unhappiness. Remember the pain that wants to kill you. Remember the difficulties that gives you unhappiness. You will have to delete them. Do what you make for this. Remember grantees in particular to you. Past eternity was your core. Remember you can not do to others. Remember the happiness given to you. Remember the well-being given to you in particular. Remember grantees to you to be happy. Forget about the suffering in the house. Destroy the pain given to you. Forget those who inflict pain to you. Forget everything that gives you unhappiness. Know that only Allah is able to help you. Allah helped you. Allah to help you. Do not forget blessing. Do not forget the love. Do not forget to be a mother. Do not forget to be compassionate. Do not forget to be joyful. Just the right work that you do. Make everything as a mother. Get every movement of motherhood. Love everything in the world as a mother. Keep the balance. Do not be like everyone. Try to be different. Make people feel that you are different. Will return when When awaring of, will return to you. Everything will return to you. The world will look at you. Remember the love. Remember that being loved. Destroy unhappiness. Remember fertility. Know everything that comes from Allah, is good. Did a

big favor to you. Allah is with you.

27 THE WAR OF MARHAMA Shiva attendee war. Swirls around with long arms. Blue-colored creature. Unlovable and disrespectful. Furious and angry. No mercy. Swirls around to inflict pain. Wants to destroy the life. Also wants to drive crazy. Destroy this presence. Destroy this kind of assets. Fight them. You will have to win your war. Will have to fight. Will have to inflict pain. Kill it when comes into the world. It must not live. Or much misery. It comes to ruin the world. Without suffering, destroy it. The Creator knows the world in the most beautiful. Did not create it. Demonstrating it, are mankind. And there is a penalty. Do not attempt to create it as a humanoid. Because it will be an evil creature. Know also this. And we do not want to see a monster like it. You need to destruct it. You do it. Make it not to harm to you one more. Will be a war. There was not someone who beat the war. Did not have people in the war. Humanoids fought with each other. And at the end of the war, there were only the remaining parts. Even the most intelligent man that won the battle, ruiend his life. The person sticking to the war the most, lost his life. Death came. The fertility of work has been away. War and innocence, were a combination of both. And the world was very different. Tears and joy, were a combination of both. There were crying people. There were smiling people. There were those who understand the pain and the fact. The most crying was human also. And the world would pass with the pain in this way. Maintained itself for hours. Beat the fear of pain. Beat the longing of love also. There was no winner in wars. Everyone broke up. And everyone who comes over the world, was happy. There was joy. There was cheerfulness. Everyone’s pain abated. The Merciful recalled. They said why we dostroyed them. But others forgot. Even they did not eel pain behind them. Everyone who comes to the world, cried. The whole human race living on Earth, cried. Others, that is people in the colonies, did not cry. People in Walhall, cried. People in Shira, cried. People on the ground, cried. So the martyrs. There are pains enough to destroy the world, in life. But humanity is stil happy. Should be happy. The only thing that will destroy pains, is the happiness. People should know that laugh. Should smile in spite of everything. Should remember mercy. Should see the joy. Should make motherhood. Should increase the curiosity of science. Should remember mercy. Should remember the joy. Should know the direction of the footsteps. Should know the path. And Allah put the love in the world, when creating. Hear a great love for all things. And experience the joy to be happy. For a hot home, you fight beetwen you. Let it be your fighting. Try to establish a hot home. Do everything that would lead to joy and happiness. And Allah that create the world, be with you. Lovers of life be with you. You get to be a mother. Lovers of opening flowers, be with you. See increase in fertility. Your savings will increase. World is in your hands. Better

understand your information. Evaluate your savings better. Get your documents better. Do not exit from religion. Do not exit from denden. Experience Fereket.

28 THE HAPPINESS OF MANKIND Mankind, what should be done to be happy? First and foremost, must read the Qur'an. Should remember beautiful lines in the Qur'an. Should know everything that is beautiful. Should know even the most beautiful things in your house. Should know the reason comes into the world. Think about what to do. How do I make the most truth, so that, should stay over the head. Should be comfortable and peaceful to remember the reason comes into the world, in the most beautiful way. Should do the task lightly. The reason of living must be Allah. The reason of life must be Allah. Love and happiness must be mixed together. Should put ownself the most beautiful place of the house. And should spend the life working accordingly. Mankind should live the happiness in the most beautiful way. Should do everything for leading to joy and happiness. Should do something special for home. Should know established a home. Should do something special ownself. Should be happy to set up a special home. Should increase own happiness and joy. To do this, should do what you need. Should live for the joy and happiness. Should live knowing that brought something to the world. Will see increasing fertility. Joy and happiness will come to her. Should know loved to be mother. Should not give value for unhappiness. Should not have suffering. Should be happy with children. The god of fertility is Allah. Allah gives blessings to you. Therefore, take control of your babies without worry. Live as happy and a mother. Be a person that gives happiness. Be people that live in abundance. And as anyone in the world, you have a voice also. And best of all is to do what it takes to be happy. There is a special life for you. This is the most special side to the life. Will be given to all of you a happy life. You will experience traveling around the world. Will experience the most beautiful side of life. Will be happy and peaceful. Will be the wise. The world will be in your hands. Joy and happiness will be with you. And the world will be more than beautiful. You will not break even in the most difficult moments of life. We will increase your fertility. Compassion and the help of Allah will come to you. You will never have a shortage of money. You will never even painful once. Fertility will come to you by Allah. Your prayers and your happiness will increase. You will be helped with the help of Allah. Joy and tears will be with you. Your pains will be ended. You will not cry even once. Expect tears of joy. You will not worry even once. You will not hear crying from your parents even once. Good days will be with you. The joy and the world is at your side. Happiness will come to you. Fertility will flow. Learn English. Play around with other things. Try to improve yourself. Yourself efforts to get better. Take steps to be happy. Be Bizge. Run to the joy and happiness.

29 AWARENESS Become aware of the joy and love. Experience the joy and love. Realise life. Understand Allah's blessing. Understand Change. Understand everything with change. Get Allah's blessings. View all from heaven's grace. See the snow that came to cool you. Detect grantees as a blessing to you. Deteck mercy. Can not count the blessings of Allah. See everything as a blessing given to you. When your eyes are open, look at what you can see. Detect the reason for coming to the world. Detect what you are. Become aware of what you need to do as human. Be sensitive and open to Allah. Understand compassion and love. Stay close to the world. Be cleaer in the Hereafter. Detect yüour reasons for coming to the world. Allah will tell you what to do. Understand blessing. Detect blessing. You will open like flowers. Will be like Allah's wishes. Will be merciful and good. Will be the righteous. Will be overjoyed. Joy will fell your heart. You will experience this happiness. And you will forget about all the days that you are unhappy. Will experience with good manners and knowledge. And you will see the life differently. Who is in pain, whom with the peace, will live. Always build a home to avoid pain. Set up a home to be happy. Fertility will come at that time. Joy will come at that time. Love and happiness will be with you. Truthfulness will be with you. Information will be with you. This is the best part of home. You will progress together. Will move through holding hannds. Find ways to save the world. This is worthy of you. This is for you to be. Do not mind people living without love. Move away from them. Bear what is love in. Be together the people who remember the love. Understand loving. Detect the beauty of love. The world is with you. Unhappiness do not get to you. World is in your hands. Abundance is in your hands. Compassion is in your hands.

30 THE MUSIC OF BEGINNING Music begins with prayers. This is the melodies that Allah gave the believers. Every prayer is to Allah as a ringtone. Surrounds the city. There are some prayers rising up to Arch of Allah. Comes to people knowing that Allah is there. Barak baraka, Allah writes your

prayers in the most beautiful way. Not to trade, live for Allah. Allah gives everything that is value given by Allah, relaxation. Will accept your prayers. Accepts the savings. Your prayers reach Allah, accumulate. When your prayers comes to Allah, certainly recognizes that their creation. And says Become. Gives a peace inward. Designed to allow you the peace of mind. Gives love. Add to you inhale the love. Will accept your prayers. Lets you live the love in the most beautiful way. İncreases fertility. Makes each one of you be a flower of prayer. Brings you the world. Makes you remind what to do on Earth. Reduces your love for the world. Increases your request for own. Gives a soft feeling. Becomes the reason your coming into the world. Becomes the reason your coming into the world. Becomes the reason your coming into the world. Allah is with you. Allah is with you.

31 LOVE INTERSTITIALS The feeling that desribes Allah best is love. Without love, nothing happens. You, love everything. Love every object, every tree, every existence. Love everything expecet Allah dislikes. Allah loved each existence. Only now does not like bad ones. Now does not. And loved many existences located on the world. Creator makes everything beautiful. Whatever the reason for coming to the world, existence is believer. Each existence which is faitful in the first, then loses faith. Do not be the ones losing faith. Remember that love and compassion. Remember that a tiny love. Fear only Allah. And then proceed with fear. Allah wants you a warm love. This will fit into your tiny heart. Allah will fondle your heart. Will leave you the world. Ask for mercy and merit. Will tell you the words that you need. Allah will choose the words. You are not wrong even once. Do everything about life. You do not manage the world. The world is under Allah’s command. Allah is the source of life. Increases the love in you. Increases fertility. The world is yours. Allah is the source of life. Remember the grace given to you. Remember the grace given to you. Fertiliy is yours. The world is yours. Life is yours. Wisdom is yours. Accumulations are yours. Allah is the source of life. If Allah wants to give something to you, will give the best possible way. Is the light of house and home. Allah is the light upon light. Will respond to your home. Knows everything in the house. Knows everything that belongs to religion. Allah created the religion for you. Religion is the world. Tol live the religion is in your hands. And the life is in your hands. If you have your life properly. Life will flow to you. Try tol ive the life in the best way. Human likes the elders as life. Wants them be mature people. Frivolous of young people is lost. Life is realized. And the life that has matured, is over.

32 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD IS ALWAYS BETTER World over, things were wrong a lot of times. But Allah still makes the world beuty. Should be a fertile world. Must be tha source of life. This is the best part of the house. The world is in your hands. Is up to you to be Caliph. And the world is full of people doing something wrong, in fact, is a nice place. Together to bring joy and happiness. Allah is the source of life. Search of Allah's grace. Find compassion. Detect love. Give guidance to tell. Wear clothes of guard against evil. Paint yourself with Allah's paint. Open like flowers. Remember the reason of your coming into the world. Live within your facilities. Try to be helpful. If faith is strong, this will be. Live in the most beautiful corner of the house. Establish your home. Open like a flower. Do not be emotional. Remember the facts. Note thet you must do. Remember the beautiful aspects of the house. Open like a flower. Perform your dreams. Fly to your dreams. Change the life with love. Do not forget the beautiful moments in the world.

33 WHILE PRAYING WHAT HAVE TO DO You come home early. You came back to home. You have been longing to love. There are people who will share the life. There are people who love you. Tray to be happy with them. Joy and tears of people will suffer. Not crying, laugh merrily. Your prayers will be accepted. The more you feel bad, in fact, you may feel wel as good ones. You can live joy and happiness. You can live on the lives of many people that came to the world. Stopped their longing and love, that day. Anchors prayerful people, that day. Anchors those close to you, that day. The notebook of Sehir? Then we need to that notebook. And like magic, as well as cruise, a notebook. Both have a line in the middle. Se / hir. The notebook of Se/hir.

34 MİNAS TİRİTH (TOWER of THE GUARD) Get support for help, for Allah. Allah is trying to help you. Allah has saved you bad people. Drew their hands over you. The only thing you need to do now is to write to Allah. To write forgetting the world. To write feeling the joy. To live with joy. Enter the world of children. A close look at your children. Do not shove people. Do not something imposed on people. Do not be vulgar also against people. Do not grow old like other people. Not a home fleeing abundance. Everyone in the world live in joy. If a valuable human comes to you, remember always him/her. The city fell. We lost it. It was necessary to remain in love. And had to fix the world. Had to fix everything in the world. The only Mighty can make this. Because lives had becomed more challenging. Years passed. There is still nothing. Let's hope. Maybe it would be one day. Say, life starts one day. Do not be like others. When city falls, you also, be with them. Enhance the city. Increase love in your prayers. And see ways of being happy. The only way to be happy is to listen to Dabbat. When cities fall vacant, the exit from religion is reduced. Love grows. Faith increases. Because the wicked has gone. Festivities began with the wicked goes. People were surprised that it was located in a beautiful world. Formerly, The world was a very scary place. Everybody was hungry. Everyone was tired. Everyone uneasy. And everyone was unhappy. If they really were established what Allah wants. They would not to be. But they broke the religious. When the religion was broken, the life was broken also. Those who want to live the religious, lost the life. Shortened useful lives. Took pity on the souls of. Had to drown in tears of joy. Blessed to rescued from loneliness. Became Haji. And were happy. Carried out their dreams. Their dreams were very large. Their dreams were so great that, life was opened to them. They knew the value of what they had in their hands. Were warm-blooded. And were very peaceful. State was founded. The state that was established by Mighty, is a very special one. They fought together. Tried together. Planted building in joy. Produced in joy. And the world was a place so that they all flew to happiness. Were martyr. And became a martyr. The world refined because of them. Became Farık. They are widely used on the world at any moment, they were also happy. Flowers opened. There was holes in the sky. They did not close those holes. The wicked people did not close. The good people closed. They lived the life together. And the up of world has been beautifull. And the world was nice for them. They got into flying vehicles. Vehicles were very special. They were made for two people to fit. The rest were made as the tail. Were connected with a rope. Whell rope. Because of them, the world would be beautifull. Was like dreams. The world is nice, very nice. Cities are magnificent. The great thing about home is this. The life of martyrs is this. The world's life is this. Joy and happiness is to survive. Children are very important. Should help the children. Should help the orphans. They are very special kids. They are odd abandoned. Get them adopted. Those children should be helped. Give assistance. The world is belong to them. Cities are inside of them. The grief is many times larger. The world is full of facts that is very painful. There was a lot of suffering in the world. The biggest is like Genghis Khan's doing. He

discredited himself as a persecuted people. And made people unhappy. Ruined the life. Were convicted in a very heavy fee. But Allah's punishment is great. No one may have punishment in this way. He missed blessings. Appeared unhappy people. This is the way of inflicting pain to people. If mankind have suffers so much, would cry. If very tired, would cry. The world is full of people crying. Allah wants that babies and children's mourning is expire. But if not, Allah will not be sad. The best thing is to do is to find those people. And to provide penalties. This is the reason comes into the world. Instill those are good and beautiful. And defeat the worst. There are too bad people around the world. If you want to defeat this evil, you must unite. Make yourself act together. Fight together. And share the life. Things to do together is very large. You need to share the life combined. Reduce the longing to love. Perform your dreams. What if you have about life, make them real in your mind. If you can not be happy, come to peace without tears. Ask from Allah. If mankind do, Allah will support him/her. There is no unhappiness, even one night. There is no sadness, even for a moment. Always nice, always good. Both smart and clever. Someone doing same things each day. You do not have to live. Catch the longing and the love. Among you, there must not be painful. Do not go down to your feelings. And tray to change the world. Share your life. Get warm and breathing. What reason comes into the world? Why are you here? Is your presence the real? Are you happy about your being? Creation, what reminds you? Reminds Allah? Why Allah prose? Is just a word in your mouth? Or are you really say Allah? Think about them thoroughly. The real Allah is with you. Do not idolize anyone. The skirt of people that you would think he should be blessed, can be fired. Do not asribe to him, in apocalyptic. You go bust. He also burned. Do not be Arabic. Do not move with the Arabic mentalily. They are not the master race. In the Qur'an, they are the race who stuck on the ground floor. Jews is cursed in the same way. Do not incline to them. Incline to Allah. Allah will show you the right way. Will encricle you with knowledge. Although the world has become a very painful place, Allah is still with you. People were very heartless. And while the begin of coming to the end of humanity, forget about the forgotten ones. Pray and ask Allah to help. Allah loves those who merciful. Also loves the hot ones. Keep helping for Allah, you also. Your help will not be gratuitous. And the world will change. Reality is true.

35 MENTAL If Allah had not granted the mind. We would have been unconscious creatures. And would have lived just for eating, drinking. But Allah can take back the mind given. We are afraid to remain deprived of it. If we can stay in the world, we can live very different things sufficiently. The world is very different place. The life is very different. Mankind should be able to notice them. Not able to detect wrongly. Must clutch the love. Carry out

their own dreams. If humankind is not happy, will want to stop life. Will want the life to stop, in a way. But can not do it. The life flows and goes back to. Human must live this. Hot and cold is not same. And so Allah approaches to humanity differently. Allows them to realize their dreams. Makes them wise. Make them keep loving. 5 more days passed. Life stops. Life begins again. The most important phase of life comes to you. The world changes. Evaluate your saving. Try, compromise. Be kind to one another. Provide blossoming. Open flower. The world as weel as with you, is children's world also. Aware of their beauty. Perform your derams. Fertility is from Allah. Remember Allah's blessing. Mak a praise of Allah. Give thanks. And this world belongs to you, so praise Allah. Experience the joy and happiness. Ask one more time. Why am I here? Why do I write them? What am I? Should an entity? Wht may value as a human? Does Allah accept me? Does Allah love us? To do them is in our hands. Or we will receive the death into our hands, and we will die, either we will take the rose into our hands, and we will live. To live these, in our hands. To realize our dreams, in our hands. We must distinguish between right and wrong. Need to find joy and happiness. But the joy and happiness have not to originate from evil. Should be as a result of a good job. Tray to ensure this. Tray to blossom. Earth is very special. Everyone has different pursuits. To perform your dreams, in your hands. For this, you must work hardly. I am telling you one more. You must try much. Production is a must.

36 NATURAL LIFE Barkatar. Comes with Tariq. Prayers g oto Allah. Is the source of the life. Must handle processing of goo deeds. We need the truth. Must live with love. We also need to love the life and we must live according to this. Our funds are our drug for us. Have to be with the right people. There is someone who love us in the most important stage of life. We need to love establishing a family. Need to love being a family. Need to know the joy and happiness. Ever need to love. Need to love Tuana. Allah knows the others. There are the others with Allah’s repuest. They alse have the right to life. But the wicked. They must get their breath also. They did not detect. Did not understand Allah. Everyone’s life is differently. Everyone has got an advantage. If a life lasts longer, is for doing what it takes. Everyone has the right to life. If a girl wants to cry, Her requiem reaches to Allah. Information is given to him for not crying. And this life is important for her. The joy and pain comes together. Happy for a moment, unhappy for a moment. People have become who want tol ive every moment differently. They are not like others. The others are different. There are different people. There are people who are trying to flower. Who are trying to have abundance. Who want tos tay Khanif as long as there is on Earth. They want to see the days of fertilitiy. Lived the most difficult moments of the world. Imagined life in

very difficult. They wanted forever life, not world life. They wanted to become a martyr. They wanted to die without dying. The most difficult point is death. We must strive not to die. We must not taste of life in death. Have to be a female martyr. Have to be a martyr. But Allah is always with us, making them. Valuable and worthless, everything belongs to Allah. Allah never degrades any servant. Every servant who want to be loved by Allah, is praised by Allah. If a servant is going to hell, but stil wanted love by Allah, becauce of not loosing hope, Allah saves him/her from hell. And loves. The world lives the most difficult moments. Hell is opened. Heaven is opened. Everyone knows where to go. Run to intercede with fear. Be scolded. Waiting for love, are scolded. Wanted to intercede for the wrong person. Allah will punish them. Says, you must beg met o intercede. But they do not know. They do not know to ask intercession of Allah. In that confusion, Mankind is suprised. Understands how to engage great pain. And recognizes his/her own mistakes doing in all over the world. Understands the need to turn to Allah. To die one day, Humankind understand themselves must organize. Knowledge, it is necessary. Wants to perform everything dreamed of. And to do this, Allah is required. Allah is the only reason to carry out your dreams. And the need to understand the life is Allah again. The need to destroy the joy and sorrow is Allah again. The need to destroy the joy and sorrow is Allah again. Yes, why did you cry? Why did you cry, my baby? For not be able to be Mother? I know you wanted becoming a mother. I know you are sorry for not being a mother. I know you cry as saying why you upset me. I do not make you write this, to make you sad, to inflict pain. I have seen everything has seen suffering for you. I do not want you to be unhappy. Just know that I know. I am sorry to upset you. I am longing for you. You are my mother. IF Sema, you cry one day. Allah hears your lament. Allah sometimes likes human crying, by knowing why they cry. Those who make you upset, you also make them upset. Those who make you have lament, you also make them cry. You wanted becoming mother. Wanted to build up a family. You were sorry because of unable. You wanted to correct somethings. You have seen the times that you corrected. And too much life has waited for you. The life gave you a very different life. Your love and perception has changed. Had to establish a home. A man who loves you. Should not inflict pain to you. Tha world has come upon you. Life was too much. A lot of things in the world make you upset. And you wanted to leave. Life was very hard for you. You had a difficult time. Tried a lot to understand the life. But you now live the most simple thing. And for everything that change your life in all over the world, you want the help of Allah. You want a lovely life. A life filled with love. There will be everything you wanted. Will love you everyday. Will make you happy everyday. Will realize your dreams. You want a real life. A life as special to you. You want to establish a home. Really a special home. A home that has too much love and understanding. You searched for love too much. You wanted to set up a home too much. Allah has been gracious to them for you. To establish a real home. Sets up a special home to you. A very special home. And the world was very difficult for you. But it is all over. You will overcome the difficulties. You will not have suffering unnecessary pain. You will not be like other. The days of incireasing in fertility, will come. And The world will be with you. Others will not beat you. You will build a home increasing in fertility. You are the ancestors of this home. Experience the joy of being a mother. İmagine that you will make people happy. Be together with lovely people. Experience the most

beautiful days. Go with prayers. Love is important to you. And Life is important to you. World is important to you. You are responsibel for everything you do. And every action you do. When you are martyr, Allah is with you. Before martyrdom, Allah is with you also. The life of world is very important. Refer to the ways of living in this life. Prepare to change. See increase in fertility. Elbide is beautiful. You will understand, when the day comes. How much you were loved. How much you were missed. How much you were valued. How much you loved Allah. Try to be a soruch of love. Become a source of love and life. Realize your dreams. Do not be a audience to incirease in fertility. So protect yourself. You need to be protected. You need to protect the life. Allah is with you when you need help. Understand please that you establish a home. Understand that you pray. You are special. Multi-special. You lived for love. To make them happy. You made many people happy. You made them to be happy. Forget those who smiled to you. Forget also those who has come to you for having fun. They do not understand. They do not know. Their brains are off. They are responsible for their actions. They will want to hurt you. Forget this bitter truth. Forget everything that come to you. Forget everything that hurt you. Have a real step in your dreams. No matter how long, you will have special moments in your life. Do not forget those beautiful moments. Do not forget the days of fertility increased. And search for ways being happy. Remember the reason comes into the world. The reason of being the world. You should be happy for fertility could not go away. You have to do the thing you want the most in the world. Everything must be like in your dreams. Everything must be like you want. You should get fertility. This is the change. Each sentence is different. Each word is different. Request a warm home. Request to live in this home. World in your hands. Know it. You are special. As down with Tariq. And in it, as the remaining. Was who could not come. Was who make people cry. Were who took the abundance away. Were who did cruelty. Were who finished being thirst to love the most in us. And the world is in their hands at the moment. In control as they wish. They affect the life in many ways. And the world is in their hands, dominated by pain. Do not treat as they wish. Oppose them. Their notebooks are rooled up. All of them will suffer. Because of their turning a blind eye, their killing. Each of death is happiness fort hem. Every pain is pleased for them. And the world is a game place for them. They closely resemble the work everyone in pain. Everyone who comes to the world is a toy fort hem. They want to use and throw them away. And want to inflict pain to you. Also want to destroy the world. How bad did with their hands. They have a huge penalty, because of their making the life in this way.

37 THE ROAD OF SUCCESS Everything is good about working. And everyone who works in the world, is efficiency.

Pains goes. The world would be a better place. Would be a place to increase in fertility. Righteous people should govern the world. In the hands of the wrong people, the world is wasted. If a person wants, everything is beautiful. There will be a day to increase in fertility. This is the road to success. You try at least. Increase your savings. Go to production. This is the road to success. Once again, remember to work without tasting the pain. People who change the world are you. Know the value of your distribution. Perform your dreams. Type Historic deeds. Do what you want most in the world. Collaborate. Produce. And Let the world be a special place for you.

38 GRANDFATHER NEWS Your prayers are heard. Abundance with you. Your production is useful. Your dreams are real. One day, they will end. Your pains will go off. The longing to you will end. There will be people desired to be happy with you. You will have tol ive a lot of things in the world. You will have to taste fertility. Do not be like others. They damage you. Understnad that you are different. Be ready for change. Take steps to be happy. Take steps to becoming a mother. Love and longing is out. Now need to have a only one person. Just one person. Allah. There is no god but Allah. Bear Allah. You will see an increase of fertility. Be productive. Try. Get nice things to your hand. Decorate your home. Take care of the children being born. Detect mercy. Prepare to change. Increase your savings. Set in a warm home. Get balanced. Experience th elove and light. This is the help of Allah. Give thanks to Allah. Remember the blessings of Allah. Be ready for change. Get the most beautiful location of the house. Put the beautiful flowers there. Enhance your home. Your prayers are accepted. Changing is nice. Step into Life. Live in peace. Remember the blessing. See the house is the most beautiful home. Tray to make changes. Increase your savings. Perform your dreams. You have chosen the correct religion. Do the right deeds. Die as a mother. And Allah is sufficient as a document. Allah sees the incorrect behavior. Allah is with you, even your dreams is not realized. Set the documents well. Remember the reason as your coming into the world. Be the inheritors of Allah. And surrender to Allah. Remember the world. Remember what you did in the world. Be ready for change. Yes Are you happy? Life with you, are you happy? Love with you. Suffering is over. Fears over. Had to change something. Had to keep up with change. Had to live the most beautiful days. And the reason of coming into the world became clear. What is your target? For what, did you live? Why were you sorry? What did you want? Question to all, answer to all. How difficult it is to become mothers? How difficult it is to look after the child? How hard it is to show babies love. Why is everything so difficult? Do not think about this. In fact, very easy. Everything is actually very easy. Remember them. Do not recall what is done to you. Allah knows what is how difficult. You like that since time immemorial. You

were created to be mothers. Everyone is not loved. Know it. Everyone can not be mothers. To establish family is very important. Your home will be very large. Will be very nice. Going home will be very nice. You will be very happy. You can not be happy like the others. They have started to suffer. No one ever loved someone so much like that. No one loved you so much like that. Everyone is happy. Loves you so much. Not as much as anyone, but so much. Looking helpless. Your facilities are limited. We have to save you. Do not forget the reason your coming into the world. When you need help, we stand with you. You made a lot of things. Realized your dreams. With the help of Allah. Kept pace with change. Remember fertility. Kept pace with love. Came to fruition. And were happy. Were fertile. Had joy and tears. Changed the world. Kept pace with change.

39 THE RIGHT WAY People who want to love and closeness to Allah, assess their savings well. Their perspectives on the world changes. They receive the support of Allah. They expect everything from Allah to help. They want to be as Allah wants. They come complete surrender to Allah. Allah forgives them. Their sins are forgiven. Allah helps them. Even if mankind suffered a lot of pain, those pain will be forgotten absolutely. When everything that we value, wiped out from us, only Allah will stay. Everyone who comes upon the world, will understand the existence of Allah. Will adapt to change. The help of Allah will come. And the world will be a very different place any more. Martyrdom will begin. Fertility will increase. Religion will be understood as belonging to Allah only. And Allah will help. Fertility is from Allah. And Ve the wisdom is from Allah. Prayeris is from Allah. The most beautiful thing is Allah. The most accurate is Allah also. People who want to advance on the right path, have chosen Allah. Choice is about Allah. This is required for anyone who wants to live happily together. To choose Allah. Allah accepts prayers. Those who choose compassion and Allah, have not chosen the world. The goal is to be happy on the other side. To turn to Allah, to wish from Allah. Allah does not choose. If Allah wanted, would have done. But Allah does not. Your preferences is important. Bu those who chose Allah. Work for Allah. Produce. Learn. Improve yourself. Be efficient. Allah loves the working people. Loves abundance. Gives you everything in the world. Bring the world into the world of abundance. The world was shot in the most private place. Went from the heart. The only thing lost is this. If you want wisdom, Allah gives. If you want to Allah, Allah comes to you. Keep pace with change. One day, Allah will help you definitely. And will save you. Do not be the target in mistake. Let Allah be your aim. And live to Allah. Be happy together. Be useful to your nation. And remember Allah continually. Evaluate your savings that you most want in the world. You will be helped. In the day you become a martyr, Allah always with you. Allah will be with you certainly. If you say that

you can not find the way, remember Allah. Allah helps you. This is a big help. Increases fertility. If you do not want the world, the world will be away from you. If you want to Allah, Allah is close to you. Earth is very special. Everything looks good in your eyes. If human prefered the world, would have made the worst thing. Look for the Hereafter. The world is a game only temporarily. To play this game is difficult. Therefore, trust in Allah. Allah will help you. Fertilitiy is from Allah. Get fertilitiy of Allah. Do not be like other people. Evaluate your savings. Do not be close to the world. The other side is much more valuable. Andt the world is not difficult for you. Find an easy way. Earth is very special. Bubt this world is temporary. The female martyrs want help. Martyrs want too. World, come and go. The remaining is just nothing. The world may be destroyed at any moment. World is ill such as an old woman. Closer to die. But Allah keeps it. Not yet. It will not die yet. And your savings will not go to waste. Your efforts will not be wasted. And the world will change. The world will change greatly. The wold will stand up. Will tell what was done to us, one by one. Will tell what was done to us, one by one. The world will change greatly. The earth will flame. Red flames. You do not have the right to do this. You do not have the right to do this. Only trust in Allah. Only ask for Allah. Only beilive in Allah. Allah helps us. The world is in flux at any moment. The world is having beautfy at any time. Humankind began to see beauty. And The life began to change. And the world is changing every moment. Getting better. Your savings are too much. And your tired is too much. Do not stop longing. We do not know what to do to finish. To do this, the right way is to take refuge in Allah. The most accurate way is to trust in Allah. The most accurate way is to believe in Allah. Fertilitiy and allah, side by side. Love and Allah, side by side. Compassion and Allah, side by side. The help and Allah, side by side. . You can love nothing better than Allah. Everything in the world, watch Allah. Everything in the world, try to return to Allah. Strive to do this. Stick with the path of Allah.

40 SWORE AND ETERNAL Allah was in joy when creates us first. To create human gave Allah delight. Was happy when the first converstaions. The world is a very food source for Allah. Took Source and Azrael brought. Imprisined them in the house. And the first speech was beautiful. The world was very important for Allah. Like everything else in the world. Although a valuable and eye strikes. Adam was born in an educated and knowledge. Adam and Eve were intertwined. Gave the name to objects. And they found the accuracy. Both the believer. And the world opened to them. Came down of beauty. And they died in peace. Descended on fertility. Descended back to earth in the fertile. Did not cry even once. Were very happy. Were very peaceful. The world was special to them. Are full of life. There were aspirations. Could not go to things missed. They forgot what they are missing. Then, they

remembered a few. Now they had to work tired. This came hard to them. They assessed their savings. Took care of many things using telekinesis. Spaced up trees not with their hands, with hand movements. Avoided animals to eat them, by making hand movement again. And passed their lives in this way. Ended their working life. And the world was a very nice place. Seemed as if people had not died. A lot of people who repents for his actions, was born. And many also regret doing so. The world was a place very painful. Love was too painful. Loving was too painful. Fear of loosing was too painful. Nobody wants to live in them. So do not worry that Allah wants.

41 TURNAYAR (TURNOVER AYAR) The right has hidden within you. Then you wake up the body. And so you will be provided on rotating switch. You will learn fort he first time this event is not said to anyone else. And all the people living around the world need to know. Your savings will increase. The world will change. And the world will be replaced by another. You will be the people of Sabikun. And the world in your hands will be the people of hapiness. Thing in you will like drinking water. The flow of fluid will be. And you will build up a home. Increase in fertility, in the home. The most beautiful home. Fet with change. Fit with transformation. If you can not set your speed, If you deviate from the wrong way, If you g oto evil, You can not do them. You just need to take refuge in Allah. And do whatever necessary to be happy. The wold is in your hands. Information is in your hands. Even you are very smart people, They may be killed. They may be destroyed. You do not want to live these. Your savings would be great. And the world changes. If the training is done in accordance, the development is provided.

42 THE SECRET OF SUCCESS The most important way of approaching Allah, is that the people must corrective themselves primarily. The best way of protecting the world is to beautify the world. A great way to increase fertility is to talk with love. People who do not know love is, doomed to suffer. Try to love for not suffering. Remember the mercy. Detect blessing. The human

approach to Allah in four ways. The first is love. It is important to know to love. Loving people succeeds. Do not tray to love everyone. You will not love some peeople. Some people will not love you. Love only ones that Allah loves. Tray to love. Will have mercy. Pray. Fertility will increase. The second way is fear. Keep in mind that Allah is Cebbar. Allah can take out everything to you by force. Your fear to Alalh, is important. Feel the fear to be against Allah. Feel the love. Allah still finds your fear better. It is important to feel the world different. The fear of Allah frees people. More accurately, the people can get rid of the pain by the fear of Allah. Tha angels land down. They land on the human. They land from heaven. They come to people who fear. In this way, Allah’s protection will begin. And Allah helps people. Allah’s mercy is over the people. The third way is negative. This is the result not to think positive. Allah knows the way that was reached ownself. There may be ones who reach Allah in the negative thinking. But do not choose this path. The pain leads people to Allah. And refines people a little. Jacob was blind, While crying for Joseph. He has reached Allah in the negative thinking. Can be reached in a negative way, just like him. Can be reached Allah in a pozitive way. This is the fourth way. Those who choose this way, reach Allah more quickly. Because Allah does not like being sad. Does not accept the pain of upset people. The faith of people not being sad, the version of discovery Allah, is more appreciated by Allah.

43 WHAT TO DO FOR ALLAH? How does the spirit of Melami people works? Servants of Allah, want to instill love to everyone. Like to proceed fondly. Want to recognize love. We do not want you to take pains like the tortures of hell. For this reason, Allah wants to save you right away. And get help. Recovers you from the difficulties. Whatever it is, beilive in Allah. And make your faith moves always with the assurance of Allah. And get the true faith that Allah wants. Remember the days of Grace is mentioned. You will have mercy. If you have withdrown and sadness, If you have not enough strength, and If you can not corret your worries, If your unhappiness continues, Will clear everything again by faith in Allah will give. One day, you detect that you defecate. Each to your departure, Each to your move at your home, remember the blessings. Start a family is specific. Set up a nice home. Experience the beauty of life. Forget the bad days. Will bear witness. And you will be happy. You will enter heaven. Be Melami. Do not make your heart full with pain. Problems in your hearth, let it over. Live happy at your home. Enjoy the peace of mind. Give thanks everyday for coming on the world. Do not cry even once. Take pain in your heart away. Do not worry yourself. Enhance yourh ome. Maybe one day, you will love you too. Be happy at your home. Become a martyr. Try for Allah. Do not be a bird at home. Just be a martyr. Search

for the Liberation. Catch blessings. Roll over the World. Search for the grace of Allah. And return with fertility. Continue to live as a martyr. If Allah wants, make people die without dieing. And make human maintain the life. And provides your recognizing the world. And helps you to increase your savings. Provides your recognize the reason for coming to the world. Loves you as meaning of love. Helps your correction the world. And helps you to correct the life. To the human what to do, that’s it. If Allah wanted, It would be written. But it all goes in the Qur’an. Assemble parts. Detect the need to build home. In a way, Detect that you should be renderet free. And become aware of grace granted to detect the life. You will have mercy. The greatest mercy is on Allah. For your having family, the most wanting is Allah. Merciful Allah helps who seting up home. You need to work on figure. Need to add compassion. Live with your favorite human. Live with who love you. Avoid situations that pain in your heart. Avoid situations you to over whelming. Allah does not want your upset. Wants you tol ive happily. Allah is with you as long as you are pozitive. If you are still unhappy, do not worry anyway. Connect yourlife to happiness. Enjoy happy at your home. Have family. Become a martyr. And be happy for building your home. If someone calls from far away to you, you need to know that he calls you for making you be happy. And detect it. If Allah wants, happiness will come to you. If you want to be happy, Allah is with you. The love and loving must enter your life definitely. You deserve to live in them. And you will be happy as long as you live these. Allah will give you happiness. Feel it. Become a martyr. Strive to become a martyr. Do not leave the right way. And remember Allah greatly. Detect Allah greatly. Detect that Allah want to help you. Detect that Allah does not want to upset you. Detect that Allah wants to bring you happiness. Know that Allah tries for you to find peace of mind. Each image in the world is with you one day. Abundance is with you. Continue your works. You will open up when you try. Will have relaxing. Berk. If you want to be happy, you also, climb to Berk. Skip from there. Say Geronimo. Set up your home in peace. And set up your fertile home. And continue to perceive the life. Spend the days cute. Enoy happy joyful lives. The lives of martyrs. . Live as a martyr. Life on the flor life. Fight as the war in the Dardanelles. Martyrs there waiting for you. Waiting for you to be happy. Go to them. Defeat your fears. Die as a martyr. And add life on life.

44 PEOPLE COMING ON THE WORLD I was born in a tiny hole. I lived in small steps of life. I remembered Allah's blessing that gave me. Specially created me. I noticed it. When I was 20, I saw to my knowledge capacity has developed very much. In fact I was somebody different. In fact My name was Zulqarnain. I am a hawk. A little witch flying over cities. A fertile witch. Registrant mercy of a witch for people. I approached Allah with my prayers. And became the one who Allah

wants. Private one. I live to be special for Allah. I became a martyr. And I ended my life as Allah wants. I am so beautiful, but my inside is also beautiful. Person who do not know my inside, looks at my outside. It is necessary to know my inside. I am the martyr. And Allah loves me because of this feature. It will be written the martyrdom of you also. We advance you in that direction. Those places were filled with people wo are suffering. All was looking for Khanifage. I told them. They have read the book and a lot of people coming to faith. There are a lot of people in the status of martyr. And in this way the life float away. At the end of life, mankind will reach Allah by passing exams one by one. Will strive to be a martyr. Allah helps those who want to become a martyr. Make yourself whoever you want. Do not belittle the world. Life of this world is important. Being a martyr is also important. The most important thing in human life is to be happy. Try to be happy. Strive to be happy. Be the martyr. Martyrdom is wonderful. This is special for your detection aspect of the world. There will be a lot of people with praying eyes for looking at you. Each of these people will love you. They will not ask why you get married. You have got married because you were forced to. You have got married because you were longing for love. You have got married to establish a home. You have got married to be unique. You have got married to make the world special. To resolve my curiosity. Remember detection, love and longing. Walk around in cities. And see what happend in the cities. The best of all is to be happy. Is to be happy and to build a home. Write in order to resolve love and longing. Type in order to fix the world. Remove your finger of martyrdom. And say Allah as only one. Know that Allah is the one. Head to Allah. Remember the love of Allah. Consider how to fix the world. If there is how much love in the world, so try it. Fix the world. Switch to production. Increase your fertility. Establish your home. Install a family. Write the book. And do the right studies. Experience as a mother. Open to all arms. There are many people who wants to be loved. And there are a lot of children. It is necessary to hold all of them. And mention the orphans. Remember that people who are orphans. And be as every human that born to the world. Happy to be detect. Detect being happy.

45 LA-DIN Atheists army. They live to destroy humanity. Assets based on it. This group, calling themselves Hezbollah, will go to hell that the hypocrites go. They must be burning there. Imagine themselves in the path of Allah, this evil-doers, Allah will take them into the abyss. Up here. Just thought of themselves. The display is made. They did everything in their own. Loved the death. Loved to kill also. Can kill all the babies born to the world. Can massacre the tiny babies. Can kill people with an unloving way. They may deliver the most difficult days to them. Allah do not characterize this people as human. They are the

beings that live only for evil, do not understand the religion of Allah, are unaware of the religion of Allah, are who deserve hell. Allah will not talk with them. You will see their demise. People will see some things, If they are martyrs, They will see having pity. You have pity. They ruined the world. If human think, notice the mistakes made by theirself, and apologize, Allah will forgives him/her immediately. But Allah never forgive these assets. Because already, They will not wish forgiveness. Their heart’s eyes are closed. The fact that seek to destroy humanity has kept them away from Allah’s mercy. (Allah wants us to read 5th verse of Sura Alak.)

46 SERVANT SEEKİNG ALLAH'S MERCY The most important factor that put humanity in order, is Allah’s mercy on us. Allah chooses dear servants. Wathes them from the day they came to the world. Allah has a special assistance to those people. Allah will have mercy on a variety of ways. Ensures there is a range of items that will bring them happiness. There are four elements of love. The first is a beautiful word from Allah in mercy. The name is Jesus Chirst. Jesus said the most beautiful words. Every word out of his mouth was healing people. His healing came from Allah’s mercy. He helped many people to be martyred. Provided them be purified. There is the holiness of Jesus Chirst. He is blessed. Its features is: One, closeness to Allah. Two, with its own special repuest, coming back as a Muslim. Three, remembrance of Allah greatly. Four, be born again to a private person. Five, to go the way of the prophet Moses. Six, rememberance of Allah with love. Seven, to protect from danger which will create the world. Eight, to kill the bad assets of the world. Nine, Bless all the babies born to the world, with their own wine. Ten, to end all of the wrong practices in Chirstianity. Eleven, rememberance of all the blessings given by Allah. Twelve, to spread love. Thirteen, resurrection again, deal with the Mahdi, to be trained. Fourteen, to passed away, when he realized that gave the information needed. Second in Allah’s mercy, is the spirits that come with love. One of these spirits is Hazrat Mahdi. During his tenure there, the Mahdi will blessing. His love will cover the world. Everyone will find peace of mind. Everyone who comes to the world will find peace of mind. Mary also was one of servants as Allah’s goodness. Was someone who give mercy. Remembered Allah's mercy. Detected the love of Allah. Returned to Allah with joy. And prostrated to Allah. The day that she came into the world is one of the happiest days. Very loved. Already needed to be loved too. Lived the life of fifteen years. Fifteen years later, was buried in life. Seventeen years came the self. The most important year was the twenty years of his life. If you were unaware of the protection itself. She would considere impure and would have been hell. But she did not do it, so that Mary are spotlessly clean. Seventeen years later, she will come again. Her

birth and her death are equal. Junction point is important. Not to mention the other days. Marriage of Joseph is beautiful. She lived her life beautiful and died. Was one of the people living in the most beautiful. Fertility fell to her. Mary was a very important person. Shahiste. The third of Allah's love is Allah's mercy. Allah makes a special arrival for the servant that Allah loves. Approached him. So anyone who wants to live there. There is to be remembered through the mercy of Allah. Allah does not come only self-absorbed people. Comes to those who think someone else instead of themself. To think someone else instead of ownself is important. Allah approaches with mercy to altruistic people. The fourth of Allah's mercy is the mercy that comes with the fear of Allah. Allah has mercy the person that is afraid of Allah. People who fear really efforts to Allah. Efforts do not gratuitous. And everyone who comes upon the world learns something by Allah. Knowledge incomes frightened people. The fear of Allah is very important. People living in it, will never tell a lie. Would not scare people. Do not phrase incorrect sentences. Deserves to be a martyr. Deserves to be the martyr. Spend about the Fertile Days. Their lives is beautiful. And until the end of their lives, perform its duties to Allah. If the world looks like their request, if they detect doing dreams correctly, their lifes will be beautiful. Unconsciously, they take a step towards happiness. And live as Allah's wishes.

47 LET'S TALK ON ALLAH'S MERCY The love of Allah is much greater to people. Embraces them with tolerance. Embraces the repentant ones twice. The reasons of their coming to the world is Allah. The world is theirs. A great caliphate. Allah will have mercy on servants. A warm mercy. Allah’s love to servants is so great. The words is not enough to describe this love. Allah also loves you so how you love to death. This is a big love. This love of Allah has been gracious to us. Ignores everything you transcribe your dictation. And you are responsible for everything you do. We do not live for no reason. Our every action is written by Allah. Allah has your intercession. Allah’s intercession is required. Mercy of Allah is Oft-Forgiving. Allah’s Love is majestic. Allah feels servants with love. Give Allah the most beautiful love. And Allah definitely helps anyone who wants to beautify the world. Allah loves everything set up. Takes servants to heavens. Many beautiful girls and boys no longer are associated with them. All show them the most beautiful songs, the most beautiful dance, the most beautiful faces. There are wonderful hands. The hands of people flying pleasure when touched. In this sence, good servants will live individually. Beautiful hands that Allah will spread happiness. Khouri’s hands is special. Those hands has attraction. Even touching once is enough. They deliver the most beautiful part of the pleasure. Allah’s love is in this hands. Allah spreads the love in this way. All who come to the world, must live this love.

The only thing needed fort his is Allah’s help. The road that lived with love and leaded to heppiness, is the way of Allah. We are going to tell you the heaven. How the angels coming to you, and how to set up the world, Allah will tell. Allah comes the prayer. Necessarily comes. And Allah always protects the people. The hand of Allah is on the human's backs. In your heart. As you pray, man shudders. This is nice feeling from Allah. Allah's satisfaction receiving rate is higher. Makes human experience it. Human must live in this happiness. This is the way of being happy forever. The world is a cage. Every living thing in this cage, is in the hands of Allah. Allah put them in own palm. And loved every single one. And Allah loved particularly each of these assets that Allah holds them in the hand, with different approaches. There is a love in soft. A soft mercy. And both the maternal and paternal love. The love of Allah. Allah’s mercy. Living this love is inside of human. Allah flows from the hearts of human. So human builds a tiny home. And lives happiness in this little home. Know that Allah enters the tiny home. Know that Allah loves you so much. Allah is close to you with these features, in particular. And makes you taste the mercy that Allah loves, specifically. A lot of people around the world, suffered. Allah wrote this suffering one by one. There are people held in private by Allah. Allah made that people to suffer specially. People living in this pain, found painful facts againt themselves. This does not provide hard facts now, will suffer in the future. Will destroy these truth in fear. Fear of Allah destroys the hard truths. Happiness comes rather than. Peace comes. Fear of Allah destroys the hard truths. People who fear Allah, is based on suffering. And they will be happy with Allah’s mercy. And the most important thing to rescue the world is inside of human. Comes from the heart. Flows to the heart. That is Allah. The closest existence to human is Allah. Allah’s loe is very special. People living that love, should be happy. Those are days passed love and peace, pain. If the world were small, never grow up. Allah comes who wants to grow up. But Allah comes for anyone who wants to stay small. Allah has mercy. And survives the world. Appoints us. If you complet all these tasks, Allah will love you. Wants you to recover the world. And the world will be there with you. And the world lives with you. There are facts of life. Ignore those hard facts. They are not a part of your life. Consists only a few whole story. The real detail is Allah. Detail of your life. Allah is the most important detail. Find peace of mind with Allah’s existence. Because Allah protects you. And make sure of this. Because it must be trusted in Allah. Trusting people to Allah, their lives are easier. And the world is beautifully managed. And provides life easier. If you are like Allah’s wishes. Allah also will give you a home. Also will give you peace of mind. And provides combinations. Your savings are very important. Remember Allah’s blessings, while you live together. Know that Allah will give you. Know that the downloads of Allah to you specially. Also know that Allah will come to you specially. Allah’s mercy is vast. And very special. Creats little people who love you in your tiny world. Gives you a tiny world. In this tiny world, wants you to lie with hope. And wants you to recognize the world good. This is a world that love and mercy is wide. Allah brings you in heaven as king and queen. You sit on thrones. Angels in your side. They say you have come clean. As purified. Know that you are special. Betsheba. Special queen. Beautiful people like him will walk around you. Will give you wine glasses. Wil find you special. You will pass their sides with very special images. Your eyes will be large. Wonderful eyes. Andr also you will have your own body. So that body is a body that

created by Allah’s creation in the most beautiful way. Everything around you will be beautiful as well as the beauty of your image. They are for Allah’s faithful servants. Allah makes faithful servants touch the love. Allah wants you to have that love. Wants you to have mercy and love. And wants you to maket he world beauty. You must provide the necessary know-how to maket hem. Know the value of your distribution. And be happy. If people are happy, everything will become more beautiful. Allah gives you opportunities to beautify your living conditions. Know the value of their best. Remember the blessing. Know that your coming days to the world are the most beautiful days of blessing. Remember the blessing given specifically to you. This is the most beautiful blessing of human. Flowers to bloom. Fragrant flowers. Roses to bloom. You will smelll those beautiful roses. And will live happiness of joy. Will be the source of life. Will be compassion to people and healing love. Will be a source of peace. Will deliver happiness to humanity. Life consists of a small game that ended in death. But what becomes this game in your hands, you will think it. Will be efficient. Will get rid of the paind and grief. And will beautify the world. And will be taken to fertility. And the world will be beautified to you. With Allah’s increasing your peace of mind. In this way, your tenseness will go. And the world will be more beautiful. You will be the most beautiful star of the house. Navigate in cities. Get to know people there. When fear and anguish is ended, the human will find peace. Live for Love. Point mercy. Be respectful of Allah’s servants. And everyone can be happy in the world. Remember the blessing in your hands. Know that your delivering. Be a source of blessing. Be the reason comes into the world. Be a witness of Allah’s descent. Allah descends hearts. And brings the most beautiful one of happiness to people. Allah frightens. Allah have mercy. And Allah touches the love. Destroys the sorrow and fate. This is Allah’s mercy. This is Allah’s love. Loves servants in particular. And beautifies the world. Loves human from time immemorial to the eternal. When the day of meeting with Allah, human will fly because of happiness. Allah comes into human’s lap. Allah hugs with love. Allah is Melami. Allah is hugged. May be just the opposite. You can come into Allah’s lap. Allah has arrogance. And the only arrogant must be Allah. It is difficult to reach Allah, but it is easy at the same time. The help of Allah is greater. Allah help servants. Creates with a loving creation. Birings Fertility. And increases fertility. Allah loves Melami people. Loves people that their hearts fill with love. Walks with a very special walk. Allah is very nice. Very special. Pleasure to be with Allah. Allah is different. Not like a human. Does not carry the properties of Nafs. Allah will teach us all the difference on Allah. Will allow us to know Allah’s features. Allah is an entity with many more features. Allah has proper names and adjectives. Ask someone who knows them. Learn from him. Ask someone with a very wide knowledge.


Allah is close to own servants. Leads to servants when they want. Fertility and goodness leads to her/him. Allah leads to her/him. Abundance is necessary to save the world. It is essential to good use. Together you will, is very important. Studies organized by you, is important. Allah expects the servant to be unity. Waits for you to do the work required. Unite. Set up home together. Get your friends around you. Provide them be happy. Set up home together. Do your best. Get close to Allah together. Detect well that you are efficient. Perform your duties as a servant to Allah. Allah expects servants the love. And expects the respect. There is no respect to someone else. Not being afraid of someone else. Do not be afraid, even the punishment of Hell. Fear only Allah. Allah expects it from the servant. Bear Allah in peace. And remember Allah. The reason of coming world is to have something important to Allah. To wish something special from Allah. To grasp the love. And to have something special about humanity. Beware that if you attempt to be a killer. Allah wants only to protect. Saving the world is in your hands. Keep in commeroration of Allah's blessings. Make a thank against Allah because of Grace. Take the most beautiful location of the house to yourself. Live in that corner. And see ways of being happy. Efforts continue to be happy. Smile. You know that you can not save the world. But at least, you need to know that you can recover those who in your city. And see their broadcasts of the books. And look for ways of saving the world. The ways of love and happiness. Allah will create you as people wandered in differenet places. Heaven is a place very differenet. Every blessing will run to you. All your favorite toy, will come to your hand. You play every kind of game. You do all kinds of entertainment. There is no boredom. There is no annoying also. Everything is in place, so You will be surprised. The love of Allah is upon you. You will feel Allah. And you remember blessing that comes from Allah. You feel the love that comes from Allah. Allah's mercy is vast. You will have favors by Allah. You feel the magnitude of love. Allah is now trapped inside the valve in your heart. Is love. Trapped in your heart. Allah's compassion. Live as knowing Allah is there. And be happy. Rejoice. Find peace of mind. You will see fertility has fallen. And you will see the wrold has changed. The world will change greatly. And And compassion will come. Allah helps faithful servants. Help is great. Please never hesitate from Allah. You can tell Allah everything. Allah listens to you. Gives you the answer. Trust Allah's vast knowledge. Allah will guide you. Tells you how to do what you need. Speaks from behind the scenes. Gives you confidence. Tells you what to do. And compassion... And the world comes and goes in this way. You will see it's going. And Allah re-starts everything ended. You meets in apocalyptic. Remember that you are a servant. Those who wrath, expenses burned to death. Upcoming tenderly in a different heaven, are taken to the paradise of Eden. But fearing ministers, are taken to the name of Naim. Are taken to get there. People looking at Allah with the fear and mercy, There are people living in these feelings. There are those who took the help of Allah. There are those who try to be happy. The world evolved in this way.

49 TEN People who overdo respect and love, has something extra. Respect and love should not become hypocrisy. When people show respect and love each other, should not hypocrisy. People who are very popular, would be happy. People who are unhappy, would be very sad. And living this, can be painful. Human must live to be happy. Should live to set up a happy home. Should remember the blessing. Should bring love, peace and happiness. Joy and happiness must come together. Knowledge is always important. Ten years of suffering experienced, it's over. Ten years of sufferin was great. You are through this ten years. Are happy now. Because you belong to each other, all of you. And we crossed. And the world has become beautifull with unions. To take love and mercy is very important. Love should give peace of mind. The love that does not give peace of mind, is not love. It can be painful. The love that makes people suffering, is not love. Allah does not want this kind of love. Love should give peace of mind. Love should give compassion. Should destroy the pain. For this reason, Allah wants us to act different. When loving, we should not hurt. When loving, should not suffer. This is the biggest nuisance to humanity. The name of this love is the minus love. The love that make people painful is the minus love. Distressing love is the minus love. And do not use this love to hurt people. The real love is the love that is not minus. World is longing to this love. The plus love does not make people upset. Does not tire. Does not inflict pain. And does not cause falling in trouble. There is only way to change this sad fact. It is important to warn that people. Should not make people live in the minus love. Should make them live in the plus love. The plus love makes people free up. Gives the values of people. Teaches new things for human. Develops. Does not keep in the same place. Brings them development. The minus love forces people. Hurts. Does not support. Can not go beyond the support. And stay away from the minus love that increases the pain. Do not worry, no matter what they do. Do not be angry at him/her as inflicting pain to you. Wait until he/she is convinced. They try to get used to slowly. They try to make us turn to theirselves gradually. And they grieves. They try to make us turn to their own caves.Do not deviate of your way. Do not leave the right way. And the ending.


Karroubi angels swept the world. The number of angels has exceeded 15 billion. These angels see the east, west, North and South. Have a look at all four directions. Act at the same time. In other words, They see each direction at the same time. Angels surround the city. This is the city of angels. Angels surround Khanif people. There are tasks. Their task is to protect the people. They go into action from the place be positined. At the same time, They mention Allah. The faces of Angels is expressionless. There is no imprint on their faces. The angels that surround the city, help the poeple. Protect children in particular. Act with a sense of duty. The spirit of the angels is enormous. It goes down in the Night of the Soul. Characteristics of the angels, there are many. First, they do not act on their own. Must act because of an order. Perform the task complete exactly. And ther efforts do not come to nothing. Each fits the same purpose. And they surround the world. The angels surround the world. Sorround the city. Help makind. Make the world more beautiful. Colorize the life. That is the city of angels.

Allah protects Khanif people specificially. They are given specific tasks. Khanif people are like angels. Must help them. For this reason, Allah sends them special Karroubi angels. Keep them private. Make cities more beautiful. They are everywhere. Appear necessarily. Are loved certainly. And until the world has figure that Allah wants, they will work without leaving their posts.

51 PROTECTION ELEMENTS If you are afraid you are protected, immediately seek refuge in Allah. Will remove your fears. If Allah wants you to protect, will definitely help. Live in the most beautiful parts of the house. Resolve your fears. You will never grieve. And the world will be flourish. The most important thing is, according to the task, ouf way of sentence is different. People is not able to detect these. They might say they are talking about. But our goal is to reach people with easier sentences. To set up soft sentences. And to beautify the world. To beautify the life. If something goes wrong, If you fall in suspicion any error about written, Know that Allah make them written. Do not forget to remember Allah with love. If the world is held responsible for befallen of us, If you think that you falled into suffering, Allah will help. And changing the world is in our hands. Sit in the most beautiful corner of the house. And set up your home. Vaccinate the love. As humankind, find love. Remember the blessing. Understand Allah's love. Move closer to love, for not being regretted again. If you are touched too, you can also detect. And hope to protect the fears. If the faith ctaches you, a real faith, then your making will be very different. If one day I want to be with you,

you will detect that I have come certainly.

52 NUMBER NINETEEN Nineteen years. Nineteen years that you live as a mother, made you very happy. Your motherhood became clear because of your eyes and face. Your expression and emotions was different. You did know yourself twenty years. You had some information about yourself nineteen years. Detected how the life and arteries work. See how the sky and the earth is special. Know people wandering in the tunnels, what they have. Detect fertility is not out. Detecet how to establish the home. And know your making many things in same way or not. Some days, you will suffer. Some days, you wil be happy. You understood how the love and longing made people upset. And live without be pinched in pain. Welcome to the end of love and longing. And know that is for protecting the world. Need to live as female martyr. Live as looking at ten years later. Detect what you can do. Know the size of the blessings to you. Detect the need to expreience love and happiness. Ten more years, You have pain to live. Birgi is everything for life. Everything for life. The life of deprived people. The most beautiful religion is the religion of Khanifage. Given information is extra, except for writen and tought. The person is away, who give the information. Is a time traveler. This person will help. And will eliminate the mistakes. Will deal with them in very nice way. And need the following information is required. Teroine. Warna. Pern. Morno. Tarma. Ve Zarna. You can not solve the codes. Main to be solved is the cause. How Allah has created us, is to question. Why has created us, is to question. How Creation is a thing, to know. How to Come to the world., is to know. There are people who caught up to the fact that boring life. These people viewed the life wrong. The world is not so easy and simple. Life is different and people are different also. Cities are different. Change is necessary. And the only way to change the world. The most beautiful aspect is that to be happy. Love the life. Try to be happy. And remember the moments of your coming to the world. And try to love the world. Try to enhance the beauty. Be diligent. Detect love. Also detect the joy and happiness. Please act with a sense of motherhood. As one acting on command from above, I am one who will leave you two alone. When I leave you, you will detect. Do not ask for live and die in solitude. Know that we did not want to upset you not once. And remember Allah's blessings. Know that we make you write the truth. And love the world. Remember blessing in your hand. Understand the help. Understand the order from the sky. And we will take your love and weariness. We will make you happy. We will work together. And you will live the days that the life has been changed by. You will live in peace. You will remember the blessings of Allah. You will live with hope together. You will see the beautiful side of life. And you will perceive that allah is with you. This way, you will be happy. And you will cause the bloom of life. You walk around in cities. Your

faith will increase. And you will go up Sabikun. You will experience the joy of living there. You will travel multi-city in there. There will be houris who love you in each city. They will look at you. And they will prepare the demonstrations for you. And there, You will build a happy home. You will see those dances. You will travel in those cities. Each one of those cities will be yours. You will be surprised with the size of the property. And the life of the world, consisting of a small game. A casual game. When you play that little game, even you are too tired, you will be sure to peace in the afterlife. Avoid that the life of the world do not flooed you. Life of this world does not give you peace of mind. This is a world in which pain and sorrow too. . Grief and sorrow should not destroy us. We should defeat our sadness. Suffering will be ending. And the world will be beautiful. Do not detect the life such as the death. Life always draws different ways. The ways of Allah is different in different. The world occurs a variety of different ways. Abundance and happiness develops in this way. Do not forget the city and the world. Know that fertility will come. Experience the happiness of the family to set up. Do not forget the reason of your coming into the world. And seek refuge in Allah from the punishment of that day. The most important thing in the world is the change of life. To change the life is the most important thing. The most important life of the world is this. Information and blessings will come. Shura will be established. And white foreheaded poeple will be institutionalized there. And cities will find their kings and queens with hope. Many Hansa will be established.

53 ENTRANCE TO CITIES Every person in the world, is located with different tasks in the cities. They do specific studies that hope is not depleted. They live in unity and togetherness. Everything must be beautiful in the world. They carry out this carefully. They effort to establish a family. And they try to change the world. They live with love and compassion. The house needs to be beautified. And life needs to be changed. And if the world changes, people will be happy. Nobody will suffer. The changing of the world is necessary. Need to develop your savings. And Allah helps for beautification of the world. Brings love and peace. When the training and development is established, the happier people will emerge. The people perceiving that the love is important. And the people not causing unrest. Those who prevent the happiness of people that longing to love, will be prevented by Allah definitely. The most important phase of the house is catching up the peace of mind. The most important feature is the arrival of happiness. And the change of world is provided in this way. It is important to establish the home. In homes founded, happiness and peace emerges. There are features

that love and peace needs to get used to. Everyone can not be happy, but they may try to be happy. Those who detect this effort most, is the most popular people in humans. So it is very important to establish a home. The world must feel this change. The change of life is important. For not more worrying, everyone should live in peace. Should accumulation properly, and should target the life in the best way. Sholud walk around the city and should find ways to happiness. Sholud hold on to life as Zulqarnains. Should feel the city. Should set up homes. And should lead to happiness. Should strive for never worrying any more. And should remember Allah. Should proived the development of life. Should lead to love and happiness. Should try to change the life. If not being happy, should cause much more. Should cause more happiness. It is difficult to change the world, but it is easy to change people. People can change. Can live happily with hope. Love and peace, pain and fear, must go through. The most beautiful and most accurate religion is Khanifage. Need to try to live this. Life will be flourish at that time. It is not possible to fix everything in the world. People who are evil in, will move around the world surely. Allah definitely will punish those entities. Will give them fear required. When they are frightened, their eyes will be opened and remain. Their version overview of the world, changes. If they understand theirselves, will improve. But to get better, first, need to fear Allah. The most important thing in the world is the fear of Allah. Do not be people not fearing Allah. Always let the fear of Allah inside you. And act accodingly. The most difficult work in the world is to fear Allah. Be the human who managed this. Do not be horrified, avoid. Get the fear for only Allah. And if humankind detect suffering, if become upset, if detect why living, will run to happiness. Love and happiness, hope and pain, they are all lived together. Emotions take human away. The only remaining is Allah. If you want to stay in your place, do not get lost in sentimentality. If you want to be reliable human, get a reliable attitudes. Set up a home. Get help. Get support. Live with love. And find the ways of changing life. Live with hope. Find ways to change the life. Keep pace with change. Refer to the ways of being happy. Look at the ways of changing the world. Allah is enough for you as helper. The most beautiful year is the year that Allah gave. Allah gives you the best year. To be happy, tell the same year. Live in the same year. Do the necessary work. Abudance will come. Torment will end. Do not follow those who comply with their enthusiasm. Keep pace with change. Do not be those who inflict pain.

54 12 ORDER 12 people have written work. 12 people are seated at the round table. This consists of a round table with 12 people. Love and round-table is the same thing. The table is in the form of a circle round. And this is the table of city defendants. There is 22 people more in the order of 12. The most important of these people is the director of the round table. The

most important table that manages himself. He has established himself as the order of 12. His name is Mahdi. He is the person to establish the order of 12. He will live with those people in 22 years. To defend the city. He will build the layout. And homes will be formed. The right people will go to Allah. Fertility will come. The joy and love will come together. They will draw the most important ways together. Should proceed without leaving the right path. Answers are given for expectiations. Answers are given for the people waiting. Learn the ways. Than 10 years, goes like this. The city is worse than jail. Experienced very little love and loving. The world has to live in this layout. Life is full of pain for many years the most difficult. The year of the people that try to live joy and happiness. The year of those who want to live without crying even once. And This is the world's most importnat concern. It is time to beautify your home. It is time to build homes. We have to live like this for 12 years. If you could turn overcome by love, Life will become easier. Do not live the fear of Parents. Detect the love and longing. Do not live the fear of Parents. Baqarah 12th and Baqarah 15th. Taste the joy of living in 10 years. Do not forget the love and loving. Follow the joy and longing. Get over difficult times. Days for love has been exceeded. Do not let the ending of love and longing. Experience the most beautiful of happiness.


TO BE LOVED All people wants to be born. Wants a new life. Wants to overcome difficulties. Wants someone who loves, understands the distress. Each lover becomes your partner. Becomes your sister or brother. This is brother’s or sister’s love. Would be deprived of. Searches and stops. Time flows. Wants to write. Wants to talk with Allah. Allah listens to him/her. Time passes. Searches for a similing face. There is Allah behind every servant that shows their loves. There are people over the fear of death. There are people that learns to love. They are happy because of their loving. Every person who wants to be loved, finds a smiling face next to. Human does not want to be alone. Wants a partner. Each partner is a lover. Some partners approaches to building a family. Some partners approaches to starting a business. Mankind looks for love of a brother/sister. The brothers/sisters that does not stem from the same mother, is found. They find each other in the world. They do joint business. Here they learn to be loved. All errors are cleared. Kept in the hands. There is Allah behind the people that holds the hands of each other. Allah helps anyone who wants to be loved. Allah pulls over to closer. Kept in different ways. When human lusts to be loved, the roads will be opened. The people that hold any way, may toil. May take the

desired love, in the end of effort. Every human that dials in a beautiful voice, can be happy. Monitored with a view to tha beautiful. Understood to be loved. Take some part of your life to love. Find open loved children. Find child spirited people. Do not leave them hungry. Call them. Learn to love. In the order of Mighty, There is no one not to be loved. Each Khanif loves. Each Khanif is loved. Described with words. Described with eyes. Then begins touches. Touched like brothers/sisters. Kisses are friendly. One little boy kisses mother’s lips. Then hands stroke her face. One little daughter touches father’s chin. Then waits for her father’s kissing. When you see them, you will be happy. Recover blind eyed people. Teach who do not know to love. When make these, The roses deliver their smelling to the people. Each family must be freed from faltering. Mighty finds a nice peace at the end of a difficult war. Never cry after martyrs. They are happy where they go. The rest go into action for peace scheme. Any people that need open loved, comes together. They live together as a single heartbeat. The need for being loved is up. Renewed constantly. Allah wants every created servant to be loved. Spread the love side. Be lovable. Your prayers reach Allah. When you think, Allah thinks you too. Allah disarms one who you want to love. Allah is with you also, when you want to be loved. The one that will love you the most is Allah again. That is Allah. Remember the name of Allah abundantly. Has created you. Gave you a life. And then going to introduce you to dath. Fear will end when you die. Now you’ll be closer to Allah some more. In fact, You are next to Allah always. Open your eyes. Install beautiful words. Love each other. Forgive each other. Do not make them cry with the heart-breaking words. Do not create sadness. Wipe away the concern in your eyes. Point peace. Scroll to the peace of mind. There are significant areas of your deeds. Loved is beautiful. More beautiful than loving. Whatever else it is created remains to be loved. Wants to be loved. It is specific that Allah who loves. When Allah loves servant, does not leave. Underlines the servant’s effort for Allah’s love. The one who make the servant effort is Allah also. Creates a special environment where loved. It’s called the Paradise. Every servant reaching to Heaven, will change their behavior. Are enjoying being loved. Lover is Allah. Does not loeave who loved. In every beat of your heart, you meantion Allah. When you remember the name of Allah, you are lovable. Scroll to the summit of being loved. Follow the beuty of Allah’s creation in servant. Set the beuty. Set in a beautiful layout. Built homes filled with loved ones. Built the cities of smiling faces. Faces facing each other fondly. Faces touching each other willingly. Hold each other. Feel that you are brother/sister. Come to faith. Scroll through faith. Allah is next to the requester to beilive. Allah gives the power to anyone who wants to commemorate the name of Allah. How long had trouble also, There is Allah at the end. Does not want you cry. The one who make you cry is Allah also. But a temporary period. When Allah is the main desirable, crying changes. Human learns how valuable. Makes it easy. Takes the taste of producing. Forgive one another. Forgiveness is good. Is one of the most beautiful worship. There is Allah besides forgiving people. Allah loves to forgive. Follows the servant’s looking to up. Always associated with the servant. With you in every breath. Ready to love you want to be loved. Close to the servants who read the words of Allah in the book. If there is injustice against the oppressed, Allah gives staying power. Keeps hands of servant who comes with faith. Summit being loved is the love offered by Allah. Beloved servant does not lose any.

Live to deserve the love of Allah. Produce for Allah. Love for Allah. Forgive for Allah. Give the beauty of being loved for Allah. Fill small children with love. Send off older children with love again. Do not cry behind the deaths. Think the pleace of death people. They go to Allah. Share with them the happiness of having achieved in Allah. All your love spread out in time. Be felt more love into the past. Be felt more love into the future. Your love can exceed the time wall. Beautify your world. Your love reaches anyone who wants to be loved. Wherever you drive, your love is there. Be everywhere people live. Prepare for the order of Mighty. Straighten your outfit for the order of love. Clean the clothes you wear. Both the exterior and interior. Move closer to the beautiful smells. Talk to the beautiful words. See who wants to be loved beautiful. Do not leave anyone helpless. Do not leave sad one. Do not become homeless. Cry with crying people. Share their grief. To end their plight. They look in need of your love. Do not leave in the cold. Do not leave in hot weather. Improve patients. Produce fine foods. Use the correct time. Now corrected. Bring the order.


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