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1a)Developing Web Page Using Basic Html Algorithm Steps: Begin: Step 1: Create a HTML document. Step 2: Including the image of the college in the html document using the tag. Step 3: Using tag divide the html page as preferred. Step 4: Create relevant web pages for the college and display the menu in the left side of the window. Step 5: Make the respective forms to be displayed in the right side of web page when the menu is clicked End Main.htm Welcome to Kavery Engineering college!!!

Menu.htm Home Courses Offered Academics Achievements Contact Us Home.htm Knowledge Is Immortl!!! ABOUT US This college was established in the year 2006 and belong to Kavery Educational Trust VISION & MISSION

Our singular aim is to impart quality education with hight standards per excellence in Engineering and Technology, to provide an excellent infrastructure in a serene and conducive atmosphere that would motivate the students in pursuit of knowledge in Engineering and Technology. LOCATION The College is situated on the Salem Mettur highway and is about 350 kms from Salem Railway station and Airport.

Courses.htm Under Graduation: Bachelor of Engineering: Computer Science and Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of technology Post Graduation: Master of Computer Application Master of Business Administration

Academics.htm Code of conduct DISCIPLINE Students are expected to maintain discipline within the college premises, failing which they will be heavily fined, suspended or dismissed from the college. TEST MARK Students should get a minimum of 60% marks in each subject in all tests. Otherwise they should take a re-test in the concerned subjects after the college hours, till they secure 60% marks. INTERNAL / EXTERNAL PARTICIPATION Conduct of those students participating in functions / seminars etc in the college or outside should bring credit to themselves and to the institution. TUITION FEES Students are expected to pay the fees before the due date as notified by the College. Fees once paid will not be refunded. If any student discontinues the course in the middle, he / she has to pay the fees for the entire course

RAGGING AND EVE-TEASING (i)Ragging and Eve-Teasing are considered as crimes. They are strictly prohibited by an act promulgated by the Govt.of Tamil Nadu with a fine up to Rs.10,000\- and 2 years of rigorous imprisionment. (ii) Students indulging in any form of ragging or Eve-Teasing inside the college or Hostel premises or outside shall summarily be expelled from the college. DRESS CODE / LATE ARRIVAL Students are advised to come to the college on time with their I.D. cards and they should be neatly dressed in accordance to the college dress code and with the approved uniform during the practical classes. DRESS CODE: Boys: Formal pants with shirts neatly tucked in and formal shoes (Black or Brown color only) Girls: churidar or saree (Black cut shoe) CELL PHONES Use of cell phones by the Students is strictly prohibited in the college campus. TOP

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