Thesis Topics in Pharmacy

June 7, 2019 | Author: romeofatima | Category: Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Drug, Clinical Trial, Chemotherapy, Joint Commission
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Thesis Topics in Pharmacy...


Topics in hospital pharmacy management /  Aspen Systems Systems Corporation Corporation (To (Top Hosp Pharm Manag) Publisher: Aspen Systems Corporation

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Topics in hospital pharmacy management, THPM





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Publications in this *ournal Article Communication strategies to impro!e drug use e!aluation

6 % Saine 7Sho abstract8 7Hi$e abstract8 A"S#$AC# Success'ul e+amples o' teams an$ $rug use e#aluations e+plore communication strategies to enhance 9uality impro#ement o' me$ication use! Topics highlighte$ inclu$e establishing contacts ithin ey $epartments, creating committee connections, 'ostering physician an$ nurse participation, an$ increasing #isibility an$ maintaining aareness! Multi$isciplinary collaboration an$ linage beteen the hospital an$ the manage$ care pharmacy are also re#iee$! Me$ication use can be impro#e$ by integrating these communication tactics!  Article  ;eb oth the Joint Commission on Accre$itation o' Healthcare rgani4ations an$ the 'e$eral go#ernment ha#e recently begun to mae signi'icant attempts to trans'orm our e+isting 9uality assurance programs into in$icator0base$ 9uality impro#ement management systems that are base$ on the principles o' [email protected] an$ [email protected]! The article outlines an$ illustrates an e''ecti#e approach 'or $e#eloping an$ implementing a comprehensi#e [email protected]/[email protected] program 'or me$ication use monitoring!

 Article  ;eb 
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