The Pua Dark Arts Manual

July 24, 2017 | Author: Erik U | Category: Hypnosis, Human Sexual Activity, Vagina, Orgasm, Chakra
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This manual describes some controversial psychological and sexual techniques....


The PUA Dark Arts Manual


The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


Agreement READ THIS PAGE FIRST This manual describes some controversial psychological and sexual techniques. The author of this manual is not a doctor or a psychologist. These can be powerful techniques, and you agree only to use them on willing, consensual participants. Sex can be a dangerous activity. Always engage in safe sex if you choose to have sex, and do not engage in sex if it will be physically unsafe. Consult a health professional before deciding to engage in any sexual activity. Only use the information in this manual on consenting partners. Engaging in sexual activity with a reluctant or unwilling partner (or anyone who cannot give legal consent) is a criminal offense. In addition, state laws vary: some sexual activities, even between consenting adults, are illegal in certain jurisdictions. Do not break the law. By reading this manual, you agree that that you have read and understand this, and that neither the author of the manual, nor are responsible for your use of this knowledge. You assume full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. If you do not agree to this in full, return this manual for a refund. Please use this information responsibly, and remember the credo of the Pickup Artist – Always leave her better than you found her.

The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


INTRODUCTION Hypnosis. Mind Control. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Forbidden sexual techniques. These are the Pickup Artist’s Dark Arts. The following are some of the most coveted and most powerful techniques in the PUA world. You hold in your hands great power, but with great power comes great responsibility. Use these techniques wisely. Hypnosis. “Hypnosis” which comes from the Greek word for “sleep” is a trancelike state resembling sleep that heightens the subject's receptivity to suggestion. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in a prospective PUA’s kit, because it renders the subject open to suggestion, and therefore allows the hypnotist to create powerful feelings of attraction or connection. However, in order to truly hypnotize a subject, they must agree to the hypnosis. In addition, being a successful hypnotist requires many of the same skills as being a successful Pickup Artist, such as having confidence and a deep resonant voice. If you can master these skills, the patterns in this manual will allow you to create a powerful, nearly instant hypnotic state. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Unlike hypnosis, which requires your subject’s consent, NLP can subtly influence, or exert suggestive influence on a subject without their knowledge. For instance, take the following sentence: “While that road can lead you in a new direction, I feel that it is below me.” While The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


seemingly harmless, the subconscious mind heard “While that road can lead you in a nude erection, I feel that it is blow me.” At first this seems laughably simple, and unimpressive. We’ve all been giggling at the teacher saying that the homework would be long and hard since we were little kids. The power of NLP lies in the ability of the practitioner to consciously lead the subject’s mind into forbidden sexual thoughts, without the subject ever being consciously aware. This is amplified by using hypnotic techniques that strengthen and lock-in these feelings. The following is a crash course in some of these techniques. 1. Trance Words. “Trance Words” are the individual words that an individual chooses to use, when describing how they are feeling. For instance, if I asked you to describe how you felt when you were engaged in your favorite activity, you might describe it as “a great feeling where all my troubles melt away, and I just feel safe and secure.” The phrases “melt away” “safe” and “secure” would be your trance words. By repeating a person’s trance words back to them, you build a powerful connection, and summon up intense emotions. An NLP practitioner attempting to create such a connection would say something like “let yourself experience that great feeling, where you are completely safe and secure. And you are so safe and secure that you troubles are just melting away, and the feeling of security is overwhelming.” 2. Anchoring. An “Anchor” is anytime you take a psychological state or feeling, and tie it to something else. Have you ever gotten the flu The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


after eating a certain food? What happens? All of a sudden the very thought of that food makes you sick. The food itself didn’t make you sick. You didn’t make a conscious decision never to eat it again. Subconsciously however, you anchored terrible feelings with the food itself. The physiological feelings became inexorably tied to the physical object. Anchoring can be done purposefully, anchoring positive feelings to yourself (by gesturing to yourself, touching, or even telling her to anchor), or negative feelings to another (by gesturing away, or looking away for example). Here is an easy way to practice anchoring – next time you are talking with a woman, touch her lightly on her elbow every time you share a happy moment or a laugh. Later in the night, after performing this several times, touch her again in that exact spot as you look into her eyes, and watch the expression on her face light up. 3. Tension Loops. A “Tension Loop” is sort of psychological rollercoaster that we experience when we are quickly thrown between two contrasting emotional states, resulting in an intense emotion. Pickup artists use a lightweight version of this technique all the time, complimenting and girl, and then negging her, calling her then ignoring her, etc. Heavyweight tension loops involve bringing your subject between two opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, from heat to cold, from love to hate, from affection to a freeze out. Tension loops enthrall your subject and draw her toward you.

The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


4. Synesthesia. “Synesthesia” is a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color. To make it simpler imagine playing a very old computer game, in black and white, with no sound. Now imagine playing a game in color, with rich visuals. Now imagine adding sound to it. Now imagine the game with rich visuals, surround sound, and every time you fire your gun in the game, you can feel the kickback from your controller’s vibration feature. Which would be the most engrossing? Every time another sense is added, the experience becomes much more intense and immersive. This principle is used in NLP by meshing the sound of your voice, with bright visualizations, with touch-based anchors, to create powerful feelings and emotions. 5. Symbology. “Symbology” is that idea that the mind thinks in symbols. After all, did you just sound out each word in this sentence phonetically, or did your mind recognize the word, and extract a meaning from it before you were even visually aware of all the individual letters? This idea can be used in NLP by giving the mind symbols to represent feelings, and then manipulating those feelings by manipulating the symbol itself. Forbidden Sexual Techniques. The forbidden sexual techniques described in this manual were traditionally handed down from teacher to student. Most people are not aware of even a small percentage of the sexual power and energy that they have, and the following techniques are but a few of the ways to tap into these amazing reservoirs. These The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


techniques are real. They work. All you need to do is believe. The following should only be used with consenting adults…

SECTION 1 – SEXUAL TECHNIQUES I. The Energy Sphere Orgasm Pattern

Introduction The point of this pattern is to give a woman an orgasm by using nothing but the sound of your voice. This is an incredibly powerful pattern that can even work over the phone, although it is recommended that it is performed in person. The more senses that you can engage at once, the easier patterns like this will be. Therefore, the ideal environment for this pattern to be performed would be in a place that is warm, dark, comfortable, and pleasant smelling. Your bedroom should do fine. Create a comfortable environment by providing a comfortable bed, dimming the lights, putting on soft background music/nature sounds, and lighting aromatic candles. You will use the following tools to give you woman an orgasm: (1) The sound of your voice, (2) Her own imagination, guided by you, (3) Her memories of previous orgasms, guided by you, and (4) Her feelings of security that you create by providing a comfortable environment, and by taking charge of the interaction. Sexual Energy The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


An orgasm is both a physiological and a psychological event. It occurs in both the body and in the mind. The connection between these two realms is energy. Physical stimulation or harm can affect your mental state – imagine the sense of wellbeing you feel after a perfect Swedish massage, or the sense mental unease you feel after spending time cooped up in an airplane after a long ride. Likewise, your mental state can affect your physical body – consider the placebo effect, taking a sugar pill can either cure or cause numerous different physical conditions, depending on what you subjectively think the pill is supposed to do. This pattern is designed to create and stimulate mental energy, and transmute that into physical energy, in the form of an orgasm. Chakra “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” and they represent the seven wheel-like vortices, or force-centers which exist in the physical body. They are the seven centers of spiritual energy. Hindu mystics were the first to recognize the power of these energy centers, but more and more modern medicines have begun to embrace them. From the top of the body to the bottom, the seven chakras are: 1. Crown Chakra – Located at the very top of the head. 2. Third Eye Chakra – Located in the middle of the forehead, above the eyes. 3. Throat Chakra – Located in the middle of the throat. 4. Heart Chakra – Located in the center of the chest. 5. Solar Plexus Chakra – Located where the ribs come together in the front. 6. Sacral Chakra – Located in the lower belly. The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


7. Root Chakra – Located at the root of her spine, in the genital area.

Preparing to Deliver the Pattern There are a few important things to remember that are key to performing this pattern successfully. 1. Lead Confidently. When performing this pattern, even for the first time, it is important that you convey that this is a technique that works. It does. Do not approach this as an experiment, or as something that might work. Show confidence in yourself, and in your The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


technique, and she will naturally follow you. And remember, even if it does not work the first time, you will have given her a wonderful experience, and chances are you will have made her extremely horny, and can proceed to give her an orgasm the old fashioned way. 2. Speak Seductively. Since you will not be touching your woman, your only tool for interacting with her will be your voice. Speak S L O W L Y. Speak in a deep, rhythmic, and hypnotic tone. But be aware not to speak in a monotone. If your voice is not naturally like this, practice it on your own first. 3. Have a Connection. This pattern works best when you already have a significant connection with the woman you wish to use it with. If you are looking for patterns to get attraction in the first place, read the other sections. The Pattern Begin by bringing your woman to a comfortable and safe place, where the two of you can relax and be intimate. When things start to escalate, say the following. You don’t need to say it word for word, but the exact speech that I give you definitely works, and I have used it successfully with many women: “I can tell that you are a very sensual person, and I would like to explore your sexual side. How would you like it if I told you I could make you orgasm without even touching you?” [She expresses interest] “I can do this for you, but you need to agree to two things, one you need to trust me, and follow my directions, although I promise you will enjoy everything that I ask you to do. Second, you are not allowed to touch me, and I am not allowed to touch you. As The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


much as you might like to touch me, and to feel our skin pressed up against one another, it is forbidden. Can you agree to those two things?” [She agrees] “Okay, do you know what sexual energy spots are? Human beings have seven “Chakras” or sexual energy spots. Focusing your energy on these spots can give you intense pleasure, and channel the energy of your body. You have seven spots where the energy in your body is centered, the crown at the peak of your head, the third-eye in the middle of your forehead, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral in your lower belly, and the root, at the base of your spine and in your pussy.” [This next step is very important. You are going to anchor her feelings of having an orgasm to her breathing.] “I want you to think back to the last time you had a powerful orgasm. Relive that moment. Allow yourself go back in time, and remember the feelings that your body felt. Allow yourself to go deep, deep back to that moment. Feel the energy in your body, in your stomach, and in your pussy. Now allow yourself to remember how you were breathing. Let yourself feel and experience that breathing now. Let yourself experience what it was like to breathe like that as you experienced that orgasm. Now open your eyes, and breathe just like that.” [Now we need to anchor this feeling to a physical sensation. You can anchor it to anything. For this demonstration, I will anchor it to a simple sensation, but you could anchor it to anything, to your touch, to her touching her pussy, whatever you would like.]

The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


“Now as you breathe like this, and feel what it was like to experience this wonderful orgasm, I want you to take all of this amazing pleasure, and sensual energy, and seal it up. Clench your fists tightly, and feel this energy being stored there. Now that this energy is stored there you can unclench you fists. And as you unclench your fists, you can feel your breathing returning to normal. In fact it feels relaxing to have your breathing return to normal, and now that your fists are unclenched, you can breathe deeply in and out, and feel how relaxing it is.” [Now that we have anchored this feeling, it is time to stimulate her seven Chakras.] “Now, tell me what your ultimate sexual fantasy is, for me it is (and describe your sexual fantasy here, nothing too perverse or crazy, but describe a sexual scenario, what environment you would like (In public? On a beach? Near a warm fire on a rainy night? Pick somewhere exciting but safe).” [Allow her to describe her ideal situation, so that she will subconsciously put herself in her fantasy situation.] “Wow, that sounds amazing. Now Imagine yourself right there, in your ideal situation…” [But don’t just say “in your ideal situation” but use the actual words she used to describe it. This is extremely important. These are her “trance words” and they are important to her fantasy. Go into detail, telling her to imagine herself in this fantasy situation, and describe the environment in detail, using her trance words.] [Now it’s time to introduce the energy spheres] Now as you think about this, let yourself imagine that some of that energy in your hands comes out, and

The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


forms a little glowing sphere. Tell me what color that energy ball is, and how t feels. [She will describe it, take note of the word that she uses to describe its feeling, for this example we will assume she described it as “red” and “warm.”] “Now imagine that ball of glowing red, warm energy travels to the very top of your head. You can feel that warmth gently caressing the top of your head, and the warm red glow travels across your head, and down your hair.” “Now let yourself feel how nice this feels. Let yourself feel the sexual energy coming from this red ball, as it swirls around the top of your head. It feels very sensual, like the feeling of someone gently tugging at your hair.” [Spend as much time as is necessary describing the ball, and how it feels. You can move on when it appears that she is really imagining it.] “And as you experience this sexual energy, it makes the ball glow brighter, and move down to your forehead. As it reaches your forehead, it changes color to pink. You feel it gently caress your forehead, like a perfect, gentle kiss right on your brow. And you notice that as your breath in… and breath out… the glowing ball of pink light grows brighter, like glowing embers in the wind. And as it glows brighter with each breath, you feel it’s warm energy wash over your forehead, laying soft, sensual kisses.” “Now that ball of energy moves down to your throat, and as it moves down, it glows brighter, and becomes larger. And as this warm glowing sphere reaches your throat, it changes color once again, and now it glows white, brighter than ever. You let yourself feel the sexual energy that it gives off, and the warm tingly energy from this glowing ball tickles, and feel like warm The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


kisses on the nape of your neck. As your breath in and out, the energy ball glows brighter, and swirls around and around your neck, and the energy resonates like a million little kisses.” “Now the ball of energy becomes red, and moves down to the center of your chest, radiating out from your heart, and filling your chest with warm vibrations and energy. The sensual energy of the sphere feels like a warm tongue on your nipples, and you almost feel a shiver of pleasure, and its warm light grows brighter and brighter with each breath you take.” “Now the ball of energy, glowing brighter than ever, changes color to purple and glides down to your stomach. With each breath it glows brighter, and it swirls around your lower belly, like a tongue leaving gentle kisses. The ball of energy moves from you upper belly, to your lower belly, and its warm energy feels like a warm tongue swirling around and licking your belly button. As you breathe in and out you feel the energy glowing brighter, and if fills your belly. “Now this big, glowing, ball of purple sensual energy is just aching to move inside your pussy. It wants to go there so badly. You let it. As this big, throbbing ball of energy slowly moves inside of you, it changes back to red, but bigger, brighter, warmer, and move powerful than ever before. Now squeeze your fists together, and as your breathing becomes faster, and faster, you feel the energy ball penetrate you more and more completely. As you breathing becomes faster, you feel the ball of energy lick your pussy, and fill your pussy with the most amazing sensation. As you squeeze you fists tightly, the ball of energy gets bigger and bigger, until it feels like it going to explode. The energy is so big, it feels so good pulsing inside of you, it gets bigger and bigger. As you clench you fists, you are breathing like The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


the last time you had an orgasm, and you let the ball of energy EXPLODE, and the energy travels throughout your entire body. It courses from your pussy to your belly, up to your heart, your throat, and out the top of your head. You let yourself go, and you let yourself cum and this wonderful ball of energy explodes through every cell in your body. As you squeeze your hands together you feel very, fucking, horny. Now open your eyes.” [She should be very horny at this point, but don’t touch her yet.] “Now I want you to give this energy a symbol, for instance, I see mine as a heart.” [Let her tell you her symbol.] “Now, squeeze your hands together, and let yourself breath like you were did the last time you had an orgasm.” [Note: The breathing is very important.] “Now as you breathe like this picture your symbol. Picture it in your mind’s eye. Now look into my eyes and picture this [symbol] getting bigger and bigger. As your breathing gets faster, picture your symbol getting bigger and bigger, until it just EXPLODES!” [Orgasm!]

II. The Secret Spot Technique

Introduction The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


Unlike the other techniques in the manual, this is not a spoken technique, but a physical one. This technique will instruct you on how to give a woman a powerful orgasm in a way she has probably never had before. The Technique There are four primary ways to give a woman an orgasm. (1) Psychologically (as discussed above), (2) Clitoral stimulation, (3) G-Spot Stimulation, and (4) Secret-Spot stimulation. You have already learned to give a woman an orgasm using her mind. The clitoris is located towards the top of the vagina, and can be stimulated by rubbing it lightly with a wet finger or tongue. The G-Spot is located 1 to 2 inches inside the vagina, on the top wall, and can be stimulated by inserting a wet finger and making a “come here” motion with your finger. All of these can be great fun, but what 99% of men don’t know is that there is another powerful pleasure-inducing spot in the female genitaila. The “Secret Spot” is located towards the very back of the vagina. You can find it by inserting a wet finger into your woman’s vagina, sliding it back along the top wall. The secret spot is located at the very back. You will know you have found it when the vaginal cavity slightly increases in size, and the top wall will become smoother, and more firm. It will feel concave, sort of like the underside of a dinner-plate, or Frisbee. This is the secret spot. Depending on the woman, you may be able to reach it easily, or you may have to bury your entire finger. To stimulate the secret spot, rub against the top wall (the part that feels like the underside of the plate/Frisbee) with a fair amount of pressure. If it is comfortable for you both to do so, insert a second The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


finger and rub up and to the side, separating your fingers into a ‘Y’ shape as you go. Obviously only continue if this is pleasurable for the woman. You will know that you are successful if you start feeling things becoming extremely wet. Continue rubbing like this, and you can bring your woman to orgasm in a way she has never experienced before.

SECTION 2 – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) I. The NovemberMan Sequence

Introduction This forbidden NLP technique uses Anchors and Tension Loops to create an incredibly strong connection between you and a woman in an incredibly short amount of time. How to Perform the Sequence The essence of the NovemberMan sequence is using tension loops and anchoring to break down a woman into two parts, associating the good parts with yourself, and the bad parts with things other than yourself. Anchors are more powerful the more senses they engage. Therefore to anchor things to yourself you will: 1. Point to yourself casually (visual) 2. Use specific words (audio) 3. Touch her in a specific place (touch)

The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


To anchor things away from yourself, you will: 1. Look away 2. Use specific words (audio) 3. Brush her away (touch) This technique can be used early on after meeting a woman, and does not require a preexisting connection. You can even segue into it from a conversational standpoint. The Sequence Step 1 – Break her Personality Down into Parts “Do you think that most men understand women? I think that most men think that they understand women, or at least have a pretty good idea about them, but I don’t feel like they really do understand.” “I believe that most women really have two sides to them, don’t you? The first side is the public side, the side that everyone sees. This is the side that has to play different roles. This side is [insert her name here] the daughter, [name] the student, or [name] the [something else you know about her]. But these are just roles. The way this person acts is programmed by society. Sometimes we all have to behave in certain ways, or play certain roles, but it’s not who we are underneath.” “The other side is the natural woman. The natural woman is a sexual creature who has fantasies, and deep passionate thoughts. She exists in a natural state, so it is natural for her feel sexy, to want sex, to be wild, and passionate.”

The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


[While describing the natural woman, create a physical anchor by touching her gently in a particular spot, usually part of her arm.] “But we live in a public world, where women have to put on a public face. They have to lock up their natural side in order to fit into the roles that society forces on us, and it takes a special person to find that key that can unlock the passions of the natural woman.” [Create a negative anchor when talking about the public woman by either looking away slightly, or making a subtle “brush off” motion with your hands.] [Subtly point to yourself as you say “special person.” Continue to do this, mixed in with firing off the positive anchor when talking about this person.] “But every once in a while you meet this special person who unlocks that hidden natural side. You don’t quite know what it is about this special person, but it’s like you can just see this face, and you know that this person is special, and that he holds the key to unlocking your wild, passionate, natural side.” [Use the word “this” to refer to your self subtly.] Step 2 – Use Tension Loops to Exciter Her Emotions “But the contrast between these two sides can be interesting. I think that contrast can give us insights into truths about ourselves. For example, have you ever taken a sauna, and then jumped in an ice cold lake?” “You should try it. My uncle has a cabin on Lake Tahoe, and on cold winter nights we like to strip down to our skivvies and jump in the sauna. My uncle is kind of crazy, so he likes to stoke it until it is burning hot. It gets so hot that you can’t even move, or breathe The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


because the heat that will wash over you is so intense. And just when you are so hot you think you are going to pass out, you jump out, run through the snow, and jump into the icy lake. And we’re talking icy freezing cold. And what do you think you feel? It’s the most refreshing feeling in the world, and it gives you clarity of thought that you have never felt before. And then of course you run back inside the sauna, and you warm right up again.” Step 3 – Introduce a Feeling of Loss [Now that you anchored positive feelings to yourself, and taken her on an emotional roller coaster, it’s time to make her value you.] “It’s sad though, my uncle had the most amazing dog. He was so special. He was a beautiful beagle named Meesha, and he was the most loyal, most loving dog in the world. He would wait by the door when you went out, and jump up and lick you face when you came back. He would sleep at the foot of the bed, protecting you from any harm. He would follow by your side as you walked through the woods, as if he was always watching over you. He was such a special dog. But then one night my uncle let him out at night and he never came back. Isn’t it terrible to think that sometimes things leave and never come back? My uncle thinks that wolves got him. He was just there one day, and gone the next, never to come back. Isn’t that terrible? How do you think you would feel if someone special disappeared and never came back?” Step 4 – Introduce the Shadow [Now it’s time to encourage her to give in to her wild sexual side, and act on the feelings you have created within her.]

The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


“But love and loss, hot and cold, it’s all connected. Life is all about opposites, about polarities. Look at Yin and Yang, the mixture of light and dark. While all these things are opposites, they are necessary for one another, and when you step back far enough, you can see that they are all points on the same spectrum.” “And just like everything else, you as a person have a light and a dark side, or you could say that everyone has a shadow. Your shadow is a hidden side, a side that you hide away from society and sometimes even from yourself. It’s a place of passion, and secret desires, where anything is possible. You would like to let your shadow side loose, because your shadow wants to experience excitement, sex, and being wild and free. Sometimes you would like to just let go, and let your shadow side free, and enjoy all the wonderful experiences it would bring you, but you know that you must keep it hidden away.” “We all know that everything that is repressed only grows stronger. The harder you press against a spring, the harder it will press back. Just as a person’s shadow grows longer and longer as the day wears on, the things that you repress grow stronger and stronger, casting a longer and longer shadow as your life goes on. And if you don’t express these feelings, eventually the sun sets, and there is nothing left but shadow.” “Yin and Yang is about balance, the balance of light and shadow. Imagine that you could see your shadow, what do you think it would look like? What if you could step into the shadow and become one with it. How do you think that would feel?” [This pattern may sound strange, but it should not be underestimated as it is extremely powerful. If she gives you a big glassy eyed look as you finish, you will know that you are performing it correctly. After successful The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


performances of this, it’s not uncommon for PUAs to go directly in for successful kisses, when this pattern was the only thing spoken to the woman.]

II. The Mind Warp Technique

The Mind Warp Technique is an NLP pattern designed to stir feelings of arousal and attraction in a woman. Begin the pattern by asking your subject to place her hands in yours. You may be surprised at how many women will gladly do this, even if they just met you for the first time. Introduce it as a technique to focus their energy, heighten their senses, and help them achieve their goals. This pattern works as follows: First you learn the subject’s trance words. Next, using these words you use Synesthesia to create a powerful mental picture, with undertones of sexual energy. Finally you anchor these feelings to yourself. 1. Ask the Subject to Picture Her Ideal Vacation Spot You may use the following script: “Ok now close your eyes and picture your ideal vacation spot. Go wild with your imagination, for instance my ideal vacation would be on my own private yacht, docked on a tropical island. All my friends would be on the yacht, and it would be a gigantic party. We would all have personal attendants, and we would spend the day relaxing, getting an amazing massage, feeling the warm sun on our skin, bathing in the cool water, and getting together for an The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


amazing bonfire at night where we drank champagne and tasted sweet, succulent strawberries.” [By describing your ideal situation first, your subject will feel more compelled to give you an honest answer, and by describing it in great detail you set the standard for a rich, descriptive picture. If your subject does not describe it in detail, it is ok to probe for more information. Pay close attention to the trance words your subject uses to describe her ideal spot.] 2. Take the Subject on a Mental Trip. Once your subject has described her ideal vacation to you, you are going to take her on a trip there. However you are going to travel there in an interesting way. At this point she should be holding your hands, with her eyes closed. “Ok now imagine the two of us rising up off the ground together. Imagine us rising up, and floating up out of the room. We continue to rise up, and up, and up, until we are just flying up into the sky. You can feel the wetness of the clouds against your skin as we rise upwards. You see the blue sky begin to turn black, and you see a thousand twinkles of light appear as the stars poke their heads through the atmosphere. As we rise up and up you can see the earth beneath you. It starts as a huge horizon, covering your entire field of vision, but as we rise up, up, up together, it gets smaller until it is just a blue globe in the distance.” “Now as we float here in space together you realize that you have the power to create any reality you want. All the energy is inside of you. Feel the energy inside of you.” [At this point, and forever afterwards, every time you speak of anything being “inside” of her, you will squeeze her hands to anchor it to you.] The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


[Now, using her trance words, have her press her energy outwards to create her ideal situation. For instance, if she had described the beach above as her ideal situation, you would say the following.] “Ok now press some of the energy outward and you see glittering gold sand and crystal clear water appear in front of you. The space and the stars become the tropical island, and you can see your yacht docked in the distance. Now press more energy outwards, and create the sky up above. You see it change from the blackness of space to the warm sun, and you can feel it warm rays against your skin.” [Continue to do this until, piece by piece, she has created her entire ideal scene.] “Now you created this entire scene with energy that was already inside of you. Since you created it, you can destroy it. Take the entire scene, and shatter it into a million pieces. Watch as the pieces become a warm ball of bright, swirling energy in front of you, as we float together back in space. Now take that energy, and such it back inside of yourself! (squeeze) Open your eyes!” [Now you have continued to anchor the feeling of bringing something inside of her with your squeeze, and you added a visual component to it by having her see your right at this important moment. Now in order to make this even more powerful, we will do it one more time.] “Ok close your eyes one more time. Now you realize that the power to realize your dreams lies inside of you. Now let’s create some wealth. We’re back in space, floating together. Now with some of the energy inside of you, create a big giant swirling ball of money. Hundreds of bills, just tumbling and swirling together. The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


Make it as big as you want. Now make that ball of money explode! It explodes into a burst of energy, and you suck it back up inside yourself, feeling stronger than ever! (squeeze) Open your eyes!” [At this point you can explain that you helped her focus her energy, and realize her latent potential. What you really did was give her an intensely arousing experience, and anchored it to yourself.]

SECTION 3 - HYPNOSIS I. The Eye of the Beast Technique

Introduction The “Eye of the Beast” technique is a technique for instant hypnosis. Your skill at hypnosis, like any other artform, will increase with practice. If you desire to become a master hypnotist, practice makes perfect. Keys to Success 1. Act As If. To perform hypnosis, you are essentially telling the other person to submit to your will. In order to pull this off, it is important that you subconsciously convey a sense of confidence and authority. If you are hesitant and doubtful your attempts at hypnosis will be noticeably less successful. Act as if you are already a master hypnotist. 2. Use Your Voice. Hypnosis is communication with the subconscious mind of another. Use a deep, resonant, but not monotone voice, to penetrate deep into their psyche. The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


The Technique 1. Obtain Consent. The first thing to do is to tell the person that you are going to hypnotize them. While NLP can subtly work hypnotic elements into regular conversation, actual true hypnosis must be consensual. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Hypnosis can be fun, and incredibly rewarding, allowing people to have greater concentration, increased happiness, or any number of other positive experiences. Here is a script you can use: “How would you like to experience something that will clear your mind, enhance the natural flow of your body’s energy, and make you feel happier and more at peace with the world? Actually you have the power to do this yourself, only most people don’t realize it. If you would like, I can hypnotize you right now, what would you like to improve about yourself?” 2. Concentrate the Subject’s Conscious Mind. In order to access the subconscious mind, you must first focus the subject’s conscious thought on something else. This is where the famous black and white swirl that has become symbolic of hypnosis comes from. However you want to be able to perform this in the field, without any props or gadgets. You are going to use one of your most powerful features, your eyes. Tell the subject to focus both of his eyes on your left eye, and to concentrate only on that eye. This can have additional beneficial effects, as the act of staring into another person’s eyes tends to create feelings of affection, or even love. Here is a script you can use:

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“Now, focus on my left eye. Stare directly into my left eye with both of yours, and concentrate only on it. As you gaze at my eye, notice how it becomes the center of you world, and how all the other distractions fade away.” At this point take a slow step forward. “As you see my eye come forward, it grows larger in your vision, and soon your whole world is reflected through my eye.” 3. Make the Subject Comfortable Accepting Suggestion From You. Now that you have your subject’s conscious mind focused, you will begin to relax them while at the same time getting them used to accepting your suggestions. You will do this by controlling their breathing. Your breath is necessary for life. It fills your whole body, sustains you, and keeps you energized. Your breath is also one of the few things in your body that you can control both consciously and subconsciously. When you are sitting and watching television, you are not thinking to yourself “ok now breathe in, now breathe out.” It just happens. However if you want to stop breathing, you can simply hold your breath. Tell your subject to breathe slowly, taking deep breaths. This will relax them and get them used to accepting subconscious direction from you. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this, don’t stop by just telling them to breathe slowly, actually control each breath they take. Here is a script that you can use: “Now relax, and take a deep breath. Good, breathe in, and hold it for a second. Good now breathe out, letting all your worries pass out of you. Now take another deep breath in, and feel how you inhale relaxation.” The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


As you can see, the key is to tell them exactly when to breathe in, and when to breathe out. You have placed yourself in control of one of their basic bodily functions, and it will feel great to your subject. People often feel safe and secure when others take control for them. 4. Induce Deeper Hypnosis. At this point you have already placed your subject under a certain level of hypnosis. You can stop here, and your subject will be more susceptible to suggestion, or you can proceed to the next step to induce an even deeper level of hypnosis. In order to bring your subject deeper into hypnosis, just continue to focus their attention, accept suggestion, and relax. You can use the following script: “You are doing very well. Not continue to focus all of your attention on my left eye, letting it become your entire world. Breathe in. Good, now feel yourself relax, and let yourself feel the wave of relaxation wash over you. Good, now breathe out. You are now completely focused on my left eye, you don’t even want to blink. And as you watch my eye, you realize that your muscles have started to relax, and the stress just melts away. Breathe in. With every breath you take, you inhale peace and serenity, and you exhale all your worries and stress. As you gaze into my eye, you can feel your worries just disappear. Now exhale all those worries, and feel them drift away like smoke caught in a draft of wind.” As you continue this, watch for signs of hypnosis, drooping eyes, dilated pupils, and relaxed body posture. Continue to pay attention to your subject’s breathing, and instruct them to breathe in or out on your command. The PUA Dark Arts Manual | © 2008


“Breathe in. Now you feel yourself getting so very, very sleepy. You feel yourself going down, down deep into a state of total relaxation. You are floating down, gently down, deep, deep down to sleep.” Continue to bring your subject down, using the words “deep” “down” “float” “gently” and “sleep.” 5. Induce Suggestion. Once your subject is under a deeper state of hypnosis, she will be more susceptible to suggestion. Now would be an excellent time to use the NovemberMan, or Mind Warp Techniques.

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