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September 4, 2017 | Author: LILkkk | Category: Periodic Table, Chemistry, Test (Assessment), Physical Sciences, Science
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The websites listed below are useful resources to help you study for your AS/A Level Chemistry examination. Chemguide This is a well established site that provides quality revision notes in all aspects of AS/A Level Chemistry. You can search through the notes using a Google search engine, or enter the site via a menu system. Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic This is a well organised site that has both notes and tests on many aspects of AS/A Level Chemistry. Questions are ‘marked' online and correct answers given. Dr Rod Beavon's Chemistry Pages This site contains notes and examination tips. They are written by Dr Rod Beavon of Westminster School and are appropriate for the AS/A Level Chemistry. Chemistry Section Notes on a number of topics relevant to AS/A Level Chemistry are included. The notes include a particularly good interactive Periodic Table. There is also access to Homework Help and to a Midnight Café chat-room. General Chemistry Online This is a US site intended for first year undergraduates, but much is relevant to AS/A Level Chemistry. Notes, articles and tutorial are included. A number of experiment simulations can be accessed. The compound library is very good. Chemmy Bear A lighthearted look at many aspects of Chemistry. There are a lot of links to useful pages written by teachers and students. Not all of this is relevant to AS/A Level, but much is. A wealth of information and a lot of fun.

Chemsoc Interactive Periodic Table A high quality interactive Periodic Table with photographs and information about each element. The Orbitron A gallery of 3-D images representing atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals. Stunning images with comprehensive notes. University Of Oregon: Absorption and Emission Spectra This site provides absorption and emission spectra for any element selected from the Periodic Table. The Organic Chemistry Review Well written lectures on a number of aspects of organic chemistry with printable notecards. S-cool! Revision Guide A structured revision guide to the main topics in AS/A Level Chemistry with extensive notes and sample questions. Very good for examination preparation. Concise revision notes on a number of aspects in AS/A Level Chemistry. BBC Schools An interactive site allowing students to pose questions and receive answers. There is an extensive list of previous questions and answers that can be accessed and searched. The site includes a student chat-line.

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