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LOW PROFILE LOS SIMPSONS After eighteen years is not much to say, do you? The family meets more drawn the world come of age and celebrated in style with his arrival to celluloid. BY MAR TIN LOW When Matt Groening first drew The Simpsons did not think of the cultural and soc ial impact would be around the globe. Today, almost twenty years later, it's bee n memorable chapters and expectations for the premiere of a new season and the l ong-awaited film have more than one on tenterhooks, as they are not and nothing is known about this. The Origins Groening late eighties and was a leading figure in American art underground, known as the author of the legendary comic Life in Hell, Matt sought to broaden their horizons with a project to take him out of b oredom that caused his address to young people in their local comic. In that sen se, bet on a format that had never previously estimated: cartoons. This is when The Simpsons were born. His first appearance on the small screen was in the Trac y Ullman Show on September 8, 1986, although the clip did not last more than two taboo subjects such as religion, alcoholism, drugs, violence, homosexuality, wa r, racism, loneliness, environment, etc. An ideal family is difficult not to rec ognize in the Simpson family to the archetypes of contemporary and postmodern fa mily of Homer and terrible father and an alcoholic. Marge, mother permissive and repressed. Bart, the son adorable but with behavior problems. Lisa, the brillia nt daughter of the half, but with adjustment problems. Legend has it that the ma in inspiration for Matt to define the actors were his family, who took the names for the main characters are called parents Homer and Marge and her sisters Lisa and Maggie. Bart's name comes from an anagram of the word Brat, which in Englis h is a brat or spoiled child. Ideal adjective to describe the little devil of ha ir punks. Groening is admirable as leaked details of his life in the strip anima ted, character names, streets of Springfield, events and people that marked or i nfluenced. The Simpsons itself combines the best and the worst of society, not j ust U.S. but worldwide, by acting as a mirror of a world searching for his ident ity permanently. They are neither good nor bad, they act according to the time a nd when they do some evil always repent and end up doing it right. "La Peli" A s ecret almost confidential envelopes Simpsons - The film, which producers have ta ken care of bounds in the basis of statements trailers enigmatic and "liars." In internet blogs about it The Simsons TM & © 2007 Twentieth Century Fox Corporation. All rights reserved. THE MOVIE Since announcing the premiere of the film, Groening huffed and puffed that this would be a great opportunity to Bart to take off everything. In the new trailers is seen naked and crashed against the window of a Krusty Burger, ruining the bi rthday of Flanders which cover parts of a potato chip miserable. Other images th at were released include the National Guard and a pig adopted by Homer. Pre prem iere fever that travels the world has reached levels never seen before. In the U .S., the famous chain of mini markets 7-Eleven has converted many of its branche s in replicas of the Kwik-E-Mart Apu, and to the delight of the fans knew it the iconic theme song is performed by the rockers Ra Green Day. minutes and was an immediate success, to be aired regularly would be another thr ee years. In 1989, Fox decided to give life to sign the new animated series that chronicles the adventures of private a peculiar middle-class family, with an alcoholic father and quite delirious, re pressed mother, a hyperactive child with behavior problems, a daughter and a bab y genius almost never, but never opened mouth. The Simpsons are a sharp and fierce criticism against American society, t heir way of life, their values, their prejudices, their political system and mor e. They are not afraid to address

FEATURED CHARACTERS MR. BURNS Montgomery Burns, "scourge of the atom" plutocrat and local tyrant, is the owner of the nuclear power plant where Homer works. NED FLANDERS Neighbor Ned Flanders is the religion that often covers the shortcomings of Marg e. He tried to baptize Bart, Lisa and Maggie. BARNEY GOMEZ Barney Gómez, inseparable friend of the Simpson patriarch since childhood. In a nd out of rehab all the time. Milhouse Van Houten Milhouse is the incarnation of the quintessential geek, do anything to please Ba rt. Incontinenecia have problems. than the thousands and although there is a clip where Homer and Bart are repairi ng the roof of the house with subsequent demise of the father, is no guarantee t hat these images are in the final edition. Nothing is known of fact and between incredible and absurd stories have aroused the anxiety of the fans around the wo rld. The idea of a film had been hanging around the head of the producers from t he fourth season, but only in 2006 confirmed the rumors with the announcement th ere was a script floating around. Directed by David Silverman who has already made several episodes, it is said to be controversial scenes, but Ba rt finally pull out everything. found. Are those who idolize above all things and those who depose alike. "... This is when The Simpsons were born. His first appearance on the small scre en was in the Tracy Ullman Show on September 8, 1986 ... " In recent statements, Matt Groening ads to show and say everything that censorsh ip does not usually allowed. Ouch! Like any good cult series, The Simpsons arous e passions have also generated a new language based on expressions and jokes use d by Homer, Bart and others. The best known may be the "Ouch" the father that is used in the most diverse situations, from a blow on the head with a challenge o f Mr. Burns or 38 39 Ned is the widow poor because of Homer and still keeps the memory of Maude. Milh ouse is the incarnation of the quintessential geek. Thick glasses and shy person ality, the poor child does anything to please Bart. A tour of Springfield would not be complete without a visit to subjects such as the Chief Gorgori, corrupt p olice. The shopkeeper Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a Hindu graduated with honors in q uantum physics, which makes America charging exorbitant prices. And we can not f orget the dreaded Montgomery Burns, "scourge of the atom" plutocrat and local ty rant. Each of his plans to conquer and rule the city have been thwarted by some member of the family S. Tribute To The Simpsons are now a global culture icon is something that has been said ad nauseam, but Groening is the way to pay tribute to their influences. Movies, books and songs are interwoven in many chapters co vertly taxed to the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Burgess, Stephen King, Ors on Wells and Alfred Hitchcock. Mat is a declared fan of musicians like Frank Zap pa and Jimi Hendrix and does not let the opportunity slip tributes to idols and iconic events of his childhood and youth, such as Woodstock and the hippie movem

ent. Apart from the intrinsic connection-Simpsons Mad Magazine. The episodes tha t included the participation of the gang of Alfred E. And Neumann are memorable. Breaking barriers Make a note about them is to enter a bizarre and surreal worl d between where nothing is as it seems, and where the good are not as good and b ad are not so terrible. The Simpsons have changed the way we do humor and watch TV since its inception and is not a sin to touch topics that until recently were taboo. They broke down the barriers of political correctness, without thereby f alling into the tacky and vulgar. But above all, gets the big sit down again wit h the kids to see "cartoon." SPRINGFIELD ROCK CITY New York, Los Angeles and Detroit were no longer rock the U.S. capital to cede o wnership to Springfield. Its streets veered groups like Metallica and The Ramone s, who played a noisy punk Happy Birthday to the birthday party of Mr. Burns. Ot hers who were rocked by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who accompanied pure funk-met al success and fall of bartender Moe and his infamous drink, Flash Moe. R.E.M. w ere tricked by Homer to give a show in his garage, converted into a tavern and c lub game, when he fought with the bartender. Like any rock city that such pressu res, Springfield saw a couple of concerts that ended in a mess. When Bart was hi s first heavy metal concert the crowd went wild, destroying the hockey arena to the beat of the British Spinal Tap, while the child is balanced on their heads a black shirt. Others who rocked the city was the legendary The Who, who played o n a wall of garbage when the bartender Moe runs out of cold beer. Bart, the other great figure of th e series also has its head phrases, mystery for fans of the series, since it is surrounded by forested mountains and arid deserts. This is a typical small city in the midwest, the need to represent every aspect of life in the United States€his stroke is s o accurate that can be applied to any city in the world that is minimally aliena ted. Almost quirky characters as peculiar as the city are the characters who wal k its streets. Some endearing, others exotic, the cast of characters is vast and bizarre. Among the most horrific ones can greet the bartender Moe in charge of furnishing alcohol to Homer and his gang of beautiful losers in a slum known sim ply as Moe `s. They share their nights and hangovers Barney Gomez, Carl Carlson and Lenny Leonard, Simpson patriarch inseparable friends since childhood. Neighb or Ned Flanders is the religion that often supplies the emotional deprivation of Marge, are we talking about romance perhaps? No, from the Latin "Ay caramba" the fighter "Any my pants", through the culpable "I was not, which exonerates him of any guilt when he commits any wrongdoing. Sprin gfield Mysterious Where is Springfield? Nobody knows for sure. It is a 40 but is landlocked. Close to Los Angeles, but also from New York, Springfield is a city of contrasts. It may be urban, full of crime and violence, or a small vil lage where everyone knows everyone and are friends. Groening's idea of not ident ifying with a particular place is born

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