Vintage Wisdom Oracle

November 17, 2017 | Author: Classic Bobby | Category: Angel, Guardian Angel, Dream, Soul, Compassion
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Vintage Wisdom Oracle BY victoria moseley

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. —Anaïs Nin

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Introduction The Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck is the fruit of an unplanned journey that evolved over the course of several years. Having worked extensively in the world of interior design, I longed to delve beyond the superficial world of appearances, explore my love of art and deepen the intuitive gifts I was born with. The adventure began after deciding to offer clairvoyant readings in my spare time, and with it the task of designing a suitable business card. I wanted to illustrate the card with something unique and avoid anything stereotypically New Age. As serendipity would have it, I had already collected some very special vintage postcards during a recent trip to France. The first flashes of inspiration came about while browsing in a small market town set on the side of a snowy mountain in rural Provence. The innocence and sweetness of the women featured on the postcards called out to me from behind a gloomy shop window. I wondered what lay beneath those ladylike smiles, and what these women’s lives were like away from the glamour of the photographers’ lens. If portraits could speak, with the benefit of hindsight what would their messages to the world be now? We rang the lovely old doorbell and after we inquired about the cards, the elderly shopkeeper disappeared into his attic for quite some time. The silence was broken by the sound of drawers being opened and closed repeatedly, followed by some colorful parochial French. He eventually descended down the 3

winding staircase, proudly clutching a dusty folder bulging with his entire collection of antique Victorian ephemera. I remember trembling with excitement at the beauty of these delicate paper treasures. Although I had no particular purpose for them at that time, I felt compelled to buy all of them. Ironically, none of those images were ever used to illustrate my business card. At that time, I had no way of knowing that this collection would not only seed the inspiration for this oracle deck, but would also evolve into a completely new venture in the form of my vintage-inspired greeting card company, aptly called “Miss Havisham’s Attic”. Old postcards have a life of their own. The intricate handwriting in sepia ink is typical of those bygone eras. Events such as sightseeing, weather and family outings by the seaside capture a brief but special memory or kind thought. Both the giver and receiver had the pleasure of sharing these cardboard souvenirs, treasured long after the sender’s departure from this earth. On arriving back in the U.K. I began experimenting with the images and creating montages using my own watercolor paintings, pressed wildflowers from our local meadow, bits of old lace and embroidery, as well as contemporary digital elements from fellow crafters. This process became an unstoppable passion. I included elements from historic painters such as Waterhouse and Van Gogh, which have been integrated into the designs you see before you now. Like so many artists of his time, our beloved John Waterhouse was known for his fascination with supernatural knowledge and symbolism. For this reason, it seemed only fitting to incorporate some of his beautiful muses into this deck. 4

Although there can never be a substitute for any historic works of art used here, my hope is the Vintage Wisdom Oracle provides a unique platform that inspires an even wider audience, and enables the artwork to live on in the psychic and spiritual imagination of the reader. Vintage showgirls and debutantes are focal points for the cards, including the enigmatic Mata Hari who features in several of the designs. She was infamous for her dramatic life as a courtesan, exotic dancer, and her alleged spying activities between France and Germany during World War I, for which she was consequently executed at age 41. Hers was perhaps not a life driven by convention or moral virtue, but Mata would have certainly experienced many facets of human nature in all its colors, both light and dark. Her compelling story serves as a reminder of the humanness and lessons we can take from life. People often ask about the root of my fascination with these vintage images and there is no simple answer. I often worked late into the night creating new designs and have grown used to sensing the nearness of spiritual presences, especially when working with these wonderful old photographs and paintings.When creating this deck, my computer would frequently make random changes of its own accord, often for the better, and I grew to trust and work with this type of activity as part of the creative process. Apart from seeing themselves immortalized with exotic butterfly wings, flowers and all manner of symbolic adornments, I hope these vintage lovelies are happy in their role as symbolic message bearers for the Oracle. As someone fascinated by divination, be it gazing into cloud formations, casting pebbles on the beach, or as a child 5

consulting random pages of the Bible for answers, when the sudden idea to create an oracle deck arose, I knew it would only be a question of time before work began. Just weeks after having the idea to create a vintage deck, more confirmation was unexpectedly passed on through a medium called Shaun Grey. During a reading, he meandered far away from our conversation as if lost in thought. He had no previous knowledge of my creative work or recent idea, but went on to say that his spirit guides were talking about an oracle deck and I should, “Hurry up and get on with it!” This type of synchronous happening is not unusual in my life, but even so, I nearly fell off my chair. That message ignited such hope and explicit confirmation that I returned home and began work on the deck that very day. The journey of creating this deck has been quite an adventure and although I can’t profess to be the fount of any great wisdom myself, this handbook is an offering of insights, observations and knowledge acquired from personal experience and study. I have also relied extensively on the quiet voice of intuition to guide my thoughts and pen. It’s also heartfelt thanks to the unwavering encouragement and care of my dearest friend, Jenny Knapton, and the boundless love and support of my beloved partner, Michael, that this deck has come to fruition. My hope, dear reader, is that the spirit that inspired this project from the start will breathe new light on your pathway, and that the haunting beauty of these iconic muses will speak as profoundly to you as they have to me. — Victoria Moseley 6

The Cards Here


we see a depiction of Pomona, the Roman goddess of abundance and harvest of the ripe fruits and fields. She is adorned with all manner of wildflowers and forest flora, as if to celebrate the yield of nature’s bounty. Butterflies dance around her, representing transformation and a lightness of being. We can all relate to the wonderful feelings of connectedness when Abundance bestows herself upon us. It can be felt physically with the harvesting of material success or good health, mentally in fruition of an idea or a dream, emotionally by finding new love or spiritually through expansion of the soul. This card calls you to reflect on the abundance already in your possession. Be thankful for all you have and be open to receiving more goodness in your life. It may be your turn to enjoy the fruits of your labors and the harvest of hard-earned efforts. Or perhaps you are currently looking for ways to increase the flow of abundance into your life. From a practical perspective, decluttering helps you value what you already have, and creates an empty space so more abundance can follow. Forgiveness plays a vital role in decluttering the emotions. By releasing the past, we liberate ourselves. Freed from the gravity of weighty karmic effects, 7

we reconnect with the light, abundant flow of unconditional love. How wonderful! Gifting and tithing are known ways to increase the flow of prosperity. Now is a favorable time to establish a healthy balance between giving and receiving. In this materialistic age, it is common to mistake the measure of success and worth through the possession of money and status alone. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to have lovely things, or to create the security and opportunities that money can buy. However, western values generally encourage focus solely on the outward physical manifestation of abundance. We can be guided to find a healthy balance by focusing inwardly to discover spiritual riches available to us in every moment. Our divine nature expands far beyond the horizons of the material plane alone, and has the power to banish fear and grant authentic peace, regardless of circumstance or status. These are just some of the fruits and bounties to be discovered as we journey home along the highway of life. In whatever form, may abundance in all its glory be yours!


Against a background taken from an original vintage postcard, the spirit of Adventure prepares for her voyage into the unknown. She readies the reins of her butterfly escort for takeoff. Adventure wings its way toward the receiver bearing tales of discovery, renewed inspiration, and exploration from foreign lands. 8

This card speaks of a willingness to learn. The spirit of adventure tests both rational and intuitive boundaries, and beckons us to boldly step into the realm of uncertainty and risk. Now is the time to review your direction or contemplate a new way of dealing with an existing situation. Inner or outer adventures have the power to inspire new perspectives, which may involve some pain and discomfort as we find the courage to discard outmoded ideas and behaviors that no longer serve our journey. By drawing on your inner resources and connecting with your deepest potential, the soul can be touched and uplifted as profoundly from an armchair as it can out in the world. Adventure in any dimension compels us to overcome obstacles and move efficiently toward our goals and dreams. The presence of this card could also mark the start of a new phase in your life. Reset your internal compass, shake the dust from your wings and head for new horizons.



child wears a floral garland that symbolizes platonic love and friendship. Jasmine blooms represent divine love and hope. The now-faded images in the background are my own mother and father on their wedding day, and the mischievous face of my grandfather peering between them. This is not only a card of warmth and tenderness, it portrays the symbolic significance of ancestors and the etheric blueprints they leave behind.


In our complex western world, hereditary connections may have been eroded due to profound cultural changes, divorce and family estrangements. Our wise elders may not be revered as they once were, yet their lives can often provide vital clues in understanding our own. This card invites you to be open to their spiritual influence and inspiration regarding present circumstances. The law of karma ensures that we are constantly being gifted with the ingredients needed to further our evolution. Our ancestors, therefore, play a vital and organic role in the intimate dance of our soul journey. Now may be a time for forgiveness, to face old grievances with compassion, or to draw upon the strengths of your forebears. Through being receptive to their love, our spirit ancestors respond to our call and provide reassurance and strength during times of change. Connecting with our spirit ancestors can provide us not only with greater understanding of where we came from, but who we are and where our paths may lead. Being open to the experience of their continuing presence also gifts us with the life-enriching realization that we need never be alone.



woman emerges from a bed of roses, symbolizing pleasure and pain. She is surrounded by cowslips, called “little keys of heaven” or “our lady’s keys” for their shape. In a room infused with rays of a sunrise shining through an old windowpane, her upward gaze is one 10

of recognition or “seeing the light”. The illuminating power of light, revered as a metaphor by many world cultures and faiths, represents truth, godliness and the dispelling of darkness. This auspicious card speaks of new light on your pathway. The process of awakening can take many forms, whether subtle like the soft dawn of a new day, or challenging, as when the searing blade of truth is needed to sever ties that no longer serve you well. Could it be time to wake up and own your part in a situation where it may be otherwise tempting to blame others? Or maybe you need to be brave and release old fears. Make a conscious choice to open like the rose and embrace a fresh perspective on your life.The transitional energy of awakening helps liberate you on your journey of awareness, and assists you in discerning the valuable from the valueless.


Here stands a daintily posed ballerina. Although her balanced posture looks effortless, we do not see the many hours of discipline it took to cultivate such grace and poise. As she looks down at the hummingbird, her fragile wing-like arms fold reverently inward, while she hovers on the tips of her toes as if to afford a better view. The male and female hummingbirds represent the relationship between opposites, and their nest of illuminated golden eggs is the divine culmination of both. 11

From the moment we are born, we enter into the realm of opposites. We soon come to realize that finding an artful balance is not only a continual act of survival, but also an ongoing right of passage leading to a deeper, more refined understanding of ourselves and our relationship to life. Left unchecked, unconscious drives, attachments and addictions can manifest as blind spots making it hard to access our internal compass and navigate our attentions wisely. A healthy lifestyle involving exercise and a nutritious diet provides a good foundation from which to create a more balanced life. Loss of balance in any domain, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, can lead to a loss of perspective, clarity and ultimately, our way. The presence of this card invites you into the stillness to address any area where the steadying hand of balance needs to be restored. Self-honesty and willingness to listen to your head and the intuitive wisdom of your heart will help identify areas needing attention. As the author of your own script, if change needs to happen, you and you alone have the freedom to rewrite the storyline. To realize your dreams, don’t be afraid to aim for the stars, but as my Grandma used to say, “Don’t be so heavenly bound that you are no earthly good.”


Merging against a delicate canvas of aqua sky and ephemeral cherry blossoms is an otherworldly portrayal of a spirit girl. A profusion of fragrant blooms woven into her extravagant headdress frame her sweetly mysterious face. In 12

Japanese culture, cherry blossoms have long been a symbol of the preciousness of beauty amid the transience of life. The Greek translation for “the beautiful” is kalon, related to the verb kalein, meaning “to call”. When beauty calls we are elevated into a state of all-encompassing recognition, much like the feeling of returning home. It has the power to humble the heart, delight the mind, and transcend the beholder beyond the limitations of form into the realm of hope. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, yet as Confucius wrote, “Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it.” Through the mortal eye, there are times when beauty eludes us and we cannot see the grand design. We are only able to perceive the underside of our creator’s epic tapestry and can make no sense of the loose ends, frayed edges and knots keeping the supreme handiwork in place. The Persians, long aware of this, are known to create obvious errors in their rugs to show that except for Allah, no one is perfect. The appearance of this transformative card is calling you to open your physical eyes, as well as the eyes of your heart, to experience the healing balm of beauty. It is a favorable time to widen your perceptions and actively seek out the rich, and sometimes hidden, bounty waiting be explored and integrated into your life. Whether experienced from within or perceived outwardly, the sublime gift of beauty reaffirms your connectedness to life. However it may appear, there are no mistakes in the warp, weft and perfect design of life’s divine masterpiece. The more you align with your divine nature, the greater your capacity to experience beauty. 13


There is cause for a celebration, and this is a special moment for the beautiful girl as she dances in sheer delight. In one hand she holds a golden goblet, in the other a ball of starlight. Her gown and headdress are adorned with fragrant blooms, and butterflies frolic around her as if to join in the happiness. Candles in the foreground add to the mood of rejoicing and symbolize the spiritual presence of light and illumination. There will be many good reasons for joy without need for any formal occasion or the use of a calendar. Celebration can be a type of harvest, reaping the rewards of effort, marking time or good news, memory of a loved one, birth of new life or project, fruition of a long-held dream. It can take many forms. To those who are caught in the addictive chase of leading a life based on projected future happiness, perhaps now is a good time to simply give thanks for the perfection of all that is, today, in the present moment. By reflecting on how your good and bad choices have led you to this point, hindsight can reveal the ways you have been guided and shaped by unseen forces, which help enrich your understanding of life. These are real triumphs of lasting value we take with us to the next life, and are worthy of great celebration! To those who are enduring difficult times where there seems little hope of change, the message of this card beckons you to actively seek joy and celebration, regardless of circum14

stances. You will be forever wealthy if you can learn to celebrate the simplest things in life. In the wise words of Oprah Winfrey, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”


The delicate form of a Victorian fairy is centered within the elegant constraints of an ornate picture frame. She sits with ease and grace, comfortable in her own skin and confident that she will not fall. She has gathered an armful of forget-me-nots, holding them closely to show the importance of remembering her message. When embarking on our journey into awareness, remaining centered and grounded is an essential part of daily practice. Meditation, spiritual study and service to humanity can bring us closer to our divine nature, yet if we are not sufficiently centered we can be metaphorically “blown away”. Our energies can become scattered and drained, leading to potential confusion. We are unable to offer anything from a state of depletion. The Centering card invites you to align with your core essence and go forward in life from a strong position of unification. The temptation to define our reality through family, job or achievements can distract from our spiritual essence and clip the wings to our freedom. Life is constantly changing and calls us to be flexible and centered to survive. By focusing attention inward, you gain strength to act, as opposed to react, to external influences. Prioritizing core val15

ues and beliefs provides a strong foundation to realign your energies, creating a boundary between where you end and the outside world begins. Identifying this point is key to raising awareness amid growing external pressures of the western world, where status and possessions are often the measure of worth. By conserving your energy for the development of spiritual progress, the pressures and illusions created by the outer world will be easier to identify. In the presence of tension or anxiety, sometimes we need to simply breathe to regain perspective. As part of a daily practice, breathing techniques help anchor thoughts into the present moment and quiet the relentless dialogue of the mind. Yoga is also a proven way to help unify the mind, body and spirit. Conserve your valuable energy for where, when and how it is most needed. Once realigned, you will feel the benefit of meeting life from a position of centeredness and clarity.


Her windswept shroud wrapped closely, a girl braces against a blustery autumnal gale. A daffodil tucked behind her ear symbolizes the remembrance and optimism of spring, new life and the inevitable cycles of nature. Twilight fast approaches as the last rays of the setting sun melt into a sultry rose hue. A canopy of tiny stars will soon illuminate the evening sky. Shepherds may well delight in such a sky, as it could portend a brighter day to follow. The tree will soon shed its leaves, and the upturned roots suggest it has already endured 16

many changes. An owl, wisely observing the scene from the barren shelter of its boughs, waits for the winds to pass. The presence of this card signals change on the horizon. Like the falling leaves and twilight sky depicted, a cycle has reached its natural conclusion. Nature reveals that the only constant in life is change itself. By wisely accepting and embracing change, you allow the old to gracefully pass in order to make way for new growth. If change is needed, you can delight in the adventure of a new phase. But if you cling too tightly to the past and carry attachments that no longer serve your highest good, tests may arise. Change always comes bearing new gifts, but they may or may not be what you imagined. At times, we are powerless to effect change, as it is the very nature of life itself. Faith is part of the ballast that stabilizes us against unpredictable twists and turns in life, and helps us adapt to unforeseen challenges. You are always free to choose how best to handle change, but by seeking out the relevant wisdom it brings, you venture forward joyously with hope in your heart and a spring in your stride.


A maiden stands poised in the heart of an ancient ruin. She is surrounded by three footpaths leading in different directions, but she can only choose one. Red is the vibrant color of blood and fire. Her crimson gown and flowers along the pathways suggest a mood of energy, life force and vitality, which may be needed to facilitate wise choices. The green foliage hints at the potential for new growth and the need 17

for balance. She holds a shining crystal sphere in the palm of her hand. Crystal spheres, long-revered as an ancient symbol of unity and totality, can be a useful tool to see a complete picture of self or situations. The presence of a dove overhead suggests peace is more likely to prevail if choices made are borne out of love and respect. Discrimination, intuition and common sense play a vital role in deciphering needs from whims and wishes. They are worlds apart, so be sure to distinguish what is necessary before taking decisive action. Be still, listen to the guidance of your internal conscience, and in the words of William Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true.”


This crestfallen elemental has given up the fight and does not know where to turn. Her naked form is cold and world-weary, and she no longer has the strength to deny her vulnerability or hide away from prying eyes. The dewy moss of the woodland floor provides a soft cushion to rest while she gathers her thoughts and prays for warmth and direction. As the misty dawn breaks, a new pathway is gradually flooded with golden light, offering a clear route out of the glade. The spirit of Compassion hovers above. As an empath, she feels the weight carried by the weary stranger, and her gaze remains soft, non-judgmental and patient. It is only when the elemental looks heavenward for answers, that the spirit of compassion can reveal herself and point the way. 18

The presence of this card indicates that now is a favorable time to view the world through the healing properties of compassion. Be especially aware of any strong judgments and expectations carried by you or others, which may be freezing your ability to connect with an open heart. Practice extending sincere, unconditional love and caring to those around you, and face any problems you encounter with a sincere wish to alleviate suffering. Look heavenward for guidance and open your heart to the warm rays of compassion.



here is an adaptation of the Three Wise Monkeys, replaced by three vintage geishas. Their gestures characterize the famous proverb, “Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil.” Our sense organs can lead us astray from our goals and best intentions, or aid us in getting to the truth of a situation. The Discernment card heralds an opportunity for powerful growth and expansion, and the need for raised awareness. Examine the facts, draw on any relevant wisdom learned from past experience and listen to your intuition. Now is the time to examine the bare truth before moving forward, and for being mindful of any possible consequences of thoughts, deeds and actions. Three spheres: the zodiac, compass and world crown each geisha, suggesting variety and favorable circumstances for significant advancement. But this forward motion depends on the quality of wisdom underlying your powers of discernment. 19

The crows in the far distance indicate an omen of approaching change. In shamanic practice, crow medicine is called upon to aid in clarity of vision and personal transformation. Guard against scattering your energies at this time, and know that the mighty ally of discernment is as critical to your survival along the spiritual path as on the physical plane. There are not many worldly laws to protect the human heart as it ventures into the unseen realms of the spiritual psyche, yet the perils are just as real, if not greater, precisely because of their intangible nature.The sovereignty of our spiritual domain rests with our own wise council and the natural laws of cause and effect. Wise discernment is key to effective integration of spiritual principles in our daily lives, and well worthy of the time, effort and patience needed to cultivate it.


Divine Timing

on a fantasy landscape of clouds and

falling stars, the mysterious hand of fate writes scripture into the ether, as if recording the karmic destiny of a soul’s earthly sojourn. A rickety clock marks the man-made passage of time. The swing of the heavy pendulum defines a world of opposites, night and day, before and after, spring and autumn, and the tick tock of restrictions created by the constraints of worldly time. An angel leans nonchalantly against the clock, awaiting her next assignment, while two dragonflies hover overhead. In shamanic cultures, the dragonfly is revered for many reasons. 20

Drawn to lakes and flowing water, this powerful totem represents the unconscious mind and the realm of dreams. The appearance of the Divine Timing card invites you to align with your intuitive nature, while being patient and flexible. Things may happen at a different pace than anticipated or opportunities may spontaneously arise, so be ready for synchronous happenings, unexpected blessings, and sudden endings or beginnings. Divine timing may well gift you with a beautiful happening, but if progress seems thwarted by dead ends in spite of your efforts, look heavenward for guidance. Have faith that your sincere efforts and intentions will be heard. Life doesn’t always manifest in accordance to our will, but there are specific lessons that can only be learned precisely because of frustrating delays or sudden changes. And you never know when those lessons will come in useful. Take care to guard against blame or becoming the victim of circumstance. Cultivate your ears to hear inner prompts and your eyes to read the signs. Dreams and meditation can reveal valuable insights, which point toward the deeper truths behind recurring events and realign you with the rich, organic flow of divine timing. Divine providence always delivers what we need, when we need it and for our highest good. The responsibility lies with each individual to adapt accordingly. Ask for the necessary understanding of why things are as they are, and for any gifts or benefits hidden within the seeming disruption. If you wonder how divine timing plays a part in your life, reflect on how seemingly unplanned synchronicities have 21

molded your reality today. Consider how unseen forces and connections have led you to this point in your life and in your spiritual development.


Isis, giver of life and diviner of magic, is depicted standing motionless in a haunting moonlit river. Celebrated for her archetypal feminine powers of healing, Isis was often portrayed wearing a throne-like headdress. Red is the color of life force, passion and forward movement, and Isis clasps a bundle of fragrant red rose petals to her chest. Like thoughts and dreams, they fall silently to the water’s surface to be carried to a new destination by the river. Her inquiring eyes are fixed on the far distance as if transported by deep contemplation. The surrounding watery-blue landscape of river and moon represents the realms of the unconscious mind, psyche and dreams. Modern times have seen the decline of sacred values, traditions and spiritual beliefs that help keep us nurtured. Surviving the challenges of the physical life can be overwhelming at times. Our feelings of being almost robotically governed by the constraints of practicality, logic and duty allow little time for what appears to be the seemingly indulgent and magical act of dreaming. However, a dream is merely a goal without feet, and it is often through the creative power of dreams that we find the courage to begin their realization. Many people will tell you that the greatness of their success began with a dream. 22

The Dreams card signifies that now may be time to make a significant decision or to rethink your direction and make some changes, which, however small, could lead to larger things. The inclusion of dreams in any equation can make the difference between a good decision and a great one. Be aware of the power and potential that this card invites you to explore, by investing your time a little differently and daring to dream. In the words of Sarah Ban Breathnach, “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”


A beautiful mermaid relaxes on a rock as she combs her long tresses. Dusk approaches, and the last warm rays of the setting sun give way to the coming night sky. Although the motions of the sea are unpredictable, this is a moment of peace as gentle waves lap against the shoreline and the approaching ship glides toward its destination. Like a wise sentinel, the all-seeing lighthouse presides over the horizon. Three giant pansies crown the scene. In the language of flowers, they symbolize the remembrance of the deceased. Mermaids have long been considered figures of enchantment. They used their seductive beauty to beguile sailors, sometimes to their death. But without the sparkling grace of enchantment, the world would be a dull and colorless place. Its delicate aura impassions the spirit and animates the most fantastical dreams and ambitions. Enchantment beckons us to our fullest potential, but can also destroy us if we exist solely 23

to live in the shadow of its spell. Is this siren showing you some new way of seeing, or is she warning of rocky shores, which her light does not illuminate? Just as the presence of Enchantment can delight, this card also calls for strength of character to discern wise decisions from superficial whims. Only you can determine whether you have been bestowed with a blessing to enjoy, or if you are in danger of being swept away by the tide of unconscious desire or conditioned responses. If you feel safe within the spell of enchantments, go ahead, dive in and explore. But if you are unsure, remember the far-sighted lighthouse; think of the plight of those unfortunate sailors and keep your feet firmly rooted on terra firma.


Here is the muse of Expression, her face concealed behind a gossamer veil. Her intense gaze and regal headdress are evocative of the veiled Isis, the Egyptian goddess of the Divine Feminine, the mother of all things, the keeper of nature’s secrets. Throughout history, the veil has been perceived as a drapery of vice, a vesture of sentiment, religion and duty. Whatever its function, the mysterious appearance of the veil invites the onlooker to question what is concealed. A profusion of multi-colored butterflies rise from the center of the headdress, personifying the spontaneous release of thoughts soaring to the heavens, free from inhibition and worldly constraint. 24

There is a vital place for discretion and self-restraint, especially if our actions or words could harm others. But to be true to the spirit within requires us to express our authentic selves. Old fears of ridicule, rejection and rendering ourselves vulnerable can prevent us from taking ownership of our individuality and self-expression. Not only can it move us out of alignment with our center, it may block emotional growth if our outward expression does not match our inner reality. Some people measure their creative potential by school performance, even if many years have passed. Experience, however, constantly molds and redefines our relationship to life, which in turn brings new talents to the surface.Therefore, it is illogical to assume that our creative expression remains the same throughout our lives. This is the beauty of it! We are never too old to excavate hidden talents that have not yet seen the light of day. The presence of the Expression card invites you to look closer for any restrictive fears that might veil the glory of your god-given authentic self-expression.Verbal communication is just one aspect to self-expression. When words fail, there are many ways to interact with the world, find your “voice” and innovate new ways to do things: through the creative arts, the way you dress, or how you relate to others and the world around you. However you feel moved to respond, be open to new ways of communicating, dare to risk, then go forth and shine!




card illustrates the poetic words of the Indian poet and sage Rabindranath Tagore, “Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.” A small child wearing a traditional mourning veil stands in the foreground. She symbolically waits in the shadows for dawn to break with the promise of a new tomorrow. The leafy boughs frame the silhouette of a solitary songbird as it cheerfully pronounces the coming of dawn. There are times when we too feel like we’re in the shadows of unknowing, when our faith in the divine purpose has been shaken by suffering, sadness and the fragility of our humanness. Yet it is often these wake up calls that initiate new growth and a willingness to seek out answers to the deeper meaning of life and mysteries of our own divinity. Whether we see it or not, the connecting force of divine love is fully operational every second of every day. Faith is the enduring ballast that connects us to the unseen, and gifts our hearts with the eyes to see when our minds cannot. Many predicaments cause us to question our faith, leading to feelings of injustice and victimization when life does not always reward our best endeavors. The presence of this card beckons you to remember the bigger picture by exercising faith in the face of adversity. Reflect on times you have previously lacked faith and found precious gifts hidden within the obstacles.You may also notice how your faith was rewarded, even though you could not see it at the time. Hindsight


can help unearth valuable lessons and show how the Higher Power is revealed to us because of life’s challenges, not in spite of them.


This card depicts a dove in the moment before it is gently released from the hand of a young maiden. In the distance, castle walls symbolize austerity and containment, their eerie countenance against a darkened sky contrasts with the white dove, a symbol of purity. For their ability to transcend continents and borders, birds are living metaphors for freedom of the soul. As divine beings living an ever-changing existence of duality and mortal restriction, the capacity to dream about the possibilities of unlimited freedom is partly what defines the human experience. By drawing the Freedom card, you are prompted to review any areas of limitation in your life that may be holding you back. Perhaps you are feeling victimized by unavoidable circumstances, or overwhelmed by endless choices. Regardless of what the cards of fate have in store for you, you alone have the freedom to choose how you play them. It is this spiritual freedom that cannot be taken away, and that gives life meaning and purpose. Bear in mind that for every action there is an equal reaction, and that every freedom carries responsibility. In the face of doubt, be guided by the Higher Power to navigate your choices, and pray for the insight to use your freedom wisely. 27


Snowflakes flutter through soft rays of dappled light onto a veiled ghost bride. Strolling through a deserted forest, she personifies the spirit of gentleness. An escort of doves flies nearby, guiding her onward journey as she moves closer toward the open fields. By drawing this card, you are reminded of the virtue of gentleness. Life can be harsh at times, but the way we respond to challenges determines our receptiveness to its spiritual gifts, and our connection to the world. Life beckons you to draw on this quality when it may be more tempting to react in the opposite way. If this is the case, the presence of this card is an opportunity for growth. By handling a predicament with the wisdom of gentleness, you bend with the ebb and patient flow of its quiet and humble countenance. If you feel tempted to revert to old ways of dealing with a situation, remember the wise council of Chinese writer Han Suyin, “There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”



in a scene of heady blossoms, lakes and mountains, a bejeweled dancer is captured in a moment of rapture. Twirling a gossamer veil in the rays of the afternoon sun, her carefree form moves effortlessly, in harmony with the


beauty that surrounds her. She is intoxicated with the spirit of grace, and delights in the sublime sweetness of the passing moment. In addition to obvious visual beauty, grace can manifest in other ways. The name Grace has Latin origins and means “favor” or “blessing”. In religious traditions, Grace means “unmerited favor” or “loving kindness of God”. Grace cannot be bargained for, as only the Divine Mind decides when and how to reveal itself. The presence of this card calls you to pause, take heart and return to the miraculous simplicity of the moment. Through the gift of life alone, you are already part of the miracle of grace.You may feel overwhelmed by the pressures surrounding you, or isolated and disconnected from the beating heart of your sacred relationship to life. Perhaps you are overanalyzing things, or measuring your progress by man-made yardsticks, which have no bearing on your spiritual identity. Without a doubt, there have been countless times when you sought guidance and grace was present, but went unnoticed. She can be found in the space between notes of a tune that call your body to dance and spirit to soar. She is hidden within the silence between breaths, and in the very pulse of life itself. Look for her in the changing faces of Mother Nature. The next time you find yourself grumbling about the rain, remember these words from John Updike, “Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” When grace dances into your moments of loving connectedness, you will recognize her reassuring lightness of step, and 29

regardless of circumstances be both humble and grateful for the perfection in each moment. Cultivate the eyes to see and heart to merge with these gifts as they unfold bountifully in your daily life, and soon you will realize that the darkest days are never so daunting as to be beyond the reach of grace.



image portrays a winged deva poised behind a pink rose. A golden crown hovers above her head. In the language of flowers, pink roses are symbolic of joy and gratitude, a virtue that belongs in the realm of sacred emotion and sovereign status. It has been clinically proven that a thankful life is generally a happier life, and it’s easy to forget we often receive a great deal more than we give.The Gratitude card invites you to unearth the bounty of your daily life by remembering the many reasons to be grateful. It may be a favorable time to express thanks to a deserving soul who has helped you in some way, or simply as a signal to count your blessings. The continued practice of this alchemical virtue can animate forgiveness, heal the past and bring about a daily sense of wonderment and peace. From a cosmic perspective, to become unconditionally grateful for the adventure of life, with all its ups and downs and regardless of outcomes, is to merge with the kingdom of God.



Guardian Angel

gypsy peasant girl carries a basket while strolling along a woodland path. Daylight is fast diminishing and heavy mist shrouds the landscape beyond. She pauses as if in a moment of quiet recognition, perhaps she can sense the presence of her guardian angel above. Her guardian angel holds pink carnations, which are associated with the tenderness of motherly love. They may be destined as a symbolic offering to be placed in the empty basket below. The word angel derives from the Greek word angelus, meaning “messenger”. As God’s emissaries, angels are vehicles of unconditional love and service to humanity. In particular, guardian angels are thought to guide and protect the onward journey of the soul during its sojourn toward God. Guardian angels can take a myriad of forms, which reflect the consciousness of the individual at any given time. For some, the vision of their angel, whether seen, heard or felt, remains fixed, but for others, it changes. The presence of this card indicates your need for reassurance, direction or protection, and invites you to enter the silence and connect with your guardian angel. Raise the vibration of your request by being mindful of the quality of your thoughts and questions, as this in turn affects the response you will be given. Be patient and listen carefully as our angels often communicate in unexpected ways, but always in accordance with the perfection of divine timing.




word harmony derives from the ancient Greek word harmonica, meaning “joint, agreement, concord” and from the verb harmozo, “to fit together or join”. In linear terms, harmony describes many things, from the construction of temples to mathematical cosmic phenomena to the theory of music. However, the innate language of harmony is found in all life. This card depicts a solitary Orpheus, musician to the gods, playing his lyre in a secluded temple. The seven strings of the instrument correspond to various planets, and the sides represent the relationship between heaven and earth.The melodies Orpheus created were said to enchant and unify all animals, birds and beings. Swallows dart and dive overhead against a canvas of indigo night sky. In the human aura, the color blue represents healing and takes on a sacred significance in many ancient and iconic religious paintings. By drawing this card, you are asked to release any possible feelings of conflict, judgment or isolation by attuning yourself to the encompassing frequencies of harmony. Bear in mind that in musical terms there is a vital place for unison and dissonance, and the dance between them makes for a colorful and original composition. Furthermore, a shared appreciation of both aspects is essential between the players. And so it is with life. The art of listening, whether to the needs of others, the voice of nature or the silence of your own soul, is essential to discovering your unique part in the great symphony of life. 32



here is a vintage medicine woman

who is a conduit for all spiritual healing. She wears a link of pearls, symbolic of transformation, purity and humility. Two apothecary bottles on her right and left are labeled with a daffodil and an egg. They represent the awakening of new life and renewed hope for the future. Light pours through the windows, illuminating the green walls. Green, the nurse of the color spectrum, is the color of balance, rejuvenation and compassion. This presence of this card invites you to take time and reflect on the energy of healing by allowing its light to shine on any areas in need of renewed wholeness. Attune to the rhythm of your own cycles by heeding signs and observing influences or habits in need of revaluation. There are many ways in which you can be proactive about your quality of life and the choices you make. Preventative measures taken now, be they physical, emotional or mental, can prevent more challenging problems in the future. For those who feel without hope, countless lives have been healed by the sincere animation of prayer and meditation. As the image suggests, the renewing influence of nature can also profoundly reactivate your innate healing mechanisms and lead you back to a wholesome connection to Mother Earth. Any time spent deepening your relationship with the many facets of nature’s calming aura will be well invested. As the saying goes, “Heaven helps those who help them33

selves.” But when you feel you can do no more, remain open to the miracle of restorative healing in its many forms.

Here, amid


an emerging field of spring green stands a praying angel. Above her head, delicate butterflies symbolize metamorphosis. A solitary tree is decorated with ripe golden fruit inscribed with words such as truth, charity and joy. An iconic dove of peace perches amid its boughs. Beneath the tree, a descending swirl of tiny stars transform into snowdrops as they touch the ground. According to legend, when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, Eve was sorrowful that the cold and snowy winters would never end. An angel came to comfort her, breathing on a snowflake to transform it into a snowdrop. Snowdrops are among the first flowers we see after the barren winter months and are a symbol of hope. When things go wrong, we often cling to cold facts rather than embrace hope, for fear of humiliation and disappointment. But as the saying goes, “When the world says give up, hope whispers, try one more time.” Hope is one of the most powerful human emotions, and awakens courage, strength and inspiration. No matter the hardships, when life’s burdens are hard to bear, she gives us new perspective. The presence of this card may well be saying, “Keep on going and don’t give up!” On the other hand, now may be time to reevaluate what you are hoping for. You would also be wise to remember that false hope can lead to delusion as 34

powerfully as it can empower us to manifest our dreams and aim toward a brighter, more beautiful future. If prospects look bleak and uncertainty abounds, call on the fortitude of Hope for reassurance, and her elder sister Faith, for the courage to trust in the divine scheme of things.


Here is a heartwarming vignette of two little children dressed up in their Sunday best. The warmth of their embrace, along with swallows darting playfully in the sky and the safe haven of home in the distance, create a picture of innocence. In today’s modern world, there is precious little which escapes the unrelenting shadow of suspicion and fear. The innocence we once knew and trusted may seem to be in relatively short supply. Retrieving and preserving the spirit of innocence has become a conscious necessity for many. Perhaps this is why the vintage movement has remained popular for so long.We crave the visual safety of the past and the niceties associated with an age where innocence and decency in our fellow beings was more commonplace. This presence of this card directs you to look through the lens of innocence, either to see yourself or a situation where judgment, guilt or blame may be present. The long shadow of these feelings, either to self or another, serves no useful purpose. By remembering the message of this card, you can find renewed inspiration and clarity in relation to your question.Through the eyes of innocence, the world is bathed in a light that casts no 35

shadows. It is a place where mortality meets with divinity and describes an aspect of our divine nature as God’s children. From this perspective, we are all “innocents” finding our way back home over many lifetimes, making our mistakes while endeavoring to learn from them as we go. Try to remember there are always reasons why people behave as they do. Perhaps we may not condone or understand the whys and wherefores of any given situation, but by looking for the spirit of innocence at work, the transforming power of understanding and ultimately forgiveness may be possible. Look for the best in those around you, especially in the simple aspects of life where this humbling quality can be found.


This card shows a woman holding a vessel of water. Her gaze is directed and purposeful as she steadily pours the contents into the ether. She hovers on a starlit background of blue and aqua, the colors of the throat chakra, which represent communication and clarity of thought. Water has the capacity to shape-shift form, into liquid, vapor or solid, depending on which atmospheric conditions are present. Just as the atmosphere shapes the form of water, so too the power of intention activates and shapes your reality. Indeed, all creation is driven by the power of intention. Drawing this card prompts you to contemplate your aims and intentions. Be clear that they accurately reflect your feelings, thoughts and spiritual aspirations, and think deeply as to whether they are honorable and worthwhile. 36

Reach for your highest potential. Events may not always manifest as you wish, but the purity of your intent will be recognized and accounted for in accordance with the laws of cause and effect. As written in the King James Bible, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” So may the harvest of your wise intentions be bountiful.



has fallen and the spirit of the Greek goddess Selene, symbol of the moon and intuition, pauses in peaceful contemplation. She awaits the guiding voice of inspiration to move through her as she seeks the answer to a predicament. On her right shoulder sits a dove, a constant and familiar presence, and a spirit messenger linking the realm of insight to the mortal world. The river beyond glistens in the light of the moon, and like the unconscious mind, contains hidden secrets and new life beneath its mysterious silvery surface. The guiding light of mother moon, by her very nature, echoes the cycles of womanhood and feminine instinct. Intueri is Latin for “intuition” and means “to look within” or “contemplate”. In drawing this card, you are being prompted to do just this. Seen through the quiet lens of meditation, intuition can lead to your own knowing. Everyone possesses intuition to varying degrees, but it does not thrive well in the domain of excessive thinking and analysis.While the intellect has its vital place, this card reminds you to look within for your answers. Knowledge is “taught” and 37

by contrast, intuition is “caught”. Visualize your mind as an empty chalice to catch the messages springing from the fountain of intuition. Since knowledge expounds outwardly while intuition listens inwardly, by listening you are more likely to reach wise decisions in the face of adversity or any situation in need of clarity. All the Oracle cards carry symbols, which have been designed to trigger insights, and the intuitive faculties for this card are no exception. Look for any clues in the symbols or colors that may have specific relevance to your question.


Kindred Spirits

card depicts a snapshot in time of two young geishas standing together. There is warmth between them as they link arms and find shelter beneath the protective shade of a shared parasol. In Buddhist culture, the parasol is thought to be a metaphor for protection from the painful heat of human suffering. The scene is preserved in a bell jar, like a treasured memory. A background of pink blossoms symbolizes happiness, love and warmth. Behind the girls are remnants of a handwritten letter, representing communication and reciprocation. The butterfly in the foreground is a poignant reminder of the continuing cycle of change present in all human relationships. Although we are all kindred spirits in terms of our humanity, this card specifically refers to the spiritual recognition between souls either personally and/or collectively. Because of the unexplainable familiar feelings that are often the hall38

mark of a kindred spirit connection between seeming strangers, many believe that soul recognition is forged over lifetimes, and we reunite through the law of karma for the purposes of spiritual evolution and alignment. Whatever your beliefs, the mysterious resonance between kindred spirits is something we cannot ignore. Keep in mind that fate can sometimes conspire to bring people or groups together, to gradually unearth a kindred spirit connection over time. By selecting this card, you are reminded of the gift of kindred spirits. It may be affirming an existing relationship, prompting you to look differently at an ongoing one, or it could be the universe preparing you to expand your horizons in readiness for a new meeting. Be aware of this energy at work and contemplate its relevance to your present situation.

L istening

A solitary winged maiden reclines in the canopy of a woodland glade. Her resplendent wings turn inward as she purposefully takes time to engage in listening to the songs of her feathered friends, the birds. In this modern age, more and more emphasis is placed on the role of speaking out, but few people take time to truly give of themselves by practicing the forgotten art of listening to one another. The deeper implication means we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves, the wisdom which comes from our heart and our connection to nature. 39

An old Italian proverb says,“From listening comes wisdom.” When we truly listen, we can learn a great deal. In times of crisis we seek out wise people, those who by the virtue of listening have earned the right to be heard. In addition to listening to others, this intimate art develops a willingness to listen within, to the ever-present forces of the conscience of the soul, and to the voice of Mother Nature. There is no place for loneliness if we allow ourselves to truly listen to their wisdom. By drawing this card, the Higher Power urges you to be open, responsive and present in your approach to life. By listening carefully, you will not only gain new insight and perspective, but also bequeath others with one of the most precious gifts of all.



takes many forms, and this is a depiction of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. The otherworldly charm of the distant landscape dissolves into the shimmering golden seas below, as if to light a path back to the heavens. Aphrodite is a water goddess, said to have been created from the foam of the sea. Her symbolism extends to anything that makes the heart sing, including music, nature and the arts. The tones used in this image are predominantly violet, which has the shortest wavelength of all the colors in the visible light spectrum. Violet is the color of the crown chakra found in the human aura, and creates vibrant energy that illuminates and connects us to higher planes. 40

A passing dove hovers in the air above Aphrodite, as if enchanted by the hypnotic sound of her music. According to folklore, Pan created the panpipe in memory of his lost love Syrinx, which is still the Greek name for panpipe to this day. We can easily forget that we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience. At times we are blinded by fear, scarcity and material survival. Fear and love cannot occupy the same space. As souls, love is what we are and love is where we came from. The appearance of this card calls for you to realign with the mighty healing power of love so its light can illuminate your pathway. It may be your time to powerfully give or receive love, to forgive someone or overcome issues from the past where there has been hurt and disappointment. Love invites you to leave judgment and prejudice at the door. Let her warming rays move through you, touching those around you, whether family, strangers or enemies. Don’t let the moment pass if you are given an opportunity to do things differently by expressing love in some way, no matter how small. Love invites you to dissolve barriers and let in the magic. All obstacles can be transcended because where love is present with no conditions or agendas, all things become possible and miracles can happen. Love underpins the very foundation of life itself. Trust in its power and look forward to the prospect of giving, receiving and sharing love. Above all, be willing to be guided by the wisdom of your loving heart.




exotic dancer holds a rapturous pose amid wild-

flowers and seed heads in a faraway field. Free from the restriction of worldly cares, her sun-kissed body and delicate skin blend organically with the wild beauty around her. This image captures all of nature’s elements, in the sky beyond (air), the distant sea (water), the warmth of the sun (fire), and the soil beneath her feet (earth). Although the dry land looks barren, dandelions and poppies abound. The red poppy is associated with death, remembrance and renewal. Red is the color of energy life force and the root chakra in the human aura. By nourishment absorbed through the earth, this chakra helps sustain all the other chakras, enabling them to thrive and remain healthy. With the quickening pace of technological culture and urbanization, our connection with nature has severely eroded. And yet it is Mother Nature who provides us with so many gifts by putting us directly in touch with the season’s cycles and bounties of life. She reveals the smallness of our place in context with the unfathomable mysteries of her infinite wisdom. Mother Nature inspires humility and wonder, leading us to question and hopefully respect the miracle of life, death and transmutation. By observing and honoring the sacredness of nature’s kingdom, we gain a fuller understanding of what it means to be united through our connection to the universe and cosmos. She can lead us to oneness by providing a living bridge be42

tween the earthly and heavenly realms. As the saying goes, “As above, so below.” The presence of this card invites you to realign your energies through deepening your affinity with nature. Perhaps you have been overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life or are recovering from a big ordeal.You may feel lost in the details or trapped in a relentless cycle of habitual thoughts or patterns of relating that no longer serve you well. An any level, evaluate your integration with nature and allow your intuition to reveal how you would most benefit from her healing elixir.

New Beginnings

Beneath a canopy of radiant stars, a mother and cupid-like child ascend weightlessly across the heavenly firmament. The purity of their naked forms symbolizes the archetypal newness of life and the transcendence of worldly restrictions. Unburdened by the past, she hides nothing and carries nothing except her offspring. She may have encountered obstacles before arriving at this point of freedom, but there is nothing preventing her and her child from soaring toward the stars. This card indicates you may be about to enter a new phase of life. Unlike the card of Transition, the mood of New Beginnings is joyful expectancy, heralding an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. The supportive, nurturing energy of this card helps transcend old habits or ways of relating which have been holding you back. A new beginning 43

is not necessarily radical; sometimes a series of subtle changes bring about the most lasting and miraculous benefits. Perhaps you have been working toward new beginnings, such as relocation or career change, but restrictions have hindered your progress. Know that the seeds of change have already been sewn in readiness for your intention to manifest ideas and turn your aspirations into realities.


Surrounded by a field of wildflowers, an exasperated fairy-child stands with her head buried mournfully in her hands. Perhaps the treat she hoped for did not come when expected, or maybe she had not yet earned the right to it. Patience is a simple virtue, but we struggle to cultivate it, no matter what our age. In fact, many of us spend whole lifetimes learning and relearning the wisdom of this profound virtue. The modern world is a tough place to develop patience. Hyper-speed technology and quick-fix solutions have raised our immediate expectations to the point that it feels almost archaic to have to wait for anything. A “me first” mantra seems to have become an accepted approach to life. With the ego so firmly rooted in its own sense of entitlement, the tests on our patience come faster than ever. When we can do no more, do we let go and surrender to the unfolding of life as it is, or waste valuable energy by resisting what is? See how the presence of this card applies to you. Perhaps the answers you seek are not manifesting in accordance with your expectations, or you feel time is running out. You may 44

feel like a victim of circumstances or are perhaps driven by fear of scarcity. However, whatever your need, Patience comes to give you faith in the bigger picture and to help you stand back from your attachments. Heed her wise council in the face of change or delays by surrendering to the wisdom of divine timing, rather than feeling trapped and frustrated by your own agenda. Enjoy the rewards of peace and compassion that patience brings. Embrace the shortcomings in yourself and others, and accept the perfection of each passing moment, just the way it is.



classical depiction of Mary cradling the infant Jesus was chosen for its serene and timeless beauty.The quiet lake scene in the distance suggests peace, homecoming and the simple grace of motherhood. A cascade of fragrant white jasmine, symbolizing love in Hindu culture, softly cradles the scene. Regardless of creed or culture, our need for peace is universal, and this card invites you into its sanctuary to gain insight into your current predicament. Peace is not only found in calm, harmonious surroundings; peace is a state of being, which can be cultivated from within. Thoughts have the power to free or enslave the thinker. The quality of your thoughts are mirrored by your reality, in turn affecting your potential to experience real and lasting peace. One of the first steps on this journey is acceptance, so be aware of any potentially paralyzing thoughts such as judgment or criticism. 45

Cultivating a centered mind and body creates a platform from which to find peace. Meditation and yoga are effective tools for both, and with practice you can discipline restless thoughts and lead the mind to the still oasis of the present moment. Through stillness, you can learn to listen with your entire being and cultivate a direct relationship with oneness, which is always at peace regardless of mortal circumstances. Another way to experience sublime peace, even amid dynamic activity, is through selfless service to others. By creating a space unencumbered by restraints of the mind and dramas of the ego, peace can breathe, contemplate and lead you to a richer understanding of its authentic nature. In the words of Sri Chinmoy, “If you have inner peace, nobody can force you to be a slave to outer reality.”


P erception

familiar image of the stage is often used as a metaphor for the human experience. Iconic masks of comedy and tragedy, ancient symbols of theatrical culture, invoke a spectrum of extreme human emotion. Captured here is the vision of an actress. The red of the curtain, her shoes, and flower in her hair combine to intensify the atmosphere of vitality and passion. She holds a feathered mask in her right hand. Her bold and sweeping pose could be communicating many things, but in the absence of words, the audience is left to interpret the relationship between actress and mask through the lens of perception. 46

This card highlights the skill of perception, which encompasses the realm of intuition and extra-sensory perception. It is at work while divining with these Oracle cards, or indeed any system of divination. While the Perception card invites you to be open to its gifts, realize that like the actress, it has equal power to delude as it does to facilitate clear thinking. Residue from past experiences, the roles we currently play, and our desires and goals for the future can all color the way we perceive. By being mindful of these potential influences, we can be free from their limitations. Stand back from the play of life as part of the audience, to not only enjoy a better view, but to gain a greater appreciation of the storyline.

P layfulness

Depicted here is a diva sitting gracefully on a fly agaric mushroom. This is a light-hearted moment and we are not expected to take her too seriously. Her carefree countenance reminds us of the joy of being alive and living contentedly in the moment. She has emerged resplendently from her chrysalis into the warm light of day with a pair of multi-colored flutter-by wings and a broad smile.The woes of the world can wait for a while as she revels in a renewed perspective of her world through the eyes of playfulness. George Bernard Shaw says, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” The responsibilities and rigors of age can thwart our ability to live in the moment. Shameless surrender to the act of playfulness can sometimes be perceived as immaturity in the face of life’s 47

harsh challenges. But the essence of playfulness beckons us to remember that we are also players in the game of life, and from this perspective, we remain in the world but not of it. While thought and logic are intrinsic servants on our path to ascension, they are poor masters. The balanced integration of body, mind and spirit brings about a holistic perspective in which there is a vital, healthful place for exploring your unique creative potential through the innocence of playfulness. By drawing this card, the Higher Power inspires you to seek answers by experimenting with this gift and the many benefits it bestows in daily life. Relinquish the need to control outcomes and embrace the spontaneous nature of this divine attribute. Expect a profound level of release while making way for a clearer flow of intuition and inspiration.

P ower

This sovereign angel is queen of her domain; she knows who she is and where she is going. Behind her head, a halo crown in the form of a compass represents choice over many directions. Her mysterious dark wings point heavenward. A pair of cheetahs stand tamely at her feet. Cheetahs are associated with courage and the might of royalty, and like royalty, can inspire both awe and respect. The aura of protective golden light surrounding Power proves she has earned the necessary wisdom to use the position of sovereignty responsibly and wisely. In today’s world, we often measure our worth against the illusion of worldly status, and mistake material gain for pow48

er. Many feel helpless and victimized by the chill of power’s seemingly ruthless grip, but this can only happen if we choose to look outside of ourselves for the strength and wisdom we feel we lack. Authentic power, however, comes from within and the ability to recognize and discern its core meaning can take many years, if not lifetimes. The presence of this triumphant card reminds you of your spiritual inheritance and sovereign self. You are a bright, regal spark of the Divine; independent, individual and yet totally connected. Perhaps you are in the midst of a power struggle, or need to reclaim control from a person or situation. Are you using your position of power wisely? Are you being called to stand firm in your power and have the courage of your convictions? Purposeful thoughts and deeds seeded from the fertile ground of truthfulness, honor and respect carry authentic power, and are among your strongest allies.


P rotection

statuesque warrior goddess stands on the threshold between two worlds. Above her head, a halo shows divine consciousness. As she guards the mysterious kingdom behind the portal, a golden sword implies readiness for action. The creation of the sword is also a metaphor for life as it passes through the four elements: fire (heat), water (cooling), air (resting) and earth (shaping) to become an instrument of precision and beauty. Like the sword, we too must pass through the initiations of life, which test our mettle in times of adversity. 49

Two regal swans, symbolizing the element of light, stand proudly at Protection’s feet. Swans also symbolize love, as they are loyal creatures that frequently remain with the same mate for years. The light of the sun and moon reflects the qualities of yin and yang and transcends the alchemy of opposites. By drawing this card, you can feel blessed in the knowledge that protection is at hand.Try to discern why this card has appeared today and observe its position within the spread. This will help define which areas are in need of awareness. Perhaps you have been feeling vulnerable or victimized by the world around you. If so, be mindful of your thinking, as your thoughts can attract darkness as well as light.Your experience of life is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts, which drive decisions, actions and consequences. Draw inspiration from the symbolism represented by the sword. The blade has the power to sever ties that bind you to toxic attachments, relationships, behaviors or situations no longer serving your highest good. On a practical note, keeping your immediate space organized, clutter-free and clean is an effective way to protect your psychic energy. Be receptive to any guidance given during your meditations. Courage and strength are both virtues that help sustain us through the uncharted waters of change and transition. As the universe lights your course, be open and ready to act on any clues.



P urity

here is an archetypal image of purity— a virgin bride, dressed in a white veil and adorned by daisies. All are symbolic of innocence and purity, both in traditional western culture and in the language of flowers. Purity stands in a forest of green, the color of love and compassion, and represented by the heart chakra. Historically, Purity is the great protector. Her cleanliness and purification in relation to body, mind and evolution of the soul has been recognized in spiritual and religious rituals worldwide. Purity encourages you to contemplate the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, and to identify any negative areas in need of cleansing. It may be time to declutter your immediate space, or evaluate certain relationships at work or in your personal domain. Perhaps a detox, or some alone time is needed to confront any issues you have been avoiding. Left unaddressed, areas requiring purification can accumulate. If we are not proactive, life has a way of bringing our attention to them in unexpected and sometimes uncomfortable ways. This is an exciting card. By clearing away debris on any level, you make way for newness, clarity and more favorable influences to enter. Your thoughts are living things. Be aware of the quality of your observations, as they can raise your vibration and ease forward movement. You may find it helpful to meditate on the words of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, “In asking love for 51

help, you have opened a spring within you, and now you can leave love to do its purifying work.”


In the privacy of her own company, a young woman is captured in a quiet moment of contemplation. Behind her, an ornate mirror is suspended in the air. But our subject has turned away, preferring to muse instead on the inner landscape of her thoughts. Her silk shawl is clasped modestly to her naked form, and her downcast eyes suggest her mind is far away in deep reflection. Purple violets, chosen for their color and symbolism, surround her. Because they bloom in February, violets are associated with love and renewal. Purple represents the crown chakra of the human aura and corresponds with enlightenment and liberation. The hurried pace of modern life can often dictate that we make quick decisions, which sometimes result in costly mistakes. The pressure of juggling multiple responsibilities can lead some to feel their lives are on autopilot, yet paradoxically, a constant focus on “getting things done” can cause us to lose sight of what we are doing and more importantly, why. The presence of this card invites you to step out of the realm of reaction and into the realm of reflection. Take a full view of your life as a whole. Witness how patterns emerge and how God has guided you. By reviewing past mistakes, you can gain clarity to why something did not work and evaluate whether change may be appropriate. Reflection is a vital component of our learn52

ing process and facilitates expanded awareness of our position and purpose in life. It requires focus, and focus requires that wisely invest in making time for the transformational power of reflection.


Like an apparition, the mystical oracle of Release drifts weightlessly above the forest floor, draped in a billowing silk mantle. Her headdress of antlers is laced with oak leaves, symbolizing strength and virility. Dancing fireflies illuminate her pathway beneath the silver shadows of the full moon. The moon’s phases and cycles can greatly affect our mental and emotional balance. The night of a full moon is a favorable time to focus your intention on releasing any unwanted patterns, such as hurtful relationships, addictions or attitudes from the past, which prevent you from exploring your potential. We may aspire to this romantic image of release, but the first step involves both acceptance and allowance to make way for ensuing peace and stillness. The presence of this card highlights the need to let go, for example, in relinquishing the comfort of old habits or attachments to goals and future outcomes. The unpredictability of the future, potential threats to our worldly identity, and our attachment to outcomes can all play a role in holding us back, or keep us blinded to more appropriate opportunities. Notice these areas in your life, and use the supportive energy of this liberating card to help you face and dissolve any influences preventing you from reclaiming your authentic power. 53


A vintage goddess sits peacefully in quiet reflection beneath the arches of her sacred temple. Subtle shades of green represent the harmony found in forests and fields. A lone peacock stands atop a stone pillar. These auspicious birds of protection and watchfulness are said to be symbols of the heavens and “eyes” of the stars, as depicted on their cascading tail feathers. Early belief held that a pair of peacocks guarded the gates of Paradise. Our goddess muse wears a dress made from similar plumage. A beautiful jay flies into the foreground, its loyal and protective nature a fitting presence. For some, the first experience of communion, celebration and sanctuary begins in the safety and security of the family home. But as we grow, our perception of sanctuary evolves according to how we relate to the world and its ever-quickening pace. In contrast to seeking escape, the renewing balm of sanctuary helps us find sustenance and rejuvenate from within, while allowing us to simply be in the present moment. Your personal idea of sanctuary may manifest in the form of a special place, your spiritual beliefs or the inner refuge of prayer and meditation. Whatever your preference, the appearance of this card speaks to its relevance for your life at this moment. Cultivate a little distance from an issue by nourishing your spiritual resources in the safety of your private oasis. Viewing life from a renewed sense of perspective will help you arrive at more attuned choices for the future.


Shadow Self

Night has fallen and a young girl pauses beneath a stone portal, perhaps seeking guidance from the raven above. The raven stands on high as the all-seeing gatekeeper, hovering between the realm of the conscious and unconscious mind. A harbinger of powerful secrets and revealer of omens and signs, this potent totem was said to fly out of the dark womb of the cosmos, bringing the gift of light from the sun’s rays. And so it is in this world of duality. If the light we carry within reflects the Higher Power, the shadow self is a reflection of the dark karmas, which keep us anchored in our unwillingness to face primitive emotions and impulses. Patterns often manifest in the form of unresolved conflicts, and the negative judgments imposed on others and ourselves. Carl Jung characterized the shadow self as “that which we think we are not”. We deem our shadow self a weakness and strive to keep it hidden from the outside world. This act of repression, however, only succeeds in wasting precious energy and empowering negativity. Over a lifetime these patterns can become rigid, blinding us to the fact that we carry and project them to the world. We only know our lives or relationships are not working, and we feel separate, divided and imprisoned by our reactions, instead of empowered by our wise actions. The appearance of this card presents you with a powerful opportunity to see how your shadow self could be preventing you from finding peace. It could well be the missing link. By 55

exposing your fears to the light, you will dissolve the power they once had and transmute them into powerful allies.



here is a vintage starlet, a portrayal of feminine strength in action as she holds the symbolic weight of the world on her shoulders. The twelve suns above her head represent cosmic power and illumination. Her proud and naked form, scantily draped in a sheer veil, is surrounded by delicate dragonflies. As creatures of lakes and ponds, dragonflies symbolize the unconscious mind, water and yin, the female principal of the universe. Great emphasis is often placed on physical strength because it is tangible and easy to measure, whether in the form of prowess, status, or worldly power. Learning to discern the authentic nature of strength is part of our awakening as spiritual beings.This cultivation takes time and effort, and the measure of its might is not always obvious to the outside world. In earthly terms, strength can be developed through willingness to embrace life’s lessons, while using them as a means to gain insight and wisdom. As sparks of the Divine however, our ultimate strength lies in our ability to connect and co-create in accordance with Divine Guidance. This card invites you to evaluate the role strength plays in your life, and how it manifests in you. The quality of strength you have directly depends on whether you are aligned to the ego or the Higher Power. Notice your intentions and what motivates the call for strength. Perhaps you feel a need to prove yourself. Or maybe you need to make wise decisions and stand 56

firm. Sometimes life calls us to take a direct route to discover the real nature of strength. Whatever your needs, be open to Strength’s dynamic energy, and use it wisely. In the face of adversity, remember the wonderful words of Phillips Brookes, “I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back.”


A lone woman stands motionless in a field of flowers, as if caught in a poignant moment of realization. A gentle breeze carries tiny seed heads upwards and butterflies float from her open palm, like surrendered thoughts ascending to the heavenly realms. By drawing this card, the universe is highlighting possible resistance and attachments in need of your attention.You may have reached an impasse within a challenging predicament, or perhaps you are struggling to maintain control within a situation. If you are satisfied you can do no more, now is a good time to let go and surrender. Let your meditation be on the words, “Thy will, not my will.” Unlike its little sister, resignation, the mighty act of surrender demands that you relinquish control by opening your heart and mind to the Higher Power. Have faith that whatever is given will be for your highest good, and for the good of all concerned. Butterflies are powerful symbols of transformation and renewal. Now is the time to embrace change, step bravely into the unknown and surrender what you are, for that which you could become. 57


A girl rests with her head slightly bowed, as if deep in thought.The quietude of the open courtyard, solitary chair and doves huddled on top of the wall create an air of hushed contemplation. In tarot symbolism, two pillars represent the realm of opposites and a need for balanced diplomacy and tact, both activities of the mind. Doves, on the other hand, represent ascension, aspiration, love and peace, offering potential for a higher perspective. Thought is a powerful spiritual vibration and can be used to generate atmospheres of healing or harmfulness, depending on the evolution of the thinker. The presence of this card highlights the importance of your thoughts, as they precede action and are the driving force behind how you experience life. If you have cause to reason, decide, discover or resolve a situation, now is a favorable time. The quality of thoughts will always determine the wisdom of your choices. Be aware of the positive power of your thoughts and how they affect your current situation and others around you. When reasoning ends, use the calming, intuitive influence of meditation as a tool to soften any raw edges and restore balance.



gothic stone portal marks the boundary between two distinct worlds. Standing off to one side, an etheric crowned figure has lowered her bow as she gazes into the


distance. Her wings, though gossamer in appearance, are strong enough to carry her effortlessly into the sky beyond. She senses no danger, and is peaceful in the knowledge that everything in life has a natural cycle with many beginnings and endings. Clusters of roses and forget-me-nots, symbols of enduring love, hope and remembrance, surround the scene. The presence of this card indicates change and a transition between two chapters of life. Inevitable endings and new beginnings, and the integration of a more expanded cycle, involve letting go of the past to make way for new growth and transformation. Whether challenging or welcome, the open door of transition is inescapable. This card invites you to trust in the Greater Plan, and move forward in the spirit of love and hope. Be honest about old ways of life that no longer serve your highest potential, and concentrate on what you need to be balanced, vitalized and connected to your spiritual center.


The stag, a symbol of healing love and fertility, is sacred to the fairies of Ireland and Scotland. Also revered in shamanic cultures as a healing totem, the stag instinctively knew which medicinal plants to eat in order to shake off a hunter’s arrow. This image depicts an atmosphere of harmony and ease between the dainty fairy queen and her stag. He peacefully carries her through an enchanted jungle without navigation or the use of reins.The stag has earned the right to her trust, and the affinity they share is built on a foundation of unspoken understanding. 59

From an earthly perspective, trust is a fragile flower, difficult to earn but easily broken. At some point in our lives, we must all endure lessons regarding trust, which deepen our understanding of life and enable us to discern more wisely. These components are both integral and vital to our spiritual growth. When we lose sight of our place within the bigger picture, broken trust can lead to blame and bitterness, restricting our capacity to live in the moment and fully give and receive with a whole heart. Sometimes, hurtful experiences can be seen as blessings that come to test our strength and result in a desire to seek out deeper meanings to life. The presence of this card highlights your need to trust your judgment, or that of another person or situation. Now may be the time to confront old patterns seeded by a lack of trust, or a propensity to misplace trust in some way. There are no coincidences in karma, so if you struggle to see the justice in a situation, trust that you are only given what is necessary for your highest good. Look for valuable insights hidden amid disappointment, or the rewards of a wise decision. Both have equal power. Your relationship to life is a direct reflection of your ability to trust your own powers of discrimination, and to embrace the wisdom of your divine and knowing nature. Allow the power of love to loosen negative attachments, and focus on any areas in need of the soothing presence of trust.



In front of a dramatic sky, this card shows a mirror image of a warrior woman meeting her own reflection. With swords drawn, it seems conflict may be near. But the all-seeing eye of truth presides, serving as a poignant reminder that what is done to another is ultimately done to the self. The double-edged sword, capable of separation and liberation, symbolizes dual powers of nature such as life/death and victory/defeat. Like a sword, truth is a sharp instrument worthy of the greatest respect. Depending on how they are wielded, both have the ability to destroy or heal. Only the maturity and wisdom of the user determines the outcome. In tarot, the Suit of Swords represents navigation of thought and the unseen realm of the mind. But when it comes to the application of truth, the unruly mind cleverly justifies all manner of things and distracts us away from our alignment to love. Fear poses many challenges along the path to discovering the liberation of truth. Reactions of others, guilt and insecurity distract and rob us of the opportunity to clearly identify the truth of the matter. The presence of this powerful card is a call for authentic freedom. Bravely face your fears, step into the light of love and examine the essence of the situation. Rather than facing facts, perhaps you have been in a state of avoidance. If this is the case, it could be a reminder to “sort the wheat from the chaff ” so you can see clearly to move beyond the gravitational pull of old patterns.You may also be searching for the reality 61

behind your relationships to others, or the deeper meaning of life and your place and purpose in it. Seeking the truth is a worthy quest on any level, and can provide a significant opportunity for liberation and growth. See where this card falls within your spread, as the surrounding cards help provide context for understanding how Truth applies to you at this time.


A tantric goddess sits within an ancient temple of worship. She is filled with the ecstasy of divine union, which permeates the room in a rainbow of hues radiating from her aura. All the colors of the chakras are represented. The goddess wears a pink lotus flower, symbolizing transcendence in Buddhist culture. The lotus thrives in muddy water, yet reaches beyond the murky depths for the light, emerging as a perfect bloom. Whether you seek spiritual union from within or a physical connection with another, the search to rise above the surface of illusion toward the light of divine understanding is a worthy goal. We often seek the missing parts of ourselves in others, only to be met with disappointment. This craving can drive many to addiction, forever searching for the elusive “other” in the realm of extremes. Through the relentless cycle of trial and error over lifetimes, we can learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are, and loosen our attachment to outcomes. Meditation and sincere self-inquiry help steer you toward a deeper 62

meaning of union, by allowing it to emerge naturally within, like the lotus bloom rising from the depths. The appearance of this card plays a significant role in your question, and calls you to take comfort in the encompassing presence of union. The thoughts, values, and exchanges you seek to cultivate offer vital clues about how you perceive and experience this basic need. Notice any areas of resistance where energy is blocked. Now may be a good time to address and release buried feelings or preconceptions with the transforming power of union’s connecting frequencies. Union suggests the possibility of a new relationship, special friendship, creative project or meditation. The entwining of the divine energy of union seeks authentic expression. The heavenly energy represented by this card could also signify the answer to a prayer.


The last rays of the setting sun fall on this portrayal of mythic Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, and her wise protector, the Little Owl (Athene noctua). As stealthy night hunters, owls are revered as powerful totems. They have the ability to see things others miss, coupled with an acute sense of instinct. In ancient Greek mythology, Athena was said to have a blind side on which the owl would sit, enabling her to see the whole truth. She wears a rose, symbolic of love and the marriage between love and truth. After all, without love there can be no wisdom.


By drawing this card, you are invited to contemplate the far-ranging consequences of important decisions. Athena calls you to reflect upon valuable insights gained from your life experiences, and to decipher truth from half-truth. Wisdom is earned through the human experience of trial and error, and by trusting your inner voice over the voice of others. The willingness to learn from experience and be objective about the mistakes of the past reveals the mighty value of wisdom. A clever mind can be an asset or enemy, but is by no means a measure of wisdom or spiritual intelligence.There is a world of difference between the two. In the words of Sandra Carey, “Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living, the other helps you make a life.” If you find yourself in a predicament, Athena reminds you to use wisdom to quiet the mind and shine a light on that which needs to be seen.



Using the Cards

of the oracle cards as friends or portals through which to gain knowledge, guidance and an intuitive understanding of yourself and the world around you. Unlike the tarot, they are not created in formal suits and although it is possible to map future trends, they are not designed for the purpose of prediction. Your oracle reading can be immensely practical if you allow the cards to draw your attention to possible unseen dynamics influencing your life, while revealing new perspectives and potential pitfalls. It can be used as a form of sacred ‘play’ to enhance awareness and as a means of exploring creative solutions to problem solving when logic alone fails. The ancient symbolism of flowers, shamanic animal talismans, and the esoteric language of color are all intricately woven into the designs of Vintage Wisdom Oracle cards, leading you to a fuller understanding of your own unique life picture. The cards coupled with the interpretations in this guidebook reveal immediate clues and pointers, but as you become more acquainted with the deck you’re likely to notice even the tiniest obscure details and colors can trigger new insight and fire the imagination. The deck is designed to spark the intuition. You may also notice that the same card will reveal different perspectives in different readings. A sincere, enquiring and open state of mind that is centered in the present moment will help to keep your readings fluid. While the aim of this guidebook is to provide a basic foun65

dation from which to explore your own intimate truths, the art of interpreting the cards in relevance to your question remains ultimately within the perceptive grasp of you, the reader. WITH OR WITHOUT THE GUIDEBOOK? Over time you may find that you no longer need to refer to the guidebook for card meanings. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we all possess a measure of natural instinct and intuition. In the past, we were more attuned to the still, patient rhythms of nature and our instinctive reflexes had to be honed as matter of physical survival. Although the hurried pace of this technological age offers much by way of convenience, the distracting mental ‘noise’ many of us experience as a result can so easily desensitize us to some of our most powerful God-given gifts. Used respectfully, divination is very much a vehicle to re-explore this natural potential and the oracle cards will hopefully provide you with an opportunity to reconnect and grow with your own level of ability. GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR READINGS Your deck can be consulted at any time, but a quiet, stress-free environment will help you to get the most from your reading. Formulating your questions from a position of truth and stillness will enhance your ability to be more open and receptive to the answers, which naturally arise from your intuition. The quality of thought, attitude and intention will directly reflect 66

the quality of your reading. Meditation and deep breathing techniques can also help to detach the mind from distracting worldly concerns so that a deeper awareness can emerge. Candles and incense can also be used to create a sense of ritual and purpose, but they are by no means essential. Being clear about your intentions as you use the Oracle will help to illuminate any apprehensions you may have and enhance the depth of your reading. When consulting the cards for a very specific matter, a single card may provide a direct answer. On occasion, you may feel tempted to reject it in favor of another card because it doesn’t make sense to you or is not providing the answer you want to hear. If you have shuffled thoroughly, any card can provide answers, as there are no accidents with regard to the card you select. If you’re still unsure what the card is conveying to you, or are troubled by the answer, take an additional “remedy card” for clarity and guidance. Becoming proficient at reading takes practice. To build a confident relationship with the cards, you must prove the efficacy of their messages for yourself through your own observations. Hindsight is a great teacher when evaluating the potency of a reading. Keeping a journal of your spreads can demonstrate how the card meanings play out in your life. To save time, I sometimes take a screen shot of the spread on my mobile phone for this purpose. Added notes on the prevailing circumstances reveal how the card has worked. This is a great way to get to know how the cards speak to you personally. Cultivating faith and respect in how the cards fall and how they are ‘speaking’ to you is key to your progress as a reader. 67

SELECTING A SPREAD The following spreads offer different perspectives and creative ways to reflect on the issue. For example, if you want an indepth view of a situation, you might choose the Walled Garden Spread, or the Spyglass Spread may shed light on a burning issue in need of focus. Whichever spread you choose, be sure that it can capably answer the question at hand. If none of the spreads here answers your questions, feel free to invent your own card spread. They don’t have to be complicated to get results; the most basic spreads can provide a wealth of information. REVERSALS Many readers incorporate reversed cards into their readings but whether you choose to use them is a matter of personal preference. In most cases, the card descriptions have incorporated both the light and the shadow elements contained within each card to help provide balance meanings. However, some people find that reversals reveal even more information such as hidden blocks, delays, or simply a “yes” or “no” answer. It depends on your way of working and there is no incorrect approach, as both methods have their place. If you are not sure, experiment to find out which way works best for you and then stay with it. Defining your own unique style of reading is key to building confidence.


SHUFFLING THE DECK Having chosen your preferred spread, begin to shuffle while concentrating deeply on the issue you want to address. Take note of any cards that randomly fall out of the deck, as they may well be relevant to the overall message of the reading. When you are satisfied that the cards are sufficiently mixed, use your left hand to cut and select three piles of cards. Or, if you are right-handed, the reverse applies. Position the three piles in a line from right to left. Select one pile of cards to read from, gathering the remaining piles and placing them beneath. Take the top cards and lay them face up in the chosen spread. ASSESSING THE SPREAD Having arranged your cards into your chosen spread, begin to look for connections between the card themes and their positions within the spread to link them together to create a narrative. If some cards don’t appear to make sense, keep an open mind because they could be pointing toward areas in need of more immediate attention. Over time you will develop your own relationship with the cards and their symbolism. The guidebook is here to help you, but once you are familiarized with the deck, don’t be afraid to experiment without it. Bear in mind this is a journey of discovery to find your own way of working. If you are aiming to develop a dependable relationship with your intuition and clairvoyant ability, book knowledge can only take you so far.



Motivation and Inspiration Generally revered as a symbol of luck, the clover is said to have been used in charms to protect against malevolent spirits by the pagans and the Celtic druids. Apart from being adopted as a national symbol of Ireland, it was also a symbol for the Holy Trinity — the fourth so-called ‘lucky’ leaf representing God’s Grace.This simple shape has made its way into heraldic patterns and sacred architecture for centuries. There are times in life when we all lose our way. The FourLeaf Clover Spread offers insight into powerful themes that can enable you to view your situation from a more enlightened perspective. It reveals valuable information that may have been previously obscured, buried or ignored due to disappointment, loss or trauma of some kind.


1 2



Card Card Card Card

1. Hope — What most inspires hope 2. Faith — Areas in need of faith at this time 3. Love — Ways in which you can be more open to the exchange of love and connection 4. Grace — How grace manifests in your present circumstances



Goals and Clear Seeing The spyglass is an ancient handheld telescope used to magnify images from far away. Since a Dutch spectacle maker documented the first spyglass in 1608 these refined instruments of wonder have graced the pages of history as practical tools for navigation and observation. Though the spyglass has evolved over time with the advancement of technology, its elegant shape continues to inspire and intrigue. Through the lens of a spyglass the world can look very different than it does through the naked eye. The art of reading cards is another method for seeing beyond the mind’s eye. Like the spyglass, the cards serve to magnify relevant points and potential blind spots, enabling the viewer to see things from a more elevated perspective, and to navigate wisely through life’s challenges.


Card Card Card Card 1





1. 2. 3. 4.

The The The The

Perceiver Focus Challenge Fulfillment


Direction and Forward Motion Although only briefly in vogue for a few decades, the Penny Farthing bike was one of the most iconic symbols of the Victorian period. Its large imposing front wheel and miniature rear wheel were represented by the English penny and farthing coins of the time. Traversing the cobblestone streets could be challenging and unexpected pitfalls or potholes in the road could easily result in a headfirst fall to the ground. However, this did not prevent the Penny Farthing from becoming a popular mode of transport heralding the birth of cycle sports. The Penny Farthing Spread is about the art of maintaining forward motion. Like riding a bike, it requires precision, awareness of the pitfalls and a good sense of balance. The cards metaphorically highlight topical themes that may occur on your journey of discovery and lead you to a fuller understanding of your direction.


The Questioner Possible pitfalls along the way Areas in need of balance Unseen influences that could have a bearing on the future 5. Influences that aid momentum 6. Signs to be aware of 7. The Destination






1. 2. 3. 4.


Card Card Card Card Card Card Card



THE WALLED GARDEN SPREAD Perspective on Past, Present and Possible Future Influences This spread provides a perspective on past, present and possible future influences. From as far back as Medieval times, walled gardens were hives of growth and activity and were built to provide an encouraging microclimate for fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs to flourish.They were magical places that were tended with great care and intense precision to procure the optimum harvests. We, too, are growing towards the light of a deeper understanding of our place and purpose within the garden of life. Where we are placed is beyond our control, but the way in which we choose to evolve is entirely our responsibility. Gardens in Sufi culture are perceived as celestial places for the earthly containment of the Divine Presence and are at the center of many inspirational writings. In the words of the great sufi poet Rumi “The real gardens and flowers are within; they are within man’s heart, not outside.” The Walled Garden Spread can be seen as a metaphor for the inner garden. It provides a detailed map of where the path evolved from, where it has brought you and where is may lead. Intuitively link the cards together to form your own narrative to form a full, detailed picture of the influences on your present life.











Position 1, 2, 3 — Past influences Position 4, 5, 6 — Present influences Position 7, 8, 9 — Possible outcomes 77





5 4

THE CHATELAINE SPREAD The origins of the term chatelaine date back to Medieval times and referred to the person responsible for carrying the keys to the house. The chain on which the keys hung was also called a chatelaine and during the 18th and 19th centuries evolved into a pin from which all manner of practical household tools were suspended from chains. Included were items such as a pencil, keys, a needle kit, or anything useful to help with the day-to-day running of the house. For safety 78

and convenience, the pin would be clipped to a waist belt or a pocket and was later worn around the neck or attached like a brooch. The chatelaine was not only practical but also later evolved into a decorative item of intricate beauty reflecting the wealth and status of the wearer. This in-depth spread mirrors the usefulness and practicality of the chatelaine to reveal helpful and available influences, which can assist with the spiritual maintenance of your own sacred space. Card Card Card Card Card Card

1. The Chatelaine — Foremost issues of the wearer 2. The Scissors — The most effective way to release unwanted influences 3. The Magnifying Glass — Hidden areas, which are either buried or in need of confrontation 4. The Needle Kit — Your healing strengths to the world 5. The Notepad — The lesson 6. The Key — The wisdom that opens your secret door to new possibilities


With Grateful Thanks

for your inspiration, support and assistance

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