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September 8, 2017 | Author: Ravikumar Sampath | Category: Economies, Business
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THOMAS GREEN: POWER, OFFICE POLITICS AND A CAREER IN CRISIS Read Case Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics and a Career in Crisis and analyze it as a group, on the following questions (a)What is your assessment of Mr. Green (b) Did Mr Green make any Mistakes (c) What should Mr. Green do now?

Introduction: This case is about Thomas Green, who had joined in Dynamic Displays as an account executive and got promoted as Senior Marketing Specialist within few months. After his promotion, he got misunderstanding with his boss Frank Davis who was the Marketing Director. The misunderstanding between them results in termination of Green.

Company’s Background: Dynamic Displays was founded in 1990 as a provider of self-service options to banks via Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). In 1994, Dynamic Displays launched a new division aimed at the Travel and Hospitality Industry, and deployed their first self-service check-in kiosk for Discover Airlines. In 2007, Dynamic Display’s Travel and Hospitality Division had 60% market share with over 1500 self-service kiosks in use at more than 75 airports. These kiosks not only reduced costs but also improved customer service, shortened passenger wait times, and provided valuable information to these travelers. But now due to web check-in facility is kiosk is facing a danger of lacking behind.

About Frank Davis: 

Frank Davis is a 17-year veteran of Dynamic Displays.

He joined the company in 1990 as an account executive with the Financial Services Solutions Division.

He also held the positions such as market specialist and senior market specialist witht eh Travel and Hospitality Division.

He is currently the marketing director for the Travel and Hospitality division.

Thomas Green’s immediate boss is Frank Davis, the marketing director. Davis had recently been promoted from position that Green assumed.

About Shannon McDonald: 

Shannon McDonald was Chairman, CEO and Vice president of the Travel division in Dynamics display

She is responsible for all aspects of the Travel and Hospitality Division.

She also held the position of the Director of national sales of the Travel and Hospitality Division from 2000 to 2006

She holds a bachelor degree in marketing from the University of Georgia in 1987 and an MBA from North western’s Kellogg School of Management in 1992.

Frank Davis was directly reporting to Shannon McDonald.

a) Assessment about Thomas Green: 

Thomas Green was born in 1979 in Brunswick, Georgia, the son of postman and a school of secretary.

Green graduated from summa cum laude from University of Georgia with a bachelor degree in Economics in 2001.

After worked with National Business Solutions as an account executive, he joined in Dynamic Displays as an account executive position.

Green hit the ground running at Dynamic Displays. He completed a contract for one of the largest airline carriers, Journey Airlines.

In July 7, 2007, Green attended a week-long training session at headquarters.

During training session, Green met Shannon McDonald through Mary Jacobs, the national sales director.

Because of Green had graduated from the same university where Shannon has graduated, Shannon had soft corner with Green and she promoted him to division’s senior market specialist for the Eastern region of North America.

Green was told to report to David.

Green visited clients, market specialists, and account executives in New York, Atlanta and Orlando.

Inability to blend in the organization and not listen to his immediate boss

Green was reluctant to listen to his boss, Davis and hence was unable to mould himself to the needs of the organization. As a result, the boss got vexed with his lack of documented numbers and updating his scheduler properly.

There is very little visibility of Greens work in the organization which also accounts for his lack of alias in the organization and his low-influence.

b) Did Mr. Green make any Mistakes? Yes, of course, Mr. Green made many mistakes as follows: a) During the Budget plan meeting, he had given the open statement that his boss’s target was totally unrealistic and impossible to meet. b) He thought that he was the only guy having guts to deny his boss’s target. c) Negative thoughts in his mind. d) He only concerned about the sales. e) He didn’t discuss with his boss about his schedule by not updating his outlook. f)

Not answering his boss’s call.

g) Not following the activities which his boss had told to follow. h) Like to work independently

(c) What should Mr. Green do now? a) Green can be given adequate training so that he can understand the necessary managerial skills that are needed for the position he is in and he should also be educated about employing correct office politics. b) Green should try to change his style of working and try to develop skills which he lacked (pointed out by Davis and others) which not only helped him in his growth within the organization but also will add to organization success. c) Davis should clearly lay down the organizational goals and rules and should use his position of power to influence Green to abide by them. d) Green should personally talk to Davis and apologized for his undisciplined activities. e) If Green doesn’t want to apologize, he should resign the job and let his position for the right person. f)

Mr. Green should request Shannon to transfer to some other department where he was very interested.

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