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DEPARTEMEN PENDIDIKAN NASIONAL Shh? SMP NASIONAL I It’s a surprise party, TRYtoOUT KEDUA SEMESTER u 2 Jane’sBut birthday party 2night. I’ve meet Mr. Brown at 7 p.m.2 Please don’t be angry  don’t tell a soul Brian and Fontenot  TAHUN PELAJARAN 2008 / 2009 Have made it to silver   And are on their way to gold! Please join us to celebrate Their 25th Anniversary  Saturday, April 1 st  8.00 p.m. The Martin Home 350 Greenwood Drive LEMBAR SOAL RSVP by March 25 th Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS Sarah Martin Satuan Pendidikan : Sekolah Menengah Pertama ( SMP ) 685-9872 Kelas : IX (Sembilan) Hari / Tanggal : Rabu, 26 Februari 2009 Waktu : 120 menit PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Isikan Isikan identita identitass Anda Anda pada lembar lembar jawaban jawaban dengan dengan pensil pensil 2B! 2. Tes ini ini terdiri terdiri atas atas 40 soal soal dan dan setiap setiap soal soal harus harus dijawab. dijawab. 3. Hitamkan Hitamkan kotak kotak pada huruf huruf jawaban jawaban yang yang Anda anggap anggap benar benar dengan dengan menggunakan menggunakan pensil pensil 2B! 2B! 4. Periksalah Periksalah pekerjaan pekerjaan Anda Anda sebelum sebelum diserah diserahkan kan kepada kepada pengaw pengawas! as!

1. You You find find this this notic notice e at the gate gate of a housi housing ng complex

5. Whic Which h of the the foll follo owing wing state tatem ments ents is true true about the text? a. The party party will will be held held in the the mor morning ning b. The sender nder of the invitation is Brian Fontenot c. The The plac place e of the the part partyy is The The Font Fonten enot ot’s ’s house d. The The part partyy is to celeb celebra rate te Bria Brian n and and Jen Jen Fontenot 25th anniversary

It means that only the … who own the houses at the housing complex can go there. a. security guards c. people b. participants d. guests

Read the text and answer the questions 6 and  7.

Read the message and answer the questions 2 and 3.

6. What What kind kind of of tex textt is is it? it? a. Greet reetiing card ard b. Short hort mess messag age e c. Invi Invita tati tion on card card d. Anno nnounc unceme ement

2. Who will will have have a birt birthday hday party party tonig tonight? ht? a. Mr. Mr. Brow Brown n c. Jane Jane b. Ryan d. Liz

7. The card card tells tells us us that that the the writer writer... ..... a. feel feelss unha unhappy ppy in in Leba Lebara ran n day day b. asks asks forgi forgiven veness ess or or all all his his mista mistakes kes c. Feels Feels regr regretfu etfull during during Rama Ramadan dan mont month h d. Want Wantss to go to his home hometo town wn in Lebar Lebaran an day

3. How is Ryan feeling when he sends the message? a. Impressed c. Relieved b. Confused d. Guilty Read the text and answer questions 4 and 5.

Read the text and answer the questions 8 to 10.

8. What What does does Willia William m McGu McGuire ire do? a. Lecturer b. Coll Colleg ege e stud studen entt c. Real Real esta estate te agen agentt d. Prod Produc ucti tion on mana manage gerr

4. What What is the the purpo purpose se of of the text above? above? a. To ask ask for for infor informa mati tion on b. To descr describ ibe e som somet ethin hing g c. To invi invite te some someon one e d. To give give warn warnin ing g Bhs. Inggris


Try Out Kedua SMP Nasional I 2008 / 2009  

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9. “… the engag engagem emen entt of their their daugh daughte ter. r.” ” The The word “their” in the sentence refers to .... a. Mr. Mr. and and Mrs Mrs.. McG McGui uire re b. Mr. Mr. and and Mrs Mrs.. Geo Georg rge e Diaz Diaz c. Liza Liza Alic Alice e and and Will William iam McGui McGuire re d. The frien friends ds of Ms. Ms. Diaz Diaz and and Mr. McGuir McGuire e 10. 10. “… is curr curren ently tly employ employed ed with with Leyl Leyland and and Bailey company.” What is the meaning of the underlined word? a. In the the future ure b. At the the old old time time c. In the pas past tim time e d. At the the pre prese sent nt time time Read the text and answer questions 11 to 15 .

56 Peterson Place Singapore 112560 26 January 2005 Dear Sally, Thank you for your letter which I received this morning. I am delighted to learn that your father has been offered a job in Singapore and you will be comi coming ng alon along g with with your your pare parent ntss next next year year.. WELCOME to Singapore. I think you will enjoy this country that literally has everything for you. Let me tell you something about about our weather weather,, unlike unlike other other countr countries ies,, we don’t have four seasons. It’s either rain or shine. As for for comm commun unic icat atio ion, n, you you will will have have no proble problem m if you can speak speak Englis English h becaus because e mos mostt Singapore understand and speak English Travel Traveling ing in Singap Singapore ore is not only safe safe and convenient but affordable too. We have enough effic efficien ientt bus serv servic ices es and and Mass Mass Rapi Rapid d Tran Transi sitt System (MRT) to take you around the island. We have limousine taxi comprising of Mercedes Benz with fluent English speaking drivers. London taxi services and norm air –condition taxi are available. Of course, the price is more expensive than taking buses or MRT. There here are plen plenty ty plac places es of inte intere resst in Singapore. For instance Singapore River is much maintained and superbly decorated river in Asia. You can take a bumboat and travel along the river to view the Singapore’s spectacular skyline. You will also see the brightly lighted Merlion at night which is a statue of a half lion and half fish, with water water spout spout com coming ing from its mouth. mouth. It is wellwellknow known n landm landmar ark k of our our coun countr tryy stan stands ds at the the entrance of the river. There are also famous places like Chinatown, Little Little India, India, and Malay Malay Villag Village e with with attrac attractive tively ly reno renova vated ted heri herita tage ge buil buildi ding ngss and and beau beauti tifu full llyy decorated decorated streets reflecting reflecting the history history cultures cultures and different races in Singapore. There are lots of modern shopping malls and hotels along along Orchard Orchard Road. Road. But don’t don’t forget our very own mouth watering Singapore food. It’s very good and reasonably price. Western food, Chinese food food,, Mosl Moslem em food food,, Japa Japanes nese e food food,, and and other other inter interna natio tiona nall foo food, d, are are foun found d ever everyw ywher here e in Orch Orchar ard d Road Road.. You You can can shop shop to your your hear heart’ t’ss ntent ntent d jo riet rieties ies of food food with with t

Singap Singapore ore.. I’ll I’ll assure assure you of a marvel marvelous ous time time during your stay here. I am looking ing for forward to seeing you in Singapore. Yours Sincerely, Vicky

11. What is the climatic climatic condition condition in Singapore? Singapore? a. Genera Generally lly warm warm with with occas occasion ional al rain rain b. Gene Genera rall llyy warm warm with occas occasio iona nall thund thunder er storm c. Genera Generally lly warm warm with with occas occasion ional al wind wind d. Genera Generally lly warm warm with with occa occasio sional nal down down pour pour 12. 12. What What is Merlio Merlion? n? a. A wel welll-kn know own n lan landm dmar ark k b. It is a lion c. It is is a stat statue ue of a half half lion lion and and half half fish fish d. It is a crea creatu ture re 13. 13. Which Which of the followin following g statem statement ent shows that Singapore is a multi-racial society? a. Wester Western, n, fast fast food, food, and Chine Chinese se restaur restaurant ant are everywhere b. The The famo famous us Chinat Chinatow own, n, Littl Little e Indi India, a, and Malay Village with attractive building and beautif beautifull ullyy decora decorated ted streets streets reflec reflectin ting g the cultures. c. Most Most peop people le spea speak k Engli English sh lang languag uage e d. Ther There e are are a lot lot of sho shoppin pping g ma mall llss and and hotels along Orchard Road 14. What is the main main idea of of paragraph paragraph 1? a. Sally’ Sally’ss parents parents are are comin coming g to Singa Singapor pore e b. Sall Sally’ y’ss fath father er has been been offer offered ed a job job in Singapore c. Sally Sally will will be stayi staying ng in in Singa Singapor pore e d. The The writ writer er is excit excited ed to know know that that Sall Sallyy and family are coming to Singapore 15. Which of the following following statement statement is NOT NOT TRUE? a. Chinat Chinatown own,, Little Little India India,, and Malay Malay Vill Village age are one of the attraction in Singapore b. There There are are lots of mode modern rn shop shoppi ping ng malls malls and hotels along Orchard road. c. Bus servic services es are are poor poor and not effe effecti ctive ve d. Taxis Taxis are slightl slightlyy expe expensiv nsive e Read the text and answer the question 16 to 17.

I, Linda and Jessie were on way to school, as we were crossing the road a big basket of flowers. The The old old ma man n look looked ed like she she was was in pain. pain. She dropped her basket of fruits and squatted down. We ran toward her and asked, “Are you all right?” The old woman could not reply. She just shook shook her head. head. “I’ll “I’ll call call an ambula ambulance nce,, “said “said Jessie. Then, she ran to a public telephone at a nearby coffee shop and called for an ambulance. A few minute later, the ambulance arrived and took the old woman to the nearest hospital. That day, we visited the old woman in the hospital after school.

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to her. c. The old old woma woman n was was knocke knocked d down down by a car car d. The old old woma woman n was in pai pain n and squa squatti tting ng down 17. “ … .her her bask basket et of fruit fruitss and and squa squatt tted ed … . (paragraph 1 line 2) the word “ squatted “ in the sentence is most similar in meaning to … a. Crou Crouch ched ed c. Scre Screame amed d b. Fell Fell asle asleep ep d. Yell Yelled ed Read the text and answer the question 18 to 22.

1. The voter voter goes goes to to the party party repr represe esentat ntative ive and and gets a “How to vote” card. 2. He/ He/she she then then goes goes to the the polli olling ng clerk lerk who crosses their names to show the have voted. 3. The cler clerk k then then gives gives them them a ballo ballott paper. paper. 4. They They then then go to a poll pollin ing g booth booth where where they they vote for the party who they want to vote for by putting a number for each person on the voting paper. 5. When When each each person person has has finish finished ed voting voting,, she/he she/he puts the ballot paper into a ballot box. 6. He/s He/she he then then goes and and watch watches es the resu result lt on TV. 18. What is the purpose purpose of the the text? a. To show show how how to to vot vote e b. To des descr crib ibe e the the cler clerk’ k’ss job job c. To giv give e a repo report rt abo about ut the the part partyy d. To info inform rm the the read reader erss the resul resultt of the the voting 19. 19. What What will the voter voter do after after he/sh he/she e gets gets a card? He/she will … after getting a card? a. put put the the pap paper er into into a box box b. go to the poll pollin ing g cle clerk rk c. give give the the bal ballo lott pape paperr d. watc watch h the the res resul ultt

when suddenly the water from the hose stopped flowing. Bobo was surprised. And when he looked around he saw Giga standing on the hose and it broke. Bobo was upset and Giga felt very sorry. Then Giga went to a small pond near the garden, fill fill her trunk trunk with with water water,, and and came came back back.. She She sprayed Bobo’s garden. Bobo was so happy so he forgave Giga. Giga promised to get Bobo a new watering hose. 23. 23. What What did Giga Giga do to help help Bobo Bobo water water the garden? a. She filled her trunk with water and sprayed it to the garden b. She stepped stepped on the the hose hose and broke broke it it c. She watered watered the gard garden en every every afte afterno rnoon on d. She She prom promis ised ed to to buy buy a new new hose hose 24. This story story shows that Giga Giga is a … elephant. a. happy c. faithful b. honest d. responsible Study the following following table to answer answer question question 25. Anton’s activities Activities Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Swimming X Playing X X Basketball Going to movie with a X friend Taking an English X X course

25. 25. Accord According ing to the above above table, table, Anton Anton goes goes to the movie with a friend … a week. a. once c. three times b. twice d. four times Read the text and answer the question 26 to28.

20. When does the the voter put the the ballot ballot paper into a box? a. Before Before going going to a pollin polling g boot booth h b. Befo Before re cho choos osin ing g the the part partyy c. Afte Afterr giv givin ing g a vote vote d. Afte Afterr wat watch chin ing g TV TV 21. 21. “The “The cler clerk k give givess them them a ball ballot ot pape paper. r.” ” The The underlined words mean a piece of paper.... a. which which will will be cros crossed sed out by by the clerk clerk b. on whic which h the the mark mark to to give give a vot vote e c. whic which h wil willl be be put put int into o a box box d. on whic which h they they will will sign sign 22. “The voter goes to the party … .” The underlined word means a person who … to vote in an election. a. repr repres esen ents ts to the the par party ty b. puts puts the the nu number mber c. gets gets the the res resul ultt d. has has the the rig right Read the text and answer the question 23 to24. The Hose

The leopard is a big cat with bright yellow color and black spots. Those black spots are nearly of the same size from its nose to its tail. It’s about six to seven and a half feet long. People also call this animal panther. Although it is a big animal, its ears are quite small. However, it has a long tail and it runs very fast. It jumps very well too. That is why it’s good at chasing and catching its preys. To catch its prey, it often hides on a tree and waits waits until until small small animals animals come near. near. When When the animals come near the tree, the leopard jumps down down and and kill killss the the anim animal. al. A leop leopar ard d eats eats all all smaller animals, but it likes dogs best. 26. What does the leopard leopard’s ’s skin look like? like? a. It was was stri stripy py yello yellow w and and black black colors colors b. It has has blac black k color color and yell yellow ow spot spotss c. It has yellow yellow color color and and blac black k spots spots d. It has yellow yellowish ish black black colors colors 27. Why does a leopar leopard d hide in a tree? tree? a. To find find small small anim animals als in the the tree tree b. To t th it c ch

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 The sign means.... We may come in We can come in b. We Orient Orientati on d. Ide ntifica icatio tion n areation allowed to Identif come We are forbidden to come in Read the following advertisement to answer the questions 29 to 30.

29. Whic hich qual ualificatio tion candidate have? a. Explicit b. Expi Expire red d

mus must


For question questionss 34 to 36, choose choose the suitable suitable word to complete the text below.

tea teacher

c. Expressive d. Exper Experien ience ced d

30. 30. The The word word “requ “requir ired” ed” is simi simila larr in mean meaning ing to.... a. Called c. Trained b. Help Helped ed d. Need Needed ed Read the letter below and answer the question 31 to33.

34. a. Ugly b. Nice Nice

c. Colorful d. Beau Beauti tifu full

a. It b. Its

c. They d. Thei heir

a. Fly b. Take ake

c. Grip d. Brin Bring g



37. 1. In the end, the the crow had had no more cake cake because of her foolishness. 2. The Crow was so proud to hear this. 3. One day a hungry fox was walking alone in the jungle. 4. As soon as she opened her beak, the cake fell down. 5. The Crow had a piece of cake on her beak. 6. The cunning fox caught the cake happily and ran away. 7. Then she started to open her beak to sing for the fox. 8. “Oh… beautiful crow! You’re the best singer I’ve known in the world. I really want to hear you melodious voice. Please … sing me a song now! 9. He saw a crow perch on a branch of a tree. Whic Which h one one is the best best sentences above? a. 3 – 5 – 2 – 8 – 4 – 9 – 1 b. 3 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 2 – 9 – 4 c. 3 – 8 – 2 – 5 – 9 – 7 – 6 d. 3 – 9 – 5 – 8 – 2 – 7 – 4 31. 31. The The writ writer er’s ’s purp purpos ose e of writ writing ing this this lette letterr is.... a. To ge get a pho photo b. To have have pen pen pa pal c. To go to Vict Victor oria ia d. To tell tell her her exp exper erie ience nce 32. Where did did Mirda Mirda meet Emily? Emily? a. In a studen students’ ts’ exchan exchange ge progra program m b. In Rag Raguna unan n stud student ents’ s’ cam camp p c. In Ragun aguna an zoo zoo d. In a stu study dy tour tour 33. Where is is Emily studying studying now? now?

arra arrange ngeme ment nt of the the –7 –1 –4 –6

–6 –6 –1 –1

38. 1. Why was was it named named like that? that? 2. A brontosaurus was a long as four big elephants standing in a line. 3. The man who named it thought that when such a big animal walked, it must have made a noise like thunder 4. The word brontosaurus means thunder lizard. The best arrangement of the sentences above is.... a. 4 – 2 – 1 – 3 c. 3 – 4 – 1 – 2 b. 2 – 4 – 1 – 3 d. 1 – 4 – 3 – 2

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40. 40.

Arra Arrang nge e thes these e jumb jumble led d sent senten ence cess into into a cohe cohere rent nt para paragr grap aph h abou aboutt how how to wash wash clothes. 1. When When washing washing is is finish finished ed selec selectt “DRAIN “DRAIN” ” to drain the water out. 2. Put Put the appr approp opri riat ate e am amou ount nt to deterg detergen entt and and the clothes clothes to be wash washed ed into into the the wash tub. 3. See See the the drai drains nsel elec ecto torr to “WAS “WASH H RINS RINSE” E” position. 4. Put Put the cloth clothes es into into the spin spin dryer dryer baske baskett and perform the intermediate spin.

5. Insert Insert the the power power plug plug into into the the outle outlet. t. 6. Open Open the the water water tap tap and fill fill wate waterr in the wash wash tub tub about about half halfwa wayy to the the desir desired ed water level. 7. Set Set the the desire desired d water water wash wash time refer referri ring ng to the table given. The correct arrangement is … . a. 4 – 7 – 1 – 2 – 6 – 5 – 3 b. 6 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 7 – 1 – 4 c. 5 – 2 – 6 – 3 – 7 – 4 – 1 d. 2 – 5 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 3 – 7

Read the text and answer the question 41 to 44.

41. What is is the type type of the the text? a. An advertisement c. A notice b. An anno announ uncem cemen entt d. A lette letterr 42. Lake Hotel Hotel has the following following facilities, facilities, except .... a. Chil Child dren playground c. Tenn ennis court b. Billiards d. Sauna 43. 43. Whic Which h is NOT NOT TRUE TRUE acco accord rdin ing g to the the text text above? a. Lake Lake Hote Hotell has has func functi tion on and and conf confer eren ence ce rooms b. Peop People le can can have have Chin Chines ese e foo food at Palm Palm Hotel c. Both Both hotels hotels are locate located d in Medan Medan d. Lake Lake Hotel Hotel is is very very far far from from Lake Lake Toba Toba 44. “We’re “We’re waiting for you” (see (see Lake Hotel). Hotel). The word you in the sentence refers to.... a. the writers c. the visitors b. the readers d. the owners Read the dialog below and answer the question 45 to 48

Son Fath Father er Son Father

: No, I am afra fraid of a doctor tor : But But why? why? : I don’t n’t wa want to to be injected : But you have have to. to. Now ask mother mother to take you to a doctor.

45. Why can’t can’t the boy swallow swallow the food? food? a. He has has a sore sore thro throat at b. His His thr throa oatt is is blee bleedi ding ng c. He has has a sto stoma mach chac ache he d. His His throa throatt is is clos closed ed 46. What does does his father father suggest suggest his son to do? do? a. To drin drink k med medic icin ine e b. To visi visitt a doct doctor or c. To swa swall llow ow med medic icin ine e d. To stay tay at at hom home e 47. 47. From From the dialo dialog g we know know that that father father and his his son are at … . a. a ho hospital b. school c. a do doctor ctor’s ’s room oom d. home 48. 48. Why Why do you you thin think k the the son son is afrai afraid d of being being

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For ques questi tion onss 49 to 50, 50, choo choose se the the suita suitabl ble e word to complete the dialog below .

Andy Andy Pedro Pedro Andy Andy Pedro Pedro Andy` Andy` Pedro Pedro

: I’m I’m sorr sorryy to to bot bothe herr you you,, but but may I read your newspaper? : Certa Certainly inly,, plea please se do. here here you you are. : Tha Thank nk you. you. By the the way way do you you buy it everyday? : No, No, I … (49) (49) to it. I can can save save 35%. 35%. : What What about about the the magaz magazine? ine? I mean mean what magazine do you read? : Film Film maga magazin zine. e. It It is … (50) (50) week weekly. ly.

49. a. subscribe b. describe

c. borrow d. announce

a. boug bought ht b. published

c. prom promot oted ed d. programmed


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