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LOPEZ NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL Lopez, Quezon 1st Periodical Examination EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES NAME: ______________________________

DATE: __________________

Multiple Choice. Read each question carefully, and then write the letter of the answer on the space provided that best fits the question. ANY KIND OF ERASURES WILL BE CONSIDERED INCORRECT. ______ 1. What is a set of rules that help teach people how to behave properly while on the internet? a. Ethics b. Netiquette c. etiquette d. mood ______ 2. Listed below are the internet etiquette rules, EXCEPT: a. Respect others privacy c. no spamming b. do not use capslock d. Phishing ______ 3. Which is not a social networking site?





______ 4. It is the basic hardware (computer) and software (operating system) on which software applications can be run. a. platform b. application c. information d. system ______ 5. How many levels/kinds of online platform are available? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3

d. 4

______ 6. REST relies on a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol -- and in virtually all cases, the HTTP protocol is used. What do we mean by REST? a. REpresentational State Transfer c. REStructured Text b. Restricted Environmental Simulation Technique d. Real-Time Embedded Systems ______ 7. When you develop a Facebook app, you are not developing an app that simply draws on data or services from Facebook; your app literally shows up within the Facebook user experience, often as a box in the middle of a page that Facebook otherwise defines, such as: a. Access API b. Plugin API c. Runtime Environment d. Runtime API ______ 8. API stand for Application Program Interface, how does API make softwares interact? a. By providing building blocks together c. by specifying the tools used b. By setting rules and protocols d. by programming user interface ______ 9. At what level do apps run inside the platform itself? a. Access API b. Plugin API c. Runtime Environment

d. Runtime API

______ 10. Internet has been a burden to the Philippines because of its speed and download/upload rate, compared to other countries in Asia, Philippines ranked 21st out of 21 countries, what is the main cause of this issue? a. corruption b. cellsites c. poverty d. low technology ______ 11. It is known as the knowledge of maximizing the user’s personal safety and security risk to private information with using the internet. a. internet safety b. internet security c. internet ethics d. internet online ______ 12. Common concerns regarding safety on the internet include: a. Adding friendlist b. malware c. adults

d. government

______ 13. Is a tree branch of computer security specifically related to the internet a. internet safety b. internet security c. internet ethics d. internet online ______ 14. It is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol suite to link billions of devices all over the world. a. Internet b. website c. webpage d. networking ______ 15. By browsing the Internet, much as you would browse the shelves of a library, you can access information on seemingly limitless topics, what is this called? a. Webquests b. research c. web library d. browsing ______ 16. Google, Yahoo, and MSN are some examples of: a. webpages b. search engines c. browsers

d. websites

______ 17. ____________ is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web a. webpages b. search engines c. browsers d. metasearch engine ______ 18. This combines all the search queries into one search engine from different websites a. webpages b. search engines c. browsers d. metasearch engine ______ 19. We use this to filter and sorting our searches online a. scavenger’s hunt b. refine c. search engine

d. advanced search

______ 20. It is the smarter searching on the internet, we used this tool to automatically search the web for ready made presentations and documents a. scavenger’s hunt b. refine c. search engine d. advanced search ______ 21. You’ve searched “Madonna” in Google and Yahoo, and you’ve noticed there are differences in the search results, why are there differences between the search results? a. Because of the network speed and protocol address b. Because of the entry level of platforms c. Because of the different platforms used by different websites d. Because of the runtime environment of each website

______ 22.

this icon is used to: a. Align left b. align right

c. center text

d. justify text

______ 23. this toolbar shows the name of the document being edited or used by the user, what do we call this toolbar? a. Status bar b. ribbon tabs c. format bar d. title bar ______ 24. Creates a capital Letter at the beginning of the paragraph a. Drop cap b. drap cop c. drap cap

d. drop cop

______ 25. We use this icon to make numbering a.



______ 26. How many ways can we save a document? a. 5 b. 4 c. 3 ______ 27. It is an identifier to suffix to the name of a computer file a. extension name b. .docx c. mail merge


d. 2

d. file name

______ 28. Like the look of a particular selection? You can apply that look to other content in the document by using a. Formatting toolbar b. format painter c. formatting label d. copy paste bar

______ 29. If I want to indent a paragraph I will use what shortcut key? a. Ctrl A b. ctrl I c. ctrl N

d. ctrl M

______ 30. In computing, a __________, or simply a link, is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking, tapping, or hovering. a. Hypertext b. hyperbole c. hypermeta d. hyperlink ______ 31. F7 opens a dialog box for a. Spell check b. Synonyms check

______ 32.

This icon is used in doing what? a. Change the color of the text b. Change the color behind the text

c. antonyms Check

d. style check

c. change the line of the text d. change the color infront of text

______ 33. How many types of drop cap can we do to a document? a. 5 b. 4 c. 3

d. 2

______ 34. If I want the automatic addition of names and addresses from a database to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail, especially advertising, to many addresses, I will use: a. Mail drop b. mail merge c. mail letter d. mail man ______ 35. Adding pictures in Word documents can illustrate important information, and in Word this helps separate words from pictures a. Text wrap b. text gift c. text mail d. text markup ______ 36. The following are the advantages of using a word processing software EXCEPT a. Microsoft Word is an essential tool for any individual in today’s digital age b. Creating, editing, saving and printing documents easier. c. Word processing software typically also contains features to make it easier for you to perform repetitive tasks. d. They are used to work with files in plain text format, such as source code of computer programs or configuration files of an operating system. An example of a text editor would be Notepad on the Windows platform. ______ 37. Word processing in business provides numerous outcome and benefits, listed below are some EXCEPT: a. security b. collaboration c. portability d. computing ______ 38. It encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas include: a. web graphic design b. interface design c. authoring d. programming ______ 39. HTML is most commonly used as the format of the online documents we call web pages. When you create a set of complete HTML documents having a similar look and feel and linking to one another, this is referred to as a website. What does this stand for? a. Hypertext markup language c. high tech materials language b. High Text Messaging language d. hypertext simulation managing language ______ 40. If you are having problems viewing specific websites, experiencing any sort of strange issue with your web browser, or you can't go to any websites at all, which of the following would you check in order to address the problem? a. Browser Issues b. Interface c. internet traffic d. Data

“Ang totoong pagmamahal ay parang matinong estudyanteng NAG-EEXAM. Hindi tumitingin sa iba, kahit nahihirapan na.” Many people fail because they try to copy others – not realizing that everyone has a different question paper. 

LOPEZ NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL Lopez, Quezon TABLE OF SPECIFICATION 2nd Periodical Examination (FINALS) 1st Semester 2016-2017 EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Number of Days Learning Objectives 10hrs 1. Use of advanced tools and techniques found in common productivity and software applications in developing ICT content for specific professional tracks. Be able to use and apply the following effectively in developing ICT content: a. Mail merge and label generation b. Custom animations and timing c. Hyperlinking in presentations d. Integrating images and external material in word processors e. Embedded files and data f. Advanced and complex formulas and computations 8hrs 2. Manipulate text, graphics, and images to create ICT content intended for an online environment. Administer the use of the following techniques: a. Basic principles of graphics and layout b. Principles of visual message design using infographics c. Online file formats for images and text d. Principles and basic techniques of image manipulation e. Basic image manipulation using offline or open-source software f. Combining text, graphics, and images g. Uploading, sharing, and image hosting platforms

Total Item 10


3. Apply web design principles and elements using online creation tools, platforms, and applications to communicate a message for a specific purpose in specific professional tracks Create an ICT content using the following: a. Presentation/ visualization (Prezi, Soho, Slideshare, mindmeister) b. Cloud computing (Google Drive, Evernote,Dropbox) c. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr) d. Web Page Creation (Wix, Weebly) e. File Management (zamzar, word2pdf) f. Mapping (Google Maps, Wikimapia)



4. Develop an ICT Project for Social Change covering the topics of: a. Planning and conceptualizing an ICT Project for Social Change b. Research for ICT Projects, Audience profiling, (demographics and psychographics) c. Designing and copywriting for ICT Projects d. Developing and constructing the ICT project



5. Identify a local or regional cause or issue for Social Change related to specific professional tracks that can be addressed or tackled using an ICT Project for Social Change



6. Analyze how target or intended users and audiences are expected to respond to the proposed ICT Project for Social Change on the basis of content, value, and user experience



7. Create a reflexive piece or output using an ICT tool, platform, or application of choice on the learning experience undergone during the semester Outputs may be in the form of: a. Video blog b. Presentation or image gallery c. Website d. Illustrated document e. Podcast or webcast



Prepared by:

JENSEN RYAN T. LIM Subject Teacher Checked By:


Approved By:



21. C

2. D

22. C

3. D

23. D

4. A

24. A

5. C

25. C

6. A

26. C

7. B

27. A

8. A

28. B

9. C

29. D

10. A

30. D

11. A

31. A

12. B

32. B

13. B

33. D

14. A

34. B

15. B

35. A

16. B

36. D

17. C

37. D

18. D

38. D

19. B

39. A

20. D

40. A

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