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Description East Street Focus :-

If one street hits to a house or factory it’s called as Street Focus, and also its called as Veedhi (Bheedhi) shoola. Whether that street is in good place or bad place but the effect is so powerful. If one house is having good street focus then the inmates of that house will be getting regular good alerts, all success, happy, health, wealth, joy, harmony, unexpected profits, sudden good happenings and etc.But here a street hits on east side of the house or factory, some times this street focus renders good results and some times it renders bad results, why because, if the street focus left side or hitted house right side is having others houses, then the east side streetPlot with a treasure trove

Why people don't prefer "Veedisula houses"? What are the effects on the house? Will the problem be solved if we put lord Ganesha's statue opposite to the road? C A Latha, Ramachandrapuram.

Vastu specialists play a major role in clarifying such doubts rather than creating illogical inhibitions. According to vastu principles, there are four road hits, which are considered to be highly positive, and there are four road hits, which are considered to be highly negative. Let us see the positive road hits first. The road hit from northeast east is considered to be good because, it gives name, fame and prosperity to the owner of the plot. The road hit from northeast north is also good as it gives excellent prosperity and financial soundness to the owner. As the availability of these plots is rare they should be bought whenever found. The road hit from northwest west is good as it offers excellent business propositions and satisfies political aspirations. Ladies will flourish and all round happiness is present in such plots. The road hit from southeast south is also good as it brings good luck in finance and offers excellent financial growth for the owner.

The negative road hits are considered to be futile for the owner, but correction can always be done in them. Each correction should be dealt with care and precision under the guidance of a vastu specialist. The road hit from the southeast east is bad and offers financial misery and litigation problems. The road hit from the northwest north is also considered to be bad and produces imbalances in income and business. Dwindling fortunes is the prime problem in such plots. The roads hits from southwest west and southwest south are no good to and must be rejected when the roads and plots are very big.

Lord Ganesha is the God of 'Mooladhara Chakra', which is the basis for elementary quality efforts and hence this lord can remove problems therefore his blessings would be helpful in eradicating all the problems of the plot. But care must be taken to correct the plots first and then place the idol at a proper place.

Vastu is like an arithmetical equation

I have thought of buying a flat, which is south facing. The flat is very good according to me and perfect as per vastu. I would like to buy this provided you also find it suitable. I am sending the drawing for your suggestion. Chinta Suresh Kumar,Padmaraonagar

I have checked up the flat drawing you have sent. The flat is not according to vastu principles. The major problems I see are:

a) The flat has a northeast north cut, which cannot be rectified; it looks as if all the flats in this corner of the building have the same problem.

b) The flat has a northeast bedroom with southwest west entry. Hence this cannot be used as a bedroom. At best it can be converted into a living or study room and must not be allocated to any person. Since there are already two bedrooms the possibility of creating another bedroom in other areas is almost nil.

c) The kitchen is located in the southwest zone, which is a negative place, with no possible corrections.

d) The main entry to the flat is from southwest south and there is no possibility to correct this entry as it is situated in the central lounge of the floor.

e) Readers may please note that vastu is a perfect science, which indicates that there will be northeast problem wherever there is southwest problem. It is like an arithmetical equation and readers can observe this phenomenon almost everywhere.

f) With all the above problems this flat must be rejected and is not fit for buying. Please check all your points correctly before taking a proper decision instead of jumping to conclusions by seeing one or two points. Vastu decisions must always be a comprehensive one.

Design carefully the central place of the house

I have good interest in trees and plants. There is lot of greenery surrounding my house. I plan to plant some trees and plants in the center. What types of trees are allowed here? Please explain the details. B Madhavi, BHEL Township.

The central place of the house is called the 'Garbha' or the 'Brahma Sthana'. This area is very carefully designed in vastu. This is open to sky to have good ventilation. The old houses one sees in the villages even today are called, as "Manduva Houses" and are very good according to vastu.

This area cannot be low level. In fact it can be slightly higher than the regular floor level where an opening for the sky is planned. The central place of house should not have water storage. It also cannot have pointed loads like pillars and staircases. This creates lot of problems for the inmates.

In the same way this area is not allowed to have greenery or trees as planned by you. This can create imbalances in the house. I strongly recommend that you don't have any greenery in this area. If there are problems in the house, a 'Tulasi' plant can be allowed here. This plant can help bring peace and prosperity.

Increase in southeast east affects northeast east cut

I am buying a plot, which has an increase in the southeast east. Can I buy this and construct a house. Mone Balraj, Ramanthapur

Since you did not send the sketch or details of the plot, I would generalise the answer. The increase in southeast east would cause a definite northeast east cut. Hence such plots must not be bought. But they can be corrected. The following conditions can be examined and the decision can be taken.

When south is not extending too much in comparison to north side, the plot can be corrected. You must remove the increased southeast east by constructing a foundation line in the eastern side. The plot can be made into a regular rectangle. If required a slight increase in northeast east can be given by decreasing the south side. Care must be taken to use the area in the left over southeast to be used as garden or small plantations. Don't let area to be used as a road. This can create further problems in northeast road again. The diagonals of the plot should also be measured and care should be taken to increase the northeast to southeast diagonal. When south increase is too steep, the area left over will be very less after corrections. In such cases the plot should be rejected.

First floor similar to ground floor.

I am constructing my first floor quite similar to ground floor. I am sending the detailed drawing for your advice. S Ramachandra Raju, Uppal.

First of all the ground floor must be corrected so that it will not have any northeast cuts. The portico you are showing projecting on the northern side by creating a northwest north increase this must be brought in line with the northern construction.

The staircase is correct. The entry into the first floor must be brought to the northeast of the hall in the northern direction. The 'Puja' room must have the door in the central portion.

It is incorrect to have an eastern door for the kitchen. For the service purposes this door can be opened in the south of the kitchen. Though the master bedroom is correct, the children bedroom must have the door in the northeast east side.

Though it is good to have all round balcony it is better not to leave the southern balcony totally vacant.

Have even number of pillars

Are there any principles related with the pillars of the house. I am constructing a house for which I would like to have your opinion. M Gopalachari, Vidyanagar.

There are specific principles to be followed for constructing a house with pillars. The total number of pillars must be even numbered and those numbers should not end with a zero. That means 8,12,14,16 etc. are allowed where as 10, 20, 30 are not allowed. No pillar should be hanging, that means every pillar must have an opposite pillar either in vertical or horizontal directions. The pillars located in the northeast zone must not be round If at all they have to be taken round for elevation purposes, they should be having square or rectangular foundation and square or rectangular ending at the roof level. Incidentally vastu also specifies about the number of beams and types of beams, which are specified to be even numbered as explained in the earlier paragraph about number of pillars. focus will give good results to the house.

Vastu Shastra Tips for House Construction : First and foremost important point of House Construction of vastu shastra is dig a well in the N-E corner and use this ground water for constrction for quick completion of house construction and prosperity. Open space should be kept all around the building, that is four sides of the house., it gives us luck to the house and full of lighting, flowing of air. Open space means more at east, ishan, north than south,west and southwest corners. Open space at agneya and vayavya should be equal. One opinion in the minds of the quacks and uneducated people is trees should not be at house and shadow of the tree should not be impression at any part of the house, its totally wrong idea and not correct.Plant trees at all parts of the house(except Ishan), but follow these small hints.Heavy trees at south,west, southwest corners and agneya, vayavya sides.Creepers and small plants at East,North, northeast corners.,better to avoid trees at Ishan corner, if you strongly wish you can develop grass at Ishan corner. Plenty of Air flowing should be to the house from Ishan,East,North sides, to avail this facility we should provide doors or windows at these sides. Construction of building at South,West,Southwest sides are highter(higher) than North,East,Northeast sides. No peace and quarrels at house if there is a well at Agneya,Vayavya and the well is appear at south,west,southwest corners then inmates has to face financial crisis,heavy burdans,health problems, once in a moment deaths are also happen. There is no question of Vaastu Pooja at house, its a waste of time and money, vastu is science, and its not a diety. If new (or old) house purchased, first do paints to the house, clean and join & enjoy If west portion is height than East portion, that plot is auspicious and construct the house without distrubing this natural power i.e., height at west side. If south portion is height than north portion, that plot is auspicious and construct the house without distrubing this natural power i.e., height at south side. Actually there should not be 5 corners in a house, but its auspicious if 5th corner is at Ishan side. Dont provide Doors at Southwest corner, the same forwarded to windows also. To dig for the foundation, first starts from Ishan corner, then go to East and North, thereafter go to agneya,vayavya, south,west, and last at southwest. Filling the foundation digs with concrete (pillars) first at southwest corner, later south,west,agneya,vayavya, last at east,north and finally at Ishan corners.

Plan to fix the doors to open inside, not outside, inside opening of the doors is luck to the inmates and it welcomes the natural power or energy. Flooring heights are should be like this way, north to south, and east to west. Ishan to Southwest corners. A vastu home has to be aligned with the cardinal directions thereby reflecting the Vedic concept of the universe. Don’t place disturbing works of art such as those depicting war and misery as they may bring about negative energy. Review on Subha Website : My brother-in-law is working as a Software engineer in Nashville, Tennessee state, he informed us this vastu website, we came to know that this website is the best one for understanding the vastu present problems at our house, we thanks to our brother in law by giving this website address in time. Thanks to website team Padmanabhan - State Government Employee - Thambaram - Chennai (Madras)

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Vaastu Shastra Tips for Doors : As long as the East, North, West and South doors are perpendicular to each other (according to the campass needle) it is good. South, North, West and East gate and doors of the building are perpendicular according to the compass needle hence it is good, actually some one says that the west facing and south facing houses are inauspicious, but its totally wrong. All the four facing plots are good. But we have to build the house according to vaastu shastra.The doors of the building are in the South, North, East and West and as the site has a 15 degrees twist (according to the compass needle) the gate and main door placed in the East is shifted to the East in North-East and it is not favourable for the South gate and door to be in the South in South-West. In such cases it is better to have doors and gates in the North-East in East side plots, North-East in North side plots, South-East in South side plots and the North-West in West side plots. At North facing site the door (Simhadwara or Uttachstana) should be placed at northeast corner, this is the best suitable place, the second and last one is North door, but have to take some suggestions from experienced vastu consultant. East facing site the door (Simhadwara or Uttachstana)should be placed at northeast corner, this is the best suitable place, the second and last one is East door, but better to have suggestions from experienced vastu consultant. South facing site the door (Simhadwara or Uttachstana)should be placed at southeast corner, this is the best suitable place, the second and last one is South door, take necessary suggestions from experienced vastu consultants West facing site the door (Simhadwara or Uttachstana)should be placed at northwest corner, this is the best suitable place, the second and last one is West door, but dont forget to get suggestions from experienced vaastu consultants, this is safe to you, while putting doors at some parts than at uttachastana. The entrance for a South West room should always be placed in the North-East. The doors should be in the Northeast. When someone enters through the door, the waves emerging from the doors affect his mind with the magnetic waves always flow around us. If possible some painting or window should be opposite to each door for air flow. The size and shape of the door is, here vaastu advises that width of the door should be half of the height of the door, its good for the house. The main entrance door to the house should be made from good quality wood. It's width should be bigger than other doors of the house. It should have a design and should be painted. It should look grand compared with the other doors. The main door is the index of the quality of the good vibrations of the house. A vastu home has to be aligned with the cardinal directions thereby reflecting the Vedic concept of the universe. While entering into the house don’t place disturbing works of art such as those depicting war and misery as they may bring about negative energy and negative thoughts to the inmates and comers to the house.

The properties of the ucchasthana and Neechasthana doors East House: Door is at Northeast or East side

- Fame and Knowledge

North House: Door is at Northeast or North side - Fortune & wealth. South House :Door is at Southeast side - Happiness West House: Door is at Northwest side - Does overall good. Neechasthana door of East face house is at South-East : Increases chances of bad ways, getting cheated or cheating tendencies in the owner. South face house neechasthana door is at southwest : Trouble within the household, financials crisis and ill health. West face house neechasthana door is at sSouthwest: Financial losses, general trouble, increases chances of health and financial troubles in men and renders them total defeats, sudden collapse of firms or system. North side house neechasthana door is at northwest in North : People moving through this door will not have mental stability and they might fall prey to bad habits, debts, court cases, saint philosophy. If the main door to the house is stiched in a right place according to vastu shastra then the position of the inmates raisen day by day. Doors are the main and very important in vastu shastra., dont forget this while sitting the doors at house, factory or in any other constructions

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen | Fire : A place of ladies personal world, experiments, tastes, happy to ladies, some times sorrow to gents. There is no ambiance in the home more loved and lived in by all the members of the family, the best of the family, the best place to savor the pleasure of being together with all the tastes, memories and daily habits of the family. These are feelings which need a suitable ambiance, where the warmth of wood combines with the strong character of the stony materials, such as marble and granite of table tops and the counter may be with glass also. 1. Kitchen should always placed at Southeast (Agneya)corner of the house. 2. The second best place for the kitchen is Northwest (Vayavya) corner of the house. 3.Observe this plan where the kitchen has to be placed in the house. Ok have u seen the above picture, now you are aware by seeing the above plan and now you know where the kitchen has to be placed at house. 4. At kitchen the hob also has a central position with a canopy formed by its hood which destroys odors and fills the ambiance with light at the same time. The electrical appliances are carefully concealed beneath the worktop. 5. Olden days our elders constructed two or three houses, but in our period one house built is a climax of the interesting movie, built the house with all amenities like the marked personalities of those modern and innovative kitchen brings into the home the soothing atmosphere of colorful (colourful) and lively activity. There are as many as four colours which gladden the eye and communicate a note of joyful serenity of the ambiance which they furnish, creating together a happy scene. 6. Feel king at your house, you are maharaja of your house a kitchen layout should be customized to the specific requirements and needs of the users. Hence, it is important to ascertain the individual preferences overall lifestyle and eating habits of the direct users, built the kitchen with your own style and requirements. 7.The kitchen should be in the south-east portion of the house. The door of the kitchen should be in the north, east or north-east direction opening clockwise. The lady should face east while cooking, for it brings good health to family members. If the lady faces west while cooking it may lead to health problems to ladies; while cooking with the face towards south may lead to financial problems in the family. 8. The above picture is the layout of kitchen at house.You can place the dining table as shown above. 9. You can place all food articles at west side of the kitchen. 10. The flooring level of the kitchen is equal to the remaining house flooring. 11. The sink at kitchen placed at Ishan corner. 12. The women folk should be facing the East while doing their cooking. This is good for health.

13. There should be abundant use of green in the kitchen. For example green granite for flooring or green pictures. This helps improve the appetite of the family members and also promotes peace and harmony in the house. 14. If possible, the cooking gas and the washing sink should not be kept very close to each other. The logic being fire and water are not comfortable close to each other. 15.The cooking stove should not be visible to the naked eyes from the outside. Hence always shield the kitchen from the outsiders. 16.There should be no leaking taps in the kitchen. This affects the money flow, and actually water should not be waste at any place including kitchen. 17. Shelves for the storage for grains at south,west and southwest sides only. 18. In Vastu Shastra its strictly prohibited that do not construct toilets and pooja-room next to one another. 19. The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door, try max for this tip, if not maintain one curtain always hanging to the kitchen door. 20. Kitchen should not be placed at northeast corner of the house, if kitchen is at the North - East direction, it would curtail peace and mutual love in the family, and heavy expenditure occurs, might quarrels at home etc. 21.vastu for kitchen takes into consideration various things, which where properly placed, pave way for safety in the kitchen. Some of the essential determinants considered are: proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets etc, if everything is according to vastu, the inmates live happily and enjoy the peace at home. 22.Better no shelf should be placed above the cooking platform. 23.Refrigerator can be placed on the northwest corner in the kitchen or southwest corner. 24.While constructing the kitchen, make adequate provision for cross ventilation for good health, and fresh breeze . While cooking items smoke will be automatically go away and we will safe by this cross ventilation. 25.Kitchen (or dining room) is the best place to have your daily meals; but never face South while having your meals it creates stomach disorders, indigestion and other related problems. 26.. If the kitchen is adjoining to a bedroom, the wall between them should be thicker than other walls. 27.Cooking Gas/Range should be in the south-east part of the kitchen. 28.Exhaust fan should be installed on the eastern wall in the south-east corner. 29. Drinking water may be placed in the north-east; water filter will be installed in the north east, if required, or it may be placed at northwest corner.

30. Better to get suggestions from the vastu expert while constructing the house. The theoretical matter cannot renders satisfied vastu experiment in our house. By reading books of vastu we know only the important things that may be the essential factors, but general folks cannot find the serious things (vastu defects). Please observe the Stove (Burners) and sink at this image, black colour is the stove platform at kitchen and white mark+red dots are the stove, and sky blue is the water sink, the stove and sink are changing places,. every step is not a wrong, but maximum try to avoid the sink to place to reach the southeast position. In this moving gif file the sink finally came and occupied the southeast corner,this is not good. Try to place the water sink at northeast corner of the kitchen. In kitchen we have to cook by facing towards east direction only, at this moment the sink should always been keep to the left hand side, it should not crossed to right hand side i.e, sink is towards south wall and the stove after to the water sink. "D" stands for Doors to the kitchen you can place the door at northeast corner towards north side or northwest corner towards west side. these two places are best for fixing the door.Have any doubts please clarify by giving email to us. Contact by clicking here ..Thank You for understanding and have a nice day.

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Vastu Tips for Dining Room Vastu for dining room makes sure that the food you are eating will have positive effects on you and your family. There are plenty of things that are required to be considered, while giving the right Vaasthu remedies for dining room like the proper location of dining room, proper placement of dining table, position of electronic gadgets, the direction you are facing while eating food etc. The ideal location for the construction of dining room is the West or south portion of the house. If you want to place a fridge (Refrigerator) in the dining room, then southeast direction would be just apt for the same. Kitchen is the proper place to have your daily meals (in olden days our elders doesnt have dining table or dining room, they are taking food at kitchen only) but never face South while having your meals it creates stomach disorders, indigestion and other related problems. If you want to make provision for the fitting of washbasin in your dining room, then the right place would be either eastern or northern or northwest corners. Dining table should not be sticking to the wall. Maximum try for this, or sticking to the wall is must then go for west or south side walls, at any cost dining table should not be stick to the northeast corner or at east or north sides also. Square or rectangle shape dining table is just perfect for the room, now a days the round tables are flooding the market, there is no problem by putting the round dining table at the dining room. Construction should be done in such a manner that the dining room and kitchen both are on the same floor, lying adjacent to each other or equalent to same with each other, and one hint here also is that the dining room and kitchen may have small window to exchange the food items, but to do before this has to take suggestion from expert panel vastu consultants. It is most profitable to have the dining room in the west side of the building. If it is in the east or the north it is tolerably good. While taking food, the head of the family should sit facing the east. Others should sit facing the east, the west or the north. However, try to nobody should sit facing the south. If it is done, unnecessary quarrels may take place. Nature portraits and paintings in the dining room makes the atmosphere happy. East, south or west portion of the house are for the dining rooms. Stimulate your appetite by painting its walls with shades of pink or orange. The dining room can be an independent room or in continuation of the kitchen, no problem, but better to get one suggesion by expert after showing your house to him. In the old days, food was cooked and served in the kitchen itself. These days, the dining room can be an extension of the kitchen or drawing room. In case the kitchen is located in the South-East, the dining room can be made either in the East or South of the kitchen. If the kitchen is located in North-West, the dining room can be made in the North or West of the kitchen

The family should spend happy times here, talking and relaxing, as well as eating. Talk to your family members softly and sweetly in a pleasant voice. Any talk while eating should never revolve around the short comings of any family member. Do not make the dining room a classroom for your children. As per the Rushis (saints) voice do this for best results, cultivate the habit of listening to soft subdued music rather than having the television on at dining room. Television kills conversation and these days where parents have work pressures and children have a burden of studies, meal times can be utilized to spend quality time together with the whole family Create a pleasant environment for the family and friends to eat and enjoy each other’s company. The atmosphere should be intimate and conducive to conversation. To enjoy the feeling of spaciousness do not have too much furniture in this room. The main focus of this room is the dining table itself. The table should be preferably rectangular. Fridge can be kept in the South-East of the dining room There should not be any attached toilet in the dining room. There is no harm in an attached room used for washing clothes or utensils. Paintings/posters of appetising food can be placed on the walls of the dining room. WOW you know so much about dining room and kitchen from, can i expect tasteful food from you while I am at your sweet home. Last Updated on Friday, 14 May 2010 18:30

Vastu Shastra Tips for Planting Trees : Trees, really we don't know the power of these heavenly elements. Yes Trees are nothing but heavenly Elements. Don't cut trees in the name of Vastu Shastra. Trees gives us all power related to our peaceful living. Who plant the trees are nothing but assistants to God. God Love Trees. Trees are very important for living creatures (including Human Beings). If ones house is having plenty of trees he will have peace of mind. The land will cool. If the climate is cool, the bad vastu power decreases. If the atmosphere (land, area, place) is hot the bad vastu power increases its power. So we must take in planting of trees. Unfortunately in vastu shastra there is one rule (implemented by some half knowledged persons) is flying that if trees shadow is touching the house, that house inmates cannot get prosperity, luck, harmony etc.....This is totally wrong and foolish thing. Now a days Vastu is a cold poison that spreads all over the country. In the name of vastu the trees are going to be vanished. We have to take care of this unlawful mad nature of some bad humans. The vastu consultants who don't have much knowledge on vastu shastra says that "trees shadow should not fallen on house", this is entirely wrong statement. Trees gives us colours, eyes cooling, look, smart, cool, royal touch, peace, cool shadows, particularly security feeling, education, good relations, satisfaction life, money, good name with smart fame, leadership or leadership qualities. To be frank if there is no tree, that is not called as house. Some half knowledge Vastu consultants expresses that we must plant trees only at West, South, Southwest directions......please go through the below picture..... As per our Indian vastu shastra we must give more space at north and east than west and south sides. While it is so, the trees needs some spacious space to grow and cover the area. If we don’t have certain space at west and south sides, then how it is possible to plant trees at west and south sides. Its absolutely impossible. Again these people say that we should not plant trees at north and east sides. Well, then where we have to plant trees at our house. Finally they drag one point that there is no space for planting trees and trees shadow should not be fallen on house. So vastu is the main cause for trees plantation, so many people have much interest in planting trees, but due to vastu shastra we are unable to plant trees. Vastu Shastra curse on Trees. Here we will brake all these principles and maintain feasibility and plantation without braking the. We will see the solution for all these problems. Is there any salvation for this problem : Yes there is a solution for this problem. See this image. Here we planned to give some more space at west and south sides,(observe the west and south side more space and observe the above image) so we have much space for planting trees, and the north and east also not disturbed. Here the house occupied the Nairuthi part and trees are also planted at west and south parts, so we followed their conditions. Please note that Trees are the hidden attraction for heavenly elements. You can observe at some houses, the inmates enjoying their life with full happiness and standard living, those houses may have full of Tree shelters. A house is having with full of trees.... what is the results from it, nothing, the inmates just enjoy their life with full happiness.

In the above image the trees are at south and west directions only, but now see this below picture, here the trees are covered almost all at house, except Ishan or Eshan corner. Provide space only at Eshan corer and cover all the entire place with trees. Don't trust the words that "trees shadow should not touch to the house". You can cover the house with full of trees, just left some small portion at Ishan side as vacant, this is enough for us. In any case one house is having trees at Eshan corner, no problem just dig one sump at Eshan corner, then the problem will solve. We will discuss it with one image. If you plant more trees at south side and west side then you will have more benefits, see this below picture, here the south side is full of trees, it gives you more money and good health, financially sound, peace and standard life etc. In the above image the trees are fully occupied at south side, like wise you can plant number of trees at west side also. It gives inmates a secured life, good health, financially sound etc, enemies power lost, confidence etc. Treat the trees like your children, they save you definitely. In Sanskrit there is a word on trees "Vrukshadevatha" . If you have any query on planting trees kindly write to me, i will definitely reply to your email, or you can contact me over cell phone: 0 98481 14778 . Any of your friends or relatives houses, if there is big trees or heavy ( number of) trees, please inform them regarding this link, if they planned to cut trees in the name of vastu shastra, suggest them don't cut trees. If the land is cool then good vastu will work immediately, if the land is hot bad vastu will starts its work. Here is the link of my contact details, at any time i am ready to serve my services for the trees, plants.., love trees, its nothing but Love on God. God bless our planet. Without consulting any vastu expert you can directly plant trees at Agneya and vayavya places. requesting Government, please plant trees, to save our planet, environment is most important for us to secure our future. Please pass a rule if any one commits to cut the trees in the name of vastu shastra, and punish them with severe fines or imprisonment or with both. requesting the Government and Officers please pass a rule that if any person wants to construct a house, he must plant atleast two trees at his house. He must show the space or provide space for plants and without trees don't allow him for construction. Please note that this link is more developed in coming days, from this link you will get which tree is best for various lands. How to protect trees, Tree types, route causes any damage to houses or bedrock or foundation etc will be published here, kindly pass this link to your friends. If you are Trees lover then participate in developing of this Website. Please inform this web link to your friends. You can contact us for more suggestions. Help our environment by planting trees. ..........Which Tree you are falling down "From the day we are after killing non speaking animals and plants - our every morning is welcome with a fresh and miserable new problem. The day we love trees, world would be a paradise." You may write your experiences on Trees plantation and you are welcome to send photos and videos on trees, we will publish all files. (If you require we will publish your name also). Observe the below images, how impressed these houses with trees. Trees are the main attraction for Godly Elements. Plant trees at your homes.

Vastu Tips for Cash Box | Currency | Money: Not for one, but for every one cash box is important, now a days moral things are disappears, only money is occupying in our lives, we are not looking for other needs, we need only money. We can buy any thing with money, but we cannot buy some things in this world, for example, we cannot buy mothers love. Its wonderful gift from God to us. (This matter is from We have to earn money for our livelihood but we should not live for money, if we have capability and strength, do hard work, then money will automatically come. Don't go and search for money, it will be with you if you do hard work.Now we are discussing some points on money matters. Very small points. 1. If you are facing problems with debts, then do one thing, dig one sump at North east corner at your compound. 2. Heighten the south side and possible construct pail or dais at south sides. 3. North side lower (depression) can easily gives you money. Extra income will flow to you. 4. North Eshan (Northeast-north) corner street focus will gives you plenty of money. Try for this street focus road houses. 5. Currency chest will be at your house if you get a experts suggestion. For more information visit the house link at home page top right side. There select the appropriate link for your requirement. 6. The currency chest always placed at Southwest corner of the southwest room in a house. So that it gains enormous Eshan corner focus, and money never go out easily. For your understanding here is a picture, please observe the focus of Eshan corner to currency chest. In the above Picture you can clearly observe the main technique in flowing cash into the cash box, like this way you can do practicals. The Vastu experts suggestions will always brings cheers. If your cash box is having a clear way from Eshan (Northeast) corner, then you can enjoy the currency full in your cash box and bank balances. Some body may raise some doubts that which is the best regarding cash box hanging to southwest wall or placing the cash box at southwest floor. Simple first check the cash box height and weight, if it is above normal, then place it at southwest floor, if it is not too weight or height then you may hang to wall. Remember weights placing at floor level at southwest part is always good. Hanging is not advisable. If you did not have that much space and particularly you are requiring to hang the Almira or cash box or shelf then you may hang to the wall. We are not objecting and we never come to you house, if it fallen down, and don't blame us. Herewith we are providing some images for your kind understanding purpose. Check the below Almirah images :In this image, the almirah's (Money Box, Iron Safe) placed towards Southwest corner, this resident bought two almiras and kept them at southwest corner. Good. Both are placed on floor only. Here now we are discussing some important logic. The two Almira are in good position. For your understanding purpose one almirah is marked with white patch. This white patch almira is North almirah and the other one is South almirah. If the surroundings vastu is not good towards South direction, then place your money (Cash, Rupees, Dollars) at North almirah, if South is good as per vaastu shastra then place your money in South almirah. South means, the south direction after your house, if there is any apartment at South direction, then keep money in South almirah.

There are lots of tips and techniques in Vaasthu Shastra, we have to find it and logical think requires to get the right key. Here one resident placed the Almirah towards Southwest direction in his house, don't keep your eyes on back side, that is a small window, its wrong but from outside it was totally closed with strong structure. This almirah is faced towards East direction. This placement is also good as per vasthu shastra. Now we are discussing some other methods, now a days the rooms are very small in size and we have to adjust every thing in all ways. If there may not be any space towards southwest part, particularly at floor, then we have to hand the almira at southwest corner wall. Just see the below image.This is also one steel almirah, one resident placed this almirah towards southwest corner, it is not stand on floor, only hanged on the wall. Is there any wrong in this system. No, but it is better to place the Almira on floor is good.

Have a Great Bright Money Day.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Wells | Bores : Not now a day but in olden days we have Wells at our houses, due to modernization now we are not interested to dig wells, we are accustomed to have the Bores only now. Almost this webpage is somewhat equality to the sump webpage. Most of the qualities are been equal to the sump webpage. See this below pictures we have to dig the wells as shown in the picture.Observe this flash file, here the house is at Nairuthi corner, and the Well with round shape has came into East Eshan corner of the Compound corner, results is: good health, richness, name and fame. There is one red line running from house to compound wall corner, that means we should not construct the well in that place. We have to left that place and construct the well at East Eshan place or North Eshan place. Here the well came into North Eshan place, this is auspicious for well, and the results is richness, always money flow, good health etc Please check the directions in all images, otherwise you will be little bit confused. Now we are looking some wells: -Check the image, the water well or water sump or bore well is suitable at Northeast corner. It is good for happy life. Other parts are not good, but we will check the subject to have some more good positions of wells in our properties. Some areas wells may be in southwest or West or South or Southeast or Northwest portions, those positions are wrong. Please consult one expert vastu consultant and get his advice to correct it. In my home well is dry, shall I close it, any puja has to be performed to close the well : If a well or water sump is to be drilled in the house, pooja must be performed on the commencement of the excavation and Ganga puja on water. Water is treated as a agent of God, our tradition is, respecting the Natural forces or Five elements. Almost in some areas water is treated as God, and you may also found that, several temples are constructed only at the side of river shores or full of water areas. If the well is found to be polluted by dead creatures, the polluted water (as much as possible) should be removed and puja should be performed to cleanse it according to local traditions. What for concentrate on local traditions, for example, if you are living in Rajasthan and we may be in south India, the traditions for closing the well is too different, our traditions and methods may not be accepted by your local pandits or local people. So it is better to take only local people advice on closing the well. If you did not get any local pandit or any suggestion from the local people then do one simple thing, do some pooja on your favorite god, and offer some sweet, one cocoanut and flowers and cosmetic powers red and yellow and light agarbathis etc, and start close the well after 10 mins. While closing the well, take some precautions like, never be dug if a women in the family is pregnant, if while commencement of a new construction, a well is found in the plot, but is in the wrong direction, it should be closed/filled and a new well be dug in the direction as suggested according to vastu, it is advisable to excavate the well in the north sector before commencement of construction. Please note one point here, if any well is in wrong position say about South, Southwest, West or Brahmasthan near to Southwest, if you would like to close it, then first start dig one well or sump at North, East, Northeast (Best location) and there after start closing the wrong placed well. We think you understand well.Some wells are dangerous. Close them first, in some areas, the house land area is very big, in those areas they have unclosed wells, please close them first, otherwise it will taken lives. If you are not using wells, then

close them with some proper puja as given here under, if those wells are not used for consuming water purpose etc, then close them without any pooja etc. Some areas the wells are well used. If there is sufficient water in those wells, then don't close them. Check the height of the well wall, it is must, otherwise it may be danger to kids. In olden days we used these wells for our daily water requirements, new generations may not know about these wells. Those days we don't have deceases, because of this fresh generated water from ground. Good for health. Some areas water is for human consumption and it is said to be drinking water, some areas we never get this drinking water, those water may be used for bath, washing, cleaning etc. Now see the well diagram, it may gives you some pleasure.This is the only model of well for our regular drinking usage. What is your doubt, ask us we will try to provide you the best answer. Thanks.

Vastu for Car Parking | Shed | Garage : The student learns one fourth from the teacher, one fourth he learns by his own wisdom, one fourth he learns with the passage of time, one fourth he learns from his classmates. Astrologically, fourth house of the horoscope represent your residence, living place, and vehicles. A vehicle should be housed properly for its better efficiency and long life. A car garage is best in the southeast or northwest of your plot. A car parked in the northwest is best. If garage is in the west of northwest, there will be lot of traveling. Car remains in the garage for a very short time. A car parked in the southeast requires minor repair work. The floor level of the garage should be sloping towards north or east direction. The car shed should not touch the main building as well as the compound wall. There should be a minimum space of 2 feet to 3 feet wide all around the garage. A person should be able to circumambulate it on foot without any hindrance. This gap will ensure free movement of light and air all around the living premises and garage. Never park your car exactly in the northeast. Northeast is the entry point of heavenly forces. A car garage in the northeast will obstruct these forces. Parking in the northeast is suitable in the basement area. Southwest is full of tamas energy. The car will not come out of the garage. You will use car once in a blue moon. It is always out of order. Its components will get jammed with the passage of time. Always park your car by keeping its face towards north or east. These are the cool directions. Your car’s engine will never get overheated provided it is in the front portion. Infrared rays coming from south and west directions may cause fire hazard if car is parked facing these directions. The gate of garage should be in the north or east direction. It’s height should be less than the height of main gate of the compound wall. The gate leaves should open fully without any hindrance. White, yellow and other light colours are the best for painting the walls of your garage. No waste material or inflammable material should be stored in the garage. The path in front of the garage should be all clear for car’s movement. Portico for car parking. If you don’t have sufficient space for a garage; construct portico for parking the car. It can be constructed in the north or east of northeast in the plots facing north or east directions. This portico should not touch the main building. Erect pillars independent from the main building with cantilever roof. Keep the face of your car towards north or east direction. North facing car is auspicious for businessmen while east facing car is good for politicians, administrators and government officers. Other principles of car parking are same as described in the garage. Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 March 2012 10:4

Vastu Shastra for Living Room A living room, also known as sitting room (especially in the UK), lounge room or lounge (in the United Kingdom and Australia), Hall (especially in India)is a room for entertaining guests, reading the books, watching TV or other activities. The word Lounge is from the Latin, it was brought over later on by the French. In modern homes and apartments the living room has replaced the old fashioned parlor. In the 19th century, the parlor was the room in the house where the recently deceased were laid out before their funeral. This became the more affirmative term "living room" in the 20th century. The term marks the twentieth-century effort of architects and builders to strip the parlor of its burial and mourning associations. A typical western living room will be furnished with a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, a television or stereo equipment, bookshelves, as well as other pieces of furniture. Traditionally a sitting room in the United Kingdom would have a fireplace. In Japan people traditionally sat on tatami instead of chairs but western style decor is also common these days. In the United States, sometimes the living room is reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining while a separate recreation room or family room is used for more casual activities. In Australia, the living room is more often referred to as "the lounge" and is used for both formal and casual entertaining, although casual entertaining also takes place in the backyard. The term front room can also used to describe a living room, because in many homes the front door opens into the living room. After Bedroom we spare our most time at our residence is only at “living room”. Here living room plays a vital role according to vastu shastra, if living room is not constructed or setting according to vastu shastra the inmates of the house may be suffers with so many troubles, because vastu works on the basis of sparing time at a particular place. At some houses someone is constructing living room as per their tastes and interests. Well let it be continuing but before constructing the same why not follow vastu, what is wrong by following vastu, its nothing. Better to follow vastu and construct all of your properties, assets according to vastu shastra. Most of the houses the front room is the living room, and most of the living rooms are wide and larger than all the rooms at house, well here vaastu works in a hidden method, if at one east facing house there might be living room is the front room, its correct and giving good results to the inmates. Likewise North facing house inmates also receives good results by putting living room at front side i.e., living room is front side. But where as it should not happen at west side facing houses and south side facing houses. Here the inmates must take most precautionary methods by setting the living room as the first room where is in before the entrance. Don’t construct the living room as front room at west side houses and south side houses. You can keep number of doors to the living room, but all the doors should be at correct places as per the vastu shastra. You are aware that “doors” plays an very important role at house as per vastu shastra. Once again remember living room got 2nd rank at house after Bed room as per vastu, in general living room got 1st rank as per our living style. Decorate as much as you can, but importance may be given to vastu, then only you enjoy the life with your family members, otherwise you are striving for your livelihood that will be the entertainment to your neighbors and your enemies. Becareful while you sitting at the living room for discussions about different category business deals. As you are owner of the house, you have to sit at the chair or sofaset, your face should be towards east or north, and guests, panchayatdhars, litigents, partners should sit and thier face should be towards south or west, this type of sitting will leads victory on your discussions, finally you will get success on Panchayats (Litigations).

Bedroom Vastu Shastra : It is best to have the bedrooms in the south, south west (nairuthi) and west. At no cost should the bed room be built in the northeast (Eshan ) corner, maximum try to avoid placing of bed rooms at east or north directions . If the house owner has occupied this bedroom it is not good for the house owner’s health and the financial matter. People sleeping in southeast (agneya) towards east side bedrooms suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety and short temper. The owner sleeping in northwest (vayavya) bed rooms suffers instability, financial losses, unneccessary headaches from his working areas i.e., his office, shop, lodge or hotels , factories etc. It is best for the house owner to sleep in the Southwest room and in case not possible in the South bed room or West bed room, if the owner has occupied at these southwest corner bedroom, or south bedroom, or at west bedroom then his position will raise day by day, his works will go smooth, his words has some attraction, he has capability in maintaining his family members or his staff. His financial position will also be raisen at peak level. vaasthu for bedroom Vastu Shastra is most important for us, as because we spare max time in a day at this bedroom. While at house construction its better to consult one experienced vasthu consultant then every thing will go smooth. Please remind one thing vaastu consultants can cheat you, but vaasthu shastra cannot. (Sleeping positions are discussed in detail in next pages, don't miss to visit learn more pages). Direction for the head to be placed while sleeping : 1. If the head is towards the South then, Sound sleep and lesser tensions, the health improves. 2. If the head is towards the East, then improvement in knowledge. 3. If the head is towards the West, then ill health. 4. If the head is towards the North, then bad dreams, ill health and disturbed sleep. 5. The cupboard in the room’s to be placed at West direction. 6. The bed in the room is at Southwest corner. 7. The dressing table in the room’s Southeast or Northwest corner 8. The cupboard in the room may be at South or west or southwest 9. Place the bed at south, west or southwest. 10. The cooler at the room is towards southeast or northwest direction, if not possible then place this one at north or east directions but it should not touch the wall at these directions. 11.The flooring should be higher than the remaining house flooring. 12.Bath room should be at southeast corner or northwest corner, with some care it may be placed at nairuthi also. As per the request of several visitors, herewith we published the different bed positions at bedroom, please observe the bedroom in light pink colour, bed is in little bit dark colour, pillows are in white

colour. In this picture, the bed position is towards agneya (southeast corner),. Then the inmates will suffer with some financial problems, diseases, quarrel in between the inmates or with out siders, their works will go little bit slow, or may be late etc may happen. Heavy expenditures may occur.. Health and stamina will also be considered at this bed position as week. This bed position is not good. Dont sleep in this position. Here the bed is towards to Eshan (Northeast) corner, this is not at all good. Dont sleep in this position. This position called to be the worst bed position, we should not sleep at northeast corners. Every thing is against to the inmates in this style of sleeping. Observe some other bed positions at next page, click the below "Learn More" butto Learn More...Vastu for Bedroom Last Updated on Sunday, 25 March 2012 06:48

House, A vaastu Guidance All four side road are good, but other things should be as per Vaastu. 1. Prefer north or east facing houses. 2. More open land in north and east than south and west. 3. Boring or well or any pit should be in north-east. 4. Bhoomi Pujan to be preformed in North-East or centre or house. 5. South & West compound walls should be heavy and higher than north & East compound wall. 6. Start excavation from north-west. 7. Start foundation from south-west. 8. Kitchen should be in south-east and platform should be in east. 9. Sink should be on left side of the platform and gas (cooking range) should be on right side of the platform. 10. Dining room should be in the west. 11. Racks or almirahs should be in south & west direction in all the rooms. 12. Doors of each room should be facing east. 13. Never fix a mirror on south and west wall if possible. 14. Toilets & bathrooms should be in south-east or north-west portion. 15. Cattleshed if any should be in north-west, away from north wall. 16. Bedrooms should be in south and west. 17. Master bed room should be in south-west. 18. While sleeping head should be in south or west but never in north 19. Pooja room should be in north east. All photos or idols should be facing east or west only. 20. All rain water should flow from south to north and west to east only. 21. Drainage pipes should be in north or east portion of the plot or house. 22. Slope of the plot should be south-west should be highest and north-east should be lowest.

23. Toilet seat (W.C.) should be north-south only. It should not be east-west. 24. Septic tank should be in central-east towards south or central-north towards west. 25. No cellar to be made in residential construction and if it is necessary if should be in north-east corner. 26. Out houses should not touch the compound wall of north and east side. 27. Staircase should be in south, west or south-west but if it is wooden than it can be anywhere even in north or east. 28. Stairs should go from north to south or east to west. 29.Stairs should always be in clock wise direction. 30. Over-head water tank should be in South-West. And if it is in north-west, then any other higher structure to be made in south-west. It should not touch the slab it should be above and on four pillars. 31. Anything under ground should be in north or east. 32. Anything above ground level should be in south or west. 33. Porch should not touch the north or east compound wall. 34. Big trees should not be grown in north or east. They should be in south or west side of the house. 35. Face east of north while reading or transacting any business deal. 36. Face east while cooking, west will be allowed if there is no alternative, but never face south while cooking. 37. Total number of windows and doors should be in even number for each floor, but should not end in zero like 10,20,30. 38. Ventilation plays a very important role in Vaastu, good cross-ventilation therefore is necessary. 39. Keep all the four sides of construction open, even is smaller constructions at least two sides should be kept open, keeping just one side open is bad as per vaastu. 40. Canals, lakes, rivers, nallah are best if they are in north or east of the house. 41. Never put the poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man and pigeon, crow, owl or eagle, these are inauspicious. 42. Doors should open inside the room and not outside. 43. Doors of kitchen and bathroom should open outside was like those elsewhere. 44. Never keep standing pose of Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati whether it is a photo or idol.

45. In bed rooms, always use bed of 4 (four) legs only. Never use box type bed because it stops the air circulation under the bed which is also bad for health. 46. Never keep leg on leg while sleeping. 47. Never eat or drink in standing position. Rooms And Their Positions Which room should be constructed in which direction, if this consideration is not kept in mind while planning a house, the whole building may go against the principles of and it will create lot of troubles causing harms and loss to the owner/inmates. People are generally ignoring this fact and are constructing house according to their choice. Architects now a days prepare house-plans without considering the principles and rules given by ancient Vaastu-Shastra. They keep in mind the latest designs, imitating the designs based on foreign culture but if the basic principles of Vaastu satisfying the five basic materials (Panch Mahabhutas) are ignored, the house becomes the root cause or troubles, losses and sorrows in the life of the inmates. For example, it has become a fashion these days to construct kitchen near the main gate. Reason for doing so is given that for most of the time a housewife has to remain in the kitchen and it becomes easy to her to keep a watch on the main door, and that she can conveniently attend to any body calling at the door. How strange and any visitor or guest should be received and entertained by the head of the family and the guest room/drawing room should be near the main door. Visitors come from all the classes of society and have to be treated in different ways depending upon their status. Indian Vaastu Shastra divides the house into 16 parts wherein rooms or various purpose should be constructed, keeping the directions in mind as follows: Direction Room to be constructed. � East Bathroom � South-east Kitchen � South Bed room � South-west Room for Heavy weights and weapons � West Dining room

� North-west Grain store � North Treasury � North-east Room of worship � Between East and South-east Room for churning curd � Between South and South-east Room for storage for Ghee etc. � Between South and South-west Latrine (W.C.) � Between South-West and West Study room � Between West and North-west Punishment room for expressing sympathy or sorrow. � Between North and North-West Bed Room for young couple � Between North and North-east Medicine Room � Between East and North-East Common/Drawing Room � Besides these, there are other opinions also :

� In South -West corner Clothes Room (Wardrobe) � North-west corner Cattle shed � North-east Water bodies-tank, well etc. � North-west Toilet. � As far as possible, various rooms should be oriented in the house as per directions given in VaastuSastra. Some of the rooms, such as room for churning curd, store for ghee, room for expressing sorrow, etc. may not be necessary in modern times. These may be utilised for other purposes, In case of shortage of space position of the rooms may be adjusted as per convenience and necessity. But there are some rooms which must be kept in the position suggested in Vaastu-shastra. If these are built in some other prohibited space, it will prove inauspicious and harmful for the inmates. In modern times it is not feasible to build big houses having large number of rooms as mentioned in Vaastu Sastra. Houses are built on small plots which can not accommodate many rooms. Therefore it is advised to construct the house in accordance with the principles of Vaastu, in abridged form having rooms as per necessity and convenience. 1. Bath Room: - Proper place for bath-room has been suggested in the east direction. The mild rays of the morning sun are beneficial for health. These rays can be received by the body while bathing, there fore bath room in the east side is good. There is a tradition in our culture to offer prayer (arghya) to the rising sun, just after taking bath. Slope of the floor of the bath room should be towards north or east. Water should drain out on the north or east side. 2. Kitchen: - South-east corner is the place of god of fire (Agni Dev), therefore, kitchen where fire has an important role must be built in this corner. Kitchen should never be built in the north-east, South-west or in the centre of north, south or west side. Burner (gas burner, stove, Chulha etc.) should be kept in the south-east corner of the kitchen room, such that while cooking the person may face towards the east. Water arrangement should be made in the north-east corner. Shelves for keeping raw commodities, utensils etc. should be kept on the south or west side.

3. Bed Room: - Main bed-room for the head of the family should be in the south- south-west direction. Bed-room for unmarried children can be built on the east side and for unmarried youths or for guests, the bed room in north-west is good. For young couples the bed room should be in north. Bed room should never be made in the north-east corner. Bed room of the head of family should be larger than that for other members of the family. Bed should not be placed in a corner or in the centre of the room. Also it should not be placed touching the walls. It should be placed in the east or south portion of the room in such a manner that head of the person while sleeping remains towards south and feet towards north, one should never sleep with head towards north. 4. Room for weapons: - In the South-West corner, a room for weapons has been mentioned in Vaastu Sastra. In past years such a room as necessary in the palaces or house of the rulers and land lords. In modern times, this room may be used as a store of heavy articles, tools and kits or keeping such articles which are of seldom use, or as a store of unserviceable waste articles. Also it may be used as bed room of elderly persons in the family. 5. Dining Room: - Best place for dining room is in the west. Now a days, dining room is adjusted with the kitchen or drawing room. In that case this room may be used for other purposes. Dining table should be arranged in the South-west or north-west portion of the room. Water arrangement should be in the north-east corner and fridge etc. (electrical appliances, if any) should be kept in south-east corner. Persons should face towards east or north while taking meals 6. Grain Store or Cattle Shed: - On the north-west corner a store for grains should be built. In olden times it was a necessity. In modern times also, generally people purchase grains required for the whole year which has to be stored properly. Those who live in rural areas and are shed is also required for those families which keep cows, buffalo etc. North-west corner is suitable for the purpose. If not needed the room may be used as guest room or bed room. 7. Treasury: - In the north a room should be built for keeping valuables such as jewellery, ornaments, cash, costly utensils, etc. This is the place of Kuber the god of wealth and prosperity. Therefore this is the best place for treasury room. Cash box or safe (almirah) should be placed in this room along the south wall, such that it opens towards the north and the man while opening it faces towards south. 8. Pooja Room: - North-east corner is governed by Eeshwar; Pooja room should be built in this corner. This corner should not be used for bed room, kitchen or any other room, and no other articles should be placed in the pooja room. Cleanliness must be maintained around it. One should sit facing north or east while worshipping. Idols or pictures of the deities should be placed on a high platform built on four legs (sinhasan) or a cup-board in the wall in the north or east side There should not be any toilet or kitchen above, below or adjacent to the pooja room. 9. Room for Churning Curd: - In olden days, when every family used to keep cattle cow, buffalo etc., it was necessary to have a place for storing milk, curd etc. and urban areas such room is not required in modern times, as such the place may be adjusted with other rooms. Place between east and south-east is suitable for such room.

10. Store for Ghee : - A room between the south and south-east can be built, if necessary, for storage of ghee, edible oil etc. If not needed, it may be adjusted with the kitchen or the bed room. 11. Toilet : - The place between south and south west is suggested for toilet. It can also be built in the north-west. In urban areas, there is a trend now a days to build toilets and baths attached to bed rooms. It is better to keep the bath and latrine separate. Attached bath-lat should be provided towards the north or west of the room. Seat in the latrine should be fixed such that a person may sit facing north or south. Floor of the toilet room should have slope towards north-east corner of the room and the outlet for waste water should be towards north, east or north-east. 12. Study Room: - The best place for study room is between west and south-west. The person should sit facing north or east while studying. The study table should not be placed touching the walls; it is inauspicious. Book-shelf should be placed along the north-east corner only. A small idol or picture of the favourite god a goddess may be kept in the north-east portion at a height. 13. Room for expressing sorrow or punishment: - A room was felt necessary in the house where at the time of some causalty, people may sit together to express grief or sympathy, or to be used as a punishment room If space does not permit, such room is not very necessary now a days. However, the room may be provided between west and north-west . It may be used as a bed room or toilet as well. 14. Rati Kaksha or Bed-room for young couple: - In the space between north and north west a bed room can be provided which is specially suitable for the newly wedded young couples . Arrangements in this room should be same given for other bed rooms. 15. Medicine room: - Between north and north-east a room may be provided for keeping medicines and for keeping ill persons. Morning sun rays and fresh nourishing air form the north help in empowering the medicines and early recovery of the patients. The space can be adjusted with other room if the separate room for medicines is not required. 16. Common Room: - A common room should be provided in the space between east and north-east which can be used for entertaining the visitors and guests, or as a place where all the members of the family can sit together. It can also be used as a bed room for unmarried children. It can be use as a store room for common articles. Light (Electricity) While constructing a room it should be kept in mind that every room gets proper light. Electricity is the main source of energy these days. Main switch board and meter etc. should be fixed in the south-east portion of the building. In every room, switch board should be provided on the right hand side (While entering). It is not auspicious to provide switch board on the left or centre of the wall. A building or temple where sun rays and fresh air do not reach is not auspicious and beneficial. As far as possible each room in the house should be so planned that it receives proper sun rays and maintains proper flow or air. In modern times, many huge buildings are built such that not only the sun is not visible from inside but it does not receive even traces of sun light. Flies, mosquitoes, germs may, of course, enter it without any check. Electric lighting has replaced sun light and fans, coolers etc. are used to maintain flow of air artificially. The un-natural arrangement is harmful to health and produces adverse effects on the eyes, lungs and heart. Soon the inmates have to suffer from respiratory troubles

and diseases or eyes. They have to consult the doctors again and again, and have to take medicines regularly and use spectacles. Therefore it is necessary to keep the importance of proper circulation of air and light in mind for the healthy and long life of the inmates and the house itself. There are traditions in our country of worshipping the rising sun. Ancient scriptures have mentioned methods of curing several diseases, like anaemia, impurity of blood, dyspepsia, etc. with the help of sun rays and passing the sun rays through water filled in glass bottles of different colours. Exposure of the body to mild sun rays also cures many diseases. Modern architects generally ignore this fact in an attempt to earn more money by utilising maximum space. Sunlight and natural air are very much necessary for the durability of the house and health of the inmates. This should be kept in mind. Proper ventilation and exhaust fans must be provided in proper directions. This research article is submitted by Dr.K.Venkatesan BE, MTech, PGA, PhD, MsD, DDiv(hon).,. He is a post-graduate in Engineering and he hails from the ancestry of Abirami Pattar.

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