The Veiled Garden Introduction

June 1, 2016 | Author: TheVeiledGarden | Category: Types, Books - Non-fiction, Health & Lifestyle
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Almost everything a husband and wife needs to know about sex, whether just married or in mature relationships....


The Veiled Garden ~ Intimacy for Married Muslims and People of Faith ~

Ali Dada and Laila Din

First Edition Copyright © 2012, Ali Dada and Laila Din ISBN Number 978-0-9854279-0-0 Email: [email protected] Website:


The Veiled Garden

Acknowledgements All praise is due to God and Peace on his beloved Prophet, Muhammad Peace be upon Him. We thank God for helping us to complete this project. The authors both wish to remain anonymous and give this as a gift to humanity. May God forgive us for any mistakes and shortcomings. May He reward those who made it possible and make this a source of perpetual rewards.


Table of Contents σ CHAPTER 1: Faith, Spirituality, and Love in the Oasis Garden


σ CHAPTER 2: Enter the Garden of Love 16 σ CHAPTER 3: The Botanical garden: Solid Foundations for Saying I Do


σ CHAPTER 4: The Orchid garden: Foreplay and Arousal


σ CHAPTER 5: The Bonsai garden: Deeping the Sense of Touch 40 σ CHAPTER 6: The Fig leaf garden: Amp Up Your Undressing


σ CHAPTER 7: The Hanging Garden: Sex Positions and Ancient Texts


σ CHAPTER 8: The Sacred Garden: Virginity and Blooming Sexuality


σ CHAPTER 9: Role-playing in the Garden 91


The Veiled Garden

σ CHAPTER 10: The Wildflower garden: Rejuvenating Passion After Years of Marriage


σ CHAPTER 11: The Passion fruit garden: Full Course Sex


σ CHAPTER 12: Pornography and Truly Forbidden Fruits 117 σ CHAPTER 13: The walled garden: Affairs and Dysfunction


σ CHAPTER 14: The Rain garden: Seeds of Insight 129


The Veiled Garden

Sow seeds of joy, to grow a garden of love There is a garden of forbidden fruits Hidden behind a walled garden With veil upon veil hiding its secrets. None know its pleasures and joy. Enter the garden of love, Immerse yourself in its fragrant sensations Close your eyes and let the light guide you To an oasis where the palm trees sway and caress the sky Now our spirits are lifted high Enter this virgin garden, respect its sanctity. Whisper your desires, and dance to the flute. Wait for me, I will meet you there Your radiance shines through the veil Allow me to lift it and see the beauty inside One veil at a time, in the fig leaf garden Till we unite in the hanging garden How I relish our sacred union With two halves we become whole Now I cannot let you go With your memories do I try to sleep Unveiling the Garden of delight.


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