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Terrence J. DeWan & Associates

Landscape Architects / Planners

121 West Main Street Yarmouth, ME 04096 207.846.0757

January 28, 2016 Matthew F. Fitzgerald, Purchasing Manager City of Portland City Hall 389 Congress Street Portland, Maine 04101 RE: RFQ #3916 • CONGRESS SQUARE REDESIGN Dear Mr. Fitzgerald, Terrence J. DeWan & Associates (TJD&A), OLIN, and TYLin International (TYLI) are pleased to present this qualifications package for the redesign of Congress Square. The Vision Statement included in the RFQ anticipates a bold, yet sympathetic design that will unify Congress Square and create a positive identity for Portland’s Arts District. We are excited about the possibilities inherent in this space and understand the background that led the City to the current redesign effort. We look forward to working with the City, the many stakeholders involved, and the public artist to develop a vibrant public amenity for Portland. To meet the demands of this project we have assembled a team that couples local experience and awareness of the myriad issues that must be considered with a design firm known for its passion for urban plazas and collaboration with public artists. TJD&A is a Yarmouth based landscape architecture firm with several decades of design and planning experience with the City of Portland. Notable examples of our work for the City include Bayside Trail, the renovation of Boothby Square, and the Eastern Promenade Trail. TJD&A will serve as team leader and be responsible for site analysis, overall square design, coordination with the City and numerous stakeholders, facilitation of outreach efforts, and preliminary opinion of costs and the phasing plan. OLIN is an internationally recognized landscape architecture and urban design firm with studios in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Over the past forty years OLIN has created numerous award winning plazas and parks that have brought richness and art to the public realm. Examples of their work include Bryant Park in NYC, Director Park in Portland OR, and Dilworth Plaza in Philadelphia. Locally, the firm worked with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners on the landscape design for the Charles Shipman Payson Building of the Portland Museum of Art, which has become a modern landmark and one of the anchors of Congress Square. OLIN will serve as design landscape architect for the schematic design, and will be responsible for evaluation and redesign


of the sunken plaza and its integration into the Square. They will also work closely with TJD&A and the selected artist to integrate the artwork(s) into the design. TYLI will be responsible for schematic level civil engineering and coordination of traffic management components of the five way intersection that comprise Congress Square. TYLI will also be available to assist the City in determining the feasibility and appropriateness of a shared use concept for all or part of the intersection. They will also present the design of the Square to Maine Department of Transportation if it involves reconfiguration of the existing street pattern. In accordance with the Request for Qualifications (RFQ), we have organized our response into the following components: 1. Narrative: a brief overview of the experience and creativity that we bring to Congress Square; our understanding of the scope and complexity of the issues involved; our approach to project coordination and working with the public and the selected public artist. 2. Project Staff: provides background on the professionals from each firm who will be involved in the schematic design of Congress Square. Resumes for each individual are included. 3. Projects of Comparable Size and Complexity: examples of projects created by members of the design team that illustrate our approach and capabilities. 4. References for each of the three professional firms that comprise our team. 5. Contact Information. We have received and reviewed Addendum No. 1 to the City of Portland’s RFQ #3916, dated January 20, 2016, and are including the signed acknowledgement form. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with our team’s qualifications for the redesign of Congress Square. Please contact me if you need any additional information. We look forward to working with the City on this remarkable opportunity! Sincerely,



1. NARRATIVE PROJECT SCOPE The project envisions the transformation of the land area within and adjacent to the five way intersection of Congress and High Street from an auto centric environment to a dynamic public space and a focal point for the Portland Arts District. The redesign of Congress Square will be the culmination of a long community visioning process, focused on Congress Square Park. The integration of public art will be central to the redesign effort. TEAM MEMBERS EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS TJD&A Terrence J. DeWan & Associates (TJD&A) is a professional landscape architecture and planning firm in Yarmouth, Maine. The staff of eight is composed of professionals with backgrounds in landscape architecture, planning, streetscape design, recreation planning, land planning, visual resource assessment, permitting, graphic design, and technical writing. Four members of the firm are licensed landscape architects in Maine. TJD&A has extensive experience with streetscape design, community planning, highway corridor design, municipal parks, public process, and construction administration. The firm has several decades of design and planning experience with the City. Notable examples include Bayside Trail, the renovation of Boothby Square, and the Eastern Promenade Trail. The firm has been honored with awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects, Maine Association of Planners, the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association, and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects for its work in community planning and design. OLIN OLIN is a landscape architecture, urban design and planning practice with studios in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Since 1976, OLIN has created distinguished landscapes and urban designs worldwide. Their work is predicated upon social engagement, attention to detail, materiality and timelessness, and is informed by the complexities, contradictions and constraints of the urban environment. The studio is adept at addressing complex projects in various contexts and on a wide range of scales. These span the master planning of large mixed use developments to the design of vibrant civic plazas on the scale of Congress Square. OLIN has a significant portfolio of proven experience, demonstrating successful negotiation of the complexities of building in modern urbanity. Their commitment to the possibilities of the urban realm, believing it to be where design can affect the most positive change, is reflected in the creation of landmark spaces known throughout the globe. OLIN’s celebrated projects include Bryant Park and Battery Park City in New York, Canary Wharf in London, the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles, and Dilworth Park and the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. OLIN’s current work includes a comprehensive master plan for 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and the waterfront of downtown Alexandria, Virginia. Their commitment to improving urban life extends to their current complete redesign for flood resiliency of NYC Housing Authorities’ Redhook district.


TYLI The Falmouth office of TY Lin International provides professional traffic and civil engineering services including streetscapes, site design, water and wastewater, roadway and parking. TYLI’s Falmouth office employs 45 people and has been providing engineering services to a variety of clients and MaineDOT for over 30 years. The office has worked on over 100 local projects over the years. These include large MaineDOT projects such as the Caribou Connector and the award winning Veterans Memorial Bridge connecting Portland and South Portland, as well as numerous roadway, pedestrian/bicycle, and small transportation projects in other communities throughout Maine. TY Lin provides services on all phases of project development and delivery, including planning, design, construction support and inspection, construction engineering, and program management. The Falmouth staff has designed a wide variety of site developments including municipal and private parking lots, bicycle and pedestrian trails, roadways, sidewalk improvements, boardwalks and pedestrian bridges, retaining walls, and vehicular bridges. PROJECT COORDINATION Design is an iterative process. The urban realm that defines Congress Square will require careful considerations of circulation patterns (both pedestrian and vehicular), City ordinances and policies, community program requirements, abutting land uses, utility infrastructure, and a host of other factors. These multi disciplinary challenges inherent in urban design demand a collaborative approach in which each discipline understands and respects the scope, expertise and responsibility of not only their fellow design professionals but of their client. Project coordination will start on Day One, with a review of prior design work and other materials to be provided, and a thorough discussion and evaluation of the community vision and design program. City Staff will be key players in the coordination effort by providing information and insight into the site’s physical and social characteristics. All team members are very familiar with the communication and coordination efforts required for a project of this size and complexity. Team coordination will be facilitated by TJD&A through weekly conference calls and teleconferences, electronic data exchanges, and regular updates. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT The success of any urban design project lies directly in the hands of the community it will serve. Congress Square has many stakeholders who will need to be brought into the discussion about the future of this focused space, including: • • • • • • •

City of Portland (owner, funding, and maintenance) Maine Department of Transportation (roadway design) Friends of Congress Square Park (programming, public outreach) Portland Public Art Committee (funding, approval, and curating public art installation) Land Bank Commission (compliance with Land Bank Ordinance) Parks Commissions (project review) Portland Museum of Art, Children’s Museum (major institutional uses on the Square)



• • • •

Westin Harborview Hotel (historic landmark with entry on the Square) Local residents in Parkside and nearby senior housing Other businesses (H. H. Hay Building, State Theater, Schwartz Building) Maine College of Art students, tourists, shoppers, and other visitors to the City.

We will be starting with a defined community vision and a program for the Square. Understanding the environmental, social, and historical significance of the site and its context will be a key step in ensuring that the resulting design will be amenable to all parties involved. Obtaining consensus on a final design will involve interpreting the vision and program in a way that respects the opinions and requirements of all stakeholders and the community at large. All members of the team have completed urban design and traffic movement projects that have had substantial community involvement. This experience will be brought to bear on Congress Square. Even though we may not participate in many of the community engagement meetings, we will provide the City with graphic tools (analysis diagrams, existing conditions photographs, rendered site plans, cross sections, perspective sketches, photographs of similar projects and details) and a narrative to be used in public presentations, press releases, and the City’s website. Example of our work Include site plans that were developed for public input into the design of the Bayside Trail in Portland, and a series of renderings that OLIN completed for a successful fundraising effort for the 11th Street Bridge project in Washington DC. COORDINATION WITH ENVIRONMENTAL ARTISTS As a five year member of the Portland Public Arts Committee, Terry DeWan brings an insider’s perspective on the inner workings of the PPAC, the artist selection process, and, more importantly, the role that public art can play in the redesign of Congress Square. OLIN has a vibrant history of collaborating with environmental artists. In addition to designing sculpture gardens for the National Sculpture Garden, Philadelphia and Toledo Museums of Art, their collaboration with artists includes: Janet Echelman, Roxy Paine, Jenny Holzer, Ellsworth Kelly and Spencer Finch. They have also designed and implemented Sol LeWitt’s conceptual work of environmental art: Lines in Four Directions in Flowers, a site specific work at the foot of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Landscape architects can play a significant role in the development of site specific public art installations that engage and animate the public realm. We are very excited about the possibilities expressed in the Goals statement for the public art, recognizing its potential to create energy and transform the space with its presence. An example of exceptional transformation can be seen at Dilworth Park, at Philadelphia’s City Hall, where OLIN has been working with Janet Echelman on Pulse. When completed, the artwork will trace the paths and movement of the subway lines below with illuminated curtains of atomized water. A short video of the proposed installation can be viewed at: FQpSYU



2. PROJECT STAFF TEAM STRUCTURE TJD&A will act as landscape architect of record for the schematic design phase of the project; OLIN will act as design landscape architect through schematic design; TYLI will provide traffic engineering and civil engineering services as necessary through the schematic design phase. The following section describes the roles and responsibilities of key team members. Resumes for all contributing team members are attached. TJD&A Terry DeWan, FASLA, Principal Terry will serve as Principal in Charge of the Congress Square project and will assume responsibility for overall project coordination. Terry has focused his career on community planning, visual impacts of development, and public participation in the design process. His involvement with the arts community includes service on the Maine Public Arts Commission and the Portland Public Arts Committee. In 2011 Terry was named a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the first landscape architect from Maine to receive this honor. Keith Smith, LEED AP, Associate Keith will serve as the project manager for TJD&A. His experience includes project management, streetscape design, site planning, landscape design, construction documentation, and estimating. Keith’s recent experiences include construction administration for the Route One Streetscape in Falmouth, the campus master plan and site design for the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science in East Boothbay, and site design for the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta. He is currently working on a $20M renovation of the Cliff House Resort in Ogunquit. David Truesdell ASLA, Landscape Architect David will assist the design team in project management and design. Prior to joining TJD&A, David was a senior associate at Sasaki Associates, where he spent three years managing a team of consultants through design and construction of Cincinnati’s Smale Riverfront Park, a 42 acre $120 million project along the banks of the Ohio River. His experience includes work with many communities across the United States, including Bangor, Baltimore, Charlotte, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Jessica Wagner Kimball, Planner and Landscape Designer Jessica will assist the team with the community engagement process and design development. She has five years of professional experience in both planning and landscape architecture. Prior to obtaining her degree in Landscape Architecture she spent three years as the town planner for Old Orchard Beach, where she wrote and administered grant funding programs and facilitated development review. At Sasaki Associates Jessica was involved in the University of Texas at Austin Landscape Master Plan, the CenterPoint landscape construction documentation in Waltham MA, and the Bloomfield, Connecticut Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Additional TJD&A staff. Amy Bell Segal RLA, Associate; Danielle Matkoskey, Landscape Designer; and Steve Thompson, Landscape Designer, will be available to assist the Congress Square team on an as needed basis.



OLIN Susan K. Weiler, FASLA, Partner Susan will act as OLIN’s Partner In Charge for the project at Congress Square. Susan is a member of OLIN’s Board of Directors, giving her involvement in all aspects of the firm, including key roles in some of the firm’s largest projects. She is also an active and long term member of the Board of Trustees of the Association for Public Art, the country’s oldest organization dedicated to commissioning and promoting public art. For Congress Square, Susan will hold primary responsibility for the successful realization of the project’s landscape design. Susan will establish the design direction of the landscape scheme generally and specifically, lead the project team to accomplish the goals and objectives of the design, and participate in key presentations and meetings. Greg Burrell, RLA, Associate Greg Burrell, a registered landscape architect and an Associate at OLIN, will be the Project Manager for the landscape architecture discipline, and will be responsible for maintaining the daily external relationships. Working with TJDA, he will also help to ensure that a high level of design integrity is delivered by the OLIN team. Greg will advise, guide, and direct OLIN staff to carry out design, documentation and administration of the project. He is also responsible for quality control, including the maintenance and adherence to project milestones. OLIN’s staff of talented and experienced landscape architects and designers will assist Susan and Greg in their completion of the Congress Square project. TY LIN Tom Errico, PE, Senior Transportation Engineer Tom will review the preliminary roadway designs that have been developed for Congress Square and recommend revisions as necessary. For the past ten years Tom has provided on call transportation engineering and traffic management services to the City of Portland including work on the Park Avenue/St. John Street Traffic and Pedestrian Improvements and the Anderson Street Neighborhood By Way Project. As a speaker and workshop instructor for the National Complete Streets Coalition, Tom is very familiar with current national best practices for shared space within highway corridors. Tom was named “2013 Transportation Engineer of the Year” by the New England Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). His prior experience with Congress Square includes the State and High Streets Two Way Conversion Study. TYLI’s staff of civil and electrical engineers will be available to assist the project team in the evaluation of stormwater management and combined sewer facilities, and the development of cost projections and phasing plan for the Square.



3. EXPERIENCE WITH PROJECTS OF COMPARABLE SIZE AND COMPLEXITY Examples of the work completed by each of the team members of comparable size and complexity are included, along with project descriptions, budgets, and contact information. Descriptions of additional projects for the team can be accessed at our respective websites: WWW.TJDA.NET WWW.THEOLINSTUDIO.COM WWW.TYLIN.COM



4. REFERENCES TJD&A Contact: Alex Jaegerman, FAICP, Director of Planning & Development Town of Yarmouth 207.846.2401 [email protected] Projects: Boothby Square (2000), Bayside Trail (2009 2012), Portland Shoreway Access Plan Client: City of Portland Alex was the Director of Planning for the City of Portland when these projects were completed. Contact: Nathan Poore, Town Manager Town of Falmouth 207.699.5335 [email protected] Projects: Route One Streetscape (2015); Martins Point Bridge Landscape Improvements (2015) Client: Town of Falmouth Contact: Tanya Emery, Community & Economic Development Director City of Bangor 207.992.4236 [email protected] Project: Bangor Waterfront Pavilion (2015) Client: City of Bangor OLIN Contact: Paul Levy, President & CEO Center City District 215.440.5512 [email protected] Project: Dilworth Park, Philadelphia Completed: January 2014 Contact: Gail Harrity, President Philadelphia Museum of Art 215.684.7798 [email protected] Project: Rodin Museum, Philadelphia Completed: 2011 Contact: Chris Nolan, Vice President of Capital Projects Central Park Conservancy 212.360.1431 [email protected] Project: Columbus Circle, New York City Completed: 2005



TYLI Contact: Kathi Earley, Engineering Services Manager City of Portland 207.874 8830 [email protected] Projects: On Call Transportation Engineering Services, Bramhall Square, Anderson Street Neighborhood Byway Project Client: City of Portland Contact: Dan Goyette, City Engineer City of Auburn [email protected] 207.333.6600 x 1134 Projects: Court Street/Turner Street/Main Street Pedestrian Enhancement Project, New Auburn Village Master Plan, Route 4 Safety Project Client: City of Auburn Contact: John Duncan, Director Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation Study (PACTS) 207.774.9891 [email protected] Project: 21st Century Downtown Plan for North Windham Client: PACTS



5. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR LEAD APPLICANT Terrence DeWan FASLA Terrence J. DeWan & Associates Landscape Architects and Planners 121 West Main Street Yarmouth, Maine 04096 207.846.0757 (P) 207.846.0675 (F) [email protected]


BOOTHBY SQUARE RESTORATION Portland, Maine Boothby Square is one of the TJD&A worked with the City to

TJD&A worked with Alex


STATE HOUSE COMMONS Augusta, Maine TJD&A transformed an under-utilized lawn area between the State House and the State Museum into an urban plaza featuring a rich palette of plantings, a sculptural water feature, shade trees, and textured paving. The space was planned sunny place for lunchtime activities, and a gathering point for school groups. BUDGET: $200,000 “The State House Common stands as a testament to Maine craftsmanship and work ethic. I am impressed with the work that you and your design team undertook, as well as your commitment to quality and timeliness in completing the project.” - Governor John E. Baldacci


BAYSIDE PROMENADE TRAIL Portland, Maine TJD&A was the lead designer for the Bayside Trail, an urban greenway that connects businesses and neighborhoods in Portland’s Bayside District. The trail runs on an abandoned railroad ROW from the terminus of the Eastern Promenade Trail southwest to Elm Street. Eventually the Trail will connect to Deering Oaks. The project is a public-private partnership between MaineDOT, the City of Portland, the Trust for Public Land, and Portland Trails. BUDGET: $1.5 Million


DILWORTH PARK PHILADELPHIA, PA / 2006–2014 OLIN’s renovation of Dilworth Park in the heart of Philadelphia has created an engaging and multi-functional public commons and transit hub at the foot of the city’s historic City Hall. A pair of glass pavilions provide monumental gateways to the subway station below the park. The fountain jets, flush with surrounding paving, keep the plaza cool and provide visual interest during the day, but can be turned off to open up the plaza for events. In wintertime the fountain serves as an ice rink. Integrated into the fountain is artist Janet Echleman’s Pulse, with changing colored ribbons of atomized fog triggered by the movement of transit below the park. A low lawn panel provides an opportunity for passive recreation and sunny seating areas. Lunch crowds are accommodated by a café with casual, movable tables and chairs for 100 patrons. Cost: Total Construction, $55 Million

AWARDS 2012 American Institute of Architects Pennsylvania Chapter, Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design 2011 American Institute of Architects Philadelphia Chapter, Silver Award for Design Excellence, Unbuilt Category

SIMON AND HELEN DIRECTOR PARK PORTLAND, OR / 2006–2009 Formerly a parking lot the size of a city block, Simon and Helen Director Park now offers Portland a significant new urban plaza. The park, built entirely over structure, has created public spaces with a range of microclimates, amenities, and activities, and has quickly become a unique destination and landmark for residents and visitors. A signature element is a glass and wood canopy accessible from the adjacent sidewalk and sitting high along the street’s edge, offering views over the park. A water element with arching jets and a semi-circular basin creates a comfortable environment for pedestrians and reinforces the architectural massing of the site by addressing the street edge. Other elements include loose café seating with WiFi, permanent stone and wood benches, street trees, custom lighting and a kiosk café. Both the stonepaved surfaces and glass canopy incorporate innovative stormwater techniques to capture and reuse runoff on-site. Cost: $5.5 Million

AWARDS 2012 American Architecture Awards, the Chicago Athenaeum 2012 American Institute of Architects Oregon Chapter, Merit Award 2011 Urban Land Institute, Amanda Burden Open Space Award, Finalist 2010 Northwest Construction Best of 2010 Awards 2010 Forbes, List of Most High-Tech Green Buildings 2010 American Institute of Architects Northwest & Pacific Region, Honor Award 2010 International Interior Design Association and Metropolis Magazine, Smart Environments Award

COLUMBUS CIRCLE NEW YORK, NY / 2001–2005 OLIN’s redesign of Columbus Circle is based on concentric rings of movement and light, to elicit the feeling that the circle is not only the center of the city, but the center of the universe. Today, people stop, meet and relax in the hub of a swirl of traffic late into the evening. The fountain is formed by a series of concentric ledges with cascad-ing water and jets arching toward the center to reinforce the circular design and primacy of the monument, mask traffic noise, and temper the summer climate. When turned off, the concentric ledges serve as seating to avoid the typically forlorn character of unused fountains during winter months. Customdesigned benches are scaled to complement the civic space, and are wide enough to allow individuals to sit comfortably back-to-back. Columbus Circle demonstrates the potential of reclaiming social space in conjunction with rethinking transportation infrastructure. The redesign devotes less area to vehicles, yet traffic now flows more efficiently. Disciplining traffic as part of transportation planning, and successfully balancing it with social needs is a difficult task, but one that is successfully addressed at Columbus Circle and can serve as a model for other cities. Cost: Total Construction, $24 Million

AWARDS 2007 Rudy Bruner Award, Silver Medal 2006 American Society of Landscape Architects Design Merit Award 2006 American Society of Landscape Architects Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter Design Honor Award 2005 New York Construction Magazine’s Project of the Year

RODIN MUSEUM PHILADELPHIA, PA / 2004-2011 OLIN rejuvenated the garden landscape surrounding the Rodin Museum, home of the largest collection of the artist’s works in the world. The landscape enhances the original 1928 plans for the garden by architects Paul Cret and Jacques Gréber, restoring components of the original design while creating contemporary spaces for museum visitors and social events. The design restores the symmetry of the formal French plan and reunifies the entire city block as a public garden befitting the cultural corridor of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway often referred to as “Museum Mile.” The revitalization of the Rodin Museum was an essential component of a framework plan for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway completed by OLIN in 2003. OLIN’s design solutions include the preservation of original walls and structures within the garden and the incorporation of new architectural elements and durable paving. The installation of new paths and ramps at specific, discrete locations allow visitors full access to the gardens and grounds. The new planting plan features many plantings specified in the historical 1928 plans while introducing new native species. The plan for the grounds outside the formal gardens provides sweeping pathways and lawns among groves of London Planes, while a free-standing stone entrance gate—a replica of the entry at Rodin’s 18th-century country estate—is a grand introduction to the museum from the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Cost: Confidential

AWARDS 2013 Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, Preservation Achievement Grand Jury Award Rodin Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art Exterior/Interior Renovation & Restoration: Philadelphia, PA

11TH STREET BRIDGE PARK WASHINGTON, DC / 2014 OLIN’s winning design for the 11th Street Bridge Park Competition connects two historically disparate sides of the Anacostia River with a series of rooms and active zones, including two sloped ramps that elevate visitors to maximized look-out points to landmarks in either direction. Each ramp terminates in a waterfall that visually reconnects the ramps to the river below. In addition to demonstrating how plants cleanse captured rainwater, the waterfalls above the bridge deck provide cooling breezes and a calming sound. The waterfall below the structure collects surface river water and drops it back into the river, emphasizing the need for river aeration and higher oxygen levels. To encourage visitors to the bridge and neighboring communities, the design includes amenities for comfort and refreshment and an open plaza for markets, festivals and theatrical performances. The form of the bridge creates an iconic encounter, an “X” instantly recognizable as the river’s new image. Cost: $40 Million (Estimated)

AWARDS 2014 Winning Entry, 11th Street Bridge Park Competition



State and High Street Two Way Conversion Study Portland, Maine

TYLI provided with technical assistance in the evaluation of converting State and High Streets to two way streets between I 295 and Commercial Street. The results of a traffic simulation analysis following the conversion to two way flow indicates that from a traffic flow perspective the change is feasible and preliminary engineering analyses should be conducted. The feasibility study detailed level of service, required intersection adjustments as it relates to geometry or turn prohibitions, on street parking impacts, and a large vehicle intersection turn analysis. The study was recently adopted by the City Council for further consideration. Design Fee: $150K Client Contact: Bruce Hyman Portland Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Coordinator (207) 874 8833

On Call Transportation Engineering Services Portland, Maine

Tom Errico has managed this program for over 10 years, working on virtually all aspects of traffic, pedestrian and bicycle improvements in the City, including signalization, signage, pavement markings, and roadway/intersection improvements. The illustration opposite depicts design recommendations for the Anderson Street Neighborhood Byway Design Project which redesigns this area to meet with Complete Streets principals. Other design projects for the City have included Libbytown Streetscape Project, Marginal Way/Chestnut Street Pedestrian Improvement Project, and Bramhall Square Improvement Project. Bramhall Square involved preparation of design plans for replacement of the existing traffic signal, and improvements to the intersection and sidewalk elements. Client Contact: Kathi Earley Engineering Services Manager City of Portland (207) 634 3553

Park Avenue and St. John Street Traffic and Pedestrian Improvements Portland, Maine

TYLI provided preliminary and final design services to MaineDOT for traffic and pedestrian improvements along Park Ave. from Deering Ave. to St. John St., and along St. John St. from Park Ave. to Congress St. The scope involved a “road diet” that converted the existing 4 lane sections to 3 lanes – one travel lane in each direction with a center two way left turn lane. Improvements included ADA compliant ramps, pedestrian signals, curb bump outs to improve safety, and traffic signal improvements. A proposed section consisting of two 11 foot travel lanes, a 12 foot center lane, and 6 foot bicycle lanes was presented. In support of concerns raised by MaineDOT at the Congress Street end of the project, a detailed SimTraffic simulation analysis was conducted to compare before and after traffic conditions. Design: $130K Construction: $1.1M Client Contact: Brian Keezer, PE Project Manager City of Portland (207) 624 3612

Complete Streets Training Workshops Statewide, Massachusetts

TYLI designed and delivered a program to provide Complete Streets design training to municipal engineers, municipal managers, contractors, regional planning authorities, engineering consultants and MassDOT engineers. The purpose of the training was to reinforce MassDOT’s commitment to Complete Streets design policy consistent with the MassDOT Project Development and Design Guide. Tom Errico is a Certified Workshop Instructor with the National Complete Streets Coalition Fee: $250K Client Contact: Christopher J. Ahmadjian Principal Investigator University of Massachusetts (508) 751 2198

Veterans Memorial Bridge Portland and South Portland, Maine

MaineDOT selected TYLI and Reed & Reed for this design build project. TYLI was responsible for the 1610 foot bridge and roadway design, traffic analysis, utility coordination, right of way mapping and negotiation/acquisition, and maintenance of traffic design for this multiple award winning structure. TYLI was responsible for the design ties into the adjacent Fore River Parkway in a manner that eliminates one of the approaches of a congested 4 way intersection on the Portland side of the bridge. In support of this design alignment, detailed traffic simulation models were developed to display traffic performance. Ultimately the SimTraffic model proved that traffic flow would improve with this innovative roadway concept. A Context Sensitive Solutions process was used to finalize elements of the aesthetic treatments and plan the details of the service memorials that are incorporated along the multi use path on the bridge as a tribute to Maine’s veterans. A key part of the project from a traffic operations perspective was the design of traffic signals at four closely spaced intersections. Design: $5.2M Client Contact: Jeff Folsom Project Manager MaineDOT 16 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333 0016 (207) 624 3553

tjd&a TERRENCE J. DEWAN, FASLA Principal, Landscape Architect Terry DeWan has over 40 years of professional experience in landscape architecture, visual resource assessment, site planning, design guidelines, and community development. His experience includes work with communities, state agencies, private developers, and utility companies. He has written numerous studies on community planning, visual impacts, recreation planning, water access, and highway corridor redevelopment. He is the first landscape architect in Maine to be honored with Fellowship by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Maine Licensed Landscape Architect #6

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Maine State Board for Licensure of Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers American Society of Landscape Architects Boston Society of Landscape Architects American Planning Association Maine Association of Planners Council of Landscape Architects Registration Boards: Board of Directors Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board: Roster of Volunteer Evaluators Congress for the New Urbanism Portland Public Arts Committee Royal River Conservation Trust Board Member

EDUCATION BSLA, State University of New York, School of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, cum laude



Sebago Lake Village Design Master Plan, Standish, ME. Building on the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, this Plan recommends design guidelines for commercial development, streetscape improvements, defining green space, and preserving residential neighborhoods.


Terrence J. DeWan & Associates Yarmouth, ME Principal


Mitchell-DeWan Associates Portland, ME Partner


Center for Natural Areas South Gardiner, Maine Landscape Architect


Moriece and Gary of Maine Portland, ME Landscape Architect


The Architects Workshop Philadelphia, PA VISTA/Landscape Architect


Rocky Mountain Development Council, Helena, Montana VISTA Volunteer


Peter G. Rolland and Associates, Rye, NY


Route One Improvements Plan, Lincolnville. MaineDOT. Incorporating road improvements, bicycles, and pedestrian facilities along a highly scenic roadway. South End Urban Design Plan. Bath, ME. A long-term improvement plan for the historic community adjacent to BIW. Town Hill Village Plan, Bar Harbor, ME. A framework for future growth to preserve open space, encourage pedestrian movement, create a more sustainable commercial core, and accommodate new housing. Dunstan Great American Neighborhood, Scarborough, ME. A new community of 300 housing units and a neighborhood commercial center on 150 acres. Brighton Avenue Study, Portland and Westbrook, ME. A detailed look at ways to improve the visual environment and traffic safety along a major arterial.


Knightville-Mill Creek Urban Design Study, South Portland, ME.

The Greening of Falmouth. Falmouth Conservation Commission. 2006.

A Revitalization Plan for Maine Street, Brunswick, ME.

Kittery Design Handbook. Kittery Planning Board, with Planning Decisions. 2005.

Design Guidelines. Raymond; Falmouth (Exit 10, Route One, and Village Center); Brunswick (Cook’s Corner); Skowhegan; Freeport (Route One South); Yarmouth; Kittery; Scarborough; NH Route 101A; Concord, NH, Salem, NH,

The Great American Neighborhood, A Guide to Livable Design. With Brian Kent, Evan Richert, and Beth Della Valle. Maine State Planning Office. 2004.

Cook’s Corner Master Plan, Brunswick, Maine. Uptown Auburn Streetscape Plan, Auburn, ME. Beth Condon Memorial Pathway, Yarmouth, ME. A multi-use pathway parallel to Route One, that is a link in the East Coast Greenway. Shoreway Access Plan, Portland, ME. Thirty miles of trails linking Portland’s waterfronts and neighborhoods. Bethel Pathway, Bethel, ME. A multi-use pathway along the Androscoggin River. Preliminary Facilities and Interpretive Media Plan, Kancamagus Scenic Byway. White Mountain National Forest. Demonstration forest, hiking trails, interpretive exhibits, overlooks, outdoor amphitheater. Open Space Plan, Falmouth, ME. Strategies for dealing with change and protecting open space in a rapidly developing community.

Scenic Inventory, Islesboro, North Haven, Vinalhaven, Maine. State Planning Office Critical Areas Program. 1992. Scenic Inventory, Mainland Sites of Penobscot Bay. With Don Naetzker. State Planning Office. 1990. SELECTED PRESENTATIONS Scenic Inventory Training, Maine State Planning Office, 2009. Healthy Maine Communities: 12 scripted presentations for MDOT to promote walking and walkable communities in Maine. Great American Neighborhood Design Concepts. Annual Meeting Northern NE Chapter APA, Meredith NH. 2006. Traditional Neighborhood Development in Maine: Friends of Mid-Coast Maine, 2006. Sharing the Road: Bicycles and Pedestrians. New England Transportation Safety Conference. 2005.

Open Space Plan, Scarborough, ME. A long term plan to preserve open space in Maine’s fastest growing community.

Healthy Maine Walks, Powerpoint shows of the MDOT. Pro-Bike-ProWalk Conference, Victoria, BC. 2004.

Interpretive, Access and Facilities Plan, Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Art into Landscape/Landscape into Art. Landscape and Art: Reflections on Places and Spaces. Maine Olmsted Alliance. Bowdoin College. 2004.



Scenic Assessment Handbook, Maine State Planning Office. 2008.

American Society of Landscape Architects Council of Fellows. 2011.

Royal River Corridor Study. Yarmouth, ME. With Stantec. 2008.

Council of Landscape Architects Registration Boards. Presidents Awards.

A Vision for the Moosehead Lake Region. Natural Resources Council of Maine. 2006.

Boston Society of Landscape Architects Excellence Award for outstanding professional practitioner.


KEITH B. SMITH, LEED AP Associate, Landscape Architect Keith is an experienced project manager and is involved with all aspects of projects. His project experience includes work in sustainable design, parks planning, commercial development, residential design, trails, permitting, subdivisions, feasibility studies, and downtown redevelopment.

Capital Judicial Center, Augusta, ME. Site design, permitting, plaza design, planting design, construction documentation, construction administration and LEED™ documentation for a new court house facility attached via connector to the existing court house. Completed in 2014. 2015 Citation Award – AIA Maine COTE Awards.

Maine Licensed Landscape Architect #2594 EDUCATION Utah State University, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture SPECIAL TRAINING ADA and Beyond: Introducing Universal Design, AlphaOne, South Portland, ME Low Impact Development Stormwater BMP’s and Chapter 500 Stormwater Management Rules, Maine DEP Maine Department of Transportation, Local Project Administration Certification. Urban Design Workshop: Congress for New Urbanism, New England Chapter PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 1998 to present Terrence J DeWan & Associates Landscape Architects & Planners Yarmouth, ME 1996-1998

MGB+A, The Grassli Group Landscape Architects Salt Lake City, Utah


Landscape Designer Fairfax Station, VA

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science, East Boothbay, ME. Campus Master Plan, site design, permitting, construction documentation, and construction administration for a new 62.8 acre waterfront campus which included the first three LEED™ Platinum laboratory buildings and waterfront development. 2014 Merit Award - Maine AIA, and 2013 Honor and Sustainable Design Awards - Boston Society of Architects Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, Boothbay, ME. Design development, construction documentation, and construction administration for a world class botanical garden master planned by EDAW, Inc. 2008 - Friends of Midcoast Maine Smartgrowth Award, and 2006 Merit Award - Boston Society of Landscape Architects State House Common, Augusta, ME. A pedestrian plaza and connection between the State House and the State Archive Building includes accessible gathering areas, stone walls, water feature and perennial gardens. College of Education, Health and Rehabilitation, University of Maine at Farmington, ME. Site planning, landscape design and construction documentation for a LEED™ SILVER Certified Building. Plan included gathering plazas, native plantings, open space preservation, and green technologies.

SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE The Cliff House Resort & Spa, Cape Neddick, ME. A complete redesign for new Ownership, Rockbridge Capital. Design work included: pools, gardens, plazas, trails, fire pits and a cliff walk. TJDA provided design, permitting, construction documentation, and construction administration. Renovation began December of 2015.

Merrill Memorial Library, Yarmouth, ME. Site design, landscape design, and construction documentation for a library renovation and entrance addition. An accessible granite entry plaza included reuse of exiting site granite. Site work and entrance addition completed in 2014.


DAVID A. TRUESDELL, ASLA Maine Licensed Landscape Architect David is an experienced project manager and is involved with all aspects of projects including team coordination, design, client interface, construction documentation, cost estimating, and construction administration. He is proficient in AutoCad 2013 and the Adobe Creative Suite. His project experience includes organization and coordination of large teams in-house and out, and extensive construction administration. Maine Licensed Landscape Architect #4202 Connecticut Licensed Landscape Architect #1057 EDUCATION Purdue University, BSLA 2004 PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 2014 to present Terrence J DeWan & Associates Landscape Architects & Planners Yarmouth, ME 2004 to 2014

Sasaki Associates, Watertown MA Landscape Architects

2003 to 2004

Michael Van Valkenburgh Assoc. Cambridge, MA

SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE The Cliff House Resort & Spa, Cape Neddick, ME. A complete redesign for new Ownership, Rockbridge Capital. Design work included: pools, gardens, plazas, trails, fire pits and a cliff walk. TJDA provided design, permitting, construction documentation, and construction administration. Renovation began December of 2015. My role on the team was to manage the construction documentation and construction administration. Smale Riverfront Park, Cincinnati OH* Smale Riverfront Park is a central component of the city’s re-development campaign including seen construction phases and multiple program components. David was responsible for construction documentation and then management of the consultant team including structural, civil, architecture, fountain design, soils scientists, lighting

and specifications. He visited the site every two to three weeks throughout 2011 and 2012 to perform CA services. The project was located in an active floodplain which necessitated national, regional and state permitting processes. Detroit Tech Town.* The Living Room transforms a parking lot into an active and dynamic public space. David served as Project Manager and LA working directly with contractors and fabricators during Design Development. Cedar Rapids – 10th Street Streetscape, Cedar Rapids, IA.* Resulting from a master plan that Sasaki produced after a devastating flood in 2008, this four-block streetscape was the first in a twophase construction effort that pushed for innovative stormwater management solutions and updated the city’s design standards. Charlotte Light Rail Transit, Charlotte NC.* Working on construction documents for 12 individual transit stops along the Northeast Corridor, including coordination with a local artist to integrate custom paving designs at each station. Port of Los Angeles, Wilmington Waterfront Park; Los Angeles.* This 30 acre award winning park opened in to the public in the Spring of 2011. I was brought on to the design team during design development to move from DD into construction documentation. The entire site was built on a brownfield along a working waterfront, which until this project opened, had completely cut off the local community from its beloved ocean views. Loyola College Intercollegiate Athletic Complex; Baltimore, MD.* Loyola College of Maryland already had a solid athletics program but wanted to build a state of the art athletic complex that would propel their program to the top in Division 1 Lacrosse. They didn’t have enough space on their existing campus to build and ended up purchasing a nearby landfill for the project. Sasaki was hired to make this project a reality and it opened in the Spring of 2010. Along with producing construction documents my role also included production of graphics that would illustrate the complexities of building a playfield on a capped landfill. *denotes projects completed while at Sasaki Associates


JESSICA WAGNER KIMBALL Planner / Landscape Designer Jessica has experience in both community planning, landscape architectural design, and visual impact assessments. Her experience includes visualization studies, master planning, design guideline development, recreational trail planning, and construction detailing. Jessica is proficient with AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Earth Pro, SketchUp, Rhino, WindPro, Arc GIS, and all Microsoft applications.


Bachelor of Community Design Dalhousie University


Master of Landscape Architecture University of Toronto


TJD&A Yarmouth, ME Landscape Designer & Planner


Sasaki Associates, Inc. Watertown, MA Landscape Designer


Town of Old Orchard Beach Old Orchard Beach, ME Assistant Town Planner


Member of Eastern Trail Management District 2009-2010 Vice-President

Spring 2007

Ekistics Planning and Design Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Planning Intern

SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE Argonaut Talc Mine, Ludlow, VT Visual Impact Assessment of quarry development. Developed 3-D build out scenarios in Sketchup and graphically represented in photosimulations. (TJD&A) Northern Pass Transmission Project, NH Visual Impact Assessment for a 192-mile transmission line from Pittsburg NH to Deerfield NH. (TJD&A) UT Austin Landscape Master Plan, Austin, TX Landscape Master Plan and Design Guidelines for the University at Austin Campus. (Sasaki Associates CenterPoint Landscape Plan, Waltham, MA Landscape design and construction documentation for former mill buildings and suburban office park. (Sasaki Associates) Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Bloomfield, CT. Inventory, analysis and recommendations for municipal park system. (Sasaki Associates) 55 Fore Street, Portland, ME Master plan for proposed mixed-use waterfront community. (Sasaki Associates)


Waterfront Visions 2050 Masters thesis on sea level rise adaptation exhibit at Portland Society for Architecture Symposium, Portland, ME


American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award


Site models published in work: Amoroso, Nadia ed. Representing Landscapes: A Visual Collection of Landscape Architectural Drawings. New York: Routledge, 2012


Canadian Institute of Planners Award for Academic Excellence

SUSAN K. WEILER PARTNER / RLA, FASLA Since joining OLIN nearly 30 years ago, Susan Weiler has risen to prominence in the field of landscape architecture as a designer, speaker and writer. Her expertise in interfacing with complex engineering systems and construction technologies has applied to projects of myriad locales and typologies, including the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany; the Mission Bay Master Plan in San Francisco, California; LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah; and the Anne d’Harnoncourt Sculpture Garden at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She has recently completed the design and construction of Dilworth Park, a new civic plaza and transit center in front of Philadelphia’s historic City Hall.

PROJECT EXPERIENCE • Dilworth Park: Philadelphia, PA • Harbor Plaza: Stamford, CT • Anne d’Harnoncourt Sculpture Garden: Philadelphia, PA • Rodin Museum: Philadelphia, PA • Duke University School of Law: Durham, NC • Benjamin Franklin Parkway Framework Plan: Philadelphia, PA

Susan holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is now a longstanding faculty member. She regularly teaches at the Pantheon Institute in Rome and has lectured widely, including talks at the TEDx lecture series and panels at the American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Conference. Susan is the primary author of the book Green Roof Systems: A Guide for the Planning, Design and Construction of Landscapes over Structure, which has become a primary resource on the topic of green roof design for landscape architects, architects and engineers.

• Green Over Gray Study: Cleveland, OH • Toledo Museum of Art Georgia and David K. Welles Sculpture Garden: Toledo, OH • Toledo Museum of Art Master Plan: Toledo, OH • University of Toledo College of Law

EDUCATION Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania


Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, University of Wisconsin Rome Center of Liberal Arts, Loyola University

1979 1975–1977

Plaza: Toledo, OH • Memorial Sloan-Kettering 73rd Street: New York, NY • Private School Land Use Master Plan: Central New Jersey • Sol LeWitt’s Lines in Four Directions in Flowers: Philadelphia, PA • Abigail House: New Albany, OH

AFFILIATIONS American Society of Landscape Architects, Fellow

PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION Landscape Architect: KS, MA, MD, MO, NC, NY, OH, PA, UT, WI, CO Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

• Westminster School Master Plan: Simsbury, CT • Free Library of Philadelphia: Philadelphia, PA • Private Terrace: Philadelphia, PA



OLIN, Managing Partner


Hanna/Olin, Associate


• Private Residence: Philadelphia, PA • Wyandanch Transit Plaza: Babylon, NY • Geiger Lake Park: Babylon, NY • Drexel University Facilities Master Plan: Philadelphia, PA • U.S. Embassy: Berlin, Germany • Episcopal Academy Master Plan: Philadelphia, PA • University of Pennsylvania 125 Years of Women at Penn: Philadelphia, PA

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Department of Landscape Architecture, Critic


Temple University School of Environmental Design, Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, Critic


University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Department of Landscape Architecture, “Topics in Ecological Design: Green Roof Systems,” Lecturer


GREGORY A. BURRELL ASSOCIATE / RLA, ASLA, LEED AP Through his career, Greg Burrell’s practice has spanned multiple typologies and scales, working both nationally and internationally. He recently completed the construction of a new entry plaza and children’s garden for Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the AIA awardwinning Central Delaware Riverfront Master Plan, a 25-year revitalization plan for 6 miles of urban waterfront in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His other experience in large-scale planning includes a development framework for the historic HemisFair Park in San Antonio, Texas and the 500-acre development of Camana Bay in the Cayman Islands.

PROJECT EXPERIENCE • U.S. Foreign Consulate: Hyderabad, India • Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Master Plan Green Infrastructure Overlay: Cleveland, OH • Ohio State University Campus Design Guidelines: Columbus, OH

Most recently, Greg served as project manager for Dilworth Park, a revitalized civic destination along the western edge of Philadelphia’s historic City Hall, and led two concurrent entries for the National Mall Design Competition— Constitution Gardens and the Washington Monument Grounds at Sylvan Theatre. Greg holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Pennsylvania State University, and is a professor and lecturer in landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design.

• Santo Domingo Trail Concept Design: Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM • Green Over Gray Study: Cleveland, OH • Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Expansion: San Antonio, TX • University of Arkansas Campus Design Guidelines: Fayatteville, AR • City Dock Master Plan: Annapolis, MD

EDUCATION Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania State University


AFFILIATIONS American Society of Landscape Architects

• Wyandanch Transit Plaza: Babylon, NY • HemisFair Park Master Plan: San Antonio, TX • Central Delaware Riverfront Master Plan:

PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION Landscape Architect: PA LEED Accredited Professional

Philadelphia, PA • The Ohio State University Medical Center Master Plan: Columbus, OH • Dilworth Park: Philadelphia, PA • 9900 Wilshire Boulevard: Los Angeles, CA • Johns Hopkins Hospital Entry Courtyard and Phipps Garden: Baltimore, MD • Camana Bay Master Plan and Development: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands • Horton Plaza Master Plan: San Diego, CA



OLIN, Senior Landscape Architect


OLIN, Landscape Architect


OLIN, Landscape Designer


Hamer Center for Community Development, Intern


Brandywine Conservancy, Intern


ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Department of Landscape Architecture, “Construction Documentation Workshop” Co-Lecturer


University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Department of Landscape Architecture, “Joint Studio: Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Placemaking for a New Settlement at Santa Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico,” Co-Lecturer


University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Department of Landscape Architecture, “The Philadelphia Studio: Urban Transformation and the Making of Sustainable Districts,” Lecturer


Firm Overview T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) 12 Northbrook Drive, Building A, Suite One Falmouth, ME 207-781-4721

National Resources: TYLI is a full service, professional engineering firm focused on the planning, design, and construction of infrastructure solutions for public and private clients worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco for over 60 years, TYLI has more than 2,500 professionals in more than 50 offices throughout the Americas and Asia. TYLI is currently ranked #13 in ENR’s Top 50 Transportation Firms. TYLI provides services in the following areas: Municipal Engineering Site Design Transport. Engineering & Planning Roadway Systems Bicycles and Pedestrian Facilities

Bridges and Structures Hydraulics & Hydrology Lighting & Engineering Design Design-Build Construction Engineering and Inspection

Extensive Local Experience and Resources: The vast majority of TYLI’s work is on smaller transportation projects. The Maine office has been providing engineering services to Municipalities and MaineDOT for over 30 years. The work include large MaineDOT projects such as the Caribou Connector and the award winning Veterans Memorial Bridge in Portland, as well as numerous roadway, pedestrian/bicycle, and small transportation projects and studies in cities and towns throughout Maine.

Falmouth Staff per Discipline #employees # Discipline with 20+ yrs employees experience Transportation 7 3 Engineering Structural 7 3 Engineering Hydraulic 1 1 Engineering Civil 1 1 Engineering Construction 19 12 Inspection Traffic 2 1 Engineering CADD Design 4 2 Electrical 1 1 Engineering Administrative 4 3 Total 46 27

Sustainability: As funding resources continue to deplete, it becomes ever more important to be certain that monies are well spent. The sustainability of new projects and the impacts they have on the client community will be important for years to come. The Falmouth office has five certified Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP). Communication Skills: Communication is one of TYLI’s greatest strengths; we pride ourselves in our ability to communicate effectively. We really listen to our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of your goals, needs, and issues, taking the time to understand your work processes so that we can align ours with yours and increase communication efficiency. A project with smooth communication saves time, money, and aggravation, so we work diligently to establish and maintain optimum lines of communication – written, verbal, and in person.

Thomas A. Errico, PE Senior Transportation Engineer and Project Manager Total Years’ Experience: TYLI: 16 Total: 29 Registrations: Registered Professional Engineer in Maine (6618), 1990; Vermont (6321), 1992; New Hampshire (10096), 1999; Massachusetts (37701), 1993; Certifications: Certified Maine DOT Locally Administered Project Manager Academic Achievements: M.S., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1996 B.S., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1985 Awards: “2013Transportation Engineer of the Year” – Institute of Transportation Engineers (New England Section) “2015 Distinguished Service Award” – Institute of Transportation Engineers (New England Section) Professional Activities: Workshop Instructor for The National Complete Streets Coalition Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), 1997-Present Director of the New England Section, ITE 2010 - Chair of the NEITE Technical Committee

Thomas Errico joined T.Y. Lin International as a senior associate and New England Traffic Engineering Director. Tom has served as Project Manager/Lead Traffic Engineer for a variety of design and study projects for municipal and state agency clients throughout New England. Named “2013 Transportation Engineer of the Year” by the New England section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Tom is passionate about his work and dedicated to increasing the livability and mobility access for all users in cities and towns across New England. Tom’s background in traffic engineering includes access management, corridor studies, traffic operations studies, pedestrian studies, parking studies, safety evaluations, and traffic impact studies. He has significant experience in designing traffic signals, developing and maintaining traffic plans, and determining intersection and roadway design requirements for highway projects, including auxiliary lanes, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, signing, and traffic control. Project experience relevant to this proposal includes: Park Avenue / St. John Street Road Diet Projects, Portland, ME. MaineDOT. Project Manager that designed improvements that are implementing bicycle lanes and other bicycle facility enhancements on two urban streets. Work included preparing design plans and specifications that met City of Portland standards and accepted by MaineDOT. Complete Streets Design Training Initiative, Statewide, MA. UMass. Project Manager responsible for the development and delivery of approximately 80 training workshops throughout the state of Massachusetts. The workshops attendees will include MassDOT engineers, consultants, and municipal staff. Anderson Street Neighborhood By-Way Project, Portland, ME. Project Manager designing improvements that incorporate improved bicycle, pedestrian and streetscape enhancements between Fox Street and Plowman Street. State Street/High Street Two-Way Feasibility Study. City of Portland. Project Manager for the feasibility study of converting State and High Streets to Two-way between the Casco Bay Bridge and I-295. Work includes conducting traffic counts, developing a simulation model and assessing traffic mobility on both roads following the change. In addition, a review of on-street parking impacts and intersection geometry conditions following the conversion was evaluated. Route One Infrastructure Plan, Town of Falmouth. Project manager and lead traffic engineer in the development of a Plan that is a coordinated investment in, and improvement of, the public right-of-way infrastructure of Route One to make it a more attractive, cohesive, functional, and pedestrian-friendly street that strengthens its economic viability and implements the Town’s vision.

Thomas Errico, PE | continued Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), 1997-Present Director of the New England Section, ITE 2010 Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) National Committee Member on publishing a Report on Current Practices on Pavement Markings and Signing at Crosswalks, 2010 Member of the National Complete Streets Council Member of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals

On-Call Traffic Engineering Services- Portland, ME. Traffic Engineer responsible for providing technical assistance on a host of traffic related tasks including traffic calming, neighborhood traffic management, traffic control, safety studies, development reviews, traffic support for construction projects, traffic signalization design, and general traffic engineering tasks. Veterans Memorial Bridge Design Build Project, Portland-South Portland, ME. MaineDOT. Lead Traffic Engineer responsible for traffic analysis supporting the replacement of the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Work included the development of a Synchro/SimTraffic model for assessing traffic operations and development of traffic signal plans for four intersections and supporting the roadway design effort. 21st Century Downtown Master Plan, North Windham, ME. Town of Windham. Project Manager/Lead Traffic Engineer for the development of the 21st Century Downtown Master Plan. The plan’s purpose was to develop a comprehensive vision for transportation improvements in North Windham. The plan was awarded “2014 Plan of the Year” by the Maine Association of Planners Main Street and Turner Street Pedestrian Improvements, Auburn, ME. Lead Traffic Engineer for preparation of design plans associated with relocating and enhancing the existing crosswalk on Main Street and providing a new crosswalk on Turner Street to the YMCA. Court Street Pedestrian Improvements, Auburn, ME. Lead Traffic Engineer for the identification and design of improvements related to the River Trail and providing connectivity to the Downtown. Key design elements included revising signal phasing and timing, modifying intersection geometry to provide shorter and safer pedestrian crossings, and implementing enhanced crosswalk markings. Route 1/Route 27 Intersection Improvement Project, Wiscasset, ME. MaineDOT. Project Manager currently designing improvements that will install Wiscasset’s first traffic signal and construct new sidewalks and crossing provisions in the downtown village. Route 1 Multi-Use Path / Road Diet Project, Yarmouth, ME. Town of Yarmouth. Traffic Engineer that designed roadway and intersection improvements following the extension of the Beth Condon Path, including removing of a Route 1 southbound travel lane. Conducted traffic analysis in support of a lane reduction on Route 1 to accommodate the design and construction of a multi-use path. Close coordination and approval by MaineDOT was required.

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