These Are the Taveez for Various Problems Which Are Faced in Common Phase of Life

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THESE ARE THE TAVEEZ FOR VARIOUS PROBLEMS WHICH ARE FACED IN COMMON PHASE OF LIFE: 1)dushman ke zaban bandi: :write 3 taweez put one in a dead fish mouth and burry the other 2 in graveyard .

adawat aur dushmany ke lie: ;for destroying your enemy write this on black hens egg and put it in a mud pot and put it near fire.

baraye hub: :write four naqash and put one on your right arm,second on a tree,third near fire and fourth under heavy weight.

:write this taweez for removal of black magic.

braye adawat o larai dushman: :to make a dispute in two people write this tawiz with some dirty thing and then hit it 7 times with your left shoe saying your desired wish.

powerful taweez for wealth-money: .:write this tilisam taweez after jumma prayer with saffron and rose water and put it in your right arm.allama boni says it has a great and yet most powerful tawiz for wealth and money.

taweez for buisness-money:rizq :write this tawveez on sunday in saat of mushtry and place it in your shop get it framed and you will have lot of coustomers.

powerful tawiz for money: .:if anybody wants that his money never finishes then he should write this taveez with saffron and sandal and put it in his pocket or his safe where he puts the money.

taweez for goodluck: this taweez is very effective for goodluck and travelling and for safty .it brings alot of good fortune to the bearer.write it on wednesday with sandal and uoodh and wear it on your right arm.

taweez for job: :if some body is jobless he should write this taweez on thursday after isha prayer with saffron sandal and rehan and read sura fatiha times and wear it on his right arm will get a job very soon.

arabic taweez for wealth:rizq this tilisam amulet is for attracting wealth and money and protection from eveil eye.

taweez for rizq: this taweez is for wealth and money ,write it down and purify it with lobans incense and wear it.

taweez in quran: :this taweez is powerful for wealth attraction ,write it on friday with abe zam zam the holy water and wear it in your neck.

1)for love and lust: :this is a black magic tilisam for love and lust and pull your lover back ,burn this in a lamp with jasmine oil and it should continuously burn for seven days and you should sit in front of it for15 minutes daily.

2)for lost love :this is a very powerful tilisam for love and lust and get your lover back ,this has to be written and then put in an egg of black hen.then the egg shall be filled with black peper and coverd with mud to close the hole with the mud .put the egg in a mud pot near the fire .it will cause a burning love in your lovers heart.

pen for taweez are written using the follwing instructions pen can be used to write the taweezat but it is much better to write them with wooden stem pen like items,the wooden stems are peeled like a pen needle and the following wood pens are used for this purpose:

1)for love and positive taweez: 

mango tree wood

anar tree wood

apple tree wood

sandal wood

uoodh wood


2)for negitive tawiezat     

neem lemon kirar aak peaple

if you are making the taweez for love or some positive things then peel it towards you and if you are writing it for negative purpose then peel it in the opposite direction. plus if u are making a taveez for love and friendship or wealth make the pen when its mushtary or zuhara,and if you are making it for destruction or for defeating your enemies then make the pen of art in mareekh . ink the ink for writting the tawiz for love ,marriage,nikkah,and othe positive means are written with saffron,mushk,musk,gulb,motia,or chambali.the ink for writting the taveez for negitive means is to be written with vinigar,salt water,coal. paper white and yellow and green are used for love and positive ones and red and black are used for negitive ones. writing taweez hours of the day the second important factor hours of the day for writting the taweez taveez     

morning time: for love mid of the day:for wealth rizq zuhar prayers:for cure from deseises between zuhar and asar :for enemies after isha :for zaban bandi

while writing the taweez you shall also consider that which planet is ruling the sun and which hour of the day is sutible for writing your desired taveez. the following chart shows you the timings.

islamic taweez for love: write this tweez and pack it in a green cloth and put it on the tree your. lover will fall in love with you.

taweez for love marriage: :write this taveeez and burry it in a vacant mosque and see the love results.

taweez for husband love: .:write 9 taviz tilisam for nine days and give it to your husban for 9 days in some sweet drink.he will fall in endless love,

taweez burning for love: write this tilisam on bare tree leaf and burn it ,your lover will fall in endless love.

taweez to make someone love you:

write this tlisam on sunday of a new month in the first week and put it on your arm .n endless love will capture the heart of your lover.

taveez to get your lover back: write this tawiz on a paper and burn it in a lamp in olive oil and towards the direction of your lovers house ,your lover will feel the heat of your love.

roohani taweez for love: on friday start this ritual take hair of your loved one and wrap it around the tilisam and burn it in the fire ,there is no doubt that the desired person will come to the person doing the ritual.

powerful tawiz for love: :write this taviz on an egg of a black hen and then purify it with loban incense ,burry the egg in the mud ,when the loved one will walk over it ,he/she will fall in love.

2. Black magic for love marriage This is also very easy and effective technique .when the moon is waning on Sunday morning in first hour of sunset take twenty of your nails, pubic hair, and some drops of your blood . now burn the nails and hair and mix its ashes into the blood and give it to your husband in a drink or food. 3. Fire love spell Write this talisman on a yellow paper and on the day of Venus in the hour of venus which you can find online also. Burn the rose incense or any sweet incense you like and place it near a bulb where it gets heat slowly but remember that the paper shall not burn.

4. Love black magic that really works This is a guaranteed method but only can be done in solar or lunar eclipse as it is the time the power of any ritual gets 10 times more power full, it’s very easy just when the eclipse in its maximum power , take a bath in a place where the sky is open and collect that water in a tub .just give that water to any one you want to fall in love with you. 5. Be mine lovers string A great way to bind your loved one in a life time bond. Make a string of your hair and the person you want to attract .now recite the following words for 3000 times, It will take 15 minutes. Tie a knot to each other saying the names and mothers names shall love me. Do this for 21 days until the ritual is completed. same place and same time is the key. The words to be recited are (alflam-ra). 6. Voodoo love doll ritual Make a doll of your lover pasting his/her face figure on the face area. Now attain a certain level of concentration and imagination that actually the person is in front of you. after you have got to a point of your imagination and your subconscious mind has invoked command him any thing you want from him and put it in a shoe box and put it in safe place. if you are good at concentration and done some exercises before you will get the results you cant imagine. 7.

Black magic for husband love

Write this talisman for 11 days and throw it in the running water so it shall start working .now when you have done this write it with saffron and rose water and mix it in some juice or liquid. you are all done.

8. Semen love lust formula This is an old remedy used by ancient black magicians of Arabia to make someone lust for them or love them for life. You have to make the ink with your semen and saffron and write this talisman on a white paper .after it is prepared let it dry for three days. Now mix it in water for more 5 hours and squeeze the paper and throw it away. Give this to your desired person in juice or drink.


Black magic on love

To do black majik on your love take an apple which is red and make a hole in it , now put this talisman in it and wrap it with a pink string. Then take the incense of sandalwood and rose put it under the apple so its smoke infuses in the fruit. Now put it near a place where it gets enough amount of heat as it becomes hotter the love and lust will warmth the heart of your lover.

12. Satanic love spell This is a very famous dark talisman for love and is used since centuries. It has to be written on a metal sheet and then put in the burning fire, as it gets heated the scourer recites the mantra to call upon the dark forces of hell and command them to capture the body and the brain of their loved one.

13. Spell for wife’s love to control your wife and make her fall in love with you Take a used piece of her cloth which is unwashed and write the following on it. now wrap it in cotton and put a string over it. burn this in olive oil in a lamp facing east. repeat it for 7 days.

14. Love black magick that really works People often asks that does it really works? The answer is yes it does. Take the picture of the target person you want to attract and recite these black magick words for 1100 times for 7 days, and see the results you won’t believe. Remember to do it at same time and same place. The words are (ahiya-ashra haya-adonai asbaoso-ale shadaya). This is for saving soul from any kind of demonic powers, if they are teasing you.

Whether there are demons, evil moakils, spells, chantings, this ANTI-DARK Key will destroy all evil demonic entities around you, you will have to use this as a candle and burn in mud pot.

This is also another ANTI made with numerology , and this is not any sort of magic, but this is symbolic representation of Surah al Yunus of Holy Quran, these numbers in rectangle represents different verses along with some other number form of words, which can break any EVIL MAGICAL SPELL, specially this can be used by non-muslims too because of its numerological form for exorcism and if Satanic entities are there. Further explanation is given along with it in urdu language for a reason that this is only educational article

For enemies this can be used as Antidote. This is made by the help of Surah al nasr, you will have to recite 1001 times at least once and then write this naqsh on yellow cloth on the day of Saturday in the time frame of mercury and keep this in hat, none of enemy will be able to defeat you. If on the other side another naqsh of Jinna’a also written, then this will also save you from any sort of demonic problems from occult So you see, if there is Satan and his helpers working for him then also there are Righthanded powers who are working on the orders of Almighty Allah to save humans from the rough hands of Satans and his demons.

These both can be used for Children who cries in midnight and because of all sort of problems they cannot sleep. and for the saving of their life from evil eye. If you minor child is crying in night or getting afraid of night, just recite Surah al Asar from Quran along with Wazu (ablution)

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