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May 21, 2019 | Author: USER | Category: Scribd, E Books, Software, Online Services, World Wide Web
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This is the way to hack. Enjoy!...


Scribd is your personal digital library, where you have unlimited access to the world¡¯s largest collection of e-books and written works. Our premium subscription s ervice offers over 300,000 books from over 900 publishers, including New York Ti mes bestsellers, literary classics, groundbreaking non-fiction, and reader favor ites in every genre. We also have millions of user-uploaded written works, from landmark court filings to academic papers from scholars around the world. Scribd is compatible with all your devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and any web browser. Books are synced automatically, so you never have to search  for where you left off reading. And Scribd allows you to download books to read  anywhere - even offline. Now Lets Begin: This is a tip actually but you can call it a hack if you like always works like a charm Now lets see when you search a document on 'Scribd.com' it'll ask you to buy a p remium account and mostly it'll display 10% to 15% of the document you want to v iew if you are not a premium member Now to avoid this without spending a single penny "Yes, Guys It's Absolutely FREE" -> "Really how is this possible can i download the document also?? " yes, you can download for free on "Scribd.com" & view for free. There are a very  few steps to be followed carefully no need of any coding skills just if you kno w copy paste it's over Steps to be Fllowed : 1) Go to Scribd.com 2) Browse the e-book that you are willing to download. 3) Click on Download or Print tab. 4) The page now will redirect to the next page asking you to either Register for  1 Day pass or monthly premium Access, Now Scroll the page Downwards and click o n Upload now.

5) Then click on Upload. 6) Upload any Document you have(Note that the document must be legal and unique as according to the privacy norms of the Website). 7) After filing up the details of the e-book you ave uploaded click on You are d one. 8) Now Scroll the page upwards and click on go back to download your document cl ick here. 9) Now you must begin with your download dialog box. Note :Some times the website might not show the ''upload now'' don't fear they j ust redesigned the webpage so based on the "U.I" it'll be right side to you -> NOW HOW TO VIEW & PRINT THE DOCUMENT ??? (Only applicable for public documents only some times it'll work for the private  documents and novels also so try it first and comment next)

1. Visit the scribd document you want to download (Fully viewable but without do wnload button) 2. Copy the url from the address bar, It will look something like this. example: http://www.scribd.com/doc/65376234/19/Skeleton-Pattern Or it may have some extra part in the url like access key or secret password. 3. The number ¡°12351234¡± is the document id in the above url. 4. Right click on the document page, click View Page Source 5. In the page source Ctrl+F, search for access key, You will get something like  this. example: access_key¡±:¡±key-gsymmhzssxboo2mks1s¡° the text highlighted in red is the access key to the document. 6. Now change the document id and access key in the below given url, paste it in  address bar and hit enter http://d1.scribdassets.com/[email protected]@@@@@@[email protected] @@@@@@@@@@ example: http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=12351234&access_key=keygsymmhzssxboo2mks1s 7. On the next page Click Print On the Top Left, Select the page Range, Select P rimo PDF or PDF creator and print. 8. You will be prompted to give your file a name, type the name and hit enter 9. Thats it, enjoy the View mode of scribd -> How to download directly without viewing ??? ( Only applicable for public do cuments only some times it'll work for the private documents and novels also) Tired of Reading Documents online at Scribd.com? Want to download the documents so that you can use them later (of course without buying premium and uploading a ny document). Heres how you can do it. Visit http://simply-debrid.com/generate Paste your Scribd link in the window, and hit generate. Thats it. Enjoy happy downloading this way you can save bandwidth and time too .

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