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May 20, 2018 | Author: Sheena Lou Sangalang | Category: Monsoon, Tropical Cyclones, Equator, Earth, Earth & Life Sciences
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TROPICAL DESIGN QUESTION Definition of terms: 1 The taking into consideration consideration the building design w/c does not have any sophisticated mechanical mechanical equipment in order to induce comfort conditions in  building interiors. interiors. 2 As the rays of the sun hit the earths surface! surface! which part part of the earth receives receives the most amount of radiation" # $hich part receives the lesser amount of radiation" % The rotation of the earth earth deflects the air air from its direct paths! paths! this penomenon is called" ( $ith the north north pole as point of reference! reference! it will be observed observed that the rotation of  the earth is" * This word is derived from the Arabic word +mawsim+ w/c means +season+. - A relatively persistent  mature cyclone cyclone observed to originate in the tropical tropical regions from about ( degrees to 1( degrees north latitude.  The time of year year when the sun reaches reaches its northernmost point point on the celestial sphere! marking the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.  t appro3imately begins during this date. 14 The time of year year when the sun reaches reaches its southernmost point point on the celestial sphere! marking the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. 11 t appro3imately begins during this date. 12 5ither of the two times times during the year year when the sun crosses crosses the plane of the celestial equator  when the length of day  night are everywhere appro3imately equal. 1# 6ernal equino3 or spring equino3 usually occurs during this date. 1% Au Autumnal equino3 usually occurs during ths date. Charateristis of !onsoons in the Phi"i##ines: 1( This kind of weather weather recurs yearly yearly during the the summer months! characteri7ed characteri7ed by general cloudiness w/ dri77le or rain. 1* t is technically referred to as the999999999999999" 1- This kind of weather weather occurs during the winter winter months! characteri7ed characteri7ed by heavy heavy stratocumulus clouds in the lower levels! associated w/ showers  occasional heavy dri77les. 1 t is technically referred to as the 99999999999999" 1 The winter monsoon monsoon usually first first affects the Philippines Philippines as a weak weak stream during what month" 24 t usualy attains ma3imum strength during what month" 21 t gradually weakens during this month. 22 t finally disappears during this month. 2# The south outhw west est mons onsoon oon is some someti time mess ref referr erred to as 999 9999999 999999 999 99999 999999 9999 999" 9" 2% The southwest monsoon first appears in the Philippines during what month" 2( t t attains ma3imum intensity during this month. 2* t gradually disappears during this month. Charateristis of T$#hoons: 2- The part of the typhoon characteri7ed by light winds  nearly clear sky. 2 Around the eye eye is the pheripery of the typhoon e3tending e3tending as much as 9999999 


Passive cooling The equator   The polar regions The &oriolis 'orce &ounter)clockwise ,onsoon Typhoon 0ummer solstice */21 $inter solstice 12/21

5quino3 #/21 /21

8abagat 0outhwest monsoon

Amihan :ortheast monsoon ;ctober  
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