Ultimate List of Acting Verbs:Objectives

September 12, 2017 | Author: Rachel Damon | Category: Society, Abusive Behaviour, Violence
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List of acting verbs/ objectives to be used with monologue and scene work...


abase abet abolish absolve abuse accept accommodate accomplish achieve acquaint acquit adapt addle address adjust admonish advertise advocate affirm afflict affront aid ail alarm alert allow allure amaze amend amuse analyse anger answer antagonize anticipate ape appeal apply appoint appraise approach approve arouse arrange

The Ultimate List of Acting Verbs “Objectives” assess challenge damn assert charge dare assist charm deceive astound chastise declaim attack cheat deduce attract check defame augment cheer defer authenticate chide defraud avert clarify defy award classify delegate cloak delight baby coach delude badger coax demean baffle coddle demonstrate bait coerce denigrate bargain collude denunciate bear comfort deny beckon command depict befuddle commend describe beg con detail beguile conceal detect belittle concern deter berate conciliate determine beseech condemn devastate bewitch condescend develop bid confer diagnose blame confide dictate bless confirm differentiate bluff confound direct bolster confuse disclose boost consider discover brainwash consign discuss bribe contest disconcert buck convince discourage bully correct discredit bushwhack corroborate disencumber court disgrace cajole cover disgust calculate criticize dishearten call critique dispirit catch crucify displease cater crush dissuade caution cultivate distress censure curse divert

divine dodge dominate dramatize draw duck ease educate elect elevate elicit eliminate elucidate embroil emphasize enable enchant encourage endear endure enflame engineer engross enhance enkindle enlighten enmesh ensnare entangle entertain entice entrap entreat entrust equip eradicate eschew establish estimate evade evaluate examine exchange

excuse execute exploit fabricate facilitate familiarize fashion feed filter finalize fix force focus formulate foster frame free frighten frustrate fuddle furnish further gag gather gauge generate gladden goad govern grade graft grant greet guide gull hallow handle head harangue hassle help

The Ultimate List of Acting Verbs “Objectives” henpeck join mortify hoodwink judge motivate hire justify muffle humble muster humiliate lambast mystify humor lampoon nag hurt launch narrate hush lead nauseate hypnotize learn navigate lecture negotiate identify libel notify illustrate liberate nullify imitate license nurse impair lighten nurture impart liquidate implicate list obliterate impress listen observe improve litigate obtain incite lobby offend indict locate officiate indoctrinate log offset induce lure operate indulge oppose influence maintain orchestrate inform manage order initiate magnetize organize innovate malign orient inspect maneuver orientate inspire manipulate originate install marshall outline insinuate mask overhaul inspire master overlook insult maximize oversee intervene mediate interview mend pacify intimidate mentor panic intrigue minimize parrot introduce mimic participate invent mislead patronize inventory misuse perceive investigate mobilize perfect invite mock perform involve moderate perplex modify persecute

persuade peruse placate plan please pledge pontificate pose pray preoccupy press prevail prick prioritize prod promise promote prompt propagandize propel propose propound prosecute provoke purge purify pursue qualify quash quench query quote rack rally ratify raise ravage rave read reason rebuke recall

recreate recognize reconcile recruit rectify reiterate reject rejoin release relegate remedy renege repel reprehend repress reprimand repulse resist retract revamp review revise revitalize revolt ridicule sample sanctify satisfy save scan schedule scheme scold scrutinize screen scrutinize search secure sedate seduce select settle shake

The Ultimate List of Acting Verbs “Objectives” shame synthesize volunteer shroud swindle shun warn sicken tantalize wheedle simplify tame win slander tarnish withdraw slur tease witness smother tempt woo snare terminate worry sober terrify worship somber test wrangle soothe thank specialize theorize specify thwart Verb List is spellbind tickle from : spoil titillate Playing: An spur tolerate Introduction to spurn torment Acting. Kuritz, squash torture Paul, Prenticesquelch transpose Hall. 1982 stage trammel startle trick still trouble stimulate troubleshoot stir tyrannize strategize strengthen unburden stretch uncover strike undertook strip understand structure uproot study unify stymie update substantiate upgrade suffer upheld suggest urge summon utilize supplicate support vacillate suppress validate surprise verify sustain victimize symbolize vilify vindicate

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