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February 4, 2019 | Author: EleA.Zar | Category: Aeronautics, Aerospace Engineering, Navigation, Aviation, Telecommunications Engineering
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 VOR Navigation Navigation

History   VOR’s

derived from the old 4-course radio range from the late 1920’s and 190’s !ained "ides#read use for navigation in the t he 19$0’s %ade instrument navigation common#lace Remain the &asis for most of the "orld’s air navigation systems- and "ill &e for $-10 yrs'

(rinci#les of o#eration  VOR’s

are commonly descri&ed as &roadcasting )0 se#arate radials emanating from the station in all directions' Ho" do they really "or*+  VOR’s &roadcast 2 signals- the reference ,or )0-N signal and the rotating signal'

(rinci#les of O#eration .f

the t"o signals are in #hase the aircraft is on the )0 /radial if the receiver detects these signals are out of #hase &y  then the aircraft is located on the 90 /radial from the station and so on'

(rinci#les of o#eration Remem&er

the VOR /Omni head in the aircraft only tells the #ilot one thing "hich is+  3here the aircraft is located "ith res#ect to the selected radial- . inter#reted correctly'  

No aircraft heading information ,unless H.5 No distance information

(rinci#les of o#eration  3hat

is the most im#ortant initial action "hen using a VOR for air navigation+ 6une and .78N6. the 5tation

 VOR information Ho"

is a VOR used to 7etermine "hich radial an aircraft is located on+ Ho" is a VOR used to determine a heading to get to a #articular station+ Ho" :an the VOR receiver,s &e used to locate your relative #osition if lost+

 VOR information %ost

#ilots are taught to use the VOR as a /command instrument- /3hich "ay do . fly+ 6he VOR receiver "as originally designed as a 5H.5tation Heading .ndicator'

5H. 5te#s; 6une

and identify the station (ut the desired radial at the to# of the indicator and inter#ret "here you are in relation to that selected course' uadrants' 6he mid#oint of the >uadrant containing the :7. and the 6O=RO% flag "ill give a 4$ degree .N?Ouadrant "ith the :7. &ut o##osite the 6O=RO% flag "ill give a 4$ degree O
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