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July 14, 2017 | Author: BillMundy | Category: Inductor, Magnetic Field, Electricity, Electric Generator, Electric Current
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Paper presents the results of research into how inventors have developed generators that produce work and provide excess...


The Secret of Electric Power 1. Introduction There are a lot of controversy over how electricity is made today. Electricity is considered the single most important factor to enabling our species to survive. Without it we wouldn’t have any of the modern marvels that enable us to exist in the numbers we do at the concentrations we have or specialize and accomplish the continued wonders and developments that we pursue and enjoy. It not only enables us to be who we are, feed ourselves, educate, entertain, and communicate with each other; it is a major factor in setting the value of what we pay for the things that we do for and acquire from others. Electricity has totally changed the nature and values that we place on ourselves and those we interact with. It enables the very foundation of our culture. The low cost of electricity enabled us to rise above a “servant” and “craft guild” economy of the 1700’s into the nuclear family and industries of mass production. Now the applications of electricity into devices that augment our ability to explore, learn, communicate and teach are transitioning us out of the “knowledge guild” economy of institutional education and papered experts into the era of individual, self-taught, experts, educators and leaders. Where genius, heroes, and world leaders used to be the product of the privileges of wealth and royalty, they now spring from every corner of society. They are the product of personal pursuit of individual talents and efforts to effectively know and compete with the leaders of industry in any area of expertise. Individuals today in cultures that are electrified and wired can influence entire nations from their living rooms. They can amass fortunes that rival those of entire countries and become world famous. If you know how to use the internet, you can learn how to do or solve almost any problem today. If you don’t use electricity to its full advantage, you are falling behind and becoming out of touch and most likely obsolete. Without electricity, people as a species are headed for a major population adjustment and a cultural segmentation that rivals all the reasons for past revolutions and wars that have plagued our past. Secrets of power and influence, technology, and knowledge are available and deliver the benefit of a better life to those that have it. The motivation to electrify the rest of the world is seen as an inevitable, even necessary right for everyone who lives on earth. Unfortunately the way we make electricity today will literally cook us to death if we were to “electrify” the planet to the level that the small percentage of industrialized nations use it today. And there are those who say we won’t even be able to sustain the level we need after we end our existence getting there due to dwindling resources. The outlook of doing things the same old way doesn’t look good as electricity continues to unite the global culture and economy. Briefly the scenarios of self-destruction are already in play. Burning fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide and toxic pollutants that raise the temperature of the planet. A few more degrees (it may already be too late) and we end life on the planet as we know it. The nuclear bid had a strong run, but is now on the decline. Using nuclear power with the current

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technologies in play to dispose of nuclear waste and it’s just a question of time before we make the entire planet a radioactive wasteland. With Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, and countless military secret incidents called tests, and accidental bombings of nuclear bombs (fortunately the ones on US soil did not explode), we are well on the way to making that happen especially considering the millions of tons of hard (tens of thousands of years of natural ½ life decay substances) radioactive wastes that require constant monitoring to keep safe. Let’s face it, we can’t even keep oil from leaking from every container we’ve ever put it in, do you really believe we can contain deadly and potentially explosive radioactive materials reliably for 10,000 years (and that’s just the ½ life, we’ll still have millions of tons left for the next 10,000 years and probably 10 more periods just like that). The “experts” who claimed we could will be long gone, most likely also the governments too by the time this garbage pile cooks us all. Right now all the oceans of the world are being radiated by Fukushima’s continuing spill. And the spread from the other major disasters isn’t even being tracked. At some level the ground water systems of the world do connect. Those little atoms that infect other atoms with radiation are ultimately connected to the atoms that make up your body. Can radioactivity really be contained forever1? Solar is still a long way from being economically smart with cost of manufacture, distribution, installation, maintenance and disposal of all the broken systems. These total costs are just estimates. Those numbers are shaped to look competitive with fossil fuels. This only works as a viable solution if the cost of fossil fuels keeps going up. None of the economic projections for this technology has yet to meet a competitive level with even petrol fueled installations. That means ultimately it takes money and energy to make energy with solar power. If not in manufacture, then in installation and maintenance and disposal and cleanup of waste. Unlike refueling traditional systems you have to replace the entire power plant when solar systems wear out. And just about everything ever made will wear out exposed to direct weather the way solar must be. The other methods depend on special locations (geothermal, tidal action, wind, hydro) and vagaries of natural phenomenon. None of them deliver what we really need. Unlimited power where it is required, when it is required and at no cost beyond the equipment to generate that power with facilities that have proven useful working lives. The truth is, if you understand how electricity works and implement it properly, we can have all this. Go a little further and take the same hard look at other technology out there and we can also safely detoxify the pollution created by the antiquated methods used to make electricity in the past. But, let’s stay with making electricity for now. It is time to reveal the secrets of electricity and explain why and how it can be made available to everyone without generating heat or pollution. The cost of electricity should no


Take heart. There is a way to eliminate radioactive waste and create energy at the same time. Unfortunately, that technology is also considered a threat to social stability. It is actively being suppressed. If it had been embraced when it was demonstrated to the U.S. Congress, all three of the major power plant meltdowns could have been cleaned up as they happened. Dealing with nuclear waste or melt-downs is like doing the dishes. Keeping up with them as you go is easy. Cleaning up after years of many meals turns it into a really big job. All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

longer be leveraged like other monopolies or rare commodities enabling a limited few to profit from the essential life needs of others. At one time silk was the product of one country that guarded its secrets. The benefits available only to those willing to take great risk of travel and ultimately created vast fortunes for those who could afford taking large risks. Only the people of privilege and vast wealth could wear it. Today, silk shirts can be had by anyone with a few dollars on hand. Likewise, unlimited electricity could be available to anyone for any purpose today with the proper application of electrical generating principles.

2. A Brief History of Electricity Production Methods Electrical generation has always been a subject of the rich and powerful. Men of vision realized that providing power could make money. And money was power. In the 1800’s the race to master electricity began and anything and everything was tried and theorized using the limited technology of the day. Maxwell, Tesla, Westinghouse, Morgan, Chase, and many others through experiments and financial control of the day contributed to the work of mastering electricity and the secret war to keep it under the control of a few people. As the reach and power of electricity grew, the war spread to organizations, education, and then governments. It didn’t take long before those who had the most to gain by controlling the distribution of power understood that the way electricity was understood and taught had to conform to the way they chose to use it for making money. All those who would expose alternatives had to be silenced. The US Patent Office came on board and squashed the dreams of anyone who challenged the established paradigm and industry leaders. Even congress and the legal branches of government have played along. No one who develops a method for making electricity based on the actual natural ways to make electricity, locally for free and without pollution, can receive competitive footing with the established providers. All patents demonstrating this tech are illegal. Industries that depend on the current energy generating technologies are afraid to adopt anything that would threaten those monopolies. Today free-green energy is even considered a threat to national security. Since the 1800’s all inventors of effective power alternatives have been silenced, discredited or killed. This continues unacknowledged and unchallenged today. Deep pockets back this socially destructive movement.

The crack in the mirror Of course there are two problems with the people/powers that control the power that runs the world. They are incredibly irresponsible to their own species longevity and they are incredibly greedy. Sorry, ignore that insightful but irrelevant comment. What I meant to say is first of all, the whole show is based on a lie. You do not have to expend energy to make energy. That can be done, of course, but it is just one way to do it. One can crack the face of a mountain shearing hundreds of tons of rock right off with the power of the state change of water freezing, just as one can harvest power from the state changes possible with electricity. With electricity traveling at the speed of light, one won’t have to wait for a cold hard winter to realize the benefit.

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And the second problem is that changing to a free energy economy will end the world faster than cooking ourselves to death with global warming. Well that’s what those that kill creative geniuses tell themselves. The current method for controlling the world economies will be eliminated, for sure. And the super-rich profiteers who have amassed more money than most of the countries in the world will lose their gravy train of wealth and power. For them, it will be time to switch their portfolios over to industries that they have prevented from becoming the monopolies they built their kingdoms on. Risk will replace their absolute control over their income stream. However will they manage? It almost does sound like the end of the world for them. Even though they can’t spend all their wealth in this lifetime, they fear not gaining more. If energy becomes unlimited and free without threat to the environment, some believe the entire world economies will collapse and chaos and death will result. Seriously, like we will all want to stop living together when we find out that everything you ever wanted can now be yours, and everyone else can have what they want too without taking away from anyone else. All you have to do is work together, the energy to make it real is freely available. Money will have a new standard and not having it won’t be a situation to fear. When you can make energy for free without taking away from others or using up limited resources, you can do and have anything. I used to think that the loss in tax revenue would be a problem for the government, but not in the USA. It seems gas taxes are too low to maintain our infrastructure that provides the gas and power we use and the public structures that support it. At some level people are fed up with having their futures limited by the cost of fuel for their cars and heat for their homes. Increasing fuel taxes will be an ugly contest with the American public. A complete overhaul to a property or direct use tax is inevitable. The start is relieving the population of the cost of fuel and have them pay a fraction of those fuel costs to help support the roads and infrastructure. Turning power generators into white goods. Dismantling and recycling/cashing in on the existing power grid systems would seem like a welcome and fortunate benefit to bring the government and people together with an improvement that goes beyond win-win. Do you believe we will want to stop living when we can have what we want? What will the people of the world do when they can realize heaven on earth? Devolve into chaos? Seriously? Granted, a lot of people who feed off the old energy industries and its consequences, including war profiteers will have to find better things to do with their free time. But the fight over limited resources and problems of transportation of goods and services and manufacturing to power centers will be over2.

The reveal: A CAIN Drive Maxwell actually presented the principles of electricity fairly completely. There are some nuances of nuclear physics that indicate that electricity may be the foundation of all matter, but that’s minutia of detail. Unifying physics will expose those truths. Ultimately, 2

With free energy you can: grow food anywhere, maintain environments anywhere, even transmute elements to make anything. The knowledge and communications channels to enable cooperation can be established anywhere, with everyone. Free energy will spark a renaissance that will exceed any growth period of the past for the human race. All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

unifying physics may provide energy solutions that dwarf these methods. It is a fact that cold fusion has been accomplished by low tech inventors. Antigravity can’t be far behind. The government knows it, as the Patent Office is required to notify them directly if anyone tries to patent any devices that demonstrate anti-gravity. That of course would be foolish if anyone were to try it, regardless of their success. None of the new power technologies that have been demonstrated or patented since the ‘70’s have made it into public production. Sticking to the fundamentals and focusing on electrical generation, we can begin to modify the basic method of electrical generation that was given to us from Mr. Pixii in 1832. Adding to that, some natural behaviors of common substances (like water) will provide the compliment technology needed to clean up the mess from our past sins. Yes, we can heal the planet if we work together quickly enough. Let me jump right into free electrical generator operation. Fundamentally it is just a smart use of the two active components used in nearly every electrical circuit today. The capacitor and inductor. Both these elements are known by engineers and scientists the world over to be able to put power into a circuit. Using this tech intelligently is all this method is. Basic generators have a rotor that carries a moving set of magnets and a stator that holds a set of inductors with ferrous/magnetic-material cores to generate electricity through electromagnetic induction. Here’s how that works and what needs to be changed to make free energy. A moving magnetic field will have a physical effect on things it approaches depending on what those things are. If it is a magnetic material, the magnet will induce an alignment of magnetic field. The magnetic material will not react in any way except to be attracted to the magnet as it aligns its own random magnetic particles in alignment with the approaching magnet. This extends and greatly increases the magnetic field of the original magnet and also increases the effect of the changing magnetic field which now extends around the entire magnetic material core. There are some really interesting effects that magnetic fields have that electric fields do not. Maxwell figured out the math that tied the two together and relativistic and quantum physics both put the two fields together as a conjoined process, one happens and the other follows. But, a very important point is that magnetic fields do not cancel, they do not join. They bend and blend. Sure they repel, but they do not cancel. Electric fields on the other hand join and cancel. One can link the two, magnetic fields and electric fields, together and express one as the other, but when it comes to making energy out of these physical differences, you have to keep it straight as to what is going on and not express one phenomenon as the other, before the transition happens. Cutting things short has been the way electrical circuit design for power and transformers has been done since the 1800’s. Even though the stark contradictions that highlight this failure have been identified, nothing was done to change the practice. It has been left to the creative and more unified thinkers of the day to see through this façade of mathematical convenience. Faced with these facts, many of the classically trained

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mathematically faithful electrical engineers and physicists still don’t believe the facts3. The changing magnetic field (changing because the magnet approaches) creates an electric field. This has no effect on the magnetic material, as it is non-reactive to the electric field. The electric charges are all bound and balanced within. But the magnetic field is easily realigned, not changed in total, just lined up for strong effect. No real energy (although it is true there is some work done, the amount is insignificant to what follows) is required to do this with the magnetic material core. In fact the effect has always done more work by pulling the two parts together. The force of attraction that is generated as the fields join together is well known and greatly surpasses the “heating effects” of aligning the magnetic fields. So the magnetic fields aligning, expanding and increasing in density generate an electric field. The magnetic field does this as it changes, amplified over 1,000 times from the approaching magnet by the magnetically susceptible core. A very powerful, electric field is generated that depends on the rate of change of the magnetic field. This energy is a natural response and expression of the materials coming together. Like the power of flowing water over a fall. The patent office and academicians have not questioned the power of falling water, something they can see; however, the power of a speed of light field transformation remains a point of disbelief with the USPO. When you wrap a conductor around the magnetic material core, the conductor will respond to the electric field created by the changing magnetic field and start to move negative charged particles, the electric charges that conductors conduct. The changing magnetic field has very little effect on the conductor. This coiled conductor is called an inductor, and the electrical flow is the result of induction. As Maxwell and thousands of others have affirmed, the power transferred is proportional to the number of coils. They use the coil count to determine the voltage transferred across a transformer, but that’s skipping a step. It’s not transferring voltage, its delivering current. Every charge particle sitting in the conductor feels the force of the changing electric field from the core. They all immediately begin to move, and slam directly into the reverse (remember cancelled) field that was holding those charges where they were. The voltage leaps ahead of the current, or so it seems. Inductors all lag their current in the total power flow by 90ᴼ behind the voltage when standard sign waves are working. So it’s pretty


It has been demonstrated that in a simple circuit powered by a voltage source that the voltage drop across two resistors of different values will add to the value of the voltage source. Or as Kirchhoff’s law states, the three elements in the circuit sum to zero. If you remove the voltage source, shorting it out, and induce an equivalent current from an inductor in the middle of this same loop, the voltage drop now depends on which resistor you measure across, as the voltage will still sum to the expected value of the power source, but the point of measurement will be identical in both measurements because the inductor is not physically connected to the circuit. Kirchhoff’s law will not apply. Looking at the equivalent, mathematically true value of the voltage generated by the inductor fails to explain what is going on. It is counter intuitive, even causing some to question their sanity. Staying with the field interaction and the instantaneous current that is generated at every point in the circuit clarifies the result and restores sanity. The voltage drops measured are field-current driven, not equivalent voltage driven. This sly but significant detail is the secret to free energy. All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

clear why voltage is the topic of transformers and generators, it’s the first thing an engineer can measure. In normal typical generators, that means that immediately the charges flow through the coil. As they move, they generate a reverse magnetic field4. Although the actual mathematics of how much energy is transferred appears complex (differential vector calculus with consideration of bulk atomic functions and wave theory including static magnetic fields, moving fields, changing current density within the conductor, and the effect of the changing electric field in the inductor, stuff you learn in graduate school), suffice it to say the current flow generating its own magnetic field in the opposite direction of the magnetic core that provided the electric field completely overpowers the magnetic field induced by the magnet in the magnetic material core. All that magnification of the magnetic field within the core, a relatively effortless event for the core, ends up making a really powerful counter magnetic field as those free moving charges in the conductor do their effortless thing of being pushed around freely. (The definition of a conductor.) The magnetic fields, going both directions in the coil do virtually nothing to the conductor. They flow and push each other as they will (they don’t cancel) but with the massive charge flow in the conductor changing immediately, the changing reverse polarity magnetic field that is generated pushes all the way back to the approaching magnet, making the power cranking the rotor do a LOT of work. A lot more power is now flowing in the system than what it took to get it moving. The specific nature of magnetic and conductive elements have been exploited similar to how a battery uses different potentials of various substances to provide power. At this point, with this design, the exploitation is self-defeating. All that free energy is being consumed fighting itself because those early inventors did not think it through as to what was really going on. (OK, Tesla and others did, but they failed to get the word out past those hell bent on making a fortune by keeping free energy from the public.) A huge amount of energy has already been generated, most likely through the leverage of simply aligning the magnetic particles in the core of the inductor without the blowback of an electric field because all those atomic magnets are electrically neutral. A good metaphor would be like the power you get when you align the wavelengths of light. Lasers can focus a lot of power. Magnetic materials wrapped by a coil of wire can focus a lot of power from a moving magnet. But the reverse magnetic field pushing back now requires the originator of the spinning rotor to work past all that amplified power to keep moving the magnet in a progressive path 4

One way to look at this is to see that electric fields are always at right angles to magnetic fields. And always in the same direction. So a magnetic field creates an electric field, moving in one direction 90 degrees. That electric field creates a magnetic field at right angles moving in the same direction, so now it opposes the first magnetic field as it has been turned a full 180 degrees from its original direction. This happens in every traveling wave of electromagnetic radiation. All those illustrations of upright waves for radio and light are wrong. The wave is always twisting too. Even as it travels in conductors. Collectively, coiled around a core, it has one magnetic field aligned in a direction against the incoming magnetic field. Flowing around it and turning the magnetically compliant particles in the core. Turning that amplified effect against the magnet. All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

and to keep the current flowing. This is because the coil now re-aligns the core to join with it making a reverse magnetic field and pushes against the approaching magnet. All the leverage we gained, is now working against the function of generating electricity. This is the primary inefficiency of electric generators. This is the work that is done to make electricity. This should be the primary point of focus for anyone wishing to increase the efficiency of a generator. But it has been completely overlooked until the 1970’s, and denied as viable since then.

Let’s hypothesize like nobody’s in denial What if that electric field didn’t flow current in the inductor right away? No change in the electric field from charge movement, no reverse magnetic field. Then it would not slow the approaching magnet and work would be reduced or eliminated from this process. That would be possible if there was a reverse component to the inductor. A component that caused the voltage to lag the current. Not eliminating, but delaying the creating of the reverse magnetic field by setting a delay in the current flow through the inductor. If only the induced voltage change could be absorbed in a localized field within the inductor, without charges moving. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Now let’s look at common components Of course every engineer knows a capacitor does just this. If there was a capacitor in the coil of wire. (You might call it a flux capacitor, storing the magnetic flux as an electric field in a capacitor. But you wouldn’t be able to travel in time. Since that term is taken and would be misleading, I’m in favor of calling it a CAIN drive. Since the physical effect is to contract the charges, let’s contract the two circuit element names: Taking CA from capacitor and IN from inductor. Metaphorically joining the two letter groups internally without the interference of extraneous letters or electrical components.) What if the inductor actually had some intrinsic capacitance? Then, when the electric field engaged, current would not run round the coil and create a reverse magnetic field, it would instead accumulate in the capacitance, remaining as an electric field. Once the intrinsic capacitance was charged to saturation, the current would then flow as usual because the capacitance is just an artifact of the coil construction: parasitic and temporary. But, this would have delayed the creation of the reverse magnetic field by the amount of time it would take to charge the capacitance. And the magnet would be able to approach the inductor unopposed, still riding on the native attraction. This is fantastic! In fact it is unbelievable that the major excuse for charging money has been the result of casual and grossly inefficient engineering design. Or perhaps it was just an overzealous mathematical approach to engineering that simplified the transformation of formulae in the face of actual function that was properly explained by Maxwell. Note the units of energy transferred into the coil are not volts, the measure of voltage. It is Ampere-turns. The measure of current. Keeping the two separate and considering how best to manage them to best advantage just never seems to have come up in over 100 years of use. Or did it, only to be suppressed? No real work required besides overcoming the slip friction of the bearings. But there is still that push on the magnet which has only been delayed. Time it right, with the proper amount of capacitance in tune with the rotational speed of the magnet rotor and now it’s pushing the magnet along. A large amount of electricity would be collected with an assisted pull

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as the magnet rotor approached and push as the magnet rotor receded away from the magnetic material stator. This would amount to more electricity than what it would take to sustain the momentum of the spinning magnets. That of course means “free” energy. With the capacitance charged, the inductor would now be generating that reverse magnetic field that pushes against the magnet as the magnet is moving past the inductor and receding. This would give the magnet a helpful push, actually putting energy back into the rotation. So current still flows, just phase shifted a bit, to actually drive the magnets rather than oppose them. And if you balance it right, the generator may power itself. At the very least, the energy to drive it would be much less than the energy it generated and self-powering with a little of the energy output would be possible. The rest of the cycle is just a continuation of this first ½ of the process. Alternating North-South pole magnets generating clean sign wave alternating power. Just like any other generator in operation today. Note, that one could start with a motor and turn it into a generator that also motored when it rotated fast enough to reach the frequency of the CAIN drive. Modifying a battery powered motor in this way would make it self-charging provided it got to run fast enough during operation. This of course could be accomplished by gearing (with a transmission, like normal vehicles), or by design (as in fixed rotational motors like generators, vacuums and lawn mowers). There are some considerations, as with power today the phase of that power can be shifted by the loads it powers. Power companies know this, and it’s a real issue. What you plug into your generator becomes part of the circuit. Adding inductance and capacitance can really mess with your efficiency and increase your losses of power. Your electrical utility monitors how you load their power and inserts capacitance or inductance into their output within seconds of you plugging something in to maintain proper balance and efficiency. This generator would need similar conditioning or potentially could engage a load that may cause it to stop, not just run less efficient. But that is a small price to pay for pollution free, zero carbon footprint energy. The entire grid could be dismantled and power locally produced. Production could be on the equipment or in the facility. Power plants (small CAIN drive motor-generators) tuned to the specific applications would solve the dynamic and accelerating need for power conditioning. Very quick response to need for more power could be done with reasonable lead times to manufacture units. Not the current standard of years of strategic planning for massive power generating stations and long distance tower, pole, cabling, substations, and the like to electrify new businesses and new populations. At this point, one may find the whole idea unbelievable. Such a simple change in the manufacture of electrical generators and the whole industry of power is turned upside down. How can that be? Think back to the 1970’s. How could the internet replace phones, faxes, mail, television, and enable automatic-remote management of every electrical device? Some of you probably still have personal letters in a shoebox somewhere. When’s the last time you wrote a personal letter to a loved one? This is not that improbable. Don’t tell me you believe everything you’ve ever been taught or promised by educators and politicians? Do they even know what they’re talking about? All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

Believe it. Besides, it has been done at least twice already. Both by guys working in their homes alone. Both the inventors are still alive. (Not to take away from the double benefit of motors that generate power; but there have also been countless others who have used the same basic principle to modify transformers and electromagnets to amplify power. Some5 even have demonstrated free energy using simple transformer designs with manipulation of those non-cancelable magnetic fields in magnetic materials, tapping the circulating magnetic fields that do not cancel back and forth between coils to created focused electric fields that don’t push back against the incoming magnetic fields in the transformer loop. The moving charges only flow through the conductors, they actually come from the devices using the power, not the generators famed at producing the power. This is well documented, transformers are also used to isolate electrical circuits. It does this because the power on one side is not directly connected to the power on the other side. I’m sure a USPO clerk hasn’t been in office who could understand this phenomenon since Albert Einstein worked there. Measuring power at the transformer beyond the fields that move the charges is completely misdirecting the actual function of the transformer to inspire the work, not supply the energy for it. But if you do it typically, as it is done, it will make work for that generator. I have no excuse for the lack of understanding of the academic community. It’s something that is low tech in implementation, but not understanding the physics, even by the inventors, and the suppression of the technology has kept this second golden goose from gaining it’s wings and taking flight.)

3. Examples of CAIN drive designs This theory and function has been most recently explained and demonstrated by Thane C. Heins, in his patent application for his “ReGenX” coil. This is an inductor coil with windings designed to increase the intrinsic capacitance, completely contrary to standard inductor design and manufacture. However, since he generates more energy than the device runs on with his prototype, he is being denied a patent. The industry experts working for the patent office admit it works, but insist it should not. No “over unity” or “perpetual motion” devices can receive patent protection. Thane demonstrated and explained why and how a simple modification in tooling, and free green energy is available from any generator or motor manufacturer today. Joe Newman in the late ‘70’s demonstrated the same effect with a different design approach. He constructed a coil so large that it stored the charge as a capacitor by opening the circuit before the induced charge could leave the coil6. This produced the same effect described above. He too was denied a patent for his system which ran on dead, non-rechargeable 5

Thane C Heins has another patent on a bitoroid transformer, but its and idea that has been put forward by many others before him. His application has not been approved on the basis of being over unity (again!). 6 His rudimentary motor with a wire and spindle commutator switched a DC voltage drive before the collected current, traveling at the speed of light could complete the trip back to his power source. No current flow, no back magnetic pulse. DC power travels with multiple harmonics. The spread of frequencies probably made it easier for the Patent Engineers to blow up Joe’s prototype with resonance the way they did. Heins’ design is single frequency AC, less susceptible to resonance interference. All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

batteries. A bonus of his generator which not only ran an electric pump, and lights, it spun a very large flywheel and fan while recharging the batteries. It seems disposable batteries are actually rechargeable7. Joe’s induction motor design was very inefficient. He copied one of the first ever invented in the early 1800’s, showing the promise that way more energy can be produced with a modern generator design system if modified in his way or as described above. One reason Joe was denied a patent is he presented the reason for its function with his own intuitive description of what was happening. He was a weight lifter, not a physicist. His intuitive theory didn’t conform to accepted electrical theory. Thane Heins clearly describes this function with the language of electrical engineering in his patent application. This conforms to common circuit design theory and rests on performance achieved in other circuit applications of similar components. It clearly is a mystery beyond the reasoning of circuit design why this has not been applied within a generator earlier. The method of manipulating the phase of current flow is used extensively in the distribution of power throughout the global power grid systems. One might be drawn to consider the power of greed over the integrity of man. Thane C. Heins has already worked out the details for implementing this system in an electric car. He has demonstrated with a table mounted power train from an electric car that his ReGenX Coil will charge its own batteries while accelerating the motor to highway speeds, just like it was designed to do when you apply the brakes. Electric cars with unlimited range are immediately viable. No auto manufacturer will work with Thane to produce such cars. The power of oil is absolute over the auto industry world wide. Even Tesla Motors won't touch it after investing in a charging corridor from coast to coast. Tesla Motors publicly opened their motor and power train patent portfolio to the public, hoping others would join them in their commitment to charge cars or swap battery packs every two to three hundred miles of driving.

Be Here Now But now you have it too. The secret to making free energy. Just like water against the wheel, or bubbles against the inverted bucket or wind against the sail, you too could now build a free energy generator if you worked with electric and magnetic fields made by different natural sources put together in a way to take advantage of how these fields interact. Those other natural systems (geothermal, wind, water, and bubbles) produce so much free energy that they all can turn a common electrical generator and make electricity in the common manner first demonstrated by Pixii in 1832, which you can now see was not an optimal design. Of course geothermal, wind, and water systems require special locations and the cooperation of nature. That means expensive and delicate distribution systems and power storage facilities between the generators and users. ROSCH AG is selling units that bubble air in a vertical water tank. The three phase European compliant generating system comes with the special conditioning circuits to manage any loading a home can throw at it. It truly is a selfpowered generating power plant using standard inefficient generator tech. It runs itself quietly in the basement of your home without polluting. No risk of nuclear death and mutation, no damage to the atmosphere, no noise, no risk of brown or blackout, proven reliable components. Free-green energy and reduced cost manufacturing is now a distinct market 7

High voltage very brief pulses may be the secret. Joe, not being an engineer has not exploited this side effect of his “Big Bertha” generating motor. All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

advantage for Germany. The free power race has begun. The German manufacturing industries now have access to a competitive advantage over every labor intensive industry in the world. If they chose to, they could give China a run for their money in low cost manufacturing with fully automated production, or Chile and Mexico a run for their markets in produce with cost free climate controlled green houses. Honest work is a good thing, unless it’s based on a false belief that it has to be done.

4. The Future The future is in your hands. Apparently legislation requiring this technology will be the only way it will ever come into common use. Issues of tax revenue losses and the redistribution of wealth as well as the impact to competitive manufacturing and transportation will impact nearly every facet of our society. So far, industry has owned our government and has cooperatively supported their mutual greed at the expense of the people and environment. Will the people assert their will and protect the future habitat for our generations to come? How long will we continue to sell the future of our species for the rewards of exploiting people needlessly for the benefit of the few superrich power oligarchs? It will only change if we all work together. Can we share the vision and realize what is now within our grasp and work together to create heaven on earth? I understood a long time ago that there are two things that keep any of us from succeeding. One is skill, the application of knowledge. The other is motivation, the desire to apply that skill. You now have the knowledge. Will you develop the skill and motivation to save the planet for our future descendants? The choice is yours. Working together we clearly have the skill to make the products and transform the infrastructure that we have today to clean, free and abundant energy. Can we harmonize our motivation the way a magnet motivates the core of a CAIN drive? If we do, we surely will get more out of the effort than we put into it. Guaranteed. It’s in our nature and the nature of a CAIN drive.

All rights reserved © 2015 Bill Mundy.

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