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June 12, 2018 | Author: Muhammad Harinn Hizhan | Category: Ventilation (Architecture), Window, Building Technology, Building, Building Engineering
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Introduction Act 33 - Space about Buildings on Lots Abutting Abutting A Street & no Back Lane. Example Cases : Act 33 Act 37 – Projection Over The Street & over The Building Line Example Cases : Act 37 Conclusion

Building regulations are basically rules, laws, ordinance, statutes, regulations, or codes passed by the highest law making body of the country or parliament pertaining to building development. Building codes or regulations are intended to protect the public by establishing minimum standards of safety i.e. by providing minimum guideline for construction and inspection of a structure to prevent fire, structural collapse, electrical wiring, heating equipment, ventilation, daylighting, sanitary facilities, care for the disable and general deterioration.

In Malaysia, these agencies are as follows: *Local Authority (e.g. City Hall, Town Council), *Fire Department *Public Works Department *Department of Town & Country Planning *Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment *Ministry of Housing and Local Government *Others *Under respective acts and by-laws e.g. National Land Code, Strata Title Act, Local Government Act, Town and Country Act, Streets and Drainage Act, Uniform Building By Laws, Fire Services Act, Housing and Development Act, other

For the building on a lot abutting a street and having no back lane, the open space shall be situated at the rear of the building and shall extend across the full width of the lot.

Act 37 (1)

Where buildings abut on a street, projection over the street for open, verendahs, balconies sun-shades or similar projections may be permitted on the following basis: Projection = Width of street in metres minus 10 meters 2 Provided that the maximum projection which may be permitted under this formula is 1.25 metres clear of the approved line of street.

Act 37 (2)

Projections in the nature of canopies over entrances in excess of 1.25 metres may be permitted at the discretion of the local authority. Act 37 (3)

All such projections shall be at least 5 metres above the level of the road. Between the levels of 2.5 metres and 5 metres, projections not exceeding 500 millimetres may be permitted.

Act 37 (4)

Where building line is prescribed for a street set back from the regular line of street, projections above the ground floor over such building line may be permitted provided that such projection shall not exceed 1.83 metres and shall not exceed one half of the building frontage to the building line.

The important aspect focuses on low energy such as space, lighting and ventilation as well as aesthetics, comfort, health and economy. House features and components which can generate ventilation include air well, doors and windows, ventilation and fenestration walls. However, most of the houses built today are devoid of true natural ventilation for house-cooling purposes. The favorite solution is to install an airconditioning unit to the particular space that needs cooling. It is at the best only a temporary solution works only for those who have a high income and completely disregards health issues. Most houses depends on windows or glass door for natural light either from there front or the rear of the house. Some house comes with clerestory lighting to bring light in and others made use of the courtyard design.

Space, light and ventilation must be free and not prevented from certain things or objects. Every building that been built on particular base that not facing with road should have the way to access, width and types of roads to use must follow the plan that has been arrange from planning authority. Every people should follow all the act and the guidelines that has been decided from authority to ensure that safety and user convenience. Those people who not follow the act that has been decided, the authority can take the action on them.

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