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May 27, 2016 | Author: Tricia Ann | Category: Types, Graphic Art
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Graphic Designer for web and print...


T R I C I A A N N C AY E TA N O Graphic Designer

Hello! I’m tRICIA ANN CAYETANO Graphic Designer for Web & Print Working as a part of a team for 2 years, I came across a wide-range of graphic design disciplines including logo identities and branding, website design, and brand collaterals for US-based clients. I also have experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics. As for my personal interests and hobbies, I design custom-made t-shirts, paint in canvas shoes and backpacks, vector illustrations, and wedding invitations. Recently, I started working on low poly arts and I am in the process of mastering it in 3D. You may check my portfolio, which showcases some of my recent projects and a few of my personal artworks as well. Have a look and feel free to contact me for more details. 2

Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

THE MAUI SPA Website Design The Maui Spa & Wellness Center brings the Aloha spirit from Hawaii to Boca Raton, Florida. This was a redesign project from an old textured paper with spa ornaments website to simple, relaxing and yoga-feel design.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

CORAL PREOWNED Website Design Coral Preowned is a franchised dealership of used vehicles in South Florida. I love adding flares to the logo and the low poly effect makes it sharp and edgy.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

RANDOLph READ Website Design Randolph Read Futures & Options is a US-based commodity brokerage firm.The brief was to allow a side navigation. It was quite challenging to look for full-screen images that will not be blocked by the menu, but in the end it all worked out.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

THE STOCKDALE FOUNDATION Website Design The Stockdale Foundation provides scholarships to deserving students who graduated from high school. In the design, I added the ribbon for the logo background to make it standout, like a school medal. Also, I had fun making the collage from the clients images with colors from their logo. 6

Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

DRYMAXPRO Website Design DryMaxPro is a full service commercial and residential cleaning and restoration company of experts from Coral Springs, Florida. This was quite challenging to incorporate both commercial and residential services, especially in the website design. So I looked for images that would fit the two niches. 7

Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

GLOTZER LAW Website Design Glotzer Law is a website of personal injury lawyers, Bruce Glotzer and Matthew Kobren, from Boca Raton, Florida. This was a redesign project. I incorporated the marble texture to the the website, which is a touch that is well-aligned to the overall look of their workplace.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

AL’S QUALITY GLASS Website Design Al’s Quality Glass creates custom glass space solutions for homes and offices in the US. I made this design to be glossy like glass.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

PAWMAX Website Design PawMax provides natural, health & wellness supplements manufactured in the US for dogs and cats. Most of the images here were photo manipulated. I used a lot of patience cropping an image of a dog with a cat because of their fur. Good thing they are all adorable.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

AESTHETIC MD OF NEW YORK Website Design Aesthetic MD of New York specializes in the practice of aesthetic medicine, face, body and skin rejuvenation & medically supervised weight loss. The client wanted her website to look like a spa and to make it as appealing as possible to their main customers- women in general.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

LOGO Identities & Branding These are logos designed for various clients. (left-right): Lion Launch, American Xray, Oasis Communities, Southern Cleaning Systems Inc.,, The Morlin Group, Web Billboards, Glotzer & Kobren, The Swimwear Collection, and Wingspan Behavioral Health.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

CLSC Brochure CLSC (Complete Local Specialty Care) offers complete medical services to patients of all ages. This brochure is all about their patient portal. It is only my first time to design a tri-fold brochure. The only way to make it right is to grab a template with grids for margins as well as bleeds, which are available online. 13

Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

THE TINT TEAM Ad Book Section The Tint Team specializes in auto, residential or commercial tinting project. This one is for an ad book section. I really have no idea what is an ad book. Good thing the client gave me an image for reference purposes.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

THE MAUI SPA Newsletter & Print Version I was asked to do a monthly newsletter for this company. As soon as the newsletter gets approved by the client it would be my task to create and design a print version for distribution.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

sumMa cum laudE Vector Illustration This one was a gift for a friend of mine. She graduated from UP Diliman as a summa cum laude with a course of BS in Tourism. I am so proud of her so I made a chibi version of her showcasing the actual outfit she wore during the graduation rites.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

MR. TYCOON Vector Illustration The man here is Mr. Ting Hok, President and CEO of Styrotech Corporation. This was a personal commissioned work and it was my first time to vector a real face.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Vector Illustration My client, the couple’s daughter, wanted to give her parents something unique for their anniversary. She wanted them to look not too old for another wedding picture.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

PAINT JOBS Personal Sideline These were just samples of my occassional sideline. The first one is for a friend of mine. The character is Mr. Biggy from Eyesores by Xavier Gallego. The second one is for a bride. She wore it at her wedding day.


Tricia Ann Cayetano | [email protected] | 09359812923

T H A NK YOU F OR WAT C H ING ! [email protected]

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