September 11, 2017 | Author: Zajay Dela Cruz Gamit | Category: Light Rail, Rail Transport, Public Transport, Rapid Transit, Traffic
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negatives about transportation in metro manila, dynamic and static component...


TRANSPORTATION IN METRO MANILA Metro manila, as a major city and capital city of the Philippines offers various transportation options, these modes are jeepney which is the most popular and dubbed as the king of the road in metro manila, the taxi, tricycle, busses, the Manila light rail transit which are LRT 1 and MRT 2 and the Manila metro rail transit which is the MRT 3. Transportation has two component, the static and dynamic. The static are the non-moving or fixed infrastructures and the dynamic refers to the vehicles which are moving. Jeepney, most of the jeepney is a PUV or public utility vehicle it is also the most common and main public transportation options of the commuters, mainly because it is the cheapest among all transportation options, jeepneys are leftover vehicles from World War II. Jeepney is the worst mode of transportation, this vehicle is a major contributor of pollution because most of it are smoke belchers which the road staff or officials fail to punish, and also it is not comfortable to ride because of tight space and too many passenger, most of the drivers are undisciplined and speed maniac in driving the vehicle. Because these problems I was able to enumerate some recommendations that might help to solve the problem, the government officials needs to be more strict to the jeepney drivers which are undisciplined, the official and traffic enforcers must do their job at all time, one of what I’ve noticed is when the its too hot commonly during noon there are no traffic officials on the road which leads to an unorganized flow of traffic. The jeepneys which are obsolete or old must be prohibit to travel to reduce the number of vehicle and help to reduce the pollution and flow of traffic. The MMDA or LTO must conduct a seminar to all jeepney drivers which will help them to know the proper values in driving and also for them to well understand the law. Taxi, the most expensive mode of transportation in metro manila, this option is satisfying because it is air-conditioned and smoke free, one of what I’ve notice is that there are particular place to wait for a taxi, when your location is not from the main highways it would be difficult for you to find a taxi tough there’s an smartphone application which can help the driver to locate where are the passengers, not all of us can afford to have a smartphone. Most of the taxi drivers are choosing the passenger they want to load which are prohibited tough we can report this kind of drivers most of us is not doing it because it is just a waste of time and money. The main reason why most of us don’t chose the taxi as a mode of transportation is because of its fair, almost every road in metro manila has a heavy traffic it is not practical to ride a taxi because the meter measures the time of travel which is very much affected by the heavy traffic. I experience to pay one hundred twenty pesos from BBB Valenzuela to UE Caloocan because of the heavy traffic. Tricycle, it is also a common mode of transportation in metro manila, tricycle are vehicles use for traveling in short distances and it is not allowed to travel in major highways. Most of the city in metro manila has no tricycle terminals, roads which are built as path of vehicles became a tricycle terminal. Tough it travels a short distance the fair is quite expensive because most of the time, to save time, most of us is willing to pay twice for us not to wait for other passenger to ride. Also some of the tricycle are too small, tall people needs to bow their heads inside the tricycle. Some of the drivers have no manners, common experience of passengers which we all hate is the tricycle drivers which are smoking while they are driving. I suggest that the government need to provide a lot space which the drivers can use as a terminal, this will also help to reduce heavy traffic because more lane can be used as a path of vehicles. Also, the drivers which charge too much must be punished, the government must also exercise a rule which will prohibit the drivers to smoke while driving.

Bus, A mode of transportation which I commonly prefer to choose. There are two kinds of bus in metro manila, the air-conditioned and the ordinary or not-air conditioned, ordinary busses is my most hate mode of transportation because of the roller-coaster ride-like feeling when you’re riding it. The drivers are daredevils in driving this vehicle and the one who’s riding it can feel the speed and the shake of the bus. I commonly prefer to ride in an air-conditioned bus because although it was overcrowded it’s not that hot inside and the fair is quite cheap. The road officials are disappointing because they are failing to punish the drivers which are not following the rules of the roads, most of the bus stops are just a decorations because busses load and unload in the place they want which is a sign of greediness of the drivers to have more passengers. I recommend that the government need to build more bus stops which is not too far to the other bus stop so it will not be difficult for the passengers to walk far just to wait for a bus. Also provide more waiting shed so that the passengers not be exposed to the rain and sun while waiting for vehicles. The government also need more traffic enforcers to organize the proper loading and unloading area of PUV’s. The drivers which are undisciplined must be punished. There should be a policy that will limit the number of passenger that can the bus. MRT or the Metro Rail Transit, is a metropolitan rail system serving metro manila. MRT is one of the Best mode of transportation in metro manila because it is quick, time saving, and inexpensive. Almost every employee prefer to choose this mode of transportation, the negative side is, because of overpopulation it is too crowded and the MRT guide way became prone to thief. In terms of Aesthetics the MRT guide way is not that good it is too messy and always dirty and compare to other countries it is a low class railway. I suggest that the government need to invest in improving the railway because this is the best mode of transportation. A good railway, for me, can invite more investments and businesses of other countries in our city because it is a sign of improving economy. LRT or the Light Rail Transit,

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