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November 14, 2018 | Author: bersam05 | Category: Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Hypothesis, Multiple Choice, Methodology
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mcq qualitative and quantitative research...



8ome 9 Chapter 1 9 True or False

Course3*ide Co!te!t /nternet ri$er uide to 'lectronic e!!! Sa$ple Statistics Sa$ple raphs or$s lossary

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.hapter O2ecti#es ain oints +ey Ter$s lashcards (e*s$ Articles 4 5i!ks 4e *in-s ower4e rticles 5ews eeds 4ee-ly &pdate rchi#e /ui66es ultiple .hoice "ui6 True or False 'ssay "ui6 '!teractive E,ercises esearch in ction 7ore Resources role$ Sheets *earn ore out!!! oices of Teacher ese!!!

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"ualitati#e research refers to research in#estigations of the quality of rel situations, or $aterials! A) T&' B) *S' Feedba Feedback: ck: The The term term qualit qualitati ative ve rese research arch reers reers to to resear research ch i!ves i!vesti" ti"ati ati o relatio!ships$ activities$ situatio!s$ or m aterials%


+ey actor actors s are peop people le in any any group group who who are are well well infor infor$ed $ed aout aout the the cult cult the group! A) T&' B) *S' Feedback: e# actors are people i! a!# "roup *hoare more i!ormed a!d histor# o the "roup%


ecording specific infor$ation fro$ the indi#idual eing inter#iewed is a epectation in any proper i nter#iew! A) T&' B) *S' Feedback: Respect or the i!dividual bei!" i!tervie*ed is a paramou!t a!# proper i!tervie*% -etails ma# or ma# !ot be recorded%


"ualitati#e "ualitati#e and and quantitati#e quantitati#e research research $ethods are ne#er ne#er used together together i A) T&' B) *S' Feedba Feedback: ck: /ualit /ualitati ative ve a!d qua!tit qua!titati ative ve resear research ch method methods s are are i!crea i!creasi si i! a stud#%


"ualitati#e researchers generally for$ulate a hypothesis eforehand and A) T&' B) *S' Feedback: /ualitative data are collected mai!l# i! the orm orm o *ords o seldom seldom i!volv i!volve e !umbe !umbers% rs% /ualit /ualitati ative ve rese researc archer hers s do !ot usuall# usuall# ormu ormu beoreha!d a!d the! seek to test it% Rather$ the# allo* h#potheses to develops%


"uantitati# "uantitati#e e and qualitati#e qualitati#e researche researchers rs are in agree$ent agree$ent on philosophic philosophic A) T&' B) *S' Feedba Feedback: ck: -ier -iere!c e!ces es have have to do do *ith *ith the the !atu !ature re o o real realit# it# a!d the !a




"ualitati#e data are collected $ainly in the for$ of words or pictures and nu$ers! .ontent analysis is a pri$ary $ethod of data analysis!

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A) T&' B) *S' Feedback: The stateme!t is correct%


 foreshadowed prole$ is a prole$ in internal #alidity! A) T&' B) *S' Feedback: A oreshado*ed problem is a! i!itial ocusi!" topic or ques


enerali6ing in qualitati#e research is ased on the sa$pling $ethod! A) T&' B) *S' Feedback: s descriptio! o the same thi!"%

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