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October 26, 2017 | Author: Pang Chee Peng | Category: Meaning Of Life, Natural Environment, Prediction, Truth, Science
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You’re Numbered The sages of ancient China studied the stars and tried to decipher the mysteries of the world as revealed by the cosmos. They understood that there are correlation behind the celestial movements and happenings on Earth, hence they sought to compile, analyze, classify, and ultimately find out the relationship. Some may deem the practice as mere superstition, but the study of the human nature is in itself a statistical science. There are rules and patterns underlying events that happen, and the use of statistical data to predict an outcome can often lead to interesting and surprisingly accurate prediction. Remember: The “future” is not something that cannot be altered. There are forces at work that determine how events unfold. Understanding the forces will enable us to lead better lives. During our lifelong pursuit to lead better lives, we inevitably realize that the true purpose in life is the learning process. It is only by learning can we hope to appreciate the true meaning and value of life. The Origin of Numbers Every aspect of our lives is intricately woven together by numbers. Numerology springs up in different cultures across the globe and it is fundamental in helping people understand the world around them. The use of numbers in the ancient times is deeply intertwined with culture, belief, myth and religion. There are countless examples of how numbers influence different people. The ancient Chinese sought the truth in the five elements. Each of the symbols holds its specific meaning for the readers of the signs. The Greeks on the other hand consulted the wisdom of Pythagoras. Often quoted as the “father of geometry”, his philosophy is one where numbers play an important role and is the key to unlock the mysteries of the world. The natural phenomena around us are grounded in mathematical relationships, and hence numbers reveal the truth of life. We at VISIBER concur with the underlying power of numbers. We believe that numbers can tell us everything about mankind and the universe. This is why we study numbers, and use what we have learnt to unlock the hidden potential of mankind.

The Wonders of Numbers The universe may be infinite, but beneath this infinity lies the unceasing birth and death of stars. In Chinese writing, the word “star” comprises “day” and “birth”. It can mean “the day of birth”. This is why our date of birth is one of the first sets of numbers we associate with in life. It represents our birth and shall remain with us till the day of our death. However, our life is a combination of our actions, environment and fate. Each of us has a set of character number unique to us. These characteristic numbers offer us a simple yet accurate means to glimpse into the natural giftedness and character of an individual. Ultimately, our character number can be used as a tool for self-understanding. Each of the character numbers refers to the set of skills an individual is born with, as well as the trials and tribulations he has to face. The analysis of the character number will reveal to us the bits and pieces of the secret of life. We discovered that by studying the character number, we can deduce the strength and weakness of an individual (behavioural studies), his health status, relationship with people, his home environment and its effect on him (the study of the environment). We can even learn the entire life of an individual (myVisiber) with our unique name and business card methodology, as well as to determine the strength and weakness of a corporation and ways to avoid possible pitfalls (BrandINC).

Character Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Character Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Positive Traits Leadership skill, independent, goal-getter, righteous, humorous Good communication skills, calm and collected, friendly, matured in thinking Doer, proactive, clarity in thoughts, creative Good in strategizing, intelligent, knowledge-seeker, extrovert, puncture Good sense of direction, curious, good reflexes, loves freedom Wise, artistic, imaginative, strong family values Popular with people, good analytical skills, strong religious faith, lucky Responsible, full of drive, in control of emotions, trustworthy Optimistic, liberal, business minded, loves to dream Negative Traits Stubborn, self-centred, greedy Indecisive, timid, not assertive, day dream, stubborn Impulsive, bad-tempered, flippant, mischievous Insecure, impatient, overly direct, poor in managing money Stubborn, destructive, short-tempered, impatient for improvement Materialistic, egoistic, proud Procrastinate, careless, indecisive Vain, easily worried, oppressed, lack of order when working Emotional, unrealistic, greedy, not meticulous, loner

Behavioural Studies Life is a complicated yet wonderful process. Since time immemorial, man has been seeking answers to the following questions. “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose in life?”, “How can I lead a better life?” These questions seem far removed from our mind as we go about our daily toil for survival, but these are important questions. We can only gain salvation by knowing ourselves. In our relentless pursuit of the truth, we came to discover that the Chinese character of “I” or “self” resembles the word “search”. It seems to indicate that the true purpose of life is to do self-searching. We have been searching to know ourselves since the day we are born, but what should we do to really see ourselves and understand our lives? It is in this respect we think that numbers can effectively reveal to us the true meaning of life. Our proprietary “VISIBER inverted triangle” method enables you to calculate your character number in a simple method using your date of birth. You will unravel the truth about your character and gifts, inner struggles and conflicts, strength and weaknesses. You can also catch a glimpse into your past, present and future by calculating your character number. The mystery can all be revealed to you. It is up to you to decide whether to place trust in our unique system or otherwise.

VISIBER Character Number products include: • WG Pendant 1-9 • Diamond Pendant 1-9 • 57 or 96 Dual Numbers Pendant The Study of the Environment People have been under the mercy of Mother Nature since man first walked on Earth. Diseases and death became their constant companion. However, they slowly learned to choose their dwelling cautiously to ensure their survival. As history progressed, the human race started to understand the nature and to adapt to Her cycle. They later learnt how to use nature and change the cycle of nature to their advantage. The art of choosing a dwelling place has to be one of the earliest fields in the study of the environment in ancient China. This once mysterious art has now been fully developed by VISIBER into a complete study of the environment. The VISIBER Study of The Environment is a profound field comprising knowledge in astronomy, physics, geology, ecology, meteorology, architecture, biology, as well as the study of the magnetic field. In a nutshell, the VISIBER Study of The Environment is a study of environmental influence on humans using the “VISIBER inverted triangle” system. It unites the idea of “Nature, Balance, Fulfillment” to influence the magnetic field of the environment so as to improve a person’s luck. From the modern point of view, a good environment is a combination of “Heaven” (normally used to signify timeliness in Chinese), “Earth” (the suitability of an environment) and “Human” (factor). The “Earth” (environment) factor can help change the luck of a person, his family, or even a country if used properly. It can be used to improve the standard of living and help people to achieve their dreams as well as bring peace and prosperity to the nation. VISIBER Environment Calculation Method:

VISIBER Direction Diagram:

Display of VISIBER Pewter Frame:

VISIBER Environment products include: • Pewter Frame 1-9 • Personal Pewter Frame • Corporate Pewter Frame • 9Q Pewter Frame • Trinity Pewter Frame myVISIBER The Chinese character for “surname” is a combination of the word “female” and “birth”. It was coined during the pre-Qin and Han dynasties when the Chinese lived in a matriarchic society. Everyone was born by a woman, and hence the words “female” and “birth” were strung together to form the Chinese character for “surname”. In addition, people of ancient China faced the threat of attack by wild animals when they went out at

night. To defend themselves against the wild beast, these men and women carried weapons with them from dusk onwards. However, there was always the danger of accidentally hurting fellow villagers should their rustles be mistaken as those of a wild beast. In order to prevent this from happening, they devised a scheme where they shouted out their names as identification before any arms were raised. This is why the Chinese character for “name” is made up of the word “dusk” and “mouth”. The mention of names inevitably brings up the topic of the study of the written form, after all names are in essence a combination of different characters of the written language. The Chinese language serves the function of conveying “meaning” and recording the “phonetics” using “form”. Together, they form the most essential components of the Chinese language. There is an old Chinese saying, “An improper name impedes proper speech”. The Spanish scholar Isidore of Seville said that “Who knoweth not the names, knoweth not the subject”. The Native Americans give their children meaningful and spiritual names in hope that they grow up true to the meanings of their names. In fact, names are so important that many people have died to protect the good name of oneself or his family. This emphasis on name is evident in all cultures in all parts of the world. In our modern culture, names are seen as a form of identification and communication, but experts and scholars have discovered, after careful research, that a name holds a wealth of secret. They discovered that the each name holds hidden message and can influence the mood, character, outlook on life, as well as achievement in work. What constitutes a good name? The name can be analyzed from four aspects: Originality, Elegance, Subtle Meaning, Pleasing Tone. • Originality: Not common, a strong sense of individualism • Elegance: Pleasing in form and sound • Subtle Meaning: Rich in subtle meanings • Pleasing Tone: Pleasing sound, easy to pronounce and eye-catching Example:

myVISIBER services include: • myVISIBER Package (Choosing names for or renaming newborns, infants, adults, corporations, and trademarks) • Personal Pewter Frame • Authority Seal “Nomina si nescis, perit et cognition rerum.” BrandINC Commercial branding is an art that extols the feelings, passions, and even the spirit in the business! The 21st century is an era where branding is crucial to the success of a business. More and more companies are beginning to wake up to the fact that merely providing goods and services is no longer sufficient to ensure success. Only companies that succeed in creating a strong brand and overcoming competition can hope to succeed. However, despite it being the most important criterion for success, it is also one of the least understood. At VISIBER, we believe “a successful name card = a successful brand”. This simple equation holds the key to creating a successful brand. Visiber boldly looks at the issue from the design of a business card. Our approach is radical, and breaks away from

tradition by dividing the card into 9 standardized portions and labeling them using numbers from 1 to 9. This formalizes the process, allowing the discovery of the winning edge a company has, and helps in designing a name card that is most suitable for the company. These steps will help the companies score more businesses, as well as allow them to reap long term reward. Calculation Method for Business Cards:

BrandINC services include: • VISIBER BrandINC Package • VISIBER Privilege Business Card • Corporate Pewter Frame

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