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November 5, 2018 | Author: Ayuk Luphly | Category: Fairies, Jewellery, Wisdom, Druid, Castle
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The Walkthrough CHAPTER 1: A Mixed Welcome

This is a fairly linear introductory chapter to get you familiar with the game and many of the characters. Still, there are a couple of puzzles to solve, and optional things to do. First, you might want to go around talking to everyone on the ground floor, though it's not strictly necessary. The first thing of interest is in the library... - Playing Dampiry Talk to the Chancellor and ask him about the game he's playing, and then ask to play him. He will give a brief explanation of the rules. Playing is the best way to learn the game, so try it a couple times. Beating him nets you +1% Wisdom. - Getting the Rope This is optional, but you need the rope to complete a couple side quests. You can see the rope on the dummy in the guard room, but Geraint won't let you take it. Distract him by pulling the cord on the 2nd floor when NO guards are in that hallway, then quickly use the balcony by the king's  bedroom (far left). Then duck into the guardroom and and grab the rope (+1% Wisdom). - Starting Dinner After talking to the Chancellor, you will learn that dinner can't get started because the king lost his scepter. It's actually right outside his room. Get the vase on the ground upstairs to find the scepter (+1% Wisdom). Then go give it to Rhiannon to start dinner (+3% Honor). - Night The game resumes in your room at night. Go out into the hallway, and quickly use the door to the king's room. When the assassin appears, grab the dagger from the king's body (+1% Wisdom). There's a couple more things you can do here if you are quick. Look at the doorway and then use it to find a single hair. Then, if you want, leave the room and try to use the dagger on the fleeing assassin. There's no point to it, but it changes the dialogue a bit. This ends Chapter 1.

CHAPTER 1 (4w, 3h)

- Beat the Chancellor at Dampiry [+1 Wisdom] - Get the Rope [+1 Wisdom] - Find the Scepter [+1 Wisdom] - Show the scepter to Rhiannon [+3 Honor] - Get the bloody dagger [+1 Wisdom]

CHAPTER 2: Flight of the Dove

Your goal here is to escape. First your room, then the castle, then the city, without being caught. - Escaping Your Room Before you escape your room, if you are interested in doing all the subquests, look at the window on the left wall, and then use it to get a piece of black cloth. To actually escape your room, first take the pillows and use them on the bed. Then use the cabinet to make the statue wobble. Quickly walk to the left of the door, and you will slip out (+2% Wisdom). Then, quickly walk  down the servants stairway, barely visible on the far right of the hallway. - Escaping the Castle There are three ways to go about this. Either way, first walk south to the guard room to see a scene between Geraint and the Chancellor. Method 1 I suggest using this method, as it gives the most Wisdom. First, grab the bucket of water from underneath the table in the kitchen. Then, go south to the guard room, and use the bucket on the

torch to the left (+1% Wisdom). Once you're on the castle balcony, first talk to the guard to get him to move out, and then use the vase on him. Climb down the wall (+2% Wisdom) and leave the area. Method 2 Head left from the kitchen to the throne room. Use the vase on one of the windows in the upper  right, and then use the windows to escape (+2% Wisdom). Be careful not to walk in front of the guard as you leave the castle gate. Method 3 Don't use this way, as it will lose you lots of points in the long run. If you must, and have the rope, just use it on the window when you're still in your room to escape (+2% Wisdom). - Escaping the City Here, you have to move around without being spotted by the guards. Move forward to hear a conversation, then wait until the guard is looking away, and walk to the left exit. From here, you have two possible ways to get out of the city ... Method 1 This is the much better option. First, get into the stables on the far left. Move forward a bit and wait until the guard is heading down, and make a break for it. You should make it. In the stables, grab the shining nail, and talk to the stable boy if you want. Then leave, and head north to another area, once again waiting for the guard to not be too close. Here, use the nail on the door  to the tailor shop (+1% Wisdom) and enter. Inside, try to use the dress on the counter 3 times, and you will put it on (+1% Wisdom). Finally, head out and south to the docks (no more need to worry about the guards), and walk straight off the docks to the south to escape the city (+4% Honor). Method 2 Don't use this option, as it will preclude you from doing two sidequests. If you really want to, and still have the rope, go back right to the room with the cliff - the guard will be gone. Use the rope on the fence to escape (+4% Honor).

Chapter 2 ends here.

CHAPTER 2 (11W, 7h)

- Escape the Castle (any method) [+2 Wisdom] - Escape from your room [+2 Wisdom] - Use bucket on torch [+1 Wisdom] - Escape Carbonek (any method) [+4 Honor] - Use nail on tailor shop door [+1 Wisdom] - Put on the Dress [+1 Wisdom]

Cutscene - Enter the guardroom south of the kitchen in the castle to see Geraint talk to the Chancellor. - Overhear a conversation on the cliff outside the castle.

CHAPTER 3: Lay of the Land 

This chapter opens up the whole world to you, and you can do a pretty huge amount of stuff. Explore around a bit, but you may as well hold off until next chapter on doing too many puzzles, as some can't be fully solved until then. Anyway, you have a very clear cut goal: find a way back  into the city. Most of the extra stuff you can do is detailed either in Chapter 4/5 or in the

Sidequest section. - The Pooka This is a funny little thing thing that can only be done in Chapter 3. Find a reflective lake (west of  the 3 way intersection between the monestary, bridge, and city gates). Leave and reenter the screen and there will be a bowl there. Use it, and then talk to the transparent figure in the topright. Go through the conversation (+1% Wisdom). - Entering the City This is your main goal in this chapter. Getting in won't be easy however, as the guards won't allow you to pass. Do what your friends suggest and check out the village of Havgan, by going west along the road from the camp. Havgan There's quite a few things to do here. Notice the locked shed to the east. Go to the main village screen to meet the druid. Call yourself Brann, just to be safe, as you should do for everyone. If  you ask him about the shed, he'll say he has the key. So, ask him to do something for you. Open his inventory and use the key on yourself to borrow it (+1% Wisdom). Then, go east and use the key on the shed to open it, and go in. Grab the shovel in the top-left, and use it on the obvious green vial to get it (+1% Wisdom). Then, if you want, go give the key back to the druid (+2% Honor). There are a few more things to do here. Enter the house to the north in the village, and talk to the woman. Go back to the orchard and grab some apples, then bring them back and dump them in the cider. Repeat (+2% Honor). You can now take the bottle to the right and fill it with some cider if you'd like. Also, you can go south from the main village, and pick up the bag lying on the ground. It will come in handy for a couple puzzles. This is also one of the screens where you a gold coin might randomly turn up (look for a small glint on the ground). Get it (+1% Wisdom). It's a good idea to find the coin before you enter the city, so you might want to look around for it before proceeding.

Cursed Finally, you are pretty likely to be cursed by a mysterious wizard while leaving Havgan. Your  mouse movement will be inverted while cursed. To get healed, either head back to Havgan, and talk to the druid or back to your camp and talk to Taliesin (+1% Wisdom).

To continue your mission to get into the city, head back there (north from the mercenary camp). You can talk to a beggar along the way if you want. Since the guards won't let you in, head north. Use the small green vial on the vine (+2% Wisdom), and use it to enter the city, whoo. Alternative to all this, you can simply find the previously mentioned gold coin, and use it on the wishing well. Then wish for humans to trust you and you can waltz on in through the gate. I don't recommend this though. - Carbonek There's quite a bit to do here, though not so much in this chapter. You can trigger a bunch of  cutscenes by visiting shops repeatedly (see the Cutscene section). You don't really *have* to do anything here yet, but you might want to pick up a few useful items and get some information. The Tailor's Shop In here, you can buy a cloak (+1% Wisdom) that's on a dresser in the bottom left. It costs two coins, but Midir will still let you have if you only have 1. Nice guy. Alternatively, give him some cider and you can take the cloak for free (reenter the shop to get your bottle back). Also, if you're feeling thiefy, you can use the cup on his main counter to steal two coins (-2% Honor), but I don't recommend it, as you will have plenty of money soon enough. The Blacksmith's  Nothing much to do here yet but talk to the blacksmith.

The Stables At first glance, there's not much in here, but it actually contains a very important item, though it's  pretty hard to find. Walk into the open stall on the right, and LOOK at the stall. You will get a horseshoe. The Jeweller's Be careful when talking to the Jeweller. Mentioning the Chancellor or prying too far about the magic belt for sale will both get you thrown in jail and end the game. Other than that, first look at the small sign on the right side of the main counter, and then use it to get a notice about your belt.

Leaving Town(again) Sadly you can't just walk out the main gate. There are two ways to get out ... 1: Jump off the docks like last time, and swim to shore. 2: Enter the jeweler, and keep touching stuff/walking behind the counter. Do it when a guard is in the store, and you will be thrown out of the city. Once you leave the city, Chapter 3 concludes. CUTSCENE Chapter 3 - Re-enter the mercenary camp after visiting Havgan, but before entering the city to see Geraint confront your allies. - Enter the blacksmith shop to see the tailor request the blacksmith pay his debts. - Enter the tailor shop to see the Chancellor chide the Tailor for his inappropriate behavior in the castle. - Enter the castle gate screen (may have to leave and reenter a few times) to see Rhiannon and Geraint arguing on the balcony. - Enter the Jeweller to see the beggar messing with her. - Enter the scarecrow's screen (many tries may be required) to see the Tailor come ask it about goblins. You can't have given the scarecrow a brain. CHAPTER 3 (19w, 11h)

- Talk to the Pooka [+1 Wisdom] - Get shed key from druid [+1 Wisdom] - Use shovel on green vial [+1 Wisdom] - Put apples in woman's cauldron twice [+2 Honor] - Return shed key to Druid [+2 Honor] - Cure the wizard's curse [+1 Wisdom] - Get a gold coin off the ground [+1 Wisdom] - Use the green vial on the vine [+2 Wisdom] - Get the winter cloak from the tailor by any method [+1 Wisdom]

CHAPTER 4: The Other Kingdom

It's now time to do some exploring. There is a *ton* of stuff to do in this chapter. There is a lot of  optional stuff to do, but most things fall in one way or another under two main quests: finding the entrance to Thierna na Oge and finding a flute to open it. None of these things need to be done in any particular order. Proceed as you see fit. - Making Money You're going to need some money to proceed through the game, so you should probably work on that as soon as possible. There are 3 main ways to get money, with one very definitive "Best" way. You can sell a couple trinkets for 1 gold each (shell, vase from the castle), but it won't give

you enough money, so you'll need a way to get a larger sum... Method 1 The best way, which you should definitely use, is to gamble for it. To do this, you'll need to find the goblin scouts sitting near the river (head west from the bridge to find them). First talk to them, and then give them the bottle of cider (+1% Wisdom) you can get from Havgan (now or in Chapter 3). Now, you can play them for real by talking to them. However, you can only win with a good luck charm, which is the horseshoe you can get from the stables in Carbonek. With that, talk to them and win (+2% Wisdom) and you'll get all the money you'll ever need. Be sure to retrieve your bottle from behind some reeds. Method 2 Wish for wealth. See the Wishing Well quest below. After wishing for it, you'll quickly find a locket which you can sell to the jeweller for 20 gold. You waste your chance at better wishes though. Method 3 The worst way, as it loses a useful item, is to sell the snake figuring you can find at the sorcerer's tower to the Jeweller. You can't do this until later though, after you've gotten the self bored stone (see below for both quests). - The Pooka(again) Once again, you can encounter the Pooka. This time one screen north of where you found her in Chapter 3. You will see a fog effect all over the screen, and when you try to exit, you will just reenter again. So talk to the Pooka, sitting on a rock, and ask her to let you out. She will ask you a riddle, which is randomized every game. The answers to them are, "Fire", "River", "Silence" and "Promise" , though it is randomly chosen every game. Answer correctly (+1% Wisdom), or if  you really can't figure it out, you can bribe her to let you go with cider from Havgan. Once you answer correctly, talk with her, and ask for help. She will tell you that the old well will help you for gold.  Note that if you have something, you can give the Pooka a gift now (+1% Honor) (the conch from the cove, gold coins, your flute, etc.) and she will reveal herself. - The Wishing Well As this is a fairy tale, you can use the well in Havgan ONCE to make a wish by using a gold coin on it. You can make various wishes, and all but the last two will provide easier solutions to  puzzles (note that you do not ever NEED to make one of these wishes to solve a puzzle): 1: Wish for wealth... as mentioned above, you will find a locket which you can sell to the  jeweller for 20 gold. Beating the goblins at dice for money is better. 2: Wish for people to trust me ... you can now enter/leave Carbonek through the main gate. 3: Wish for animals to trust me ... provides easy solutions to catching an animal for the druid, and getting the key to the display case in the monestary. Probably the most useful one ... if you didn't have a walkthrough. 4: Wish for fairies to trust me ... It lets you avoid the trial before entering Thierna na Oge. 5: Wish to be protected against evil spirits ... Protects you from the Barghest that the wizard will send after you later. 6: Wish for good health for Branwyn ... since you have a walkthrough CHOOSE THIS ONE (+3% honor). 7: Wish for a drink ... just a silly easter egg. Save and wish for it for a laugh. - Getting a Weapon Can't be a hero without a sword. Though you won't actually need this until Chapter 5, you may as well get it now. To do so, simply enter the mercenary camp, and talk to the mercenary with a sword in the back of the camp to get a rusty sword. Then, go back to Carbonek and use it on the  blacksmith, and then use it on the laithe. He'll take 1 gold coin. You have to wait a while for it to  be done, so go solve some other puzzles, and come back. He will give you the sword (+1% wisdom). - Repay the Tailor This is just a little extra thing you can do. Once you have some money, head back to the tailor's shop and put a coin in his cup to pay for the dress you stole (+2% Honor). - The Pigeon -

This bird is found at a random location outside once chapter 4 starts. Once you find it, pick it up (+1% Wisdom). If you are going for all the sidequets, use the pigeon in inventory to get a halfnote (+1% Wisdom). You'll want to heal the bird, so bring it to the druid in Havgan and use the  bird on him (+1% Honor). You can now use it to beat the giant (see below). - Beating and Befriending the Giant This is actually part of a "quest" you get in the faerie realm, but you may as well do it now. You will need the following items: Apples (from the orchard in Havgan), a bag full of sand (fill the  bag at any beach), and a healed pigeon (see above). When you enter the giant's home, he will threaten to eat you. Challenge him to a contest by saying he doesn't look so strong. First use the apples to make juice (+1% Wisdom), then the bag to make dust(+1% Wisdom), and then let the  pigeon fly away(+4% Honor). The giant will now be friendly to you. - Getting Some Matches You may have noticed a merchant's stall open in the city square. If you talk to him, you can buy matches for one coin. However, if you leave the town by diving off the pier they are ruined. So leave the other way - go to the jeweller's when there's a guard in there, and keep touching stuff  until you get thrown out (+1% Wisdom). Immediately go drop the matches off with Branwyn for  safekeeping. - Helping the Apprentice During chapters 4 and 5, the apprentice will be sitting on a crate at the docks. Talk to her and ask  about her problem - she needs to find "Raskovnik". Go ask about it at the monastery. Go into the library, and ask the monk to do something for you. Have him use the top-right book (it's about rare plants), and he will tell you where to find the Raskovnik (+1% Wisdom). Pay attention, since it is random every game. Go get it wherever it is(+1% Wisdom), and then go back to the city. This is your one opportunity to get the goblin shield from the blacksmith, by the way (see Saving the Tailor under sidequests). At the docks, the blacksmith will usually be talking to the apprentice. Walk towards them and he will leave. Finally, give her the Raskovnik (+2% Honor) and she will leave. - Captured by Goblins At some point, enter the goblin camp and get captured. Sit around in the cage for a while, until night falls. Then, use the dagger or sword on your cage (+1% Wisdom). Quickly grab the charm on the nearby tent (+1% Wisdom) and then use the river to escape (+1% Wisdom). - Swimming There are two places of interest you can reach by swimming. One is a small cove near the city. Reach it by swimming sort of north-east from the screen south after you jump off the docks. You can find a shell there, which you should give to the Pooka (+1% Honor) rather than sell. Also, you can reach a sorta-hidden island. Swim 3 screens east from the screen directly above the mercenary camp, and you will end up there. Here, you can find an item needed for a quest (brain in a jar). Also, use the self-bored stone here (see below on how to get it) and a tower will be revealved (+1% Wisdom). Enter, and while inside first grab the snake figurine from the  bookshelf (+1% Wisdom), and then smash the crystal with your sword (+1% Wisdom), though you should wait until you've killed the Barghest to do that for max points.. Your mouse will be inverted again ... quickly leave the tower. This snake can be sold for 20 gold (don't), or used to get rid of the Barghest later. - The Storm When you enter the screen with the jeweller's shop and cliff during chapter 4, a sorcerer will summon a storm to blow you off. Simply use the fence (+1% Wisdom) to save yourself. - The Barghest Sometime during Chapters 4 or 5, the sorceror will summon the Barghest to attack you. It generally appears either on the screen above the shipwreck, or south of the giant's camp. There are 6 ways to deal with the beastie. Method 1 If you've made friends with the giant, run there, and the giant will stomp it. Method 2 Run back to your camp, and your friends will kill it (+2% Wisdom). To make it back without trouble, run west from the crossroads, then south, then head east to the bridge, then south, and south again to the camp.

Method 3 Use the snake figurine on it (+2% Wisdom). You get the snake figurine from the sorceror's tower  (see "Swimming" above). Method 4 Use holy water on it (+2% Wisdom). Get the holy water by using your empty bottle on the fountain in the monastery (+1% Wisdom). Note that you can only do this once. Method 5 Trap it. To do so, lure it all the way down to the orchard. Then enter the shed, and use the horseshoe on the floor (+2% Wisdom). After doing so, you can release it and destroy it again by  picking up the horseshoe (be careful not to enter the shed). You won't get any extra wisdom for  destroying it after capturing it though. Method 6 If you've waited until chapter 5, lure it all the way to Havgan. The goblins and the Barghest will destroy each other (+3% Wisdom), but you will lose a LOT of Wisdom and Honor in the long run. - Finding and Entering Thierna na Oge Finding and getting into Thierna na Oge involves two seperate quests, detailed below ... - Getting the Self-Bored Stone Taliesen tells you about this item if you talk to him. Actually, you may have noticed earlier that the druid has one on him. However, he won't give it up for nothing. You'll have to find him an animal. Specifically, the squirrel that appears randomly. To catch the squirrel, first you'll need to lure it down. Use the tree outside the monestary, and grab the acorns that fall. Then, find the squirrel and use the acorns on it. Then, use the cloak (bought from the tailor in Carbonek) to catch it (+2% Wisdom). Go give the squirrel to the druid (+2% Honor), and finally, ask him to do something for you, and have him give you the self-bored stone (+2% Honor). - Getting the Flute Getting the flute itself is pretty easy. Just get money in any of the ways listed in the first puzzle of  Chapter 4. Then go to the jeweller's and buy the flute (it's in the main display case). However, it's not that easy (of course). You are knocked out and robbed by the beggar. To find him, go to the shipwreck on the beach. You might want to grab the lantern here if you haven't already (+1% Wisdom). First look at the footprints, and then use the ship twice to enter. Dealing with the Thief  - How you go about doing this part has a major effect on what sidequests you can do. I will describe the ideal way to go about it, which will let you do all the side quests. First, stop moving, and LOOK at the net right above you (+1% Wisdom). Then, go grab the apple for a later puzzle (+1% Wisdom), and then open the chest to get your stuff back (+1% Wisdom). Before the beggar enters the ship, use the net you looked at before, and he will be trapped.  Now, talk to him. Ask him why he doesn't have a proper job. Don't insult him, rather offer to go talk to the people in Havgan on his behalf (+1 Wisdom, +1 Honor for all that). Go do so, talking to the Druid and Niameh. Then go back and tell him the good news (+2% Honor). You can also get some lockpicks from the ashes of the fire on the beach now. Anyway, now that you finally have your flute back, bring it to Taliesin and he will teach you the tune you need to play (it is different every game) (+1% Wisdom). Also, now would be a good time to get started on a couple sidequests, namely Helping the Changeling, and Retrieving your Belt.  Now you can finally enter Thierna na Oge if you wish. Go to the mushroom circle, and use the self-bored stone (+1% Wisdom). Then play the tune Taliesen taught you (+1% Wisdom) and the door will open.

- Test to Enter Thierna na Oge There are 5 rooms total: a red room, a yellow room, a green room, a blue room, and the room the  pooka is in. Your goal is to put the red gem in the red room, the yellow gem in the yellow room, the green gem in the green room, and the blue gem in the blue room. Method 1 Each room has 5 doors, which can be unlocked using the items displayed by the pooka. Bat wing unlocks night door. Feather unlocks cloud door. Mole tooth unlocks earth door. Shark tooth unlocks water door. Leaf unlocks green door. Dragon scale unlocks fire door. Draw the 5 rooms and their doors on your paper. Experiment, using different items from the  pooka until you've been to all 5 rooms, and you know where each door goes. While doing this, you'll have to start over several times, but starting over does not change the puzzle. At this point, your paper will probably look like a spider web with all the interconnections between rooms. At this point, you finally should be able to list the items needed to get in and out of each room, and select the two that will get you everywhere. by CuriousShyRabbit  Method 2-4 Alternatively, if you're having a really hard time with it, use the wishing well to wish for faeries to trust you, or give the pooka the bottle of cider, or show her the cold iron rune. - Thierna na Oge There are a few things that you can do here right now, involving the characters here. The Pooka There's not much to do with her, but give her something shiny, preferably the shell from the cove ... see "Swimming" above (+1% Honor). The Unseelie This guy is interesting. When you talk to him, he will immediately challenge you to Dampiry, the game you could play against the Chancellor in Chapter 1. I think his AI is a bit better than the Chancellor's, but he's not too hard to beat. So beat him (+1% Wisdom) and he'll talk to you. Go through his conversation, and he'll tell you to beat the mountain giant. Hopefully you've already done that, but if not, see "Beating and Befriending the Giant" above. Once you've done this, he will give you the Onyx Gem which will summon his power once (+2% Honor). The Changeling (Blossom)  Nothing to do with him yet, though he will mention a comb Pooka stole from him, which you will need to find (see Chapter 5). You might be able to help him as part of a sidequest now, but hold off on that until a bit later. The Seelie Talk to her to receive your main quest for Chapter 5, beating the Goblin horde. Also, if you happen to have the love poem from the stables, you can give it to her to start a sidequest. Once you're done with them all, leave to start Chapter 5. Helping the Changeling  Note that to complete this quest, you should make friends with the beggar when you're getting  back your flute. See Chapter 4 for the method to do this. You meet Blossom, the Changeling in Thiera na Oge. You can help him, but you need to find his double in the real world. Who that is should be fairly obvious -- it's the beggar. You also need to confirm that the beggar is a faerie by using the cold iron rune from the goblin camp on him at some time. Once you've done that, you can tell Blossom you've found his double (+4% honor). You can also see a scene with him and the beggar now if you go by the boat. Retrieving your Girdle -

To start on this quest, you MUST befriend the beggar while getting back your flute in Chapter 4. You also need to have gotten the rope back in Chapter 1. First, you must get the notice about your belt from the jeweller's. Then show it to the beggar, and then show him your rope. Go back to town and show the notice to Ashe (+1% Wisdom). You can do all this in Chapter 4, but you won't be able to get the belt back until after you defeat all the goblins. Be sure to grab the lockpicks out of the firepit on the beach somewhere in all this (+1% Wisdom). Once you've done so, and gotten the Gem of Truth, go tell Ruadh you are ready to get your belt  back (+1% Wisdom). In town, give him the lockpicks, and have him use them on the door (+1%). Inside, you'll be caught by the jeweller. You can either throw your dagger at her (don't, you lose ALL your honor). Or use the horseshoe on her (+2% Wisdom) and knock her out. Congrats, you got your girdle back (+1% Wisdom). Never go into the Jeweller's again or you'll lose. CUTSCENE Chapter 4 - Go to the orchard to see the apprentice and Niameh arguing. I think you need to have talked to the apprentice in Carbonek. - Enter the giant's home to see a goblin drop a crystal there. - Enter the crossroads south of the monestary to see the beggar being chased by a goblin. Not sure exactly what triggers this. - Enter the tailor's to see Rhiannon request a cloak be made for her. - Enter the blacksmith to see Ashe (the stableboy) request some horsehoes.

CHAPTER 4 (68w, 38h)

- Give cider to goblins [+1 Wisdom] - Beat the goblins at dice [+2 Wisdom] - Answer the Pooka's Riddle [+1 Wisdom] - Give the Pooka a gift (shell, coin, whistle, etc.) [+1 Honor] - Get the pigeon [+1 Wisdom] - Use the pigeon in inventory [+1 Wisdom] - Use the pigeon on the druid [+1 Honor] - Wish for health for Branwyn [+3 Honor] - Get the lamp [+1 Wisdom] - Use the knife on the cage in the goblin camp when it's dark [+1 Wisdom] - Get the cold iron rune [+1 Wisdom] - Escape the goblin camp [+1 Wisdom] - Put a coin in the tailor's cup [+2 Honor] - Get a polished sword from the blacksmith [+1 Wisdom] - Use the fence to avoid falling off the cliff during the storm [+1 Wisdom] - Get the shield from the blacksmith's shop when he isn't there [+1 Wisdom] - Buy the flute [+1 Wisdom] - Get out of the city with matches [+1 Wisdom] - Get the shield where it fell in the cove [+1 Wisdom] - Enter the ship [+1 Wisdom] - Look at the net above you [+1 Wisdom] - Get the golden apple [+1 Wisdom] - Retrieve your flute [+1 Wisdom] - Capture Ruadh and offer to talk to the villagers on his behalf [+1 Wisdom, +1 Honor] - Talk to the villagers about Ruadh, then talk to Ruadh and tell him the news [+2 Honor] - Show the belt notice, and rope to Ruadh, then go show to notice to Ashe [+1 Wisdom] - Get Lockpicks [+1 Wisdom] - Show the flute to Taliesin [+1 Wisdom] - Use bottle of water on hole to get comb [+2 Wisdom] - Get bottle of holy water [+1 Wisdom] - Find the location of the Raskovnik [+1 Wisdom]

- Get the Raskovnik [+1 Wisdom] - Give the Raskovnik to the apprentice [+2 Honor] - Play the tune for the raven and get the key [+2 Wisdom] - Enter the library through the window [+1 Wisdom] - Use the key on the display case to get the ice orb [+1 Wisdom] - Lure the squirrel down and catch it [+2 Wisdom] - Give the squirrel to the Druid [+2 Honor] - Get the self-bored stone from the druid [+2 Honor] - Use the apples to trick the giant [+1 Wisdom] - Use the bag of sand to trick the giant [+1 Wisdom] - Use the healed pigeon to trick the giant [+4 Honor] - Destroy/capture the Barghest (any method other than giant) [+2 Wisdom] - Get the brain in a jar [+1 Wisdom] - Reveal the tower [+1 Wisdom] - Get the snake figurine [+1 Wisdom] - Smash the crystal ball w/sword [+1 Wisdom] - Give the scarecrow the brain [+3 Honor] - Reveal the gate to Thierna na Oge [+1 Wisdom] - Play the flute to open the gate [+1 Wisdom] - Complete the test to enter Thierna na Oge [+1 Wisdom] - Complete the test properly [+2 Wisdom] - Give Blossom the comb [+2 Honor] - Beat the Unseelie at Dampiry [+1 Wisdom] - Tell the Unseelie you beat the giant [+2 Honor]

CHAPTER 5: First Strike

You have a fairly simple mission here - stop the goblins. There's still a couple extra things left for  you to do though. - Helping the Princess in the Woods During Chapter 5, after you visit the city at least once, I believe, head to the screen south of the faerie ring. You will see clouds of faerie magic, and Princess Rhiannon trapped there. Try using the self-bored stone on her (+1% Wisdom). You could just leave her be, but that's not too nice. There's only one way to free her - use the cold iron rune you get from the goblin camp (see the quest in Chapter 4). If you have that, use it on her to free her (+3% Honor). Be sure to use the charm on the beggar before this if you want to help the Changeling (see sidequests). You'll have a chat and she'll leave. This changes the dialogue at the end of Chapter 6 a bit. - Saving Havgan There's actually a couple ways to do this ... Method 1 This is the 'real' way. To do this, you need something to disguise yourself. What you need is the comb the Changeling mentioned. It's location is really hard to notice - it's in a small hole in the top-left of the screen south of the giant's camp. To get the comb, fill your bottle up with water, and use it on the hole (+2% Wisdom). If for some reason you don't have the bottle, go to the orchard and you can find it on the sleeping goblin. You must then bring it back to Blossom (+2% Honor) who will tell you how it works. Then have him give it back to you.  Now you need a mirror. Well, not really. Go to the screen with the lake, and use the comb on it (+1% Wisdom). You're a goblin now, so stay away from people. Head south then east to the  bridge. When you hear someone coming, move back behind a tree and wait until Branwyn passes (+1% Wisdom).  Now make your way to goblin infested Havgan. There's a little easter egg if you head south from the village sometimes. Anyway, enter the druid's house, and toss the golden apple from the shipwreck into the pot (+3% Wisdom). They will all fall asleep.

 Now re-enter the druid's house. You'll probably want to grab the sleeping mouse (+1% Wisdom) for a sidequest. Use the comb on the mirror (hanging crooked above the bed) to return to human form. For the best results, talk to the people outside to object to their killing the goblins (+3% Honor). Method 2 If you haven't met the Barghest yet, walk around until it appears (or if you captured it, release it from the shed), then run to Havgan. It will wipe out the goblins and be destroyed (+3 Wisdom)  but this costs you a lot of Wisdom and Honor. - Stopping the Goblin Horde  Note that if you want the best ending, you MUST do the Love Poem sidequest before beating the goblin chief. You need a few things here: first of all, you'll need a weapon. See "Getting a Weapon" in Chapter  4 for how. You'll also need a way to enhance your combat abilities. There are two options here... 1:Complete the Unseelie's mission to best the giant, and he will give you an Onyx Gem. This is the better option. 2:Fill your bag with sand, and you can use it to blind your opponent. Thirdly, you'll need something to make the goblins listen to you. Take the skull they left in Havgan (+1% Wisdom), and show it to Taliesin. Finally, you'll need a way to get to the camp. There are two options here... Method 1 If you've befriended the giant, just ask him and he'll take you to the camp (+2% Wisdom). Method 2 Get the Frozen Orb... To get the orb, first find the raven (usually at the bridge or south of the giant), and play the tune Taliesen taught you on the flute (+1% Wisdom). The raven will drop something - pick up the key (+1% Wisdom). Now, go to the monestary library and open the window. Leave, and enter through the window (+1% Wisdom). Use the key on the display case (+1% Wisdom) to get the orb. Don't give the monk the key back just yet though. Now go to the waterfall and use the orb on the river to make a bridge (+2% Wisdom). Once you have all this done, get to the camp however you choose, and use the skull on the goblins (+3% Wisdom). They will call out the chief who will challenge you. Use your polished sword on him. However, he is too much for you and you need a boost. Use either the Unseelie gem (+3% Honor) or use the bag of sand on the chief. Now you can either kill him (don't) or let him live (+2% Honor). Finally, you can now give the goblins the skull back (+2% Honor). Once you leave the camp, Chapter 5 ends. If you're being a completionist, enter the monastery through the window again, and replace the orb (+2% Honor) and the go and give the key back to the monk (+1% Honor). -

A Love Poem (or How to Get the Happy Ending) This isn't technically considered a side quest by the game, but whatever. This quest involves fetching a bunch of items for the Seelie queen. First, you need to find the love  poem Ashe wrote. You get this by going to the stables while he's away in Chapter 5, and using the haystack. Show this to the Seelie queen to start the quest (+1% Honor). She'll want a pumpkin, a sleeping mouse, and a crystal. To get the pumpkin, you have to first find the island in the ocean (swim 3 screens right from right above the mercenary camp) and get the brain in a jar (+1% Wisdom). Then, give that brain to the scarecrow (+3% Honor), and he will let you take the pumpkin. To get the mouse, first put all the goblins to sleep in Havgan in Chapter 5. Then, reenter  the druid's house, and pick up the mouse (+1% Wisdom). Be sure to use the comb on the

mirror in the house before you exit. To get the crystal, first befriend the giant (see Chapter 4). During Chapter 4, a goblin will leave a crystal with him. You'll need to trade for it. You can't find anything until after  you've cleared Havgan of goblins (see Chapter 5). Then, a rainbow will appear on the screen south of the waterfall. Use the shovel to dig at its end to find a pot of gold (+1% Wisdom). Finally, give the gold to the giant for the crystal (+1% Wisdom). Then, go give all 3 items to the Seelie (+2% Honor). To finally complete this quest, go give the glowing pumpkin to Ashe in the stables (+3% Honor). You can now get a better  ending, assuming you save the princess at the end. - Freeing the Tailor  Near the end of the game, in the goblin camp, you will find that the tailor from town has  been captured. You can free him, but only if you got a particular item before-hand. You need the goblin shield from the blacksmith's shop (the one in the bottom right corner, not the one on the back wall!), though there's only one opportunity to get it. He'll leave the shop to talk to the apprentice on the docks only when you have gotten the Raskovnik  for her or at least know where it is. During that time, head to his shop, and grab the shield (+1% Wisdom). Of course, you can't leave with it, the guards will catch you. So toss it down the cliff outside the jeweller's. You'll then need to go swimming to get it. Head to the cove, which you get to by swimming sort of north-east of the city. Grab the shield there (+1% Wisdom). Once you've got the shield, you can use it to free the tailor. Once you've beaten the goblin chief, just give the shield to the goblins (+3% Honor) and they will let the tailor go. - Solving the Murder This is totally optional, but will make the endgame more satisfying (I suppose) and gain you a bunch of honor/wisdom. When you enter Thierna na Oge after beating the goblin chief, and manage to avoid being trapped there, the faerie queen will ask you about the king's assassination, and for any evidence you may have found. There are 3 pieces of  evidence, as far as I know. This quest actually starts back in Chapter 2. When you're in your room, look at the window and use it to get the piece of black cloth. Note that you don't need this item if you obtain the other two later in the game. The second clue is Branwyn's dagger, given that Vortigern was killed with a suspiciously similar dagger. The final clue is found by using the pigeon you find in chapter 4 in inventory (+1% Wisdom). You will get a half-torn note. The other hints come from the various cutscenes you can view around town, as well as your conversations with various characters. Try to see which one has a reasonable motive, and try to eliminate those who have a reasonable alibi that is confirmed by someone else. Also note anyone who you can confirm had been lying to you in your conversations. Tell the queen this, and show her two pieces of evidence, and she will say you are correct (+8% Honor). Finally, this will change the sequence in the castle a bit when you use the light of truth on the Princess. CUTSCENE Chapter 5 - Enter Thierna na Oge a couple times to see the Pooka bullying Blossom. - Enter the giant's camp to see the Chancellor come to ask for his help. - Go to the monastery after getting rid of the goblins from Havgan, and before fighting the chief  to see Branwyn leaving the monastery. - If you did the Helping the Changeling sidequest then enter the shipwreck to see Blossom and Ruadh talking.

CHAPTER 5 (83w, 64h)

- Get the love poem [+1 Wisdom]

- Give the love poem to the Seelie queen [+1 Honor] - Tell Blossom about his double [+4 Honor] - Use the self-bored stone on the screen where the princess is trapped [+1 Wisdom] - Use the cold iron rune on the trapped princess [+3 Honor] - Use the comb on the reflective lake [+1 Wisdom] - Hide from Branwyn at the bridge [+1 Wisdom] - Get rid of the Goblins (any method) [+3 Wisdom] - Get the sleeping mouse [+1 Wisdom] - Convince the Havgan townsfolk not to kill the goblins [+3 Honor] - Get the skull [+1 Wisdom] - Dig up the pot 'o gold [+1 Wisdom] - Give pot 'o gold to giant for crystal [+1 Wisdom] - Give pumpkin, crystal, and sleeping mouse to Seelie queen [+2 Honor] - Give enchanted pumpkin to Ashe [+3 Honor] - Reach the Goblin camp (any method) [+2 Wisdom] - Show skull to goblins (after showing it to Taliesin) [+1 Wisdom] - Use the Unseelie's gem to beat the goblin chief [+3 Honor] - Let the warleader live [+2 Honor] - Give shield to goblins [+3 Honor] - Give skull to goblins [+2 Honor]

CHAPTER 6: The Light of Truth

The game is pretty linear from here on out, though you probably have a sidequest or two still remaining. Complete any that you want to (such as getting your belt back) and then enter Thierna na Oge. - Thierna na Oge - The Last Time When you enter the faerie world this time, you will be forced over to the Seelie queen. She will tell you she will let you rest here. This will result in a bad ending, so don't let it happen. Either  use the cold iron rune (if you still have it), or the dagger on yourself to break the spell.  Next she will ask you about the murder. See the related sidequest for more information. - Exposing the Truth This is fairly simple. Just enter the city, go to the city gate, and talk to the guard until you reveal your identity. Show Rhiannon the gem of truth (+4% Honor). If you guessed the correct assassin, you'll get a quick sequence where you go to arrest him. Either way, you get turned into a rabbit, and Chapter 6 ends. Oh my. CUTSCENE Chapter 6 - Enter the monastery to see the monk talking with his mother (Niameh). - Go to the waterfall to see Taliesen and the Pooka CHAPTER 6 (90w, 79h)

- Replace frozen orb in monastery library [+2 Honor] - Return key to monk [+1 Honor] - Avoid being trapped in Thierna na Oge [+2 Wisdom] - Give evidence to the Seelie queen and have her tell you that you are correct [+8 Honor] OR  have her tell you you do not know everything about the matter [+3 Honor] - Tell Ruadh you are ready to steal back your belt [+1 Wisdom] - Have Ruadh pick the lock on the jeweller's [+1 Wisdom] - Throw the horseshoe at the jeweller [+3 Wisdom] - Show the light of truth to Rhiannon [+4 Honor]

CHAPTER 7: Point of View

- Regaining Human Form Well, you're a rabbit. How fun. Quickly get out of the city, and head north to the pumpkin patch. Well, start running, and don't let the fox catch you. To get away, head south twice, and then west to get to the lake, and then use the lilypad (+1% Wisdom) to get across and make the fox leave. Alternatively, if you got the beggar arrested earlier, you can just hop over the bridge without incident.  Now you need some help. Head back to Havgan and talk to the druid (+1% Wisdom). He'll tell you to go walk around the faerie ring three times counter-clockwise. Go do so - make sure you walk ON the mushrooms - (+2% Wisdom) and Pooka will appear and turn you back into a human. - Back at Camp Here you have a simple choice to make. Help them retake the castle (+3% Honor). Or refuse and get the bad ending. Up to you. If you choose to help them, Chapter 7 ends and you proceed.

CHAPTER 7 (94 w, 82h)

- Cross the river on the lilypad [+1 Wisdom] - Talk to the Druid as a rabbit [+1 Wisdom] - Walk around the faerie circle 3 times [+2 Wisdom] - Agree to help defeat the sorceror [+3 Honor]

CHAPTER 8: End of the Line

- The Cave If you've done everything in this walkthrough, you shouldn't have much trouble here. First, use your matches on the lantern (get the matches back from Branwyn if necessary) for  some light. Head right. You'll need to knock the ladder down. Give Branwyn the dagger, and ask  her to use it on the ladder (+1% Wisdom). - The Castle (again) Your objective here is to open the gate for Geraint's troops without being killed. Anyway, to start, head to the throne room. You will be stopped by the apprentice. See the appropriate sidequest for how to deal with her. Method 1 If you've helped her earlier, you can talk her out of stopping you. This method gives the most honor. Method 2 If you've got the serpent figurine, show it to her and she'll let you by. Method 3 Otherwise, talk to her to give Branwyn the chance to sneak up behind her. When Branwyn is in  place, stop talking and ask Branwyn to knock out the apprentice. Before you do continue, there's one thing you might want to take care of ... Saving the Princess Yes, she's in here, but hidden. Go upstairs, and look at the wall. Use the self- bored stone on the  place in the wall where a door should be (+1% Wisdom). Now open the door and go inside. Yikes, another Barghest. Quickly use either holy water, or the snake figurine on it (whichever  you have left) to destroy it (+3% Honor). You can't wake the princess, but if you did the appropriate sidequest, you will now be able to get the best ending.  Now you have to create a distraction. There are two ways to do this. Method 1 First head to the servant's quarters and up the stairs. Then head down the main stairs, and use

your flute (+2% Wisdom). Then use your shovel or sword on the middle statue to knock it down (+2% Wisdom). Method 2 Go to the library, and use the matches on the curtains lying on the floor to start a fire (+2% Wisdom). Then head back to the throne room and into the main hall. Use your sword/shovel on the statue (+2% Wisdom). Anyway, once you're ready, use the crank in the bottom left of the main hall to open the gate (+4% Honor). - The Final Showdown Finally, you're facing off with the evil sorceror. Don't agree with him in coversation or  you'll lose. Just tell him you're going to end this. To beat him, you need to use all 3 people in the room. First, try to use the faerie chime ... denied. So have Garaint attack to create a distraction, and then have Branwyn toss the dagger at the charm. Game over (+5% Honor). - Saving the Apprentice You can only do this if you retrieve your belt (see above). When you enter the throne room in Chapter 8, the apprentice will appear to stop you. If you helped her earlied by getting the Raskovnik, you can talk to her. Otherwise, you can get rid of her by using the snake figurine on her. If you talk to her, question her both about the pact, and her master's actions. If you do it right (+1% Wisdom, +3% Honor) she will back off. However, she's still technically doomed. To let her survive, give her your girdle (+3% Honor). That's it.

CHAPTER 8 (100w, 100h)

- Have Branwyn throw the dagger at the rope ladder [+1 Wisdom] - Get by the apprentice in any fashion [+1 Wisdom] - Convince the apprentice to back off [+3 Honor] - Give your belt to the apprentice [+3 Honor] - Use the self-bored stone on the blank area of the wall [+1 Wisdom] - Destroy the Barghest [+3 Honor] - Blow your flute in the main hall (on the staircase) OR light the curtains in the library on fire [+2 Wisdom] - Use shovel/sword to tip over the statue [+2 Wisdom] (100%!) - Use the winch to open the gate [+4 Honor] - Defeat the sorceror [+5 Honor] (100%!)


If you follow EVERY step in the walkthrough, and sidequests sections, this will get you 100% Wisdom and Honor.

Randomly Occuring Items There are quite a few items in the game that are found at a random screen somewhere outside of  the city. Each object seems to have a few different possible spots to appear. - Gold Coin(1): Found lying on the ground (look for a sparkle). Getting it gains you +1% Wisdom. For me, it has shown up south of Havgan, and at the waterfall.

- Squirrel: This furry creature will show up on any of the trees in the game, you'll have to look  around. - Raven: This bird, which is part of the frost orb puzzle, will be found perched at the top of a tree. - Pigeon: This bird, part of a couple quests, will show up either north of the Mercenary Camp, at the waterfall, or on the beach north of the shipwreck. - Raskovnik: Part of the puzzle to help the apprentice. You find its location from the monk in the library. It usually appears either at the faerie ring, or on a stump in the forest on the way to Havgan.

Endings There are 5 endings in the game. 2 bad endings, a good ending, the best ending, and 1 eeeeeevil ending. Bad Ending 1 Allow the screen to turn white in Thierna na Oge after returning from besting the goblin chief. Bad Ending 2 Refuse to help when Geraint and the Chancellor ask at your camp at the end of Chapter 7. Evil Ending First get the Light of Truth, then do the Retrieving your Belt sidequest but throw the dagger at the  jeweller rather than the horseshoe. Once you have no honor, go show the gem to the assassin, and thank him for killing your enemy. Good Ending Defeat the sorcerer in the castle, but don't complete the Love Note sidequest. Best Ending Defeat the sorcerer in the castle after having saved the princess from the Barghest, and done the Love Note sidequest.

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