The Skateboarder

July 7, 2017 | Author: Virginia Dato Robinson | Category: Syntax, Grammar, Roller Sports, Language Mechanics, Boardsports
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The Skateboarder Christine Lindop

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Christine lindop

by Pete Smith

was born in New Zealand and taught English in

France and Spain before settling in Great Britain. She has written or adapted more than thirty

books, including The Turn of the

Screw and Green P/anet in the Dominoes series. In her free time she likes reading, watching films, and making mosaie. She is not a skateboarder,

but she likes watching the action at her local

skatepark, and her favourite sports are rugby and Formula One.




Story Characters Before Reading

_ Activities


No skateboard .




. . . .. . .



Good grades, better presents .



~ Hannah




... 8



Practice, practice, practice .





Upearly ..





A woman in the street


Project B .


Word Work


About Dominoes

Michael's mother



.. 31



. .. 20


Project A Evan

.. 19


&la A real skateboarder Hannah's father

. .. 12



Hannah's mother


First steps .







Chapter J - No skateboard BEFORE READING 1 Hannah wants to be a skateboarder. In the story, all of these people help her. What do they do?

Hannah's mother and father


A woman in the street




Match these sentences with the pictures and write the names.


He helps her to skateboard better.


He gives her a helmet for her head.

c d e f

.. He goes to the skatepark with her. ... They give a skateboard to her. .. Hannah changes after she watches him. She smiles at Hannah and says,'Don't stop:

2 In this story, two people learn to do new things. Who are they? What do they learn to do?



to "._

Near Hannah's house there's a new skatepark, A lot of young people in the town go there after school with their skateboards. These days Hannah often goes there with her cousin Justin. Justin goes to school with her. Hannah doesn't like school very much, or getting up early. She' s always late. And she doesn't have many friends. But with the new skatepark, she's suddenly very interested in skateboarding. The only thing is - Hannah has no skateboard!

skatepark a place where people can skateboard school students learn here skateboard a board with little wheels that can move fast; to go on a skateboard cousin the son (or daughter) of your mother's (or father's) sister (or brother)

Sometimes [ustin asks Hannah, 'Hey, do you want to get on my skateboard?' So she does - but not for long. She doesn't want to fall offin front of everybody. So

Are these sentences true or false? Tick the boxes.

usually she watches the skateboarders. Owen is fifteen. He's a good skateboarder. He can do a lot of tricks. '1 love Owen's skateboarding,'


a The new skatepark is near Hannah's school. b Hannah is Justin's cousin.




want to jump and do tricks, too.' 'Why don't you have a skateboard, Hannah?' Justin asks her. 'It's a new thing for me - skateboarding,'


answers. Then she thinks, 'My birthday's


Maybe 1 can talk to Mom and Dad.'

e Hannah has a lot of friends. d Hannah doesnt have a skateboard. e Justin doesnt have a skateboard. f Hannah doesn't want to fall off. 9 Hannah loves Owen's skateboarding. h It is Justin's birthday soon.

True False





GUESS WHAT What happens in the next chapter? Tick two boxes in a, b and c. a For her birthday, Hannah has lOa


2 O a school bag. 3 O something to wear. b Hannah's older brother Evan .. 1 O laughs at her. fall off 10

2 O gives something nice to her.


3 O is angry with her.

'OIIH'llrlllq ',illlill'llIy

c The weekend after her birthday, Hannah

trl k d ( ll'wI Wdy Ollllovllltj d ',k,lIl'hodlil


Jump te 1110VC \ilddl'lIly



O laughs at Owen. 2 O falls off her skateboard. 3 O leavesthe skatepark. 1

pl.1( la a different plac ; wh n you move suddenly from one place to a different place birthday the day when someone is a year older maybe



perhaps 3

Chapter Z - 600d grades, better presents present something that you give to someone grades the numbers or letters that teachers give to school work to show when it is good or bad honey something that you say to someone you love helmet a hard hat that people wear when they skateboard awesome good


On Hannah's birthday morning, she opens her presents. There's a big present from her mother and father. Hannah opens it first, excitedly. 'Wow!' she cries. 'Askateboard! Thanks!' 'Well, your school grades are good, Hannah, , her mother says. 'And it is your birthday ... So happy birthday, honey!' 'Now open that present,' her father says. 'It's from Evan.' Hannah opens it. It' s a helmet. 'Awesome!' Hannah cries. But her older brother, Evan, laughs. 'You like watching skateboarding videos, 1know, , he

says. 'But do you ... er ... skateboard?' 'Yes, 1 do,' Hannah says hotly, 'sometimes - on [ustin's skateboard! And 1 have my skateboard now. So 1can do more.' 'Can you jump, or do tricks?' Evan asks. 'Can you go fast and stay on?' 'Duh!' Hannah answers her brother angrily. 'What dumb questions!' 'Evan, honey, please,' their mother says. 'It's Hannah' s birthday.' '01(,' Evan says. That weekend, Hannah takes her new skateboard to the skatepark with Justin. There aren't many people there. Hannah is excited.



'OK! Let's

go,' Justin

begin skateboarding.





Justin does a trick. Hannah READING CHECK

skateboards up and down.

'Maybe 1 can jump now,' she thinks. She goes faster.

Choose the correct words to complete these sentences.

Then she jumps - but she falls off her skateboard. When Hannah is on the ground,

somebody laughs.

'Oh, no! They're laughing at me! This is awful!' she thinks. She gets up quickly. 'I'm going,' she tells Justin, and she leaves. Just then, Owen arrives with his friends. They're laughing at a picture of Owen on his phone. ground we walk on this awful

very bad

But Hannah's far away now. 'No more skateboarding for me!' she thinks.

a Hannah has her birthday presents in the([fiorni®;>' evening. b Her school grades are bad / good now. c The helmet is from her mother / brother. d Hannah goes to the skatepark with Justin / Owen. e When Hannah jumps at the skatepark, she falls / /aughs. f

Hannah says,Tm going / cryinq'

9 Owen's friends are laughing at a picture of Hannah / Owen. h Hannah never / a/ways wants to skateboard again.

GUESS WHAT What happens in the next chapter? Tick the boxes.

b Hannah.

a Justin 1

O goesto the skatepark.


O sits in the sun.


O stays at home with


O falls off her

his family.

c A baby boy . ,

O is learning to walk. 2 O is learning to speak. 1

skateboard again. 7

Chapler J - first steps

air the space above and around things park a big garden that is open lo everyone to visit bench you ean sit on this in a garden or park

The next day, [ustin stays at home with his family. But Hannah walks past the skatepark. A lot of people are doing tricks. '1 can't skateboard there now,' Hannah thinks. She watches Owen on his skateboard. He goes up in the air and comes down again. 'He's awesome,' Hannah thinks. And I'm awful.' She leaves the skatepark, and begins to walk home through the park. The sun is hot. Hannah sits down on one of the park benches. The sun is in her eyes. So she closes them.

When she apens her eyes again, she sees a young woman near her. She is sitting on the grass with her baby boy. The little boy is trying to stand. 'Goad boy, Michael,' his mother says. 'Stand up now. Yes, that's right!' Michael stands up slowly. He takes one little step and falls down. 'Come on, now, Michael!' his mother says. 'Don't cry. Try again.' Michael stops crying and laughs. He takes his mother's hand, and stands up again. 'Good boy, Michael,' his mother says. Michael sits down suddenly. He laughs, and c1aps his hands happily.

grass it is green; gardens and fields have a lot of it on the ground baby a very young child try to begin to do something that you can't do very well step when you move from one foot to the other fall down to go down suddenly onto the ground clap to hit your hands together to show that you like something



them for five minutes.


stands up and falls down, again and again.

'Try again, Michael,' his mother says. 'He doesn't stop falling. But it doesn't matter,'

READING CHECK Match the characters from Chapter 3 with the sentences.

Hannah thinks. 'He gets up and tries again - time after time. And he's no more than a baby.'

Justin a


Michael's mother


.. J.lAsti.Y.\ .. stays at home. .. thinks, Tm awful'


... goes up in the air and comes down again.

e d



is sitting on the grass with her baby.

e .. .. .. .. . .. . . . ... takes his mother's hand. ,4:




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. says,'Try aqain' claps his hands.

9 h

.. thinks about baby Michael when she walks home. ... needs some more skateboard practice.

GUESS WHAT What happens in the next chapter? Tick the boxes.



a Hannah finds a parking lot near her house.



b She does skateboard practice there in the morning.



c She finds no cars in the parking lot when she visits it.





d When she first tries jumping, she falls off her skateboard. e A woman on a bicycle laughs at Hannah. f

Some days later, Hannah jumps and doesn't fall off.

9 That evening, Hannah tells her mother about her practice. h Hannah is very happy when Evan comes in. practice when you do something many times so that you can do it well




Hannah leaves the park and walks home. She thinks about baby Michael. 'OK,' she says, 'I need some more skateboard practice. But where can I go for that?' 11

Claapter 11- Practice, practice, practice

alone with nobody block a number of buildings together with streets all round them


parking lot people leave their cars here

'Hmm. Let's see. The skatepark's no good,' Hannah thinks. 'I want to do my practice alone.' That evening, she goes for a walk, Two blocks from her house there's an office building. At half past five, everybody in it goes home. They drive all their cars out of the parkíng lot. 'Hey, I can skateboard here!' Hannah thinks. The next evening, she takes her skateboard and helmet with her. 'I'm going out for some skateboard practice,' she tells her mother. She skateboards to the parking loto There are no cars there. First, she skateboards slowly. She is alone, and nobody is watching.

'This is awesome!' she thinks. After an hour, she goes home. She skatebcards most evenings. Soon she can go fast. One evening, she tries jumping. She skateboards across the parking lot, and jumps. Suddenly, she is on the ground. A woman is going past on a bicycle. She sees Hannah on the ground, and smiles at her. 'Bad luck.' she calls, 'Try again.' So Hannah tries once more - and falls off her skateboard again. She laughs, gets up, and goes home. Two days later, Hannah is back in the parking loto She jumps again. This time she doesn't fall off.

bad luck you say this when something bad happensto somebody


At home that evening,

her mother says, 'You're

happy about something, honey! Tell me. What is it?' 'Well ... ,'Hannah 'OK.'

begins, 'don't laugh, OK?'

"I'he practice is helping. 1 can do good skateboard

READING CHECK Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

o.\oY\e a Hannah wants to do skateboard practice wi.t:h REr fl iel rd5:

jumps now. Uh ... usually.'

"I'hat' s wonderful, honey!'

b There are no cars in the parking lot before half past five.

Just then, Evan comes in.

e Hannah walks to the parking lot

'Oh, no!' Hannah thinks. 'What do es he want?' d A woman on a skateboard smiles at Hannah. e She says,'Good luck' to her. f When Hannah falls off again, she críes. 9 After two days, Hannah can always do good skateboard jumps. h Hannah is talking to her mother when Evan goes out

GUESS WHAT What happens in the next chapter? Tick three sentences.


O Evan doesn't talk to Hannah.


O Hannah has a lot of bruíses.


O Evan skateboards at the skatepark.


O A lot of people visit the skatepark in the early morninq


O Evan helps Hannah with a good idea.


O Hannah sometimes arrives late at school .


O Hannah never thinks about baby Mi~~a.eL _'


O Justin tells Hannah about 'GoSkateboarding Day'.

o Hannah forgets her skateboard. 14


Chapter 5 - Up ear1v

bruise a dark mark on your skin that comes after something hits it wall something strong and thick that you can go up on a skateboard turn to move round

'Hey! How's your new skateboard?' Evan asks Hannah nicely. Their mother smiles at this. Then she quickly leaves the room. 'Oh, it's not bad,' Hannah answers, 'and the helmet's awesome, too. But 1have a lot of bruises now. Look.' Evan looks at the bruises all over her arms and legs. 'Ouch!' he says. 'So do you skateboard at the skatepark now?' 'No,' Hannah answers. "I'here are always a lot of people there. But 1want to go up the walls. 1want to turn in the air, too.'

'Well, 1 go past the skatepark every day when 1 go to work. There's nobody there in the early morning,' Evan says. 'Evan! That's an awesome idea!' Hannah cries. '1 can go there before school. Thanks.' Next day, Hannah gets up at six o'clock. She skateboards for an hour before school. 'Thís is wonderful!' her mother says a week later. 'Hannah's up early every morning these days. She's never late for school now!' Sometimes Hannah is tired in the morning. But then she remembers baby Michael. 'Babies get up early, , she thinks. 'So 1 can get up early, too.' 16

idea something that you think





Choose the correct words to complete these sentences.



a Evan asks about Hannah's grades /r¡¡¡¡teboa@ b Hannah likes her helmet / bruises. c Hannah wants to go up / over the walls on her skateboard. d Evan goes past the skatepark when he goes to school / work.



e Hannah gets up at six / eight o'clock.


f Sometimes Hannah is hungry / tired in the morning.

IGil SllftrmoAIDIRG DAy! ,

9 'Go Skateboarding Day' is on June / August 21st. h Justin calls Hannah on the radio / phone. 'Don't be dumb / late; Hannah saysto Justin.


1/1,/::' 'J l" (




GUESS WHAT What happens in the next chapter? Complete each sentence with the correct name.

Hannah a



. goes to the skatepark with her skateboard.

b She sees. . . . . .. .

around all rhe way round world people live in a lar of differenr counrries here


One Saturday afternoon, her cousin Justin calls her on the phone. 'Hey, Hannah, are you coming tomorrow? 'Coming where? What's tomorrow?' 'It's [une 2 pt - 'Go Skateboardíng Day'. People all around the world are skateboardíng, I'rn going to the skatepark with all my friends. Come with us.' 'OK!' Hannah says, 'See you there.' 'Don't forget your skateboard,' Justin says. '[ustin, don't be dumb,' Hannah answers.


there with his friends.


does a tough trick.


falls off his skateboard.


asks,'How do you do thattrick?'

, I

... says,Youre a real skateboarder now'

f 9

. walks home through the park with Hannah.


walks across the grass to his mother . ...........

asks about baby Michael.



Claapter & - JI reo' shateboarder It's [une 21st. Hannah finds her skateboard and helmet. Then she goes to the skatepark. She's excited. 'Can 1 do this?' she thinks. 'Hmmm. 1 don't know. But 1can try!' At the skatepark, Hannah sees Justin with some friends. She goes over to them. 'Hey, Hannah,' Justin says. 'Watch this. Owen's doing a very tough tríck.' tough not easy high far up from the ground

Owen goes up the wall and turns. He goes very high. Everybody stops and watches. 'Wow!' Hannah says. 'He's awesome.'

Owen does a different tríck now. It's an easy trick, but this time he falIs off his skateboard. He walks past Hannah and smiles at her. 'Everybody falIs off sometimes,' Owen says. 'Sure,' Hannah answers. 'How do you do that trick? 1want to learn it.' 'Put your right foot here,' Owen telIs her. 'Then push with your left foot.' Owen helps Hannah with the trick. 'OK,' Hannah says. '1 need some more practice with that, but thanks.' 'You're a real skateboarder now, Hannah,' Justin telIs her quietIy after that.


sure when you want to sayyes' lo somebody, you say this push to move something away from you real true

----~ 21

Later, Hannah and Justin walk home through the park. Hannah sees baby Michael again. He is walking across the grass to his mother. This time he doesn' t take her hand, and he doesn't fall down. 'Hello,' says Hannah. She smiles at him. 'Can you do it again?' says Michael's mother. The baby laughs and claps his hands. 'Again!'he says. And he stands up. Justin and Hannah walk away. 'Who's that?' Justin asks. 'Now? Oh, a little baby,' Hannah answers, 'but maybe one day a really good skateboarder!'

READING CHECK Put the sentences in order. Number them 1-10.


O Owen falls down.

O Hannah smiles at baby Michael. c O Owen smiles at Hannah. d O Hannah goes to the skatepark. b


O Baby Michael says,'Againl' and stands up.

O Owen helps Hannah with the trick. 9 O Owen does a tough trick.



O Hannah meets Justin.

O Hannah and Justin walk home together. ITl Hannah takes her skateboard and helmet

2 Match the first and second parts of these sentences.

a Hannah is excited

1 with the new trick.

b She seesJustin

2 everybody stops and watches.

c When Owen goes up the wall,

3 when she goes to the skatepark.

d Owen's trick is easy,

4 'Put your right foot here:

e Owen tells Hannah

5 and stands up.

f Hannah needs more practice

6 'You're a real skateboarder now'

9 Justin saysto Hannah,

7 with some of his friends.

h Baby Michael's mother says,

8 'Can you do it aqain?'

Michael claps his hands

9 but he falls off his skateboard.



Chanqes in people

1 Complete this text about Hannah with the words in the box.

a skateboard and a helmet always late for school doesn't have a skateboard falls off her skateboard grades are better has more practice on her skateboard sees baby Michaél in the park teaches a new trick to her

When the story begins, Hannah is a)

She is interested

in skateboarding, but she b) at school, her e)


d) . . . . . . . .


One day atthe skatepark she e)

After she works harder . .... On her birthday, she has

from her mother, father and brother. ..

'No more


skateboarding for me" she says. The change in her happens when she f). ..

.... . ... . ... ... .. .

3 How do these people ehange in the story? Choose one of them. Write notes in the box.

. .. He falls

down, but he gets up and tries again. Later, Hannah g) .. .. . .. ... . .. . . .. . .. .. .

. ..... in a parking lot. When she falls off it,

she tries again. Soon she can jump and turno In the end, Hannah skateboards at the skatepark with all the skateboarders. Owen h)

She is a real skateboarder nowl Owen

2 How does Hannah's brother Evan ehange in the story? Use these notes to write a text about him on page 25.

When / story / begin / Evan/ not be nice / to Hannah /. He / give / present / to her, but he / ask / dumb questions /. Hannah / be angry / with him /. The change / happen / when / mother / say /



When the story begins The ehange happens when Later

be / awful to Hannah' /.

Later / Evan / ask / Hannah / about / skateboarding /. Soon / he / be looking / at / bruises and / talking / about / skateboard practice /. In the end / Evan/ have / good idea. He / tell / sister/ do / practice / in / skatepark before school /. 24


In the end

4 Write a text about your eharaeter from your notes. Use the texts in 1 and 2 to helpyou.



2 Read the notes about 'World Run Day~and complete the texto

An important day

When is'World Run Day'7

early November

Where is its home7

Long Beach, New York, the United States

In which countries can you find it now7

Afghanistan, Australia, India, UK,and more

'Go Skateboarding Day' happens on June 21 st every year.The

Where do people rneet?

streets, parks

home of 'Go Skateboarding Day' is California, in the United States.

Why do they come?

want to run together

What do people give money for on this day?

sick people, people without homes

What do some runners wear?

'World Run Day'T-shirt

Who do runners meet?

old running friends

1 Read this text about 'Go Skateboarding

Day' and complete the table below.

Now you can find it in Brazil,China, France, Poland, Portugal, and many more countries. On this day, skateboarders meet on the streets and in skateparks.Why do they come? Because they want to skateboard together. Often people watch the skateboarders and give moneyfor new skateparks, or for children's homes or old people's homes. Some skateboarders wear a 'Go Skateboarding Day' T-shirt When they are skateboarding, they meet old skateboarding friends and make new friends. AII around the world, skateboarders can't wait for 'Go Skateboarding Day'l






~-,:!::::. ) ... ":

{::....• ¡ ....






: :



/",:;.:> '
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