The Spring Equinox Celebration - The Bodhi Tree

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The Spring Equinox Celebration @ The Bodhi Tree 23 September 2006 Michelle Eloff "Many people manifest dramatics ...


ASCENDED MASTER KUTHUMI CHANNELING @ THE SPRING EQUINOX CELEBRATION @ THE BODHI TREE CHANNELED THROUGH MICHELLE ELOFF© ON 23 SEPTEMBER 2006 JHB, SOUTH AFRICA This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. Thank you to Horst Haase for transcribing this channeling. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers. ....................................................................... I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time to bring unto you the blessings of new beginnings, lightness, peace, and synchronicity. Greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our heart that we may gather with each of you upon this day because we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones, this is a celebration of light as we stand together in the presence of All That Is Of The Light, creating a blanket of consciousness that will embrace each of you not only individually but embrace humanity as a whole. This spring celebration is one of bringing communities together. It is vital that one understands the language of community. It is not about isolating yourself in elite groups. It is not about separating yourself from the consciousness of those who still journey upon the old paradigm pathways. Living together as a Community of Light means connecting with the common units of love within each and every soul in your environment. You have the power to impact upon those whom you don’t even know personally. This is done through the power centre in your body which you know as your heart chakra. The realms of communication are shifting dramatically. Humanity is reaching the point where communication will no longer be limited to a verbal interaction. In

fact it never has been. The difference now is that you are learning a more conscious interactive way of communicating through the power centres within your being. Harnessing this energy creates a completely different realm in which you communicate through the common units of love igniting the community within a common unity through the thread of love. When I use the word love many people imagine romantic love, platonic love, sacred love, some people even think of it as more associated with profane love, love for your children, love for your pet. Beloved ones I speak not of this particular love. I speak of a love that exists deep within you that perhaps you only touched upon in brief moments when you have connected with the infinite source that governs the manifestations of light in your world. This is a love all of you are striving towards manifesting fully in your life; and the time has come for humanity to rediscover the tools of communicating through the power centres of the body. The main power centre, the heart chakra, is a key to unlock worlds of experience. These experiences I refer to are ones of a higher aspect of interaction, shifting perceptions into a whole new gear. This enables interacting amongst communities to shift to a whole new level. You consist of a community of energy, a community of cells, molecules, and atoms which create an energy inside of you, therefore an energy around you. This magnetic field impacts on everything around you and attracts to you everything you believe to be true. I have said many times that if you wish to make a difference in the world begin with yourself. By changing the magnetic language around you, you change everything in your magnetic field. The anchoring of community living in its true sense is anchored today along with the new seeds of consciousness brought by the spring energy and brought by every soul with pure intentions to anchor light in whatever form they understand light to be on the planet. Your earth is in the throws of profound change. This change is not limited to a spiritual revolution; the changes are happening politically, economically, environmentally, and socially. Even religion is undergoing its greatest shift. And all of you play a vital role in the anchoring of whichever aspect - in other words ‘ common unit of light’ - you wish to anchor upon the earth plane, so it may attract to it its equal magnetic resonance. You will discover the power of living within the light, living as a community within yourself and sharing that community light, the common unity within all things, as a mechanism to unite the consciousness of communities extending beyond the intimate community of your friends and close family, the general community perhaps of colleagues, people you see now and then, extending out into the community of your suburb, the city you live in, the province you live in, and the country you live in. Beloved ones, what you can do may now seem unbelievable. You are tapping

into realms that open doors and levels of understanding that may have previously boggled your brain. Rewiring the mechanisms of the mind is a vital part of growing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It is important that all souls understand that spiritual advancement does not mean that one has mastered all aspects of life. Bear with me, those who have heard this information before, but there are many who have not. It is vital that you understand that a soul may be spiritually advanced yet emotionally immature. This imbalance in energy is what causes many rifts within the grids that have been created. 2007 is the cycle in which these rifts will be healed. This is a time where everybody will go through an accelerated emotional maturing phase so that emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence stand on a par, balanced. The balance between emotional self the psychological self if you wish to call it that - and the spiritual self is vital in order to carry the new tasks and projects of light to fruition in the future. Educate people in whichever way you are able to. However, do not bombard people with information they are not ready to hear or at this stage are not able to digest. As the inner child comes to the fore, recognising what its needs are, so a new wave of light comes. A wave of light that brings to each of those people magnetically the opportunity to manifest their needs. I have spoken for years now of the four major pillars that are being re-created, that of poverty consciousness, which shall be reborn as prosperity consciousness, victim consciousness being reborn as victory consciousness, lust consciousness coming forth as divine love consciousness, and unconditional love will take the place of the pillar of conditional love. Every single one of you have those four pillars inside you, it is part of the structure of your foundation held in your base chakra. Your inner child consciousness is your core stabilizer inside of you and runs directly into the centre of all your chakras from the crown to the base. It then extends into all the chakras above and below the seven chakras of your physical body. The minor chakras within you and around you are also influenced by the energetic projections manifesting through your consciousness and what you chose to focus on as being the truth. As 2007 comes to its time of introducing you to its light you are placed in a position where you are able to bring into your heart, your mind, your body, and your essence another level of understanding humanitarian consciousness, unconditional love, and experiencing greater levels of illumination. And that is the theme for 2007. All of you are being given an opportunity to begin the release process before you step into 2007. This presents you with yet another opportunity to enter the year of 2007 with an inner consciousness, a higher state of awareness, that shall focus on attracting to you that which your soul desires rather than that which your ego needs fulfilling.

Many people manifest dramatics in their life just to remind themselves they are alive. It is the dramas of your life that you so desperately want to be rid of, that feeds your system, that feeds your ego, reminding you of its presence. This is the breakthrough, the shifting into a different state of awareness, therefore a different place of choice where you stand facing your life and have the opportunity to chose whether you allow your ego to create the magnetic language of the energy field around you or if you allow your soul to co-create with you and the higher aspects of self. For many years now you have all been prepared for this time, the time where you will step into your power, embracing your authenticity, breaking through the paradigms that have been created by the expectations of society, the expectations motivated primarily by fear. It is this structure that shall be dismantled in the year of 2007. A structure that many of you have built your identity upon. The gift of this, however, is the inner realization that the identity that you have adopted is one that has given you a tremendous gift of bringing you to the point that you are at. It is time to look at what lies beyond the identity that you perceive as being the person you are, your name, your position in society, the title you carry, the work that you do, even the stigma attached to your age, your sexuality, what it is you wish or do not wish to do with your free time, how you parent your children, how you interact with life, everything is ready to change. Whether it changes or not is entirely your choice. For many cycles, lightworkers have asked ‘Why is our world in such a mess? Why is there war? Why is there abuse?’ The answer to that question is inside of you; and to get the answer to it is to simply look into the mirror, look into the eyes of your soul, look inside of yourself, and look at what you are at war with. Look at what is a mess within inside of you. Look at what you reject about yourself, how you care for your inner child, how you nurture yourself. For everything that you do unto yourself is reflected in the external world. Therefore, to bring an end to war, make peace with yourself. To manifest abundance on your planet let go of poverty consciousness, embrace your world, accept that you are valuable and deserving of love, friendship, merging with the community that you feel safe in, that you can grow with and co-create within. Clean up the mess that is inside. It is a journey that will show you what you seek in the external world and then the journey ends. And this is what you will learn to decipher for yourself in 2007. Life is a journey; well, so you have been taught. But what if your journey is coming to an end very soon? ‘What journey is coming to an end very soon?’ you ask yourself. You have been on a journey seeking the authentic aspects of yourself, seeking peace, seeking harmony, seeking love, seeking truth. If you see your life as a journey searching for all of those aspects, you will spend the rest

of your life searching. What about imagining reaching a destination where you have found the answers, found peace, found truth, found harmony, found your authentic self, and then beginning a whole new adventure where you are utilizing that which you have found, that which you have embraced because you have reached the destination and created a completely different world for yourself. The time of suffering for many people is at its end. The journey towards 2012 which most souls are still upon is not about the world ending or some of you dematerializing and rematerializing in the fifth, sixth, seventh, or eights dimension or whichever dimension you fantasize being in. It is about experiencing the world you are in now from a different perspective, seeing the world from the outside of the fishbowl, yet still being a part of it. So you can pop in and swim any time you wish. You have been told: Earth is a planet of free will. How many of you really use your will freely? How many of you feel free to use your will to decide each day what you would truly love to be doing for that day? How many of you wake up every day, wanting to hug every Dick, Tom and Harriet in the street because you are so in love with life, and every human being you look at is the most exquisite presence in front of you? Is there anybody here? (There continued some humorous interlude with ! Paul, whom Kuthumi invited to sit next to Michelle). Beloved ones, what we are trying to say to all of you is this: Do you truly get what it means to use your power to choose? Don’t come up with all sorts of excuses about why you can’t, because the dog needs to be fed at such a time in the morning, or you have a kindergarten full of children to take care of every day, or your boss would not give you this, or financially you do not have the means to do A, B and C. That is the case; we understand. But what can you do in the very present moment with the resources you have at your disposal to start applying your free will so as to change the environment completely? There was a lady and a gentleman who spoke earlier on about contributing more positive energy to the ecosystem through using less fuel and bringing awareness regarding the mileage on your food. People will not pay attention to such things if they are too focussed on the worries they have at home, the unpaid bills, the unresolved issues with friends, family, colleagues. This does not mean you must not do that, brother and sister; that is part of your journey, and it is vital that this awareness is brought forth. But this is why communities need to work together. So you have a gentleman and a lady bringing awareness about the mileage on food, even if it is organic, as the gentleman said. The lady bringing awareness on that walking is far better for your health, easier on your pocket because you will save yourself on all sorts of other things like services on your car, tyres, all those kinds of things, yes? All the points that people want to know that will make them feel happy about what goes in or out of their pockets. Then you have other

souls who are helping individuals to understand why eating organic food and saving fuel is important, how it can enrich their lives, and how it can make a difference to all the other problems they have at home because in becoming more aware of what it happening around them they become more in touch with what is happening inside of them and vice versa. Beloved ones this brings us to the point where you can see why working together is so important. Yes, one person can change much in the world, but there is strength in numbers. And when a common unit is amplified in the vibration of its energy, the emanations of those magnetic fields can break down morphogenetic fields containing information that vibrate at a very high rate. When one understands that one can dismantle such energy fields simply by coming together and holding an intent on peace, purity, whatever it may be, reminds you yet again how powerful you are, how empowered you will become and are becoming and have become and how what you discover will empower others. Power is empowering when you take what you have in the moment and you act upon it. THE UNIVERSE SUPPORTS ACTION (Capital letters were not intentional, it just happened when I typed it). There is no use knowing information in all the metaphysical and esoteric and science books that has been written but not! doing a thing with the information. It is like sitting trying to watch your garden grow without fertilising it, nurturing it, or watering it. Yes, you can pray for rain, but that can also take a while. Remember, you are the mechanism between heaven and earth, and God uses you as a channel to get things done. Do you all understand this so far? Now we need to give you yet another bit of information that is truly food for thought. As spiritual illumination anchors itself on earth as it is in the higher worlds you will begin having inner realizations that your ego plays the biggest role in keeping you attached to what you perceive as being the drama of your life. Some of you may just have little dramas and others ones of you have far greater dramas. If you are battling with a health issue, financial issue, spiritual challenge, an emotional challenge, whatever it is, all we ask you is to stop for a moment and ask yourself what is your ego getting out of you experiencing what you are experiencing? What is the energy you are addicted to that you are getting a fix for every time you experience betrayal, loss, lack? What is it? Some of you may say ‘Kuthumi you are smoking your socks, my life is fine, and how dare you say my ego has attracted this illness, or attracted the financial situation I am in’. Yes, I will re-affirm, you have attracted it to you through your magnetic language. But, the most wonderful thing of all of it is that you have the power to change this. You had the power all along to change it because you had the power to create it. Bear in mind the words of Einstein ‘You cannot change a problem, change any situation, with the same level of consciousness that created it’. This means, all of you have the opportunity to move to the next level of

understanding your life, recognising that you have written the script, you have cast all of the people that are a part of your life experience. It is also important to completely embrace with every ounce of your being that who you are and what you have been doing up until this point is perfectly all right. You are ok, even if sometimes you don’t think you are. You have done the very best you can with the resources you have at your disposal and you know what? you will always continue doing the best that you can based on where you are at. And you will always have the choice to change direction, whenever you want to. When one is following the path of truth, being guided by the infinite source, there is no thing, no one, telling you what you must or must not do. The only person dictating that is you. It is either influenced by the ego or it is influenced by the soul; you choose. Igen, egy ember is változást hozhat a világba, de a tömegekbe van az erő. Many people hold onto illness, debilitating situations, paralysing belief systems, attitudes and addictions to relationships and other destructive patterns in their life to define their identity. This is why, looking at yourself and observing the world around you will give you clues as to what you need to look at. Begin by looking at everything you want to change in the world. If you want to save the world, where would you begin? and then that is where you begin within yourself. You do not have to do anything to change the world outside of yourself; to begin with, all you do is change within. Focus on that and the job will have been done already. So all you have ever needed to do is work on yourself, address all the common units inside of you that create that magnetic field around you attracting to you other common units which form a common unity with various communities you find yourself in, mirroring what you most love about yourself and often what you reject most about yourself. Just in case some of you have forgotten, you cannot see love, beauty, or any other positive quality in another person if it does not exist inside of you. So remember, every time you look at someone with admiration, with love, or with joy, you are simply acknowledging the same aspect in yourself. In this clear? So beloved ones, may you go forth on this day of spring celebrations remembering the common units inside of you are working 24/7 in keeping your community together. No man is an island unto himself. None of you have to walk the path alone. Many of you have reached a destination. Now you have the opportunity to choose what to do with what you have. Remember, no excuses! Your ego is a master at talking you out of what you want to do. You are taking the reigns under the auspices of your higher self, your soul, whatever you wish to call it. You are making a choice, a choice to live your life in the way that you chose to. So in order to truly be free you must choose it. The remainder of this year, beloved ones, will revolve around what I have just said to you. You will be

taken through a cycle of healing focussing on the topics I have brought up today. And this is why you are here today because you are ready to work with those aspects of yourself. And if you have cleared most of those aspects already perhaps you can facilitate for others to do likewise. Perhaps it is just a brushing up of what you know already and giving thanks for where you are at. When the identities fall away, the labels drop of and the boxes disintegrate, you realize the world is far greater then you could ever imagine; and then the adventure really starts, because there is so much more to explore. The world that you know as the earth life is made up of 144 000 dimensions held within what we call an earth matrix. This matrix is a main-frame consisting of information and programmes that are influenced by countless sources. These can either support or destroy whatever the individual chooses to create. The 144 000 dimensions we speak of are all levels of learning, exactly the same as beginning in kindergarten and working yourself to the highest levels of academic achievement you could ever imagine achieving. At any time you have the opportunity to leave school, to drop out of your tertiary education and to move into something different; or you complete your studies, you have a degree or diploma and you move out into the world where you experience something different. And this is what you are being presented with, an opportunity to break out of the earth matrix, to move beyond it, to move out of the fish-bowl so to speak, and to tap into the infinite source of all life, where what you know as the dark brotherhood or negative forces or whatever it is you label it does not exist. So just in case you were a little bored with your life, I am sure that will give you something to work with, at least aspects of yourself to look at. Most important is to look at yourself and laugh at yourself. You can catch a glimpse of the movie called your life and step out of it and watch yourself playing the role. I think it would make a very good comedy, don’t you? So step out, and laugh at yourself beloved ones. You will be amazed at how quickly stagnant energy begins moving or what is appearing as an obstacle or limitation simply dissolves because you step out of the drama, you look at it, you laugh at it, and it is no longer an issue. That is where you make the choice to step away from the ego and stepping into something far greater. Yes? Very well. So beloved ones are there any questions I can assist any of you with regarding our discussion this evening? (No reply). Clearly I was very succinct in my transmission! Very well then beloved ones, having delivered this message to each of you we trust that it will rest in your heart where you will be able to feel it settling within your being doing what you will with this information. Perhaps you may choose never to think of it again, some of you, as I know some of you will go full steam ahead dissecting every aspect of yourself to get to the very bottom of it. The bottom line is, it really it does not matter what you do. As long as you are happy, as long as you believe with your whole entire being that you

are doing the very best that you can, that what you are living is an authentic experience in perfect alignment with what your true soul desires are, if that is the case, then God bless your soul; and may that bless everyone of us. So, beloved ones, we bring forth the blessings of everything your soul has called for to manifest your piece of heaven on earth, to show to you the extent of your power and just how far you can go in utilizing that power in healing yourself, transforming all the old paradigms of consciousness and manifesting a community of light, a community of strength, and a community of growth where every common unit is contributing to beauty, to the constant blossoming of all the common units extending out into the greater community until your planet is one light, one rhythm, breathing together, expressing as one. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, that carry and comfort you, and know that we are with you always in all ways. May the light of Father/Mother God shine brightly upon the pathway you have chosen to walk. May every step you take be a confident one and may all, always be well in your world. I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

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