Thomson Reuters Eikon Technical Certification Practice Test

May 3, 2018 | Author: Miguel Ma | Category: Proxy Server, Streaming Media, Blackberry, Computer Networking, Internet
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Thomson Reuters Eikon Technical Certification Practice Test

This is a technical certification practice practice test written by Eikon InfoBox team. This quiz is for practice purposes only.

1. Whic Which h of the foll followin owing g is !T !T classe" classe" as a Web Web #er$ic #er$ice% e% &1 point' Time #eries ews (elaye" )uote &*+!,.,' -essaging #er$ice )uick hart /. What "oes "oes it mean by 0Excl 0Exclusi$ usi$e e #ignon2 #ignon2 in Thomso Thomson n 3euters 3euters Eikon% Eikon% &1 point' 4llow a user to tra$el to "ifferent regions an" still able to connect to the regional home site 4llows a user to use one position or "e$ice at the same time 4llows a user to signon once to access Thomson 3euters Eikon (esktop5 Thomson 3euters Eikon Excel an" other collaboration tools 4llows a user to use the singlesignon on the any 6 an" also from a Blackberry or i6hone. 4llows a user to connect to "ifferent regions with the same Thomson 3euters Eikon username 7. Whic Which h statement statement is T38E in relatio relation n to Thomson Thomson 3euters 3euters 9oste" 9oste" "eploy "eployment ment type% &1 point' The #treaming ser$ice connection to Thomson 3euters Eikon is 0longline"2 "irectly o$er the Internet using !pen -essage -o"el &!--' protocol Thomson 3euters 3euters Eikon premium realtime "ata is conflate" to 1 up"ate per secon" Thomson 3euters Eikon premium realtime "ata is conflate" to 1 up"ate e$ery 7 secon"s Thomson 3euters Eikon uses 9TT6 port :; to connect to the #treaming ser$ice for realtime "ata There is only one &1' session &maximum' that Thomson 3euters Eikon can establish with the regional #treaming ser$ice at any gi$en time alse . F#essionsFGtra#essionFconnection,ist H onnection=GT34=##,E(D . Which of the following statements are T38E about the parameter shown abo$e in this question% Jhoose /K &/ points' The parameter is taken from 3>4.3>4configurationfile The parameter is taken from !$erri"eonfiguration.xml The parameter in"icates that the "esktop is using 3-(#@*6/6#@ The parameter in"icates that the "esktop is using 3-(#*6/6# The parameter is taken from -achineonfiguration.xml :. Which of the following is !T the current functionality of Thomson 3euters collaboration tools%&1 point' 6ublish commentaries $isible to your contacts in Thomson 3euters -essenger only. #en" a snap shot of a )uote obAect $ia Email. 6ublish realtime "ata to other participants. 6ublish commentaries an" attach a hart. Instant messaging with contacts on -#5 ?ahoo an" 4!,. L. Which of the Internet Explorer setting shoul" !T be acti$ate"% &1 point' 4cti$eG controls an" plugins 8se 9TT6 1.1 >ile (ownloa"

8se 9TT6 1.1 through proxy connections (o not sa$e encrypte" pages to "isk 1;. What is the path of Eikon installation files if client is using Win"ows  an" Eikon is installe" un"er restricte" user account% &1 point' MF6rogram >ilesFThomson 3eutersFT3(  MFI#T4,,(I3FThomson 3eutersFT3(  MF(ocuments an" #ettingsFN8sernameNF,ocal #ettingsF4pplication (ataFThomson 3eutersFT3(  MF8sersFO8sernamePF4pp(ataF,ocalFThomson 3eutersFT3(  11. Which of the following is !T a permission mo"e a$ailable in Thomson 3euters Eikon "esktop%&1 point' 6ermission 6roxy 6ermission #er$ice (4# (aemon (4# ser$er 1/. Which of the following items is !T foun" in 3>4.3>4configurationfile % &1 point' (4# permission an" (4# En$ 6/6# relate" parameters 3TI relate" parameters (4# enable*"isable 4ll of the abo$e 17. Where is the 8p"ate 6roxy locate" in the Thomson 3euters -anage" (eployment type% &1 point' >,EGnet onnect 8p"ate #er$ice Thomson 3euters 6latform #treaming 6roxy 8p"ate 6roxy ser$er 16=8B-# as the realtime news 3I "uring migration #treaming 6roxy is configure" to source its realtime "ata from 3W# "uring migration 8sers will nee" to communicate with the #treaming ser$ice for user permission 1:. 3efer to exhibit taken from a ustomer -anage" site5 which item is missing as shown by &%' in the exhibit% &1 point'

(B8 ser$er 6IG, 8p"ate 6roxy 8p"ate 4gent 6/6# #ource (istributor 1L. 3efer to Exhibit taken from 6ro$i"ers.xml file from a Thomson 3euters Eikon2s "esktop. Which statements are T38E about this configuration file% Jhoose /K &/ points'

The "esktop uses local configuration files The "esktop uses the onfiguration 6roxy The "esktop connect to Thomson 3euters "ata centre $ia the Intranet This file is obtaine" from the Thomson 3euters -anage" customer This file is obtaine" from the Thomson 3euters 9oste" customer This file is obtaine" from the ustomer -anage" site one of the abo$e /;. In the (4# (aemon permission mo"e5 where is the (4# (aemon running% &1 point' 6/6# #er$er (4# #e$er Thomson 3euters Eikon (esktop o (4# (aemon 444(4# /1. What is the watchlist limit for Thomson 3euters 9oste" an" Thomson 3euters -anage" sites &from a user point of $iew'% &1 point' 1;;5;;; 3Is 15/;; 3Is

8nlimite" 1/;5;;; 3Is /56=8B-# is a new pseu"o 3I in Thomson 3euters Eikon pro$i"ing hea"lines with links to 64s that use to retrie$e the news stories from ews #er$ice Thomson 3euters Eikon 4!T run continuously for more than alse 71. When connecting Thomson 3euters Eikon -obile $ia Blackberry Internet #er$ice &BI#'5 which of the setting&s' below shoul" be acti$ate" &ticke"'% Jhoose /K &/ points' 8se secure connection 8se Blackberry Internet #er$ice &BI#' 8se Blackberry Enterprise #er$er &BE#' 4ll of the abo$e

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