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progress test Unit 1 face 2face upper intermediate...


Progress Test  40 minutes

1 1

Fill in the gaps with one word. 1 My 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10




1 She loves 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

12 13

1 a written report saying whether a student is

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

PROGRESS TESTS: Photocopiable

11 12 13 14 15 


(go) to the cinema. (help) me. I’d rather (study) at home. Could you stop (make) that noise? I remember (take) my driving test. I think you’d better (get) some sleep. Did you remember (buy) some milk? My dad made me (choose) this course. I stopped (help) a girl who had fallen off her bike. My older brother taught me (drive). Your sister doesn’t seem (like) me! I encouraged him (learn) Spanish. Julie finished (do) her homework. I forced him (tell) me his name. I might (stay) in tonight. We avoided (talk) to them. going

2 He doesn’t mind

Write these words/phrases connected to education. 2


in brackets.



improving or not: a progress report the amount of money you pay to go to a private school or a university: f a short piece of writing on a particular subject: an e somebody who has a first degree from a university or college: a g a teacher who works with one student or a small group of students: a t a talk on a subject, especially at university or college: a l the money that a student borrows from a bank while at university: a s l somebody who is studying for their first degree at university or college: an u somebody who has a first degree and is now studying for a higher degree: a p money paid by a university, etc. to a student with ability, but not much money: a s a class in which a small group of students discuss a particular subject: a s a piece of work given to someone as part of their studies or job: an a somebody who teaches at a university or college: a l a teacher of the highest level in a university department: a p an advanced university degree: a M


Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs

language is Spanish. I’m quite fluent Arabic now. Did you pick any Portuguese when you were in Brazil? Sue’s reasonably good languages. I did French at school, but it’s a bit now. He knows a words of Hungarian. My boss can get in German. Joe is bilingual French and English. Anna can a conversation in Polish. Mum can’t speak a of Italian. first



15 16 



Choose the correct verb forms. My husband and I 1  decided /have decided to learn Chinese a year ago. We 2never went/’ve never been to China, but we 3want/’re wanting to go there next year. We 4advised/were advised to have lessons and we 5’re studying/’ve been studying with a private teacher for three months – we 6usually give/’re usually given some homework to do every week. I 7 was starting/started mine after I got back from work last night. I 8know/’m knowing that my grammar isn’t very good yet, but while I 9read/was reading my coursebook I recognised a lot of Chinese characters so I 10think/’m thinking my vocabulary 11gets/is getting better. My husband often 12works/is working late so he can’t study much, but he 13has/’s having a few days’ holiday at the moment so he can do a bit more. Our teacher says that we 14’re learning/’ve learned a lot since September. We 15’ve been/were pleased when she 16 was telling/told us that! Before we 17started/ had started having lessons we 18’ve never spoken/ ’d never spoken any Chinese at all! 



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Instructions p232




Why? What 3 ? jill He’s a bit boring so I don’t listen properly and then I don’t do well in the coursework. I need to sort my life out a bit. ken In 4 ? jill I don’t know. Do something different. ken Like 5 ? jill Join a study group and do some exciting things in my free time. ken What 6 things? jill Acting, for example. I am studying drama, after all! By the way, did I tell you that I’m writing a play? ken Really? How 7 ? jill Very slowly. I’ve had to do a lot of research into 20th-century politics. ken What 8 ? jill My play’s about a Canadian politician. In fact I’m going to Canada soon. ken Who 9 ? jill My friend Jo. We’re travelling around and visiting a few different places. ken Such 10 ? jill Montreal, first of all. There’s a film festival there. ken T hat sounds fun. Where 11 are you going? jill Well, we’re going hiking in the Rockies. ken How long 12 ? jill Oh, about a month. ken Fantastic! 11 

Fill in the gaps in this conversation with a positive or negative auxiliary. Use contractions where possible.

anna H i,

Paul! 1 Did you go to that talk this morning? paul Yes, I 2 , but I 3 enjoy it very much. anna Oh, 4 you? I’m glad I missed it then. paul 5 you working in the library? anna No, I 6 sleeping. I’m exhausted and I 7 hate getting up early! paul T here 8 been a lot to do this week, 9 there? anna Yes, there 10 . You know, I 11 going to try and finish my project this week, but I 12 done anything yet! paul Don’t worry, neither 13 I. anna T hat makes me feel a bit better. By the way, 14 you going to George’s party next Saturday? paul No, I 15 not. Actually, I 16 usually like parties much, although I 17 enjoy that one we went to last month. anna You mean Brian’s? Yes, so 18 I. I 19 get home till 4 a.m.! paul A lot of people find Brian a bit unfriendly, but I 20 . anna No, neither 21 I. I think he’s really nice. paul Me too. Anyway, I must go. See you. 20  6

Fill in the gaps in this conversation with these words/phrases.

ken jill ken jill ken jill


Hi Jill. How are you? Not great, actually. Oh! Why 1 ’s that ? It’s my course. I’m not enjoying it any more. How 2 ? You loved it when you started. I know. I think it’s the teacher really.

Instructions p232

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Tick the correct sentences. Change the incorrect ones.

I need

1 I’m needing a better computer. 2 I’ve been studying English for years. ✓ 3 My brother refused speaking French. 4 I was driving home when he called. 5 We ended up to eat in a seafood restaurant. 6 She persuaded me to go to her yoga class. 7 When I arrived, the film already finished. 8 The way English is taught has changed a lot.

PROGRESS TESTS: Photocopiable

’s that  ’s it going  for (x 2)  what way  ’s he like come  sort of  with  as  what exactly  else


9 We plan visiting New York next year. 10 We stopped to get some petrol. 11 Jo’s parents didn’t go to college, but mine are. 12 He’s riding his motorbike for three months. 13 What course do you study at the moment? 14 I’m really liking your new shoes. 15 You should tell your parents what happened. 16 Lee regrets study history at university. 

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