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These are my Todd hotseat notes. Just finished typing them all out. I will organise them into groups related to their category eventually. Some points are instructions for me to make lists. E.g. shit tests and the like. Will fill those in later

Todd Hotseat Notes Day 1 – Improvisational Comedy Inner circle portal will have an email Todd will give direct feedback to field reports related to his challenges Video 1 – 12 minute PULL Pickup isn’t that complicated. Body language, sub communication. Have it in your reality that things can happen really well really fast Belief > Ability. Things need to be in my reality. Almost anything is possible in game. Intensity from a direct open, Todd then pulls back, be patient, don’t try too hard to be fast, enjoy the moment. Look for buying signals, screen. “Come hang out with me”, ditch her friends. “You will like it” Notice how she is responding to various things, eg Kino/physical escalation. If she is responding well to physicality, then amp it up, even if it is something that you wouldn’t normally do or do at that time period in set. Set the frame that she is chasing just as much as you are. Pull back. You want the girl participating to the seduction just as much as you Every girl has a blueprint, a sequence that will turn her on. Don’t push the same buttons continuously or too much, it becomes predictable. But at the same time if it works, use it. Make outs – be pulling away just as much or more as her.

Don’t want her to feel slutty. She needs to feel like she won by fucking me. Too much arousal can lead to distrust, get boring. Sex is like the last 5 min of a movie, it doesn’t mean anything if you just skip straight to the end Slow it down; physically pull away whilst verbally escalating LAST MIN

Resistance is shit; structure the interaction so that you are giving her LMR.

Video 2 – High SCHOOL


Attraction is quiet and attentive; her not responding isn’t a shit test or an IOD. She likes you, she just needs time. If she gives you a shit test, it’s a value shit test. She wants to see if you are as valuable as she thinks you are There are two kinds of shit tests Value Shit Test – “Why are you talking to me?” This is where you show why you are entitled, that you’re a man, that you’re not perturbed by her beauty, that you’re have solid frame that can’t be flayed. This is a good time to agree and amplify or just ignore and keep plowing Comfort Shit Test – “Why are you talking to me?” This is where you assuage her concerns that you’re just using her because she has a vagina. Now you can go the route of providing non-physical reasons as to why she’s attractive, “You’re quirky, I like that.” But RSD Todd showed a really good one that doesn’t step into her frame “Wow, that’s a really modest thing of you to say. Why would a girl like you think that?” Being nice – increases comfort, decreases value Being cocky – increases value, decreases comfort Good game is arousing yourself, not arousing the girl. Todd has a routine or line for every situation; he has been in the game for a long time. Some girls need value, some girls need comfort. Little girls love older guys.

Street game As soon as the set goes well, bounce to an instadate Most of Todd’s sets are bounced after 2-3 min. Bouncing ASAP gets all of the objections out of the way. In set, you don’t have to keep talking all the time. Stare hot girls down, don’t flinch. Eye contact is key. DO NOT FLINCH. If the girl has made no commitment to you, spit more value game. If the girl needs comfort, you can sit across from them as heavy escalation isn’t on the cards anyway. Sometimes practice keeping the tension of the date for as long as possible. Keeping tension is a skill that is useful. The bar for conversation is extremely low. You should set the standard for the girl to live up to. Hoops for her to jump through. Don’t ask a lot of questions, make statements, leading. Make the statements relevant to her! “You have the most expressive face I have ever seen” Reward the reasons to like her. “We are destined to never work; it was nice meeting you though.” Qualify girl when they like you. Displaying value isn’t everything. Casual Touches. “I meet too many people that anything not normal is a great start” If she is ready to take the awkwardness, it is a sign that she is INVESTING Girls will do almost anything to avoid awkwardness “I’ll take you somewhere dark and sinister” Question game, builds comfort. Must answer truthfully, take turns, and start with questions related to sex but art explicit. Then move to more sexual questions. Nudge her in to the right direction, she won’t want to seem boring, but won’t want to seem slutty.

“Most trouble that you have been in” If a girl asks me if I have any tattoos, “no I’m a perfectionist” Some sets are high energy, some are low key. It’s all good baby! Tell girls why you are a bad idea, but the reason is a good thing. This is disqualifying, but selling yourself without bragging. The moment of rejection is the best time to escalate Use the shit test to move the set forward. The reason why not becomes the reason why. Take the objection and turn it into the reason why. Todd says in Spanish “Don’t say anything to me, I don’t speak Spanish, I won’t understand you and I’m stupid” Korean, Canto, Mandarin, Jap, Viet, Cambodian, Thai, Malay “You are giving me the most interesting look. I feel like I’m being appraised like a fine gem, ooohh I like the cut of this one”. Turn everything into them being into you “I’m enchanted to meet you” If you win a girl’s friend over, she gives you access to the target It doesn’t matter how much you talk to each girl, it’s the nature of the conversation to the target. Momentum/state should ever be let to be a factor, don’t let it be You can pull the first set of the night, out of state, stifled as fuck. VIDEO

4- Cara

Stop a moving set Loud voice, instant you have eye contact, Start with a lot of distance between you the both of you as it gives you more time to convey value to get her to stop, fake time constraint Calm the set down, make it a normal convo Pick up shouldn’t look like you are picking her up, it should look like you are already together. Motion creates emotion


5 – Asian Day game

By leading the questions in order to direct it to you Attitude and mindset I am the prince, I am the prince Video – two girls who get scared/shocked “Take 2 seconds and talk to the cute boy” “I know I’m very overwhelming” You can recover from chaos NLP – Go first mirror neurones, she feels what you feel Get the number, you can stay in set then make it solid Schedule dates so that there is enough time for sex to happen Weekend date at 2-3pm, she wants to fuck Never both have 2 cars on a date You want to get her INVESTED

into the date

Frame: my time is too valuable to have a bullshit date Sadly I don’t do dates, never have, never will, I do rendezvous and drink though Have girls join you on stuff you were going to do anyway If she tries to put you in the friend zone “are we friends or something more? You need to make a decision; I don’t want this weird in between bullshit where I feel that you are using me.” Reframe everything Don’t say the most obvious things that they have heard a million times Sometimes speak in third person when asking sequences of questions; it takes all the pressure off her Having canned routines makes robotic sets, they work, but they lead to less exciting and stimulating sets.

Sexual interest conveys masculinity BOOK : making people talk, radio host Tonality -Trying for Rapport -Neutral ----- Where you want to be -Breaking Rapport

“Hi I thought you were adorable and I had to come meet you Handshake spin, super slow, super smooth Hand of God – Firm but light, not restrictive. Full Night Video HB: “We are with our boyfriends” “It’s okay, ditch them, we’re better” “You have the world’s biggest diva pose i have ever seen. I wondered if you would be awesome to talk to or a massive pain in the ass” “I like your spirit” “What am I going to do with you?” “Tell me about your friend; is she as much trouble as I think she is?” Silence can be used for tension It’s okay to call a girl cute. “Why are you so damn cute?” Reinterpretation Verbal disqualifiers whilst physically escalating. Seed the pull, give all the objections that girls normally give before she can

“I don’t want shitty kisses, only kiss me if they are good kisses” Isolate from bitchy friends The more advanced you get, then your rejections become more stimulating. E.g. you make out but the friends pull her away Some girls won’t stand up to their friends. It would ruin her value in the group. If she is leading, she is INVESTING

in the interaction

“Let’s just have fun, let the grownups handle the serious stuff” Dance with one girl. Only ever dance with two if you have heavily escalated on the target. Be the guy to have fun on the dance floor Her friends can warm up if you are nice to them for long enough Buddy system, girls will have a friend that they won’t leave for the whole night.

Most guys quit way too early, Todd pushes it and he won’t leave on a lukewarm maybe. Stamina to stay in set If you can’t bounce the target bounce the set Todd “We’re going somewhere lovely, that you will love. And if you don’t, well then you can always leave. It doesn’t really matter either way because I’m having a good time, and that’s all that really matters right. “ Screening blue print – adventure, do you party? Do you travel? Vibe that is sexual in nature shows intent without being over the top -Leader or follower -what aspect of me do they like, this will show you how to seduce her, which part of your personality to play up or play down “I like the look you just gave me, turned on and terrified” Push and pull, using both positive and negative expressions. “Promise me you won’t break my heart” Comfort before pull, lots of getting to know you, but the fun ad teasing never goes

away completely. The more difficult the logistics, the more you want them to verbally agree to the pull. There is a certain type of girl with a boyfriend who will sleep with you. AMOG Video 2set, girl and guy. Looking face to face. Say hi to someone else and accidentally walk through them or too close to them. Some girls will follow social protocol, Talk in her ear so that she can hear you but he can’t jump pinto the conversation Use your body to blow out AMOG. Find a reason to get her away from him. If they have a personal convo, don’t let them cut you out physically, stay in the set and then just open another set. Break in conversation, break topic, “drinks come” Let his hissy fit blow himself out Don’t be butt hurt, but tell the friends of the girl, “oh this guy’s being lame” Betas font fight, if he is stand there like being a chose, you can most likely push it further Learn how to apologise without apologising · Don’t want to seem weak · Cause a scene and et the crowd on your side, social pressure him Breaking rapport tonality, very loud, “HEY, HEY, NO VIOLENCE, WE ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN, ARE WE COOL?” “It’s okay; he just knows he will never do better than you” When blocking guys out, be subtle, don’t seem reactive. When in a set and a guy comes up and tries to AMOG you, be proactive, open him then toss him away Set the frame that the guy is a try hard Don’t ridicule him initially; you are then being in him into the interaction If he is ridiculing you first, handle the guy, and then back to the girl

Beta chemicals exist; don’t let them into your body

STAGES OF HOOKING Tyler’s 6 steps to a killer night. 1: Approach all 2: Minimize time between interactions 3: Don't judge myself 4: Find something funny about every set 5: Short and sweet early, burn it later 6: Go a little more on each one, Burn it to the ground.


– slot machines

Cut small talk Clear, dictate the set Cut too deep convo The conversation is very limited to her

Sit for a sitting set There is a distraction, eg slot machine don’t talk about the distraction, this will remind her of the slot machine and make her want to do that instead of talking to you I am a man of high value; I don’t put out low value frames Don't do things to win short term if it makes you lose long term. Eg low value actions to gain attention

Calibrate moment to moment Isolation can be just getting the girls out of each other line of sigh Teasing does not mean man to woman Man to woman = who you are, qualifying her, we could be something Make the conversation more relevant to her Not an I and You conversation, a WE conversation Fire analogy = buying temperature · Do nothing = no immediate bad response · Feed fire to much = smother flame out


Feed slowly = keep fire slowly growing

If you and wing are in a two set, you want to keep the girls buying temp equal to each other. Disparity between the girls in the pair causes problems

The girl saying “nice to meet you “ is a shit test. Push through it and stay in the set. Negative expressions are fine

Jennifer vid – France Focus on the process, not results She tries to talk away, just follow with her Just change the topic if you don’t like it Statements are key, bring the party Coolaid man metaphor Bring the party Bust in, bring values, but through the wall and bring myself. DON’T BE FUCKING TIMID It doesn’t matter where she is from, you don’t give a fuck. Talk about shit that you actually care about Give the girl an experience f you Game isn’t about not doing a bad thing, the about doing so much right that the bad stuff doesn’t matter Talking about her is the quickest way to hook a set You can success in spite of yourself. Persevere but not obnoxiously, calm son. The bar for conversation doesn’t have to be that high

Telling stories so that she asks question is an easy way to offer value The more you offer, the more questions she asks, the more you can talk, the more you can offer value Be in control of the conversations, you want to be leading the conversation to sexual topics

Tease her Play things down when bragging Logical conversation is boring, Emotional Relevance is key Screen/seed for bounce. Instadate. Bounce on an emotional high Negative expressions are key, demonstrate you own value and status I am the fucking prince Conversation does not have to be linear; you can cut a thread at any time VIDEO

– Student Melbourne

Tonality, Breaking Rapport, Statements Assume don’t ask “Where is a good place to go” is cringe worthy Always be leading, when waling with a girl, walk just in front of her. If you are behind it seems as though You are following/chasing That’s a lie drill Answer everything like it is fact. 100%confidence it is truth. Being right doesn’t matter as much as being assured Challenge, don’t ever explain or qualify my actions. Do not be apologetic My actions don’t need explanation, I am the fucking Shit! Statements Vs Questions Julien uses a lot of questions. Breaking Rapport challenging her, make statements related to her answer. Ask questions in a way that will get her to qualify herself Long Form Improv -Upright Citizens Brigade, Asssscat Anything that is a reflection of myself is a good game Always go for a number Find something fun or funny about every interaction

Positivity is key; you need to be positive to keep improving to the next set Being challenging and putting her on the spot is not being rude Tonality should be breaking rapport Don’t tell story that will hurt you later, “oh I’m meeting a friend in 30 min.” Soften escalation and bounces. “Do you still have your stamp? You need it to get back in to the club” Tim’s tree story Sound excited, you need passion in your life Seed the close; don’t ask for something very committed immediately Don’t require investment, make it take the least amount of effort for her to come “Are you adventurous?” “What do you think about drinks and witty banter with boys?” You must get the girl to invest before you will be able to bounce her Can I grab your number is a yes or no question, you should assume the close, what’s your number is transactional Your doesn’t have to be perfect to bang, don’t let perfection is the enemy of the good Pickup will all ways be a messy process Call to make sure the number is saved Stay a minute after you get the number to make her feel comfortable with the idea that the two of you like each other Do so many things right that the mistakes don’t even matter.

Todd Video 1 Firmness to what you say Sentences should finish with a full stop, not a dot dot dot Patience, be grounded, slow it down Todd Video 2 – with Julien

Julien is always the centre of attention; he makes his environment react to him Commonalities You gain value by association Quality of conversation, not quantity Do need to do most of the talking, just the important bits to show intent, lead the conversation

Sunbathing Set Be passionate about your life and interests Sit down and lock in Soft close/escalation, always be calibrating, look for negative and positive reactions What is your goal for the set? Getting the emotional communication right, pressure on and pressure off, flirty “I promise I can’t do anything over the phone to you, I’m not that good” If she has to leave soon, get number ASAP, then stick in and solidify with as much time as there is remaining Frame – I am the prize 3some with girlfriend You open the target, get her into you, and then introduce to girlfriend. It makes you seem more masculine Group the two girls together verbally. You = wing girl and target, they are a partnership. Escalate together You still need to lead Don’t leave the two girls alone, they will get hit on What to say – Drill. Talk amongst a group of 3, 1 person at a time, following rules of English, can’t make any sense. 2-3 sentences at time, out of context

Sex with me is like OBJECT, STATEMENT Sex with me is like a tractor, the newer models are a better ride

Hook- refer to Alexandeje’s Todd's Manifesto written down completely, some bits taken shamelessly from it. F.R.E.D. model Focus - get her attention. Stop her. Relevance- relevant to her, value or a threat. Information about her or how the world perceives her. Value - “You know what I notice about you that’s so interesting?” “I like you but I hate you”, “You know what, you’re so cute and I hate that I feel that way about you”, I hate that I love you”, “There’s something about you that I like but there’s something that I’m not sure about”, “You make me feel so good with you, but that makes me nervous”, “Your vibe is very interesting” (since “interesting” can be both positive or negative and it’s unclear unclear which one it is, that makes it of value or a threat), “You know what, you’re so amazing, so cute, that I know that at some point I won’t know what to say to you. That’s going to be so fucking awkward so let’s just end it now” Threat – “dog”, “slut”

Emotion –must be emotional involvement and impact to her, you should also tie it to you. “You have an interesting look, I kind of love and I kind of hate it”, “You have an interesting look, I bet that has lead to you being perceived in this and that way”. You should trigger an emotional experience and it should be a part of being with you. Decision - An action has to be attached to the emotion. Make her compliant to staying with you Later on in the set, at an emotional high point. “You don’t have to talk to me, you can go”, she’ll respond “No I’m good here, I want to stay” Get her emotionally invested in me I am a magician; I am invested in the show, to myself, not to individual audience members She needs to accept my frames Decision Compliance. Non-non-compliance and non-non-resistance. Force the decision

Julien makes the girl repeat certain frames. “Daddy”, “daddy please kiss me” Method 1 – mini cold read, say something about her 10 ways to turn around a rejection from a set Conversation is like a lawn mower; throw enough stuff at the wall until something sticks

Conversation, Isn’t it interesting how xyz happened Observation about her Express an emotion, tell a story. I love, I hate Opinion opener Illogical opener Do you know why you suck? I hate you

Don’t keep jamming the same method down a girl’s throat, cycle through them to see what hits Method 2 - Introduce myself For shit test way non-reactive show of absurdity of the comment by exaggerating ignore take it as a compliment, misinterpret No self-deprecating humour, but disqualified, false modesty do in the negative is more powerful Rich people don't have to talk about MONEY Point out attributes by saying the opposite

She asks a question, sit down/escalate/lock in. Her frame cracks. If she asks a real question, not a shit test question, this is her indicating “please talk to me more” Reject her frames; make her accept your frames.

Pull rejection video – shit audio Harsh rejections on the open are never personal. She could love you under better circumstances Ugly girls can say no, hotties can say yes

Persistence This works because of the guest list theory, if she says no to everyone, only guys with self-esteem stay in. Reframe that she is shy to talk to you. “Your so x, it’s like y” Shit tests – Make a list of common shit tests and responses Make a list of simple push pull Make a list of back handed compliments Make a list of mini cold reads Cut shit topics Invisible escalation Video – Red Curly Be proactive when dealing with friends so that they don’t think that you are the next creepy guy There are red flag phrases that you must avoid. Make a list If she tried to get away let her leave, you can always get her back. Triage of how to present yourself to whom Target sees you as a Sexy bad boy, Friends see you as non-threatening If the friends aren’t too warm, make it a conspiracy. “I don't think your friends like me, we need to pretend to be well behaved, pretend that we are like best friends” Disqualifying is key towards seeding the pull Bringing up things in the negative Don’t let her feel like she is at fault Words to learn in other languages

Girlfriend, boyfriend, love, hate, friends, Tax, Party, Drinks, Cute, Trouble, Trouble maker, Daaayyymmmmnnn, dance, beautiful, Oppa (Korean), Cheers (salut, prost), sexy, honey, food. FOB girls – Time is short as the conversation in which you actually understand each other runs out. Will get dull fast. Pull ASAP. What you can get away with is not what you do, escalation wise. You don’t want to get her too hot or else she may freak out. Care about who is initiating, and who is chasing, not how far you are pushing things. Test for what you can get away with Give girls a short preview for what to expect. Pull hair, chock, bite, throw against wall. Only once or twice. Don’t give her much time to think whilst extracting Instant decision when she is turned on. Talking about all the things you ant do doesn’t work for fobs as they don’t hear the word can’t; they only focus on key words such as sex. Don’t let the girl over think things when escalating or extracting “My mum told me not to fall in love with ____ girls” GIRL- “I thought you said that we weren’t going to XYZ” You – “I know, I don’t know what happened” Find a non-sexual, sex location. Eg. Poolside. The fact that you put up with all the bull shit is a turn on for her. Rape is an effective reproductive strategy. She wants a guy who will persist, this means that her kids will be persistent. 1 skinny GIRL , 1 fat girl video Face the girl eye to eye. Silence increases the sexual tension. Forces more of a positive decision. Make her say “Todd, I really like you and I’m sorry I forgot that you are from Colorado” “What am I going to do with you seriously?”

Zone in, eye contact, stare, tension. Eye contact, shake head, smirk. “Why is it that I feel comfortable with you but still a bit funny?” Keep piling the tension on When she looks super flustered and confused. It’s called a phase shift. Don’t tolerate her breaking the tension. Date VIDEO Girls feel changes in emotion. Shit date to start, as the date gets better she will concentrate on this feeling. The kiss can constantly change the vibe. Getting the girls aroused is easy; getting the girls home is hard. VEGAS

Immersion Pull

eg you meet a girl in a place; it is highly likely that her friends are in the same place. Try to move her. “Just because we hung out all night, don’t think that I’m going to sleep with you” Slipping one past the goalie Make a list of things she can’t properly disagree too. Misinterpret sexually Be intimate and then back off. Allow her to chase Decision “so why do you love me so much”. By answering, they are making the logical decision. Call her bluff in a way that is not extreme. “You can either come with me and get to know me, or runaway” Comfort or value shit test You let her know she is special, yet font fall into her frame. Don’t be meek “I think it is really interesting that you are so modest that you don’t think that you are special.” Mini take away, go limp, stare at her, stop back, let her feel the pain of not having your

positive attention. Faking a break up with her allows you to fold the frame Soften the bounce “somewhere really cool, we can’t stay long. I’ll take you and then I’ll take you back to your friends” Find out the objections, and then you can work a way around them. If she has a large group of friends, she won’t really be missed You want it to feel like by her getting with you, she is winning. HB “where are we going” PUA “wait, first, are you adventurous?” HB ”yeah” PUA “okay then, we are going to my favourite place” During the pull, don’t take big risks. No massive escalation/teasing Phone signal jammer The girl has the opportunity to go back to her friends “We are going to go somewhere lovely that you will love and if you don't like it you can leave. And it doesn't really matter either way because I'm having a good time. And that's all that matters”. This is conveying that you are in this for the fun, not for another notch on your bed post. By freaking her out by escalating too fast you undo your hard work of setting the frame of disqualification To her can to her house “I would hate something to happen to you along the way, I’ll just get you back safe” Last Vegas video Create a hub, merge sets early in the night, and create an area that is our area. Limited time or or adventure Invite multiple girls to fight over you; she will awkwardly try to compete Don’t fight the girl’s night, just go along with it and pull at the end You don’t have to stick with the girl at all times “Shit happens when you party naked” When dealing with bitchy friends, every reasonable.

You are playing to an audience You want her to see how reasonable you are being, and by contrast how unreasonable her friends are being. Girls put on the “oh I can’t leave my friends” shit to not feel slutty. Even if they still hope you can fuck them If you don’t do the work to get better at game. Expect to suck Value is not set in stone. No one can make you feel inferior without their consent Values based on process

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