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r2r weeee...


Uhe 2016 Release [1] Installation ----------------1.Remove all previous installations. 2.Run setup.exe and install. 3.Enjoy!

1) VST3 Uhe officially stated that their VST3 plugins are not stable as VST2. It was not even developed after the Bazille release. R2R did not included the VST3 version to the releases If you were using VST3 in your previous work and care about the compatibility, exports the presets as *.h2p format (Uhe format) before the uninstallation. If you really need VST3 version, just rename *.dll to *.vst3.

2) Known Bombs !? R2R left one bomb ON PURPOSE which does not happened to licensed users. Legal demo user can reproduce this bomb if he knows how to. This bomb will be only triggered when you modify the time/date func of Win32API. If you are using our release "As it is", this bomb won't happen. Why did we leave it? We want to hide what we found and what we did :)

3) Diva is v1.4.0, not v1.4.1 From Diva v1.4.1 (build 4078), Uhe set a new trap in the demo. This is obviously a counter act for the copy & paste crackers. We think v1.4.0 is fair enough, as v1.4.1 is mainly for the NKS integration. Don't try to copy our cracks to the latest version, unless you have enough vitality and motivation to reverse Uhe plugins. As far as we checked, only HEXWARS realized what we really did in 2012-12-25.

[2] The History --------------[2013-05-03] Winner : Uhe Technique : BlackHall/AntiR2R Uhe.ACE.v1.2.0.1559-R2R Uhe.Diva.v1.2.0.1559-R2R Uhe.Filterscape.v1.4.0.1559-R2R Uhe.More.Feedback.Machine.2.v2.2.0.1559-R2R Uhe.Uhbik.v1.3.0.1559-R2R Uhe.Zebra.v2.6.0.1559-R2R

[2012-12-25] Winner : R2R Uhe.ACE.v1.1.WORKING-R2R Uhe.ACE.v1.2.0.1331.MERRY.XMAS-R2R Uhe.Diva.v1.1.1-R2R Uhe.Diva.v1.2.0.1331.MERRY.XMAS-R2R Uhe.Filterscape.v1.3.INTERNAL-R2R Uhe.Filterscape.v1.4.0.1331.MERRY.XMAS-R2R Uhe.More.Feedback.Machine.2.v2.1.0.1331.MERRY.XMAS-R2R Uhe.More.Feedback.Machine.v2.1.WORKING-R2R Uhe.Uhbik.v1.2.WORKING-R2R Uhe.Uhbik.v1.3.0.1331.MERRY.XMAS-R2R Uhe.Zebra.v2.5.4-R2R Uhe.Zebra.v2.6.0.1331.MERRY.XMAS-R2R [2011-08-11] Winner : Uhe Technique : Fade/Checksum Uhe.ACE.VSTi.v1.1.x86.x64-ASSiGN Uhe.More.Feedback.Machine.VST.v2.1.x86.x64-ASSiGN Uhe.Uhbik.VST.v1.2.x86.x64-ASSiGN Uhe.Zebra.VST.VSTi.v2.5.2.x86.x64-ASSiGN [2010-06-22] Winner : ASSiGN Uhe.ACE.VSTi.v1.0.WORKiNG.R2.READ.NFO-ASSiGN Uhe.Uhbik.VST.v1.1.WORKiNG.R2.READ.NFO-ASSiGN Uhe.Zebra.VST.VSTi.v2.5.WORKiNG.READ.NFO-ASSiGN [2010-03-26] Winner : Uhe Technique : Noise/Multiple Uhe.ACE.VSTi.v1.0.WORKiNG.READ.NFO-ASSiGN Uhe.Uhbik.VST.v1.1.WORKiNG.READ.NFO-ASSiGN Uhe.Zebra.VST.VSTi.v2.5.READ.NFO-ASSiGN

[3] What is the protection of Uhe? ----------------------------------The main protection of the Uhe product is Serial Number. Serial Number is tied to the User Name. Legal users don't need to care other things. (Legal users once experienced the timebomb in the beta build though) However, widely known, Uhe put some tricks to disable the cracks. Most of those tricks are categorized to 3 types.

1) Extra serial checks

Typical Result: This Demo is Expired!" Delayed extra serial checks, which is used since the beginning. The early keygen by solid group correctly passed this type of bombs. (But there was another trick in the binary). No other groups dealt this protection properly.

2) Anti demo hacks, Anti tampering Typical Result : Melting, BlackHole After ASSiGN attacked to the demo restrictions instead of the main serial protec tions, Uhe started taking actions to disable those unexpected hacks. It's definitely a cat and mouse game of the protections.

3) Other Tricks Typical Result : FadingOut, BlackHole Other small tricks to support 1) 2) protections.

Uhe does not use PE protectors, advanced protections or anti debug tricks. Therefore every beginner or experienced cracker can join this game :)

[4] Frequently asked questions -----------------------------Q) How did R2R crack this time? A) By our classical method. We have several types of cracks (or more advanced stuff) for the current Uhe pro tection. This release is done by the traditional way which is not innovative at all. We don't want to share the new things to the public.

Q) Do their plugins call home to trigger the timebomb? A) Not really. Timebombs are triggered even when offline. A link will be appeared on the GUI by bombing. The information will be sent only when you click that link. Some users suggest blocking the acess to Uhe website but it doesn't help at all.

Q) Is timebomb related to the date? A) Yes it is. Now If you want to try to hack the date get routine of the plugins. That triggers other bombs unfortunately.

Q) Why does it take so long to be released? A) Because Uhe cracks have been internal for long time. There were no good chance to release them all. When we fixed the last crack, Uhe was preparing Bazille. Presswerk after Bazille, and Hive after Presswerk. Yes we know Zebra3 is under constructing lol

Q) Do you think Uhe's protection is strong? A) Technically it's not so strong. (See [1] to know about the protection) We have keygened many harder targets (with more compicated bombs) until today. It doesn't take more than hours to find out the KNOWN issues since we formed R2R . Nevertheless, finding new traps from the latest build takes a day. Testing for confirmation (black box) requires more days, because crackers don't even know whether Uhe put new traps or not, unless crackers reverse the whole code of that new build. (We have done whole-reversing twice in 3 years. It took 2 days [Saturday and Sun day] with 4 or 5 crackers to trace back everything)

Q) Do you think Uhe's timebomb is efficienct? A) Yes we do. First, the resource is (technically) efficienct. The trick of Uhe's anti tamperings and other traps are limited & minimal. Comparing to the other developer's work, it does not affect to the CPU resource too much. Some developers do anti tampering by hashing whole binary, or too frequently. The worst dev does RSA decryption (by Sloooow JUCE) in the main DSP thread, lol (Those dev should keep in mind that extra checks are also done in the legal vers ion, and user load many plugins into the one song project.) Second, the delayed timebomb is very efficient for users. This is already pointed out by Urs himself in the certain KVR topic. Since crackers test their works as far as they can, uncracked traps can happen o nly to the heavy users. Heavy users have enough reason to buy the plugin after the TRY B4 BUY period, because they already know they use it frequently. This is what we call psychological efficiency of this protection. "Addict users to the drug before they start to pay for it" If the timebomb happens in 5 minutes of use, users will not be enough addicted.

Some KVRians and Gearslutz-sluts say if Uhe should sell their protection code to others, but we are sure that their protection does not work well for all developers. Comparing to the many developers, Uhe has advantages below : * Have enough trust from users (Social Advantage) * Have a big user community and enough testers (Quality Advantage) * Always have plan for new updates or products (which makes crackers mind to kee

p cracks internal) If you think that the protection is to avoid pirating,then their protection work s well!! If you think it's for increasing the sales, their protection does not work for a ll. Remember, user don't buy if he realized that the software is not useful. User don't pay if he knows the software is buggy (or support is known as shit).

[5] Other Things ---------------1) 2015 December, and the future We had planned to release many of our internal works in December. Why din't we plan to release all? Because some developers are quite sensitive to the cracks. It's better to keep it internal if dev says about thier upcoming products or upd ates. Internal things are not only feeling problem but sometimes it's based on the tac tics. We did the deliberate discussions what we should release. However, after the days, a guy who doesn't have access to the R2R internal relea ses, suddenly uploaded all the internal release to public. After the tragedy, from the log, it is strictly confirmed that TEAM MAGNETRiXX a ka Sunny leaked our releases to that guy (and other people). Thanks for the nice betrayal! Since the holiday is over, it's time for us to go back to our base. We will release only updates or known algorithms to the public in 2016. (Otherwise $$$ maker uploads our keygens, what a shame world it is!) Let's wait the next holiday to see the new things, we won't let you down :)

2) Using our keygens / Hex comparing works We saw some controversy about using our keygens and works. Some people asked for the official statement from R2R but we did not. There are many people in the R2R and many opinions inside. Just one thing : If you pirate songs, some musicians get angry. If you release those songs as if you made, all musicians get angry.

3) The $0 Project - Be Fair! R2R is working apart from the commercialism. We don't earn $$ from cracks. We don't earn $$ from uploadings. Be fair, buy the software you like. There are lots of high quality softwares protected by the affordable protection.

Don't make money by selling or uploading our releases. We hope that our release is just an option of your software installation.

TEAM R2R 2016

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