Troubled Marriage – an Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook Are marriages made in heaven? Or is there a choice that is available in marriage? This article will help you increase your happiness in marriage in more than one way. June 16, 2013

Authors Dhilip Kumar

First Things First Blessed are the one who have a happy marriage. It is the result of the merits of their past life (poorva punya) that accrued due to taking care of their spouse and keeping the spouse very happy. Though we have discussed a lot on horoscope matching, let me tell you one thing. The cause of happiness in marriage is not horoscope matching, it is poorvapunya (merits of past life). Similarly the cause of unhappiness in marriage is not because horoscope matching was not done. Horoscope matching is an attempt to improve your score with regard to happiness in marriage. If the horoscope indicated only 60% happiness then by horoscope matching it can be improved to 80%. If the original score was say only 30% then by horoscope matching it can be improved to about 50%.

The Singles Game and Doubles Game If you play a game like badminton or tennis you will easily understand what I am trying to say. When you play a singles game the score in the game is directly proportional to your talents. When you play a doubles game, meaning if you have a partner with you then the score obtained in the game is not just based on your talent. If your partner is not compatible to you then your game suffers a lot. You wish that you had a better partner. Have you had this experience I am talking about? As long as you are unmarried only your horoscope matters. Once you are married the other person will start influencing you in certain areas that are being shared by both of you. A game is played only for a few hours. The game of marriage is to be played for a long time.

Maharshi Parasara says that a person will have a happy marriage if the the 7th house lord is in its own house or is exalted (Utcha Rasi). The great sage also says that if the lord of the 7th house is in the 6th house or 8th house or the 12th house

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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and is not in the sign of exaltation then there will be trouble in marriage because of various reasons and especially health related matters. Health problems to the spouse may lead to death and subsequently there arises the need for a second marriage. From my experience I found that the 7th house lord in the 6th troubles marriage more than the 7th house lord in the 8th house or 12th house. The reason for this is that the 6th house is the house of enemies. In case Venus occupies the 7th house then the person is likely to be lustful. However lust may not mean only sexual desires it may include all forms of lust. One more fact about Venus is that whenever Venus is very close to a natural malefic then it indicates a troubled marriage.If Venus is close to Saturn or strongly influenced by Saturn then late marriage is indicate. In such cases an early marriage may indicate troubled marriage. If the 7th house lord is strong, well placed and is with benefic planets and not influenced by malefic planets then such a person will be wealthy, honourable and experience all round prosperity that includes a happy marriage. If the 7th house lord is weak, badly placed and is with malefic planets and not influenced by benefic planets then such a person will experience trouble in marriage. If the 7th house lord in the sign of exaltation and the 7th house is occupied by a benefic planet and the strong Lagna Lord (Ascendant Lord) is placed in the 7th house, the spouse will be endowed with virtues and by the birth of sons and grandsons the dynasty will grow. If the 7th house and its lord be in conjunction with malefic planets there may be loss of spouse more so if the 7th house and the 7th house lord is lacking strength. Loss of spouse is indicated in case the 7th house lord that is weak is also placed in a dushthana which is the 6th house or the 8th house or the 12th house or the 7th house lord is also debilitated. The marriage is short-lived whenever Mars is in the 6th house and also Rahu is in the 7th house and Saturn is in the 8th house. In this combination you see that the 7th house is bracketed by 2 malefics, Kuja and Sani (ie Mars and Saturn). In case there are indications of troubled marriage then horoscope matching is to be done prior to marriage as an attempt to reduce the possibilities of a divorce that is the result of a troubled marriage. Despite horoscope matching there will be trouble on and off as part of Karma but at least divorce may be prevented. In old age the combination will finally work when there is separation due to death of the spouse.

The 4 tests in horoscope matching Marriages are not made in heaven as it is generally made out to be. In India, most people believe that you get married to a person already ordained for you by the Gods or heavens and that you really have no choice in that. If you believe in this then the process of horoscope matching makes no meaning at all. Is it not? 1. Nakshatra Match (Star Match) 2. Kuja Dosha Check (Mangal Dosha) 3. Dasha Sandhi 4. Dosha Saamyam In most parts of India the 1st test is also misunderstood as horoscope matching. The match points is given out of a total 36 points and if you get 18 or more the star match is good. However to know the result of this test you need not use the horoscope. You just need the star and rasi of both the bride and the bridegroom. People do this and claim that the horoscopes have matched when they actually mean to say that stars have matched. This is the basic match point. If the score is less than 18 it is better not to proceed to the next 3 tests.

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Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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Kuja Dosha is a very serious test. Maharshi Parasara says that if the person having Kuja Dosha marries a person not having Kuja Dosha then death is the outcome. The affected party is the person not having the dosha. In ancient times divorce was not in practice and therefore death was the only way by which the separation happened. Today it is not only death but also divorce. However in my years of experience I have actually noted in many cases that death did happen within a period of 1 year.

The main problem in love marriage Love marriage in India means the opposite of arranged marriage. In most countries there is no arranged marriage at all. Love marriage in India usually means that the couple who get married give a lot of trouble and anxiety to parents because they do something that is unconventional. Whatever be the difference between love marriage and arranged marriage the main problem in love marriage is that horoscope matching is not possible in a love marriage. Buddhih Karma Anusarini – meaning the mind will work in accordance to Karma. So during a love affair destiny plays a greater role because the choice of the lover is by the person (his or her mind) and there is no guide or guru to advise what is best for a particular person. In a love affair there is less choice than in an arranged marriage because the bride or the bridegroom can choose say 1 out of 10 or even 1 person out of 100. The chances for mistake is higher when you choose 1 person out of 1 person. It may be a hit or miss case. There is no way to find out how the marriage will turn out to be. Whereas in an arranged marriage there are so many advantages. The time tested horoscope matching ideas can be utilized while selecting the bride or bridegroom. This cannot be used in love marriage. My observation is: In case of love marriage, if a person has putra dosha the karmic tendency is to love and then marry a person also having putra dosha. This is how karma works. Sometimes marriages fail despite horoscope matching. The reasons are 1) the Astrologer who did the horoscope matching was not an expert or he made a mistake while judging the compatibility. 2) the birth data used in the horoscopes were wrong. It happens either deliberately or unintentionally. However my observation is that in most cases horoscope matching has been very useful. 80% of the marriages that went through the process of horoscope matching has succeeded, whereas the success of love marriage as per the records in my office are almost 50-50. When you want to buy a mobile you just don’t buy it because you fell in love with it. You do a lot of research like specifications and strength and weakness study of the product. The mobile lasts only 2 years. For marriage that should last a life time, is not horoscope matching a safe bet? The problem is not over even if we accept that horoscope matching helps save marriages. The real problem is that we need to know more clearly on how to match horoscopes. More research is surely needed in this area. A standardized approach is necessary.

Beware of most Nadi centres In many Nadi centres as told to me by many of my clients, they have told certain people that they will get married to person whose name starts with “S” for example. The belief in Nadi readers is so much in Tamilnadu that they wait until they get an alliance where the name of the person starts with “S” and once they find such a person without considering anything else they get married. Later on due to incompatibility the marriage fails and ends in divorce etc. When I asked them did the Nadi readers also tell them about the divorce that happened later on they say “no”.

A very bad Muhurta for marriage

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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Another leading cause of troubled marriage is a wrong muhurta. A wrong time for marriage is by itself a bad thing to happen. Something well begun is half done. I know a couple who married during ATIGANDA Yoga, during the Janma Nakshatra of the Bride, during a VISHTI KARANA, the muhurta horoscope having bad planets in the 12th house (bhava) and bad planets in the 7th house. The marriage is on the verge of divorce.

A marriage breaks during a bad dasha and bhukti In case of incompatible horoscopes, the marriage tends to break during the most challenging dasha (major planetary period) and bhukti (minor planetary period). If you anticipate this period and do the appropriate remedies and do astrological counselling saying that the the period will be tough and they need to put up with it somehow then the couple can cross over the breaking point in their life.

Examine the 7th house of both the bride and bridegroom before engagement The 7th house is the house of marriage. Trouble in marriage is strongly indicated in case the 7th house lord is in the 6th, or 8th or the 12th house. In face the 6th house is the most negative house as it is the 12th house (loss) from the 7th house. Also check which planet occupies the 7th house. If the 6th house lord occupies the 7th house then also divorce is a strong possibility. If you see the exchange of houses between the 7th house and the 6th house then the troubled marriage is almost 80% fated to happen. In such cases horoscope matching is only an effort to save the marriage. If the lord of the 6th house and the 7th house combine and then occupy the 1st house or the 7th house then also one must except serious trouble in marriage. If natural malefics like Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are in the 7th house then one must expect trouble in marriage. Have an eye on the Navamsa Chart – sometimes the Navamsa Chart gives more clues than the Rasi Chart.

Check out the UPAPADA Lagna The UPAPADA is the Arudha Pada of the 12th house. There are many rules laid out on how to interpret the UPAPADA Lagna. Many Astrologers ignore this and give wrong readings.

2nd Marriage combination 2nd marriage can happen due to an extraordinary strength of the 7th house lord and it can also happen due to the extraordinary weakness of the 7th house lord. The difference is that in the 1st case, the person will have many partners in life and enjoy all of them without any problem. In India despite the law there are people who boldly disclose that they are 3 times married and yet get away In case of divorce, the usual question is whether the 2nd marriage is indicated.Whenever the 2nd marriage is indicated then it is always a threat that there is a threat on the 1st marriage. Such people should be extra careful while matching horoscopes for their 1st marriage. In case the divorce has already happened, then the presence of planetary combinations indicating the 2nd marriage is good news. Let me tell you that there are no special combinatios that reveal 3 marriages or 4 marriages etc. There are

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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only 3 main types. 1. NO marriage, 2. ONE marriage. 3. TWO or more than Two marriages. I heard of a person who married about 60 times. The truth about 2 marriages etc is that it may include the possibility of extra marital affairs or premarital affairs. If you are professional Astrologer you will get confused if your client does not reveal all this to you. In case the affair is over, then the threat for another affair decreases.

More than 1 marriage or extra marital affairs due to lord of a house in a particular house. If the lord of the 1st house is in the 1st house, 3rd house, 8th house and 11th house If the 2nd lord is in 2nd house, 7th house and 10th house. If the 3rd house lord is in the 2nd house. If the lord of the 6th house is in the 8th house, If the 7th house lord is in the 1st house, 2nd house or 9th house. If the 8th house lord is in the 7th house. If the 11th house lord is in the 12th house. If the 12th house lord is in the 6th house.

Know more about marriage from your Navamsa The navamsa chart is packed with information. However the best use of a Navamsa is for gaining more information in marriage. The lagna and the 7th house house are very important houses in the Navamsa Chart. Warning: Never use the Navamsa without the Rasi Chart, the Bhava Chart. Use the Navamsa to reconfirm what is found in the Rasi Chart and Bhava Chart. For example if the 7th house lord is in the 6th house in the Bhava Chart and then you also see in the Navamsa Chart the 7th lord is in the 6th house then the planets are indicating serious trouble in marriage. The risk in using a Navamsa chart is that the Lagna (Ascendant) in the Navamsa Chart will shift its position every 12 to 15 minutes. So it is sensitive to time of birth. Accuracy of the time of birth is very important when you start using the divisional charts. The divisional charts are like surgery. You can produce very good results through surgery and also kill the patient immediately. In my experience I have always noticed that the planets that start the trouble in marriage are usually in the 6th house in the navamsa chart, or the 8th house or the 12th house. In many cases, the Navamsa Lagna Lord was in the 6th, 8th and 12th house.

72 Comments R Kumar June 18, 2013

E K Dhilip Kumar June 18, 2013

Dear Sir, Does a conjunction of Sun and Saturn in 7th house (Capricon) for a Cancer Lagna indicate a troubled marriage?

If in the Bhava Chart also Sun and Saturn are in the 7th house then it indicates troubled marriage. Also it indicates extra marital affairs or premarital affairs. More information is possible on examination of the entire horoscope.

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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E K Dhilip Kumar August 13, 2014

Shankar June 18, 2013

Dear Sir -a very interesting topic and as usual you have explained such a complex issue in a simple and easy to understand. Is there a continuation to your explanation as I realized it stopped half way? Thanks

E K Dhilip Kumar August 13, 2014

parbati chatterjee June 18, 2013

Respected Sir, Would you please be kind enough to inform about second marriage yogas in a horoscope?

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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E K Dhilip Kumar August 13, 2014

Luluska June 19, 2013

Dear Sir! 1. Do you consider Kuja Dosha from Lagna only or also from Moon and Venus? 2. If the 7th Lord is in 7th in Rasi chart and in 6th in Bhava chart, then what is more important – Bhava or Rasi chart? Is in this case divorce indicated?

Raj June 20, 2013

Dear Dhilip, I have very important question to ask about navamsa. What is the probable marriage outcome of having Rahu in 7th house in Navamsa chart? I have Rahu in Gemini in 7th house in Navamsa and ketu is in Sagittarius with Mercury in Navamsa Ascendent. I have not seen many things written clearly about navamsa. Probably you can write some posts about Navamsa chart and how to study Navamsa chart. Thanks, Raj

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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E K Dhilip Kumar August 13, 2014

Aditi July 3, 2013

E K Dhilip Kumar July 5, 2013

Shashi July 9, 2013

Hello Sir, I and my husband are undergoing rahu mahadasha and it is giving us a tough time. Could I request you to look into our birth charts and suggest any remedy? Thanks Mine- 28/11/1983, 12:41pm, Jodhpur My husband’s – 23/10/1983, 09:35pm, delhi Look forward to your kind and prompt reply.

Everyone is asking the same thing from me. Please contact an Astrologer in your locality. I am sure I am not the only one around.

Dear Sir, Please guide us on Lagna Ketu Saptama Rahu scenario. Warm regards, Shashi

Paul.T.P July 18, 2013

Dear sir, I don’t know anything about astrology,really it works?I am very anxious about it.My name is Paul ,from kerala,Ernakulam district.My date of birth is;25 january,1968,time of birth;6.45AM;place of birth;Angamaly,Ernakulam District.pls tell something about me,if possible. Thanks. PAUL

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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kiran September 7, 2013

E K Dhilip Kumar September 7, 2013

praveen kumar errabelli September 7, 2013

my self kiran from dob is 27-6-1983,5.13 am..i want to knw that there is problems in my marriage life…

If you resort to horoscope matching prior to marriage then you can improve the quality of your marriage. Even if problems are there in your horoscope you can decrease them.

Dhilip sir, how to predict the timing of marriage? I mean how to know when a person gets married?

HARSH SAINI Hello Sir, September 24, 2013 Would you please write about Mangal-dosha and remedies for the same?

HARSH SAINI My name is Harsh Saini, Male, Birth Place – New Delhi; DOB 19-May-1991, 14:04:00 September 24, 2013 (02:04:00 PM). Could you tell me if Mangal-dosha is there for me?

renuka October 17, 2013

E K Dhilip Kumar October 17, 2013

ram July 3, 2014

nana October 18, 2013

E K Dhilip Kumar October 20, 2013

guruji since 3 years i am struggleing i lost 1 crore ruppe with scam same time my husband lost job please give your mobile number i done so many pooja i concerned so many astrology but nothing work out please help me

my email id: astrodiaries@gmaiḷ.com or ekdhilipkumar@gmaiḷcom

Sir i am ramkumar . Sir as i saw your reviews in website it was amazing . so , Sir i was born on 30-04-1993 at 5.20PM on friday . As parents went to see the jaathagam for me two times . But both are wrote differently. One said i am simha rasi and another said i am katakam rasi of aayilyam . I dont know which is real . So please i need a help of my rasi and nakshatras and also my marriage predictions sir

dear sir, I just wanna ask if the bride and bridegroom rashi, nakshatra, and birth date are the same, how will their marriage life will be? kanni-hastam-3..

Just check if there is DASHA SANDHI. If yes do not proceed to marriage. That is the real threat in Same Star

nana October 20, 2013

thank you sir..

priya November 10, 2013

Dear Sir, My name is priya. Your articles are really very impressive and informative. Your article on ‘Raghu dasha -Shani bhukthi’ impressed me a lot. I am 25 year old and looking for marriage alliance from past 3 years and not getting a suitable alliance. I also had suffered a broken engagement during my ragu dasha shani bhukthi in the year 2012. Hearing this news, many groom families ignore my profile now.

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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Please tell me if i will get married or not. If married, my life will be happy or not? My date of birth is 16 Feb 1988. Time- 7.20 AM. Place- Mayiladuthurai. Kumbha Lagna. Please help me knowing what is fated to me with respect to my marriage sir. Also suggest me if any remedies to be done. Sincerely waiting for your answer.

neeraj December 13, 2013

Dear Sir, My son has a the problem you indicated in your article above i.e the lord of sixth and seventh house make an exchange. he is pieces lagna with jupiter in first house, sun and saturn in sixth house (virgo) with mercury lord of seventh house in sixth house (leo). Mars and venus in eight house (libra) and rahu ketu in 10th and 4th house respectively. Moon is exalted in taurus in third house. Since, he is having Mars and Venus conjunct ed in eighth house he is destined for love marriage. In astha varga chart the score of 7th house is also 17 lowest among all houses. In navamsa, Jupiter is present in 7th house, lord of 7th house sun is exalted in aires in 4th house. What do recommend as parent we can do? dob 28th sep 2010, 19:11, dunedinnew zealand thanks.

E K Dhilip Kumar December 13, 2013

In all such cases do not expect trouble. Just use horoscope matching techniques to the best level possible and that should keep the problem away. Seek the solutions and forget the problem.

Anand December 14, 2013

Dhilip sir, Why hindus alone are more concerned about horoscope matching during marriage? . Christians and Muslims are not bothered about it and also don’t face much trouble.

janu December 16, 2013

Dhilip sir, I had a love marriage. In love for 10yrs then only get marry.Agreed by both parents and did check our horoscope matching before arranging wedding date. 10 out of 12 poruthom is good can married the pandit say…so we proceed and everything was fine until the day we got marry we had a big fight just after 30 min tied the knot.It’s just a small issue but spark a big fight between family members… The sad thing is, it has been 6years now all family are in good term but me and my husband never happy and just dont have peace of mind and soul for both of us..We still love with each other but just can get along in anything.. I just wanna know is there any pariharam that I can do to have back my man that I love?..I this got to do with our rasi. His-Kanni Hastam/birth no.3 Me-meenam uttarabhadra/birth no.24 please guide and thank you.

rohit December 31, 2013

Hi Dhilip You just explained about the causes of divorce in brief let us take a case as below: I would like your inputs please. Lagna – Cancer

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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7th house lord in 6th house(saggitarius)with moon – jupiter has 9th aspect 7th house occupied by mars which is the yogakaraka and is exalted… Navamsa 7th house is aries aspected by jupiter and occupied by venus mars in the 7th house lord placed in the 6th house.. do you justify a divorce in this case also

leenu January 11, 2014

hi sir…could you please tell me about this horoscopie for marriage thing only 13 nov 78 11 55 pm delhi…pls reply..thanks

archana January 15, 2014

I have 7th house lord mars in sixth house (pisces) I am scared will i have troubled marriage.jupiter in 9th house.venus mercury in 7th house. I already have a broken relationship before marriage?my dob: 07/061990,time 3:40 pm.when wl i get married

Amol February 14, 2014

Sir, I have a question – does there is Bhakoot Dosha 9-5 for Kanya (bride) and Makar(groom) rashi? Given 1) There is no Nadi Dosha and 2) as we also know lord of Kanya rasi – bhudh and and of Makar – Shani plays a friendly and neutral relationship. So is this Bhakoot Dosha exists?

rajashri March 16, 2014

dob is 15 may 1980 22:10 pm, in lagna chart ketu in 2nd house and ju, saturn,rahu and mars in 9th, venus in seventh house, while sun, moon and mercury in 6th house, while in navamsa chart ketu in first house and rahu in seventh house, this is my frnds birth chart, is the ketu rahu position in navamsa bad for married life and which is the bad position in his lagna chart

mithu April 8, 2014

I have observed that my horoscope does not have any of the combination for second marriage or extra marital affair, but I still went through one……astrology is a fluke subject……and astrologer find one way or the other to come up with an explanation if nothing matches….

Gurdjiff August 12, 2014

mithu you shouldn’t blame astrologer’s community. They are snake oil salesman and there are lot of buyers…. Look at the response to Dhilip’s blog and all indian’s want free services. This is an art of probability with open ends all the time. This leads to a game where astrologer never looses. I also feel sorry for all the members as once things go beyond human control we have nothing but to look to heavens as this has been ingrained in us from centuries….I will quote my own example where i have been going through hell of the problems and my parents being extremely religious person have left no stone turned to get things proper in my life. They have done following to name a few despite my objections. Kal sarpa Dosha,Pitr dosha,shani mangal yuti and guru puja….. Nothing happened and every astrologer has to say that others are thugs Or pooja wasn’t done properly. Now they are recommending 14 rings for 10 fingers and that one my parents can’t force upon on me… Due to their pain i myself started learning or understanding this so called jyotish vidhya and more i learn more i feel disgusted by it and lack of logic and pattern….. I analyzed my problems and started working towards resolving issue in logical manner and under lot of stress and pain. Life is not hunky dory however getting better and better day by day… Best part is my parents have also lost faith in biggest astrologers of citi state and country….. I don’t want to kick on somone’s bread butter

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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however this is stupid at best…. Simply imagine 7 freaking planets keeping record of 7.2 billion ppl and all the innumerable species of planet earth….

E K Dhilip Kumar August 13, 2014

I feel so sad for you. Even after having rejected Astrology, God et al, you have not found happiness or success. Do you know that Kamsa got Moksha because all the time he was thinking of Lord Sri Krishna? To me it appears that you may become a good Astrologer going by the amount of time you spend on Astrology. I spend so much time on it as it is my livelihood. What is the logic that you spend so much time reading all the Astrology blogs even though that is not your profession? There is something wrong…. only you can tell! or time will tell!

Nishant August 14, 2014

If only you give me your birth details I can offer an explanation….its not fluke,its just that its not easy to read a chart.

E K Dhilip Kumar August 13, 2014

Nishant August 14, 2014

praveen kumar April 17, 2014

If only you give me your birth details I can offer an explanation….its not fluke,its just that its not easy to read a chart.

Oh my god! me extra martial affairs ???? no chance , i never do that to my future spouse , i cant even think of that .. . enna sir ippidi sollitinga .. i have lots of dreams and desires on my married life .. . my 7th house lord venus is in lagna with saturn , and im virchiga lagna.. . its said that since 7th lord is in trine aspect married life will be filled with fun and frolics .. . venus falls on anuradha nakshatra quarter -1 in my chart .. . en deivamay ! konjam ennoda chart ( 5th jan 1987 , 3.35 am, chennai ) parthu married life yeppadi irukum matum sollunga sir .. currently this person is unemployed and i will surely

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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send u the fees via courier after god has opened his eyes by giving me a sound finance . … in fact i wish to meet u in person sir ,, hope it happens very soon … . * enakku innum kalyanam agala.!.. but i know it happens in mer maha dasa -> ketu bukthi .hehe praveen kumar .. .

tejas April 28, 2014

21/09/1982 18.10 pm navsari venus in 7 house leo sign? will she be beautiful ? tejas [email protected]

Nancy May 3, 2014

Dear Sir, In my navamsa 7th lord in 6th house and unaspected with navamsa lagna being meena lagna. In rasi chart , 7th house is severely afflicted, sat, jup, mar, rahu and mars – kumba lagna /meena rasi. Does this indicate a failed marriage. I am experiencing severe troubles for last 9 years. Please throw some light on this. Thanks

livres gratuit May 17, 2014

Today, I went to the beachfront with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

maneesha.r May 31, 2014

my dob-9/1/80im married having troubles from mil remedy please,time-17.16,place-calcutta

Nishant June 21, 2014

What if 7th and 9th lord exchange houses in Aries lagna…and Saturn is in Leo navamsha?

KS July 31, 2014

Sir, I found out with my marriage muhurtham that it was during Atiganda yoga. It’s been 3 years and we never enjoyed married life. Now we are not together. Please suggest a remedy so that I can get back my family life.

Shree Ragini August 1, 2014

Sir, My daughter has Lagna Mithun. Her 7th house lord is placed in 8th, Makaram, in debilitated position. She has Moon in 7th house. Her 10th house has Sun, Venus, Ketu, Sani. – Sukra is exalted. She is running Venus Mahadasa. Her 1st house lord in 11th house. I foresee many problems in her marriage and will there be a second marriage? At least, will the 2nd marriage be happy?


Im born on 6th. In your video you say that Mars is the best planet for Simha rasi. As 6

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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August 2, 2014

denotes Venus, is it not an enemy of Mars? Do I have a wrong date of birth, I mean, please tell me the pariharams.

M.Seetharamarao August 3, 2014

I find your articles on astrology very lucid,informative and interesting . Please keep it up. Regards.

[email protected] respected sir, myself Mahesh m nadgire my DOB 18/12/1983 Birth Time is 09:15am im very August 8, 2014 disturbed after my marriage bcoz their is no good relation between me & my wife, always quarrel between me & my wife would plz tell me? shall this relation of me & my wife long life or any breakage in relation in future also we had blessed with twins before one year ago plz tell me sir im very depressed since my marriage. my wife DOB 07/05/1987 Birth Time is 07:22am…

Anvesh August 14, 2014

Dear Sir, Myself Mithuna Lagna (29 Deg) and Mercury in 7th house with 17 points in SAV chart in Raasi Chart. When it comes to bhava chart both Mercury and Mars sits in the same place with 18 as SAV number. My first marriage ended and second marriage is almost comes to end now. I will be getting divorce in few months. God has given me every thing except good married life. Is there any remedies that I can perform to get the things better. Yours faithfully, Anvesh.

Lakshmi August 14, 2014

Hello Sir, I am not sure if you are still maintaining this blog. I am actually in lot of problems and trying to understand my jataka chakra. I tried to calculate my UL. My 12th house is Gemini and the planets in the 12 house are Mercury, Sun and Moon. Since the 12th house lord is Mercury and is in the same house, if I count 10 from Gemini, it is Pisces. Pisces lord, Jupiter is in 3rd (enemy house) house with Saturn but is aspecting Pisces. Since the video has significance of the second house from UL happens to be a twin sign. But what if the UL itself is a twin sign? Is Pisces my correct UL? If yes, would this condition result in second marriage? I am a female divorced mother of 1 child having problems finding job and living alone with family members busy with their own families. In my Lagna chart: Cancer – Lagna – Venus and Rahu Virgo – 3rd house – Jupiter and Saturn Capricon – 7th house – Ketu Taurus – 11th house – Mars Gemini – 12th house – Sun, Moon and Mercury Thank you in advance.

Sagana August 28, 2014

Hello Sir, Is it possible to marry both male and female has same raasi and nakshatra.. and also girl has sevai dosam… Please advise

abhisshek khatuwalla i m expecting a baby between oct 20th to 30 th oct 2014 by cizerian operation,can u give September 2, 2014 me auspicious date and time for delivery?

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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daftar Harga Herbalife Thank you a bunch for sharing this witth all people you September 6, 2014 really know what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also discuss with my site =). We can have a hyperlink allternate contract between us

rekha October 6, 2014

hello sir i want to knw abot my marriage life, my date of birth is 8 may 1987, 12:05 pm at rewari, haryana

M SARKKARAI PANDIAN October 18, 2014

Hello Guru g i want to know about my marriage life, my date of birth is 28 July 1983 M SARKKARAI PANDIAN

meene October 19, 2014

sir, i am married. but 10 years we no relation .6 years back i love a another person he put a chain my neck in front of he want to seperate.what happend our life .

pan October 30, 2014

Sir,the points in extra marital affair happens thru out or during the dasha or bukhti of those planets involved.Is there any cancellation due to some aspects or transits or dashas or something else. PS I read your articles but cant watch videos due to some unavoidable reasons,sorry if you have covered my questions in any of your videos,maybe many I am deprived of your knowledge due to my inability. Compliments and appreciations for all your work,wishing you all the best.

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RD November 25, 2014

Dear sir, can you tell me about my marriage, i am going through rough phases..cancer ascendant, jupiter debilitated in 7th house… saturn in 5th house..(12 dec 85 born , 8.45 pm, karnal, India)…

Sumeet December 17, 2014

hi sir I am facing serious problem in marriage I & my wife horoscope match is 36 out of 36 & both are simha rashi my birth date is 6th July 1981 12.01 am & her date is 13th August 1988 09.35 am both born in Nasik

Ankit January 22, 2015

Dear Sir, I saw your blog and good o know about various information about 7th house. I am also interested about my marriage, i am going through rough phases..I an Libra ascendant, sun ,Mercury and Moon in 7th house… Saturn in 1st house.. Marsh in 8th house and Venus in 9th house (12 May 1983 born , 18.35 pm, Allahabad, India)

Muskan February 3, 2015

dear sir, There is trouble in marriage if..Moon Jupiter and Saturn are conjucted in Navmansa chart?

Karan February 10, 2015

Kindly Reply on below details for Marriage. DOB : 08-JAN-1982 TIME: 06:06 AM

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook – E K Dhilip Kumar

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PLACE:Valsad,Gujarat Mail ID : [email protected]

meenakshi March 8, 2015

Sir, I have gemini lagna kundali and there is saturn in 7th house.i have prpblem in marriage life,no extra affairs.plz guide mer

bala.s March 18, 2015

my dob,4,4,1975iam divorce.birth time.2.45am.i have interested o 2nd marriage.what about my future.

Kailash March 23, 2015

Respected Sir, I really need help. I am trapped now. My Story is very long and it’s like filmy sotry so will not write here. But it would be great, if you could help me on this. Please guruji. My DOB is : 08th March 1987(Sunday).Birth place is : Jamnagar(Gujarat). Birth Time is : 12:00 PM.(Afternoon). My parents had searched one girl. She is broken engagement girl. First of all I was not ready to proceed. But I chat with her for 3 months and found her ideal match. When I went home town to fix with her, my uncle and father suddenly said not to proceed with her. They said girl had previously affairs also. Her engagement is also broken. Still we accepted. But we can not accept her past relationships. Then they went to show her kundalis to jyotishi..Jyotishi said that “Girl is very smart and boy is very emotional and innocent”. If boy marries to girl, it will be only beneficial to girl not boy. Now Guruji I just want to know how much truth is this ?? I love her now. Her details are as follows : Her name is : Paulomi. DOB : 5th August 1989. Birth Place : Jamnagar(Gujarat). Birth Time : 8:02 PM. Please please please help Sir. Shall I proceed with her or not ? Thanks, Kailash

sweatha April 16, 2015

hi sir i am facing serious problem in marriage i and husband match i feel not compatible arguments and misunderstanding is common, He sometime beat me ,my rashi is Capricorn born on november 15 ,1988,4.15 am and my Husband rashi is scorpio born on august17 1988 at 11.30 am we both born in Hyderabad,can you help me

viral April 17, 2015

Dear sir When will i get married? DOb – 18/12/1983 Time- 05.01 PM Place- Mumbai Pls Reply Regds Viral

13/Jun/2015 10:17 PM

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