Weil, Simone - An Anthology

August 21, 2017 | Author: guscel | Category: Simone De Beauvoir, Thought, Feminism, Ethnicity, Race & Gender, Theology
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SIMONE WElL ( 1 909-1 943) is one of the most important thinkers of the modern period. The distinctive feature of her work is the indissoluble link she makes between the theory and p ractice of both pol itics and religion and her translation of thought into action . A brilliant philosopher and mathematician, her life rep­ resents a quest for justice and balance in both the academic and the p ractical spheres. A scholar of deep and wide eru dition, she became during the thirties an inspired teacher and activist. So as to experience physical labour at first hand, she spent almost two years as a car factory worker soon after the Front Populaire and later became a fighter in the Spanish Civil War. When her home city of Paris was occupied, she joined the Resistance in the South of France and became for a time an agricultural labourer before acceding to her parents' wish to escape Nazi persecution of the Jews by fleeing to New York. Leaving America, she joined the Free French in London where, frustrated by the exclusively intellectual nature of the work delegated to h e r, and weakened by a number of physical and emotional factors, she contracted tuberculosis and died in a Kentish sanatorium at the age of thirty-four. The bulk of her voluminous

oeuvre was published


SIAN MILES was born and brought up in the bi-cultu ral atmos­ phere of Wales and educated there and in France where she has lived for many years. She has taught at a number of universities worldwide, including Tufts University, Massachusetts, Dakar Unive rsity, Senegal and York University, Toronto. She now teaches at \Varwick University in England . Her other p ublica­

Geo rge Sand: JV/arianne; a translation of V iolet Echo; in collaboration, Paul Valery's CalziersfNote­ books; and Guy de Maupassant: A Parisia n Affair a nd O ther Stories (Penguin Classics).

tions include: Trefusis'


An Anthology Edited and Introduced by SIAN MILES


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