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EXAM GAP FILLING -Choose the best alternative for the missing part in each sentence. 1.

In 1619, the first American slaves _____________________ in Virginia, USA, and by 1790, their numbers _____________________ nearly 700.000 a)

were arriving/ have been reaching

c) 2.

b)arrived/ had reached

have arrived/ were reaching

d) were going to arrive/reach

Listen! The coach ______________ the strengths of our opponents because our team ____________ against them before.


a) has explained/ weren’t playing

b) explains/ won’t play

c) is explaining/ haven’t played

d) will explain/ hadn’t been playing

According to the doctor, this time next week, I ______________________ around as normal and the cut on my foot _____________________.


am walking/ healed

b) will be walking/ will have healed

c) walked/ was healing 4.

d) have been walking/heals

You _________________ for three months by the time you leave for holiday, so you __________ quite a lot of weight.

a) have been dieting/ will be losing

b) will have been dieting/ will have lost

c) had dieted/ lost

d) were dieting/had lost


She refused ________________ him a pair of jeans.


to buy


We were made _______________ our homework before the deadline.

a) submitting 7.

b) buy

c) buying

b) submit

d) to buying

c) to submit

d) to submitting

Yesterday, I saw ______ old lady asking how to get to the station. I offered to drive her there although it was far from where I was going to. I think everyone should respect ________ old.


an/ the

b) the/ an

c) a/ an

d) some/ an


At first glance, badminton might seem like _______ easy game, but it requires players to maintain ________ great concentration and make _________ split-second decision when making _____ shot.

a) an/ a/ a/ a

b) an/ the/ a/ the

c) a / an / the/ a

d) an/ a/ the/ the


by the end of 2010, I _______________ my studies.


a) will be completing

b) will have been completing

c) will have completed

d) will complete

10. There is no proof that the secretary leaked the news to the papers, so she ___________ it. a) must have done

b) can’t have done

c) was able to do

d) might do

11. Since all men are mortal, the human race ___________ some day come to an end. a)should

b) could

c) must

d) can

12. “Have you seen the new movie playing at the Bijou?” “No, but it ___________ sad. Many people leaving the theater seem to have been crying.” a) might be

b) must be

c) should be

d) need to

13. You are spending your money on those unnecessary things. It’s time you ___________ your money. a) saved

b) had saved

c) are saving

d) save

14. The police officer who gave Tom the ticket ___________ got angry when Tom informed him that he ___________ pay the fine. a) must have/ would b) could have/ should not

c) could have/ should d) must have/ would not

15. I returned a book to the library yesterday, but it was two weeks late. That’s why I ___________ pay a fine of $ 1.40. I ___________ have returned the book two weeks earlier. a) have to/ could b) might have/ ought to

c) had to/ should d) had better/ must

16. My cat is always getting into trouble. He's one of ___________ behaved cats I've ever known! a) such bad

c) the worse

b) so badly

d) the worst

17. Joanne is under a lot of stress at work, because the project she ___________ on at the moment is very important. a) has worked b) worked

c) was working d) is working

18. While you’re out, could you buy ___________ photocopy paper, because we only have ___________ at the moment? a) a/ a few b) some/ a little

c) plenty/ some d) any/ none

19. I wish you ___________ complaining about everything — it's only making our holiday even worse. a) stop

c) would stop

b) stopped

d) are stopping


20. The film was ___________ violent for me to watch till the end, so I left in the middle. a) too

c) much

b) enough

d) very

21. The group research project was __________ assignment of the year. a) the most challenging

c) challenging enough

b) so challenging

d) the more challenging

22. He got bored of being accused __________ everything that goes wrong. He now objects _________ being accused constantly. a) to/of

c) about/to

b) for/with


23. Mary seemed __________ the other speakers because she wasn’t used to making speeches. a) less nervous than

c) as nervously as

b) more nervous than

d) so nervous as

24. The man who is ________ the age of 75 suffers ________ heart disease seriously. a) in / of

b) of / from

c) at / from

d) on / with

25. She felt so lonely and bored when she moved to the USA; she found ________ to make friends and ________ to go. a) anyone / nowhere

b) no one / anywhere

c) anyone / somewhere d) no one / nowhere

26. __________ she didn’t listen to her father’s advise, fortunately she made no mistake. a) in spite of

b) despite

c) although

d) while

27. He regrets ________ the bad news about her grandmother’s death but there is no one to give the news. a) to give

b) giving

c) give

d) given

28. I want to learn how long ________ in the USA. a) did you stay

b) do you stay

c) you will stay d) you would stay

29. I don’t know ________ I will get married after graduation. a) as

b) whether

c) unless

d) since

30. I invited only one of my friends to the party ________ I arranged to celebrate my graduation. a) that

b) where

c) when

d) whose

31. Leadership , ___________as an important skill, can not be gained later. a) that’s known b) which is known

c) that knows

d) is known


32. İstanbul, __________ by many tourists every year, ________ city of Turkey. a) is visited / the biggest

b) that is visited / is the biggest

c) where is visited / is the biggest

d) which is visited / is the biggest

33. He had a lot of facilities to live and work in the USA; ________ , he didn’t want to go. a) since

b) because

c) consequently

d) nevertheless

34. They have been talking about something secretly for hours, but I don’t know ____________they talk about. a) where




35. He said he __________ me today, but so far he ___________. a) will phone / doesn’t

b) had phoned / hadn’t

c) would phone/ hasn’t

d) phoned/ didn’t

36. The footballers had no ___________ to win the final cup, and it was easily seen in the way they play. a) luck

b) infatuation

c) gamble

d) ambition

37. Unless you take your medicine _________ you will never get better. a) regularly

b) carelessly

c) quickly

d) honestly

38. I tried to ___________ why I was late for work, but he couldn’t understand what I was trying to say. a) insist

b) reply

c) explain

d) complain

39. James Joyce was born and educated in Ireland, but he spent his _________ life in Europe, especially in France and Italy. a) adult b) superficial

c) rare

d) proper

40. In 1496, right after his _________ of the new world, Christopher Columbus was still thinking about China. a) invention

b) journey

c) discovery


41. He __________ swimming when his doctor told him he needed to take more exercise. a) took after

b) took up

c) turned up

d) turned out

42. Virginia was an attractive young woman who ___________ in an elite atmosphere. a) brought up

b) took over

c) grew up

d) set off

43. It took me a long time to translate her books, as I had to _______ so many words in the dictionary. a) make up

b) get off

c) turn over

d) look up


44. Deborah was _____________ in her determination to stop smoking. a) selfish

b) single-minded

c) open

d) upset

45. We felt ________ to say a single word at the funeral of our beloved neighbour. a) easy

b) uneasy

c) easily

d) uneasily

SENTENCE COMPLETION- Complete the sentence with the best choice. 46. My friend is having great difficulty with his financial affairs, __________. a) since he lost his job last year b) until his daughter promised to sort them out c) so I’ve arranged to help him this week d) as soon as he sold one of his flats in the city centre 47. She only remembered that she was on a diet __________. a) she won’t eat any sweets after lunch b) ever since she became one of the top models of the country c) although she eats too much and feels bad about it afterwards d) after she had eaten four bars of chocolate 48. They had just moved into their new house __________. a)they don’t think they can afford to buy new furniture b)when their first child was born c) they have worked a lot and saved money d)after they decided to live abroad 49. George graduated from university just four years ago, but since then, __________. a) he will definitely have quite a successful career b) he has earned enough money to be able to retire c)he had travelled around Europe and learnt five languages d)he worked for one of the most successful stockbrokers in the city

50. __________ before Sigmund Freud interpreted them using Psychoanalysis. a) Dreams had never been explained scientifically b) Dreams can be considered as messages from our unconscious c) Many scientists have worked on the significance of dreams d) Dreams were being used in the treatment of psychological disorders CLOZE PASSAGE- Choose a suitable missing word for each item from the given below.


Petroleum is one of the world's ____51____ natural resources. Plastics, synthetic fibres, and ____52____ chemicals are produced from petroleum. It is also used to make lubricants and waxes. ____53____ , its most important use is as a fuel for heating, for ____54____ electricity, and ____55____ for powering vehicles. 51. a)as important

b) so importantly

c)most important

52. a)many

b) less

53. a) Therefore

b) However

c) Moreover

54. a) generated


c)to generate

55. a) especially

b) favourably

d)too important

c) a lot

d) much d) Rather d)being generated

c) decisively

d) indefinitely

The Zambezi Valley has been inhabited since the first hunter-gatherers lived there, and Iron – Age farmers ____56____ the river for centuries. Many Iron – Age sites are scattered along the Zambezi, including the Ingombe Ilede burial site near Chirundi. Later in history, Muslim merchants ____57____ up the river for gold. At the point where the Zambezi River meets the Indian Ocean, Vasco de Gama probably found Arab boats laden with gold dust. The news of this attracted many Portuguese fortune seekers, ____58____ spent four centuries on the lower Zambezi in search of gold. 56. a) have navigated

b) navigated

57. a)trades

b) traded

58. a) which

b) that

c) was navigated

d) navigates

c) have been trading

d)have traded

c) who


The high visibility qualities of the colour red in extreme darkness have led to the use of red for stop signs, danger signals and break lights. It is also used ____59____ fire equipment. Its stimulating effect ____60____ to its common use in advertising. It catches the attention and transmits the message to the viewer. 59. a)designating

b) to designate

60. a) has led

b) led

c) being designated c) had led

d) to be designated d)was leading

TRANSFORMATION- Choose the best answer from the rewritten sentence that have different grammatical constructs, but have the same meaning as the original sentences.

61. When we lived in İzmir, I used to go to a concert every week. a)

During our years in İzmir, I went to a concert regularly once a week.


When we lived in İzmir, they held concerts there every week.


After we left İzmir, I started to go to a concert every week.


While we were living in İzmir, we went to a concert at least once a week.

62. The rain had already started when I left the house. a)

It didn’t start to rain heavily until I left the house.


Just as I was leaving the house it began to rain heavily.


The rain suddenly came on as I was leaving the house.



It was raining even before I left the house.

63. Everyone will be extremely surprised if Peter doesn’t win the race. a)

Peter thinks he is going to win the race.


It is doubtful whether Peter will win the race.


After all, Peter could have won the race.


It is almost certain that Peter will win the race.

64. In my opinion, the last novel by Paul Wright isn’t nearly as entertaining as his early ones. a)

I much prefer Paul Wright’s amusing early novels to his later ones.


Unlike his last novel, Paul Wright’s early novels were all full of fun.


I think Paul Wright’s early novels were far more enjoyable than his last one.


I suppose Paul Wright’s early novels were amusing but his last one isn’t.

65. I’m taking my bicycle into town to get it repaired. a)

I want someone to fix my bicycle, so I’m going into town with it.


My bicycle is in need of repair, so I can’t go to town on it.


I know a place in town where they repair bicycles.


Perhaps someone in town can repair my bicycle.

DIALOGUE COMPLETION Complete the dialogues with the best choice. 66. Jack :

If there’s a good film on the TV tonight, let’s watch it.


There’s Fast and Furios but we’ve both seen that.




That’s true. So sit down, it’s about to start.


Yes, but it was a terrific film, and worth seeing again.


I certainly don’t want to see it again!


Then how about going to cinema?


I can’t remember much about it, can you?

67. Dan: Whose books are these? Jo: _____________________ Dan: Could they be Amy’s? Jo: They could be. In fact, they probably are hers. a)

I thought they were yours!


Well, they aren’t mine and they aren’t Amy’s.


I don’t know. They’re certainly not mine.


They’re yours, surely, aren’t they?



Murat: Are you flying from Ankara to Istanbul?



Murat: Then you will be going hrough the tunnel in the Bolu Mountains. Sibel:

That’s right. I’m looking forward to that. a)

Let’s go by bus.


No, we’re driving there.


We may. We haven’t decided yet.


Yes. My plane leaves at 9:00.

PARAGRAPH COMPLETION- Complete the paragraphs with the best choice. 69. Switzerland is only a small country but has rich natural endowments, especially magnificent lakes surrounded by massive, snow-clad mountains. __________________________, since it is this scenery that has brought so many tourists to the country. a)

However it has no Access to any sea.

b) It is to its scenery that the country owes much of its wealth c)

The capital of the country is Bern

d) In the Alps the weather is generally cool even in the summer 70. This particular sauce is one of the most popular in Britain now. Its history is curious one. ___________. Being short of money he sold the recipe to a customer. The customer was a good businessman and made a fortune out of it. a)

I find it overpowers the taste of whatever else one is eating


I suppose people are attracted to its rich, Brown colour


At one time it was made and sold privately by a small shopkeeper


My mother still makes a similar sort sauce which we all enjoy

71. The Queen Elizabeth II is the name of a large modern passenger ship and these are not many ships like her now. _________________. Compared to air travel, sea travel on a luxury liner is very slow and very expensive; but the live day voyage on the Queen Elizabeth II is really a holiday in itself, and experience to remember always. a)

Another drawback is the number of people they pack on to the ship.

b) This is because most people prefer to travel by air rather than by sea. c)

Indeed, travel by sea has recently become the faction again.

d) Until air fares come down, people will continue to go to New York by sea. 72. A lot of people like to live, not in apartment blocks, but in houses. The houses are set in gardens of various sizes. _____________. But a large garden means a lot of work and a small garden can be made to look extremely attractive. a)

One doesn’t get much pleasure out of a garden in the winter.


b) Many such gardens look their best in the spring. c)

Keeping a garden in good order is hard work.

d) Obviously in a large garden there is room for fruit tress and vegetables as well as flowers. 73. Ozone is very damaging at ground level, but in the atmosphere it is absolutely essential fort he main training life on earth. _________. If the ultraviolet light which reaches us is not filtered in this way, it can cause serious eye troubles and skin care. a)

However, in 50 years time, more than a quarter of all species will have become extinct.

b) The ozone layer encircles the world and protects us from the sun’s rays. c)

Environmental pollution has become a major national and international issue.

d) Therefore, many substances in the environment may be essential for the maintenance of the ecological system.

CONSTRUCTING A PARAGRAPH Find the correct order which best constructs a paragraph. 74. I. Moreover, when a child cares for a pet, this helps him to grow up into a loving adult who feels responsible for those depended on him. II. A pet in the family helps keep people in touch with the more natural: animal world. III. Because seeing an animal give birth brings understanding of the naturalness of childbirth, of seeing a pet die helps a child to cope with sorrow. IV. This is particularly important for children who are living in big cities. a)








75. I. Oil pollution is extremely difficult to control. II. But much of it is spilled accidentally as tankers collide with other ships. III. Each year millions of tons of oil are poured into the sea. IV. Some are done deliberately as tankers wash out their tanks. a)








IRRELEVANT SENTENCE Choose the irrelevant sentence in paragraphs. 76. I. The first steps toward making a speech are choosing a topic and writing a thesis statement. II.

Once the writer has selected his topic and developed his thesis statement, he is ready to gather

information to support his speech. III. Selection of a topic may be a difficult step as there are various steps existing.


IV. After researching the topic, the writer organizes and writes the speech so that it has an introduction, body and conclusion. a) I

b) II

c) III

d) IV

77. I. Unfortunately, the use of cell phones among small children has increased a lot. II. No one can deny that cell phones are very useful. III. Parents and children carry them around so that they can keep track of each other. IV. In emergencies, people use cell phones to call the police, taxis and ambulances. a) I

b) II

c) III

d) IV

78. I. Every culture has norms and sanctions. II. Norms are the rules for how a culture or society expects people to act and sanctions are the ways in which society enforces its norms. III. In China, for example, a woman is expected to remain indoors for one month after giving birth as norms require, and is harshly criticized by the society if she does not do so. IV. In some societies people hardly any interfere with each other. a) I

b) II

c) III

d) IV

TRANSLATION Translate the sentences from Turkish into English. 79. Bazı tarihçiler, 1970’leri, Batıda yeni bir değişimin başlangıcı olarak görürler. a)

Some of these historians looked for a new cultural exchange for the West during 1970s.

b) Some historians consider the 1970s to be the beginning of a new cultural transformation in the West. c)

The cultural scene in the West during the 1970s inspired some of these historians.

d) These historians are starting to work on the new cultural transformation that was witnessed in the West in the 1970s. 80. Yöneticiye yakın birkaç kişi dışında, hiç kimse hangi uzmanlara danışılacağını bilmiyor. a)

Except for a few people who are close to the director, nobody knows which specialists will be

consulted. b) Few of the people who are close to the director have any idea about which specialists must be consulted. c)

Nobody knows which of the specialists who are to be consulted are actually close to the director.

d) Only those who had been close to the director knew which specialists would be consulted. 81. Bütün yapman gereken, ihtiyaçların için en uygun arabayı seçmektir. a)

The best thing would be to get the car that you like best.

b) In choosing a car, the most important thing is that it suits your needs. c)

The best car to choose is the one that really suits your preferences.

d) All you have to do is to choose the car that best fit your needs. Translate the sentences from English into Turkish. 82. We were advised to visit Ephesus early in the day before it got too hot. a)

Efes’I bize önerildiği gibi gündüz sıcağı başlamadan erken gezdik.

b) Bize Efes’I erken giderek sıcak bastırmadan erken dönmemiz söylenmiştir.



Efes’i sıcak bastırmadan gündüz erken gezmemiz tavsiye edildi.

d) Sıcak bastırmadan Efes’I gezebilmek için sabah erken hareket etmemiz istendi. 83. The Old English language, also called Anglo-Saxon, can only be read today by those who have made a special study on it. a)

Anglo-Sakson adı verilen eski İngiliz dili, bugün güzel öğrenim görmüş kişiler tarafından kolayca

okunabilmektedir. b)

Anglo-Sakson adı da verilen İngiliz dili, bugün sadece özel öğrenim görmüş çok az kişinin

okuyabildiği bir dil durumuna gelmiştir. c)

Ancak özel öğrenim görenlerin anlayabildiği eski İngiliz diline, bgün Anglo-Sakson da denilmektedir.


Anglo-Sakson adı da verilen eski İngiliz dili, bugün sadece, bu dilin özel öğrenimini görmüş olanlar

tarafından okunabilmektedir. 84. Unless there is any change, he will present us with a comprehensive report on everything that was discussed in the conference. a)

Konferansta, sunulan raporun kapsamı ile ilgili değişiklikler tartışılacak.

b) Eğer kararını değiştirmezse, bize sunacağı konferansta tartışılan her konuyu kapsayacak. c)

Bir değişiklik olmazsa, bize konferansta tartışılan herşeyle ilgili kapsamlı bir rapor sunacak.

d) Rapordaki değişiklikler konferanstan once kapsamlı olarak tartışılacak. 85. The sudden increase in the number of books in the library is directly related to the new director. a)

Kütüphanedeki kitapların sayısındaki ani artış, doğrudan doğruya yeni müdürle ilgilidir.

b) Yeni müdürün gelmesi ile, kütüphanedeki kitap sayısının artması aynı zamana rastlamıştır. c)

Yeni müdür geldikten sonra kütüphanedeki kitapların sayısında ani bir artış oldu.

d) Kütüphanedeki kitap sayısı, yeni müdürün isteği doğrultusunda hızla arttırıldı. PASSAGE I Many people who have to start the day early find it difficult to wake up properly. For some of them, the solution is very straight-forward: they drink two cups of coffee and the feelings of the fatigue disappear. This is the effect of caffeine, which is a family of stimulants found not only in coffee but also in such drinks as tea, cola and cocoa. Taken in reasonable amounts, the stimulating chemical may help some people to work more efficiently. However, excessive quantities of caffeine can cause several irritating, unhealthy side effects. Studies show, in fact, that more than two cups of tea a day can cause unpleasant symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, stomach pain and insomnia. 86. The passage suggests that it is unhealthy to ______. a) drink any tea, coffee or cocoa at all b) drink more than two cups of tea a day c)

start the day without a stimulant of some sort


drink coffee late in the day

87. Caffeine and other similar stimulants ______.


a) can produce certain unpleasant side effects if large doses are taken b) are completely healthy c)

always have a negative effect upon people


are only to be found in tea, coffee and cola

88. The passage points out that many people begin the day with two cups of coffee ______. a) even when they don‟t feel sleepy b) because, by doing so, they soon feel wide awake c)

because there is less caffeine in coffee than in tea

d) because this is the best way to cure certain stomach pains and insomnia

89. In the passage excesssive quantities means ______. a) a little b) some c)

too much

d) enough PASSAGE II Skiing is a popular sport, enjoyed by people of all ages. The best skiers, that is, the professionals have until recently been Europeans. The Austrians, the French, and the Italians have generally been the fastest in international competitions. However, skiers from other countries have also come to the fore recently and demonstrated their skills. As a result, interest in the sport has become worldwide, and this has led to a highly competitive ski industry. 90. It is clear from the passage that the European countries ______. a) are determined to improve their skiing skills b) are now losing their lead in skiing sports c)

will soon dominate the ski industry in the world

d) regard skiing as the world’s most popular sport in the world. 91. The writer emphasizes that the development of the ski industry in the world ______. a) owes little to the growing international interest in this sport b) has been fastest in countries outside Europe c)

has been the result of the efforts made by the European proffesionals.

d) is because of the growing international popularity of skiing as a sport. 92. According to the passage, as a sport, skiing ______. a) arouses a lot of interest outside Europe b) is in the hands of professionals only c)

is rapidly becoming too expensive for most people


d) is not very popular at all PASSAGE III Dogs are a very popular pet in the Unites States. Most dogs just live with their families, but some dogs have very special jobs to do. Some dogs help police find criminals. Other dogs are trained to sniff out drugs or explosives. Some dogs assist people who are blind, deaf, or have trouble getting around. Dogs that help their owners are called "Assistance Dogs." A very special group of dogs are known as “Therapy Dogs.” These dogs are family pets with special training. The training allows them to go into public buildings and comfort people in need. Some therapy dogs go into places such as hospitals and nursing homes. Other therapy dogs work in schools and libraries. They serve as warm and caring friends to children, but they also do more. In one town in California, therapy dogs have become children’s reading buddies. Children read their favorite book to the dogs. They also talk to the dogs and pet them. The dogs enjoy the attention.The children like reading to dogs because the dogs don’t care if the children get a word or two wrong. When they read to other people, the children sometimes get anxious. They are afraid that they will make a mistake. There is a second benefit. Most of the children who read to dogs don’t have dogs of their own. This gives them a chance to be with a dog for an hour or so. The program is called PAWS. Children like the program. As one student explained, ‘‘I love to read, and I also really love animals.’’ 93. As we can understand from the passage that theraphy dogs enjoy ______. a) catching criminals b) assisting the blind c)

herding sheep

d) spending time with people 94. The dogs are good listeners for the children because _____. a) they don't judge the kids' reading abilities b) they do special tricks for the children c)

they always fall asleep

d) they make sure the kids read slowly 95. The children participate in the PAWS program at _____. a) nursing home b) hospital c)


d) library

96. In paragraph 3, the word anxious means a) angry or cross. b) worried or afraid. c)

late or not on time.

d) brave; not afraid.


97. In paragraph 3, the word benefit means a) a short time or not long. b) a good or helpful thing. c)

happy or pleased.

d) done or finished. Formun Altı PASSAGE IV Marco Polo excelled all other known Christian travelers in his experience, in his product, and in his influence. The Franciscan monks went to Mongolia and back in less than three years, and stayed in their roles as missionary-diplomats. Marco Polo’s journey lasted twenty-four years. He reached farther than his predecessors, beyond Mongolia to the heart of China. He traversed the whole of China, all the way to the ocean, and he played a variety of roles, becoming the confidant of Kublai Khan and governor of a great Chinese city. He was at home in the language and immersed himself in the daily life and culture of China. 98. The passage puts forward the idea that Marco Polo _____________ a)

was better than other travellers of his religion in a number of ways.

b) converted large numbers of people to Christianity c)

was actually a Franciscan monk in disguise

d) was the greatest traveller of all time

99. It is stated in the passage that Marco Polo _______________ a)

was less religious than the Franciscan monks

b) only spoke Chinese when he was out of his home c)

found the Chinese culture too varied to absorb

d) was comfortable at using the Chinese language 100.It is clear from the passage that Marco Polo’s travels in the East _________ a)

paved the way for other missionary-diplomats

b) were actually made to exploit the riches of the East c)

were not to change his basic outlook

d) led him to a position of political influence


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