The Serpent Fire Awakening Kundalini by Raymond W Bernard

September 6, 2017 | Author: jmgoodman | Category: Kundalini, Prana, Breathing, Chakra, Hindu Prayer And Meditation
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'I'fie Serpent :fíre 'The J\wakeníng Of XunáaCíní

'By 'Raymoná 'Bernará

INTRODUCTIOO It ls the purpose of thls study course to present 1n moclem sclenUfic language tbe secret doctrines of Q'i.ental Yoga , a system of reqeneratton and rejuvenatton thet has been tlme-tested for counUess centurles and has proven to produce the resulta cla1med for 1t. Yoga is an experimental science whose alm lt ls to brl119 the human body and braln to the highest posslble state of perfecUon and regeneratlon and flnally to awaken in the braln certllln hlgher braln centers (tbe pltuitary and plneal glands) whlch are dormant 1n the great majority of human beings. Through rtgorous self-disclpllne, exerclses, and traintng, yogls succeed in accomplishlng thls. Yoga ls the hlghest secret of ali occult philosophy and ls the way to lmmortality, whlch yogls define 1n a phystcel sense by brlnglng the body to such a state of periect functloning that one overcomes tbe degenerativa processes that cause decay, decline, old age, and death, tnatead matntain:lng over prolongad pertods of time a state ef perpetua! youth. By means of yogtc practicas, the yoql trees hlmself from all disoases and physlcallnfirmlties. Yoga can never be mastered by mere book study. One must apply the teachlngs of yoga to one's lite, Only through practico a nd exerclse can lts aim - the transformatton of man lnto a superman - be achleved. In the followlng pagas will be revealed tbe secret teac hlng that underlies aU occultlsm, whlch In the past has been veUed behlnd enlgmattcal symbols incomprehensible except to lnitlates. But tbere ls no longar any reason to keep th1s knowledge secret and not lmpart lt to tbose who thlrst for it and who are dytng living deaths for lack of 1t. It will be revealed plalnly and openly In the pages that foUow. The Great Secret of all occult teachlngs 1s concemed wlth a mystertou. force a t the base of the splne and the methods of awakenlng lt and causlng lt to ascend up the splnal cona! to the braln, whlch 1t electrifies ond vivlfies, endowlng thls organ wlth superior powers ancl extencled consciousness. Thls ls a fount of energy present In all persons but awokened and brought from a latent to a dynamlc state only in those who applled the proper technlques that make thls possiblo. The arouslng of thls secret power that regenerateoS and rejuvenates the body encl reVitalizes the bratn ls des!Qnated In the Eas~ as the Awalr.enlng of Kundalin1, The exact methods by whlch they may be accompUshed wlll here be descrlbed.

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LESSON NUMBER ONE PRANA AND KUNDAUNI There llos latent wlthln each of us a great reservolr of latent energy which, 1f we could tap and utillze lt, would convert us lnto supennen. Tboee lndlvlduals who rose up from the messes and became leaders of humanlty were 1n possessionofthis lMer power and consciously wlelded 1t. Thelr bralns radiated thls mystertous energy by which they were able to 1nfluenco and control others. lf we could galn mastery 01er thls 1Mer power, ea eh of us could beco me lellders too. Thls can be done by understandlng and a pplyinQ the laws behlnd this achievement. The dUference between a genlus and an ldlot ls that the braln of the former ls more highly charged wlth electrlcal enerdlalatior., brea thing throc:¡;¡_ each nostril alternately, and imagining the breath to pass dC>ure, as they are in 110st peq>le . Honths an1 years must first be spent to purify the lladis before Pranayama can be su:cessfully precticed. On perfection being attained in yoga, the lxxly becorres CCI!pletely rejuvenated, let!ll, and healthy, the eyes bri¡1st and the serren is Calq)lete1y calSer-'. and conc:entreted. The Nadis are purified , and the int emal fires irx:reased, while sounds are heard ">!len the ears are closed with the fingers, "*'idt beeln . c11ne~ l,

Kundallnl ls the lndlviduallzed bodlly exprossion of Cosmlc U fe Eneroy, whlch, when awakened ond unlted wlth the plneal oland, brings supremo (coamio) c onsclousness and liberatlon, The rouslno and st.l rrlng up of KundaUnl , so that it may brlng about a merolng oí the lndlvtdual and universal consclous ness, ls the end of every system o f IndJan Yoga, To awelcan Kundallnl, the breath must be regulated and held foca cenaln pertod of Ume. Also, through Mllntras, sound vlbr11Uons can awaken the chakras, Whon 1t 1s aroused, lt rlses from center to center untU lt re~>ches the braln. At each center one galns oonsclousne sa of a di fferent cosmlc plane oí pla netllry vlbration (Tattvas) , When In the lx\Un, Kundallnl tend.o to retu.rn, b ut, by repeated efforts, may be -16-

made to rematn there. By Hatba Yoga (the word Hatho coln1nc} from "ha • ond "tho, • refering to the unlon of posltive ond neqottve el ectrtc currents abSQfbed by brnathlng throuc;¡h opposlte nostrils) tho yog1 achieves a body as stronq os steel , bealth, free from d!sease and sutfertnq and long-llved. Master of tbe body, be ls mastel' of the mind, and of botb llfe and deatb. HIS lustrous form enjoys the vitallty of youth. He llves as long as he has the will to Uve and enjoy the torms of the Ulusory wcrld. Hls deatb ls a "deotb at wW," when, alter mak.lnq the ;esturo of d1s110lut1on, be departa. The unalded and unsuccessful practlce of Hatha Y oga, unwisely performed, mey result In dlsease or death . He who aeoks to conquor the Lord of Death may lncur the rlsk of faUure of a more speedy conquest by hlm. All who attempt Yoc;¡a do not, of course, succeed, or meet wlth any measure of success. Those who foil, not only incur the infirmlties of ordlnory men, but others brought on by practlces that are 111 pursued or !or whlch tbey are not f1t. Those agaln who succeed do so in varying degrees. Ono may prnlong h1s llfe to 80, anothar to lOO and still others further. lt ls sald to be easler to ga1n llberation than deathl.essness. The former may be blld by unselflsbness, detocbment from the woTld, and moral and mental d!sclpllne. But to conquer deatb 1s harder tban thls; for those c¡uallttes alone will not avau. He wbo does conquer holds llfe In one hllnd and deatblessness In the other, 1f he ls o successful yoql. He is the master of tbe world and possesses blias whlch transcends aU worlds. Tbe Hotha Yogl who arouses Kundollnl galns various occult powers and enjoyments thereby . At every center to whlch he loada Kundallnl, he exper-

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