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September 14, 2017 | Author: João Victor Aleixo Bezerra | Category: Digital & Social Media, Social Media, Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Advertising
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Projeto realizado para entrega no curso Digital Marketing NanoDegree, ministrado por Udacity....


Digital Marketing Nano Degree - 2017

Project 01 ~ Marketing Plan

Student: João Victor Aleixo Bezerra Project Topics:

Getting Started

Value Proposition


Hello! First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I am João Victor Aleixo Bezerra, Brazilian, 22 years old and a digital marketing professional who is starting to go deeper into this universe. I’m graduated in Game Design by Universidade Anhembi Morumbi at São Paulo and decided to reroute my professional life after a marketing class during my graduation. Soon after those classes, I found myself really involved in the digital marketing area and, since then, I’ve been studying and trying to enhance my skills to prove my worth. Hope to achieve it by the end of the course. I consider myself fluent in English, but it is inevitable that I may write lots of mistakes during the lessons and I will not bother if you don’t understand clearly what I meant. Just tell me and I’ll work it out! :) So, let’s stop talking!

STEP 01 - Getting Started 01) Describe Udacity, its products and business model (no more than 250 words). Udacity is situated in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Market and currently sells high quality courses in science and technology areas. Udacity’s main strength is to offer job matching programs, focused on professional skills that people really need to have when applying to a job, which is the reason why these programs are extremely employer oriented. In my opinion, the mentorship is also worth mentioning as a great strength to Udacity’s business model, since its competitors do not usually have this feature. In addition to selling courses subscriptions, Udacity also has the Blitz Program, which analyzes the most dedicated students to help them getting a job or freelance projects by putting them in contact with many associated organizations and recruiters. In short, according to the information I could gather, Udacity’s income comes from courses subscriptions, commissions from recruiters and sponsorship from Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, Hootsuite and many other great industry partners. The main channels of communications I could notice are digital, if not all of them. They consist, basically, in social media, blog, website, social media advertising and Google advertising and its target customers are students, technology professionals, recruiters and employers. The costs of Udacity includes: equipment (servers, pc, softwares), platform developing, human resources (teachers, mentors, programmers, marketers, designers, video editors, instructors) and marketing. To finish, the key activities are updating content for existing courses, creating new courses, manage and analyze the students’ behaviors and marketing to keep the income increasing.

02) Which product did you choose? (DMND Program or Blitz) I chose both of them in this first project, because I would like to practice the more I could. I will divide the sections in the related product to avoid any misunderstanding. 03) Provide the marketing objective for the product you chose? DMND Program: Increase Brand Awareness by 3000 Likes in the Facebook Page with Brazilian followers by the end of DMND Course (June/2017). Blitz: Generate 200 highly qualified Leads in Brazil (possible recruiters or organizations) by the end of DMND Course (June/2017) 04) What is your primary KPI to measure marketing success?

DMND Program: Number of Leads Blitz: Number of Leads converted into associated Recruiters or Organizations

STEP 02 - Value Proposition DMND Program: For digital marketing students who are having trouble in finding a job in the area, our Digital Marketing Nano Degree Program is an employer oriented online course that capacitates students by giving them real challenges and practical lessons to help them create an attractive portfolio. Unlike Hotmart’s Courses (in Brazil), our offer is complemented by mentorship, lessons’ reviewers and a hiring section that is visited by local employers. Blitz Program: For Brazilian recruiters and employers in the technology segment who are having trouble in finding and testing capacitated available professionals, our Blitz Program is a hiring section that gathers the most rated and dedicated student from our courses and put their portfolio at disposal for evaluation. Unlike LinkedIn (most used in Brazil), our offer gives the employers and recruiters a full contact with selected students’ projects and the possibility of hiring freelance projects to test before hiring the professionals.

STEP 03 - Customer Persona 01) Research who you think are the likely customers of the product you chose. Briefly, describe what research you conducted (no more than 250 words). DMND Program: For this product, I selected a few of my friends who studied Marketing and sent them an online form with some questions to help me create a persona for this product. In this form, I asked about my friends’ level of knowledge in digital marketing and if

they have a job in this area. I also thought it would be useful to know if they learned about digital marketing by themselves or if they took some extra courses or even went to College to study about this. Going forward in the form, I asked them about which area of digital marketing they had some knowledge, going through social media, social advertising, webdesign, web analytics, inbound marketing, email marketing and some other important topics. Then, I asked them if there is anything they had trouble learning in digital marketing and if there is something they still want to learn in this area or if there is something keeping them from studying, which could be lack of time, expensive courses, low income, constant tool changes and some other important factors. Last but not least, I asked them about their life goals and their hobbies, because I think it’s really important to understand someone’s dreams and hopes to realize what they have to do to achieve their goals. Blitz Program: For this product, I selected a few human resources professionals and some CEOs of my social cycle and sent then another online form with some questions about selecting good professionals for a job. First of all, I asked them what is their main resource when looking for professionals to hire and gave them some options that are frequently used here in Brazil. Later in the form, I thought it was important to ask about their main trouble when looking for professionals to apply for a job and what they think it would help solving this problem. Then, I talked about a program (Udacity Blitz) that gathers the most rated students and put their portfolio at disposal for recruiters and employers to look at the curriculums and projects before even contacting these professionals and asked if they were willing to pay for that service. Last but not least, I asked them about their life goals and their hobbies, because I think it’s really important to understand someone’s dreams and hopes to realize what they have to do to achieve their goals. 02) Interview 3 potential customers: DMND Program: Name of interviewee: Mariana Biazolli - 22 years old - Digital Marketing Professional. Name of interviewee: Nicole Monteiro - 22 years old - Marketing Student. Name of interviewee: Cintia Luna - 31 years old - Franchise Analyst. Name of interviewee: Romero Carvalho - 43 years old - Digital Marketing Professional. Blitz Program: Name of interviewee: Carlos Eduardo Santos - 49 years old - Entrepreneur.

Name of interviewee: Mayara Suguaya - 27 years old - Human Resources Professional. Name of interviewee: Daniela Luiz - 37 years old - Entrepreneur. Name of interviewee: Gustavo Pierini - 36 years old - Entrepreneur. Name of interviewee: Monica Berbel - 41 years old - Human Resourcers Professional. Name of interviewee: Leticia Silva - 33 years old - Entrepreneur. Name of interviewee: Berilo Bezerra - 50 years old - Entrepreneur. The results for the interview can be accessed through these links: DMND Program: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I3Dqr4a9VwvMUj4ciZ VRqpLCC3ETXYeepx6LQbdBh9A/edit?usp=sharing Blitz Program: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ET8OMQ41vGHeAHFc B6hggcXybapdjSK1isX_Ly5BVBc/edit?usp=sharing * The interviews were created in portuguese, so are the answers, I'm not entirely sure if they will help you... but some answers are extremely useful for insights. 03) Collect the information from your interviews and create a single customer persona by filling out each section of the table, and include at least three items per box where indicated. DMND Program: Background and Demographics

- 21 years old. - Brazilian. - Lives in São Paulo. - Studies Marketing in University. - Unemployed. - Intermediate Level in Digital Marketing. Hobbies

- Sports: Gym, Running, Boxing. - Watch TV series and movies. - Read about business, fantasy, entrepreneurship...

Persona's Name


Paulo Santana

- Build a portfolio - Practice the theory he learns at University - Expand networking - Learn to optimize campaings and expand web analytics knowledge - Get a job



- Be an entreprenuer. - Be financially stabilized by the next 5 years. - Study abroad (Canada, USA). - Be a digital marketing expert

- Don't have the opportunity to apply what he studies. - Don't know professionals in the area (poor networking). - Low family income ($)

Blitz Program: Background and Demographics

- 36 years old. - Brazilian. - Lives in São Paulo. - Human Resources Professional. - Recruiter. - Works in the same company since 2012. Hobbies

- Read about human resources, innovation, human behavior, psychology... - Write about many things. - Meet friends - Travel

Persona's Name


Gisele Monteiro

- Find better professionals for the organization. - Spend less time searching for these professionals. - Spend years abroad to study. - Reduce the cost of hiring professionals.



- Build a family. - Be an entrepreneur by the next 5 years. - Help the organization in which she works grow. - PhD

- Low quality professionals. - Poor portfolios to analyse. - Limited to LinkedIn and indication when looking for professionals. - Professionals with great theory but poor experience. - Limited budget.

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