VMware Tools for LINUX Guests

October 12, 2017 | Author: G.R.THIYAGU ; Oracle DBA | Category: Virtual Machine, Operating System, V Mware, Installation (Computer Programs), Utility Software
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VMWARE Tools Installation for Linux Guests | RHEL 5 Virtual Machine VMware Workstation is a virtual machine software. VMware offers HOST & GUEST Operating System support. VMware delivers most reliable way to run multiple OS (same time). Install VMware Tools in virtual machines, we can increase the performance of Guest OS. It enhances the performance of the Virual machines. Let’s see . Can we run Guest OS without VMware Tools ? Without VMware Tools, we can run (Guest OS). Many features are


available until to install VMware Tools. If we don’t install VMware Tools, can’t use shutdown or restart options. We can use power option only. GUEST (OS) lacks some important functionality. What VMware Tools does ?  Passes messages from the Host to the Guest Operating Systems.  Synchronizes the time in the Guest OS with the time in the Host OS.  Releasing mouse cursor between HOST/GUEST operating systems.  Enables to copy and paste text between the Guest and Host OS.  Enables to drag/drop files between the Host OS and Guest OS.  Enables to Cleanly shut down or restart Guest Operating Systems.  Enables sharing (hgfs) between HOST to Guest Operating systems.  Shrink virtual disks, and connect and disconnect virtual devices.  Significantly enhances the speed and efficiency of guest machine.

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VMWARE Tools Installation for Linux Guests | RHEL 5 VMware Tools from the Command Line (tar Installer) After the Guest OS has started, We can install VMware Tools. In File Menu of the VMware Server, select VM > Install VMware Tools. VMware Workstation temporarily connects the virtual machine's first virtual CD-ROM drive to the ISO image file that contains the VMware Tools installer for (Guest OS) and ready to begin the installation process. The virtual CD-ROM contains two files - one with the extension .tar.gz and the other is txt file . First, we need to extract it. This can be done via command line.

Some Linux distributions automatically mount CDROMs. If your distribution uses auto mounting, don’t use the mount /umount command. We should untar the VMware Tools to any local directory ex : < /VMware>. Successful People in life seem to like LINUX

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VMWARE Tools Installation for Linux Guests | RHEL 5 After the archive has been extracted, we need to actually install the Tools. This must be done using the command line. In the relevant directory, we need to locally execute the installation command ./vmware-install.pl

Respond to the configuration questions on the screen. Hit Enter to accept the default value. Then set appropriate screen resolution.

Successful People in life seem to like LINUX

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VMWARE Tools Installation for Linux Guests | RHEL 5 POINTS TO NOTE : When install VMware Tools, It eliminates or improves the following issues  Missing sound  Low video resolution  Insufficient color strength  Incorrect display of network speed  Restricted movement of the mouse  Inability to copy and paste and drag-and-drop file VMware Tools Component  VMware Tools service  VMware device drivers  VMware user process 

VMware Tools control panel

VMware Tools is provided with different formats: I explained here for ISOs (contain .tar files). These are packaged with the product and are installed in a number of ways, depending upon the VMware product and the GuestOS installed in the virtual machine. Different ISO file for each type of supported guest operating system: Windows, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, and FreeBSD.

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Successful People in life seem to like LINUX

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